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*The opposite of play isn't work. It's depression.* Get my latest NYT bestseller SUPERBETTER! (it's powered by the science of games.)

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Plot Twist: The sons of bitches join up with the nasty women and bad hombres and take back our country.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @JosueACardona @Goosechecka Seriously. Me too. @MortuaryReport @DerekTheVet You're really strong and awesome lady!!THIS IS THE AUTUMN EQUINOX CAT. RETWEET THIS AND YOU WILL BE VISITED BY COMFORTING DARKNESS
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalMy NYT op-ed: Facebook's "scandals" aren't bugs, they're features of how its business model works & how it operates…
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@Amy_Siskind @Stareagle What Amy said⌛️A carefully dug medieval burial for the remains of a porpoise
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalWe've had incredible success teaching kids coding + language development with our narrative games software.…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalOf course PA and WI are among them. Bet you $20 MI will be too. 3 states that threw election with unusual patterns.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalSelf-proclaimed capitalist explains why for-profit healthcare doesn't work, makes case for #SinglePayer.…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @avantgame @SuperBetter Man, working on games that are supposed to help people, there is nothing cooler than data s…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalThe authors of the meta-analysis note: @SuperBetter conferred the largest effect size of 18 apps studied. In other… meta-analysis! Do smartphone-based mental health interventions help alleviate depression? (Spoiler alert: yes!) @danctheduck this is what minecraft felt like originally to me...Give me mMO: miniature Multiplayer Online worlds. Intimate not dehumanizing, Player gardens not theme parks. Friends not strangers.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalPlease call, gang. There are a lot of moms & dads with sick kids who will be really hurt if this thing passes.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalHave you talked to a loved one in #PuertoRico? You can help create a map of conditions for emergency responders.…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigala great and powerful look at toxic online game communities, and the need for industry accountability via @Polygon @Melissandre_L wtf!!!!!!
@sharkyire @iftf what a fun idea!! @sharkyire one of the many fun thigns about futures thinking: the many years of "oh yeah I totally saw that coming" you get to enjoy :D @avantgame weren't we talking about this in class? Future-thinking rules! 💯
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Retweeted by Jane McGonigalWOW. If you read one thing today: Why are Middle Eastern girls crushing their male peers in school? (mind blown) @hondanhon yes!!! @melissadahl well said! and I agree :D @hondanhon like, existentially confused. it really bothered me as a tiny child. am i supposed to be like the tree?!?! @hondanhon true story: my mom always said it was her favorite book and I was so confused as a child about what mess… Online players have classified just under 4 million scientific data to help understand real space, hooray for g…
And I'm thrilled Josh won, I love that big meatball. #BB19 #BigBrother19 I literally jumped up and screamed when he won.The Internet every season of Big Brother: "THIS WAS THE WORST SEASON EVER" Me: "What are you talking about, I enjoyed that." @kellymcgonigal @MonicaLewinsky @kenlacovara more importantly, as a futurist, I am excited to find out more about w… @kellymcgonigal @MonicaLewinsky @kenlacovara I remember being nervous that if we took family trips (like, even to C… @kellymcgonigal @MonicaLewinsky @kenlacovara To be fair, that was a very scary scenario for small children... sucke… new essay in my Future of Robotics & AI series--why people are so bad at predicting how soon things will come.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @auilox77 And that's a pretty unkind hashtag to use . @auilox77 It was updated in the iOS App Store a few days ago actually....
The hard truth about the United States is that the money other countries spend on health and infrastructure, we spe…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalAI research is in desperate need of an ethical watchdog
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @shaunscapades That's wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing your success story @avantgame #SuperBetter helped me focus learning how to walk again after 2 knee surgeries. I kept to my goals w/app
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @TurnAroundMom thank you for your public support, it means a lot to me! @avantgame The way the SuperBetter app helped me survive a horrific medication error and the resulting grief and damages @avantgame
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalMy first novel, AUTONOMOUS, is on sale now! It's about pirates, robots, love, and property.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalThe science-backed way cell phones can help concussions heal faster #SuperBetter and that's just the time it takes to physically act. That's not counting all of the anxiety-fueled desperation…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalthis is the most important research you've never heard of, but will soon: The great nutrient collapse from +C02 for the opportunity to collaborate, spark youth interests, & ignite passions that can lead to success!…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalThis is a healthcare crisis! We need your activism. Republicans on the verge of destroying healthcare for millions…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalIf you live in WV, AZ, KS, AK, ME, or OH, America is depending on you to make your senator's life hell until Trumpcare is dead again.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalOk, how can I score a seat to @BCXDisrupt - need to see @gladwell, @avantgame and @iamwill IN REAL LIFE!!! Pretty please someone????
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Reminder: if you like a game, please take a few seconds to rate or review it. Because people who don't like the game ALWAYS rate and review.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @BreeAea yes!!!! @megging Enjoy!!!!
what kind of turtle is this
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @SusanArendt Read about "that scene" before you go though because it is seriously f'd up and not something I would…
@ElineMuijres WHOAH magnificent and otherworldly. Congratulations!'n @ASnarkyCatLady Just 3 I think! @mollywood it makes me so happy to hear you two talking about these issues together! @belmedia well, good, you got what I was going for on the first try! :DP.S. I'm not complaining, I did encourage them at the beginning to get the shoes in at least one shot :D @mariasaavedraTU I do a lot of bargain hunting -- these are Stuart Weitzman via Nordstrom Rack!! @musingvirtual I'm not complaining -- I did tell them at the beginning to get the shoes in at least one shot :D @misswilloughby I think you're right!!!!When you're interviewed for a neuroscience documentary & they spend so much time filming your shoes bystanders thin… @monlezun Lol yes! Except it's for something where UBI are the initials :)A guy talks about technology and jobs on @marketplace with @mollywood. Also, a me.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalDrone deliveries, self-parking cars and lots of green space: design that could transform suburban living.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalIf you have a little extra kindness, encouragement, heart today, share it. Someone is having a day in the shadows.…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @adamferrier I already followed you, so you could dM me!
@monk51295 well that's the point actually! :)hey everyone, how would you read this out loud? "who will ubi?" please reply if you immediately made sense of it or if it confuses you :DI say yay! Videogames/Esports May Come to the Olympics, But Not if They're Violent via @RollingStoneAh! what a great reframing. :D thanks for this. @BSwanGameTheory @metallicaisrad @GeorgeAnders niiiiiiice :D!! @BSwanGameTheory @metallicaisrad @GeorgeAnders wow!! thanks for thisfuture of games, here we go... Study: Young Men In the U.S. Watch More Esports Than Regular Sports @eadahl yay!Watch my #UXWeek17 talk about ultrarunning — — …and if you want to do more than you think you can, let’s talk. 1/2
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