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Jane McGonigal @avantgame San Francisco-ish

*The opposite of play isn't work. It's depression.* Get my latest NYT bestseller SUPERBETTER! (it's powered by the science of games.)

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I think @DerrenBrown knows how to do this. @BernieDeKoven wow!! Amazing congratulationsA practical guide for learning meditation through the art of gaming via @qzOur family is doing a 21 day random acts of kindness advent calendar and here is today's secret mission book is going to help me through today. Thouroughly enjoying this so far! @avantgame
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This is important and I couldn't agree more: “It’s Time For a New Kind of Power Fantasy” by @leighalexander If I die today, I will regret nothing. And I want to help other people get to that place. @jackclarkSF @pmcntyr
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal17/ .. while effective, cheap interventions like @SuperBetter by @avantgame that can be administered at low to no cost @jackclarkSF @pmcntyr
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal16/ .. people locked in time with #trauma, suffering and reliving their memories despite amazing treatments uncovered @jackclarkSF @pmcntyr
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Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @ArgyleGecko thank you and this is great to hear about your successes and creativity in this @watt_j There are several apps out there, including SuperBetter by @avantgame, but just using a google spreadsheet worked best for me
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalI owe the motivation/inspiration to change my life in this way to @avantgame who literally wrote the book on gamifying your life
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalI hate this annual column, because it makes money leap out of my wallet. Damn you, @NickKristof.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalA single dose of magic mushrooms can make people with severe anxiety and depression better for months
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@KazumiZ awwww yayScience: Pluto officially NOT a planet. Science, a few years later: Pluto acting super sad for some reason idk ¯\_(…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalIn other words, religion and video games generate the same reward patterns in the brain. Makes sense to me! To Become A Therapeutic RPG Game Master -
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalExcited to share that game changer @avantgame will keynote at MongoDB World, 6/20 - 6/21 in Chicago!…
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@omfgthelife ha ha! Thank you for remembering :)People sharing the attached 1984 meme in 2016 and I'm like, "Pshaw, amateurs." @avantgame ran a project IRL in 2005…
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@SpiralChris You have a collaboration with @babette_babich !!? amazing :D I can't wait to see what you two do!This website gives you points for letting it spy on you you know that Google has created a game out of crowdsourcing their map edits and reviews?…
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If robots can do the job they will. Teach kids to be critical thinkers and what to do when something BREAKS. Follow…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalThe feeling when you realize the robots will steal your job by @denhamsadler
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalI can't wait for 2021
Filling our 2016 Advent calendar with slips of paper printed from this Random Acts of Kindness calendar! @MountainRoche congrats on #quaddipsea! That's incredible. great follow up on your rocky ridge win 👏🏻 hope to share trail w/you again soon! @cccc5 @SouthwestAir @chriscwarner tell Chris happy thanksgiving from me!!! @warandpeace the karate kid!!!!#Westworld fans, great interview by @Annaleen with @avantgame. We should be playing as viewers, not just watching.
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@manojalpa yay!!!
Thanksgiving tip. Tell everyone you're unbeatable at Rock Paper Scissors, then when you lose pretend it's your first ever loss, take it hard
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @BevBachel thank you Bec happy thanksgiving!!!told my mom I'd be stuck in NYC for Thanksgiving and then surprised her in Raleigh 😂 moments like these make life w…
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@Ari0ck anyone can do it now it took ingenuity to use a track stick lol :)Local Cyclists Trace 50 Mile Turkey-Shaped Route For Some Reason @ArgyleGecko @xacocax I'm SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!
@ArgyleGecko i would literally fly to San Diego just for a donut there and fly back @ArgyleGecko downtown ish?? @ArgyleGecko if you like vegan donuts be sure to go to Donut Bar! best vegan dessert I ever ate @McBenefit it's 3 timelines actually I think, right? @McBenefit yes! we talk about it!I just won a speaking award for a conference I did not speak at! That's like some kind of next-level mind jedi trick I must have mastered. @Wikisteff @wendyinfutures @AnnaGeeks ha!! what are you thinking about/noticing?This was so much fun! If you are watching Westworld, tell me if you think any of my crazy theories have merit :D used #gamification in #science at The BIG Bell Test and I’d like to share with you the whole process >>…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalJust when you think there's no room for anything new in food, something like this comes out of left field:
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @emilynussbaum hahaha yes!!!!! Life is short!!!
augh, i left my hard copy of @meganeabbott's You Will Know Me on the plane. Can anyone with a kindle version lend i… that sink in.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @dine_and_dash cheering you on Jen!!!How virtual reality could help prosecute Nazi war criminals
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalHow Pokémon Go violates the original vision for Pokémon (the ethics of geographic disparities) via @FutureTenseNow
How does the brain react to virtual reality? Completely different pattern of activity in brain @pauspling gorgeous!!
Missed our Community Conversation with @avantgame? Watch the full video here:
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalI am Inspired - It's the constant search for the 'Epic Win' that's kept me playing videogames via rapplerdotcom
@ArgyleGecko hopefully we can get out to new years' or new years day for something @ArgyleGecko not sure! taking time off distance running to heal a two-year patellar tendonitis battle :S but we are doing 5K Thanksgiving @ArgyleGecko oh i'll bring you one at the next brazen duh!! :D are you doing a thanksgiving one? we might have the toddlers do the kids runOkay, the books are all claimed and I will email folks shortly to get personalization instructions. <3 @seanianjacobson yes -- i think you got in! @JuanPOrdonez I'm sorry :( it's U.S. only @DanaCoBar I'm sorry it's just too much extra time filling out custom forms and dealing with post office holiday season craziness :(I'm giving away 50 signed and personalized copies of my book SuperBetter, for you or holiday gift giving. Want one?… @Mrs_Lafler thank you!
@feliciaday binge-watching House while I clean my house and I just came across your episode! yay :D I will put down the laundry for this one
Stunner from @CraigSilverman: Fake news *beat* real news on Facebook over last 3 months of election…
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @maruduro scroll to the bottom of the blog page there are 5 pages worth of posts, which you can navigate through
Vox First Person: What if you got $1,000 a month, just for being alive? I decided to find out. via @voxdotcom
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal @avantgame Hi Jane, I mentioned you in my piece on games with social purpose Thought it might interest you!
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@thebethlee yes we hope to!! @ashsparkle I wrote a whole book about it! SuperBetterIf 85 people in the next 30 minutes go here + sign in with their Twitter account we'll be at 9000 players today! :) @JosefBlumenfeld @facinghistory and another 50,000 archived!'n