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Print and Broadcast journalist. Author. Daddy's girl penguin Randomhouse & "I am a troll" inside the Bjp's secret digital Army by Juggernaut. columnist @ndtv

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'A master of the universe, who does not attend his own party's meetings." My deep dive in the BJD's big fight and B…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜· Odisha. Any eligible swamis or yogis around?
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvediwhat's happening in BJD in Odisha and wll BJP take advantage of it? @bainjal for @DailyO_
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi"Naveen gave them two RS terms & LS seats yet these people deserve to be in the establishment any establishment" me…'A master of the universe, who does not attend his own party's meetings." My deep dive in the BJD's big fight and B…!! A must-have for all travellers πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @YRDeshmukh @DrMohanBhagwat you think being deliberately "clueless"? @YRDeshmukh @DrMohanBhagwat absolutely spot on Yashwant. Ridiculous kite flyingThis is shameful. #Noida furiously intelligent take by @JillFilipovic. Not said lightly: a must read.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWow just wow. Tailor made for a what's app forward from Bjp IT cell! Why does this megaphone never stop his low level Muslim baiting? Such a relentless desire to please. now? #DeMonetisation you believe liberals ensured modi ascent, you'll believe anything. the credo of cowardice, modulate the truth.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHad to be written. Has to be read.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHaha! May the best man win! @mitalisaran hahaOuch! The battle of Kalinga! 😷 anyone care as Kashmir is on edge again? What is @HMOIndia & @MehboobaMufti doing? Who is in charge?
An unending night of cries and tears. #Kashmir
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThis is a dangerous man, for he does not understand the meaning of consent
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @ReshmiDG @bainjal @htTweets Many bunches have been caught on camera. Also, many remember a manifesto promise about minimum govt too.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThis is unfair. So what? He is allowed to change his mind, take dictation from Jaitley and be Modi megaphone!, at a restaurant: the soup is a little cold swapan dasgupta, appearing out of nowhere: WILL THIS UNFAIR CRITICISM OF MODI NEVER STOP
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThis book is a must read for those who want to see what The PM reads: Smut, filthy abuses & rumours to spread hate!
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediIf freedom itself has been successfully projected as an elite obsession, what hope is there for democracy?
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThank you. Just doing my job. thats because of what the investigation reveals about the trolls?😊πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the reference is to the bamboo eaters perhaps? Sandeep you in any form is more than a problem for any society. What Modi's #NewIndia is doing is; turning Hindus into…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @nilanjanaroy nice coinage "Explainers" aka the Modi megaphone! @tjoseph0010Yawn same old genuflection by richly rewarded Modi megaphone amending many Imp laws passed by both houses of Parliament, thru Finance Bill, in order to avoid passing in RS…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWhy is Lalit Modi getting such special treatment from GOI? Even Mallaya was "assisted in fleeing"! @bainjal pens down the profile we are all fighting - the Neo-Bigot, the Nazi of our times.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#HINDUTVA nailed. Great column! #newindia #modi #YogiAdityanath
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHow Modi's India spawned the neo-bigot age via @dailyo_ #YogiSarkar
Read this to know the secret world of BJP's digital army @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi
Let me know what you think, UP turns Saudi Arabia! Well done #YogiSarkar 3 police ladies were suspended for "clicking selfie with a survivor" but the minister roams free after her ph…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @prasanto @RazdanNidhi tsk tsk, the headache will be cured. The weight will budge. But my jet...... now that's a real problem!No alternative to the Gandhis: Digvijaya where @digvijaya_28 mentions my book "I am a troll"While looking out for a photo op
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @IndiaExplained hahha. Nail hits head.The sheer vulture like behaviour! Why is she waving the cheque in the victim's face?, I don't have a private jet! That's my problem.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ read and follow the wise @sujataanandan for in-depth political insight! Great piece candidate for next Ramnath Goenka award in Livestock Reporting and Sycophancy category.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @RoflGandhi_ haha!Brace yourself. Important elections coming up. #YogiSarkar & gentlemen the CM of UP! #RSSTerror
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi+1
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediLadies & gentlemen the CM of UP! #RSSTerror poor you missed out on education? No wonder so frustrated. My sympathies. Was #YogiAdityanath the CM face of bjp Bhakt? And, I find you and your ilk hilarious!, also the small fact that vigilantes are criminals! ok being communal misogynistic and violent is just a view? Hindu Yuva Vahini - gang of communal misogynist goons now in Anti Romeo squads. But the leader of HYV? No, no,…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @veenavenugopal brillNever ever seen such sore winners as the foot soldiers of @BJP4India here! Truly reflective of the grievance mind-set the Sangh seeks!Scathing on the media megaphones book 'PUNJAB, The Enemies within' coming soon in Punjabi language. Translation rights given to @Rubjeet Singh in…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediCc @vineetjaintimes this was an awful error against a young man! Please respond anyone challenge it? of AJ cheerleader couple masquerading as columnists husband open gloating at #Adityanath wife providing Modi an alibi for Yogi!#Adityanath ascension has ensured zero crime in UP which is why the police is only focused on #AntiRomeoSquadsMust read by the consistently brilliant @amitvarma
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ am from lucknow and trust me the intimidation and coercion have just started under #YogiSarkaar
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediSo much noise for so little !!! This too after constant fudging of figures. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€Welcome to New India of Modiji.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWith that kind of majority only institution left to subjugate is courts. Once one controls judiciary civic libertie…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediI am from lucknow and trust me the intimidation and coercion have just started under #YogiSarkaar do you distinguish between a "lone idiot" and others when vigilantes have been unleashed?