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Corey Donohoe @atmos South Lake Tahoe, CA

My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@benschwarz @rodjek @dgoodlad @lstoll Pretty sure it’s this.
@glenngillen Back on the grind? @willk Like use the tracks themselves? Not holding on behind the cars? @alindeman I did that for a week and @yann_ck called me “witness protect-mos” @indec They’re great little devices.
@rbranson Wah-wah-wah-wah @MarcusTheToken @cloudypianos I had to explain someone saying “funday Monday” to my non native English speaking coworkers and felt the same. @schneems Checksum the binstibs generated by each supported version of rails, use gemfile, warn in build output if they mismatch? @samkottler @dreww Pretty sure there’s an entire episode of billions dedicated to this.
@danfarina @pvh @glenngillen @schneems @stolt45 So I just try to listen. The whiners have left and remaining people… @danfarina @pvh @glenngillen @schneems @stolt45 There’s an ongoing internal thing I have with trying to understand… @danfarina @pvh @glenngillen @schneems When I’ve been grumpy in the past @stolt45 always dropped that one on me. Our lives are pretty great. @pvh @glenngillen @schneems I think joining late gives me a big difference of perspective. It’s currently the best job I’ve ever had. @glenngillen @schneems @pvh It’s actually dope and perfectly fine. Employees might be forced to VPN in the future. @tjholowaychuk I’ve been pretty happy with DIY sentry. Maybe need to do the same thing with ELK @tjholowaychuk There’s some kind of growth pattern where it stops making sense, but it’s critical for early understanding. @tjholowaychuk I’ve spent the better part of two years trying to understand how heroku uses splunk and I think it’s a huge waste of money. @tjholowaychuk I really wish we had better ways of explaining production debugging without printing shit, by here w… @tjholowaychuk Logging is for suckers @jmhodges Your transformation into my first neighbor in SF is complete. 👌🏼
Artificial intelligence struggles to tell difference between fried chicken and Labradoodles. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF…
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @notwaldorf @mdo @joshpeek My rule of thumb for football and basketball is to default to people like you, and then… @coda 😕BAY AREA. 🏀 @mdo @notwaldorf @joshpeek I generally fallback to the loudest and most authoritative sounding people to explain it… @samkottler It’s good to have those highs. @court3nay @kneath See you and bae in the desert this year I hope. @court3nay @kneath Lol, @c3 outta nowhere with practical advice. @scaredofbabies @notwaldorf Just never restart the process @scaredofbabies @notwaldorf Somewhere in the future a node process is looping with an ever growing backlog of 429s it’s never gonna resolve. @scaredofbabies @notwaldorf Yeah, this. In ruby I’d use webmock, not sure what the defacto js one is. @g33kidd @discordapp Probably never unfortunately. It’s pretty tightly integrated with slack’s stuff. @zeeg Good to know. It’s all heroku primitives underneath so different teams at work have adopted and others haven’t. It’s all up to them.We retired hubot chat deploys at heroku earlier this year in favor of a slack app. Now you can try the public beta,…
@dylanegan @stolt45 Figured you’d have left it in a garden or something.
@umairh Why do they all look like toddlers who fashioned a superhero costume from available things in a closet? Is…
[takes a movie poster, desaturates it, adds red in places, stands back] oh god
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @freeformz but Ed, how else am I supposed to learn a new language without thoughtlessly porting over stuff from a l… @williamsjoe your sock tan lines are magnificent @justaride @holman Like… the president?
@paulcbetts @meat Are people that much better ? @slyphon Which is, unfortunately, a strategy. @slyphon I’m both hopeful and terrified all at once. 😞 @meat Xbox?
@alindeman Even with energy spent, it’s always going to increase over time if you’re working with the codebase. @godfoca where ya headed? @jessamyn @flangy LOL, I have that snow globeThe biggest team effort we've ever undertaken at Heroku! Excited to help modernize compliant apps by making them ea…
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @lonbaker @sinatra I think part of the newer trend is that same simplicity + service discovery + secret management… escape from reality by going online 00s: escape from reality by going online 10s: escape from online by staying in reality
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@lonbaker @sinatra It was still called SOA back then @paulcbetts Sorry Paul, it was my first slack app @BrettRuffenach Holy shitWe're extremely proud to announce #MonumentValley2 is available right NOW on the App Store:
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Adding a micro sd card to my switch triggered firmware updates.Of course you can feed the stray dogs in Zelda. 😍 @paulcbetts What’d you settle on?
Kathy Griffin: I ruined my career Maher: Hold my beer. KG: u gonna do worse? Maher: No, I'm a white guy. I'll be fine. Just hold my beer.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @kneath Sended it. 💞 @mayamiller @mrb_bk Approximately 1000 high school blunts were smoked while playing that on repeat. @patio11 I’ve had a hard time quantifying work in those situations. I feel like everyone falls back to lyft/ubert b… @patio11 Thanks, that makes sense. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the subtleties of the changing world. @patio11 Meaning time is used wisely? I’m confused on what the scheduled aspect of it means.
War driving for IMSI catchers 👀
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @flangy Never ever fernet.
So it turns out the most unrealistic part of Independence Day was the USA rallying the world to fight a planetary threat
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeThe Great Leap Backward
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @holman @joshsusser @chriseppstein @ReinH Literally no one caresEveryone is so confused @holman @joshsusser @chriseppstein @ReinH ATT, VERIZON, and what’s the shitty one @joshsusser @chriseppstein @ReinH No, like we’re all here. I love y’all. We’re not a sci-fi novel. @ReinH @joshsusser (PS) I think we’re all there is
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @ReinH @joshsusser 💞 @ReinH @joshsusser dead over here. nbd. @markimbriaco @lstoll turns out i’m implementing netrigrity siteminder everywhere, 15 years later. @ReinH @joshsusser (PS) I think we’re all there is @ReinH @joshsusser Something something, fermi’s paradox.Bologna tonight with @romanfluegel
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