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I remain skeptical about Twitter. Also: White House reporter for @washingtonpost. And @nytimes alum.

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OBAMACARE NEWS: Trump signs exec order that could effectively gut the ACA's individual mandate, w @goldsteinamy @ktumulty on the very human transfer of power. Barron is left handed, yeah?WATCH LIVE: Trump set to be inaugurated momentarily:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPres.-elect Trump has been practicing his salute with an aide who has military experience in recent days, @jeffzeleny reports
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerHillary looks like she is physically steeling herself -- deep breaths, shoulders back -- for this moment.
“I don’t know if it’s ever been done before,” Trump says of inauguration concert at Lincoln Memorial. Here’s Obama…
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThis deeply blue Wisconsin village still seems surprised it voted for Trump. @wpjenna on the ground. The Podium: @seanspicer lauds the "stunning" Trump Hotel in DC: "I encourage you to go there, if you haven’t been."The tv show Trump will watch closely today - Spicer's first on camera briefing.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker @CLewondowski_ goes to work. By @JoshuaGreen
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThis demands a @NoahRemnick follow... Crossroads produced a 100-plus page document on executive actions, and gave it to Trump as a blueprint. @AshleyRParker look at the many executive actions Trump is taking on Day One (and the next Day One, Monday)
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe First Day Project: Inside Trump's Day One plans for executive action:
Trump is trying to put the "bully" back into the bully pulpit, by @PhilipRucker just started re-reading "Woman at the Washington Zoo" recently, and was reminded of just how wonderful her profil… great thing I've already learned: @stavernise gets carsick... press conference call list as statement on press freedom and access -WHCA president -Fox News -Univision -Al-Arabiya -LGBT newspaper
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIn @ktumulty's great Trump interview (, he's still talking the NYT Style story on his hats. news from @ktumulty's Trump interview --> He has a 2020 reelection slogan: "Keep America Great!"
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerReminder in today's WaPo: Those who control the flow of information to Trump control the man, w @PhilipRucker. the middle of an interview with @ktumulty, Trump shouts: "Get me my lawyer!"
I wrote a story on "Embeds"; everyone flipped out. Now @SopanDeb wrote one. FREAK OUT AT HIM's inaugural address is expected to be less than 20 minutes, anchored in Jacksonian approach, per two ppl familiar with it.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerYup. 👇👇👇Not to mention reporters like the WaPo's @wpjenna, who richly and vividly chronicled Trump voters and the T…, gray, chilly #havredegrace. @pvolpe @NYTnickc @jestei @jeremybowers @rachel_shorey @sarahcnyt @mericson🏅🏆🎖—> @washingtonian profiles my favorite Millennial (and v talented colleague), @jdelreal:📱📞☎️📱📞☎️ picks up his cell phone even when no caller ID is listed. Via @AshleyRParker @PhilipRucker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDespite Tweets, Trump as isolated as ever, relying on familiar faces and places, say @PhilipRucker & @AshleyRParker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTrump In His Bubble: Isolated and alone, yet seemingly omnipresent. @PhilipRucker and I go inside: Trump: A man increasingly isolated, both everywhere and nowhere. W @PhilipRucker:
Trump's surprisingly low-key inauguration, by @WPJohnWagner @ktumulty Obama is quietly planning her next act via @Krissah30
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerA blacklist of the "Never Trump" foreign policy establishment? Sure seems that way... @DavidNakamura reports. the Big Brown Comedy Hour and the "comedy resistance" to Trump:
Retweeted by Ashley Parker🎩🍾🎩The Trump inaugural's most exclusive event is to woo... 200 foreign diplomats. 🍾🎩🍾 that Obama's final interview w the NYT is w the great @michikokakutani, about books:
NEWS: Trump talks to WaPo, vows ‘insurance for everybody’ in Obamacare replacement plan
Retweeted by Ashley Parker...they're worried about the hassle of protests, as well as bomb threats and possible terrorist attacks. (2/2).OH at NY cafe: Trump supporters (and tourists) talking about how they'd wanted to stay at Trump Soho, but now they won't bc...(1/2)"He kind of reminds me of my ex-husband." Women who voted for Trump, in their own words. Mail's @dmartosko proposed drug testing White House reporters in his application to be Trump press secretary
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBravo seems to be doing a "The Devil Wears Prada" marathon, and a new one is just starting... 👠👠👠
This @anniekarni Philippe-as-Trump pieces is insane and amazing and insanely amazing:
The Expectations Game: Can Trump live up to his own hype? @costareports and @PhilipRucker w the deets. Powell's private dinner for Ivanka Trump at Wendi Murdoch's house Thurs. Ivanka's Trump's private dinner w female execs at Wendi Murdoch's penthouse last night. 2—>—> had chance to read highlights of Mattis testimony. I agree with almost every word. Does Trump?
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe @jimrutenberg w some advice for the White House press corps on how to handle Trump.'re saying "Just a splash more coffee" didn't have the same powers of literary inspiration?! ☕️☕️☕️
Just gonna leave this here, my piece last month about the really unique Obama-Biden bond. It's legit.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe Mooch to DC! you're in Chicago... the White House has not changed Trump one bit. @PhilipRucker and I with the story from his first presser.'s A1 w/ @AshleyRParker on Trump's rollicking news conference: Russia, hacking, fake news, Obamacare & more
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
The Take: Despite press conference, questions linger about Trump's readiness, by @danbalz admits to Russian hacking, even as he compares U.S. intelligence community to "Nazi Germany." W/ @PhilipRucker, combative, and carnivalesque: All the news — and more! — from today's Trump presser, w @PhilipRucker. posted: Trump admits to Russian hacking even as he attacks US intel community. Today's NEWS w/ @AshleyRParker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBut Dina Powell will not necessarily serve as Ivanka's chief of staff, and hopes to have a broader portfolio. (2/2).Confirmed: Dina Powell — who has been advising Ivanka — is leaving Goldman Sachs to join the Trump White House. (1/2)Trump says he will make Mexico reimburse the U.S. for a wall, likely through a tax.Trump just now: "I'm also very much of a germaphobe, by the way." Trump: "The hacking is bad, and it shouldn’t be done, but... look at what was learned from that hacking."Trump just now finally says he thinks the 2016 hacking was Russia.Sean Spicer channeling Outraged White House Press Secretary.NEW w/ @eilperin: How conservationists are reaching out to Donald Trump Jr. to be their champion in new White House
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThat was my and @PhilipRucker's big question!
Atticus Finch!Armchair Psych 101: Trump is too much of a germaphobe for a golden shower. #2017WhiteHouseTweets
Trump AG nominee Sessions failed to disclose oil interests as required, ethics experts say — via @thamburger late to this great story on Trump's "Shadow Cabinet" — and the inherent conflicts — by @WPJohnWagner & @ylanmui. TAX REFORM begins tonight. Trump advisers to begin tax talks with Speaker Ryan...
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