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Our thought leaders howl "Trump is saying the wrong things! Danger!!" I inquire: what is he saying that's incorrect? Then they go silent. @jasonjdelaney @NickTimiraos @Richard_Florida once more. is any of what trump is saying here not correct? let's start from there. @NickTimiraos @Richard_Florida is what he's saying here incorrect? what parts?State of Michigan bowl games: Michigan Eastern Michigan Central Michigan Western Michigan NOT Michigan State LOL @alex keys are so 2016bargaining stage. a good sign. @sbisson @DanielleMorrill @marypcbuk @friendswbrains I thought of you Simon when she did this. Seemed too forward to cc you ;-)Tech bloggers: DEMAND PETER THIEL BE REMOVED FROM FACEBOOK! BOYCOTT HIS COMPANIES! Tech bloggers: why no techies on Trump's econ board?
@NYMag you should see my bumAn AI-based father. Sexy bionic human. Digital serial killer.! wondering if Michigan or Penn State will jump Washington in the #CollegeFootballPlayoff. Come on, Clemson don't belong.The #CollegeFootballPlayoff gotta dump Clemson. They are simply not a #4.what i drink in the evening (coffee, cream, baileys, kahlua) is apparently called a san patricioWe'll always have beating Penn State by 39. @NicoleAuerbach how do you have ohio state at #2 and michigan not in? michigan went to osu and lost by 3 in double OT. so, OSU #2, Mich #3? @NicoleAuerbach that Ohio state was the only team basically guaranteed a spot (bama, Clemson and Washington could have lost) is borked.As an Ohio State hater, that Ohio State locked-in a playoff spot **before** this week makes me to always hate the #CollegeFootballPlayoff.sloth! @LoveNLunchmeat @dire_beard $80 an hour on adult friend finderIn the new season, Trump wins. Mawahahahahahaaha...... @dire_beard crush potato chips over your Mac n cheese. Who's your daddy now? Who's your daddy, bitch.Oakland fire such a terrible tragedy. No doubt city officials turned a blind eye to such communities knowing how costly rent is. And yet. @matthewfederman @Glinner if folks still think an email server cost clinton the election it's gonna be a very trumpy 8 years. Be woke. @DanielleMorrill my secret shame: I wonder if the hosts' husbands/partners read the same stuff.Homegrown body parts this @MotherJones that was fastDo not fucking question the narrative. doubling down on (evil) white people versus everybody. We can't let their hate and bigotry prevail. 10 refs just said OSU got the 1st down. @MeJohnC ah. Yes. Funny. NOW ARE YOU HAPPY!! @MeJohnC I actually spend a fortune. Blue bottle delivery. 😳 @MeJohnC blockI get it. You really really like coffee. Not everything needs to be a contest.Wow. Amazing interview. I'll have to start watching Tucker Carlson. never ever need to hear that big bang theory song or hear jennifer garner warn me about not getting all my airline miles.Imagine a world where "real news" spent as much time on Obama paying a $400 million ransom to Iran as it did to Trump talking to Taiwan.clever God: Tupac
Mark Gurman is actually reporting on Apple. The rest of the blogosphere is just re-typing Apple press releases. @RobLowe an all women reboot. Don't see how that could miss.cuck hands, Uber! You are subsidizing transportation for millions. needs to get laid best exercise is the one that you'll do. Shut the fuck up!I'm sailing away. Set an open course for the virgin sea. Cause I've got to be free.must read's Rock God's superpower is making smart progressives turn absolutely batshit lying crazy fools who suddenly disavow their very own beliefs. @plumenom @ryanstruyk @Glinner we've sold *billions* in arms to Taiwan and made it plain our friendship with them. Well before Trump. @ryanstruyk @Glinner do you agree or not with trump's statement? seems 100% correct.I lol'd Gurman is actually reporting on Apple. The rest of y'all just re-typing their press releases or straight-up cheerleading. Be better.Apple lacks courage Trump makes Silicon Valley freak out The singularity will be boring has to be serious punishment for a cop who shoots someone in the back who is running away from a traffic stop.I assume Nico Rossberg's been on a week long bender since winning the championship and will come to his senses by Christmas.heavy hitters't have the link but that Farhad column on how Snapchat is different was good.Always wanted a grade school teacher whose last name was Leading so I could say Miss Leading! @evepeyser i mean, a real journalist woulda photoshopped his joker make-up onto thatLiberals actually believe: all of America's successes past 8 years were thanks to Obama. All of Obama's failures were caused by Americans.I have begun my Christmas list @TorchDr check magicalt-right > ctrl-leftline dance! word email to myself. Sent at 3:12 am. No idea what it means. Hate that. @SteveMartinToGo @gearpatrol shinola rules
Apple consumers. Buzzfeed bigots. Amazon doesn't mock religion. France hates some children. She plays with herself. wonderful. Now have TV commercials showing dads fully sacrificing for their sons as well. cc @PatriciaHeaton @Khanoisseur @Snarkaroni @morningmoneyben ease up dude. still 2 months before inauguration. keep your powder dry. go full hitler in 2017.Adorable how Mary Berry has never heard of a snicker-doodle.I'm concerned for Jennifer Garner. She cares way way too much that we're not getting all our points.No, Coke. America, the Beautiful should always be performed in English. @NicoleAuerbach can't we ever just sports anymore?Me: diet starts now! Me to me: we got cake @CarolynCNowak wrote this a couple years ago. May help.