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Print and Broadcast journalist. Author. Daddy's girl penguin Randomhouse & "I am a troll" inside the Bjp's secret digital Army by Juggernaut. columnist @ndtv

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Dear @PMOIndia this is the "stable" #OpenforBusiness that you were waxing eloquent #ModiInDavos Maintain #MuteModi fair and valid point @bainjal CJI must clear the dust by this decisive stand
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThe only review you need to read by the inimitable @kavereeb I will not be watching #Padmaavat'm so sorry that I've asked for a symbolic "ban" on rape, sexual molestation, female foeticide despite being punis…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediRead billion Indian voters: PM Modi commits faux pas at WEF
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @LangaMahesh 😂😂 cutting edgeArun Shourie said about Modi in an IV to me "Jo bole so hyperbole" is #openforbusiness rioters deciding? Vigilantes dictating & Bjp caving in like #Padmaavat can #IndiaMeansBusiness or be #openforbusiness when vigilantes rule the roost? And, @PMOIndia stays quiet? Rul… possible impeachment motion against CJI Dipak Misra with other parties: Sitaram Yechury
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediJust wondering: Why is Modi waiting at a Davos bus stop?
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThread 1/n: Small ideas feel big when I'm in my Gulfstream, so here it goes: We have to innovate on innovation. The…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediDear PM, Welcome to Switzerland! Please tell DAVOS why 1% of India’s population gets 73% of its wealth? I’m attach…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWord from the General of the world's largest troll army Yogi & the #gaurakshaks know? @academic_dud 😂Mayawati's youth wing on #PakodaRojgar #PakodaRojgar @thebakwaashour @RoflGandhi_ Is that Modi in the second pic? Where did you find it? 😏 @mehartweets ❤ this so special. Many congrats GCc @priyaramani confirmed process is under way for the powers that be!
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediSanskari cronyism now reaching epic levels under @narendramodi @priyaramani @jayaditya The process is on. The UP govt will approach the courtsShiv Sena was the Bjp's oldest ally sad to see that even NYT editors have been co-opted into the globally orchestrated multi-million dollar campaign…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @priyaramani Yes reported by several news channelsUddhav T has a visceral dislike for Modi & Shah. Finds them "arrogant" & "rude"! should have happened on day 1 why was #Hadiya even questioned? @unicornwingss @IndiaExplained @HinduLitforLife It was a wonderful festival! @IndiaExplained @HinduLitforLife He's hardly Hindutva fringe. Not on stage. Swapan was invitedNo surprise at all. What else can one expect?
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediNo surprises there. What's surprising is that the opposition is not opposing it. Can't someone challenge it?
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @IndiaExplained Not true. Recently held @HinduLitforLife which I attended did not
@angshukanta @crimesofbrits @ireland @EmpireExposed Agree specially this sick glorification of a racist, violent bigot that was ChurchillOh dear... no one tell the Bhakts they worship Trump they just wanted a free screening? Why the terrorism? can raise it along with his famous "Ganesha's head as plastic surgery theory" go back to school & do learn how to spell. The Shakha has made you a public embarrassment. of sleaze. Maybe Darwin could have shed light on this intriguing nugget the sex racket with an HQ in Singh… @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediNeed international debate on Darwin’s theory of evolution, says Satyapal Singh – The Indian Express… Misra needed to include at least one of the four dissenting judges to hear the #LoyaCase Justice must not only… last time Election Commission sent an opinion in an Office of Profit case, it took the EC 1 day to send the opi…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediAnd, poor Arnab wonders why...........
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHours before Modi's Davos pitch, WEF rates India below Pak & China in inclusive development via @economictimes
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediA retired Gujarat cadre official is all set to get a Rajya Sabha seat from Bjp & hopes to be inducted as junior min… dear...
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediA misleading story of job creation via @the_hinduHe who shall not be named. #JudgeLoya The entire system is trying to protect one man; Amit Shah and Amit Shah alone is the beneficiary, Dushyant Dave.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#JudgeLoya: "Let us not deflect the matter by referring to who should appear and who should not. That is all left t…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#JudgeLoya: There is a serious conflict of interest; Your Lordships should not allow Salve to appear in this matter, Dushyant Dave.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#JudgeLoya: "That is virtually a gag on media that they are seeking and it should not be allowed, @IJaising
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#JudgeLoya: Senior Advocate @IJaising and Dushyant Dave also objects vehemently to Maharashtra government's request…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#JudgeLoya: Salve has done enough damage to the institution; He appeared for Amit Shah, he is now appearing for Maharashtra, Dushyant Dave.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediSo Yogi led UP government will now formally withdraw all cases against Yogi and also the Muzzafarnagar riots case! Wow just wow😂😂😂 respect for Narendra Modi for answering such Brutal and Tough questions in interview while remaining calm a…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThe fakir who wore a ten lakh suit! may be a clueless jerk but he did not indulge in "sexual assault" Would be unfair if he lost his career over… @priyankac19 Aap koh bhi. Beautiful image PPlease jump & take the #KarniSena men with you. Rajasthan under Raje has succumbed to these Neanderthal terrorists.
The @PMOIndia has every right to choose who he gives interviews but, an open press conference held by every single… @star_bengal 😉😷😋But what did you do @PMOIndia Vadra you promised to jail 3 & a half years still free, black money, 2 G? Let Mallaya… the haste @rashtrapatibhvn could have waited till the courts ruled! has an IT cell troll found gainful employment running this account? This response is scary @narlak Love the "Narendra" 😎 @brumbyOz Excellent thread on "Sarkari Muslims" you've really caught it with acuityWith only 16 months left in his tenure, @NarendraModi has cemented himself as the only Indian PM to completely keep…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHere #MuteModi
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediA full-fledged Press Conference is certainly overdue.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#MuteModi: Why is the PM terrified of holding even a single press conference? | @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHere #MuteModi I described him #MuteModi scientists issue rare joint statement condemning Minister Satyapal Singh on Darwin’s theory reports…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi