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Hardware, Firmware developer and PCB designer

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@CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @Madame_Micawber @sanjeevsanyalयह कुत्ते लोग किसी को भी नहीं छोड़ते !! इसाई पास्टर को कोई शर्म नहीं है
Retweeted by BSSPReality of Mother Teresa
Retweeted by BSSPAnother Convert spotted , she actually converts others as well ... Keeping a SIKH name #Punjab
Retweeted by BSSP"Seculars" don’t seem to realise that Christianity & Islam cannot live peacefully with others due to their doctrines
Retweeted by BSSPHindu temples eradicated from Pakistan while many new mosques coming up in India. Who is intolerant?
Retweeted by BSSPIf u say openly that u like Hindu Dharma it makes u a Hindutvadi = my experience. #Hindutva, #Hinduism
Retweeted by BSSPLike this page , I post all videos here
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Retweeted by BSSPVery true,these malcontents are making local crime into a national event for ideological reasons:2 person got lynch…
Retweeted by BSSPAllowing you to earn a living by peddling lies.
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@BrethrenIndia @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat @avullamparthi @SaaranshAwasthi @Gubomaster
Retweeted by BSSP @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @human24679 @Madame_Micawber @BrethrenIndia @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat @avullamparthi @rbharatk @avullamparthi @JGN190 @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @Gubomaster @siyawardas @suprema_she @Robin_D__
Retweeted by BSSP @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @human24679 @Madame_Micawber @BrethrenIndia @YogiBabaPrem @_twitwhat @avullamparthi @CorbettCornell2 @kautilyadharma @human24679 @intelligent50 @siyawardas @GreatHeretic @suprema_she @wavehit @BrethrenIndia @siyawardas @human24679 @kautilyadharma @CorbettCornell2 @intelligent50 @GreatHeretic @suprema_she"the universe is alive. There is a presence present in it and this one presence appears as many and.." #Science
Retweeted by BSSPsome western scientist now suggest tht universe is conscious. Rishis knew it long ago.
Retweeted by BSSPIndia must stop being reactive to China, and should propose its own ocean based trade group to supplement China's bold strategic initiatives
Retweeted by BSSP @mariawirth1 Well ma'am, I call such idiots literate, not educated. In North Indians, particularly, they flaunt eng…
Retweeted by BSSPhow on earth can 'good English' be seen as a sign of education? Unfortunately still often the case in India
Retweeted by BSSPThis Pastor with HIV raped 30 girls all under age of 10.. and catholic church said no problem ? You are free to go…
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Retweeted by BSSP @BrethrenIndia @human24679 @CorbettCornell2 @wavehit @JGN190 @Satabdwi @Madame_Micawber @sanjeevsanyal @siyawardas @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @Madame_Micawber @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @sanjeevsanyal
Retweeted by BSSP @CorbettCornell2 @siyawardas @Madame_Micawber @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @sanjeevsanyal 'Dalit ki beti' had sent an empty private jet from Lucknow to Mumbai just to pick up a pair of sandals for her…
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Retweeted by BSSPRigveda is most important Vedic text, holds original mantras of the ancient Rishis, yet modern academia has totally failed to understand it.
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Retweeted by BSSPSri Lanka Constitution: "Sri Lanka shall give Buddhism the foremost place and it shall be the duty of the State to…
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Rishis conveyed maximum content in minimum words academics convey minimum content in maximum words
Retweeted by BSSPThe blood of RSS and BJP workers is spilled in Kerala, Punjab, Bihar, and Karnataka, but liberals never outrage..
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Retweeted by BSSP @Robin_D__ @SaaranshAwasthi @siyawardas @BrethrenIndia @Gubomaster @intelligent50 @Madame_Micawber @GreatHeretic @bst_official Today in Pioneer: foreign study -> yog+meditation maintain DNA in perfect condition. Remember how 10…
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Though samudra for ocean occurs more than 150 times in Rigveda, with ships of 100 oars, scholars try to deny Vedic culture was maritime.
Retweeted by BSSPA Christian man has been vandalising both Christian as well as Hindu places of worship. But only Christian religiou…
Retweeted by BSSP @dhume @tufailelif Looks like this guy is stillnot come out of British colonial slave mindset.Ilanti valani gurtinchali. 👏🏻⚡️
Retweeted by BSSPEven you deny that you are not an Urban Naxal.
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