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Hacking mortality

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UPS sought to charge me a truly shocking amount for a package within the US. Do they lose money on Amazon? Make it up on the suckers? @max_1758 @Cernovich trueyeah. it's a boxing match. boxer gonna win. 11 is Apple's Windows 8. It's worse than mere regression. It's anti-user. This only happens with corporate malpractice.Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, I'm ok with a "lifetime" purchase. Companies like Plex, much less so."Trump rolls his eyes and tells a reporter to 'be quiet' during a photo op with White House interns" -- not everything needs to be reported.Ugh. I can't watch Urban Meyer. Can't even listen to him speak. @ArtPicsChannel beautifulThe decline of liberal white America also means that billionaire-backed white liberal media will also die. @WSJPolitics She can resign at any time.Your next decision is clear: do you forgive their hatred of you and your values, when they seek to join you in a new political movement?So your future is still unknown - the (conservative) whites in America. But theirs - the (liberal) white in America is sealed. Doomed.Their flaw was believing that immigrants who didn’t hold your values would become like them - no values!They actually believe if they can destroy Trump we will return to their white liberal Government Managed hegemony. Them still in charge.And so they are using every tool they have. Universities. Immigrants. Illegals. Funded media. Aged cultural hammers. To end you.But their world wasn’t what the immigrants wanted or could attain. + you’re still here. Now they see. They are on the wrong side of history!So sure were they that their world would remain, that the immigrants would work for them and that you would soon enough disappear.And happily benefitted from bringing in literally tens of millions of immigrants including literally tens of millions of illegals.And they did all they could to direct (your) money and resources and media and government toward their lifestyle.They preferred instead the comforts from a protected sector near the “inclusive” city.Though they made their money off you they didn’t like you. Not your hometown. Not your values. Not your faith.They made their money by taxing you. Public sector unions. Universities. Lobbyists. Media funded by liberal billionaires.The rapid decline of the white liberal in America.Angry populists on the right side of history., Apple. The Rock isn't going to encourage us to use Siri. Siri actually working is what's going to encourage us to use Siri.Jeff Sessions has certainly been a disappointment.
1,000 yes’s @Techmeme Without it’s ruthless visionary Steve Jobs figure, Uber can now be defeated with money.400,000 years of experience now validated by science. My bad. Apparently you can support gay marriage and be on Patreon. will never support anyone via @Patreon while the platform bans Christian conservatives and those who support gay… @TheSafestSpace Bob Dylan was the first rapper.Apple and Apple bloggers make money from convincing you otherwise-you must buy (new and more) to be your best self. children. Stop. @SteveStuWill @JayMan471 advertising isn't only to grow the market, but to get people to buy your product, not someone else's.
Made avocado toast! Was good. Not mortgage payment good, but still pretty good. I finally get millennials.🔥🔥🔥 SNAP? It’s the (dead) canary in the coal mine. Innovative product and CEO. $ Billions. Lots of users. Still not enough to thrive.What can slow down Amazon? Walmart - UPS merger? Microsoft cloud? Google AI? The government? (my pick)wow
@Scaramucci “All I wanna do is a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom. Just shake your rump!” - Francis BaconQuick: opposite of nicer?LOL. Lying hacks insisting iPad will be *your* only computer while they are using a laptop to do their work. Lying and dumb.I know. Don't complain about beta software. But iOS 11 is so awful, so bloated, so unresponsive. I can't recall using something this bad.Anyone who says big companies want innovative thinkers is lying or dumb or has never worked at a big company. Sadly… are a genius, a pirate, think differently. And a Christian. And - the horrors! - a Trump supporter. Odds she'll…'s legacy can be making it clear to the world that America is exceptional, not equal, and we will act accordingly.Trump's legacy can be the dismantling of the massive, invasive, voracious federal government complex. America needs this.It's like a Dali painting, but with words. more hot chick on the beach! In a bikini! Playing a saxophone! I wanna do is a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom. Just shake ya rump! They just don't write em like that anymore @tytus_s That actually works as a modern day take on Breakfast Club!
Doesn’t it seem like the only folks making real money off crypto currency are the ones stealing it?Shyp was obviously a failure soon to happen.Also, quick: name 5 characters from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Original characters. It's hard, and that was a fundamental problem with it.My primary issue with Valerian is that folks are comparing it to Avatar and Avatar was dull and stupid.the real generation gap: younger people tolerate ugly, overpriced crap. older people know better.… at Ann Arbor Art Fair using @square.You think there's no better gig, no better life than being a rock star. But rock stars keep proving you wrong.pivot! (actually, bored with most tech so launching 2 projects in the coolest areas of tech. 1st one, hacking mortality. 2nd one TBA.) @HereticOfEthics i will never understand the japaneseMen everywhere love fast cars and hot women. I will never apologize for this. subscription streaming services now offering deals on HBO. Makes me think these services and HBO getting whacked by Netflix & Amazon.these results. wow.
For the love of God don’t tell me. pundits are blind to Trump's biggest, most lasting action. Remaking the bloated, anti-biz, over-reaching executive branch of govt."I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."'s dilemma You can only go: - a day without your iPhone - a week without your Mac - forever without an iPad - you mock Apple WatchPay attention to what Trump attaches his name to and what he refuses to attach his name to.'s work. All issues of Amazing Stories on the Internet Archives and available for download. checks woke af
Do you believe in letting me buy only the channels I want? As our culture and institutions and living spaces become balkanized and antagonistic, Uber is what can bring us together.Great picture🔥🔥"Apple Watch is a hit product." LOL. No. If you have to proclaim it a hit product, it isn't. Details. @barr5tt i have vague memories of it. Vonage had great marketing and was an early mover but the owners of the pipes… @barr5tt I believe Vonage generates lots of cash which they are using to build out their cloud business. Not sure I… this