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I remain skeptical about Twitter. (Also: I cover 2016 politics for the New York Times.)

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Will Fox News's vice-grip on politics change post-Ailes? @NYTnickc has the scoop... Kaine. Is. Just. So. Happy.
@EmilyABC But apparently, there are no replacements. So: No (second) convention for you? @EmilyABC In my case, your awesome collegiate races back to the Red Roof Inn for a desperate recovery mission. @AdamS You need the same one for Philly. There will be no replacements. @amyewalter Oh, I am typing this from DC, having had one of my heroic colleagues race back to room 149 at the Red Roof Inn — Westlake...🚨🚨🚨 PSA: Do not throw away your yellow Secret Service convention credential pass. I repeat: Do. Not. Throw. It. Away. 🚨🚨🚨 @rachelsklar Thanks! I've been surprised to learn about myself that I'm someone who actually likes taking over the NYT Snapchat...Trump at his Trumpiest. Rambling speech-rant with nods to National Enquirer and Penthouse.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDonald Trump, the Republican nominee, held a press conference today. And it was... something. COREY: Trump thanks and praises fired campaign manager Corey Lewandowski before turning to actual campaign chief, Paul Manafort.His inevitable, unavoidable course correction back to Peak Trump... Republican nominee is now fighting the fights of the primary — Nasty Heidi Cruz Tweet; Lee Harvey Oswald and Cruz’s father pic...The day after Trump became the official GOP nominee, he is now re-litigating in a national presser the nasty Tweet he sent about Heidi Cruz.More Trump on Cruz: "I don’t want his endorsement. If he gives it, I will not accept it."CLEVELAND — Trump says he no longer wants Ted Cruz’s endorsement: “Ted —Stay home, relax, enjoy yourself." @MrDanZak “The Moleskin.” #LesserNicholasSparks @MrDanZak #LesserNicholasSparksKudos to @nytimes photog Damon Winter for his shot of Trump last night.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerCLEVELAND — Trump, standing next to his VP Mike Pence: “If I don’t win, I’m going to blame Mike. We have to blame Mike."Perfect lede: "My fellow Americans, the state of the union is dark and full of terrors.”! Someone stole the Trump/Pence sign off the podium for today’s presser, and they had to scramble for a new one… #LawAndOrder#nightmare Cc: @purdycity Trump, having the time of his life rn.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPer CSPAN, longest acceptance speech since 1972 was Bill (natch) in '96 at 64:44. Trump has now surpassed that.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"WE DON'T WANT THEM IN OUR COUNTRY!" Trump thunders at #RNCinCLE, in the line of the night.
!!! amazing @maggieNYT @SangerNYT sit-down with Trump on NATO might be the most important interview of the cycle
Retweeted by Ashley Parker @awb @mikiebarb Yep! Good catch. @awb @mikiebarb Ivanka.Meet the Trumps: @mikiebarb and I go deep with Donald Trump's five kids. by fans, The Trump Kids are the stars of the convention. @mikiebarb and I report: real Trump celebrities in Cleveland? His kids. We hung out with them. With @AshleyRParker:
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.@tedcruz met with boos after saying "vote your conscience" instead of saying Trump's name
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAnd Donald Trump is not pleased, sitting stone-faced in the front row. the hall, there's some technical malfunction and Eric Trump's speech isn't being broadcast on any screens. #RNCinCLECruz urges Republicans to "vote your conscience." #RNCinCLE!!! Standby for news. Or, at least, great scene... !!! @AlishaAnnCurtis Hi Alisha. My name is Ashley Parker and I work for the NYT. Saw your fun pic Ivanka — min to chat? 301 873 2372In which Corey Lewandowski cried in front @grynbaum.
Tiffany Trump is speaking tonight... Majority Leader getting a lot of boos in the hall when he takes the stage at #RNCinCLE.Don King, when asked why he wasn't allowed to speak at #RNCinCLE : "Because I'm just like Donald Trump — I can't be controlled!"#PSA
RNC top brass had to explain to Trump why Don King couldn't speak at convention: he stomped a man to death.
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!!! APPRENTICE YEARS: Might a Jewish agent, Trump wondered, help him negotiate for more money? 's obsession with poll numbers makes more sense when you read began with TV ratings
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTHE APPRENTICE: Trump ad-libbed his "You're Fired!" gesture on the first take, and executives dubbed it "The Cobra." directly to A18! Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200...
DOUBLE DINNER! First Chilis, now @mike_pence tells me he and his wife are picking up a pizza and heading home...🍕🍕🍕 @VaughnHillyard and I asked @mike_pence where he's headed next: "We're going to pick up a pizza and go home and watch a movie." 🍕🍕🍕So-so crowd for Pence's "Welcome Home" rally, 30-min after he was set to take the stage... iconic “You’re Fired!” gesture? Trump ad-libbed it on the first take, and network execs dubbed it “The Cobra.”, Ind. — There is absolutely NO Pence signage (or any signage) leading up to this "Welcome Home" Pence rally here...How The Apprentice Explains Everything You Need To Know About Donald Trump, by @ashleyrparker and me
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerYou heard the guy... Get reading! 🗞📰 quote from Trump on Apprentice set: "I am the world’s most efficient human being..."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIn which @grynbaum and I interrupt today's Veepstakes to bring you... Donald Trump: THE APPRENTICE years! The Apprentice, there would be no Trump for President. Or, so claim @grynbaum and I...💔💖💋The capricious, whirlwind young love of Trump and Pence. @alexburnsNYT, @maggieNYT and I report. 💋💖💔 story of the Trump/Pence relationship. Via @AshleyRParker @alexburnsNYT and me
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAmong the interesting details, women in one family have learned a particular ankle-placement; women in other not yet
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I am pleased to announce that I have chosen Governor Mike Pence as my Vice Presidential running mate. News conference tomorrow at 11:00 A.M.
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The next vice president of the United States, Mike P(BUZZER SOUNDS) w/@maggieNYT @AshleyRParker on VP interruptus >
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIt’s like the most intense boardroom finale ever. Paging Mark Burnett! a lot about that noon filing deadline tomorrow... you’re in Nice, and you’re in a safe place, and you’ve got video of what happened tonight, the @nytimes wants to see it
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerVP Interruptus. great time lapse of the storm:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerCc: @maggieNYT THE HISTORIC escalator.! PENCE! PENCE!*** ***Usual caveats about mercurial Trump and his whims apply.VEEPSTAKES: Trump signals PENCE. W/ @maggieNYT @alexburnsNYT🚨🚨🚨 watching this ad, and reading this great NYT story on the phenomenon: Newt as Trump VP. In this 2012 profile I wrote he had a "caustic tongue.'' Compared to Trump? Tame!
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Just in: Paul Manafort says Trump will announce his VP on Friday in New York. Manafort just arrived back in Cleveland.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerGreat excuse to resurface the Bender/Corey photo….!'s audition: He shouted his speech (energy!); looked the part (POTUS!); and went after HRC (attack dog!). tryout: practically shouted remarks (energy!)& went after Clinton (attack dog!) @AshleyRParker @alexburnsNYT
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Peak Trump in Indiana: "Persians — great negotiators!"By the great @IChotiner just put down my mom as my convention “emergency contact,” and felt a little sad. Though she is a reiki master...NEWS: Hillary campaign vetting retired 4-star admiral James Stavridis for VP. W/ @maggieNYT
.@AshleyRParker & me: Christie auditions for VP as PENCE warms to the job
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Where is the outrage for this Disney book? Is this the 'Star of David' also? Dishonest media! #Frozen
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThis Trump speech is basically The Airing of the Grievances.Full quote of Trump saying "just leave it up" about the Star of David.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerCampaign Trail Pro Tip: Do not eat the entire bag of @OfficialHARIBO sour spaghetti for lunch..@AshleyRParker & @maggieNYT piece on Trump's very public VP tryouts captures the awkwardness of Corker's star turn
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWith that rarest of unicorns — a Paul Manafort interview... 🦄🦄🦄 then Donald Trump praised Saddam Hussein...
"Hi honey-where are you? Did you leave for someplace today?" —Texts from my mom. Cc: @justinesparker @JakeSherman @colvinj WOULD YOU UNDERSTAND IT BETTER IN ALL CAPS???"Along with Maggie!" @maggieNYT
Retweeted by Ashley Parker🐄🐄🐄 Trump, in Raleigh, rolling out another line of attack against Hillary: "Look at her cattle futures!"🐄🐄🐄Trump says one of the big losers to day is Bernie Sanders "He was waiting for the FBI primary. And he just lost"
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