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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@holman Is she opening? Also, I’m gonna be there. @stolt45 7th in line. If only it were a Tesla.Pretty sure this is the best text I’ve received to date. TBH I really wish I was there. @giraffage Cheers dude @tobrien @kelseyhightower I welcome our new FaaS overlords, but it’s still *almost* heroku. Without like, support a… @brynary I’m sorta here “full time” now, so early December. iMessage or email works.Welp, someone finally figured us out.
@kelseyhightower Is part of the value in that the container registry is provided to the consumers. So people go that direction?
@lstoll @stolt45 Nah, the kid just laughs
So NYC is charming
@kuramanga @__agwa @hanno My employer only found 31 vulnerable keys out of like 3.5M @kuramanga @__agwa @hanno GitHub revoked my yubikey generated key. Yubico is sending me a new device. @maddox Unplug em @mikewest @__apf__ Everyone is better off with https, is this like a rhetorical question? @TheHackersNews @GI_Fucken_Jack @CommitStrip This news only makes our recent discussion that much funnier. @StanBoyet @heroku Yup
@ryanhuber I think you’re supposed to wait for the arsenic in the wallpaper to kick in.Fuck phish @stolt45 @itchymutt tbh, the “I’m screaming into the void” was “I like phish” To this day I think phish sucks, but…
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeThere’s some stuff in here. @fivetanley This is both simultaneously funny and not funny @craigkerstiens @stolt45 @vinbarnes Kevin and I lived in both, and well, we’re all gonna die.If you run business software on @heroku, use a yubikey, and care about security. Will you kindly email: I have stuffThis was me meeting @atmos for the first time
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @stolt45 @itchymutt And I wouldn’t trade them for anything. @stolt45 @itchymutt tbh, the “I’m screaming into the void” was “I like phish” To this day I think phish sucks, but…
@thijsc @Juice10 Dang, I just saw this. How long are you here for?
@stolt45 @freeformz They were really useful before we got legalized most places. @Juice10 @thijsc I gotta get on these meet ups. @patricktoomey @maddox @joshpeek Was it the cactus user’s port or did someone rewrite his too? @maddox @joshpeek The little node process that could. With the help of like fastly and HTTP.
@ped You should hang with some dads. @ahmetb I’ve heard a bunch of variants and “Kate’s” always seemed the easiest, but you know people and the internet. @ahmetb Thats.. a thing? @jina I didn’t know that they had addons at all. I feel like lots of recurring services get to that point though. @lindvall We’re all gonna die before anyone gets this, and it’d be better if they marketed it like spectacles instead of that bar thing. @lindvall Will exchange for 1-5 hugs in the future. I shoulda just bought the GoPro equivalent and captured last winter. @jina At least it’s commercial free? Or does Hulu still make you watch them? I use HBO/Netflix/Showtime and last I checked it was cheaper. @lindvall I blame you for convincing me to order Overbacked and can’t ship. Drip emails tu… keep having to remind myself that physically manufactured goods from kickstarters will always disappoint. Their drip emails drive it home.
@GI_Fucken_Jack Yo! Nice meeting you yesterday. I’m sure we’ll get to talk shit about computers again sometime soon.
@yann_ck Right now I think it’s just me saying “nah”
@shiftkey @dgoodlad @rodjek mv Gemfile gems.rb mv Gemfile.lock gems.locked 🙄 @rodjek @shiftkey At least it’s not telling you to rename package.json to packages.js because, wait wtf is the rati… @adrianfcole It’s a crappy growing pain and when you throw a few billion dollar companies in the mix it’s tends to… @adrianfcole The unfortunate thing is that you’re now a vendor vs consuming open source and expectations are way di… @adrianfcole I wish I could recall an example of any projects that weathered this kind of frustration, but sadly I can’t. @adrianfcole 1) Corporate Acceptance 2) Stewardship 3) Your Sanity Pick two? @adrianfcole The false marketing aspect usually hits developers really hard because being honest and helpful is gen… @adrianfcole I totally get it and it sucks when it’s directly impacting you. It’s why people burn out or flip the b… @adrianfcole Is it part of a larger thing where it’s counterproductive to your work and frustrating because there i… @adrianfcole Definitely, but also look at the intersection of and @adrianfcole I guess I expect so little out of the stewardship from standards bodies sponsored by large corps that I don’t think it matters. @adrianfcole I admire your work a lot but struggle to understand why zipkin would benefit from being a part of #cncf or a larger body.
@stolt45 @brettgoulder STDs I brought home from burning man apparently. Spiders That’re Down.I pulled three live spiders out of my hair today so I hope your Sunday was better.
@travisci Any idea when ruby 2.4.2 should be available?
@kimberlypilbeam @ThePracticalDev Branch for every change to a system. Use pull request to document the change and… @patricktoomey @rickbradley I friend once likened this to peeing a pool. Once it’s in, you can’t get it out. Their DB isn’t theirs anymore. @tweets_so_fresh I’ve seen/felt very similar things with coworkers who were checked out of workplaces and people wh… @tenderlove Yes, he’s hopped up on expresso obviously @holman @rbranson Good luck, I hate that shit.
@rbranson The San Francisco handcuffs @benschwarz @assaf Everything that’s old is new again! @DaveJosephsen @aphyr This entire thread is amazing. Thanks for sharing. @progrium I’ve been using webhooks for about half my career now, so, thanks.
@freeformz I went back last Thursday after two weeks away. It was surprisingly ok. It’s nice to see things get done while you’re away. 😊 @patricktoomey @maddox I’m pretty sure it does. It worked fine before I added the extra sensors. @tjholowaychuk Looks dope. Is there an easy to develop or test these things locally? Is the up model to keep pushin… @RedPandasDaily “No, it’s not a Firefox shirt” @themcgruff Stay safe dude
This was the 5th year I’ve gone and probably the most fun. It’s not for everyone but I love the annual dirt rave.My campmates made an infinite techno dungeon out of a shipping container this year at Burning Man and called it Bur… 101 for engineers
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe @akahn @aq @heroku I was pretty stoked to find this out too.just wanna share the best photo series of all time:
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeIt’s great supporting new record labels. Sometimes you get cute messages from them. @PortageGarage PGS-002 @solarce @mrz @VMware @WavefrontHQ Congrats, dude. Good luck on the new gig.