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Sadiq - Government of India is seized of the matter. We are taking immediate action.
Retweeted by barkha dutt @sandythapar thank you for sharingDisappointed @AUThackeray as a young leader you decline to take a position on the worst sort of old style goondagardi of your MP. #gaikwadBanistan. @shantanub yes seen and enjoyed ! @sagarsidiqui yawn. go pontificate in your echo chamber then. you are part of the problemThe Populism of Politics and the Populism of Media. The New Chicken and egg of Our Time. @keshda my jawan jodi- who is that pray?Enjoying Homeland for a change. Just Started watching Billions Season One- bit too self consciously Wolf on Wall Street cool for my liking. @vishal_sridhar thanks for sharing @yehlog you HAVE to be kidding mePerhaps the U.P Police ought to focus energies on racist violence in Greater Noida than 'Romeo' hunting in public parks.After my WaPo piece on racist attacks against Indians in US an African American wrote to me on our own racism & dou… @TheJaggi @ARanganathan72 why is no one asking why licenses so hard to come by. So many folks sat they applied and Neve gotBrilliant!! A must-have for all travellers 😂
Retweeted by barkha dutt @sreemoytalukdar thanks v much @sreemoytalukdar thank you for sharing @CharlieGulshan thank you @washingtonpost @bedouinsandipan thank you . I write it as I see it @narendramodi @BJP4India @HuffPostIndia @rraj68 thanks for sharing @c0nvey
Thanks @e4mtweets for this honour #7 on #Impact50Women and thank u muchly @ShekharGupta for the generous words @rahulsingh1966 sorry incomplete post @Kractivist :-)) @ndtvThat the MP who beat an AI official may be let back on flights & rules may be changed to do so bring home sad limits of democracy. Sickening @MrSamratX I don't follow ? You really think cops should go around checking consent ?
@ReshmiDG my argument is that agency should remain with women. Why have cops determining consent or no @prasanto @AmyKazminWah wah. The Samajwadis & the Sena unite on brazen goondagardi. Shocking. Airlines should suspend them for life. @ReshmiDG I spoke to a lot of women during travels. Many supported, didnt like the name & didnt want prying cops @prasanto @AmyKazminIf the 'Romeo' Squads are for the protection of women why aren't they driven by complaints instead of suo moto interventions?IPS officers while on their way to #Awantipur were ambushed by terrorists. The daring officers' retaliatory fire killed both the terrorists.
Retweeted by barkha duttFine piece by @tavleen_singh - @brumbyOz not they, please.
US airstrike in #Afghanistan kills Qari Yasin, responsible for Marriott bombing in Islamabad 2008 & 2009 attack on Sri Lankan cricket team
Retweeted by barkha dutt @enlightenworld thank u3 UP policemen suspended after they detain couple at Ghaziabad park in ‘anti-Romeo’ drive via @htTweets
Retweeted by barkha dutt @karthikyum thanks @htTweets
@utkarsh_aanand the Hindi channel btwThe embrace of a hardline Hindutva mascot & the risks for the Modi govt. My column @azjilani @htTweets read the piece @buddhainabar read the piece. Then comment @htTweetsYogi Adityanath's utterances cannot be erased; but nor can Azam Khan's. Call them both out. My Column for @httweets @atahasnain53 was sorry to miss this as was traveling. was meant to be on panel. Will be there by evening and hope to see you sirThe Ascent of Adityanath; Why the Yogi is A challenge for both the BJP & Opposition- my column for @Httweets
ISIS clearly stating that #londonattack came “in response to its call to target Crusader countries”. i.e. not a dir…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @smritiirani many many happy returns !! @HindolSengupta yes and to uphold that belief action must followMeanwhile @VedankSingh he has said his business hurt and he selling mostly chicken @VedankSingh are you saying Tunday has been illegal all these years ?Sickening. @AUThackeray please throw this lout out of your party. And that won't be enough either @Biorahul and how do you know Tunday Kababi didn't ? @Gayatri__J disagree. He has just explained he is selling chicken . Severe meat shortage after slaughterhouse order. Please hear himThe owner of Tunday Kababi should have the last word on how and why his business is being hit. Why should legal outlets suffer like this ? @patnaikt dear mister hear what the owner is saying about how business is hit @done4dead @VedankSingh well the Tunday owner himself is saying there is a problem. Listen to him in his own words @Gayatri__J and it's exactly what I was saying earlier. Vigilantes and fears have ended up penalising legal business @VedankSingh @Gayatri__J no I didn't say that. I said @VedankSingh did not explain the temp shut down and now the owner of Tunday has in his own words @NirbhoNirvair @Gayatri__J thanks. Have tweeted these. Pretty clearStep taken by CM to shut illegal slaughterhouses is praiseworthy,but should be ensured that licensed ones don't shu…
Retweeted by barkha duttBusiness severely affected, there is shortage of mutton and buffalo meat. We are selling chicken right now: Abu Bak…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @Gayatri__J hmm. @Gayatri__J who told us there is no reason ? @Gayatri__J as I see it the shortage follows a ban being imposed on illegal slaughterhouse where vigilantes have got into act too right ? @done4dead why ? I am not covering this story myself . @VedankSingh @Gayatri__J @tajmahalfoxtrot @VedankSingh scroll did story and we still don't know why there should have been a temporary shortage @Zakka_Jacob @Gayatri__J yes how do we know fear hasn't causef the shortage of Rae material @Gayatri__J @VedankSingh yes but I am saying the original appears to not have retracted in this case @tajmahalfoxtrot @Gayatri__J don't think @tajmahalfoxtrot has retracted story ? Have they ? @VedankSingh @Gayatri__J though still wondering why there was shortage @VedankSingh Any info?Parliament should expel this man and he should face a criminal case is spreading rumors about Tundey Kebabi Aminabad being shut, It was closed for an hour due to shortage of raw…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @BJP_ITCELL_Maha I didn't say CM should act . Shiv Sena mustWhat a horendous thug. @VedankSingh also why the shortage. @VedankSingh is it untrue ? That's why I said if so... Please mark those who wrote .. I am merely sharing @Raheelk @Si_LLy shameful yes. But it's a print story. Why make it about TV @thedelhiwalla @sunetrac you're breaking ours with you photos mayank. I just love themMany happy returns to @kiranshaw - who is always someone to learn from