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I remain skeptical about Twitter. Also: White House reporter for @washingtonpost. And @nytimes alum.

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@maggieNYT Jordan HorowitzMAGGIE, WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING OSCARS TWEETS RIGHT NOW! Beatty is all of our fathers asked to pick up milk from the store, comes back with a live turkey
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThis is the kind of first-rate commentary that you can only get from the New York Times. Remember to subscribe toda…
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAssignment Editor: A second-by-second tic toc on WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED. #Oscars2017
Trump faces a pivotal week ahead as he addresses a jittery Congress, by @WPJohnWagner @mikedebonis thing where your effort to crack down on leaks is... leaked., to be a Trump Cabinet secretary, where duties include clean up brigade.
Can only be the Page Six President for so long in Washington
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump White House sought to enlist intel official and members of congress to counter Russia stories.
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NEW, w/@eliseviebeck: Mercer stake in Breitbart News cements family's role as Trump era financier
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerHardball Tonight: Bob Woodward, Dan Rather, @GlennThrush @KellyO @howardfineman @AshleyRParker @KenDilanianNBC (cont.)
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFor those asking, here's @PostBaron's statement on the latest White House dust-up w the media —> AND SERIOUSLY: "Basically, all I've done is keep my promise." —TrumpIronic Trump is calling for named sources in the media, when his own aides just demanded anonymity to push back on a story they didn't like.Trump just bashed WaPo's Flynn story that cited nine sources, says they're made up. Truth bomb: The sources were real. Flynn resigned.
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@WilliamJReilly @greta First time I did Greta! And Europe was exhausting, but fun.I'm excited to guest host PBS's "Washington Week" on Friday. It's an honor and should be lots of fun. Terrific grou…
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIs Reince always this handsy? This is AT LEAST the third time he's touched Bannon at this #cpac panel.
Just after midnight. Grand Place. Brussels. #latergram Indiana governor, Pence failed to stop Syrian refugees. Now his administration is trying again. By @katiezez. is awesome: Pick a politician, watch them get yelled at
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerClassic @bterris joint...
David Foster Wallace. born Feb. 21, 1962 My essay:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBannon/Trump worldview will be on display at upcoming CPAC conference, via @daveweigel & @costareports @AnnieLowrey @PopUpMag I know! I bought the tix and then remembered... #tragedyI have 2 tix to the 2/28 @PopUpMag in DC. It's an amazing show but I can't go bc of work. DM/email to buy... a totally unbiased listener —> spox says this is not true. Boris will continue his weekly Hill briefings of press secretaries. that Boris Epshteyn will no longer be handling the weekly meeting of House press staffers. White House sent someone new this week.In which I talk about how I impressed my boss in my job interview — "in a bad way." And @costareports is far more i… bookmarking: This impressive and comprehensive WaPo interactive, documenting all of Trump's false claims.
@GlennThrush Waiting for Godot?This seems fun—> is compiling a psychological dossier on Trump for Putin. Here's what it says. via @BillNeelyNBC in Moscow
Retweeted by Ashley Parker @Timodc The Sequel."Maddam, this is a house of polite manners." — E.U. Commission President Juncker, when the pool tried to ask Pence about the Flynn incident.BRUSSELS — A small group of protestors were 👎🏻 👎🏻👎🏻at Pence's motorcade. But when they saw us, they switched to 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 and said, "Go press!"
@SoDak_Soldier Hey! What's your email? Pence press corps here in Brussels — wanted to say hi (in person).We choose to take that as a compliment... A loyal best man convincing a confused bride that the wedding must go on after a bachelor party gone awry... Pence: Shadow president or mere shadow? @michaelbirnbaum and I report on his trip abroad. Memorial. Dachau Concentration Camp. Dachau, Germany. 1,354 days until the next election, so Trump gets started with a boisterous rally of Florida fans.
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"I wouldn't say Secret Service was thrilled with that — but know our people," Trump says, after summoning an eager fan onstage."I want to go back to having an out-of-sight role," Michael Flynn told @nickschmidle. That ambition proved illusory…
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThis, me thinks, is an off-brand, not officially sanctioned hat. Tho I like the retro, trucker feel. and Merkel embrace NATO but differ on transatlantic partnership, @michaelbirnbaum and @AshleyRParker report:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPence’s silence on EU may fuel fears among allies that the White House will reject some aspects of European unity
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@ambchrishill Hi. Ashley Parker from the Washington Post. Trying to reach you for a story, please email me:✈️✈️✈️ darkness my old friend when you call an Uber at 4:30 am and say you're going to "the White House," everyone thinks you're insane and refuses to pick you up.Great @shearm @maggieNYT @GlennThrush piece that sums up the spectacle that was today's Trump presser.
Updated: Trump claims he 'inherited a mess' at sprawling, grievance-filled news conference. W @WPJohnWagner."Presidential id" got cut. "Festivus" made it in. I'll take it. My story w @WPJohnWagner on Trump's presser. from @WashingtonPost and Storied Media Group: Will @AshleyRParker be played by @EllenPage?
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump's news conference today was the verbal equivalent of his brash and impetuous early morning Tweet-storms., that was a doozy of a press conference. Our first take version for the web--> and prayers to anyone who has to pick a headline from this presser.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump to the media: "The public doesn't believe you people anymore. Now maybe I had something to do with that -- I don't know." #TruthAnd in response to publicly stating false facts, Trump responds: "Well, I was given that information."'s obsession w the front page seems only to rival that of reporters and editors themselves, and maybe Sen. Schumer.Normally Trump seems to relish bashing everyone. But today he seems subdued, not even delighted to brag about his 306 electoral votes.Trump seems to acknowledge that his first month isn't going great -- and then immediately assigns blame: "I inherited a mess."Nice, behind-the-scenes tale of good, old-fashioned reporting, by @marianne_levine, on how she got the Puzder tape.
And correcting my typo: PUZDER withdraws his nomination for Secretary of Labor. from Andy Puzner, on his decision to withdraw. withdrawing, WH official confirms.Town Hall and Christian Broadcasting Network.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerKatie from Townhall!Trump was the one who demanded Flynn's resignation. Though now he claims it's all the fault of the media and leaks from the intel community.The hottest dinner in town? The Donald Trump supper club, at 1600 Penn. @SaraMurray w the scoop. remain unfilled amid standoff between Priebus and Tillerson w/…
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerVideo shows Stephen Miller's 'cringe-worthy' campaign speech for student government. @postroz w the goods.That infamous call w the Russian ambassador Flynn took? He was on a beach, at a resort in the Dominican Republic. Pence? The Vice President was in the dark for two full weeks over the Flynn scandal. Pence sits above the fray — but at what cost? @costareports and I go inside the ongoing saga w Mike Flynn. latest w/ @AshleyRParker: Pence remains above the fray, but is he outside the inner circle?
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