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Unfortunately reading comments on FB not to anyone that seen his shows outside London. Not surprised they feel a bi… look online while on holiday to see what’s been happening. An old scrounger turned up at London Fashion Week…
Now that’s a playlist to get excited about @djilfitz @SisterSledge_ @northernsoulive At least they’ll cover some tunes not already played in the Ibiza Classic… holiday 1hr 15m away from Dubai. Had a look on Resident Advisor and this Friday across different events is… the whole “Classical” thing has had its 5 minutes of fame. Getting a bit predictive, repetitive and boring no…
If someone is delivering a pizza box to my house there better be fucking pizza in it 🍕“I got soul but I’m not a soldier” Those were the days when The Killers were actually decent before they grew Germ… May on 🔥 McLeish wasn’t even Alex McLeish’s first choice #scotland #fuckthesfaNext BBR Friday 2nd March #Glasgow Get involved if you like House and Techno. Oh, it’s free entry 😉
Watched this video yesterday and found it fascinating. The end of timecode vinyl not necessarily a bad thing for me…
Head up @Elise_Christie as doing Scotland proud and two more distances to go. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Sunday nights are brutal. Sit thinking should I have did more with my weekend and trying to find a decent film on t…
Just walked past a bar playing the Vengaboys. A different kind of life out there8 course tasting menu tonight @BlackDoveDining Decided to skip lunch to free up space. Matching wines? Of course. @kingtuts @muse @BiffyClyro @cuillinmusic @SomaRecords @realrossnoble @soulwax @VicGalloway @thejustincurrie announced. Our next BBR event Friday 2nd March #Glasgow On the left is @olliryder from the @WHP_Mcr office. He recently lost his sense of humour, coinciding with…
Retweeted by BBRAmazing restaurant. The food and staff equally as good so get involved and win yourself a meal. You will not be dis…
Be great to see more of this. Of course it’s a pain in the arse if you miss out but the best DJ’s in smaller clubs…
Tom Hardy quoting Bane lines to his dog with a nut cup over his face is, without question, the best video I've ever…
Retweeted by BBR @HyndlandStCat If like my two then definitely potential for a gammon bender 😸😸Here is a RT in honour of feline friends we have lost to kidney disease - website also gives useful information for…
Retweeted by BBRThoughts going out to all the ripped jean dons who are freezing whilst wearing shit jeans at moment
Retweeted by BBRKeep seeing missing people posts on Facebook and thinking they’ll turn up, just on a bender. Keep seeing missing ca…
English football vs Scottish football
Retweeted by BBRShout out to the fraudster from last night, what a chancer! P.s not one person knew who this guy was 😂
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@danielmarkavery country music set B2B with Dolly Parton 😂 up drinking listening to tunes and watching Bullseye with subtitles on. Now as rough as Jim Bowen.Currently listening to this. Yes, that is not Armand Van Helden. However we are having issues searching on Sonus
Live from #DJMAGHQ with Detroit legend @djbone313 Watch live 👉
Retweeted by BBRKa Ka Lok tonight for dinner with friends. Supposed to excellent and I am currently starving. Soft shell crab seems…’ll have some of what Emma Bunton has been taking over the years 😍 is the deadline to show your support for Scottish music venues! By backing the Agent of Change principle, you…
Retweeted by BBR @DailyMailCeleb If Geri didn’t arrive first then who would let the others in since the meeting is in her house?“Victoria Beckham has been assured her vocals won’t be needed” So basically she’s now the Bez of The Spice Girls a… the last 24 hours I’ve seen 3 different videos on Facebook of DJ’s playing Jeff Mills - The Bells. Certainly don… shitty jokes or movie references. Just mentioning it’s Groundhog Day in America. I didn’t realise that was an actual thing.I sign up to pretty much every mailing list out there. Makes me feel popular when I check my emails. @Hamblett87 Hopefully more ups and downs buddy. Keep the head up.
I never LOOKED the part🤷🏾‍♀️ I was always DIFFERENT my STYLE & SOUND which took many more than one listen to unders…
Retweeted by BBRHelp protect Scotland’s music venues sites I follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram sure do love Nina. Not saying I don’t mind looking at her eit… Help! Grey & white male cat is missing from Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire. Details
Retweeted by BBRchloe if ur old enough to drink ur old enough to down a bev without a straw. we savin animals in 2018 u PUSSY.
Retweeted by BBRI love hearing the Scottish accent come through in songs like this. @NinaKraviz DJ Rush 🔥🔥 Saw him many many years ago at The Arches. Equally mental and brilliant.Good luck to everyone embarking on the @supportCHAS Arctic Trek today! It’s currently -15 degrees in Lapland, so yo…
Retweeted by BBR @yousefcircus Amazing, congratulations xGet in about this as really important for music venues in Scotland which currently have no protection. Takes 1 minu…
@markgreenaway Love the look of menu changes you’re making. When I go somewhere for the tasting menu I sometimes fi… to use my unlimited card for the first time on something other than a film. Quick drink then… Downsizing. A few funny bits in it but all in all a bit shite.The Admiral is our favourite bar in Glasgow. Get voting people and if you have never been, vote anyway and visit s… again, I just remembered 🤯I go on my phone to look at something and 4 cat videos later I’ve no idea what it was I wanted to look up.😂😂 What a cracking video 🚗 🚙
Michelle Mone should have been someone we respected the way she built her business but she turned in to a complete… 2018 revealed... RT for the chance to win 4x VIP Weekend tickets – On sale Thursday 9am sharp!…
Retweeted by BBRWow, what a legend 😳 Parklife line up and video put together to announce it both brilliant
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Trnsmt line up is howling. Few bands on the undercard decent but overall just moved TITP to Glasgow
Today I went skiing, actual fking skiing. I love Scotland and what’s pretty much on my doorstep. Nowhere else I’d rather live 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Can you get a pro mixer for under £300? We find out
Retweeted by BBR£12 for @georgefitzmusic is brilliant but then when you click in to @seetickets it’s £13.20 and then they add anoth…’d love some of these music/magazines pages to post videos of DJ’s mixing two great tunes together rather 3 minute… @Hamblett87 @lostvillagefest @RaaachelScott Went a couple of years ago and one of my favourite ever festivals. Such… do so many places serve food on top of the napkin? I need that fucker clean
Looking for something a bit different, fucked up and will take you by surprise? Then get on the film “Snowpiercer”… Fking knew it. Green Velvet @RFGlasgow on the Sunday when I’m at LCD Soundsystem. Also missing Leftfield 🙄Tonight’s dinner. Haggis pakora, Haggis Neeps and Tatties and Cranachan for dessert. I wish I liked whisky but I… E Smith on Mumford & Sons: “I said, ‘Shut them cunts up!’ And they were still warming up, so I threw a bottle…
Retweeted by BBRSat waiting to get my hair and beard trimmed at the barbers - a wee Saltmarket native dots in and sits beside me.…
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@NetflixUK Just finished watching La Casa De Papel and it said “to be continued” Looking online I think 2nd series…
The new season of #BlackMirror is shite made my day🐯
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