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@chrislake Look behind youTuesday NYC 7-10pm. Free event at @houseofvans. Screening this video + skate demos & contests.…’s ur friendly reminder that this @PAPERDIAMOND track slaps 💎
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyCreate the world you want to see.
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyTurntable time™️💡Remarkable. I don't think I ever expected a *Florida* sheriff to confront a NRA spokesperson this aggressively
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"No longer can you take money from the NRA...we are coming after every single one of you & demanding that you make…
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyIt's crazy the kids in our country have to ask politicians to be kept alive ..
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy @jrocc 🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you big broThanks. Yup it's all about having fun with music. Mixing feeling with good technique. is forever in my top 5 DJs on “spellout” crewnecks and “micro logo” hoodies at ✨✨✨ 📸: @chriskennedyl
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy🙏🏻🙏🏻
‘Glide’ featuring @TKAYMAIDZA out now ✌🏽
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyHouse of Vans Presents: @ATrak Video Premiere- Tuesday February 27th
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyI'm so excited for this interview with @pensadosplace video for RIDE FOR ME (ft @youngthug @falconsbeats @2fourhrs) is so special that we're doing a premiere party n…òn fèt @HighKlassified 🎂 happy birthday to the beat king!Run that back Turbo
@fg8318 🐶Itchy & Scratchy type beatI just think it's backwards that Nikolas Cruz owning an AR-15 was his constitutional right but his victims' healthcare is a privilege.
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzyyou can be competitive working on music without being an ego maniac, if the name of the game is learning new shit,…
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy🎶🎶🎶💕 @biancaoblivion Yeessss @itsangelbabiiee Thanks! @LILTEXAS 🤘🏼🤘🏼 @wex1200 @adidasoriginals Of course. Thanks for having meShout out to the @adidasoriginals family #747WarehouseSt was tremendous @wex1200You know I'm down
Electric eels are a great way to give up regular eels.
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy @willystaley 😂😂Nice!! @SheckyGreen Is hair a sensitive topic Jon? ;) @RazcalLife Lol 😏Just a little reminder that DJ Quik > Dr Dre. Have a nice Sunday everyone!Oh hai - New Zealand here, we get all your video games and movies. But we don’t massacre children in their classroo…
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy"Proud" is an understatement. @delabarber Got u 💪🏼 @Natashalexis_ I believe in you ✨Last night I was introduced to @atrak holding two tequila sodas and a chicken tender... No shame #AllStarWeekend
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy @Natashalexis_ That was lovely, I was impressed. Also I tried to convince you to hold one more piece of chicken. 🍗 #skills“Work For Me” vid out now! @hassedemoor @hornydavemusic 🎥: @catchdini
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@SlushiiMusic Yoooo.@atrak had the youngins at 747 going up to @03Greedo
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy @TM88 Damn hope you're ok broShooting survivor Emma Gonzalez just called out Trump on national television!!! She is on a mission.
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyMad new music this week from @hassedemoor, @hornydavemusic, @hoodboi, @tkaymaidza, @madeaux + @whoisbrux 🎧 keep up…
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyFlorida fam, just to be crystal clear here: I will not be in Orlando tonight. Should have been communicated by prom… @AlexFranco488 @yehme2music NoTampa last night. These shows with @yehme2music are wild. We're basically playing from 70-170bpm from the 70s to th… @atrak X @yehme2music is no questions asked the best b2b I’ve watched live. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyNow Playing Born Dirty - Sirens @borndirtymusic
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy @dances That's a little better. But he's a cornball. @dances The first part of this tweet sounds like absolute hell @realDonaldTrump hello I’m the 16 year old girl who tweeted you that I didn’t want your condolences, I wanted gun c…
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J Balvin & The Chipmunks
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzyhe’s 19. treat him like an adult. not a child. y’all said tamir rice was a man and that boy was 12 years old. fuck…
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyMaking my Tampa debut tonight at @TheRITZYbor with @ATrak and @YehMe2Music, I'm on from 12:15-1:15. #WorkForMe
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzySkatman Josh and Cowboy Trizzy are back at it today in Tampa! @yehme2music @sunsetevents IS THE WAVE @whoisBRUX @FoolsGoldRecs
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy“Family” longsleeve tees + more at and our BK shop!
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy💚 My track with @youngthug , @atrak and @2fourhrs is charting on @hypem now... Give it a heart and retweet if you'r…
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyThanks bro 🙏🏻 watch this video everyone! bro! 💪🏼💪🏼 It's partouze music haha @FoolsGoldRecs @HornyDaveMusic @hassedemoor @atrak @bartbmore @wongomusic @grandtheft @Wuki @wearebrohug @VanillaAce1 Big Tune 🔥
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzySuper limited ART BUDDIES tees curated by @dimietrus @DeeandRicky now at + our BK shop! Gra…
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy @HornyDaveMusic & @hassedemoor’s “Work For Me” is a certified club banger! Already supported by @djsnake, @atrak,…
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.@realDonaldTrump says the shooter was “mentally disturbed.” Good time to remind America of one of Trump’s first a…
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyBig shout out to @hassedemoor he's undefeated @JGanthier Good questionKraftwerk > craft beers @rukes That's what she saidAyo good morning Logang wass poppin
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyThis track has been my secret weapon for a while and it's finally out on Fool's Gold! Yes his name is Horny Dave! A… what a weird way to say that he’s a terrorist who hurt my friends and classmates
Retweeted by Skat Man TrizzyI’m fasho gonna have a panic attack before @EDC_LasVegas
Retweeted by Skat Man Trizzy @joeymassa_ I'm so excited @TheAhRush for collectors.