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@ZeeMohamed_ Or do you think I spell like this..but look at the sickness of it allDear @AltNews @boomlive_in @SMHoaxSlayer - could you help trace who is photo shopping this bilge and circulating i… @seagullbooks The crockery looks divine but please no instant coffee !The right wing trolls are so consumed by anti Muslim hatred and communal poison and the need to foist dogma as doct… @SushmaSwaraj it is odious what you have been subjected to. But Ma'am imagine if this happens to you, with all… to the martyr. Martyrs live for ever. @BDUTT @akshaykumar @roy_rameshwar @Vedmalik1 @narendramodi @tksapru
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Exactly why i thought the whole hoo- haa over the royal wedding was such classist clap trap @misra_purak I think the fact that they are the only ones in the entire case to not get bail- and the several unans… believe our job is to raise the right questions. Someone has to be answerable for what happened to the babies in… have all spoken about Kafeel but this story deserves as much of our attention. The only people not to get bail i… done delhi ! Not in town but there in spirit and in solidarity on #DelhiTreesSOS issue ... this order needs a…
Retweeted by barkha duttOpen incitement to violence is grounds for arrest @spvaid @arnab822 Agree . Just saying it's not the rootNo point blaming whats app rumours for the lynching of Muslims. It's a little bit like investigating the meat in Ah… kiranawala, doodhwala & bhajiwala can no longer use #PlasticBags. Will the food industry respond by reducing/ r…
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@Mahabat99627436 @ShowkatNanda Thanks! @satishkolls @IndiaExplained Mojo to even I have 😎😍😘😗 @satishkolls @IndiaExplained Best part. But part of free mediaThank you Navdeep. Exactly. The Army is much wiser than the ideologues. And the TV anchors @IndiaExplained Eating alone. Watching a movie alone. Free media.What a cover. Breathtaking @declanwalsh @EchoOfIndia @marvisirmed Marvi take care and stay safe and I know you will stay brave @saliltripathi I have had this position for many years. My view is not in response to the last 24 hours. I loathe s… @saliltripathi no Salil, sections of media and opposition have been reporting on it well before and for many years. @vedhamurthyhk @ShowkatNanda exactly @Mahabat99627436 @ShowkatNanda isnt it funnyTerrorists reportedly affiliated to ISJK.
Retweeted by barkha dutt @sneheshphilip he is saying ISJK - Does @spvaid - mean ISIS? @ShowkatNanda cool. thats a lot of words to waste on me. @ParaRjs those comments were terrible, I agree. But should the response be in kind @Najar_Arshad @sardesairajdeep this list would be funny - with all its spelling mistakes - if its intent were not so uglyMany reasons to critique PM Modi & the government- and I do so regularly. But i find news on the state of his lapse… @NilimDutta perhaps if you read the thread below to which it was responded you wouldnt think so. @NilimDutta it means they claim to speak for Faith but dont speak for any of its finer points. Its not an attack on atheists."I was just ashamed to continue in the BJD"- re-up of my interview with @PandaJay in which he says only one bureauc…
@ChefTZac @bombaycanteen ok beam me up NOWActually I am non religious. But people like you who use Muslim as a form of Abuse are Godless. @dhume @sunetrac And the freedom of institutions. Nothing better illustrates that than the craven media here - even… 1.5 million dollars disaster then ! Wow. Re-up my take down in @washingtonpost"Modi government is trying to destroy us. Congress doesnt have to worry about us; but what will they do when BJP ta… @nistula What a tasveerA family from Anantnag made a heartfelt appeal to its militant son Roshan Zammer to shun violence & return home. "H…
Retweeted by barkha duttShujaat Bukhari's son writes a beautiful tribute to his father's life and work
Retweeted by barkha dutt @SalmanSoz Then you agree with me Salman that there is no legal obstruction as such @ReshmiDG Perhaps you could watch my detailed interview with @paranjoygt. I document the warnings over one year -… @SalmanSoz Rumours of a split in PDP have been there for at least a year. I am not as clear on the specific legalityWhispers abound in Kashmir about a split in the PDP in a few months and a reunion of one faction with the BJP. Two…
@rraina1481 @ReallySwara Just unspeakably horrible sir @tapeshbagati @maneeshchhibber Yes but they would have to split the PDP. @swatisingh1995 @rohini_sgh How lovelywhat an interview @BDUTT - loved it, you have a very easy and natural style of interviewing people. @msisodia .
Retweeted by barkha dutt @nowme_datta in our heads we are all 18 @Abrarchoudhary_ @Siddharth121099 @MirrorNow @ndtv thanks. and maybe soon. @AlkaJacob Agree. Cookie cutter- even dress the same way @KhaledAlmaeena thank you @owaisalig117 yeah @ITheTaurus thanks for writingI cried when I watched this. Not just because the story is so incredibly disturbing- but also because TV news can b… @commandersaini You are an abomination on the military you represent @maneeshchhibber Will be highly irresponsible if anyone tries to cobble anything. Not that I think it's likelyNN Vohra is kind of like Queen Elizabeth- no I don't mean in the sense of of being Royal etc- but ageless and dough…“Do not fill the crack with more cement; rather, find a way to bring down the whole wall instead.” Thought provokin…
Retweeted by barkha duttIsn't it a failure to not build trust with IAS officers I ask @msisodia; "90% officers are excellent. But they're b… @sameeryasir Yeah totally disingenuousVery sorry to learn that @arvindsubraman 's departure as CEA and imminent return to the US is now official. He foll…
Retweeted by barkha dutt @anirudhganu @HaseebDrabu @rammadhavbjp @MehboobaMufti you guys should decide - you want him to be mascot of the RW… gesture to meet the family of the extraordinarily courageous #Aurangzeb @nsitharaman - I am sure… @joshianil00 @HaseebDrabu @rammadhavbjp @MehboobaMufti What's my program got to do with anything? Or you are just sillySir you and your friend seem a bit confused - @haseebdrabu & @rammadhavbjp co-wrote the alliance agreement.… sir - not that I know why you are addressing me- I am not the Kashmir Envoy - howeverl I'd be the first to arg… @mkatju why are you addressing me on this. I am first one to said soldiers cannot pay the price of failed politicsCharming farewell note to @arvindsubraman @sanjeevk3 @ArvindKejriwal @narendramodi @RahulGandhi @msisodia yes right now highlights. Full interview at nightI am not forecasting short term peace @mkatju - for three years I have been warning of the dire spiralling situatio…"Did @arvindkejriwal contest @narendramodi or @rahulgandhi ?" : In my intvw with @msisodia he lashes out at Congres… be honest Jammu and Kashmir needs a new politics and a new leadership. None of the old formulas have worked. And… @sunetrac Not true. Look at my tweets and articles from then. Forecast it in black and whiteWe loved @CitiznMukherjee speech at the rss Nagpur hq and it’s now available to read @juggernautbooks
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