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@rcallimachi @nytimes didn't have much reason the past 8 yearsFine. I’ll do the whole pretty thing.🇺🇸 killed Harambe. #AcademyAwards🔥 truther"actress in a leading role" -- so Leo gave Warren the wrong envelope? #AcademyAwards truther man is a prophet. #AcademyAwards @raytida i suspect only those who funded it saw itThe crowds for La La Land were way bigger than for Moonlight. #AcademyAwards @chocobopower lolhere here @hyonschu lolLet's fuck with the envelopes. #AcademyAwards best actress. Emma Stone! #Oscars @voxdotcom story ever. has a 92% chance of winning! #Oscars La Land won the popular vote! #OscarsMOONLIGHT has won best picture. This is not a joke. #Oscars @kurt_loder not the first timedelete your site @Mrjspicoli yep @film_girl hated the movie, that looks great, though.Mel Gibson was the best action star of the 80s -- and that's saying something. He then became Hollywood's best director. Talent. #OscarsThe times are "politically charged" because progressive cultural elites lost and hate us for our vote. #theoscars2017Bill Withers best song's gonna be....a lovely day. @Techmeme a shot across the Android least three people in this store with their little dogs. damn. be a fucking adult.Please let this be real @alex last 2 churches I've been in, both had a coffee shop. i think they want the whole environment to be a place folks stay for's why he won the election, in fact
an epic thread revealing the state of journalism. should be a case study. am a fucking sex god! @BrianNiemeier yep.Trump should institute a 25% reduction across the board for every federal agency. is some next level trolling of @TheDemocrats establishment to make the alt left think Keith Ellison had a chance.La La Land is the best. Why did it have to be so white? @elonmusk kites are funSilicon Valley elites head out on a Trump voter safari love how @POTUS Trump is teaching progressives the value of states rule. The Constitution is a beautiful thing.tragic @BraddJaffy angry white voters on the wrong side of history.
that's a first bus stops, the people gather, curious, demanding, hopeful, they are desperate to see me for I carry the gift. Valley elites head out on a Trump voter safari's a good story was a good one, Brianwell now which bathroom am i supposed to use? @anildash I identify as blackbe careful out there, rich techies @POTUS refused the biased organizations a free pass may be the best news I've heard all day.STEVE JOBS IS DEAD. ELON MUSK IS NOT. Valley elites head out on a Trump voter safari @primalpoly the 20th century model continues to fail millions, especially poor & minority. we have to try vouchers and other innovations.Is Tim Cook afraid to speak out? @Judopher they're a beautiful site
The Bible is a makers guide believe that's the size of my beloved lumia 1520. perfect size. @IsForAt, April 10, 1990, Blind Pig, Ann Arbor fucking lemur is the titsPlanet Earth 2!I don't mean to accuse Oprah of lying about using weight watchers but she can hire a different personal chef for everyday of the weekequating a Democratic president literally locking up thousands for being Japanese with a 90-day travel entry ban on… officials in cities are suing the federal government to make all us taxpayers fund them even as they harbor illegals. Outrageous.As a conservative writing in Silicon Valley, I can 100% attest to this. overwhelmingly oppose our own governments violating the law.’s long past time to kill off the Apple Echo Chamber. is a handsome billionaire who kills bad guys. That's fucking awesome! Hollywood needs to stop trying to make us feel depressed.It's you and me...forever. Sara.......................................smiles.........peak culture the voices in your head.'m normally against punishing women who make up rape claims, but these young men were legitimately harmed.
Every iPhone made in China. A serial human rights abuser. And this is what Cook speaks up on?