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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more:

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This is terrifying. @noonanjo To each her own. @sriramk @JasonHirschhorn Once on jury duty in NY a fellow juror told us his role as Jury foreman on SVU was airing… @JasonHirschhorn Everybody in LA has been on Law & Order.This tweet sums everything up for 2017 thus far. #cinnabon @ReformedBroker Loved it. Michael Keaton is just remarkable.
So @fyrefestival has kept their Instagram but reportedly been deleting all negative comments. If only they put that much work into event!"To living like movie stars, partying like rock stars, and f***ing like porn stars.” - Ja Rule. WOW. #fyrefest burying the lede. They were promoting the best part being the island used to be owned by Pablo Escobar? @gaberivera @alexia I like naps.A special shout-out to everyone who paid to advertise Techmeme on Facebook this week! We've never paid for Facebook…
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @selenalarson @TaylorLorenz I can't say this enough. It. Is. Everything. @selenalarson @TaylorLorenz Founder of it. 🙈👀 @Gmvolpi Hi! is best!.@mags gets a standing ovation from #TED2017 audience for saying, would a male athlete have been asked same questions as @serenawilliams
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @davidcarde Clearly aligned himself with a bad partner.Gross. Soooooooo gross. @hstecker There are a lot of pieces to this. So I totally am with you. It's everything. @mekosoff I am legit obsessed with this entire thing.Also this is a "tech company". #karma #fyrefestivalA. @VanityFair didn't get the memo. B. This entire story is literally EVERYTHING. #fyrefestival @film_girl Everything.What an epic fail. The organizers should step away from ever doing an event ever again. Wowzers. #fyrefestival @KellyGroehler I disagree. If just the concerts perhaps. But asking people to lie, then asking for debate about tha…
My friend Sofia Ek wrote a book her first. A memoir. About her time in Libya. And it's awesome and OMG a BEST SELLE… concert thing on Facebook. Why are we meant to care which concert you're lying about seeing? This all confuses me a great deal.Hotel recommendations in Portland, Oregon?Hey hey #Chicago! already think she's incredible, but now you, too, can meet the amazing @emilysteel
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI think #ted has potential of turning me into an angry conservative. Some of the behavior they forgive in the name of liberalism...well no.Not a political statement. An efficiency one. #Vancouver. Cold. Rainy. Cabs aren't plentiful. No Lyft or Uber makes it tough to navigate.
Pope Francis delivered a TED talk and admonished the rich and powerful
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingActually quite smart. @kano hires Google Girl to be product tester. Can we discuss when @GayleKing got a full tribal sleeve tattoo? Because this consumed my brain today.
@ashleymayer Well this is ONE strategy I guess. I feel funny. Funny weird not funny haha.Awesome. We love @splice.
Hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha #babykale 🙈
@katierosman That's because we never had to make it a big production. Daytime drinking slides easily into nighttime drinking.
@FoursquareGuide @caro @Foursquare I haven't checked in anywhere yet people say they find me at places on foursquare which I find odd. @caro @Foursquare I don't think so though all very weird. @caro @Foursquare And just got this. @caro @Foursquare I haven't used since long before then BUT people have found me recently they say Via Foursquare a… People say they see me checked in places on @foursquare. Just got a note saying I'm a super user. Haven't used it IN YEARS.Read this article on my amazing friend @Chrysi who inspires many of us all day every day. Cc @RED @felixsalmon Felix. @m_millsey You know me better than most so really mya you ask?This guy just asked me to DM him. What do you think! Like a solid maybe?
Feb 2015: Bill O'Reilly tells @emilysteel "I'm coming after you with everything I have." April 2017: O'Reilly fired after Emily's reporting
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I want this man as my new best friend. @TheCapeHotel cigar smoking in pool, cheesy music all day long (Kokomo??), not a flower to be time Auberge or Palmilla. Sorry.
Birthday goals. Cc @rmastrosimone @bmorgansaks
That was a boring trailer. YAWNSVILLE. #sorrynotsorry #StarWarsVacation brain starts now. ✌🏼🍍🌴☀️🌮🥑
Noooooooooooo. Charlie Murphy!!?? Nooooooooo. #darkness cc @CoryTVTillerson and Putin behind closed doors be like.... Spicer just said "my bad".Not sure why @seanspicer continues to apologize for "offending some people" vs saying what he said was grossly and unequivocally wrong.
@em_rochefort I hope you are ok and are happy you're not the Spicey! 🙈❤️ @Jason @karaswisher @nitashatiku @rabois I agree with Jason which is also really weird for me to say and I will for… continues to be unable to pronounce Assad's name so Wolf kindly helps him out
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @cdawg2610 YesssssssssssssAs bad as my day has been and it has been bad like really really really bad, I can honestly find solace in the fact I'm not Sean Spicer.I may offer a PR course, which is just one hour of students repeating over and over: "We will not mention Hitler. We will not..."
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingPepsi thank United. United thank Spicer.So can we be done with Spicer NOW? I mean really.This amuses me. Greatly. @Kliavkoff Hahahaha. Happy bday!Why did @brianstelter initially choose print journalism over broadcast? "I didn’t have enough hair.”
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Thank you to all who contributed thus far. Incredible to have met AND surpassed the goal. Just all sorts of feels.… @trader2025 @America_1st_ @CNN The bimbo being you as 1. LED not lead and 2. Wrong Brooke. But stay classy!#awkward @satishd @united Should be but will they be? After legging gate they should have been. Now this!Never seen anything like the madness thats happening at @united. I am meant to fly them next week and am anxiously looking for alternative.Mad skills. #WellsFargo and #United, not exactly a shining moment for corporate behavior
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingGreat profile on the fascinating (and brilliant & kind) Josh Kushner. By one of the best writers, @StevenBertoni
@briankoppelman @Jason @Mariobatali @BabboRistorante I die again. @Jason @Mariobatali @BabboRistorante I die.