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YESSSSS #stevekornaki
Stop it. Doug is the cutest. #AlabamaSenateElectionMan, I hope someone tells @realDonaldTrump to make an exception and turn on the TV just this once. Otherwise, I gue…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerI'm sorry for all the bad things I said to you, New York Times Needle
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerROLL TIDE AND HAPPY HANUKKAH!!!!! #ALSen #DougJones #NYTNeedle
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerDonald Trump endorsed Luther Strange and he lost. Donald Trump endorsed Roy Moore and he lost. To a Democrat. In Alabama.
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerI just smiled at the NYT needle the way Meryl smiles at Hathaway at the end of Devil
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerOh @CNN makes a good point— this isn’t about Trump or Moore… this is about having a competent, legitimate candidate… tomorrow morning. Blaming constituents and Fake News., you just got a new follow from Minnesota. Much love, bro! @mikayladreyer I take it back the needle comment. THIS would be the best job.Alabama. I want to thank every single 1 of u who voted for #DougJones4Senate because today u voted for a more perfe…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerHappy Hannukah to Roy Moore's lawyer
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerI’m feeling as though Don and Mitch might not be having as good of a night as some of us are. #AlabamaSpecialElectionWell done, America. Well done. #AlabamaSenateElectionThe light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerBREAKING: @GDouglasJones elected the next Senator from Alabama! Welcome to the Senate, Doug. #AlabamaSenateElection
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerI LOVE YOU, ALABAMA!!!!! #dontelectthepedophileHoly god we beat an obvious pedophile.
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerWatching the #NYTNeedle and trying to be Obama but being Marian
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerI love/hate/love/hate that fucking NYT needle.
Retweeted by Brigitte Leiningerme forcing myself to read a book and not stare at the New York Times needle all night
Retweeted by Brigitte Leiningerfucking needle. #nytneedleyeah sex is cool but have you ever watched the new york times needle move over to the blue?
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerI watch people watching the needle.
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerThe #NYTNeedle is the car crash you can't help but look at and gives you PTSD.
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerJUST IN: Footage shows Trump with some sexual misconduct accusers after he claimed he "never met" them…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerOn my tombstone please write: “He’s here because of the New York Times election needle.”
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerIf he can’t go to the shopping mall should he go to the senate
Retweeted by Brigitte Leininger @mikayladreyer is the best television moment i've seen in JUST A REALLY LONG TIME. soon, Karen...too soon.
Retweeted by Brigitte Leininger
Hi Alabama, Please don’t vote for the child molester. Thanks, God
Retweeted by Brigitte Leininger19 women. 19 women have now accused @realDonaldTrump of sexual assault/sexual misconduct. 19.
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerI might get #hatetweets for this, but what if there just weren’t any women who directed at a #GoldenGlobes2018 nomi…
Looking to date someone who is 1. not a murderer. That’s it. #standardshmmm @scottkfoley’s hair is no good. #littletoolong #FinalVisionAnyone else planing to live tweet #FinalVision tonight???? #mfm #myfavoritemurder #FinalVisionSweepsCongrats! You barely beat an 0-12 team
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerSpending my afternoon dinking around, watching ID, and making #mfm crafty things. #ssdgm #myfavoritemurder wish this was us. THE HELL #vikings #skol
"When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like," says photographer Paul…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerThis is literally why Al Franken was just forced to resign
Retweeted by Brigitte Leininger
You can’t make this stuff up: Trump held Hanukkah celebration tonight, five days early, ahead of his Mar-a-Lago get…
Retweeted by Brigitte Leininger
My week on Twitter 🎉: 2 Mentions, 32 Likes, 7 Retweets, 490K Retweet Reach, 2 Replies, 15 Tweets. See yours with… guy came through my TL today; just wanted to notify/remind my friends who are following him that he’s actually…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerThis legit was a Friend’s episode.'m Concerned That In This Stifling Political Climate I Won't Be Able To Just Casually Ask Coworkers To Have My Baby
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerI’m just gonna start walking up and down the grocery store aisle yelling “WHERE MY BACKGROUND SINGERS?” when a good…’t even get the God-darn quote right. in the United States Senate has been the great honor of my life. Full floor speech here:
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What a bunch of morons.
This is the largest elimination of protected land in American history. Take Action:
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerThis is what's on Patagonia's home page right now.
Retweeted by Brigitte Leininger @jasonmatheson lights in the park, Phalen Park
.@jasonmatheson if you’ve loved the last few years of #ChristmasCarol, you may not like this year... I’ve seen it t… Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation. Leigh Corfman and other victims are coura…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerLooking at you, @jonfavsHow do you proenounce the word spelled “Grocery”?
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerHow do you proenounce the word spelled “Grocery”?
BREAKING: Haim Saban thanks Jared Kushner, on video, for committing a crime during the transition. America has on…
Retweeted by Brigitte Leininger.@guillermodiazyo is alllll kinds of creeptastic in #DatingGameKiller.Trying to stay up wayyyy past my bedtime to watch a murder show. Monday is already looking bleak.I like to believe in my soul that @TonyDungy is, at his core, a @Vikings fan..@johnbcrist so, bout dat football gayme. #14to9 #vikeswin8thinarow #missedfieldgoal
Oh my god, he just admitted to obstruction of justice. If Trump knew Flynn lied to the FBI when he asked Comey to l…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerJust to be SUPER CLEAR: The GOP's tax scam bill is NOT law yet. At the very least, the House will have to vote one…
Retweeted by Brigitte Leiningeri gotta agree with the GOP on one point though: i'd also rather kill millions of people than read a tax plan
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerMy graduate research focuses on improving diagnostic imaging of yr exact type of brain cancer but hey thx 4 voting…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerThe @SenateGOP just voted against protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from future cuts. Make no mist…
Retweeted by Brigitte Leiningerliterally all 52 Rs voted against letting Senators read the new tax code before voting on it.
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerIn the TAX PLAN they put in An abortion law reclassifying life at conception. A clause to drill oil in Alaska’s a…
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerFolks, I think we need to start coming to terms with the idea that the rapture happened and only David Bowie and Prince made the cut.
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerDemocrats should talk about what happened tonight every single day from now until November of 2018.
Retweeted by Brigitte LeiningerWe politely asked to adjourn till Monday morning. So we could read and study the bill we were just given. Answer wa…
Retweeted by Brigitte Leininger