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@veekster @FujifilmX_US your photos are stunning @veekster @FujifilmX_US awesome! I'm really excited about the GFX!15.8 million new jobs. 20 million more people insured. 165,000 troops home from war. Serving as your VP was the greatest honor of my life.
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet @fujifilmshooter bravoOptimists are the best @JohnnyPatience agreed. I am really excited about the GFX more than another digital camera right now. @JohnnyPatience X1D :) @stevesi mostly old, white, male and (extremely) rich. DTS, indeed. @jordancooper Trello @JohnnyPatience It’s a bit of a learning curve and then becomes second nature (at least for me!) @iMaffo i’ll check it out. thank you. @chrismichel :) @goldman πŸ™ @chrismichel the M10 looks magical. But dumb question: where do you load the film? πŸ˜‚I have been fighting email forever. For the last week I have been at inbox zero thx to Inbox for Gmail + Sanebox on this powerful podcast with my good friend @jerrycolonna. So honest and open. ❀️
@jordancooper @nabeel @kevinthau 😊Protecting The Right To Speak And Write And Blog
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@chrismichel @om yes!!.@_gabrielrflores some of my current favs: the moth, TED radio hour, Reply All, 10% happier, Song Exploder @nabeel we need to get better microphones. check out @marcoarment mega review episode of Hallway Chat, a podcast by me and @nabeel with a very special guest @kevinthau :) @bennie wonderful photos, Ben 😍. Cambodia is amazing.
@DGDCphotos thanks sir!Ok. Sounds like a plan. I’ll be marching with my family on Saturday in DC. Please join us.… @andrewtlove @arainert lol
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@fujifilmshooter yes! @jorgeq thanks, glad you like them! @aminsabet @TMobile wow wow wow @jakobfoto ah, I didn't know there was a podcast. I'll check it out. Thx!Available on Netflix as well watched this documentary, Minimalism. So powerful and a wake up call for sure. is the time.
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@realDonaldTrump please lead and unite with deep compassion for all people. Oh and keep in mind our country isn't a reality tv show ✌️ @adam_messinger amazing book. Read it 25 years ago and left a permanent mark.As the first black POTUS leaves office with honor, a new president supported by white nationalists fights with John Lewis on MLK weekend.
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@permundum thanks! @veekster so glad you like them! πŸ™ @JohnnyPatience πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ @jakobfoto here to serve! @chrismichel thanks sir πŸ™ @JoeyPascoPhoto @shawnhoke @nabeel hmm, my gmail labels came over just fine. @JoeyPascoPhoto @nabeel it’s a bit of a learning curve. But then it will make sense and so useful @physicalgrain @read_salt :) @HannahOmid thx!Some film photographs of Thailand’s west coast @bijan @kevinrose @SOHN new The XX album dropped as well. Good day for music.
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet @JoeyPascoPhoto @nabeel yes! @kevinrose @SOHN yes!Dear @nabeel I was so wrong about Google Inbox. You were so right. I love it. ❀️
@chrismichel @filmspiritual thanks :) @chrismichel @filmspiritual one more @chrismichel @filmspiritual Yes :) @bfeld beautiful @wunderlichfoto honored 😊 @fromedome unreal @fujifilmshooter thanks! @niklasanderson will do! @niklasanderson thanks!Thank you Mr President for your character, leadership and grace. We will miss you. (Washington DC, 2012) @Sibbiblue thank you
@chrismichel thanks! @stevenkane :) @tnguyen3 thank you. @pedromoreno thanks @irace very cool. Vietnam is on our bucket list.A collection of film photographs from our visit to Cambodia, December 2016 πŸ‡°πŸ‡­
I'm not crying. Just something in both my eyes. That's all. @JohnnyPatience @chrismichel aw, thanks my friend. @chrismichel awesome to finally meet you in person!It turns out that endlessly defending Putin and not releasing tax returns is a bad combo @cohen awesome. I love it too 😊 @LetsExploreMag thanks! @niklasanderson thanks. We had a great visit. When were you there?Congratulations to @gofundme + @crowdrise