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How Math And Photography Pushed The Idea That The Earth Is Round
Retweeted by Brian S Hall @reason Title IX is apparently a clever government plot to make us all think that young woman aren't ready to leave home and be on their own @Mediaite this is America. Speak English.
does @CathyYoung63 know? @evepeyser @leahfinnegan sure JOBS IS DEAD. ELON MUSK IS NOT. @qhardy needs to resurrect our weekly cloud industry newsletter, now dead because funding actual news is hard.“those willing to believe the most outrageous fantastical undisprovable tales” should totally change its corporate name to Numbers. @TrumpRevoluti0n @Cernovich at least 3 top Apple software leaders have left Apple for Tesla.da fuq Apple software exec leaving for Tesla, be sure to use Alexa to turn out the lights.‘First thing we do, let's fire all the Apple cheerleaders’'s a good one @IsForAt screens are meant to be touched or entered. some just haven't caught up yet. (including all Macs)First thing we do, let's fire all the Apple cheerleaders. Only now is Macworld brave enough to state the obvious: of course Macs should have touchscreens. Monday of @POTUS Trump, and the Teamsters are raving about him. Y'all journalists still playing 20th century checkers.If you are opposed to charters schools, vouchers and school choice, in 2017, you are a straight-up racist.▶ Make Apple Great Again by APPLE DOOM 2020 😂😂😂 disproportionate number of Asians, gays and lesbians work at Twitter. Which of these groups will @jack fire to me…"The Last Jedi" is a good title.
Ivanka Trump is gonna be a star.Martha Stewart is a national treasure.Are you ready boots? is clearly dominant in offering true personalized television. Amazon a distant second Twitter a distant third But so much $$$$$$Crack that, and you dominate television viewing -- and entertainment. Leaders: Netflix Amazon Twitter YouTube Facebook SnapchatBillions of people watch billions of hours of television everyday. But, even in the 21st century TV remains non-personalized.
which group do you think caused @banksean to block me for this reply tweet? Communists or illegals?, the tiny fashion designer in the Incredibles, is Pixar's best character. @DavidCornDC YouTube made Benghazi @texassam924 i identity as having a uterus you bigot @neontaster women's rights on the bottom - at a "womens march" @WhitneyCummings you're cute but none of your basic rights have been taken away.let's first get to day 3 @CHSommers who's madonna?Remember. We are only allowed to punch Nazis, communists and illegals. @womensmarch @bellhooks if there was a patriarchy you wouldn't be marching. @evepeyser being editor at gizmodo doesn't cover health insurance?Trump won. Hillary lost. Trump is President. Hillary never will be. Now let's work together to make America great again.Do @TheDemocrats care more about identity politics and taxpayer funding of planned parenthood or trillions in infrastructure spending?
he's a syphilist want to be this badass. theory is that dealmaker Trump will offer the GOP control on the social issues in return for trillions on infrastructure spending.I'm on slack, if that matters to anyone. I just got an email re their updated Ts & Cs, so I have an account, apparently.It's okay to punch him in the face because he's a [Nazi] [communist] [immigrant] [gay] [conservative] [Muslim] [liberal]... @TGBED8v8 I feel you. That shit is unlistenable. @TGBED8v8 not to sound old man but that was a woeful decade for popular music. A few moments but so much bad.yep're doing AI wrong think America is ready for this now. and "public" university colluding to ban speech -- progressives are such fascists @evan_greer what's your address?When does NBC fire her? damn time @GreatDismal good lord. At least read any history before tweeting such nonsense.Apple Store. Nobody wants Apple Watch. Still. The cheerleaders lied to you, sucker. They'll lie to you again. @BillKristol @philipaklein I thought it was wonderful. A searing indictment of how government has failed millions. God bless @POTUS.“nothing great ever happened by being rational” @MELANIATRUMP all day in those heels. All that walking, all those stairs.Les McBurney, people. Les McBurney. is really obvious stuff."Another day, another attempt by Amazon to make buying something as easy as humanly possible." Oof. No @recode. As "machine-ly" as possible.The @POTUS has exited the limo.Uber and Tesla getting the top people from Google and Apple. The transportation revolution is go!I expect our journalists to hold @POTUS Trump to the same standards which they held Obama. 😂😂😂😂😂I like that our commander in chief is so obviously bored by pomp and circumstance. But I hope he accepts there is a time and place for these @TheThomason also, your cancer test results are on the way. bad news, i'm afraid. @CasReadman @MedievalPhDemon I have a $99 Kindle with about 1,000 books, including 500 free ones, so nope. The opposite of 451 in fact. @raytida thanks.Apple Doom Is Go!"together we will make America great again." @POTUS #Inauguration"whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots." @POTUS #Inauguration God bless America"we must think big and dream even bigger." @POTUS #Inauguration This is quintessentially American."When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice." @POTUS #Inauguration Yes there will be many who try to divide us."We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example." @POTUS #Inauguration This is beautiful