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Social media editor @HuffPostCanada @aolca. Thoughts on journalism, books, wackiness. Vancouverite turned Torontonian. Runs for coffee, beer, snacks.

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@gleegz I am DED or cuteness. 👻👻👻 @molly_knight Made me laugh. Also glad he couldn’t pull that against the Jays last year.😂😂😂 @WilliamShatner Also Universal Soldier with Jean Claude Van Damme? Yea? @hufflepunked @marikapea @Nicole_Cliffe I think you need to frame that tweet, Rachel.Whale! What do you know?! @hels I hope some poor lady named Helen Rosen isn’t getting swarmed by angry right-wingers. 😕 @kimfox @phillybusiness What kind of city have you moved to?! @kimfox @phillybusiness I thought you were going to send me pizza puppy! That's my fave Philly story of the day. Philly Pizza Puppy!cc @Lin_Manuel! I need to read this. THIS BOY ALL THE BASEBALLS
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Voting for the ONA Board of Directors closes in three days! ONA members, cast your votes now
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahRunning a marathon. @mkapral #bunsontherun #BabywewereborntobunThere ya go. Q is it “Reeding” or “Red-ing” Railroad? @lisahopeking Lucky you. Seattle is a great town.Behold, science in 2017: One of the biggest astrophysics discoveries of the decade was announced via slack…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahIf you're a man unsure of what to do to support women right now in your daily life (beyond, like, not sexually hara…
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Did you know? @longform has a ridiculously good collection of classic reprints:
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@ericlamTO good morning, bud! took a very long weekend I think. @SharonDunn54 Oh, he wasn’t my dog. But he bought a lot of joy and comfort to a lot of people.Nooooooooooo! Smiley! RIP to the best of dogs. @imontheradio The music/art thing is interesting. Our parents want us to do piano/violin. But God forbid we want to… this. it, Yankees!In the darkest moments of winter let this sustain you Blue Jays fans.
No more excuses. The Rohingya need our help.
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @laura_nelson Don’t encourage the Quebecois... they have a history of wanting to leave Canada. @rachsyme Sassy Trebek is the best Trebek.
@dannavarrojr The nerd in me thinks this... @shelbyblackley @Busta_ @globeandmail Yay Shannon!Werth should’ve pursued that ball a bit more? What?! 2 largest community platforms have no community managers to advocate for users
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahI just received this statement from @Caradelevingne detailing her experience with Harvey Weinstein. Thank you, Cara.
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahHey @NickSiano_ @ClarkBuckner you've seen me do this in real time in Nashville, but they got it on video!
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @KaylaAGreaves Is ‘bible’ your code word for Instagram?
This is what Nenshi deals with every day. Yet, he proudly attends dozens of events every week, with a smile on his…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahMan wanted for alleged sexual assault of woman at Toronto Union Station: police
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @ericlamTO I get that empty feeling when I see food on your feed and then realize that bc of time zones it has all been eaten.I don't think that word means what you think it means
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@taymgraham Ooo. Probably not. Kinda spiky. @juliamacfarlane Where?! @taymgraham Probably jackfruit @mtfarnsworth @fergb @MobileTrevor NM! I found it :D @fergb @MTFarnsworth Hi gang, do you know where I can fin the Table Talks notes. Trying to get together all of my ONA notes
I still get an eensy bit sappy when a crowd sings "Take me out to the ball game."How can people rationalize putting neighbors in camps? @thedailybeast excerpt from ONE LONG NIGHT on the Rohingya.
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahMe removing all of the #ona17 columns from Tweetdeck. @CromartyHeather I read it... remnants could hit the lower Great Lakes and maritimes later this week. So... it could get rainy?Dream or nightmare? @alexlaughs I just got an Alexa! Cannot wait to try this out!This could be a Norman Rockwell painting,
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahUh @TwitterSupport, what’s going on here?
@ylichterman @PhillyInquirer @nytimes @washingtonpost What section does he read first?🔥🔥🔥 @CelesteCote @ONAConf I’m so glad I got to hang with you. XoI believe this painting is titled “Very good boy in Autumn.” @griffithgreene @amywebb I love this gif.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 to the staff, speakers and volunteers who made #ona17 amazing. Thanks for all the amazing conversations and… news for the Globe, and delighted for them, but also Cdn journalism: we can absolutely compete with the best.
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahGoing from #ona17 to another kind of marathon... watching my pals run the Chicago Marathon. #chimarathon many memories.
Congrats to the winners and nominees at the OJAs! A particular cheers to my friends at the @globeandmail. Félicitations! #ONA17
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahTonight at #oja17 Congrats to my pals @globeandmail💯💯💯 Huge honour for such an important project. Congrats @robyndoolittle @LBlenkinsop @j_agius @__m_pereira #oja17
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahThe Globe has won the @UF Award for Investigative Data Journalism for our #unfounded project. Read it here: #OJA17
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahI'm so grateful I got to work with @KarenWorkman and such a great team at #ona17. Thanks to all of you. night always inspires me. And this room looks beautiful. #ona17
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahAwwwww. @Maghielse @KarenWorkman :(Is Donald Trump: #ona17satire #ona17Yes? many times have you been spoofed by CBC's This Or That... be honest. is my unofficial #ona17 MVP (Most Valuable Pet) def.