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And we're underway. #NEvsJAX 📲 Follow along for updates from the AFC Championship game. toss: The Jaguars called heads, and the coin came up heads. Jacksonville chose to defer. The Patriots will rec… Jaguars. AFC Championship. 📲 Follow along. along as the #patriots take on the Jaguars in the AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium.… @NoraPrinciotti @BenVolin Brady examining the tape job with a member of the training staff. #NEvsJAX
Retweeted by The Boston Globe @NoraPrinciotti Via @BenVolin, who is on the sideline at Gillette Stadium, Brady took a snap from under center, is…
Retweeted by The Boston Globe @NoraPrinciotti Brady examining his thumb and the accompanying tape. #NEvsJAX
Retweeted by The Boston GlobeA closeup, via AP, of Brady’s hand. Story:
Retweeted by The Boston Globe @NoraPrinciotti Here's a closer look at Brady and the tape on his right hand. #NEvsJAX
Retweeted by The Boston Globe"The hardest thing is to surround yourself with quality people ... and then having continuity," Robert Kraft said a…’s Brady throwing:
Retweeted by The Boston GlobeWatch: Tom Brady throwing during warmups: #NEvsJAX
Retweeted by The Boston GlobeTom Brady's injury reportedly required more than 10 stitches. are 5 things @BenVolin suggests to keep your eye on during #NEvsJAX: 1️⃣ Brady’s hand 2️⃣ Stopping JAX on fi… @NoraPrinciotti, Tom Brady is wearing a piece of black tape on his injured right hand, but no glove, and is war… the Patriots’ defensive front seemed to get better as the season wore on: The team brought in quick studies who… few notes on the Patriots: 🔘 9-4 in AFC Championship games, including 5-1 at Gillette Stadium 🔘 Have scored 30 o… Study: Here's what to expect from the Jaguars. #NEvsJAX
Retweeted by The Boston GlobeOur crew at Gillette Stadium will have updates and analysis throughout the AFC Championship game. 📲 Follow along.… Cooks out for warmups. #NEvsJAX
Retweeted by The Boston Globe“Thank goodness it wasn’t as severe as we thought it could be, but you don’t know, and today will be a great test,"… are pushing for a short-term deal and Democrats are calling for compromise, but agreement doesn’t seem… NE: RB Mike Gillislee TE Jacob Hollister DL Alan Branch WR Kenny Britt OL LaAdrian Waddle WR Bernard Re… few notes on the Jaguars: 🔘 Put up the NFL’s second-best red-zone TD percentage this season (64%) 🔘 Ranked secon… Wise Jr. out early warming up under the sun. #NEvsJAX
Retweeted by The Boston GlobeAbout two hours before kickoff, Patriots center David Andrews was out on the field in the mild air wearing shorts a…
Retweeted by The Boston GlobeFilm Study: Here's what to expect from the Jaguars. #NEvsJAX report: How the #patriots and #Jaguars match up. #patriots are the team America loves to hate, @Dan_Shaughnessy says. But they'll defeat the #Jaguars, even if T… Tom Brady will play. The Patriots will win. And the rest of America will keep hating.… @BenVolin: What to watch for when the #patriots take on the #Jaguars in the AFC title game.… few notes on the Patriots: 🔘 NE is 21-4 at home in the playoffs, including 2-0 against JAX. 🔘 Tom Brady is 5-0 v…'s some #NEvsJAX pregame reading: 🔘 How the Patriots & Jaguars match up: 🔘 5 things to… year after the Women’s March, what’s changed? is upbeat on economy and critical of Trump, poll says Lester, 78, UMass professor emeritus, writer, and activist Trump suggested the "nuclear option" in the Senate to end the government shutdown, but Mitch McConnell's… Stevens: “I thought I would never put anything in front of [hockey], ever. But I did. That happens with addic… Brady will play in today’s AFC Championship game, despite his thumb injury. #Patriots does the future of retail look like? does someone become an underwater archeologist? Ask Victor T. Mastone. Kinzer in @GlobeIdeas: We toss around the word “genocide” so lightly that it is losing its power to shock.… firefighters rescue dog from Charles River Brady had his hands in his pockets when he arrived at Gillette Stadium, providing no indication about the state… Trump suggested the Senate consider changing its rules in a "nuclear option" to end the government shutdo…ée Graham: “What about Hillary?” is the new “What about Chappaquiddick?” | via @GlobeIdeas @GlobeIdeas: Want to achieve progress? Abandon naïve hope in favor of becoming a little more cynical.… new and unlikely backer has expressed some support for extending commuter rail to New Hampshire.… today’s Globe: Warren’s heritage claim still an issue, finger-pointing on first day of shutdown, the year of the… Ethics probe barely alive, as those who spoke up fear Senate reprisals is plagued by clunky software and the dreaded freeze-frame. Somerville’s Owl Labs wants to change… ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Boston makes its pitch for Amazon’s HQ2’s Pete Holmes got Judd Apatow’s attention. He’s now a comedy star. accusing Bryon Hefner of sexual misconduct are afraid of retaliation if they cooperate with the investigation… TV churning out so many murder mysteries — including some excellent ones — originality counts more than ever.… what a year for women — but what’s changed? Walsh wants to limit short-term rentals to 90 days per year for those renting out an entire apartment, condo,… @GlobeIdeas: The good ol’ days of pork-barrel spending weren’t all that good. for lots of finger-pointing, it was quiet on Capitol Hill for the first day of the government shutdown.… sat down with Martha Stewart and discussed all things travel:’s a ghost haunting Elizabeth Warren as she enters her reelection campaign. With Tom Brady . . . without Tom Brady . . . it doesn’t really matter. The Patriots will win.… today’s Globe: The year of the woman and what’s changed, Walsh’s plan to take on short-term rentals, Warren’s he… representatives from the “Boston Chamber of Commerce” did their best to win over Amazon’s chief executive on th… study says $8.7 trillion — 11.5 percent — of global household financial wealth resides in tax havens.… The reasons for mandatory retirement of those at the top are powerful, says @jimbraude.… O’Malley took the rare step of publicly repudiating Pope Francis. Kraft was so concerned about Tom Brady’s injury, he immediately flew back to Boston. are lawmakers in Washington fighting over?“If I stayed on that path, I’m not standing here now — I’m 6 feet under,” Kevin Stevens said.… of people gathered around the region Saturday for local versions of the #WomensMarch2018.… Brady will play in AFC Championship game today’s Globe: Finger-pointing on Day 1 of shutdown, Warren’s heritage claim still an issue, Walsh to take on Ai… shutdown drags on as partisans dig in than 150 people had to be rescued from a hotel in Kabul after Taliban fighters stormed the building.… year after the Women’s March, what’s changed? buses will replace early morning train service for a section of the Orange Line on Sunday.… from across Massachusetts on Saturday teamed up by school and created scaled model cities, complete with r… men’s basketball team defeats Navy