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This is gonna look amazing.. they're a shop & print press from Japan and they work with a bunch of my favorite arti… @iamWHIPPEDCREAM 😃 @donwill HahahA weekend in China. 🇨🇳✌🏼 @donwill This is why Twitter is great. @iamWHIPPEDCREAM Hahah ok that's too advanced for me. Kala. Pass the spanakopita (and the new music) please. @iamWHIPPEDCREAM Ti kaneis @donwill I like where this is going. @donwill Factoid: the word salary (in French salaire) comes from sal which is salt in Latin.. way back in the day s… @Wuki @phantoms @Delta *on their points I mean @Wuki @phantoms @Delta Nope! I book flights on American all the time and change them the day of travel. Never an is… article procured me so much joy.
@phantoms @Wuki @Delta The fact that you can't change a reservation made on award miles within 24 hrs of flight is… ⚡️ Tokyo's @ccommunee takes over the FG shop with zines, tees, totes + more from our fav creatives. Don't…
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance @djlindsey Hahah.. @ValentinoKhan I do it for bacterial cultureHe sharted“Mo Bamba” gets so rowdy people are jumping through the floor
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceHi everybody @y2k2y 👀👀It's sad to see so many artists feel this way after releasing a body of work. There's so much music that comes out… @y2k2y Wait, how does that work?Gonna share this always relevant article I wrote for @magnetic_mag on maintaining mental health in the music indust…
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance @iamKITTENS 2 things we disagree on
Throwback to @momaps1 Warm Up Fest with @atrak
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance @Wuki LmaoI'm in Xiamen, China and literally no one uses cash.. nor credit cards.. people just pay with WeChat. Whether you'r… Popeil Food Dehydrator @Judnikki Whaaaat? @gbuck Yeah if it sounds good in a video then you know you got one! @theholymountain That's dopeRT if you used to leave yourself voicemails with your beats so that you could hear them with a different ear and vibe to them later
So Happy! Proud! Overexcited! To have done this remix for our bro @atrak and one of our house music hero…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceNow Playing A‐Trak, Cassius - DJ's Gotta Dance More (Cassius Remix) @atrak, #cassius
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance @thecultureofme @dances Lol crudités, hummus, jerky...BURNIN’ HOT! 🔥 Still can’t believe I got a @CASSIUSOFFICIAL remix for “DJs Gotta Dance More” my track with…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for @goldieawards !! We are extending the deadlines by just a few days. We've been getting ama…
you do not have to produce music to be a dj. likewise, you do not have to be a dj in order to to make music. just f…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceWe'll spend the night together Wake up and live forever
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceAll merch available now on apparel, tchotchkes, posters, vinyl, CD, cassette and (new) 45s!
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance147 Grand St Artist Series 001: Chris M. Wilson. Original sketches, zines, tees + site-specific work, come check it…
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance @illyandbarri @djtoddterry @beatport Big up!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼Someone at Genius actually wrote "X recorded his part of the song after Peep’s death, but before his own." documentary that @thefader did on @THEWORLDSFAIR is so good.. get familiar with one of the most important grou… @robbyengle @AppleMusic Oh damn!!!! 🕵️🏻‍♂️🕵️🏻‍♂️🕵️🏻‍♂️🕵️🏻‍♂️I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of the season finale of "Explained". It's a truly amazing episode about music…
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This remix feels so good.. and I still can't believe I get to put my name in the same line as these guys.. CASSIUS… am very excited.... because Friday.... There is a @CASSIUSOFFICIAL remix of my song "DJs Gotta Dance More" with… & @OhChristo are unstoppable Years Ago Today We Löst The Incredible Legend Of The X-Ecutioners/X-Men DJ Roc Raida... We Miss You and Love You!…
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance😬😬😬😬“You gotta feel the funk And create your own style You know why? It's for that good old house music” @atrak
Retweeted by Açaí-Trancegot to teach 10 Filipino kids how to beat count & mix today 🇵🇭
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceYom Kippur is tomorrow🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
i hereby challenge Mariah to make a song that DOESNT end in a fade-out
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceSTYLES UPON STYLES @yungbabytate 🔥 Black MICRO LOGO hoodie + pink LOUD TRUCK tee available at…
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance @SaintWoods 😍Today marks exactly 19 years I’ve been DJing and has been exhilarating every step of the way. You can now watch my…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceMadlib produced the greatest @Toyota commercial of all time
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y’all do not educate or correct on here from a place of love and respect, y’all educate and correct on here from a…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceI stand in solidarity with Christine Blasey Ford.I don't really like using the word clutch but.. that Rimowa warranty is clutch. Whew! @OWSLA Happy belated 7th anniversary friendsssss xSo Amazon Prime is within a day, Amazon's Prime Now is within an hour or something? I'm assuming Amazon Prime Immed… @Do_Over @djquik @Moodymann313 @jrocc @kkingdomm @beastieboys @adidasoriginals @SFGreatNorthern @lillouis @BEATJUNKIES Damn!!!
@bbymutha LmaoCome to this awesome art show @ FG this afternoon 5-8pm!! Chris Wilson is one of my favorite illustrators and comic… @gezin808MAFIA I was just thinking that!My father died in Puerto Rico between Irma and Maria. He died alone, without power, without his medication. Fuc…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceFavorite thing at the Awge rave in Harlem is dudes walking around with apple AirPods in their ears @falconsbeats I'd vote for him
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceIt’s almost been a month since I put my EP out wtf😩 Thanks everyone for the love so farrrr. If u haven’t listened y…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceI like this energy HQ at 147 Grand St is more than a retail outpost - it’s a hub for our community. Starting now we’re hosting wee…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceThe @FoolsGoldRecs HQ at 147 Grand St is more than a retail outpost. It’s a hub for our community. Starting now we’…
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceThe @FoolsGoldRecs HQ at 147 Grand St is more than a retail outpost. It’s a hub for our community. Starting now we’… played this @illyandbarri remix of "DJs Gotta Dance More" to @djtoddterry and he said "oh they did the grinder! W… @JumpxMan @CASSIUSOFFICIAL Next week 👀👀 @OhMateChocolate YupNever forget there was a key change in Pharcyde "drop" @funnygirljax 😏😏Preach country doesn't evacuate prisoners during hurricanes and majority of folks don't even blink at that
Retweeted by Açaí-TranceMy toothbrush speaks to me in a Chinese accent
I almost replied to a girl's story "your dude vapes 😏😏😏" But.... I'm gonna keep it classy lololThis is the music we need!! Mehdi 💙 BEATS BACK?!!? LETS GOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Açaí-Trance @catchdini He really went and trashed a lot of cities @dj_a_so @thisisinsider Haha it's ok.. @dj_a_so @thisisinsider Nice backhanded compliment 😂😂 @KominerMusic HahahahaNooo Nicki this is very dumb 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
It's awesome!! @TeamBandL @Wuki @Lunice @vindata @LUCALUSH @itsVincent_ @KRNEmusic @HexCougar @iamKITTENS @craysounds_ @eliesco AmazingWe're turning the @FoolsGoldRecs store into a full-blown gallery this Saturday as we host Chris Wilson's art show w…