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Formerly of @ANIMALNewYork, now at @MassAppeal. Looking forward to January 20, 2021 at 12:01pm

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This guy gets the nuclear codes in less than 12 hours.
At the RNC I asked Roger Stone if he was voting for Trump and he said: "does a bear shit in the woods?" This man ha… @RusEmbUSA @TrumpInaugural @mike_pence @seanspicer @KellyannePolls @Scaramucci @DanScavino @mfa_russia @RusCons_TX
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThat tweet of @GovernorPataki denouncing @realDonaldTrump was from October, 2016. Has been deleted. #jellyfish"I'm horrified by #TrumpTape news. @realDonaldTrump campaign is a poisonous mix of bigotry & ignorance. Enough! He… have been more believable if it were @JoeBiden! police just rushed crowd and threw a can of teargas. #disruptj20
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIs this a weird bug on mobile @Twitter? Says Trump "can't be tagged in photos." On desktop it works fine. just referred to his campaign manager as "my Kellyanne," invited her on stage then told her "thank you, baby, thank you."
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoCreepy commander in chief.RIP. 👑 knew America was psychopathic with its cultivation of serial killers & proliferation of mass shootings, but this Trump shit's next level.Bobbbbbbby... @robzilla212 Not in my book it don't.When you delete all your photos and half your text messages and @AppleSupport still fucks you. @MELANIATRUMP Does your son have special needs?And a coward who already blocked me. Man up snowflake @IslanderNation! the guy who doesn't give a shit about Russia influencing the U.S. elections and Trump's ties to Russia. @MaximEristavi SAME!Real life Illuminati news. @KunleIRAK Because one part of ME wants nothing to do with it... @pippi_esfumarse LOL. Well lucky you. @pippi_esfumarse Probably not. Too chaotic.3:25am Amtrak from NYC to D.C. is sold out. Still hope for the 4:40am though...The hash tag of sad men. #renamemillionwomenmarchI wouldn't call them brilliant or interesting.
Oh my word!'s dystopian-sounding. about Trump is real except the horror. hasn't even been inaugurated yet & he chose a campaign slogan for 2020 that was used to market 'The Purge.'
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoRespect the Poor People's Governor! Joss cause he's like an IRL version of The Avengers. in D.C. smokes weed, is cool, and likes me enough to let me stay at their plush apartment?There's a reason this hotel is only $57 a night. It's far: "Washington D.C., 794.1 miles to City center."Russian's next mark. Vladamir Putin would love this guy. cc @rusembusa. keep looking for @RepPeteKing's terrorism ties to the #IRA and don't see them here. @FBI? @g3thazey @roanzone @andyoutis @irin These Trump supporters actually ate this shit up and believed it. I just can't wrap my head around that. @andyoutis @irin I just don't get it. I mean, I voted for Clinton, but I never ever believed anything she said or any politician.Before Trump was elected, you could search "graffiti" in Google News & get back results about art. Now it's all racist vandalism stories.This person is an attorney. That's supposed to mean she's educated. Just wild. @TheDustyRebel And on top of a superfund site!In all fairness, my public high school also had multiple swimming pools, several athletic fields, a shooting range,… 'Time Bandits' taught us anything, it's to never touch concentrated evil. you think that's embarssing, just look at who America elected president., please...
She didn't do her homework. 3 more days, "POTUS" will have a new meaning: "Putin Owns The United States."
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThis is a remarkable development... Alexander just said that the hearing for #Devos will only have one round of questions, 5 minutes each. Never heard anything like this.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoYeehaw motherfuckers...святое дерьмо! via @reddit then informs her it's about $200 million. She says, sounds about right. of touch billionaire & secretary of education nominee Betsy DaVos is pushing for kids to go to Apex Technical School instead of college.Hmm...
Premier Trump! 🇷🇺 retreat, baby. No surrender.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAccording to Republican Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), the country wanted a "leap into the dark." Did he not see the popu… World Sessions' father told the @AP he was pro-segregation & then offered this defense for why his son isn't a racis…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThis is from the "superstars" page of the @WWE website.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoHere's a brilliant and a witty idea. It fits the popular image of Joe Biden.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoHow will he ever look his 15-year-old daughter in the eyes. deleted it now, but for the record, Tomi Lahren read (for sure) about Watergate and thought Nixon was the hero
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWATCH: Colorado Republican secretly flees town hall to avoid constituents mad about gutting Obamacare…
Retweeted by Bucky Turco2011: Donald Trump questions legitimacy of first black President. 2017: John Lewis questions legitimacy of first orange President.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoTrump should hire for inauguration. TV's Kiselev likens the US intelligence report on alleged Russian hacking to "a mouse excreting something,…
Retweeted by Bucky Turco @JerryMcvay @charlottechurch @realDonaldTrump No they didn't. Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 3 million.Aurora Police officers are putting up crime scene tape to create a perimeter outside of the library. This allowed C… won popular vote by nearly 9 million votes & won 365 electoral votes. Also no hacking and he didn't praise a… The camo and orange "Make America Great Again" hats are back in stock at the Trump Tower gift shop
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoLOL, he has to go and kiss the ring too? That must be some videotape!
Laura Ingraham drank a whole bottle of cognac and now she's hallucinating homeless people.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWhy were you laying on the ground?
Retweeted by Bucky Turco @daweiner @evanmcmurry @ABC He's looking for the birth certificate.