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Husband-Retired Pediatrician-Berkeley Grad- I Resist, I Persist

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Another life just lost in #Kansas. #POTUS, please end the suffering. #BackfireTrump Trump, the deficit has ballooned, exploding a GOP myth - CNN supports a #ClimateDebate? 🌎 20 of 23 Democratic presidential candidates 🌎 Nearly 2/3rds of Democratic voters…
Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MDFor starters, they build their own towns and they even talk about us.
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Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MD#Illinois is suffering today after fatal shooting. #POTUS, stop the bloodshed. #BackfireTrump
This decision is as baffling as it is alarming. Our planet is burning— the least we can do as a party is debate wha…
Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MDCanada refuses to side with U.S. on allowing Russia back in G8 👊🏾🍁👊🏾
Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MDWell done!! 👍👏👏🥇I love people who clean up others rubbish!! I carry a bag for trash but once it’s full that’s it fo…
Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MDCalifornia Moves One Step Closer to Letting 17-Year-Olds Vote - KQED Little-Known Medicare Benefits Every Retiree Should Take Advantage Of - The Motley Fool Detention Of Migrant Children May Create Lasting Trauma, Say Researchers - KQED #medsm #pediatrics DNC Voted Against Holding A Climate Debate, Despite Top Candidates Supporting The Idea - BuzzFeed News Moves One Step Closer to Letting 17-Year-Olds Vote - KQED, Timbers fans go quiet in protest at MLS match - The Washington Post America’s ‘least sustainable city’ vote to kill rail transit? - The Washington Post many steps it takes to get an abortion in each state - Axios Couples Discriminated Against by Kim Davis To Be Paid $225,000 - Out against executive branch by coalitions of states grows in response to unilateral actions by president an… to Help Fight Back Against the Amazon Rain Forest Fires - The Cut aims to save forests by using trees as gravestones - TODAY 'faithless' elector wins case over writing in Kasich for Clinton - CNN Explores Pioneering Woman Director Written Out of Film History - Smithsonian Magazine what other profession would President Trump still have his job? The Atlantic's James Fallows can think of 1. - T… Amazon Fires Are More Dangerous Than WMDs - The Atlantic Children Left Alone for Eight Days After Both Parents Detained by ICE: Report - The Daily Beast Natl. Park Service Offering Free Entry to All 61 Parks on Sunday - The Daily Beast Council President: Trump’s ‘Senseless Disputes’ Are Damaging Global Economy - The Daily Beast claims he has 'absolute right' to order US companies out of China under 1977 law - CNN Politics wild at the 10 least-visited U.S. national parks - National Geographic The Donkey Finally Rescued After 2 Years Stranded Alone On Island - HuffPost ago, this doctor linked a mysterious lung disease to vaping - NBC News #medsm Back Liability For Companies That Mislead About Climate Change: Poll - HuffPost a 3-0 decision, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled that Kim Davis, anti-gay professional…
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Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MDMelania Trump and Michelle Obama receive shockingly different coverage from Fox News, a supercut
Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MDThe shooter who murdered my son, Dylan, brought 10 30-round magazines with him into Sandy Hook Elementary. In 4 min…
Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MD#PressRelease: Measles Exposure Advisory: A confirmed case of measles traveled to Los Angeles County READ:…
Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MDA tourist infected with measles visited Disneyland and other Southern California hotspots in mid-August - The Washi…’s company could save millions if interest rates fall as he demands - The Washington Post Farmers Union Says Trump Is 'Burning Bridges' With His Trade Wars's Tariffs Will Make These Ordinary Things More Expensive Dept. Under Fire For Allegedly Sending Staff Link To White Nationalist Site Lawmakers Slam Gov. Greg Abbott For 'Inciting Violence' Against Immigrants initially dismissing concerns, Brazil's Bolsonaro will send armed forces to fight Amazon fires - The Week women plead guilty in plot to commit terror attack in US - CNN Is Melting Down Because China Won’t Give In on Trade - New York Magazine marks the dawn of American slavery in 1619 with solemn ceremonies, speeches and songs - The Washington Post the global economy slowing, Trump arrives at G-7 with a list of grievances - The Washington Post @POTUS Re G7: It is a given you will embarrass yourself and America there. Just try to not betray us by being Putin’s tool.Trump arrives at G-7 summit fixated on trade war - NBC News’s new law to stop police shootings, explained - Vox “ordered” US companies out of China. Despite claiming otherwise, he can’t do that. - Vox the children shall lead us...// Young Activists Rally at DNC Meeting to Urge Debate on Climate Crisis - KQED 350,000 California Homeowners in Fire Prone Areas Dropped by Insurers - KQED’s in New Trump Immigration Rule Overriding Flores Agreement? 3 Key Changes - KQED can be done about America's homeless crisis? - CNN Shuts Down Immigration Hotline Featured on ‘Orange Is the New Black’ - The Daily Beast I Don‘t Have a ‘Messiah Complex’ - The Daily Beast Girl Found in Critical Condition While Crossing Mexican Border With Father - The Daily Beast Accessed Estranged Spouse’s Bank Account from International Space Station: Lawsuit - The Daily Beast We Are Risking Health And Life - NPR #medsm ‘hereby’ orders U.S. business out of China. Can he do that? - The Washington Post Temperatures Rise, So Do Health Problems - NPR #medsm city wanted to be welcoming. Then a candidate vowed to ‘keep Marysville a white community.’ - The Washington P… polls and more than 6,000 interviews show Trump's approval dropping - CNN Politics Video Of David Letterman Challenging Donald Trump Over China-Made Ties Goes Viral - HuffPost | The best ad against Trump isn’t a campaign ad - The Washington Post more person was just killed in #Kentucky. #POTUS, it’s your job to take action. #BackfireTrump Is Everything the President of the United States Tweeted This Week - Slate Leaders Really Want Steve King Gone. Could He Lose In 2020? - FiveThirtyEight the Amazon fires, residents are sick, worried, and angry - National Geographic finds man guilty of manslaughter in "stand your ground" case - CBS News Texas boy subject of Amber Alert, mother found dead - ABC News have been warning about Amazon fires for decades. The stakes are now higher than ever. - TIME the Amazon's fires, deforestation affect the U.S. Midwest - NBC News think toxic algae may be to blame for Florida's stumbling panthers, bobcats - USA TODAY Korea Launches Two Projectiles in Their Seventh Weapons Test This Month - The Daily Beast Things to Know About the Fires Blazing Across the Amazon Rainforest - Smithsonian Magazine heat wave on tap for China - The Washington Post 'chosen one'? Trump says never mind - ABC News @bizmoneysource @CTO1ChipNagel @MsCjay @Mahogany1992 @GGevirtz @scyeatts @milesjreed @ScentsyJules @MillsDarryl life just lost in #Missouri. #POTUS, please end the suffering. #BackfireTrump Is How Trump Will Tank the Economy and His Presidency - New York Magazine
45 landmark Supreme Court cases that changed American life as we knew it - Business Insider's Brooke Baldwin Blasts Trump for Joking About Plummeting Dow Jones - The Daily Beast Says He Will Increase Tariffs on Chinese Goods by 5 Percent - The Daily Beast Texas Governor Called On Supporters To “Defend” Against Immigrants The Day Before The El Paso Massacre - BuzzFe… falls 620 points as U.S.-China trade war escalates @POTUS Our “Biggest Enemy:” The current president of the United StatesVoters Back Liability For Companies That Mislead About Climate Change: Poll’s New Economic Message: Reelect Him Or It All Goes ‘Down The Tubes’ @TheEconomist @morgfair .@iron_light @BarryMotivates @The_News_DIVA @AuntCole22 @northwind1ndn @brontyman
Retweeted by Michael F Ozaki MDTrump’s Get Out of Jail Free Card for a Convicted Scammer Is Full of Half-Truths and Omissions - ProPublica U.S. Constitution Doesn’t Guarantee Equal Rights for Women. Here’s Why - TIME Hyde Amendment Denies Women Health Care. Yes, Abortion Is Health Care - TIME Buttigieg Is Going All In On the Youth Mental Health Crisis - Teen Vogue El Paso, Three Suspects Allegedly Linked to White Supremacy, White Nationalism, and Neo-Nazism Have Been Arre… a Child Is Jailed and No One Is There to Hear Him Cry - The Atlantic Felix Sater Did Extensive Work for U.S. Intelligence - The Daily Beast