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Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall @ScottAdamsSays I would assume that @jack would permanently ban that guy.Another Bill Clinton assault victim. Where was Hillary?"Diversity equals innovation" Except, the data reveal this is false. Every time. So, stop lying.LinkedIn is mostly white and male -- and just got bought for $26 billion. They're obviously doing it right. will sell fewer Apple Watch watches in 2016 than they did in 2015. Flop. tell us they care more. fair enough. but their policies have been utter failures. Joss Whedon tells you there's no such thing as voter fraud, it's gotta be true. York Magazine journalist gonna tell evangelicals what's in the Bible. Sure.
Star Wars: A New Hope Floats #AddAMovieRuinAMovieyep @ginasmith888 don't be stupidSilicon Valley's VC overlords have made it clear: if you (publicly) support Trump, you won't get funded. Silence = $$$.#DrainTheSwampBaby Peggy, the last living silent film star. fear free speech. makes you wonder that maybe what they're saying isn't as 100% right as they suggest.'s policies have been disastrous. Epically bad. But you like him. You think he's cool and dreamy. Ok. Now replace him with Hillary. @tjbierschbach yep. the market works.Detroit is still cheap @kirkburgess @zcichy i have no idea, actually. i'd certainly rather have a chromebook.The wonderful France Gall @kirkburgess @zcichy if a tree falls in the woods... @zcichy @kirkburgess if both were on a level playing field, pre-installed, equally available, Maps would have fewer users than Apple Watch. @kirkburgess @zcichy good enough is good enough for most peopleAmazon Music is "curated." Magical.i like dude's pants Google Pixel camera is better. Google Assistant is way better. Google cloud and services are better. Faster battery charge. Details! @zcichy @ZacCoffman @thegadgeteur boss @ZacCoffman @zcichy @thegadgeteur i was using the browser from U of I back when cichy was in grade school. @zcichy @ZacCoffman blame Tim Cook. he's the one taking from the Steve Ballmer playbook. I've told him not to. @thegadgeteur @ZacCoffman @zcichy nope. but there's a superior product that just works and is free and freely available. @zcichy @kirkburgess embrace. extend. extinguish.Today's Apple Doom! @OhMDee @zcichy @zkarj retail. marketing. branding. chip development. payments. @kirkburgess @zcichy yep. old microsoft playbook. lock-in. but it's laughable to say apple maps is better (or even as good).way more, apparently moving juggernaut. media distribution ecosystem on notice. @stufox cops are great. god bless them. @stufox never said they didn't ;-) but it's only one side trying to make me distrust cops. @ZacCoffman @zcichy ha. no. i tried to put it in but they wouldn't accept the "quote marks" -- it doesn't work without the quote marks. @kirkburgess @zcichy then put them on a level playing field. If Apple was pro user they would oblige.cord cutter't you dare tell me I'm supposed to distrust all cops but I have to believe @TheDemocrats don't practice voter fraud.1,000 yes's to every no @kirkburgess @zcichy lol. No. Let's have Apple put them on a level playing field. Google Maps would trounce Apple Maps. No contest.English language Western culture Democracy Capitalism Our way is best. Rest of the world should copy us. the joke's on them cause they're paid way less than most PR firms that's why I quit writing about Apple. Fanboys aren't being lied to by the Apple Echo Chamber. Fanboys *want* to be lied to. @zcichy @zkarj nope. the parts where Apple is better I say so. where they are not, I say so. Life's too precious for corporate cheerleading. @zkarj @zcichy you should switch to the superior product. makes life Apple was about the users, they'd let iPhone users access Google Assistant as easily as we can access (the shit… funded media still working on shaming you for not voting for the establishment @alex i assume on most things, but those are definitely 2 of the most important ;-) @alex yesThis is Toledo @sbono14 @abdophoto @zcichy this made me lol @zcichy omg i love that. gonna put that on my twitter profile ;-) @abdophoto @zcichy but it's not as good. fanboys can pretend otherwise, but that's just sad. use the (free) (freely available) superior one. @superezfe @zcichy you should switch to the superior productwinning glug plug pugs corn cob hand job heart throb slob snob sob weep peep sleep the bots discuss it Jobs would support Donald Trumplol @TheRomit I think it points the way. Imaging, fast battery charging, Google Assistant. It's how all Android phones should be.United Airlines is so bad that even their customer surveys suck.Oof. TL inundated with fanboys hollerin APPLE MAPS IS SO BETTER THAN GOOGLE MAPS! Stop. Stop being dumb. It's not. It's ok to admit this. @HabibCham no one but fanboys or those non-techies who just use what's pre-loaded. smart people use the superior product.ugh. fanboys deliberately choosing the lesser product. @zcichy no one *purposefully* uses Apple maps2016 deserves a Dodgers Jays Series @jason_pontin @timparish511 @tan123 is he wrong?
🤔 golden goose of Silicon Valley is innovation. Peter Thiel knows this. Jumping in bed with Big Govt is death to think different.That's why it's so inspiring