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I remain skeptical about Twitter. Also: White House reporter for @washingtonpost. And @nytimes alum.

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My latest w/ @AshleyRParker and @daveweigel: GOP faces key week as more senators waver over health-care bill
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAnd re-upping with my more harrowing — and accurate — version of the same story...
Friend of friend passes on this photo of @realDonaldTrump in golfing attire today at his club in Northern Va.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"Asked whether the tactic was effective, one top White House adviser paused for several seconds and then just laugh…
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
Spicer: "I don't have anything on yoga at this point."Does @POTUS think Mueller is a partisan? @PressSec: "I think his comments this morning speak for themselves."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerLet's just say VERY few folks are enamored with Tillerson's chief of staff, who they blame for the "stovepipe" at t… @PhilipRucker @molly_knight @costareports @llerer Yes. @PhilipRucker gave me a pity first byline out of appreciatio… firing Flynn, Trump toyed with bringing him back — and still privately praises him to aides.…"The White House, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and the Office of the DNI declined to comment." has a new ritual—an early morning call w his legal team, to talk all things Russia. My story w @PhilipRucker.…
How Trump's dubious claims make the entire government react, by @abbydphillip. last, for old time sake:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump created this “tapes” thing, which Comey testified sparked him to leak memos to press, which got Mueller. What a self-inflicted wound.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerStill, at this point, I think we also need an official answer from the podium or the president himself. like old times: Trump transports himself back to 2016 with raucous Iowa rally, and @wpjenna captures it all.
“We’re in a perpetual state of adjustment,” says a White House official
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWhen your mum drags you to her book club cos she hasn't got childcare
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFor SUCH a freewheeling speech, Trump has been oddly on message — at least in that he's not devolved down a Russia probe rabbit hole."We're not even campaigning and look at this crowd," President Trump says at a campaign rally organized by his campaign staff.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerObvious, but remains striking at how much more comfortable Trump is in front of a rally crowd than in the White House
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Trump is considering limiting White House briefings to once a week and asking reporters to submit written questions
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"He loves rallies:" Trump looks beyond Washington to get a boost. My story with @WPJohnWagner. said he did in January:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe press secretary has never asked the President if Russia interfered in the election, which is quite a thing.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker @LaColombeCoffee The new 17th and I location is crucial."I'm right here," Spicer says, w a smile, when asked about his job security."H.R. McMaster is definitely not now standing outside NATO headquarters with a boombox." @NYTnickc @maggieNYT Better than the Nitro and Creme, at least — the big reveal of last summer. @NYTnickc @maggieNYT BUT DID YOU KNOW IT'S NOT THAT HEALTHY?!This Spicer extravaganza brought to you by the Briefing Room beverage of choice — the draft latte. Cc:…🌝🙌🏻🌝 DC PSA: Come learn your dosha tonight at my sister's @ColonyClubDC Ayurveda workshop. 🙌🏻🌝🙌🏻
From behind-the-podium to behind-the-scenes: @PhilipRucker and I with the latest on Sean Spicer. posted -- the latest w/ @AshleyRParker on Sean Spicer's transition from the WH podium to behind the scenes role
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerYour latest in Spicer: few others who've been in WH comms talks: Morell, Ingraham & Reed, per @AshleyRParker @costareports & my reporting
Retweeted by Ashley Parker @jdelreal #ETF #KnowYourWorth💰💰💰We will miss you, Jose Money Bags Real💰💰💰 if POTUS or WH team has seen the text of the Senate health care bill, Spicer says: "I don’t know. I have not asked that question."The Spicer Bottom Line: "If you serve at the pleasure of the president, you serve at the pleasure of the president. That’s a fact."What's your dosha, baby? My sister is reaching an Ayurveda workshop at @ColonyClubDC Tues night. Tix here: Jared Kushner to visit Middle East this week in pursuit of peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians
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To be clear: That was an Instagram live video misfire. And the man talking about pot was my dad. #ParkerFamilyFathersDay—> @wpjenna on the two years since that historic golden escalator where this whole journey started. Cc: @maggieNYT to those inside the beltway: Few Trump supporters (or even haters) are closely following these investigations.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBen Sasae with the Life-Is-Complicated Father's Day pitch... wanted: Why Republicans won’t work for the Trump administration via @reinlwapo @abbydphillip.
Wonderful @TexasTribAbby (and star shortstop) on what the Congressional baseball (softball) game means to the city. vignettes by @AshleyRParker paint a vivid picture of the dynamic between Trump and Pence.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerCc: @SenSchumer; @mattwhouse tells VP pooler @PhilipRucker that his decision to hire outside legal counsel is "very routine, very routine." has almost become a burlesque parody of a deferential VP—a servant at the ready, eager to please his master.… "Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods" Alexa: "Buying Whole Foods" Bezos: Shit
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerChoose your own (Pence) adventure... Staff Watch: VP's team is considering bringing in another top aide, to help w strategy and look out for Pence… loyal, Pence had to be urged by his staff to voice his frustrations with Flynn to the president.… President Pence: Serenely confident or willfully oblivious? My profile of Trump's No. 2.
Here's some congressional baseball scene, from me and WaPo Scene Girls Extraordinaire —@eliseviebeck + @perrystein. fact: Pence's new lawyer, Richard Cullen, worked with James Comey and is godfather to 1 of his daughters
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTHIS TOWN: Pence's Russia probe lawyer is the godfather to one of James Comey's daughters.🚨🚨🚨NEWS: VP Pence hires outside counsel — Richard Cullen — to deal with Russia probe inquiries. 🚨🚨🚨 @jonathanweisman newly-free agent HuffPost reporters in NYC/DC: @cristianafarias @woodwriter @BenDWalsh @dceiver @christinawilkie @mmcauliff @lbarronlopez
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Today's column is a @pkcapitol standout. It is a must-read. It is why @washingtonpost is blessed to have him.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWhen Trump fired Comey, he was not under investigation. Now he is. can't overstate how shaken and emotional lawmakers are today. Every one I've interviewed has broken into tears discussing the shooting.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker🚨 🚨🚨WaPo Scoop: Special counsel Mueller is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice. thing I love most about Venmo is how it never feels like I'm paying anyone in real money, but rather adorable emojis...Read this great, old @TimAlberta piece to learn about Steve Scalise (he carries a fava bean in his pocket for luck).
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWe ❤️you, too, @mikiebarb. 💋Xoxo, @AshleyRParker + @PhilipRucker.
NEW: Will Trump fire Mueller? A friend says maybe - but official Washington warns against it. My latest
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerGohmert walks by . I ask him what he thought of Trump saying House bill is mean."The one...That he had us come over and celebrate?," he asks
Retweeted by Ashley Parker @igorbobic Igor, I just assigned it! Via Twitter. Obvi.Assignment Editor: Heinrich profile! Heinrich has proven himself a surprisingly fun -- and tough -- questioner over the past two weeks.AG Sessions channels righteous indignity v well. And makes it clear he doesn't appreciate the hits his reputation has taken, re Russia.A very honest assessment from Sessions on the Trump campaign foreign policy committee: "We never functioned as a coherent team"
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerSen. Warner speaking like a man running out of time. And AG Sessions speaking like a man trying to run down that time.