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Interesting article about the current electronic music scene in Cuba Havana Club Rumba Project: Gilles Peterson‘s latest project with Havana Cultura is an insightful look at...
Retweeted by BrownswoodFound cat in Hackney area- no chip or tag, strong eyebrow game and plenty to say, please rt to get him home #lostcat
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WE'RE BACK. @oldspitalfields w/ @brownswood @ErasedTapes @fabriclondon @FutureDisco @heavenlyrecs 🇬🇧 🙈
Retweeted by Brownswood @ADZMB15 @IndieLabelMkt @ErasedTapes @brownswood @fabriclondon @FutureDisco @heavenlyrecs @LondonBrewMkt absolutely!
Retweeted by BrownswoodWhole @brownswood bubblers discography available for £46.90 on Bandcamp. Not to be missed:
Retweeted by BrownswoodUK Apache’s Journey from 'Original Nuttah' MC to Muslim Speaker via @viceuk
#havanaclubrumba la clave poster
@brownswood worldwideawards x hattiestewart art framed & ready 4 music room thanks to raysglass&frames in Hackney
Retweeted by BrownswoodThe self titled album from Long-time @brownswood crew, @owinysigoma is given a 2016 reissue
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Bubblers Back Cat Bargains: listening to this - brilliant work @WeAreMistral #bristol #6MusicFestival Brownswood Bubblers Flash sale on bandcamp // fill your boots with Bubblers at £5 a copy! Click here:
Gilles Peterson is back with a new album from his ongoing HAVANA CULTURA series, this time offering...
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Free Film Screening of @havanaclub Rumba Sessions tonight @havanacultura @gillespeterson @brownswood @lulalounge
Retweeted by BrownswoodNow playing #havanaclubrumba on @bbcworldservice @gillespetersonStoked for #havanaclubrumba @brownswood and @gillespeterson film screening at @lulalounge this very evening in Toronto!
Retweeted by BrownswoodIf you are going to the #havanaclubrumba screening at the @ICALondon tonight show your ticket at the bar for a free cocktail! Between 7-11Lively drum beats are like the energetic ebb and flow of #Havana's #culture. #HavanaCultura
Retweeted by Brownswood#GigOfTheDay -> @GillesPeterson & @Brownswood present Havana Club Rumba Sessions at @ICALondon this #Thursday:
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Can't wait to see Daymé live again! - Part of @lalineafest - The London Latin Music Festival via @comonouk
Retweeted by BrownswoodOnly about seven minutes in, never a disappointing listen...
Retweeted by Brownswood @NiallMDoherty hey niall - do you have email could contact you on?Tonight the @gillespeterson #worldwideawards will stream again from the top. 6pm GMT via @chopshopmusic hello brownswood would love to send you music - how can we do that?
NEW*MUSIC🔊🎶♥️ "LA RUMBA EXPERIMENTAL" @MCDE_Recordings Remix @gillespeterson //pressPlay>>@
Retweeted by BrownswoodBristol #havanaclubrumba📡1PM ET Beat scientist @swedeart explores jazzy sketches, ambient, and exotica territories.
Retweeted by BrownswoodLa Rumba Experimental (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) @laradionova : @Twistedsoulblog @gillespeterson stream will be live at 6PM GMT tomorrow. No PIN required.#havanaclubrumba screening at the cube bristol
Daymé Arocena performs "Come to Me"
Retweeted by BrownswoodNew #havanaclubrumba sessions screening announced in Brighton to @MIMSLexis for premiering new Poirier track from our @_HavanaCultura_ album ➩ out about the creation of #havanaclubrumba & more! Tweet us your qs for @gillespeterson w/ #AskGilles now! @HavanaClub_UK @brownswood
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@JeanWindows no cd / just digital and limited edition vinylGood energy positive energy
Retweeted by BrownswoodWe've been trying to get a Pepe Bradock Remix for years and now we one! q&a with @UKThump to go alongside new @debruit remix for Havana Rumba album. Check it!
Retweeted by BrownswoodRumba: Gilles Peterson Talks on @ransomnoted asking GP about the #havanaclubrumba film? Tag your questions #askgilles - answers on the ICA blog next week "Ultimately we are all here because a record changed our lives. Don't forget we get to work with art every day" #IndieCon16
Retweeted by BrownswoodHave you got a question for @gillespeterson? Tweet us your #AskGilles qs now ahead of this weekend's #havanaclubrumba screenings!
Retweeted by BrownswoodTonight @Cafeoto @emanative's show feat. our #SteveReidAward artist @SarathyKorwar >>>
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Toronto screens @_HavanaCultura_ docu #havanaclubrumba & #video #Cuba #cdnpoli
Retweeted by BrownswoodVery great new remix from @debruit #havanaclubrumbaLive Review: Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards 2016 👉
Retweeted by BrownswoodDo any IT people want to come and work out Brownswood. Can pay in vinyl and high end cheese.Remember @BadBadNotGood in the @Brownswood Basement?
