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Congress Cross-Vote On Kovind Is New Black Mark For Rahul Gandhi, Argues @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi
Congress Cross-Vote On Kovind Is New Black Mark For Rahul Gandhi -
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThis is disgusting & certainly this ambush can't be called journalism Cross-Vote On Kovind Is New Black Mark For Rahul Gandhi - NDTV opposition is AWOL bad for democracy
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediDear twitterwalas, please RT. Thank you very much.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWhy Congress cross-voting in the presidential election is bad news for Ahmed Patel writes @bainjal:
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi😂😂😂 most-read: @bainjal analysis of Congress cross-voting in Gujarat on #kovind and its possible consequences
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediNow it is clear he is not raksha mantri but gau raksha mantri 😉
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediLadies & gentlemen our finance & Raksha mantri the so called "gentle" & "educated" Mr Jaitley yourself. Disaster ahead @i25dhruv NoA must read by @bainjal @ndtv Congress Cross-Vote On Kovind Is New Black Mark For Rahul Gandhi - NDTV
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @prasanto @Joydas @sujatasuri @ShashankR89 Haww. Thought you were just a sicklular anti national but you gave away Ghobhi manchurian. ShameCongress Cross-Vote On Kovind Is New Black Mark For Rahul Gandhi - NDTV opposition is AWOL bad for democracyQuick, crisp n hard hitting Analysis by @bainjal Wonder what's with all this inaction in the #INC
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediCongress Cross-Voting On Kovind Is Bad Sign For Ahmed Patel, @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#Opinion: Congress cross-voting on Kovind is bad sign for Ahmed Patel - by @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#replug #RamNathKovind's elevation is proof of the RSS' journey - from the pariahs of politics to the top.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediMy take on #kovind our 14th President & how the @RSSorg got @RashtrapatiBhvn do read shocking RIP independent journalism day @RSSorg gets @RashtrapatiBhvn Perhaps the reason he offered Vaghela a RS seat to buy peace is @OfficeOfRG not even putting up a fight in Gujarat? @ahmedpatel is this the Vaghela faction?🙏 can't cook sadly for Bhakts not even facts Update : #RamNathKovind 1,389 votes (4,79,585); #MeiraKumar 576 votes (2,04,594) Counting done for Parl House & 11 states.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediSir or ma'am I can't "bake" don't know how to cook. 😆😂😂 game, set & match @ikaveri ❤️ mandatory certification required now.Awesome! You demonetised ₹15.44 lakh crores to detect ₹11.23 crores fake currency 😜😜😜
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediArticle that HT pulled out under Modi Govt’s pressure on Indo-China Policy -
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediComprehension challenged? "Winning by a huge margin" is "mockery"? Maybe in your shakha little dog is having the best day
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThe Sangh will debut in @RashtrapatiBhvn as Kovind set to get elected with a large margin.Perhaps if you called it Bengal she may answer right now you are a troll in Mangal @bainjal HAHAHAHA... one tight slap. That's all it takes to make a paid troll die. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @bainjal भले ही संघियों के पास फर्जी डिग्री हो दूसरों को सर्टिफिकेट बाँटने का शौक काफी पुराना है
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediI don't know since you have not issued the certificate yet.
@_RNFYI 🙏So true @ShashiTharoor @MVenkaiahNaidu Under Modi, personal loyalty is the sole qualification that matters. : @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediIs Roast Pai being served for dinner by @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @realkeerthi 😂❤️Err, Mohandas all "meet" is meat why such a beef with the fact that law & order does not exist in Yogi's UP! Delhi-Jaipur-Agra. Shyam Divan rightly says the golden triangle is Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @paranjoygt For a group of senior scholars to bow down so abjectly to threats from a politically connected industrial house is deplorable.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThanksसावधान! जनहित में यह कतई न पढ़ें ।
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediDear @PMOIndia why on earth is your Govt telling courts that Indian citizens have no right to privacy?
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediAbsolutely @thattemandar @svaradarajan You mean republic of Pai? Mohandas?Well then Arnab is peddling lies knowingly's app knows everything. 😆 @svaradarajan utter lie spread by those who live by what's app and fake news no reporting on Adani. So unfair picking on the powerless small guy definitely do not download the page, that would be wrong. Don't do it. Adani's a nice guy, let's all just get a…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHappy 😊 birthday Sanjay have an amazing year. @sanjayuvachayou shouldn't save it on pocket, where it gets saved as a pdf to be read later.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediIn public interest please DO NOT share this or READ IT @sachinkrish She has in the past. Do you think I care?Brace yourself for the love fest gush pieces on Irani the new I&B minister. Will outdo even the Yogi makeoverNaah the ignoramus move from hit job to hit job here has managed to make even a charitable trust which runs EPW back down. @Suparna_Singh 😂Sadly this will be brushed under the carpet for obvious reasons. has the media shrunk it itself? Awful self censorship? We need to have this conversation
Dubious first media house proclaiming pride in "unverified pic" @vineetjaintimes Got Venkaiah Naidu The Job He Really Wanted .@bainjal via @ndtv
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediI call it entertainment reality channel. This channel ceased to be a news channel long ago
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThis is abosulte rubbish ... how can this mockery be allowed to go on
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedishocking
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWonder what will eventually remain of real media? @namitabhandare Yes they pulled down the story. Terrible.45-minute meeting for #NitishKumar and #TejashwiYadav, who reportedly presented defense vetted by lawyers - and La…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediIndeed it is. Genuine journalism vanishing. has compared Modi to an "avatar of God who India was lucky to have" & it endeared him to the PM - @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThe frequent lynching by cow vigilantes and mobs is a shame on our country. Government must #StoptheMadness
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediTomorrow's Aadhaar hearing is incredibly important. Looking for context ? How did we get here ? Please read this th…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHopefully we should get the constitutional right to privacy back tomorrow. Astonished the Union Government disputes it in 2017.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi