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Audience development @HuffPostCanada. Thoughts on journalism, books, wackiness. Vancouverite turned Torontonian. Runs for coffee, beer, snacks.

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Canada! Canada! @nicholasmizera I’m your friend, Nick. C’mon man. 😭To all my friends celebrating Pride in Toronto! Enjoy!!! Doing a little dance so that the rain stays away. @Dougerino @summerbrennan Omg omg omg @stateofthecity Happy Sunday, Brian!I never saw images of gay black men in love growing up, and this lack of representation has always haunted me. So,…
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@Luminato does @TheMagFields show start at 8:00? Or is it doors at 8:00?What drivers often don't seem to understand: Ringing my bike bell is my way to say "I'm here, please don't kill me!…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahThe Red Hen owner explains what happened, why she asked Sarah Sanders to leave, and why she’d do it again…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @MobileTrevor @eflind Oooh. Star Trek podcast... sign me up, Jim! @MobileTrevor @eflind Most definitely. I spent a few years as a book critic... I could build walls with my books.Happy #PrideTO. Be kind & generous to each other & remember, Pride is political. 🏳️‍🌈 😘
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahThis time-lapse of King Street is mesmerizing. Also: look at all the drivers breaking the law.
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @MobileTrevor @eflind It also me. @shelbyblackley @arkellsmusic @TimHortonsField @MERITBrewing Then have another? 😂 @shelbyblackley @arkellsmusic @TimHortonsField @MERITBrewing Have the Rally beer!The future that will never be: A Toronto cyclist struck down, a family left to grieve, by @PattyWinsa
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahDamnit @whiterockcity, put up a sign or something. You're gonna get someone disappeared.
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@cfnorsworthy "If you're late because of this... can you milk it for all it's worth?" Take a bow @MeganDeLaireRoad safety becoming a concern for residents associations, too. Harbord Village Residents' Association did their ow…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahLooking for an emerging Indigenous journalist this fall to work in @huffpostcanada Toronto newsroom…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @DeidreLOlsen In Toronto? @cfnorsworthy I see these stories all the time. It never o-curd to me that it could happen right here.I’m ok with this. @cfnorsworthy Oh god, all the puns. 😂A lot has been written about Bruce McArthur. @Justin_Ling and I wanted to find out more about the eight men McArthu…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahHey @Marvel fans- Here's @NylaBot and I on @CBCTheNational talking about Snowguard and the Champions!…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahThe Devil Wears Zara
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @sarabynoe @sarabynoe You’d have a posse in Toronto... but go with your heart
@RandiMShaffer Canadian instinct :) @RandiMShaffer Oh. Sorry. @mjblair Please let it be this? @TorontoStar has just named @IreneGentle as the next Editor in Chief. She makes history as the first woman edit…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @RandiMShaffer Why? 😢The Hadhad family, originally from Syria, came to Canada as refugees. Now they live in Nova Scotia, where they've s…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @p_evans @sproudfoot @CollectiveBrew Their hazy ipa is also quite nice.... @hels @maxlinsky Looking forward to this! @LQLauraQuinn @TorontoSymphony 🤟🤟🤟 @ericlamTO It’s those rebellious, backstabbing Altos!Drivers see the basic negotiation of street space as “I’m supposed to go as fast as I can, and cyclists and pedestr…
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@cfnorsworthy @NPRinterns 👏👏👏 @RandiMShaffer News McNewsfaceNo, the news media are not “fake.” Journalists work hard to get facts right. The president, on the other hand, s…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @ericlamTO Yea. Like the one time Milan Lucic brought the Cup to Vancouver.Come find your audience engagement true love! It could be metrics, social promotion, live events, community buildin…
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @nicholasmizera It’s time we disrupt the macaron! Would you like to invest in my startup? mcrns, it’s a macaron del…
@StephLauren I hope your dad is home soon. 🙁😡😡😡 about what's happening here? Don't be. A medievalist can explain. +
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @Rebecca_Mont18 @CBCAlerts Hey, no argument from me.Housing prices forcing teachers out of Vancouver, leaving school board with shortages despite aggressive recruitmen…
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Seen a bunch of cars on the wrong side since #kingstreetpilot started. Appear to be drivers who can't abide waiting…
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This Father’s Day, give dad the gift he’s always wanted. Give the gift... of dinosaurs™️ [Sponsored Tweet]
Retweeted by Ron Nurwisah @deptofhighfives I missed this ?!?!
@andreasilenzi Is that Sheila Heti’s book? @laurendorphin I was cheering for other people while I was running! Lol
@ValerieHowesTP @Todaysparent So sorry to hear this, Val😭😭😭
A very determined good boy! @rosamund @TheGogglette The life.Keep kicking butt, Maura! @michaelroston Is that from the Upside Down?!
Tragedy on Toronto's streets, again. It's too much to take. It's unbearable. It's time to declare a State of Emerge…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahAnother cyclist has died on Toronto's streets. This morning a member of the public works committee, which is respon…
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@Barncatales @groulxsome @beerology @CaskDays I have had this... it was... uhh... funkyMotorists routinely kill and maim people across our city. Drivers: Please slow down. Be patient. Slow down. Don’t…
Retweeted by Ron NurwisahThis is right in your backyard, Mayor @JohnTory. @betsy_klein Like I would do some pretty un-Canadian things for a good char kwei teow @betsy_klein I am soooooo jealous.’s a modern standard, this song. David! Looking forward to seeing what you build. 🖖🏽 @samimain Memorize this... “Je suis une Canadienne” 😉