Retweeted by BrownswoodListen to some re-imagined rumba courtesy of @gillespeterson's @brownswood recordings
Retweeted by BrownswoodListen to Some Re-Imagined Rumba Courtesy of Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings via @ukthump
New delivery in the #havanaclubrumba series by Pépé Bradock : @brownswood @gillespeterson @_HavanaClub
Retweeted by BrownswoodThose lovely chaps over at @Mixmag have premiered the Pepe Bradock mix from our new Havana Club Rumba Sessions album! Pepe Braddock remixes @gillespeterson HC Rumba Sessions @brownswood
Retweeted by BrownswoodOooooof. One of the heaviest house tracks I've heard in ages - MCDE rmx of Havana Cultura on @brownswood
Retweeted by BrownswoodPhoenix Cinema - #HavanaClubRumba sessions: La Clave/ Cuban music, African roots showing Sun 28 Feb
Yousef, Crazy P, Ralf Kollmann speak at Brighton Music Conference 2016
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@LebetheK thank you XXWelcome to Wood 2016 @samleesong @OwinySigoma @Dannythechamp @dreaming_spires @nickcope4 Tx:
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Stream + buy new @DiggsDuke single on bandcamp ➡️
Come join us at @ICALondon for screenings of our #rumba film. #havanaclubrumba Tickets:
Retweeted by Brownswood @clash_music MORNING
head to @okayplayer for the exclusive on new Diggs Duke //
.@gillespeterson presents Daymé Arocena & #havanaclubrumba sessions: la clave at @cullyjazz
@felixatjazz can you DM me your email? Just wanted to talk to you about Dayme Arocena and her plans this year XGiles Peterson Reveals Rumba Remixes on @ransomnoted
the new Idris Muhammad at the @gillespeterson Worldwide Awards, you were phenomenal last night!💯 @YussefandKamaal
Retweeted by Brownswood @TheGrayAreaShow soon! X @NickMiroff could i possibly get an email for you?Sounded so good when Josey Rebelle played this on saturday x ♫
Wow we've just won Label of the Year at the #worldwideawards! Honoured. Thank you @gillespeterson.
Retweeted by BrownswoodSo fuckin' honoured to get the Best Session of the Year award for @gillespeterson 's #WorldWideAwards. Thank you !
Retweeted by BrownswoodLIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD! Thanks to Gilles Peterson & the #WorldwideAwards. Truly honoured! I couldnt be at...
Retweeted by BrownswoodHow we do 😂 #GillesPetersonWordwideAwards2016 right now and really wishing I was there!!! So dope!!!
Retweeted by BrownswoodThat moment when @littlesimz + @AndersonPaak transformed in2 Kid 'n Play while performing a refix of #AmIWrong 🖖🏽
Retweeted by Brownswood @pecoapoco @brownswood @gillespeterson She will be back for #LaLinea16!
Retweeted by Brownswoodlast night at the #WorldWideAwards . Special shout out to @gillespeterson . shots by @blaow
Retweeted by BrownswoodWorldwide Awards 2016: THE WINNERS //!! Dayme Arocena!! #worldwideawards @brownswood
Retweeted by Brownswood @TROUMACA forever @brownswood
Retweeted by Brownswood
Watching live NOW from Medellin, Colombia !! ! #worldwideawards Thanks @gillespeterson for this !
Retweeted by BrownswoodLoving this, so happy I can watch from the other side of Europe #worldwideawards 🌎💙 @gillespeterson @LeFtO @JoseyRebelle
Retweeted by BrownswoodWho else is locked in?... The Worldwide Awards 2016 with Gilles Peterson #WorldWideAwards
Retweeted by BrownswoodBare @jazzrefreshed crew onstage @Mosesboydexodus @manlikebinks #shirleytetteh @joearmonjones #worldwideawards
Retweeted by Brownswood#worldwideawards supergroup are on - stream the show live on #worldwideawards 👀Lots of people that can afford to buy music don't, yet talk about precarity of artistic labor all day
Retweeted by Brownswoodmany things in head I didnt say yesterday @guardian music hour @NTSlive!! Politics &social comment runs through all this music...activism xx
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MCDE delivers a rumbling rumba remix for Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura 👉
Retweeted by BrownswoodCheck Rumba 101 and see details for extra screenings of our @_HavanaCultura_ Rumba Sessions documentary // delivers a rumbling rumba remix for Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura via @
Tam tam tam reimagined - be ready! @gillespeterson @LVLVLVLVLVLVLV @earlzinger evening is sorted #worldwideawards live stream - @brownswood @gillespeterson
Retweeted by BrownswoodObaa Sima by Ata Kak, found with @Shazam. Listen now:'re warming up for the #worldwideawards at the @PickleFactoryE2 tonight. Fiver to get in @gillespeterson playing! @JLOCrepeRecords @gillespeterson its just bees and things 🐝😘.@GOVUK just okayed a plan to plant bee-killing seeds across the the United Kingdom @sumofusFolks, sometimes you hear a songwriter that is beyond refreshing; they're musical frontiersman. Check out @DiggsDuke
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