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when ur custom character is in a cut scene @aardvarsk The bacon one slaps but they will make u a pastrami breakfast burrito if u ask and it's my fav thing @aardvarsk LUCKY BOY2018: THE YEAR WE KILL GOD.
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ME: damn I've had a good few days DEPRESSION:
“The Shape of Water” Guillermo Del Toro (2017)
Retweeted by crân-buri-ghân @jonnysun No More MAGA Parody Hats 2018remember fidget spinners, was that this year
@shagdalen why do we not shrivel up @shagdalen this has been me so many timesas an optimist I hope u all find someone good 2 be horny with next yearpretty sure this made me laugh harder than anything this year
@bransonreese the cat with Jemaine's face is the funniest sight gag in years @AyumiG2 did it make the tweet funny @NefariousBore it was an actual flask, that's why it was so funny. he looked like a RAGING alcoholic @Dfr247 Party Down @robo_cop_a_feel Ben was a geniushe was my debate partner in community college - kept the flask in his jacket pocket for team dinners, covertly slip… meet a lot of characters in life but I'll never forget Ben, the guy who carried a flask of vanilla extract at all…
@daviddavidwoods he's emotionally invested!! it's my favorite takeaway of the nightI'm gonna out-pizza the hut if it kills me @notquitefrodo @erikaishii @TheAlexicon [24 hrs later] I will pitch in for the chips
@pixelatedboat Dr. the Whodgehog @Jamie1947 v big selfie stick @justabloodygame the swamp tavern industry is a hard industry to make money in, we can't afford such thingsrefusing 2 endorse Last Jedi until we know what side of that union dispute Maz Kanata was on @cat_beltane @rachelmillman Lmao @Mobute pitchfork ass owl looking extremely skeptical of John Williams @erikaishii share. share-ika.I am super out of practice, my communion dude said "the body of Christ" and I straight-up went "right on" @emilywithcurls "and with your spirit" is some BULLSHITjust realized the catholic church switches up the prayers once a decade to snuffle out anyone who's been ducking the program
Everyone at the bar: tell us that story we all love about the time you thought you saw Laura Dern but it wasn’t her Me: so there I was
Retweeted by crân-buri-ghânMe: Is the natural state of the soul quiet or chaos? Taco Bell cashier: Look buddy, it’s transient, shifting like water
Retweeted by crân-buri-ghân @stucline I can't believe it has fucking Mandy Patinkin in it. Mandy Patinkin rocksit is delightful how well Princess Bride holds up @brdeprima he just called and told me to do it for him @MikeMcMahanTM @Simon_Barrett can u guys call ur agents and tell them to please please please bring back the dark u…
@DanCasey @msdanifernandez YES. as a film? eh? but King Arthur unabashedly does my favorite thing, which is "use mi… @DanCasey pahk the cah in the hahvahd yahd @shelbyfero I love it so much! it blows up the idea of stakes right off the bat and then grinds to make u forget an… @shelbyfero do u like one punch man Shelby
@Choplogik this @ reply won't hit me for 45 minutes but when it does WOWmy fav thing about edibles is they either do nothing or kill you @robotrowboat @Home_Halfway @thejoshpatten @fro_vo @PostCultRev @Jamie1947 @Jeffwni @brookeperrin December birthdays r the best birthdays @BradinLA Brad put that down, that's not mouthwashis mouthwash blue bc it needs to be blue or is it blue bc market research shows humans equate blue w "medicinal" @nickjomalley America still innovates baby!! @nickjomalley chicken tot pie is genius. did they have a steak n ale variety? bc that sounds _amazing_
@bobby they're always awake @HelloCullen hey guys wanna get together and mock this mattress salesman's best attempt at graphic designI hate when I close my bathroom mirror to reveal a monster standing right behind me. can't stand it. @Dennywhere oh man the libs would haaaaate that if you came anywayboy the libs sure would hate it if someone came over and fixed my garbage disposal for free
2018 is gonna make 2017 look like 2016 @googleymoogley ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @googleymoogley you've got like 6 hrs left to goof around b4 you gotta buckle down @BradinLA you can be non-corporeal and still be hot, BRADI hope the aliens are hot @CaseyMalone aliens are real, and strong, and they're my friend @scawn_ I would 100% believe they came, checked us out, and decided we weren't worth the effort @scawn_ do like that the government admitted aliens are real and everyone's too tired to care @sreekyshooter TOO LATE I ACCEPT IT FOR BOTH @thomas_violence He's fucking magical @MaraWilson I'm positive they already are. humankind only rule the land bc the octopi let us @pixelatedboat eyyyy I'm aging 'ere!! @MaraWilson I bet they look like octopuses @BennyBXB 1 in 365 @pmclellan pat u can wait until whenever u want. daylight, the rapture, april,I'm 27 today which means I have 12 months to get insanely famous before killing myself
@meakoopa you can do backstories without dwelling on them. gandalf's summation of the witch king to pippin as we se… fav thing about sports is treating men as crumbling relics of a bygone age when they turn like, 36 @benmekler all these fanboys refusing to understand the onions are a INTENTIONAL STORY CHOICE, things are ALLOWED to be DIFFERENT @ELCresswell @daadvaims I hate this game @daadvaims this tweet gave me PTSD @rachelmillman @jessica what fucking weirdo saw Aunt Beru pour a glass of blue juice and thought "that's definitely milk" @ericdadourian SlavaFind Out What Else Ted Cruz Likes And Ruin It For Him 2020