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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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🌚🌝 shame they tore down the kombucha museum. it was a cultural institution.
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeThis bitch Rihanna has a blunt everywhere like its normal 😂
Retweeted by Corey Donohoedoritos are the rollerblades of chips
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeIf you’re dragging your butt on friday here’s a mix from @turtletheory @rich0H so you get more practice controlling the descent, that’s dope. @rich0H why is the freefall so brief? @dukeofberlin Is it because the queen keeps corgis?And without them. (the experts)It’s so great: “generalized tool that levels up people that makes experts in the field angry because users can be successful with it”OH: Kubernetes is wordpressmy whole aesthetic is graceful degradation
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Thanks internet. I found this last night and it seems fitting.
@alohamaddy @benburkert Happy birthday dudeI can't.
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I had the shittiest week of my life, and I spent the morning talking with @stolt45′s mom about what’s important and I’m happy for friends rn
@williamsjoe i need help picking a mountain bike, fwiw @argv0 @jrecursive soon, also come visit here too. @williamsjoe you’re an athlete, dudeMy friends who really think chemtrails are a thing, are like the best people. @argv0 @jrecursive gross, why? @jrecursive @argv0 I’m gonna drive to SF in a minute. Come to public works for hugs @argv0 @jrecursive i don’t believe you employee: id really appreciate a liveable wage for my labor Baby boomer employer:
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe😂 @wuputah @github It turns out it’s complicated. Being an early employee for a company that isn’t public means taxes on stuff you can’t sell.
Offical Zelda: Breath of the Wild mural in Brooklyn glows in the dark
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @ProFanMarisa it’s good
@blakegentry @github there are worse places to feel stuck in the world than the sierras.Tax season is a great time of year for checking if you or your friends mistakenly worked for @github at some point in time.It's crazy how much more productive a person can be outside of that wasteland of San Francisco 😛🤣
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @jennschiffer @manhattan_js @evejweinberg those haircuts tho @jnunemaker srsly @ohhoe BWAHAHAHAHAI should really read the back scroll at work more often.
@roidrage reflections are A+ @jordansissel is that bad cipher interpolation? @AuzSantiago @okayjeffrey @allthingsmeng I think there might be some @berkvisual stuff too
After thinking on it & talking to lots of teams, I'm convinced that the best developer job interview is a simple discussion about past work.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @AlekMuzo wow, that’s fucking… dumb. Naming and implementation. @mschoening @code let me know what you come up with. I tried it for an hour and went back to vim. @AlecMuffett why are there 2 ds?
@stolt45 @freeformz I will QA this experiment free of charge. @cameronmcefee @kneath @maddox you know how to get the donuts. Now I want donuts.
@dotmvsic when is it for sale? @maddox Of course, also @atmos & @nike made a basketball court. Photo by
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@uhoh_itsmaciek @wuputah @josephruscio I’m in the office later this month and happy to sit around and bullshit about it though. @uhoh_itsmaciek @wuputah @josephruscio A quick rule is that if you’re the only one relying on something you’re really right or really wrong. @uhoh_itsmaciek @wuputah @josephruscio @freeformz For sure. My general sentiment is that it’s fragile and not offered by any other vendors. @freeformz @josephruscio it’s called heroku slack, no? All three of us have access. Afaik no one outside heroku uses l2met. @freeformz @josephruscio when keeping it 12factor goes wrong. @freeformz @josephruscio there are dozens of us! @josephruscio @freeformz still the most jarring intro to common patterns at heroku. “You what? Why? I’m gonna see how it goes using the API” @freeformz application logs as metrics sources. 😒
@notwaldorf yeah, it’s dope.Apparently if your dog eats a bag of marshmallows you’ll find out about it. 🤕
@haacked the number of dinner’s that’ve been ruined by this exact thing is too damn high.
@jessicard he’s getting so big
@schneems I’m glad you find the humor in it too. @ohhoe that was definitely better. i haven’t had to leave the country in the 3 months since i switched. @ohhoe i went from t-mobile to at&t go plan. it’s 40$/mo. They’re all happy to take your money but seem to have sane plans if you’re “new”fixtures:
@paulcbetts be the change you want to see in the world
microservices architectures: when they break it's no one's and everyone's fault at the same time and nobody knows nothing
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @ped @leinweber @hcatlin or that the results differ and he hasn’t had a chance to compare them yet. @allthingsmeng where is this ramp? Is that Jeff? @mrejfox I listened to metaverse yesterday. Keep it up, I enjoyed it. 👍🏼 @jmhodges I once had a friend help me remove a cast from my arm a few weeks early with a drill and a belt. The belt kept the drill from skin @raggi There’s a pretty strong correlation between cold emails like that and people who want me in an office full time. I just say I moved. @roidrage just get airpods @SlackAPI I have an application that provisions bot tokens as part of the install and I’d like to refresh them often to mitigate token leaks @SlackAPI is there an API for refreshing bot tokens periodically?
@t_crayford you’re not supposed to use that though.
@josephruscio i still do al foil so i guess i should keep that in mind. It’s not entirely as hands off as I initially thought. @josephruscio the lid is crucial for multiday cooking. I had mine turn off overnight due to evap my second time making ribs. Were ruined. :( @thairu “I like everything except rap and country”