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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

svp & gm, mobile @braintree. formerly @google and early @admob team. lesser half to @tinab. The obstacle is the path.

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@mcgd that's what we call a high class problem of living somewhere secluded :) @darrenrovell one of my favorite childhood memories was getting 2 of his rookies in one pack.Leave it to the Economist to declare LeBron, not MJ, as the best ever. 😂
There's a big enough middle to sway an election. Also Mike Pence doesn't even find himself exciting. @Kevrmoore @mcgd link is broken. If they believe that, they certainly don't seem to vote that way.Wow. The once mighty Yahoo! poised for $5B scoop by Verizon. End of an era. @Kevrmoore @mcgd you're absolutely right. The GOP's lack of support for LGBT rights is a complete figment of my imagination.
Two of the worst human beings alive loved Trump’s speech.
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya @coryweinberg looks diverse.Reminded constantly these days that Twitter is awesome. @mcgd 100% agree. That's a good way to put it. @mcgd I think I'm just really disappointed in Thiel's support of Trump, even more so that most of SV is too afraid to call him out on it @mcgd MCGD 2020! :) @mcgd I really hope you're right. @kdwalker @mcgd def progress, but tempered by the reality of the most of the rest of that crowd. @mcgd most people in that room oppose his lifestyle. Pence believes in conversion therapy, for gods sake.There is plenty to respect about Peter Thiel, but tonight he traded credibility for a chance to smoke the crack pipe of celebrity. #RNCinCLE
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya @williamready @venmo @PayPal damn right it does...Very excited about the great customer experiences that will come from @PayPal & Visa partnering together...
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exactly. @naval agree. We are two countries in one. Ideological divide between ~40% who see Trump as the answer and everyone else is insurmountable.No big deal! is the man with the Master Plan? #Tesla @rickyang order me one too. thanks bye.anyone toying around with ios10 beta? Worth it?Great chat with @myamartino about how Pinterest uses AI and machine learning. .@braintree @pinterest //
@vipulsahai would love for it to be Booker. Downside is he'd foreclose a potential 2020 bid for President.Big congrats to .@tinab and her incredible team on Verification! Lots of hard work went into this one. @vipulsahai Tapan chachaThis has to be the future of broadcast TV. #RNCinCLE me this view on my big living room screen and I will love you forever Twitter. .@jack @adambain #RNCinCLE negotiating tactic #138: Hold up your phone at deal table every time Steve Jobs calls you. #admob #google @omarh I thought they bought us for our celebratory gong!
Plagiarism isn't changing anyone's mind. But it makes for good Twitter!"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" -Melania Trump
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya @harper i think they're there just to get Scott Baio's autograph. @harper I saw two indian dudes in the crowd. They must be idiots.
@mobileraj you watching @thisisamul ?
@Speroman need to turn off that annoying phone app.
@nihalmehta where 🛫🛫🛫 = better than? @karaswisher @nytimes well now they are really screwed. @mdudas I'm just trying to get some of the 'tech elite' on Twitter to address Thiel's support of Trump. Crickets. @mdudas but there's so many progressive CA techies that need to be convinced not to vote for Trump....Can't wait to buy this but no Contra?!?'Murica @hunterwalk kudos to you if you can get some of the other tech celebs on Twitter to call him out on his politics. So much hypocrisy. @joshelman @Anderson760 I have one. Early sw versions of AP almost killed me. Current version has saved my ass a few times. @rpal23 @HillaryClinton would love @CoryBooker as VP but much more so as Pres. VP now means he'd foreclose on possible 2020 President run.
🙏🏽 @RebeccaClyde @myamartino thanks :)
@mcgd word.Interior design is literally the worst, most serialized, techie-logic obliterating process ever. #firstworldproblems
Damn it Dray.Google real.
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@mdudas @SFGiants from your lips to ....POR!!!!!!
Everyone who has a mortgage on real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area is already a leveraged technology investor.
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya.@NRA I guess an arms race filled with fear and suspicion is good for you if you're in the gun-selling business
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya.@naval displaying that NI (natural intelligence) is better than AI. #tweetstorm
BO KNOWS. thing is for sure. There's no public discourse at scale without Twitter. Full stop. @ai @naval agree with that. Can be a huge transformational agent. Hopeful... @ai @naval & lack of accountability enables cops to act with impunity. Vicious cycle. I like awareness too but worthless without prosecution @ai @naval not worried about awareness. The issue is accountability. The scales of justice are tipped towards law enforcement nearly always. @naval I hope it changes at least something. 🙁The guns aren't new. The violence isn't new. The connected cameras are new, and that changes everything.
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@aforanush webpassFast wifi is cool.
2 years $54M is just enough for KD to get a nice studio apartment in San Francisco
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaBAY AREA ✈️✈️
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya#DUREXITDURANT!!! #DubNation
@hnshah @shervin had issue w/ him when he tried to put a positive spin on British colonialism in India a few mos ago. An obtuse individual.
4/95 for Barnes from the Mavs. Now shit gets interesting.
@Katie_Roof 30
@waynep if I could only get my hands on one! Maybe get a GT3 and do a conversion :)Trying to catch a falling knife. Wish me luck. $BCS
@joshelman same problem. Just ordered a TiVo Bolt to try to at least get a unifying search interface across all the services I care about.
@shervin with the irony that Trump voters will actually think they're opting in.
Europe, u are better off w/o Brits! Now that there's a vacancy, take us! We want what Europe has: free health care, free college, real beer!
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya @harper I bought $BPX a few mos ago and plan to double down tomorrow.Never gonna give EU up
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya @satyap @semil enthusiasm for any change = voter turnout = Brexit. Scary possibilities for us. Brace yourselves. @joshelman without a doubt!With the 30th pick, the Warriors select Damian Jones.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaLOL. to double-down on my GBP position tomorrow morning. Wow #Brexit
@rajivsud oculus @rajivsud did you get an oculus?
@rabois so you don't think electric will be a long term solve for automobiles, independent of autonomous driving? Indeed a contrarian :) @rabois I equate self-driving over long term with reduced oil consumption, which seems antithetical to what gun advocates would support. @rajivsud have all the parts but haven't had time to put it together. I opted for the 1070, seems to be the price/performance sweet spot.It's called Netflix.
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaAny TiVO fans out there?
That was the worst call in the history of the NBA. @StreetsOfM building a machine for .@oculus @jmilinovich mine is sitting in a box at home. Gotta get this damn rig built!
I am proud to announce that after 14+ hours on the floor, we will have a vote on closing the terror gap & universal background checks
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya @jmilinovich oculus!Haven't touched a PC in at least 10 years but here-we-go.