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Wisconsonian. OR Nurse. I like to sing and play guitar. Sometimes I've got opinions, and sometimes I just don't give a crap. You'll know, either way. #Cruz2016

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Anybody else watch #Psych?? I'm obsessed.Survived my first night being on call. Didn't get called in, but woke up panicking every hour thinking I missed being paged.
@NARAL is hilarious for spending the whole night looking for reasons to be outraged instead of enjoying a fucking football game. #SuperBowlThis #SuperBowl halftime show has solidified my resolve to never date a man who wears rainbows on his pants."Humanizing fetuses"...really! Has @NARAL ever even seen an ultrasound?! Hilariously embarrassing for them!! #doritosNo worries, @NARAL. I'm SURE that Doritos will put out some pandery statement about how they support women's right to choose by Tuesday."Humanizing fetuses"? Um. You do realize that "human" is a scientific term that includes fetuses....right?? #prolife double entendre brought to you by tequila. Tequila - It Helps You Forget Things.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellWow. Bad call. #SuperBowlHalftime show, special guest Abe Vigoda parachutes to midfield, sings Bohemian Rhapsody acapella THEN dies.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellLoved the Dorito commercial! #prolife #SuperBowlMy fam is having a party, yet only 4 (out of like 20) are actually watching the #SuperBowl. Today is for booze & jalapeΓ±o poppers. #BearsGo Broncos!!? Idk...I just picked one.... #SuperBowl
@Gregory__Adams lol I work in the OR, I love this stuffMAKE IT RAIN @JebBush #GOPDebate
Retweeted by BaileyConnell @Gregory__Adams noooo way! I'd rather have surgery and watch them do it. @ChrisSalcedoTX Well he looked really immature tonight...but then again maybe you're right, his supporters do seem to love that behavior.So I have a ganglion cyst, and it hurts :-( @ChrisSalcedoTX ooh I would disagree...I think Trump hurt himself tonight.Best quote of the night: Mom: "Sasquatch!!" Everyone: *stares...* Mom: "Jeb Bush! He walks like Sasquatch!!!" #GOPDebate #republicandebateIf you do your research you'll find that "except to save the life of the mother" is not, in fact, a thing. #prolife #GOPDebateIf you're "pro life" with the exception of rape, then you don't truly get what being #prolife is about. #GOPDebateLike Rubios enthusiasm to expose the left on abortion! #GOPDebateFact: Obama went golfing 10 minutes after he announced James Foley's beheading. I'm not exaggerating. #GOPDebate
Retweeted by BaileyConnell"He's voting for me, and he's *likely* to be alive"....proof that Jeb is *likely* to be a democrat #GOPDebateWow. So China and Russia are building up their military. Meanwhile, America is about to have it's smallest air force /navy ever?! #GOPDebateCarson is 'nice' enough. I guess. But he can go away now. #gopdebate.@TedCruz: "Everything done with executive power can be undone with executive power." #GOPDebate #CACruzCrew #CruzCrew
Retweeted by BaileyConnell"Id bri g back a helluva lot worse than waterboarding."....Too far, Trump. #republicandebate"Shut up all of you in the audience! I'll take your mothers' houses and make them parking lots!"
Retweeted by BaileyConnellWho do you think is best on immigration? #republicandebatePoll time! Is Trump done for??Lmaoooo Jeb just got under Trumps skin!!! Trumps getting boo'd!!! I love it! #republicandebateCan tonight be the night Trump supporters finally rub their eyes, shake their head and say, "oh God...what have we done?!" #republicandebatePeople dying on the street?? Um....#republicandebateI want to see Christie and Rubio throw down in a physical fight. Christie would sit on him, but I Rubio would outrun him. #republicandebateIf my chances were as bad as Jeb's I'd answer these national security questions as Batman.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellCarly wasn't invited & I've yet to see anyone cry "sexist!!" My bet is that left leaning media will run that story. #RepublicanDebateLet me get this straight: Kasich and Jeb were invited, but not Carly? Come. On. #republicandebateHow sad is it that I'm more excited for the #republicandebate tonight than I am for the Superbowl tomorrow?
@EmEvans87 ohhhhh I love and hate themTomorrow: another debate, another excuse to drink....
