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Publisher @FDRLST, newsletter @TheTransom, commentator @CBSNews, radio host, libertarian. You can tell a man’s vices by his friends, his virtues by his enemies.

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Shun the nonbelievers! SHUN! @justkarl @jpodhoretz @scottlincicome @TomiLahren Be lovers of freedom and anxious for reasonably priced Wagyu."Please join me in getting the US government to force poor consumers to pay more for meat so they can subsidize my…
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @jpodhoretz @scottlincicome @TomiLahren I cannot lie, I have strong opinions about meat. @FBillMcMorris @FDRLST @Tracinski @AmyOtto8 @rcromwell4 @mattjbatt @HashtagGriswold "but that's a traditional career for stoners" 😂Single tear. what you're saying is you want steak to cost more. was one of Ben Rhodes' apparatchiks I'm frankly appalled she lasted eight days. What stones on the Atlantic to…
Retweeted by Ben DomenechOnly Cruz confident enough to venture out. @hiattf Is there a single columnist for @washingtonpost who supports Trump?Chris.👍 "Bannon: Trump administration is in unending battle for ‘deconstruction of the administrative state’"
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @davidharsanyi More gifted Than Whitey Ford: A Dodger People were amazed by him. Once, when he was young, He refused to pitch on Yom Kippur. @davidharsanyi Koufax.America's paterfamilias, Chris Cuomo. @radleybalko @veroderugy I don't know exactly when the cheese slipped off your saltine, but it clearly has.Conventional Republicans? up because @EricaGrieder is talking Texas politics & conservative media w/@bdomenech on @FDRLST Radio Hour.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @radleybalko @veroderugy nah, this was gross. with @EricaGrieder today. @bdomenech Last night in Hollywood my kid saw "Fuck Trump" on the sidewalk. He says "wow, they really like Trump here, they want to f* him"
Retweeted by Ben DomenechCabin in the Woods Star Admits To Shoe Fetish by the Fecking Sea Trump wants to solve our border problems, he's going to need to think bigger than just "build a wall." @FDRLST
Retweeted by Ben DomenechACU's Dan Schneider speaking now @CPAC calls alt right "garden variety left-wing fascists"
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRIP @xmasape overlap: people who have opinions about Ghost in the ShellI get what you're trying to do, here, @washingtonpost, but that's what the First Amendment literally is.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @GideonResnick @potus_staff Ah, then carry on. @potus_staff @GideonResnick No.Interesting that Schumer is at only 37% fav, 26% unfav among Democrats
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @AnneNewsJunkie @Anthony Because he's very charming.Not actually what he said, headline. @whitmanesque wrong, or foolish, not enemies.🙌 @whitmanesque They'd have to take that kind of action - Orlando, for instance - for me to think that. @Anthony Understanding precedes great comedy. You should love Tucker, just as a player loves the game and his opponents. @whitmanesque Any American. @Anthony This is why you fail.Which ones? tho was half way through the town hall when my son—11-months-old—said, “how can you ignore carried interest while cutting the top rates?”
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"birth-assigned gender" Like the doc flipped a coin or pulled a card out of a hat...
Retweeted by Ben DomenechBecause what kids really need is more time with strangers. want to put this tweet in a time capsule so future generations will know of @SonnyBunch @DavidHutchens you only say that because there's zero proof of itBut puppies rly, my keys do two things. @bolsteryo Kaleo, Hot Blood.
Tonight! What does 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' mean to you? #LSSC
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Retweeted by Ben Domenech @OKnox Think of it as 0:58 of this video. fairness, I do announce this quite a lot myself. was a sad night young Toby fell prey to the scourge of fake news... shrewd analysis here from @AngNagle, one of the very few people worth reading re: the "alt-right"
Retweeted by Ben DomenechThis week's @FDRLST Radio Hour is packed: @tylercowen @davidfrum @stevenfhayward @EricaGrieder @jamespoulos. Listen! to @barstoolsports for finally giving me the shirt that expresses my most deeply held feelings. @DavidRussHall @FDRLST It's a Calvin Coolidge description of the boys of Bunker Hill.Ours is better.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @dwellman21 He's not a monster. He's just ahead of the curve.Radio with @stevenfhayward on Straussian Fight Club. are lots of good points here
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @colinsmo @ashmcghee it's @AshMcGCombine this with the beard. is wrong, Milo/CPAC edition. @bdragon74 it's a joke.Cannot believe I hired this guy the coming DH wars, @michaelbd and I will not relish doing what must be done, but nor will we shrink from our du…
Retweeted by Ben DomenechShorter @bdomenech in the open of today's @TheTransom (which you should subscribe to, by the way):
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @jpodhoretz everyone *except JPod* is wrong. @jonward11 well don't we all aspire to be that someday?I have to work with this person.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @RonanFarrow @TODAYshow the first one I get, but the second is market driven, right?Neoconservatives don't do fiscal responsibility're going to make me defend Milo aren't you.Marty told me they aren't at war. thought people were joking about this new WP motto: "democracy dies in darkness." They were not. I shouldn't be laughing so hard.
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