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Barkha Rani Jamke Barasti Hai. Emmy Nominated Reporter. Author.Contributing Columnist @WashingtonPost Contributing Ed @TheWeekLive. Argumentative!Yaaron Ka Yaar

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@jedzu @TinaBrownLM Er but I don't @jaivas22 @TinaBrownLM Huh? You sound like a real idiot. Enjoy @IamJoyda @TinaBrownLM @ndtv But Ndtv firmly in the past. Thanks @IamJoyda @TinaBrownLM @ndtv Thanks.The only city in the world that can get me out of the door at 7 am. Added bonus. Breakfast with my cracklingly witt… morning beauty of d Dal Lake. This heaven is waiting for it's worshippers back. Pack d bags n head fr K…
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@sameena_s @vox_assamanipur @Babu_Bhaiyaa Annoying as has nothing to do with me @girishmallya @thetanmay Ha ha ha @vox_assamanipur @Babu_Bhaiyaa Oh yeah. Coffee is my passion 😎 @Manish_05Singh @thetanmay That's kind of what makes it hilarious @Manish_05Singh @thetanmay I know !!! @Babu_Bhaiyaa Ji koi takleef sir ji @Kumar_EconIneq @thetanmay Ha ha I know so damned uncool of usOuch. lol 😎! when you get tired of being cool in New York and have a craving for a midnight burger & guess who u meet also… PDP minister, terrorists kill 3 civilians, leave 30 injured #Kashmir. Watch out for change in tactics
Retweeted by barkha duttBar bar dekho hazaar bar dekho.... @Me_Benaam @ndtv @sardesairajdeep Don't follow ! @PandaJay Ha ha not very cryptic jayThe killing of Bhowmik Santanu brings home why we must raise our voice & demand justice & answers each time. Beyond parties: #WithSantanu @BBhuttoZardari Many happy returns
@glichfield You're already a sour puss G ! Ha ha and cynics. We finished that at 20Aung San Suu Kyi was my hero, my girl crush, a woman of amazing grace. And then it all crashed. My WaPo piece : - neither recrimination nor fear..calm.strength in that Sheikh Hasina response @filter_c Like a candle in the wind @aparnaswarup @sambagai You come here Aparna ! Beam yourself up @swati_gs Lol ! @sambagai Ha ha wellHello Republic Of New York. The best place after home. @IronyOfIndia_ 😎 @realpraveen1s @nsitharaman @CNN Have u read the piece ? I lauded it too @ash7k @ndtv I don't know who is buying them. My story with NDTV will be told but in due time. @ash7k @ndtv I can only speak for myself
@ash7k Thanks for the feedback @ash7k @ndtv Hmmm.India's new defense minister takes charge at a critical time for the country, writes Barkha Dutt for @CNNOpinion
Retweeted by barkha dutt @realpraveen1s @nsitharaman @CNN Thanks. Some general comments I can pull them.out for uChina. Pakistan. Pushing women past the final frontier? Why @nsitharaman has the world's eye. My piece for @CNN @somnath1978 Not really. The first half of the piece is what any defence minister male or female is up against. Per… @tuco_blondie @DefenceMinIndia @nsitharaman @CNN @manojladwa Then you need to check your grammar. Indians and US spell Defence different @tuco_blondie @DefenceMinIndia @nsitharaman @CNN @manojladwa Which is the English issue your garbled tweet does not enlighten.. @anoopc Debut piece 😎 @CaptGtheseadog @DefenceMinIndia @nsitharaman @CNN @manojladwa Hmm. Thank youWhy India's new @DefenceMinIndia @nsitharaman is making headlines. My piece for @CNN - quotes from @manojladwa session on "Politics & Progress" with @SunjoyJ @BDUTT @tomedsall - looking forward to views on a polarized wo…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @HarminderDhill6 these are analogies used by by people here. why not simply be gracious and say thank you @Raja_Sw thank you#PowerOfProgress @samirsaran hosting brilliant second panel on #InnovationAndProgress
Retweeted by barkha duttRead journalist Jamal Khashoggi on the unprecedented crackdown in Saudi Arabia by the guy the West calls a reformer
Retweeted by barkha duttAung San Suu Kyi falls into the moral abyss on the Rohingya. Will India step up? by @BDUTT
Retweeted by barkha duttSounds like @realdonaldtrump is taking #TalkLikeAPirateDay seriously. How else to explain his #UNGA bluster?
Retweeted by barkha dutt @SaeedShah Wow are you seriousFaisal: Uber Driver in SFO: from Iran, now American, worked with US Army in Afghanistan for 7 years. Supports troop…
@bobbymacReports Are you finally getting the interview that none of us will 😎Far from the madding crowd. Staring out at the water through lights and shadows of glass and sun in San Francisco from Pak; Sri Lankan Tamils,Tibetans(Dalai Lama) came to India as refugees. Why not Rohingyas? My WaPo piece @ShashiTharoor @ishaantharoor @kanishktharoor Nice pix ! @AartiTikoo But how did they get there in the first place of always Intel on riskIf rohingyas are security threat: who or what allowed them to gather in J&K & why haven't we seen deportation debate before Burma crisis?
Revisionist & odd though. not least because the entire instrument of accession, basis for spl status, signed by him…'s lonely out in space.
Retweeted by barkha duttCongratulations @prashantktm the book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it @ShankarAnoushka Thank you ! Think we have all been there 😎So much has been said about #Kangana this past two weeks. Here's a column I wrote on what I like best @arunrao64str @ndtv @PrannoyRoyNDTV Sigh. For the millionth time I am not at NDTV
@tusharpar73 @IndianBeauty_1 @LillyMaryPinto @ndtv @PrannoyRoyNDTV @radhikaroy Why am I marked on this @TillotamaShome @RichaChadha Think that was us all. I used to study to dhoop kinare. And when he said .. Main Kahin… of the year
Retweeted by barkha duttHandsome is as Handsome does. Absolutely striking presence. #ArjanSingh Izzat. Honour. Courage. Dignity. All that our Soldiers stand for. #ArjanSingh Modi at Marshal #ArjanSingh's side at Army Hospital R&R, Delhi.
Retweeted by barkha duttJai Hind. Salutes Sir. #Arjansingh you await the screening of #VelvetRevolution, watch @BDUTT's talk on breaking the glass ceiling as a journalist:
Retweeted by barkha duttNo official announcement yet. He has been a fighter all through.
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@math919 We have an argument pending 😎.. Mr prophet of rage ! Ha ha @paturis Hey why am I tagged. I'm a fan @sunilalagh Agree @PriyavDesai @sagarikaghose @MasalaBai Why don't u read and then tweet mister @Sttuddss @TheRITUS Barkha is just fine. Thank you ji