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Publisher @FDRLST, newsletter @TheTransom, contributor @CBSNews, radio host, libertarian. You can tell a man’s vices by his friends, his virtues by his enemies.

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"Twitter is tempting because most of us are wiseasses." #AspenIdeasThis has been an awful week for the media's credibility
Retweeted by Ben DomenechWelp. will probably think less of me after you listen to this. I wouldn't blame you.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechNEW FDRLST SWAG! Pre-order our limited edition #ProblematicWoman shirt before they’re all gone:…
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"Can satire save us?" (Ron Howard voice: No.) #AspenIdeas"Is he Mussolini bad?" #AspenIdeasJeff Immelt says NAFTA isn't important in the scheme of things. #AspenIdeas"It is no accident that in his two most visceral tastes, food and women, Bill Clinton didn't stray far from Arkansas." #AspenIdeasBtw, turns out populism came from racism."Whoever thought anybody would be eating kale?" Fareed Zakaria, in an event concerning where populism came from. #AspenIdeas @igorbobic Trump, Zuckerberg, Tebow, Zothar the CaeldarianDo Not Underestimate Mark Zuckerberg For President
@bdodgy3 @chrislhayes Conversations about the Iraq war during W. were much worse, I assure you. @chrislhayes Yes, that's my father the forester - he was Deputy in the same role under W. at Interior.I love that the author got a master's from Northwestern to write this. Classic Big J. @MichaelWatsonDC Exactly.Honestly, there's probably only one candidate with an internet history pure enough to beat Zuckerberg. You know it. @jamesrileyjr And a nice piece of fish.He's Bill Murray from Groundhog Day. He knows who's secretly gay, who's having second thoughts about marriage, who wants Wrestlmania tix.Don't underestimate him. Zuckerberg comes with his own analytics, his own deep state, and enough blackmail for half the country."Mr. President, why no nominee for AG yet?" "I dunno, Jim, why do you spend so much time looking at those old pictures of Tammy from Waco?" @petersuderman White House Daily ViaryIf you're upset about how things are in the briefing room now, just wait til President Zuckerberg bans us all from his livechat.Republican senators gathered at the White House for meeting with @realDonaldTrump about #HealthcareBill
Retweeted by Ben DomenechAnswer: representative government does represent., Planned Parenthood, Learn To Make Better Handmaiden Costumes am history's worst monster for enjoying a Netflix show.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"So I was looking at this Wikipedia entry one day..." @chrislhayes Just in case you were going to mention on air, that's just Fed, doesn't include anticipated state upti… @chrislhayes Yes - Fed spending lowered by 1.9. Overall lower by 0.2 as share of GDP over ten years. @chrislhayes 0.6 is AHCA. BCRA spends more. @charlesmurray @nytopinion But only a few people in the conference like those ideas.Radio with @MilenaRodban - stilettos are mentioned. this to debate whether overall health spending should fall 0.6 percent.Coming from the person who negotiated the deal:
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC all saw double-digit ratings growth across the board for Q2 of 2017, according to Nielsen"
Retweeted by Ben DomenechKind of looks like CBO predicts "22 million uninsured" *no matter what* Republicans propose ht @Avik cc @FREOPP
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @bdomenech
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @CommodoreBTC @Avik @johnddavidson Depends on what your definition of permanent is. Shifts to match most states will maintain.Shorter CBO: No! Individual Mandate is strong like bull! Not even $600+ Billion dollars is so strong! we get some more gifs from @GlowNetflix please?Radio on health care with @Avik and @johnddavidson
Retweeted by Ben DomenechAccording to CBO, spending $616B on an Obamacare replacement has no net effect on coverage. Really?…
Retweeted by Ben DomenechFound this guy on my husband's tire this morning. A+ Alien imitation. F- for survival instincts.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech.@ELLEmagazine actually published this article. As someone who self-identifies as a "problematic woman" I responded…
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @matthewjdowd @mkhammer @MeghanMcCain Looking forward to you making this the center of your Senate campaign.CBO Predictions About The Senate Health Care Bill Are Deeply Flawed: @forbesopinion
Retweeted by Ben Domenech🤔 @NateSilver538 You're too smart to believe the CBO on the mandate.
@RonMann19 @netflix I wanted to love that but didn't. @SopanDeb @netflix Maybe that people had to watch? @APoliticsGuy @netflix @alisonbrie How have you not? @netflix I think mine are: Bojack Horseman Stranger Things The Crown Glow Can't decide between Narcos and Peaky Blinders @jsende @petersuderman It's top 5 for me. @Jamie1947 @netflix but what if we could travel through dimensions with yogaWhat are your top five original @netflix series?The Slow Death of European Culture @FDRLST / @bdomenech have on @DouglasKMurray to talk about it! #WakeUpEurope !
Retweeted by Ben DomenechHiltzik blocked me years ago. But alleged "bogus claim" is easily verifiable. OHT says 34,050 disabled lost eligibi…
Retweeted by Ben DomenechThree CNN Employees Resign Over Botched Trump-Russia Story
Retweeted by Ben Domenech#Librarygoals The ACA boosted overdose rates by around 4-6 per 100,000 in Medicaid Expansion states: significant enough, but i…
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRadio on health care with @Avik and @johnddavidson Howard voice: It isn't. Senate Rs can pour in $200 billion more into healthcare programs in the final draft of bill and try to…
Retweeted by Ben DomenechCBO score not out yet but we already know it will use a fictional (2016) baseline off by 8M+ people for 2018, therefore
Retweeted by Ben DomenechHow The Trinity Lutheran Decision Could Affect Anti-Religious Laws @PFTCommenter improvement on initial draft, "Je suis un Berlinois". victory for the preschool in the #TrinityLutheran playground case! #SCOTUS #FairPlay
Retweeted by Ben DomenechSCOTUS rules it violates Free Exercise to excluded a church from an otherwise neutral and secular aid program. PDF
Retweeted by Ben Domenech#SCOTUS denies cert in Peruta, 2nd Am carry case from Cal. J. Thomas in dissent, joined by Gorsuch, called CA9 en b…
Retweeted by Ben DomenechSeattle's minimum-wage hike seems to have reduced low-wage workers' earnings by $1500 a year:
Retweeted by Ben DomenechWhy the story of Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop matters
Retweeted by Ben Domenech
Well, they do eat the trash. @JVLast is fantastic but it needs a @JVLast commentary track. @bdomenech
Retweeted by Ben DomenechAll of those old retweets serve as preview to the news that I have been invited to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival.