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#NDTV tells BSE there's no change in ownership -
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi"NDTV denies reports of takeover by SpiceJet": via @the_hindu
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @dubeyamitabh @Subramanian262K @mkvenu1 @kapsology says not. Says pic removed from the account @mkvenu1 @bainjal Looks like a Boeing Business Jet (737) or Airbus Corporate Jet (A319) with Farsi exit signs, and…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @mkvenu1 Would reckonPriceless the expression on our Pradhan sevak's face! Nice Aam Adani company as well @autumnrainwish And the brazen drooling idiots still keep replying!Yes troll with a real education not from Yell! Adani took Modi around in his Luxury Jet. Now Modi takes him around in an even more Luxurious jet. Returning t…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediIronically if Modi had resisted the urge & done nothing with #DeMonetisation & his other disasters the economy would still be fineReminder: 4 pm today : protest meeting at Press Club in solidarity with Santanu Bhowmik, young journalist killed in Tripura. Come all!!
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Instead of office work at home, read @bainjal's piece last evening: Has he taken credit for a book on trolls yet?
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#NEWSROOM What Arnab has done is not a mistake, it's a fantasy: @bainjal LIVE
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediIf you haven't watched the newsroom or want to know WHY #ArnabDidIt then just listen to @bainjal for 55secs as she…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @rahulkanwal : do u think Arnab has done a mistake and should apologise? @bainjal : mistake? this is his fantasy..he wants to be Rajdeep 😹
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediHahaha.@bainjal tells @rahulkanwal that Arnab didn't merely make a 'mistake' but indulged in a fantasy,bcs Arnab really wants to be Rajdeep!
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @ModiLeDubega India todayAwful news debate will start at 10.15 all those waiting."मैं भारत की नारी या कुत्तिया" आज ये सवाल राष्ट्रऋषि जी के संसदीय क्षेत्र में उठता नज़र आया. फिर क्यूँ अभद्र ट्रोल्…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWhere @bainjal tears the chaddi off the overgrown and loud mouthed man-child. #ArnabDidIt
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediVideo journalist who was eyewitness to a night we will never forget speaks up. Hope this settles it. Enough said!
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWill be fun. Watch me with @rahulkanwal
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediGoing through the fine media coverage of 92-93 riots. If it happened today, few journos would have integrity to bear witness to the violence
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi#ArnabDidIt of the retaliation( was also Budget day).I was overseeing coverage in Delhi,reporters we sent to Guj,Rajdeep, Barkha,Nalin, Shikha
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediLate to this,since I am travelling. Remember this time v well,on 27th February,the barbaric Sabarmati express burni…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi🙏🙏🙏 ideally speak truth to power, writes @bainjal, poor Arnab Goswami can't even speak the truth | @DailyO_
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediI now ask a simple direct question: nation wants to know if Arnab will resign and quit journalism if his story turns out to be false?
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediArnab in serious trouble if this how his friends are defending him! I'm sure @nramind will respond suitably.
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @_N33R4J_ @DailyO_ Thanks so much @orsoraggiante @DailyO_ @spignal All lines changed. Just FYI.Former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt has made explosive allegations against a journalist.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediRajdeep Sardesai vs Arnab Goswami: Excerpt from @sardesairajdeep book '2014: The Election that Changed India'
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediMust read: Why Arnab Goswami lied, and used Rajdeep Sardesai's story, about covering Gujarat riots? Writes @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWill be fun. Watch me with @rahulkanwal is the story I enjoyed the most. "Goswami is a telling study" 😂😂 Thanks, @bainjal
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @spignal @orsoraggiante @DailyO_ I don't follow you but will make the changes. @orsoraggiante @DailyO_ @spignal You think so? I don't even follow him. Will now.Why #ArnabGoswami lied, and used #RajdeepSardesai's story, about covering #Gujaratriots | @bainjal |…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWhy #ArnabGoswami lied, and used #RajdeepSardesai's story, about covering #Gujaratriots | @bainjal | via @DailyO_
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediWhat an utter embarrassment #ArnabGoswami the fantasist is to journalism Anshul only peddles lies. One man fake news factory. "Blessed to be followed" by Modi! @annavetticad @Nidhi You have a point Anna @Nidhi The block button is even better. Use lavishly @rahulkanwal The deletion of the video is confirmation of #Arnab guilt. But, really what a shocking fantasist @surajkumar_usa Thanks so much Suraj. Glad you enjoyed the IVThanks Murad @bainjal great job, I just listened you in USA NPR while driving to pickup my wife, absolutely stunning. Hats off, u r true fav to me
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For those asking will share the link here post telecast.Enjoyed an interview with @BBC for a USA programme. Brilliantly researched questions on "I am troll" & similarities btw Modi & Trump on SMI wish Mr Jaitley would share his wisdom with us on #demonitization #gdp & #CAD just realised A-Go is the exact opposite of Forrest Gump
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediQuite a bizarre obsession #Arnab has with @sardesairajdeep to claim it happened to him! shameful #ArnabGoswami unmasked as a fantasist!! My friend Arnab claims his car attacked next to CM Res in Guj riots! Truth:he wasn't covering Ahmedabad riots!!
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@kavitharao @sujataanandan 😂😂😂As Shah was "normalised" we the complicit media are now giving Yogi the same treatment. Shame moment for us in the media why can't we question @BJP4India president @AmitShah deposing in favour of a co… @RaisinaSeries TrueSo the @BJP4India president Shah deposed in favour of an alleged mass murderer. Party with a difference! #MayaKodnaniAmit Shah deposes in favour of Maya Kodnani in Naroda Gam case. Never forget this, BJP president has backed a mass…
Retweeted by Swati Chaturvedi @baxiabhishek Don't really care what the drooling lemmings rant aboutBanal whataboutery my the giant RW intellect! 😂😂 So not surprised. She was hysterical on a panel screaming I had blocked her!'t help it Bhakt/troll. Attention seeker. Low self esteem🙏🙏🙏 thanks Sunny don't say see if this Doval type tall story actually holds up in court! Sounds incredible. 'all #Insanity,no #Insaaniyat' is the new normal being promoted in #UP under the ultra-able guidance of…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediVictory is your @Pvsindhu1! India is not Saddam Hussein's Iraq yet ... no need to do this.
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediThis has caused huge disquiet in the bureaucracy & is a subject of much worry! threat, at least in J&K, is a post 2014 development. No such intelligence reports ever came up for discussion…
Retweeted by Swati ChaturvediSuch brilliant tailor made election coverage!😂😂😂 and lemming Bhakts frothing at the mouth against @MrinalPande1 elections move by Shah. Dog whistle blown. the difference between condemnation & a vile justification of Modi following rape & death threats trolls… #AlphonsKannanthanam who owns Benz& Scorpio said he planned to use cycle bcs of fuel price hike during UPA.…
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