Ohh what a circus the presidential race is... Complete with clowns and bearded ladies.Ugh. Dying. πŸ˜‚Carter would have Trump over Cruz.for POTUS--Trump has proven himself "malleable"/doesn't has no solid convictions. want to see a super hero movie where, at a really crucial, intense moment, the villain gets the hiccups...maybe farts. #bailsdeepthoughtsCalled It, bitch!! Santorum endorsing Rubio. Somebody owes me money. @astaroska Really?? Hmm.. @wikimapper he is??? Lol that's hilarious.I'd bet money Santorum will back Rubio now that he's dropped out. Who do you think??Heeehehe! #hillary2016 I see.Like I'm some kind of troll, sheesh... see the Iowa Caucus as a big Carson Camp blunder. They did this to themselves. @somethingfishie @RBPundit all I'm saying is I don't think Cruz was out to sabotage or perpetuate lies. @PaulWDrake @RBPundit would not exactly be making an effort to keep it a secret @PaulWDrake @RBPundit I'm not saying cruz is not a calculated player! If I were running, and heard reports of carson going home from CNN, i @somethingfishie @RBPundit saying he was going home, and hen to the prayer breakfast. He should have clarified. @somethingfishie alright, I see your point, but it still seems far fetched to me. I think this is Carson's camps fault for @RBPundit @RBPundit @BailofRights Come on. They didn't start it. CNN did and Rubio's guys believed to. Carson is full of crap.
Retweeted by BaileyConnell @somethingfishie @RBPundit actually quit RIGHT before the Iowa caucus. I refuse to believe Carson supporters are that dumb. @somethingfishie @RBPundit also, the only votes he would have picked up from Carson would be from people stupid enough to actually he'd @RBPundit it just doesn't seem worth it. We've still got the rest of the country to go, and to risk his reputation for the general election. @RBPundit in the very first caucus? That seems like a terrible risk.Why would Cruz start a rumor that is SURE to bite him in the ass once everyone found out the truth??? Anybody thought about that??
Oh my word. If we can get a nomination for Cruz....can you imagine the debate between him & either Hillary OR Bernie?!? YAASS!! #IowaCaucusDear #Dems: your opposition had a clear win for Cruz, and y'all are split 50/50 between a socialist & a criminal. You're screwed. #iacaucusBillionaire George Soros Gives $6 Million To Save Hillary On Eve Of #IowaCaucus #p2 #uniteblue #inners #maddow #dnc
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Shall compare Cruz's report card mailers to Trump's record of bat shit crazy?? Let's all calm the eff down, mmkay? Thanks.ICYMI, I recorded another song cover today! La Vie En Rose: I'm 2 subscribers away from 200, so...ya know. *Wink* @KrayonPundit i actually can of understand how that might be a good tactic, but calling neighbors out by name is so inappropriate. @KrayonPundit no....uh oh. lol do i wanna knowPretty disappointed with the crappy ads the Cruz campaign sent out shaming voters....Still. He's our best hope. Let's be real.2 weeks til Valentines day, so I recorded a mooshy pukey song. Here's La Vie En Rose: Please thumbs up share!
I am officially obsessed with the show Psych.practicing playing La Vie En Rose with Black Ops sound effects in the background....oy
Have I told you all lately how stressed out I am? And I don't get stressed easily, so. Yeah. πŸ˜• @LilacSundayBlog lol yes!!Yep I'm a psychopath who lacks empathy. That's why I became a nurse....πŸ˜πŸ˜‘On youtube, I just got called a psychopath who lacks empathy because I said I could kill a baby calf and eat it if I had to. Lol. *shrugs*
@crousselle idk, I might.Does anybody else ever feel like they suck at their job?? This is an awful feeling.I miss my old coworkers :-(
I feel like all I do anymore is either work or stress about work. 😩I always leave #Walmart hating the world and everyone in it a little bit more than I did before entering.
Holy. Shit. Trump fans are OUT of their MINDS. Get ahold of yourselves, you stupid, crazy sons of bitches. @EmEvans87 how have you been? @EmEvans87 job is good, but stressful! I am liking it though. My stuff is in storage, I'm still looking for a place, which is aggravating.My 3 yr old niece just set her hair on fire blowing out bday candles. My bro put it out quickly, she's traumatized but fine. Lol omg.
I had a lot of stuff i was gonna do tonight, but I'm gonna push it all til tomorrow because I just want wine & mindless television right now
Brace yourselves: in just 6 SHORT DAYS the earth will turn into a furnace! #Goremageddon #globalwarming @harleypyrate02 *if* hes the nominee? Thats not an endorsement, thats a last resort.... @marklevinshowI'm afraid Im going to be the drunk aunt at my nephews 4th bday party this weekend. Im sorry, but I don't think it's preventable.....
One of those nights when I just crawl into bes and it's like...
Nothing like some good bedtime yoga & not thinking abt politics, Ahh!....DAMMIT I'm thinking abt politics!! I blame the Palin/Trump shit.Just invented the Tunaco....a tuna taco. πŸ˜‚
@T_A_Whitney yes!Getting into real life weight lifting, too. I'm gonna be a beast, kids. Just you wait!2.5 weeks into my wheat free life...5 lbs lighter, feeling good and I haven't even kicked it into high gear yet! πŸ˜„Oh man....I just got sucked into reading through some ditzy teeny bopper Disney star's tweets. Eugh!!! I feel dirty.
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