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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more:

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@adamnash @wauckward @RachelFeltman while I can't get mad when we are talking sheet cake - clearly I have been living under a rock.
We are all happy @HOUSE_of_WARIS is home & where he should be. #nyc #standwithwaris #lovenotfear #lasirene pumped that the @BrewPR Valentine this year matches my nail polish. TY @brooke & @DenaCook!
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Big news from @celmatix, which announced a collaboration with @23andMe today
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingCongratulations @LaurieSegallCNN on the launch of your important series #MostlyHuman on @CNN!!! someone in Bay Area please make this dog smile and bring him home and make me stop crying? @nasscom named @oracle CEO Safra Catz Global CEO of the year. #NASSCOM_ILF
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Inbox: Why a Pet is Better Than a Boyfriend this Valentine's Day
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @katierosman @realDonaldTrump yes I remember my grandparents telling me loving stories of Roosevelt calling everyone pussies. #classy #I'm moving to Scotland. I mean look at this guy. @fxshaw boo @fxshaw how long u in town? @girlterate @IamStan @BrewPR we are opening a UK office as we are now a part of @InsideFreuds! #justsaying :) @BitsofBeauty @cindygallop @BrewPR @SashaHalima cool hi Sasha! @SMRushford @BrewPR so am I! So yes Def NYC. Also San Francisco and LA
@IamStan @BrewPR @girlterate thank you! Cam I would love to connect!!You guys!! #hiring tweet. @BrewPR is hiring and we are awesome. We need experienced communications peeps. Resume-> jobs at BrewPR dotcom @sapna I don't even want to know what PR firm is responsible for that I really don't but wowzers.
when ur brother wins the super bowl but then u remember that bees are dying globally at an alarming rate
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI was hoping for a native IBS ad tbh
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingAnd eat some Papa Johns. @m_millsey don't worry he's a #Budweiser spokesman now clearly. @m_millsey but that insurance commercial is ok???What is the story of this sign in Alamo Square?? #yogabut #SanFrancisco shows are better when it's dark.Watch game is strong boys. Strong. #SB50 @adamnash stop.Kevin Durant played Golden State on Saturday and switched careers Sunday. The @Warriors are that good. #SB50
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling @msquinn @MikeIsaac and you just won the Super Bowl.Wait the idea is to catch the ball your teammate throws directly to you right? Just checking. #SB50 #PanthersThis image of a man envying a dog going to the bathroom was broadcast during the Super Bowl. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI mean..... doesn't need to wear a tie. #SuperBowl
I go where he goes
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI might have a crush on Roger. That's a little weird right? via
Augmented Reality Helmet Startup Daqri Nabs Former SpaceX, Qualcomm And Virgin Group Execs by @lucas_matney
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingMen of San Francisco why. Why? WHY?????? #hairband
@CCdip baby monks! @CCdip for reals.Also yes my home screen is a fiasco.The new @Uber app on the bottom left looks like it is in constant update mode when compared to ones updating. mean..... Baby monks! Cc @ccdip
@elonmusk if you don't feed Stewart the world stands still.... #fact #slowday
A year ago today @Rebeccamead_NYC WENT IN.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or stolen from.ESPN hires first female editor to head a major sports magazine via @nypost
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHow the Sexist Attack on Marissa Mayer Affects All of Us by @rachelsklar via @Refinery29 @ahess247 @MikeIsaac or because still no product? I want to run a biz like this!!Ok this guy is wound too tight. Sorry I might offend but some of those @LandmarkForum peeps are bananas. #lululemon @frankrose @realDonaldTrump Iowa bathed in gold leaf and 80s Chintz. @jfuentes oh yeah that's weird. I bring my own on the ipad!I really hope @realDonaldTrump follows thru and buys a farm in Iowa. @jfuentes in Mint? I am sitting solo. behind me just ordered 3 vodkas pre-take off. Stay tuned....If you had told me a year ago @JetBlue would have hands down the best cross country service I would not have believed u. They do. #Mint @ingridlunden @TechCrunch we so civilized and cultured. @ingridlunden @TechCrunch #spiritanimal @TechCrunch @ingridlunden wowzers!!!"Usually I say polls are for strippers..." Man is @SarahPalinUSA a gift or what?? sides ganging up on media. So maybe the media should stop covering them totally and see what happens?
Many of my friends voting for Bernie are kids of gazillionaires who would not be able to afford the illegal drugs they use w/o them.Obviously Trump blames Palin right? I mean I would.In one corner a dude who praises our creator for setting our laws & in the other a lady who breathes a sigh of relief for sort of winning @brianstelter yeah she went off script there and that was nooooo Bueno. No one wants our president to say that even if they think itWait did Ted Cruz and Hillary use the same fucking victory song???? #fightsongDude I would not want to come home past curfew to an angry Hillary Clinton.Mrs. Cruz is like oh F***. chooses the republican winner. Not media. Not washington. Not lobbyists. But God. Oh and the people of Iowa. #TedCruzThis whole thing is bananas. No one wins. Literally none of us win with any of this. #IowaCaucusCruz did what? #IowaCaucus #circus #thatdudeisCRAZY STOP. HOLD THE PHONE. Does Big Bird join the board of their investments?? SNUFFLEUPAGUS?? AMAZE. #sesamestreet Debuts Its First App, A Morning News Round-Up Called “Refinery29 This AM” via @techcrunch
@frankpallotta @ajs totally completely delightfully surprised. Very unexpected!Seriously. No idea how they tracked that last 10 minutes and kept the audio clean. #technicalEmmy
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingShe looks exactly like Olivia Newton John. #sandy #GreaseLiveSo this is a superstar moment for @VanessaHudgens. Just a beautiful performance. #GreaseLiveIs John Travolta in this at some point? Because I keep expecting him to show up. #GreaseLive @avb truly a remarkable achievement. I mean the show its led takes 2nd place to the camera action and direction.Mario Lopez just turned #GreaseLive from really great to really gross and dirty and cheesy all at once.The only reason I'm watching #GreaseLive is b/c of the live tweeting of @Lin_Manuel who is apparently the boss of me. Anyway it's great! @sriramk oh I just finished episode one. Well now I know. But still. It is fantastic. Cc @briankoppelmanI love it. It is so good. #Billions love that the cheating S&m sociopath on #Billions thinks because he meditates he's superior. #perfect #fakeittilyoumakeitPotato love notes. I mean.... @Lin_Manuel would LOVE to have you and yours come to Indian Wells tournament in March if you have a day or 2! #bnpparibas #thebestWhy was this not covered more? Only and I mean only women senators and staff showed up to work during the snowstorm. anyone buy a book about how to actually not train your dog correctly? Because if so I could write a bestseller. #mydogisamenaceSecurity issues aside, like how cool would this have been to be able to do?? #museedorsay via @jeromejarre INSANE. People of #Iowa please kick his ass. "Iowa's secretary of state rips Cruz over campaign mailer"
@pkafka the irony is that this is the ad served to me whilst reading the @nytimes story on locksmiths. first client and current client. Love the @NetSuite.
@valarezo hahaha I guess I missed that!When applying for internships I forgot about the cool women who inspired me to pick my major 3 years ago @KariFeinsteinPR @brooke @BrewPR
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI missed this news back in October. So IBM buys the Weather Channel? @jakeschwartz @DenaCook @karaswisher you're the best!! @JGregRichardson @BrewPR @karaswisher thank you!!!!NetSuite Q4 beats street on new business from @Snapchat and @LuckyBrand via @ahess247 - #NetSuite
@Lock @karaswisher the absolute best. @PearlF THANK YOU!
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