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Print and Broadcast journalist. Author. Daddy's girl penguin Randomhouse & "I am a troll" inside the Bjp's secret digital Army by Juggernaut. columnist @ndtv

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Have to give credit to RSS for exposing true character of these 'artists'-usually liberal! Gud read by @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHappy happy happy @suhelseth have a great year!Last I checked you were in power in both the centre and in alliance in J&K. Act. Why play only to drooling idiot RW… Yogi's lawless UP! someone reminded the Army Chief that the Army exists to protect the people of India not terrify citizens! this & see how Shourie identifies the vigilante state upon us now! My IV
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @_sabanaqvi Congrats Saba. Wish her all the bestYogi's lawless UP! #Adityanath has zero administrative experience & it's showing. one. Esp ref to emergency n advise to media to refrain from taking d path of least resistance. Imp fr democracy
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHow shameful the RSS will do anything to incite communal incitement! Then why are you waging a battle against a part of your own family. Why not be a PM who follows the Constit… read by @sujataanandan thanks but, please way too much credit.'A Pyramidal Mafia State'; no holes barred interview..2 finest journalists...Mr.Shourie and @bainjal via @thewire_in
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi...and they say there is no intolerance!
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @Aam_Nationalist @AAPlogical Audio part of the IVA must read . Every sentence spoken is true.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediAnd, you are wait a self described "Modi fan, Bjp member" 😂😂😂 opener interview by @bainjal .. how undeclared Emergency is working ! Must read
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThanks so much Shalini. Not true lots of good journalists. Ashish. this & see how Shourie identifies the vigilante state upon us now! My IV, you sold your literacy. Go back to shakha
Thrilled to report Hindi translation of "I am troll" coming out June 1 on the @juggernautbooks app. Do read.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediCc @quizderek @MamtaOfficiaI @KolkataPolice this bigot is calling for mass murder. Please act. read article by @bainjal Why celebs like Abhijeet, Sonu, Paresh r Modi's helpers on social media via @dailyo_
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWagging their tails for a piece of the pie. The list is long. The article precise. Do read. As usual @bainjal 👌🏽👌🏽👏👏
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWhat a shame @imperialdelhi cheating guests with dinky glasses, 20 min wait for the bill, zombie service, mediocre food. Never again!
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediSo you & @republic against whom @ShashiTharoor filed the case are identical? Ok!, fool have quoted a link. Illiteracy matters? How much does the IT cell pay you? "jumla" to junking employment Shah is so candid. Should be appreciated. @thebakwaashour @RajBisht_ Marathi coming out next week. Yes I agree. @surdesairajdeep Thank you wish it was actually @sardesairajdeep @thebakwaashour Hahaha. आप सहि कह रहें हैAb samajh me aayegi bhakto ko
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediAs I exposed in my book the Bjp's IT cell has a bank of bots, outsourced and dormant accounts. This for sure qualif…भाजपा के आईटी सेल की रहस्यमयी स्याह परतों को उधेड़ती "I am troll" अब हिंदी संस्करण में भी उपलब्ध ! @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediA gift of the IT cell after you exposed moronic troll head! are right which is why I am amazed at the total fall in everything. Dismal. a shame @imperialdelhi cheating guests with dinky glasses, 20 min wait for the bill, zombie service, mediocre food. Never again!समझो ले लिया😍😍
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThanks so much Pratyush @ajaymaken Many many congratulations Ajay. What a moment.Thanks Ankit. You feature. so much Himanshu we had a Nehru among our leaders today! Desperately needed. Rohit should read it...kabhi to logon mein akhal aayegi that how they are being fooled and falsely motivated to…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @rohit_a09 Thanks so much Rohit @GauravPandhi @_N33R4J_ @sadhavi Thanks so much Gaurav. Hope you've read it? @pali_reen Bcs the book is an investigation in to the bjp. Cong barely exists on SM and AAP does not indulge in com… @_N33R4J_ @sadhavi Thanks so much @_N33R4J_#हिन्दी ..रहिमन अवध नरेस। जा पर हू विपदा परी सो आवत इहि देस। All in trouble, including Awadh rulers,seek out this…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThanks partner @i_amindelhi @juggernautbooks Thanks Manu
Must must read @bainjal what a interview.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @RishiKulk @sarvarta I alluded to his calling the flag a "shroud"!Thrilled to report Hindi translation of "I am troll" coming out June 1 on the @juggernautbooks app. Do read. must read article of @bainjal for all those who are still confused why some celebs start acting as trolls.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThanks Veer I feel very proud! of my favorite people here on twitter @bainjal absolutely nailed the Bhakt brigade psyche with this piece. #Read
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHush the "hyper nationalists" here remember Dhruv the ISI agent of the @BJP4India IT cell! No noise from @republic Well done Swati. At least there are few left in Media who have the courage of conviction to express their views.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediMust read:How it pays for some A/B/C grade celebs to turn trolls&cheerleaders of Modi. Padma awards, Rajya Sabha etc
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHindu Mahasabha founder Madan Mohan Malviya was communal but learned. The BJP's IT head Amit Malviya is communal and ignorant
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediMalviya?
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @SalmanSoz Thanks Salman. Glad you read itTaken to the cleaners. @bainjal takes on the celebretrolls. Do read.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediSo troll head of ISI cell was a lowest rung manager in an MNC bank & was asked to go bcs of dismal performance. What quality @BJP4India gets‘It’s a Decentralised Emergency. Pyramidal Mafia State’: Arun Shourie on Modi Sarkar By @bainjal India is suffering
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi"After all, a celebrity needs to hv a post-retirement career & salience! The troll traction is here to stay." Mus…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @IamSiddhant0701 Thanks
This one is priceless! @CartoonistSan
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediLynchings and hate crimes: Modi and BJP's mask is finally off, writes @bainjal via @dailyo_
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediFriends, Tweeple, Countrymen: Julius Caesar 2017 starring @AbhijeetSinger @SonuNigam @Bainjal and @Shehla_Rashid
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediMy IV @sanjukta @MasalaBai Please report them @Support this is nauseating. You should actually file a police complaint. @digvijaya_28 Thanks so much @digvijaya_28 glad you read the piece.