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@Retributions i just think the mode of protest is downright dumb and distasteful. but that doesnt mean we playing less bad as bad games here @Retributions there is no equivalance in my tweet. I have been among the most outspoken slammers of so called cow v… @Brats01 ha haFair to question cow slaughter laws. Right to protest murder & mobs in name of cows. Wrong, awful to conduct a public slaughter to do so @shilpitewari yes. just pointting out that Vajpayee had a different policy @vivsree @shilpitewari am arguing that Modi policy is a departure form not just manmohan but Vajpayee as well. Please argue on fact @shilpitewari True though advani met them.too . As deputy PM . @Arun_Mishra20 @tovishalck_pol @PrannoyRoyNDTV @soniandtv @ndtv Please untag me from.your tweets to Ndtv. I don't work with them now @tovishalck_pol I don't work with NDTV. Please tag the concerned people @suhelseth Happy birthday suhel !Written Examination #IndianArmy JCOs & OR held at Srinagar & Pattan. 799 in Pattan & 493 in Srinagar appear today
Retweeted by barkha duttPlease help us find our dad! Please expand the search to outside Mumbai by sharing this tweet... its now been 48 ho…
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One more infiltrator killed. Army foils attempt in Poonch Area early morning. Ambush by Sikh battalion that faced BAT mutilation.
Retweeted by barkha duttJaya's chamber of secrets, her closet of comfort, her hill retreats. Who are the claimants now. Here I write.
Retweeted by barkha duttYeah my scooter and ideological proselytizer with magic powers of conversion😋, in Chennai... 😍😍
Retweeted by barkha dutt @bimal_pr @AshiQuotes I never did any such thing but you can go on lying @roadscholarz These guys are beyond idiotic thanksPunjab: Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa led 'Missing Man' formation flypast, at Bhisiana, paid homage to soldiers who d…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @sameena_s Thank you @gurusales General Hooda. @VKNarayanan1 Thank you @amitakjain Huh ?Bipartisan welcome at @indfoundation reception for Mauritius Prime Minister Jugnauth at reception hosted by… analysis and very balanced writing.
Retweeted by barkha dutt @ShekharPardesh6 Spreading fake news will catch up with you @Sunil_Kashmir ThanksFrom retaliatory to "preemptive"- Modi govt writes a new rulebook for Pakistan & shows appetite for Risk. My piece site to dub complete stranger who gave my stranded crew a lift in Kashmir during curfew as hizb terrorist. G… Machine is a really average movie. Started off as parody and meandered into feeble tragedy. Waste of Brad Pitt @nitin_nam thank you
Big day of developments under 15 Corps Srinagar. 8 terrorists down in a single day. infiltrators & 2 locals. @slkumars thanks @balendu29 hmm thanksSo true. Sadly too many people fixated with scoring on popularity charts and modulate their work accordingly. . @RukNav @avijnanm5 Yes are we not all Indians ?NO idea why we use this arab word which is not organic to our part of the world. Ramzan Mubarak to all @suhelseth Was wondering why so many advance wishes ! @ranjitkumar1960 Many thanksMajor success for JKP and security forces. Two terrorists including Sabzar killed in #Tral encounter. #JaiHind.
Retweeted by barkha dutt @arun49 I am not left or right sir. Thank you @arvind_69 thank you @TheJaggi @dhume @ShoaibDaniyal all I will say is both are enormously dogmatic @gurujitweets thank you @Kumaoni thank you @arghyach thank you. @MilkpotGovern thank you. I was always balanced. Maybe eyes of beholder werent :-) @ashesh065 thank youIndia writes new Rulebook for Pakistan. Modi shows firm appetite for Risk- Both in friendship & conflict. My piece Infiltration bid foiled in Rampur sector. Six militants killed so far. Operations continue.
Retweeted by barkha dutt @SandipGhose @ndcnn @reshii @PhilippaKaye @sangeetakhanna @nolansatwit @IncredibleBhumi @cafe_chica @IndiaIsCalling @MaggiIndia Ha ha @parveen1978 @rpraveen0631 @sagarikaghose @TheQuint I don't work with Quint no idea what you are tagging me on @reshii @PhilippaKaye @sangeetakhanna @nolansatwit @IncredibleBhumi @cafe_chica @IndiaIsCalling Mostly because of memory association @ambkcsingh That's a lovely one @GhantaaBaba Are you insane ? Or missing the point @PandeyTweets And who is cheering @__phoenix_fire_ Links of administration to separatists and militantsAnd Wani father a govt school employee, Zakir Musa father govt civil engineer. @NitishKumar skips Sonia lunch; will attend PM lunch.This after calling for Opposition Ekta at @PChidambaram_IN book launch. Lalu effect?Farrago's sake dont you all go looking up the meaning of calumny now :-) @ARanganathan72 Ok thought you were objecting to the fact of meeting.Absolutely. Lovely commemoration. @ARanganathan72 Btw they were invited for talks in Sept by PDP chief as well and that remains their stated positionReally happy to know of Uzma's safe return to Delhi, congrats to central govt for handling sensitive matter with maturity @SushmaSwaraj
Retweeted by barkha dutt @sunilkapoor8 Sorry I have no idea what your reference is to. @AartiTikoo Totally agree
@Delhi_Tweeter 😋So cool. And am so honoured to be writing for the Post. birthday to the wonderful talented @aparnaswarup . We need you back in India soon @aparnaswarup @ShirishKunder dearest A happy happy to my warm wonderful lovely friend. miss youYou tiny, tiny, tiny little man.
Retweeted by barkha duttMedia must learn the art of withstanding pulls & pressures without sacrificing its commitment to free & fair reportage #PresidentMukherjee
Retweeted by barkha dutt @Retributions See my tweet on this @GabbbarSingh nice try honey. Try answering the question for once. @coolcandy222 No but does it justify pdpd view ? @puneettahilyani @rahulkanwal Please don't talk to them. but convince the pdpd of that @shilpitewari That's true as is evident on triple Talaq. @payalbhayana @Dhar_id Well so far no but the agenda of alliance mentions vajpayee outreach to them. @SanjayVyas Yashwant Sinha also met them btw