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25 year old boxer member of #TeamGB boxing ... aspiring to become Olympic champion and win everything else inbetween 👊🏾 #CWG2018 #TeamEngland ambassador 🇬🇧

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RIP DEAN FRANCIS: The Star sadly passed away today...
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R.I.P Brendan Ingle MBE Brendan Ingle sadly passed away today aged 77. The Irish trainer leaves behind an incredib…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeLad from Doncaster becomes World Champion and goes unbeaten for 10 years, instead of sending abuse how about a wel…
Retweeted by Frazer clarke5 Weeks 💥🥊 #TheConlanRevolution #June30th #TheHomecoming ☘️
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeCongratulations @naoyainoue_410 a great champion. Much respect for @JamieMcdonnell1 10 year unbeaten run and always…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeSuch a devastating and such a really sad day for out sport as we say goodbye to 2 amazing figures.....loved them bo…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeDeepest condolences from myself and everybody at Queensberry to Alma and the Ingle family after the passing of lege…
Retweeted by Frazer clarke💔 In a day and age where the term ‘legend’ is thrown about so loosely, here’s a man who epitomised the word! The…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeR.I.P Brendan Ingle MBE The sport has lost a great man who created a legacy ...
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeJust heard about the passing of Brendan Ingle. A sad day for boxing, he did so much for the sport and the community…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeThoughts go out to all the Ingle family and fighters ... R.I.P Brendan changed the game and changed a lot of fighters life’s for the betterWords of advice
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Ladies & Gentlemen I give you #RandyWatson 🤣
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Well this has fucked up my brain 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeThoughts are with those effected by what happened at Manchester Arena a year ago today.. This world needs happiness…
Retweeted by Frazer clarke''I feel totally confident in winning this fight'' 🥊 @JoshTaylorBoxer says he isn't fazed by the prospect of faci…
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Oooo sorry
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeSpecial special player! #Legend
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@morr1s666 true mate my bad ... just few fools then other than that great supporters
Well done Warrington boxed well and won .Leeds fans are still fools and not Barry jones but the other fella is always biased in commentaryHappy birthday, @DarrenBarker82! 👊🎁🎉🎈
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeBehind this man tonight come on bro so the business*P4P rankings updated* 1. Lomanchenko 2. GGG 3. Tyson Fury 4. Billy Joe Saunders 5. Sam Maxwell 6. Tyrone Mccullag…
Retweeted by Frazer clarke @SamuelCarter148 timberlands / fakes or AirMax that look like they’ve done 10000 games of half way and st Luke’s @SamuelCarter148 white vest ? Crosshatch jeans ? 👌🏽 @BarryJonesBox 😂😂 it’s half tempting mate but I couldn’t be around or amongst it .... to many hard cases that have never had a fightSelby, Diaz & Jack are my picks for the boxing this evening, 8/1 if your a betting man.. 💸
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeWould love to go and watch the #SelbyWarrington fight tonight ... wouldn’t trust myself to be around all those muppet Leeds fans #hardcases
In February, Heavyweight @CheavonClarke spoke to @bigdaddybunce about boxing in the World Series of Boxing 🇬🇧 Toni…
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Where champions are made 👌🏽
Some Top talent at GB 🇬🇧 headquarters today #Worldclassprogram
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeSound fun son enjoy HAND ON THE BUTTON! - WBC world middleweight champion, Sergio Martinez (@maravillabox) conclusively and abrupt…
Retweeted by Frazer clarke"The public want me to go against Yarde. It's a fight in demand so that is the one I want" @BoxingBuatsi eyes dome…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkePatrick Evra and Dimitar Berbatov
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeWalking through Sheffield getting that steel city feeling for tomorrow night 🤣🕺🏼 #FullMonty #PostOfficeScene
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeSmash it everyone 👍🏾
'People like me aren’t supposed to win Commonwealth gold medals' - @TeamEngland @gbboxing super-heavyweight…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeSick of people insulting @JorgeLinares by saying he quit or should have got up, he tried his best but 10 seconds j…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeWhat a nob! 😂
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeWooow them stairs aren’t just hard ... deadly when ya slip on them 😂 glad no one was about !!
