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Corey Donohoe @atmos South Lake Tahoe, CA

My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@mreider @lindvall @engineyard @github Realistically they never took a VC round. People can get grumpy that GH got… @mreider @lindvall @engineyard @github I think the general sentiment was something along the lines of @mreider @jimgoetz @bhorowitz @defunkt @a16z @sequoia @github @engineyard @benchmark @Rackspace I don’t recall this… @mreider @jimgoetz @bhorowitz @defunkt @a16z @sequoia @github @engineyard Pretty big testament to how poorly run EY was.New Yorker, Time, and The Economist commissioned three pieces that will be remembered, forever. Incredible. Impactf…
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @chelsea I’m pretty sure every new yorker who visits SF thinks this. @elliottkember 😂 @davvyk I just had my first 15mph+ bail on mine and surprisingly walked away unscathed. They’re pretty awesome devices. @RideOnewheel Can I reprogram my shaping? I want a more aggressive “mission” setting.
@MacRumors @julipuli It might just be my friends but I don’t know anyone who uses or likes the phone functionality in the watch. @rideonewheel Do y’all have any tips taking the one wheel plus to burning man? Air compressor should work for cleaning charging area?
@jasonkjackson @volkerdi It was definitely the distro I cut my teeth on.
@dahankzter @peterbourgon @freeformz Requirements come in to play a lot here. We’ve been able to work with 7 day r… @adrianfcole So I couldn’t try it against our zipkin install if I wanted? @dahankzter @peterbourgon @freeformz Yup, for sure. We literally had a “will it ever catch up?” moment on my team t… @peterbourgon @freeformz Unfortunately a lot of my real world experience has been with engineers who think they nee… @adrianfcole What’s the motivation behind it? Licensing? @benschwarz fourtet @peterbourgon @freeformz It’s ok, you got me thinking. 👍🏼 Personally I’ll take the black box over a homegrown impl… @freeformz @peterbourgon Spending 50% of your time planning for backpressure seems excessive unless it’s hardware,… @freeformz @peterbourgon Which is why I tend to reach for, and suggest, things that hide this type of decision maki… @freeformz @peterbourgon Very few people that I’ve worked in my professional career operate at this level so I don’… @freeformz @peterbourgon I’ll reread it and see if it resonates more, but it seems to overcomplicate features that… @freeformz @peterbourgon There’s a place for these concerns, but there’s definitely an air of “will it scale?” when… @peterbourgon @freeformz Soooo, sidekiq? Then build the other 50%? @lindvall @kelseyhightower @copyconstruct It’s not complexity or simplicity in the way technologists use those term… @ohhoe I tried tweeting this from my phone earlier and it kept showing me a fucking sin wave image. @ohhoe @splcenter Always a good conversations starter. @holman @jessicard @jakeboxer Isn’t there a photoshop tutorial site that you made floating around somewhere? @wfarr @toolmantim @charliesome I take it back. This one beats it. @charliesome
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @wfarr @toolmantim @charliesome This is my favorite thing on the internet today. @baauer 😂 @williamsjoe @brynary For a few more hours. Was here for the weekend to see some friends. @obfuscurity It’s still gmail ¯\(°_o)/¯RIP sending from my email address.
No denial from me. I ❤️ testing in production, and do it for all risky changes. NO SHAME.
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@meat Are they the lite or classic? I got the lite ones last year and i love them.git commit -m “🤖👮🏼” @thephw @holman That’s how they getcha @holman @thephw Also I hope you’ve consumed at least 3 liters of water and taken vitamin b12. @holman @thephw totally won’t show up
I’ve never yelled at my tv as much as I did tonight’s game of thones. @superdealloc No I reset. There’s a shrine in there. @tjholowaychuk You have no idea how insightful you are rn. @kch It’s weird. I have my own feelings towards things but life constantly bombards me with shit. @tjholowaychuk Offer still stands. Come visit my mountain range. I have space and a lot of opinions. @kch I was arguing with a pioneer. Twitter is nad at threading I’m told. @tjholowaychuk There’s countless ways to leave markers. Photos are one of them. @tjholowaychuk @basecamp That’s the best way to do imho. @tjholowaychuk I was a photographer once too. Until it got boring. @tjholowaychuk That’s a personality trait, that people perceive as talent. @tjholowaychuk I think you might be better off with the @basecamp approach then. @tjholowaychuk You probably hate it because YOU’re talented.Intuition only gets you so far depending on what game you’re playing. @tjholowaychuk I prefer to work on small, productive, teams. Now I work at salesforce and there’s 20k people @tjholowaychuk GitHub at 10 people was way diff than 500 people. @tjholowaychuk I … disagree. You’re basing this on your experience.In a thread with people I never would’ve spoken to because they think I’m an energy company. @lex31555 @evelyn_m_k @diane2u2010 What does shack off mean? @lex31555 @evelyn_m_k @diane2u2010 Yeah. I’ve been to both! @ctshryock it’s a celebration @evelyn_m_k @diane2u2010 I apologize for the jokes and understand the reality and it’s tough. @evelyn_m_k @diane2u2010 It’s amortized. They don’t check your meter every month and base it on historical usage. @b0rk In a lot of ways “everyone is speaking, no one is teaching” I think what you’ve been doing is unique. Don’t… other news, side projects are hella nice
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @diane2u2010 @evelyn_m_k It’s gotta be great to be home after such a crazy experience. I wish we were more welcom… @diane2u2010 @evelyn_m_k Do you have a minute to talk about renewable energy options in your area or do you just want gas? @diane2u2010 @evelyn_m_k I only met Katrina refugees, but I’m glad to hear you stayed. My power is out due to a s… @diane2u2010 @evelyn_m_k The price you pay for… convenience. @b0rk I think your writing and illustrating has a longer shelf life. Talks expand to fill time. You’re making easy… @evelyn_m_k @diane2u2010 It happens @evelyn_m_k @diane2u2010 I’m sorry.I found this entirely too funny. I need to learn how to make the banners. #splatoon2 #furries’s some sort of furry infatuation in the splatoon lobby and that plus rain while the sun is shining is making my day.this is just to say that dispersing an uncited document that prescribes falsehoods to your colleagues is a form of emotional abuse
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @ohhoe I have a text file in my home dir that I try to limit to 5 things or less. I forget to update it sometimes,…