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I remain skeptical about Twitter. (Also: I cover 2016 politics for the New York Times.)

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Did you miss the #GOPDebate? No worries! I was there. With simple, easy-to-follow bullet points. speaks Spanish in debate.
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But. In. The. Best. Possible. Way. #GOPDebate It. Out. —> — somewhat timidly, uncertainly — channels his “inner Chris Christie.” #GOPDebateBetween Cruz and Rubio, I would not have expected Cruz to be the first to spit some onstage Spanish. #GOPDebateThe crowd in the debate hall is clearly very eager for Rubio to have a good (comeback) debate. #GOPDebateImmigration! Exactly what the Republican Party elders hoped to be debating right now… #GOPDebateJeb going after Kasich in #GOPDebate. Just like in NH, he knows that every vote Kasich gets here is a vote he loses.Join @AshleyRParker for highlights and live analysis from the #GOPDebate
Retweeted by Ashley Parker“Why is this nuts. Talk about it.” —John Dickerson, channeling his former print reporter self. #GOPDebateIn the quick shot of the crowd, @LindseyGrahamSC looked practically gleeful clapping for Jeb.I’m confused who’s getting booed. PLEASE ADVISE. #GOPDebateAnd...just about everybody is behaving exactly as you'd expect.His legal theories and vivid writing made him a leader of a conservative movement
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerJeb! is pulling out all the stops. In additional to Bush 43, Laura — who hates politics — will join him Mon. on the trail in South Carolina.He "worried about TV being trivializing." But @JDickerson was "eventually persuaded" to give it a try. And now:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFLORENCE INN, S.C. — Jeb, asked about his views on the 2nd Amendment and right to bear arms: “All in, brother!"Smart @alexburnsNYT story on the issue roiling — and dividing — the Republican Party in South Carolina: Immigration. @peterlattman @PeterHamby @NYTnickc I believe we have also had some epic descriptions of... the early iPod. And Karl Rove's BBerry on 9/11.Old(ish) media (@nytpolitics) on new media (@Snapchat's @PeterHamby) by great media (@NYTnickc).
Update on my dad versus bird: "There is blood all over the ceiling and your father cannot find the bird."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerI FORGOT TO PACK A SPORTS BRA. Which I guess saves me the trouble of packing one but never using it. Just like kicks, right @reidepstein?Gilmore: Embodiment of the truth that it is v easy to run for POTUS, w little to no infrastructure, plodding along., when it finally happened:
@TimothyNoah1 And in 2028 it will be... Androids on the Drone.I'm partial to the 1988 @NYTimesDowd Alessandra Stanley classic, "Dweebs on the Bus." W. or not to W? W. for the win? And on and on... W. Bush to campaign w Jeb Monday in Charleston. IT'S OFFICIAL.🚬🚬 🚬🚬The @Uber interview: "Jeb — I think he's paying the price for his brother." My driver is a Bernie supporter, originally from Iran.Frosted New Hampshire. #latergram I learned in yoga today that I find repulsive: "Pelvic bowl." That is all.
Carly Fiorina suspends her presidential bid via @ashleyrparker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerChristie meeting w staff this afternoon, expected to suspend campaign
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerNice Times story on Rubio's week
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThere are some good reasons not to be in the bubble non-stop. But this lays out none of them. @NathanielZhang It is not! @benpershing I will accept Ben Carson sub-jokes, yes.Is having 18 hours at home to do laundry a #SquadGoal or just a #SadLifeMarker? Millennials, please advise!Bush, knocking Rubio in South Carolina: "The coronation after a third-place finish — looks like they canceled it."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerKasich dazzles in New Hampshire. But does it play in Peoria? Or, rather, South Carolina..., detailed tic toc of how Marco Rubio let New Hampshire slip away. @mikiebarb + @jwpetersNYT report. Christie inbox: "MORRISTOWN, NJ — Today, Governor Christie will travel to New Jersey. We will advise of any further scheduling changes." @katiepack The ❗️is admittedly tricky. It does, after all, connote enthusiasm. In certain circles. @katiepack And to be clear, I'm not saying anything more than that either. But he lives to fight another day. @katiepack Mmmm... I think based on the FACTS — beating Marco, finishing strong enough here to reassure donors — fair to say Jeb is back.The ❗️is backOur disappointment tonight is not on you. It's on me. I did not do well on Saturday night. So listen to this, that will never happen again.
