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Brooke Hammerling @brooke ÜT: 40.724713,-73.997416

I founded @BrewPR, a proud member of @insidefreuds family. I love cheese. And I’m mom to Potato the dog.

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@JPManga Will obviously watch this. @editorialiste Let’s not forget: please don’t come to a meeting in a bathrobe. Please keep your clothes on. Please… cannot retweet this enough. am going cashless.
Consistently impressed and inspired by Amber. Her voice is fierce. #choirup
@JJJordynjones Well i do but not my birthday. Hope she has a good one! 😊What Swisher said. @foodiemagician 1000 percent. @ariannahuff Please ask Potato to be more communicative. Thanks. :) @sarahkateellis @Sling @glaad It’s so so so so so so bad.
One way or another the 🐘🐘🐘 will do him in. Literally or figuratively. One day. #karma
“Guess what we are going to do on this later?” - you’re welcome. is real
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWell done @ONECampaign. Well done. day. EVERY day I think surely things can't get worse and people can't get stupider than they were today. AND… after that I’m done for the day. Wine and cheese begins now at 930AM. Who’s in? @vplus Words legitimately escape me.Words actually escape me.
Not a short story? Not a short form video? Not a byline on a blog? A BOOK? A freaking BOOK? can’t take more 2017. I just can’t. Can you please take a vacation? Like a 4 day weekend at least. Thanks.Ok my annual tally of who’s going to CES in January so I can add you to my social calendar! ✌🏼🤣Can you be a “teenage woman”?? Because I say HELL no. Yet everyone keeps referring to Roy Moore accusers as “teenag… Scoble is writing a book about how to get attention on the internet and Justin Caldbeck is teaching men abou…
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Legit all this talk about Facebook looking to take advantage and manipulate us. My entire feed is cat videos and st… @RobGlaser passwords.I hated the frat boy culture then and I hate it now. I believe a culture comes from its foundation but who knows -…! Congratulations to @radhikajones !
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Ditto. Best thing I’ve seen in a long time and why i love NYC so much! Blown away. New York columnist Liz Smith has died at the age of 94, NBC News confirms
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI don't care about his pathetic tweets anymore. Let's focus on flipping districts a year from now in the Midterms a…
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He’s having Adderall rage. @katierosman Great big ships! @chaykak @felixsalmon @katierosman And she does. She’s a powerhouse kid I️ know who has become so successful with h… @felixsalmon @katierosman @chaykak It was definitely my favorite line. But playful not seeped in sarcasm in how i r… @felixsalmon @chaykak I suppose it’s all in how you read it. I certainly don’t think @katierosman was being sarcast… wonderful, positive, empowering anecdote for what’s going on today in the world. And a lot of pink! Thank you…
@Cavomusicfan1 @m_millsey You seem lovely and maybe you need to get a hobby or something. Or a romantic partner. Or new meds. @mcuban That’s a good one.
Really the only thing to do in this world now is to comfort eat. So here’s a gift."We did no work with Russia, and the idea the Russians significantly interfered with the Trump campaign is inconcei…
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @sarahill42 But a dashing one!We are not a political company, we are a tech company - Alexander Nix of #cambridgeanalytica @WebSummit. #freuds #lisbonRight now @WebSummit, Matthew Freud putting Cambridge Analytica’s Alexander Nix through the ringer. 15,000 in audie… is the day. Will be mental at #websummit2017 when Matthew Freud interviews Alexander Nix, CEO of #cambridgeanalytica. #lisbon #freudsWorth it. #lisbon
A tweet from a president that is presidential. ❤️❤️❤️ US department of justice tells AT&T it must sell CNN if its bid for Time Warner is to be approved, reflecting…
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @paddycosgrave @alex_red_queen Hahaha that’s what we were saying there while i was MCing the stage! We love it so m… the pope has to reprimand his flock on the phone etiquette.'m with @brooke in hoping that @paddycosgrave starts a #WebSummit for gaming.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @yankeejoe @karaswisher @WebSummit Truth.I’m wearing my @karaswisher uniform to MC the #playerone stage today @WebSummit. T-shirt. Blazer. I got this.… you’re at #WebSummit2017 come to the #PlayerOne stage today because I AM the EMCEE! And I need your support beca…
I love everything about this. Perfection. #britishvogue is a stunning piece of writing. #VanityFair at #WebSummit with @KaraSwisher.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingFascinating. @MarkVHurd @karaswisher discuss global security risks which they call the 911 of data. Scary. I need a drink. #websummit is a player in the cloud, and Oracle is the only company that offers an entire SUITE...”- @MarkVHurd #oracleLast year alone 16% of all corporate data centers closed. Because they are moving to the cloud - @MarkVHurd #oracle #websummit17Guys. @karaswisher just asked @MarkVHurd “how fucked is Silicon Valley?” #websummit17 #centerstageThis should be something. Taking stage now. #websummit2017
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingAt #websummit? Come see @karaswisher Interview @Oracle ceo Mark Hurd on Center Stage. Now!
@jason_pontin @karaswisher The lighting. @brooke She must really love you.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThe meaner she is the more she loves you. Fact. question from @karaswisher to European Commisioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager: «How f**cked is Silicon…
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@msg You can work around it by mapping i=I and I=i in Keyboard shortcuts until Apple fixes.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @tconrad @msg I am very grateful to you right now. 🤯🤯🤯Hey @Apple @AppStore not being able to type the letter that sounds like “eye” is sub twisted dark shit. I️ I️ I️ I️ I️ I️ I️ I️ I️ I️ I️why are half my texts wit people filled with question mark boxes
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @karaswisher @ZadieSmith I had no idea it was the Stay Puft marshmallow man. I always thought Puff. Huh. 🤯Perfect. time in maybe forever I haven’t been able to get thru the #Styles section of @nytimes. I don’t know it was very dude focused I think?This ad is stupid. I see it every and I’m like that’s the argument for why women are bad ass? We eat? #specialk
Lisbon. #websummit17 who's going?Just stopped in Washington Square Park and asked if I was friends with @karaswisher as they recognized my dog from her twitter. 🙈🐶
@m_millsey Omg I love drivin' n cryin'.Guys I think I may have to quit the Twitter because it's tweets and subsequent convo around its tweets just does me in. It disgusts me.