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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more:

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@stevekovach @LaurenGoode @ampressman @LeenaRao @TheVerge happy to tell the whole story and share email! @stevekovach @LaurenGoode @ampressman @LeenaRao @TheVerge you put in story company didn't comment on something you never asked. @stevekovach @LaurenGoode @ampressman @LeenaRao @TheVerge a statement has been issues yet you refuse to change headline which is wrong. @stevekovach @LaurenGoode @ampressman @LeenaRao @TheVerge really Steve want to clarify that? You asked one question and reported another.Jawbone refutes reports that it's exiting fitness tracker market- skype really ever work? It always stops working after 5 minutes no matter where or how.All the morning shows have the gorilla story on right now and the crying caretakers. Can't take it. @adamlashinsky @sfchronicle @ellenhuet it is totally wrong and completely incorrect information put out there incorrectly by @stevekovach
@miz nooooooooooooooUpon landing in LA best text ever from @DenaCook "you and I and rosé and a cheese plate have a date" PS that's me running thru LAX. @rje7 @JetBlue I don't know but the channel is called POP and it seems to only have 90210 on so....Just try getting me off this @JetBlue flight. Just try. #90210 @briankoppelman woo boy. Thanks for reacting that way. So disappointing but not at all surprising.Hahahaha. Come on @facebook. Seriously. Protect us from this not from breastfeeding! "Mexican judge" was born in Indiana. Also wtf. @realDonaldTrump is such a loser. #TrumpUniversity @Iankov @JetBlue not sure how bad it will be later but it was a breeze this morning.PSA the Starbucks @JetBlue terminal at #JFK has run out of espresso. Basically making today pointless and absurd.I can't read about the gorilla. Will skip over anything that is gorilla related. Too sad. So unnecessary. Such a shame.
I was just asked to verify I'm not a robot by clicking a box verifying I'm not a robot. Am I a robot?? 🤖🤖🤖That the same tech powers who hate Gawker then defend and/or invest in Reddit is so funny to me
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@MrVelvet @cherian_abraham @stevekovach perhaps stick to the facts before spreading worthless BS!
This story is just getting more fascinating! Also I love how us ladies always get accused of bringing drama!? A @sriramk I love we read the same sources. :) @karaswisher I love her so much. I can't wait to hear her critique of me next week. Cannot wait. #lucky @harrymccracken don't be silly. Wearables are alive and well and beautiful from Jawbone.I'm not that far away from this being my headline. 'I gave up my life in London to become a goat in Switzerland' dropping the hammer. @sophchang was being sarcastic. @m_millsey I was being sarcastic.
You guys. NYC is PARADISE. ☀️🌺 love that @peterthiel was personally offended by Gawker but publicly backing a man who has verbally attacked & abused many people. @tristanwalker my lord I will miss him. @NellieBowles @CaseyNewton #awkwardOne of my fave podcasts is @pkafka's. Check out @rapino99 discussing the global empire that IS @LiveNation #recode do miss the media that held the over inflated egos of the tech community - founders & family members - accountable for their absurdity. @MikeIsaac @panzer yeah I thought he lived far far away. @sacca none of them had any idea what they were doing. They asked judge if they could sentence them to community service. #FLORIDA @MikeIsaac @pkafka I will sue them for you and you get 40 percent. #newinvesting @MikeIsaac dude you left paradise for that shit.
