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Dread Spookema @beukema Minneapolis, MN

Struct Eng, Improv, husband/dad. || You may think that you crave true love, but it is not a game for cowards. Neither is Scrabble. - Onion horoscopes

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Good lord. Mpls Works PAC piece in my mailbox. As a CLIC member, claim of "spearheading" public works projects irks me. Doesn't work that way.
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaDai Thao though… @ItsTheBrandi Fred Gorilla Sandwich @jbouie Dude’s gotta go. His remaining presence alone ups the danger level for so many.
God, he's just so feckless. He completely lacks feck.
Retweeted by Dread Spookemaim simultaneously mad at everyone trying to rehab GWB & at everyone yellin at pelosi for saying romney would be better than trump (he would)
Retweeted by Dread Spookemaholy shit.
Retweeted by Dread Spookema @johnmoe I don’t know whether showing y’all Kumail’s earliest films from our time there would be an effective advertisement or a deterrent.Fact check: true. to find an elusive local angle in this remembrance of PDX carpet. just straight-up playing a Richard Spencer rant without context at the hour's news, not a good look guys
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaThe Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).
Retweeted by Dread Spookema @dklaiman '01! @TPUSAatKent I guess you showed us. @tbreed Eh, he did say this right after campaigning for Ed Gillespie, who's running hard on xenophobia for VA Gov. @johnmoe @THWofD Exciting! @johnmoe Speaking for @thwofd? @johnmoe Ah, the second school someone thinks I went to when I say I went to Grinnell. @johnmoe Ooh. Which one? @section_sign PioneerProcrastinator[best Billy Idol voice] It's a nice day for a... light sweater WHOA... It's a nice day for a... CARDIGAAAAAN
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaGreat piece from Bill Lindeke on the rightward turn the Star Tribune editorial board has taken since 2014. @NaomiKritzer This might be the definitive Steve Minn story. I read it for the first time recently.
Retweeted by Dread Spookema
The key and instrumentation of the American Vandal theme make me think the Starks are about to get ambushed at a wedding feast. @ItsTheBrandi, this has been your impression too, yes? Goodman more vulnerable than Yang? Why is that? know LG is progressive because right wingers are spending money to tell voters how progressive she is.
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaOf all the NBA stars, none so challenges Max’s developing skills of elocution as Russell Westbrook.~~~mIxEd fEeLiNgS~~~ @BarbaraRKay What a horrible thing to take satisfaction in.Hey @emilyvgordon @kumailn @TheBigSickMovie - my mom passed this along - you made the Nov/Dec ‘17 issue of Arthriti… @ThisIsMPah We're the same # of standard deviations on the other side, which means we're still raking at Thanksgiving. Bleh. @BettyTiselj (Wait, what's that 4th one? La Quiparl?) #BdeMakaSka @gamespite @YouTube Great piece, as usual. Question: you mention Nin not returning to the 3D well since Sunshine; d… @ItsTheBrandi I'm convinced that @KenTremendous created the name "Thane Maynard."my dad, on his union: "I didn't like 50% of what the union did, but I hated 100% of what the boss did. so the choice was easy."
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaHow many news organizations have gotten ride of their AdSense, Taboola, and Outbrain links since the Presidential election?
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaGreat stuff from @thisismpah: Don’t like Bde Maka Ska? Tough via @mprnews @ItsTheBrandi Max totally did this this year. Orange construction paper chain. Tears off one link a day. @ItsTheBrandi Is this the origin of your Slate-Pitch-like take on the season?
@WedgeLIVE Fact check: kinda true. I deeply disagree with which half of this is a problem. @DonaldJTrumpJr YOUR GUY WON. Get over it!when the duane reade clerk says "gee you really like candy corn huh"
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaMe no know who took dis picture, but dat the handsomest pasta me ever seen! #NationalPastaDay
Retweeted by Dread Spookemathis is a contender for best pun ever
Retweeted by Dread Spookema @NateSilver538 Huh?Goddammit. need to mobilize and call about this in the same way we did for the health care bills. @fabiansociety Also a bold statement for new city states San Juan, Algiers, and Abu Dhabi. @aric Bitcoins @MyLittleBloggie Sigh. The confederate flag here is tremendously depressing.🎶 you want thingamabobs? i've got twenty! but who cares? no big deal impeach trump
Retweeted by Dread Spookema @JoshDorner Gotta love that they screenshotted it for posterity. @Nheafer @chrislhayes Jesus Christ. @chrislhayes Scaramuccipost seems not to be official.This is worth reading.
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaHISTORIC: Kumail Nanjiani was the 4th Asian to ever host SNL in 43 years
Retweeted by Dread Spookema @NaomiKritzer Another minor element in this race: candidate Forney reneging on pledge to abide by DFL endorsement. 3/3 @NaomiKritzer course is irresponsibly unsustainable. Was good at explaining the issue. Might be able to answer Qs. 2/ @NaomiKritzer Couple of things to toss in the mix: candidate Russ Henry came to our block political mtg, talked gol… @section_sign @tobyfox OK, so: I remember being on The Monastery and Shadow BBS, primarily. And Stadium Village, th… @MustHaveBeenAwk People are talking more & more about how you had a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend, who I…
Today is the 1-year anniversary of Tom Hoch giving $500 to the MN House Republican Campaign Committee:
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaKritzer’s thoughts on Ward 11 are much like mine: 1. Mauter 2. Schroeder @section_sign @tobyfox Holy crap, I loved that game. Best of the door games by far. Incidentally, were you in Minneapolis in your BBS years?“Paying at Pepito’s, then home.” Even if I’m not elected, hopefully my campaign can make a difference. all honesty I would not want to inflict a phone call from 45 on grieving parents
Retweeted by Dread Spookema @WedgeLIVE That’s not Delmonico, is it? All these Da Bears Superfans guys look alike to me. @section_sign I hesitate to do this exercise because I suspect many of my responses would be the same as yours. @dbrauer @raymonddehn That's so exciting. Congratulations to you all! @section_sign As a Zelda aficionado, I suspect you’d dig it. Gorgeous little game.CONCURRED
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaThis is wonderful (Edina HS student rebutting KKersten). narrated the Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks. Long wondered if he’d live to see Winds of Winter. @dbrauer Does the Hamm’s bear get a pass?New #EricaFor11 endorsement: @IlhanMN! One of my political heroes. Lessons in how to bring your full self to govern…
Retweeted by Dread Spookema"If only we *understood* one other!" doesn't account for the rather common scenario of disliking someone *because* you understand them.
Retweeted by Dread SpookemaSay it with me, kids: much like satire, commentary via depiction requires specificity of intent & execution, otherwise it’s just reification
Retweeted by Dread Spookema @aric Pity that DC got there first with Powerless and it apparently sucked.