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@dasghar @YouTube @husainhaqqani thanks :-) @sbikanerwala @husainhaqqani many thanks @Chopsyturvey @husainhaqqani @P_Musharraf thanks for sharing sir. @rraina1481 @husainhaqqani Thanks sir @ammarawrites @ikaveri @Ghair_Kanooni @DilliDurAst Ha ha ! @Ghair_Kanooni @ikaveri @DilliDurAst Arre you All are damned shy in real life is it ?! šŸ˜Ž @ammarawrites @ikaveri @Ghair_Kanooni @DilliDurAst Means?! I am an oldie Goldie who has been going to triveni sinceā€¦ @satrajit99 Ha ha @ikaveri Why didn't you guys say hello @Ghair_Kanooni it's my absolute favorite @EchoOfIndia @rupikaur_ @WeTheWomenAsia You may not like her but you cannot ignore her my friend !"Are Pakistani Elites ready to send their kids to China, instead of America Will Pakistanis Queue up for Beijing inā€¦ @KalamWalaBae @rupikaur_ @WeTheWomenAsia One of my favorite placesSpent a very interesting evening with global 'Instapoet' sensation & millennial feminist icon @rupikaur_ whose firsā€¦ Plenary with Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
Retweeted by barkha dutt @shinilnambrath @husainhaqqani @P_Musharraf @themojo_in @TheWeekLive full link coming up later today
The inevitable happens Shiv Sena & @AUThackeray part ways with @BJP4India for 2019 after simmering differences. Theā€¦ @nitingokhale and team for this wonderful, stirring, heart-skip-a-beat documentary. the agency and autonomy of adult women is upheld by the Supreme Court. #Hadiya"He has always lied through his teeth" says @husainhaqqani of @P_Musharraf : "Musharraf elderly man desperate for lā€¦ @KarenAttiah What do u mean madam @MehtabRaahi nice to meet you on the street unexpectedly. @yudi15 @husainhaqqani @themojo_in @TheWeekLive Will be uploaded Tom"Aid cuts alone won't change Pakistan. America has to stop calling Pakistan an Ally. Then Hot Pursuit & Targeted stā€¦ @rraina1481 @husainhaqqani Hi sir in a day full interview @AdityaMookerjee Yes of course ! I will share the link here. Channel name is Mojo story. Simply subscribeIf @Malala can't go back home & Hafiz Saeed can thrive what does it say about Pakistan? Pakistan's security has noā€¦"Crisis of Pakistan is that @Malala is not safe to go back to her country but Hafiz Saeed is safe and free. Pakistaā€¦
Lovely sun soaked lunch at Triveni. Slice of Dilli's past and my childhood as i learnt about the digital future froā€¦ @ZorawarKalra @KarenAttiah @BBCYaldaHakim @husainhaqqani @MasalaLibrary I must congratulate you on this wonderful sā€¦ this qualify for action or not? Don't, for God sake, get the Armed Forces into this.
Retweeted by barkha dutt @husainhaqqani @KhanAyesha23 ha ha -well lobbedJust the kind of story, reading which makes you feel good, and optimistic... and starts your day right... Lovely piā€¦
Retweeted by barkha duttMy sister @bahardutt : "We Bought a Farm"- special series for @htTweets - Must read ! evening with friends including @KarenAttiah @BBCYaldaHakim & @husainhaqqani at the absolutely magicalā€¦ @Gayatri__J Hmm I think I'm immune to that ! Too many travels in random places and people are friendly about it. Leā€¦,#Srinagar #Lovelypic
Retweeted by barkha dutt @Gayatri__J Behind a tree or a giant Tyre for cover is usually my way. Preferred to dirty loos @SandipGhose @indiaconf2018 ThanksWe are excited to host one of India's most famous television journalists and Padma Shri award recipient, Barkha Dutā€¦
Retweeted by barkha dutt @FarOutAkhtar Ouch ! @aparatbar Sector 8 golgappas
Alright then. Once a Senior police officer and now a junior minister for HRD/education upends Science & rationalismā€¦ of gratitude by @akshaykumar to Smt. Rekha Devi, wife of Shaheed Jaswant Singh on behalf of indebted nation.ā€¦
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@MasalaLibrary hello whats the best way to reach you ? @BeeGorgeous3 @bainjal @Bhupendrapawars @sanjayuvacha No it's not OK. But it's not assault. If the piece hadn't useā€¦ @PreetiSMenon @VishalDadlani @ShashiTharoor Ha ha @VishalDadlani @ShashiTharoor well I guess its a LACUNA in the quiz :-) @dhume @ShashiTharoor i just made a smart guess on that one . @ShashiTharoor you mean I should have been more proficient?! so as to not leave you aphonic ( ok i looked up the thā€¦ ha ! I got 10 out of 12 on the @ShashiTharoor quiz! How do you measure up? @sharkkkkkkkk10 True @tanvi_madan And a lovely Delhi problem @ranveer_78 Where can I read @gundechaps @CNNnews18 @luvsalimkhan @maryashakil @madhukishwar @tavleen_singh @Nidhi Arre and I am tagged because? @punitgoenka @anvivud Travels alas ! Hope to see you soon! Congratulations @anvivud Many congratulations to you and @punitgoenka was sorry to miss the celebration!Congratulations @samirsaran . Fantastic few days could be big. Has the Supreme Court started an official roster system? #JudgeLoya matter mentioned today andā€¦
Retweeted by barkha duttOpen threats of violence by #KarniSena against #Padmaavat repulsive, Will all those who attacked Dalits forā€¦ @Raja_Sw ThanksOur latest from @WeTheWomenAsia : my conversation with Sharmila Tagore & @sakpataudi at launch of Soha's book- Theā€¦
@SahiAlok @ThePrintIndia Thanks @true_mate @ThePrintIndia Ha ha @ShekharGupta Thanks for sharing. @rakeshdhar @ThePrintIndia Why not ?! @IntuitVee And no one said it's acceptable. You are revealing you are tweeting minus reading ! @IntuitVee Read the article. It says "assault" and let's argue you on specifics once you've read my piece and not just the tweet @NamrataWakhloo @ThePrintIndia ThanksWhy I think the #azizansari story was more 'Gossip Girl' than 'The Post'. And why I argue that though Ansari appearā€¦ @ShekharGupta Thanks very much Shekhar !! @ProfVarshney True though you did not define liberalism,which to my mind has become just as contested a construct tā€¦ @ProfVarshney interesting ! I think there is no contradiction. but then would depend on how you define both Nationalists and Liberals !
"Very frustrating but the problem is the Industry never unites. The Big Boys take their problems directly to Ministā€¦ was such a lovely evening - thank you for being there and for being in conversation with us!!
Retweeted by barkha dutt @KarenAttiah @MahiGinni she is wonderfulEasily the world's most beautiful place happy to hear this. Corporate leaders need to lend their weight to Jammu & Kashmir view of the cockpit during Smt @nsitharaman 's sortie on the Sukhoi-30 MKI #RakshaMantrifliesSukhoi
Retweeted by barkha dutt @anirbanblah @aditidugar @chefprateeks Looks delish