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Trumped! Jeb had the misfortune of starting his victory speech about 15 seconds before Trump started his.Jeb. Is. Not. Dead. TICKET TO RIDE TO SOUTH CAROLINA!Get smart on what happened in NH tonight, and what to look for going forward, with @jmartNYT and @patrickhealynyt
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBoooooo! -- The Rubio crowd as Jeb starts talking.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerJeb! “This campaign is not dead—we’re going onto South Carolina.”Bonus points if you can guess the former Florida House speaker pictured. HINT: Jeb likes this guy better than Rubio. from the Jeb Bush New Hampshire primary party. Bush Team would like to finish second. (Obviously). But their key goal is to beat Rubio.Donald Trump claims New Hampshire Republican primary; Bernie Sanders tops Hillary Clinton
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThere’s the @AP call: Trump and @BernieSanders win New Hampshire
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerASSIGNMENT EDITOR: Profile of this guy —> Hampshire DOES do drive-thru just about everything else... half of NH voters just decided who to vote for. My look at this highly courted, highly coveted group. the Drudge photo... would a campaign target you? Check out this awesome interactive collaboration between @NYTnickc + @nytgraphics. 40 PERCENT: Those undecided NH voters, trying to choose between liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans.
Voter: “I’m very grateful that your mother didn’t visit an abortion clinic." Jeb: “Trust me, I’m very grateful, too."Voter congratulates Jeb on his “fantastic” debate performance. “Want to hear my views on eminent domain again?” Jeb quips.THE UNDECIDED: The New Hampshire voters still deciding between liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans. to raise $ w/Hillary Clinton in NYC next week -- in crucial interval between NH and NV/SC
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerInside the "Morning Joe" feud with Marco Rubio. A tale of egos, ambition, and 2016. @jmartNYT and I report. BIG DOG BITES. As NH nears, @billclinton unloads on @BernieSanders 45+ minutes, getting hotter as he went >
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Crackerjack @AshleyRParker @jmartNYT on Morning Joe arm-twisting of Rubio >>
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerINSIDE the "Morning Joe" feud w Marco Rubio: Egos, Florida politics, and 2016. from the other day w @NYTnickc, Trump's campaign is targeting disaffected, low-low-low propensity voters
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerNASHUA, N.H. — “Donald Trump, you’re the loser,” Jeb says, to a standing ovation.Rubio under withering assault from Christie, and an invigorated Jeb takes on Trump. A helluva debate:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBrutal debate night for @marcorubio, but who will it help? w/ @jmartNYT
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDramatic & perceptive @mikiebarb play-by-play of Christie v. Rubio
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerChristie laid a trap. (Robotic! Canned!) Rubio walked right into it. Over and over: My analysis:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBrilliant, devastating lede by @ShaneGoldmacher. the programer in your life —> & Hansel on Bernie Sanders fashion: "Chernobyl called and said, 'Hey, we want our disaster back.'" #SNL
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Just tuning in? Yikes! The debate is over. But @mattfleg has what you missed. Here’s his helpful primer: check: True! Happened today. Jeb DID meet the man presumed dead.“This is the revenge of the governors,” @jonkarl says. #GOPDebateFun @Hadas_Gold recap of that awkward debate intro: DO NOT MESS with Martha!
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDo not try to mans plain Raddatz on national security.... She will (gently) crush you
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerText from my mom: "Hi sweetie, how are you doing? How is your twitching eye?"How will Trump and Bush share the stage? What @AshleyRParker will look for in the debate
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerA 1980 boxing metaphor, for the 2016 campaign. Jeb! to Jeb: “Throw. That. Punch.” Bush family famously hates being "put on the couch." But Jeb just said that people who worry about a 3rd Bush should "get therapy."Tom Ridge slips up: Let's elect "George" Bush, he says in introducing Jeb
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Snow. Sunset. Scenes from the NYT's Manchester Buro. this morning: The political spotlight swings to famously slow-to-decide independents of New Hampshire.
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Jeb almost makes Politifact sound like an exciting game show: "It's where the journalists are like judges? They give you ratings."South Carolina setting up as a big stand for Jeb.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerChris Christie is running around New Hampshire w a chainsaw and The Times is on it
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerHelping a refugee family stranded at the airport made my frustrations seem small
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
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