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Publisher @FDRLST, daily newsletter @TheTransom, radio host, libertarian. You can tell a man’s vices by his friends, his virtues by his enemies.

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And Evan Rachel Wood's wig is very distracting.Westworld isn't a good show.Wolf by Wolf by @ryangraudin
Retweeted by Ben Domenech"I got it so bad for this little journalist"Also BRB Spin Doctors.Sunday Night Football went to break with Jimmy Olsen's Blues. @BarstoolBigCat can we get a Mount Rushmore of awkwardly unhip bump songs?AWESOME. Peter Thiel dressed up as Hulk Hogan at Villains and Heroes party.
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @AmeliaHammy The product from @FederalistWines is excellent and we use it at our events. @OKnox It's not so much creepy as stupid. In my case it ends up sending drivers into the alley behind my house.
@TK_Bloom same @terryteachout's a poem by Dana Gioia called "Insomnia." I expect it will speak to many of you:
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I Served With James Mattis. Here's What I Learned From Him
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Secretary of War.Nope. episode of the @FDRLST podcast w/ @bdomenech & @willrahn is all great, discussion of community is fantastic.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechLovely message from @gracyolmstead . Note: Charles Dickens' 'Bleak House' is free on Kindle.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechStop Calling The Police If My Kids Don't Wear Coats For 20 Seconds
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @charliespiering "Perusing"Beware of men who like paying for the first date
Retweeted by Ben Domenech!!! Trump critic @davidharsanyi isn't freaking out yet."People always most eager for purges are the people likeliest to be purged." @bdomenech #politics
Retweeted by Ben DomenechBuzzFeed Wants To Destroy Chip And Joanna Gaines For Being Christian, via @HansFiene
Retweeted by Ben DomenechJim Webb Addresses America's Elites, Trump, And Foreign Policy
Retweeted by Ben DomenechChris Stirewalt recommends @FDRLST Radio Hour - join our 31k subscribers today! to be dramatic or anything but this article makes me fearful that we are entering a new Dark Ages
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Listen to @bdomenech's great interview with @willrahn on the problem with the press and how difficult it is to fix:
Retweeted by Ben DomenechAnother pastor who opposes same sex marriage. Every member of his church should have their employers called right?…
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Retweeted by Ben DomenechHave they learned nothing from Chick-fil-A? Duck Dynasty? Harassment is not a good tool of persuasion. Stop doing it.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRadio with @willrahn on the smugness of journalism and America's dark night of the soul. to respond when the sorrows of all the world come to us every morning.
Luckiest Man In The World Banned From Flying Delta Ever Again via @Bre_payton
Retweeted by Ben DomenechI curated the headlines in today’s @BrightEmail. If you’re not subscribed already, you can do that here!
Retweeted by Ben DomenechNailed it. question: why release a theatrical version that cut out key plot points but left in Clark Kent refusing to co… Don't burn, don't ban.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechI discussed the sorry state of journalism, Trump's Twitter habits, and related topics today with @bdomenech
Retweeted by Ben DomenechCombined with Seema Verma pick for CMS, looks like Obamacare rollback may be more moderate and gradual, less bold reform.Policy wonk @chrisjacobsHC on Tom Price to HHS: Fractured Republic, Levin By the People, Murray The Walled City, Graudin Andrew Jackson, Brands Right from the… night, Fidel, you failure. @EsotericCD I meant Price. @EsotericCD nope
@RadioFreeTom We will do it on the cruise.What Castro did to art and artists shows us the downside to his revolution. @senatorshoshana @dougstafford @senatorshoshana @dougstafford @senatorshoshana @dougstafford Gonzalez, whose father was imprisoned by Castro, joins us for radio today. am going to do a kick-starter to build a monument in Cuba for this @bdomenech quote
Retweeted by Ben DomenechCastro promised the “most beautiful academy of the arts in the world.” The buildings were devoured by the jungle. @JeffreyGoldberg @mckaycoppins @TheAtlantic Congratulations!The closing line of @bdomenech’s @TheTransom opener today is 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Ben DomenechLow blow going after my friend Gary @BarstoolBigCat The Left Loves Totalitarians Like Fidel Castro, via @PaulBonicelli
Retweeted by Ben Domenech'Gilmore Girls': A Year In The Life' May Satisfy Fans, But It's No Classic
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Radio today: The meaning of Thanksgiving.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechThankful for this. was a great FRH on Thanksgiving's history and meaning. I love it when @bdomenech does these kinds of programs.
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@bdomenech Amazing, speechless, thank you for this, it was much needed
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @bdomenech I have never even been to America, but the reading was so mighty and beautiful. I was shaken. Thank you.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechRadio today: The meaning of Thanksgiving. the Turkey is the definition of classist privilege. today? Download and listen to the FDRLST Radio Hour Thanksgiving special:
Retweeted by Ben DomenechThis fireman's family just lost a son and brother. Give if you can, and be thankful. twitter is better than facebook: an illustration
Retweeted by Ben DomenechThis @BlueBoxDave piece is one of the most perfect things I've read in a while.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechA Sweet Home Alabama truther! from Gov. @nikkihaley:
Retweeted by Ben DomenechWhen "Sweet Home Alabama" played in a Brooklyn grocery after the election, progressives lost their minds.
Retweeted by Ben DomenechMe ranting a bit about sports idolatry at @FDRLST:
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So I get to be thankful for @Andy this Thanksgiving! And yes my aunt loved the selfie. @husseymfhussey Happy Thanksgiving!“The comedy of man survives the tragedy of man.” - GK Chesterton on 2017, hopefully.I'm A Card-Carrying Feminist Who Voted For Donald Trump
Retweeted by Ben DomenechKennedys and Johnsons after arrival Love Field, Dallas, this hour 1963: #Getty
Retweeted by Ben Domenech @jeremylottdiary No, while in one.