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I remain skeptical about Twitter. Also: White House reporter for @washingtonpost. And @nytimes alum.

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Call me a Spicer apologist, but this makes me feel v sad... @sissenberg from @jasondhorowitz -- Trump nearly made history for not meeting with Pope. Great backstory.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPost has a transcript of the April call between Trump and Duterte. Story from @DavidNakamura and @bartongellman.
How the @washingtonpost White House magic happens... The @PhilipRucker Morning Edition. always tells you what he is most insecure about in any given moment. He can't help but say it out loud.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump calls terrorists "losers," a term he also used to describe Rosie O'Donnell, Karl Rove, Mark Cuban, and a lot of other ppl he hates
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Autocrats hear a clear message in Trump trip: U.S. will not "lecture" on human rights. @abbydphillip @DavidNakamuraGreat @adamentous + @nakashemae scoop: Trump asked Intel officials to push back on FBI collusion probe. got a call from man who said he'd once read a blog about my "sexpot" Twitter pic. Then added: "Most people hang up when I ask rude Qs."So good. And peak @tripgabriel. w/ @AshleyRParker: TRUMP close to choosing outside counsel for Russia investigation
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump's top picks for outside legal counsel: Marc Kasowitz, Robert Guiffra Jr., Reid Weingarten, and Ted Olson. The White House has settled on four finalists for Trump's outside legal counsel team. W/ @costareports🎤🎧🎼🎹
Re-upping this v surreal trip @maureendowd and I took to KSA, for the "Girls Guide to Saudi Arabia" for @VanityFair. "this Trump thing" sustainable? The great @chicoharlan travels the district w a Kentucky congressman to find out. this happened
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What Trump and Saudi King Salman plan to say tomorrow — tonight. Trump had to travel to someone else’s kingdom to get the respect he has always craved.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker @billburton I can't tell if that saddens or heartens me.Feels like "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" is all but mandatory. And yet, potentially awkward... NEWS ANGLES FTW
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White House just issued two non-denials to these great Fri. afternoon scoops. WaPo: And NYT: FBI probe now extends into the White House: A @DevlinBarrett @mattzap scoop..@realDonaldTrump and First Lady Melania Trump board Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, en route Riyadh, Saudi Ar…
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFor the weekend, a new @IHaveToAskPod: WaPo's @AshleyRParker on how White House aides view Trump: @Slate
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerEven the @nytimes agrees: You should subscribe to the @washingtonpost. man died in the middle of our interview. Devastating loss. He was special.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDevastating, moving read from @petulad. Diplomats have one wish: A selfie with Ivanka — and a relationship with her father. Great @abbydphillip memo.
UPDATED: Trump angrily calls Russia investigation a ‘witch hunt,’ denies collusion (w/ @SariHorwitz @AshleyRParker)
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump can't stop talking about the Russia investigation - even if it might hurt him, by @abbydphillip. pointed at me, called on @peterbakernyt & @ScottThuman got the mic.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerState Your Unpopular Opinion: Buttered Popcorn is a highly underrated Jelly Belly flavor.Basically every new revelation makes Mike Pence either a) irresponsible and a liar or b) out of the loop and a dupe. over 100 days into Donald Trump's presidency, Speaker Ryan is asked if things might be easier if Pence were president...Asked roughly 4 months after Inauguration Day
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRattling good scoop from @Isikoff: Trump to Flynn: “Stay strong.”
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe @IChotiner and I went on three dates a decade ago. Today we did a @Slate podcast. CAN YOU SENSE THE CHEMISTRY?! real question, for weary Trump staffers, is "how long do you put up with it?" is angry with his staff — and they're mad right back at him. Inside the White House with @abbydphillip.
Read it for yourself... Here's the transcript of top GOP leaders discussing Trump, Putin and the election:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerImpromptu support groups have sprung up for beleaguered Trump staffers who are "going through the stages of grief."… you read this @AshleyRParker @abbydphillip joint, remember — it has only been 118 days
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerOne bombshell scoop per day, please!Trump is furious with his staff. But let's just say they don't think he's a dream boss, either. worst job in Washington right now: Working for Trump. @abbydphillip and I report.’t you glad that @charlie_savage explained *last week* how a special counsel would work?
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWe live in such a crazy news cycle that this amazing @adamentous scoop is not even the most insane thing today. NEWS: Dept. of Justice appoints special counsel in Russia investigation. Leader McCarthy quipped that he thinks Trump is on the Putin payroll. An @adamentous original. good news to end another long day at the WH: a marriage proposal outside the West Wing.
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The most troubling trouble is... A+ Hill memo from @bterris and @MonicaHesse. CNN interview just now, Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) uses the I-word — "impeachment" — for the first time.We've basically gone from Trump threatening Comey with Comey threatening Trump with tapes. (And memos). YOUR MOVE, Trump.WaPo confirms NYT Comey scoop, noting his memo is "two pages long and highly detailed." Trump is learning the hard way: Never fire a longtime Washington hand who prides himself on being mavericky. to Comey, re Flynn: “He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” Another @nytmike blockbuster. @llerer @jmartNYT @PhilipRucker @SaraMurray SCHWARMA! What about your gaffes?! I pine for those heady, halcyon days...Busy but tasty day here at @washingtonpost. at the White House.... Trump is preparing for his first foreign trip. High stakes. Many tutorials.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAnd it's not even 8 am... #HotSeatLife worth restating what we already knew: This @gregpmiller & @GregJaffe scoop is spot-on. is literally now admitting to what the White House forced McMaster/Tillerson/Powell to deny last night...Hurt…'t imagine the three senior admin officials trotted out to deny the reports Trump just admitted to on Twitter are very happy right now...
🍨🍨🍨 all the chaos, Trump tries to study up before his first trip abroad. My latest w @PhilipRucker., if WaPo story is "false," what was WH scrambling to scrub from official record of Trump-Russians meeting?
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWorth noting that if just about anyone else in the government had done what Trump did, it would be illegal.… Spills The Beans To Russia: "I have great intel," Trump says, before sharing "code-word" info w Russia.…🚨🚨🚨Trump revealed highly classified info to Russian foreign minister and ambassador. A @gregpmiller @GregJaffe scoopYIKES: Trump revealed highly classified info to Russian foreign minister and ambassador. by @gregpmiller @GregJaffeI would like to re-up my assertion that Kombucha always makes me feel a little punchy... Cc: @jdelreal's briefing persona today is perhaps best described as one of grim determination, no?So just how does Trump get all his fake news? A nice @ShaneGoldmacher explainer.
Utter lunacy: WH staffers literally joked about blaming Comey firing on Rosenstein, per @PhilipRucker:…
Retweeted by Ashley Parker @SopanDeb @NYTnickc I said it was an unpopular opinion!State Your Unpopular Opinion: The Darius Rucker version of "Wagon Wheel" is better than the Old Crow Medicine Show original. Cc: @NYTnickc