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Audience development @HuffPostCanada. Thoughts on journalism, books, wackiness. Vancouverite turned Torontonian. Runs for coffee, beer, snacks.

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Mascots everywhere else: Let's make them look cute. Mascots in Philly: Can this guy scare children on the street? 🤔 is Justice. She was supposed to be a leader dog for the blind, but never mastered stairs. Now she works in MSU…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahInstagram’s Co-Founders Said to Step Down From Company via @NYTimes
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahLol lol lol @kimbui Hi Kim. @griffithgreene and I say hi. you going through your #ONA18 notes? @kimbui has a step-by-step process for processing all the great things you…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahModerating a massive social network like Facebook is a devilishly complex issue. Facebook could be better for sure.… is not making me like him more... people who are unaware of the relationships between technology and policy in Canada, check out @the_logic. Deep…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahThis is part of what Facebook is doing re: election monitoring. Creating a war room, trying to monitor fake posts,…’m also going to point to @zephoria’s keynote from #ONA18 on media manipulation... just to point out how bad it ca… on just how bad it is out there re: online harassment... @sarahjeong’s “Internet of Garbage” #6DegreesTO @artipatel Proud of you Arti! the folks @suepgardner mentioned today are definitely worth a follow: @zeynep @superwuster @Yascha_Mounk and th… @shelbyblackley You rock, Shelby!
@griffithgreene @kimfox That’s @FarFarrAway 👏👏👏 @karenkho In Doug Ford’s Ontario, though... @kimfox They debuted him in front of CHILDREN, Kim. @brfreed Just pin that tweet. @torontolibrary does a ton of great work around immigration and refugee settlement (eg. learn english classes, job… pal @kimfox tries REALLY hard to make me like Philadelphia... and then @NHLFlyers go and make this guy their mas… morning: wake up, roll over, pick up your phone and
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahVery excited that @SuePGardner is giving the LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture tonight at @6DegreesTO in Toronto on the da…
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Oh! That’s what that was. @Laur_Katz I mean... if it’s raining go to a museum. Not raining... go outside? @malloriesullivn’s really remarkable to see the gender split in responses to this article about obesity. The negative responses a…
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This piece on Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" is NPR's version of "Decorative Gourd Season" out #Hometown, our new blog series sharing the stories of Canada's small towns, rural communities
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah👏👏👏 @juliachanb 🐙🎉
Professors from around the world are calling on Ontario to reinstate basic income pilot via… have seen a steady increase in the number of homeless people using their facilities. Instead of ki…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahThey’re learning from an all-star!
Oooh ooh! Now do Canada :) if the biggest health risk for overweight people is not their weight but the shame and stigma society and the…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @malloriesullivn I had to point to one thing that pushed me on to journalism... It's probably Wired magazine. @highline piece on obesity is powerful and SO IMPORTANT. Alex is great and full of amazing ideas. Someone hire her quick.
We've got daily news briefings on Amazon Echo & Google Home Enabl…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahONA offers fellowships, grant and training opportunities year-round. Stay in touch by subscribing to the ONA Weekly…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @glynbowerman Yeah. Apparently they’re around. I saw one with a fish in it’s mouth near Ontario place.Proud of my team & their #COPAwards nominations • Continuing coverage - #MeToo • Video c…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @TheGogglette The flu suuucks get the shot.Omg @IamSandraOh 's mom wore a hanbok. 🙌🙌🙌
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @hwise29 @dallasnews @SlackHQ @mWilstory I’ve heard Headline Rodeo... Headline Canoe (canoodle)... I like these names. @shelbyblackley @globeandmail You. Are. Gonna. Kill. It. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Wow! Time magazine sold to Salesforce founder Marc Benioff @versharma They were a ton of fun to do!Honestly I'm fine with "were you a piece of shit in high school" being the bar.
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahShoutout to @IrvWashington3, @jstrelitz, @MobileTrevor, @JMizgata, @mmurphydc, @karolletiana, @nekolaweb,…
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Want to give a huge shoutout to my amazing #ona18 social team for putting up with me. Also 👏👏👏 to all the volunte… @Lmazade It’s been a slice! 🍕Thank you for putting up with my food puns and Canadianisms, eh.! Forgot about the small but mighty @thediscourseSome day, I will attend an ONA and not hear a well-meaning white person ask how they can find people of color to hi…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @ericlamTO @tictoc Stay safe, buddy. @rachelsklar @lpolgreen I also remember the time Jean Chretien choked that protester that got in his way. 😬Good luck to all the nominees... and extra nudge of good luck to Canadian nominees @TorontoStar @globeandmail 🇨🇦🙌
I hope that @zigzagpod gets a ton of downloads after today's #ONA18Trends Perfect listening for your plane ride home...Amy's talk is probably the clearest explanation of journalism uses for blockchain I've heard yet. @rachelsklar @lpolgreen I thought it was his wife? @lpolgreen It’s up there.👏 👏 👏 to the amazing team I get to work with. @alexlaughs I don’t know... I’ll decide after Amy Webb’s session. @likaluca, if you, like me, are still thinking about the ongoing court challenges related to the city's election on a Frid…
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This thread. is still happening.
While all of you are getting pretty for the ONA party tonight... let's talk about #ONA18run #ONA18 Meet at 7:30 a… Mobile ads aren't as bad, annoying as desktop ads... so people stick around slightly longer? @Lmazade It's from all that knowledge that got downloaded into your brain. LOL.Re: this Q on psychology of gun ownership in the U.S. Reminded of the Onion's move to post this… @MattNorsworthy 👋😬 @graciemckenzie 😱😱😱#onaselfie. Thrilled to be here with @DianaALopezF #ona18 is that @MobileTrevor in the background? to be at #ONA18 and working with the social media team. Kicking things off in a few minutes. @sarabynoe “Enjoy la croy”! @ylichterman You’re still en route? @ericlamTO
Now this is a pun. @nicholasmizera @DanaSchwartzzz @simashakeri What a lovely portmanteau... cc @alishakapishaaCan not wait for this.
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah👏👏👏 @juliachanb @ONA Lightning rod?
Sarah has been at the heart of literary culture in North America as long as I've been a journalist. This is a book…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahThis. @CraigSilverman I get those too.So very excited that I get to work with these talented people to cover #ONA18 Follow them t…
BREAKING: Justice Edward Belobaba has rejected Premier Ford's council cuts legislation, saying that Bill 5 being en…
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@stingstingsting But soon it’ll be “pudgy squirrel season”
@briannehogan Brb writing “Steve” on to my eyelids... @trufelman @99piorg This looks amazing!Aaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh @KimekoM @ajc @EricaAlyssa @rosemfrench @News2toone @erniesuggs @RuePorter 👏 👏 👏
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Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah.@onlyandrewn will be there, right?