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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

svp & gm, mobile @braintree. formerly @google and early @admob team.

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@satyap @AppCardiogram might have to fire up that POS device and put it to use for this.
Android-based OS please. @SFSanj little one smashed iPad screen with a mini pumpkin. 😐
What's a better travel companion -- iPad or MacBook? Thinking about replacing former with the latter. Non-work use case (movies, kids stuff) @annbordetsky must. have. both. @mcgd @DelRey you just invented the partial poo emoji. #notworthy @mcgd sounds like a plan :) @mcgd pray tell. I'm a bit naive. @mcgd can't think of a better example of how insular and detached-from-reality the SV tech ecosystem can be than that frickin' tweet! @mcgd thank you. @crazyfoo @TeslaMotors @TeslaSupport best service in the business. πŸ‘πŸΌ @Speroman @verge if iMessage didn't exist, I'd switch for good. @mdudas Beast. @paulg @timschulz great quote, except is says nothing about the quality of the principles in the first place. That matters too.
@abrams me :) DM?
Cam, if you have enough swagger to wear a top hat and a peacock feather tie to post game, maybe stick around and answer some questions. @jimgoetz @jankoum @warriors any seats left? :) Hope you're well Jim! @elonmusk @markpinc @TeslaMotors 8.0 UI is so clean too. Well done.What a thick-skinned individual. Clearly ready to lead the most powerful country in the world. Too bad the election…
Germany supports EU-wide ban on gas vehicles. Like Cuba replacing cigars with e-cigarettes. πŸ€” @KlasBack @amplifyla time to move?
@adamnash thanks for the pro tip. I may invest a few more hours to get it working :) @adamnash ordered a Bolt a few mos ago and cannot get it to work with Comcast. It's a cool looking paper weight now.Vice News Tonight is a brilliant format and the best damn news show, period. Well done .@shanesmith30 πŸ‘πŸΌ @lindzsays if I could only find one! @miraj holy shit. That's terrible.Things on my mental xmas list for Santa: DJI Mavic Pro, Boosted Board, red Ken Bone sweater.Any good charities in SF that do furniture pickup? @sacca WOW
Time to focus on the Dubs.That sucked.This game is bad for my health.We need you Romo.We have bats! #BeliEVEN @satishd @SFGiants we need to install baskets like they do at Wrigley :)Another potential Bartman-in-the-making.BREAKING: Giants to install baskets along arcade for 2017 season.
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya @JeremySF @TeslaMotors my P85D had an issue with lurching when coming to full stop. Fixed with sw. If all else fails just order a P100D πŸ˜€ @JeremySF @TeslaMotors yeah I really like the stronger regen but haven't noticed the blip. That would be annoying and doesn't sound right. @JeremySF @TeslaMotors do you mean creep mode? @waynep haven't had chance to inquire. That said, I haven't seen it in a week. It's always out or they took it away. @joshelman big congrats bud!Glenn Beck says HRC is the moral/ethical choice for President. Now I have seen it all. @kelloggfairbank born and raised in Bay Area. Moved to Chicago when I was 17. Go Giants :)
Still Alive!!!!! #BeliEVEN @mdudas from your lips.... @mdudas I don't know but I love it!!"oh shit honey, we just woke up the baby" - every house in the Bay Area. #BeliEVENCONNOR FOR PRESIDENT. @satyap πŸ™πŸΌWe need you Hunter.Cmon GIGANTES! @danprimack write about it. @mcgd ah right around the time of the admob deal. lose 30 and maybe there's another big exit around the corner :) @mcgd keto works! settled into low carb, cutting out sugar and finding it very sustainable. good luck.
Something brewing...'I pay tremendous numbers of taxes'Trump in unencumbered by facts.Damn Anderson! @mdudas very smartCmon @GottsRoadside, 2 cashiers at the ferry building during the busiest part of the weekend? Ridiculous. @ryanspoon got Bennett and Edelman against Brady this week so at least I'm correlating :) @ryanspoon lots of Madden :) @godxavier glad I hooked up 2FAWell that's dodgy. @om @VirginAmerica @united agree, and take a look at @FlyAirNZ, they make the best safety videos in the business. @SFSanj agree, it's a steal @mvboeke was utterly shocked at how compliant the ride was. Not dissimilar from my Tesla. I'm considering one .. :) @mvboeke I drove this one in downtown SF traffic and a little bit of highway :) @FrankQuattrone @styau @WSJ Johnson also stands for having a 3rd grade education on foreign affairs.
@waynep good questionAudi has set up shop in our garage and you can rent this beast for $100/hr. Now I want one. #leadgen GOP. night was Twitter at its finest. Anyone who says it is past its prime, irrelevant, and failing is out of their mind.
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@mcgd @kdwalker I hear you. I find MSNBC to be less intellectually lazy than CNN. @mcgd @kdwalker switch over to MSNBC @msteib wonder if still enforceable -- is BEAST.Go Johnny Go! #BeliEVEN