@bxchen we have to start those suckers young. I will prevail one day. @bxchen I bought the kit to try to teach my cat to use the toilet like a person. Didn't work. But. No regrets.Well if that gym has futons and an endless supply of Ben & Jerrys then I can back this. @avb not soon enough. Vagabond living getting old.I think the broader issue is that this Theil thing is some cartoon supervillain shit and confirms the worst of what people of tech.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @avb and kittens everyone. Puppies and kittens. Also, I'm getting these made. Obviously. @sacca @MikeIsaac right. Since the beginning of time. It just seems this isn't about nobility is all I'm saying. He has made them historic. @sacca @MikeIsaac where was the indignation over Nikki Finke? That lady ruined lives. With such vitriol and yet handled with kid gloves!I am hoping that @Lin_Manuel makes the musical of the @peterthiel & @Gawker @nicknotned story. #thatwouldbeenough #hamilthielPeter Thiel also believes women are basically parasites
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingOh also I should say it was in San Francisco. So. Yeah. #art.Kid who did this is a hero. Well at least my hero. #art @sheyda_m stairs? Ugh.Being on an elevator that stops on every floor on its way down is my definition of hell. #rage @ethank @m_millsey how bout snapchat?? Come on. Do it Millsey.This is, quite simply, the best WiFi router you can buy via @techinsider - OK @geteero again BUT this says it all!Nothing like TV! @nsweaves and @geteero on #CNBC talking about their funding and Best Buy news!! Cc @jonfortt @m_millsey omg I remember the days you were a Luddite and you made fun of me for my connectivity. :)eero inks $50 million funding deal with Menlo’s Opportunity Fund, plans to sell products at via @techcrunchTransferWise just raised a new $26 million investment
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI LOVE DISCOVER -> Spotify's Discover Weekly reaches 40 million users and 5 billion tracks streamed via @vergeWho writes the movie? Who makes the movie? story on the launch of INSIDER by @lalpert1 and @wsj
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingYeah so @geteero FTW!! #funding #BestBuy
@GreeterDan I mean unless you agree with me we don't have much to discuss. :)Why would they make olives that aren't stuffed with blue cheese? Because the ones with blue cheese are delicious. #deepthoughts @ronlieber oyWowsers
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @LaurenGoode STOP TELLING MY SECRETS LADY! #TOOEMBARRASSEDThe Best Smart Hub | The Wirecutter via @wirecutter #smartthings #smarthomeWhat is saving us from all the doom and gloom? Chewbacca Lady that's who. This latest is AMAZE. #starwars seeing this on @shervin aka Potato's daddy. #inspire #potatopishevarhammerling's scarier. This or Trump? Bayer Offers to Buy Monsanto for $62 Billion, via @nytimes
@ReformedBroker wait til 42! FunOh and apparently @Lock is on @SouthernCharmTV again TONIGHT. Get the man an agent! #realitystar #idie #tunein @CarlyC26 @Lock and LOCKHART deserves prep.I actually have no words. Cc @Lock #bravotv #southerncharm #idie Also real creative AdWeek! @phonescooper @Gartenberg not sure he's even cognizant really.This is crazier than TV! Viacom CEO says Sumner Redstone, who controls the company, can't communicate via @RecodeWhich Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember? #REM #U2
@StevenLevy @amoebamusic @othermusic oh I have. I would not suggest Apple Store is like Amoeba in any way.
@StevenLevy nothing says rock n roll more than sitting in a retail store watching a gig!The Chewbacca lady story just gets better and better. @Kohls FTW.
Ok so this is ridiculous. Something needs to be done. the revolution guys. #FoodRevolution
I think it is fair to say we need to inspect each and every one for ourselves. @phkeane apparently they don't teach grammar, spelling OR class at @Wharton. #DonaldTrumpSpend an hour with @JasonHirschhorn, who has amazing stories to tell you.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThe tech scene in #London is incredible. From @WeAreROLI to @TeamKano to @Pavegen and beyond...the shit is CRAZY exciting here. #innovationWhy people love BJ Novak's
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingDEFINITELY need another messaging app.
Thrilled to have joined @BrewPR, working with the most fascinating tech companies and projects @kbtravels @DenaCook @brooke #GOTEAM
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHead to @refinery29 for my guide to starting a blog, with a little help from my friends.
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A woman who’s like ‘Doogie Howser’ is building a futuristic pharmacy — like Uber for drugs #lovethisMy @Uber X driver taking me to a meeting pulled into a gas station saying "I need to use toilet and get some gum".I listened to the whole thing. #BANANAS Donald Trump's 'John Miller' interview is even crazier than you think my job just be watching @Lin_Manuel interviews 24/7? (In between listening to the soundtrack of course) @NellieBowles I mean.
I'm going to call every local tv station so that the old bald male anchors put a sweater on their face.
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