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Barkha Rani Jamke Barasti Hai. Emmy Nominated Reporter. Author.Contributing Columnist @WashingtonPost Contributing Ed @TheWeekLive. Argumentative!Yaaron Ka Yaar

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@sonalewsr @nytimes @washingtonpost thank you ! @Nikita_invictus @nytimes @washingtonpost thank you ! @VamseeJuluri @HindolSengupta @nytimes @washingtonpost thank you !In the weave of the sari, our history, culture, collective consciousness and identity are tied together.| @BDUTT
Retweeted by barkha dutt @DrAmbrishMithal @nytimes @washingtonpost thanks doc @Retributions no . its not the one guy. its the editing. a piece on Indian women without a single interview with a woman? @MacroViewpoints @nytimes @washingtonpost @tomfriedman @anniegowen My argument is against the editors who let this piece pass. Read it @divyanshu25r @nytimes @washingtonpost Thanks @ron9231 @nytimes @washingtonpost Thanks @RuFurious @nytimes @washingtonpost Thanks @MogheAmruta @nytimes @washingtonpost Thanks @Nilesh_RM @nytimes @washingtonpost Thank you @mfarahabdul @instagram @WeTheWomenAsia That's think you can send us a videoGo @BDUTT! Explain to them what the sari means to us!
Retweeted by barkha duttWhoa! @BDUTT knocks it out of the park with this strongly-worded, sharp column in response to @nytimes's earlier pi…
Retweeted by barkha duttFitting reply by @BDUTT to @nytimes- don’t explain the sari to us
Retweeted by barkha duttHow @nytimes on the Saree became the laughing stock of India. I write for @washingtonpost 😎 @angryoungwoman ? @rhea_dh @instagram @WeTheWomenAsia That's a great definition. And I agree. Can we use yours 😎
@ghaywan Why are these goons even being put on national TV @mrdeepakjain @shilpitewari That's their issue @abii007 @instagram @WeTheWomenAsia Please send your video on Instagram @Biorahul @instagram @WeTheWomenAsia Not try. You must use #WeTheWomen @Biorahul @instagram @WeTheWomenAsia Of course. Please do.I'm often asked what Feminism means to me. Feminism for me is about Freedom. But what is feminism to you? Join our…'t @VasundharaBJP be arresting the self-styled Karni 'Sena' for open threats of violence to @deepikapadukone @Retributions @deepikapadukone @VasundharaBJP please question that. we all should.. but why put these lunatics on TV to "debate" @sameeryasir who ? or do you mean as Dulat sb would argue, everyone! @65thakursahab a session at TISS where I was asked about conflicts of interest in NDTV... not mine.. but of ex colleagues @sureshnakhua @shilpitewari kyon ji @shilpitewari yes I did say that. @sreemoytalukdar totally agree.The attack on @deepikapadukone and the threats to maim her are beyond repulsive. But the media must reflect on the… @_Namrataa @VishakhaJ18 I am not related to any politician so this is not personal for me. As an observer conflicts… @_Namrataa @VishakhaJ18 I said viewers have a right to know any conflicts of interest and determine perceptions of… @bhatiajs @VishakhaJ18 @soniandtv @PrannoyRoyNDTV How ? I did answer @VishakhaJ18 @soniandtv @PrannoyRoyNDTV Yes thanks for the full answer 😎 for anything else my two detailed posts on… @_Namrataa @VishakhaJ18 I said more than that . Perhaps you didn't hear the full answer of my response on NDTV and what I agreed with @TajinderBagga Ooooooooof very funny ! 😎 @otherwarya I love lady gaga
@KarenAttiah ha ha come now. be high brow :-)The Shah-e-Hamdan Shrine on the Jhelum is one of the most serene and stunning places of worship. for once Farmers issues find place in Twitter top trends and urban outrage. @DilliDurAst Yes and I agree with the simultaneously liking argument. However it doesn't tally with our increasingly polarized media @DilliDurAst in this chart most indians seem to like their politicians :-) @VasTank so well said. and I agree. Would love to see you there at @WeTheWomenAsia
@MrutyunjayNJ @MirrorNow @ndtv @sardesairajdeep @IndiaToday I am not left or right. I am myself 😎 @Indianguts Look it up. Detailed at length @Indianguts Already shared at length right here20 million women in India quit their jobs b/w 2004-12. Did circumstances force you to give up your dream? What's ho… @nikita_mandhani @nytimes Done ! Cc @KarenAttiah @lucifer_damned @nytimes true @lucifer_damned @nytimes Ok I didn't know that but why has it been published or cleared editorial @VanessaMcGrady @nytimes Exactly @oneillyatescbc @nytimes Ha ha yes exactly !! @Crabcountess @nytimes its worse than thatOMG @nytimes - this article on the #saree is not even orientalist; it's just plain stupid. We like our cloth, our f… @ManasviK2 @unwomenindia Thank you ! Can we hope to see you there @mayuraddis Because he had sex ? @D_Roopa_IPS @unwomenindia We look forward to seeing you there ma'amLook forward to the summit
Retweeted by barkha dutt @manaman_chhina LovelyProud to be Creative Director and Curator for #WeTheWomen presented by Facebook & supported by @unwomenindia - alon… fantastic @kiranshaw is on our advisory board for #WeTheWomen- a unique, participatory summit and festival comi… our advisory board for #WeTheWomen - a unique festival of, by and for Women: Roshni Nadar, recently listed by… @amolkumthekar It was and I never tweeted anything of the kindLegal powerhouse Pallavi Shroff is on the Advisory Board of #WeTheWomen - coming soon to Mumbai. For more read… the fabulous achievers on the advisory board of the upcoming #WeTheWomen -a festival of, by and for Women : An… the leaders advising our new initiative #WeTheWomen - our December conclave: @SatyamNishtha of @unwomenindia .… our power house advisory board for our Women's Festival in Mumbai- Anjali Nayyar of Global Health Services… to introduce the Advisory Board of the wonderful leaders steering and guiding our new initiative: Reema N…
@EchoOfIndia I think all the commentary on his former marriage is also vile and invasiveAs a journalist totally opposed to stories invasive of personal lives- whether that of PM, RG or #HardikPatel - unl… you @AusHCIndia - It was a pleasure and sorry for the relentless questioning on the Quad :-) @shadabmoizee @unwomenindia Thank you. @ManjitIND @HardikPatel_ I never did @Junaid_Mattu This is new @Si_LLy @HardikPatel_ That's what I am arguing againstThe only reason that the @HardikPatel_ CD should be a news story is if 1. Someone can prove the sex wasn't consensu…