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i want Kershaw to get a ring so bad @WendyMolyneux people seem to really like it but it kinda felt like an ep and a half of Criminal Minds stretched over several hours @AlbertBurneko boy i hope society lasts long enough for this to be an annual thing @medick32 I'm never playing basketball ever again @markhoppus cricket is insane. a single baseball inning stretched over the course of several hours, with no room for lead changes or dramaME: [spends every waking moment trying to improve upon + forget the embarrassing person I have been] FACEBOOK: lol remember when u did this: @KenTremendous mike be bold, take full credit and stress out the marketing department @KingRainhead u gotta stop dating men w balconies!! @HelloCullen president toucan beak @Patrick_Wyman please president trump, don't throw the nuclear football into that there briar patch!! @SortaBad me and this tray of 70 chicken nuggets beg to differat this point we might as well have fun with it. have Rosie O'Donnell go on CNN and claim Trump can't breakdance, see what he does
@Slennon_ obvious fake. there are no special tweetswelcome twitter where everything is bad. the news? bad. ur favorite book? bad. TV show u enjoy? bad. that person who was nice to u? hoo boy @tanner_ala no joke I learned about the SoCal raising canes an hour ago and am already planning the trip @bransonreese Phillip is a good and earnest boy @ElleOhHell [swirling my IPA] a touch hoppy but still wonderfully, dare I say... dickensian? @BradinLA Brad! your uncle is great. huge fan @michelledeidre again, Michelle, I have no idea who he is or what he has writtenif you're at a cool party in a coastal city w highly educated folks all u gotta do is go "ugh, Bukowski" and they'll go ah, one of usit's hilarious to me that I don't really know who Charles Bukowski is but I DO know that liking him makes you one of the Bad Ones @philyuck the alternative was screenshotting and posting it on Tumblrjust saw a tweet that was a screenshot of a Tumblr post that was a screenshot of a tweet. what are any of us doing @Randazzoj Ive a strong hunch that I'd live through the meteor and really miss basic plumbing @Chris_Tonick Ironically baby shoes are totally a sandwich @thelazerbeast I've decided my account is whimsical now to offset the garbage @urdudefabian hot and crispy every time. u can set ur watch by that crunch @shagdalen ur a good mom @DarthLux the chick fil a sandwich is definitely king but the nugs are rarely crispy enough for me!!hello everyone. which fast food joint has the best tendies / nuggets
@Patrick_Wyman 1235 BCE, also known as "Miller Time," @mgbesq an unbelievable action/story/comedy beat. absolute all-timer @ixSEANxi Ben is a great character but combining him w Reed and giving us Violet really really helpsnow I'm just thinking about how outrageously good The Incredibles is @pixelatedboat The Incredibles needs that style to work as well as it does, imobest sequence in baseball since the Bautista bat flip website is incredibly depressing but the alternative is straight-up texting friends for fun and that feels weird in 2017Ants Worried They'll Be Blamed For Ruined Picnic After Ruining Picnic
it fucks me up that clickhole wrote one of the best single-paragraph horror stories I've seen
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@jrhennessy fuckin, Father Time launching it like a trebuchet three possessions in a row and just nailing every single one @jrhennessy my dad's game had a dude who was Mr Basketball in Indiana in like 1965, he'd let the other team get to… @CornOnTheGoblin @DustinAHarkins hard to believe, I heard ur mom is pretty fast @MikeMcMahanTM and have u text it to me, absolutely not @DustinAHarkins if he doesn't do it in song parody form it doesn't count @MavenofHonor @botandy Twitter Announces New Update Allowing Users To Hear Each Other Chew @CaseyMalone it's a good question Casey and I will not be answering it @InternetHippo it's some droopy ass pizzamy hottest take: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza has too much cheese @DanCasey not sexy enough. u back yet? did u eat all the ham @danguterman Bravest Warriors is my favorite that few know exists. If you haven't seen all of Tartakovsky's "Clone…
@tjchambersLA 98% genuinely devastated and 2% happy we don't have to watch him amble through a sentence about how h… @libbycwatson love to plow respect into my beans @gr8whitehoprah I'm gonna see the hamster movie and I'm going to love it @netw3rk this is the best one yet
@Brontchie This is so cool! @LadyKateBond I want 3 of them @MikeMcMahanTM Mike I'm genuinely excited about the hamsterI too am excited for Star Wars 8, a movie about [checks timeline] a frightened hamster
@PFTompkins "as a teenager, I was often teased by my friends for my attraction to hollywood executives on the thick… @gr8whitehoprah how did you know you were already going to see them? that said i think the rule is really solid for… @allanmcleod UNBELIEVABLE: Woman REPEATEDLY STABS AMERICAN FLAG W NEEDLE!!!! LIKE AND SHARE!!!free Halloween costume idea: the four Bojack Horsemen of the apocalypse. topical AND a crossover. ur welcomeBlade Runner is very good it is also very long and very loud
MANAGING EDITOR: any other pitches for this week? STEVE WHO MAKES PUNS: [raises hand] @realDonaldTrump ur a big special boyone of the worst things about trump is watching ppl w garbage politics earn huge brownie points for hitting a layup @googleymoogley I want him to have gone on the rideQ for twitter historians: is Shaq yelling bc he can't go on the ride? or bc he went anyways and fears for his safety
@McLeemz it's a lifestyleis this because we stopped making movies where nazis are the bad guys @thomas_violence is there an Australian bigfoot, I feel like u guys would call it something chill like "shaggy tom"i love this country
Retweeted by bog hostessMarvel: our big thing right now is Infinity War Northrop Grumman: oh, us too
Retweeted by bog hostess @bransonreese dude knew what was up
@jenpassesnotes in a way we are all spongebob chiks @meakoopa WHATS THE NAME @notquitefrodo @Johnotryin man when u put it that way it sounds cool as hell @aepton mega elrond is better than regular elrond anyways @mariley2 nothing wrong w being a blonde 70 year old male