Absolute legend.... enjoy @carras16... I am sure the OT fans will give you a very well deserved send off! @ManUtd l…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeCongratulations @rioferdy5 . Truly deserved mate and you capped it with a great winning speech. #legend #BAFTATV
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There are few greater things in life than seeing your friends succeed. This man has had a great 12 months, moved to…
Retweeted by Frazer clarke#vasyllomachenko #HistoryMaker 2 x Olympic Champion 🥇 2 x World Amateur Champion 🥇 3 x World Champion in three dif…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeSo final destination 7 miles we meet @BigFrazeBoxer @TFSolutions1 @bssindustrial @DonnaLouiseUK thank you for the p…
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Big thanks to the very kind folk at @FreedomBrewery for sharing their special #my25thhour lager in celebration of…
Retweeted by Frazer clarke @BooHoderin I remember that fam 😉 @DailyMirror Yea ok “expert” 😂😂 seriously, Daily Mirror having a laugh even giving her a voice, no way she gets pai…
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I’m seeing billion pound deals the heavyweight division is booming .... save me some cake 🍰B I G F R A Z E soon come for that pieProud to announce the largest TV rights deal in the history of boxing with landmark $1bn broadcast deal with…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeImagine someone in the world takes this seriously & actually thinks this.. Slowly but surely there’s more & more do…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeIf you’ve been to the last few shows you would have seen our new video that will be shown pre main event moving for…
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Amazing to hear such positive news 🙏🏻
Retweeted by Frazer clarke😂😂 classic Fowler you booked your tickets for next weeks @WSB_Boxing match which will be held at Ponds Forge Sports Centre in Sh…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeHow can you hate someone you've never met?
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeHere's a look back at Roberto Duran in training. The old school is still the best school.
Retweeted by Frazer clarke @boxingsecurity thought of you when I saw the Goodwood brawl this week..we need SAUK at the races please 🏇👍
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeWhat is going on 😩 stop this ... life is to precious insight as Tim Bradleys father ‘Big Ray’ tells us how he motivates his son 🤣
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeThe journey continues.
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Ryan Giggs says Sir Alex Ferguson has been the biggest influence on his career. Watch more
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeAre you new to the Construction Design Regulations 2015? We offer this Safety Management Service and many more #SMS
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeYo @BIGBABYMILLER I know your being avoided, so am I . I’ll come to your back yard in Brooklyn, I am just a 4-0 no…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeTOP CLASS international boxing heads to Sheffield on Thursday 17 May as we take on the Astana Arlans in the…
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Retweeted by Frazer clarkeOn this Day 2005, Diego Corrales unified the WBO and WBC Lightweight titles with arguably the comeback of all time…
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So happy for @TonyBellew was deffo worth the 400 mile round trip 👌🏽 people talk about his bomb I think his best weapon is his brain 🧠.@boxingbuatsi reminds of Errol Spence but bigger. Systemically breaks opponents down, can finish, not afraid to ta…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeCongratulations to @TonyBellew & @davidcoldwell. Unlucky @mrdavidhaye you’ve had a fantastic career. Brilliant figh…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeHaving to pay @BigFrazeBoxer 100quid just makes my night worse 😂😂
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@TonyBellew do the job bro 👊🏾
THE INBETWEENERS: Jay from The Inbetweeners gate crashed the Bellew v Haye 2 press conference to give his friend Ad…
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We're in the golden age of pro boxing now, according to @mickconlan11 & @JamieConlan11 - and they reckon Belfast's…
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeBacking him on Saturday or not you will not find a man with a bigger heart!
Retweeted by Frazer clarkeHappy 43rd Birthday to David Beckham! Here's a tribute from the one and only Brad Bobley 🇺🇸😅
Retweeted by Frazer clarke"Boxing is a very brutal sport. And if you come in the ring, you need to die in the ring..." - @VasylLomachenko 💥…
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