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Founder of @ANIMALNewYork (RIP) with bylines elsewhere. Looking forward to January 20, 2021 at 12:01pm or sooner.

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Spotted some mild political graffiti by KATSU on Avenue B in coffee shop: "I get why they're protesting, it's just disrespectful to the soldiers who wear the uniform."…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSome of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want…
muchas gracias @jeffsessions House issues new North Korea Summit commemorative coin.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoEveryone rob Peter Alexander! wanted to cop a coin but 503 error. 😂, I'm a card-carrying member of the @NRA, but I have to tell the truth--the NRA is a lunatic fringe organizatio…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoDoes this mean Trump’s out of the running for the Nobel? #NorthKoreaSummit
Thinking about how a well placed question by Brian Kilmeade tomorrow could launch a constitutional crisis.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoCurrent open jobs @newyorker: deputy news editor, data journalist, researcher for interactive stories. And more com…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThe importance of stupidity in scientific research |
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSign seen outside NY hotel where President headlined a $5 million (from just 75 people) fundraiser (Photo/…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoA statement by the President:
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAny plans to meet with families who’ve suffered heartbreak at the hands of AR-15?
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI sued the President, and I won.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAlso, if football games are now sacred political events, can the coin toss be for universal healthcare? a reminder what Jared did with the information he got BEFORE he got a security clearance:
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAbout drugs! damn. That’s drug money money of bald eagle swooping and LIFTING fox 20ft high via @MailOnline
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThe NFL is reportedly discussing a rule where teams would be assessed a 15-yard penalty for kneeling during the nat…
Retweeted by Bucky Turco @filmdevelop @DNC Dead or buried in a weird casket like in Serpent and the Rainbow. Break through Dems! 👹I need proof of life right now @DNC!There is something broadly true about this. A lot of Democrats really did seem to let consultants and Republicans s…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoBtw. If you hear "Laurel" in this audio clip you need to get your shit examined. the ramblings of an innocent man. You!!!!!!! get an F in logic
5 days until the big show in Coney Island, New York. We, Protoje, Federation Sound and Sister Nancy. Still limited…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAccurate b/c it’s a fake target & you put it there yourself.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThe third seal has broken ... morning Trump makes special breakfast sandwiches for House Republicans. Devin Nunes eagerly finishes first an…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWow. Someone just jumped on the tracks at the freeman stop in the Bronx. The Train barely missed him. And he’s layi…
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FWIW: I smoked the Scooby Snax once and it was wack. The youth are way better off smoking real weed. Obama was elected, he went to a FBI office to make secure calls to world leaders. Trump took his calls at Trum… never knew the City of New York's did best of lists. Here's their selects for sneaker stores. 😂 That this exists."In the end, that meant taking most of the fun out of the phone: the president can't play Angry Birds, for example.… Obama wanted to keep his phone, "the NSA set up a lab where dozens of experts performed surgery for several mo… @NYTObits the Obama-Deep State-Machine deployed an informant to investigate my campaign. Rationally-thinking people:…’t know how they reached that conclusion with someone as youthful as Wilbur Ross in the president’s cabinet. 22 putting on a show! Lava fountains as high as 150 ft into the air, in Kīlauea Volcano’s Lower East Rift Z…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIs that why he cowered in fake pain after like his foot hurt? FOH. Punk ass move followed by punk ass acting that w… going down should be a good thing, nerds.HAPPENING NOW: There’s a monkey on the loose at San Antonio International Airport, according to reports…
Retweeted by Bucky Turco @mflynnJR Why aren’t you verified bro? Because the Deep State, am I rite?And here’s the son of Michael Flynn—a man who acted as an unregistered foreign agent, lied to investigators, took m…
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoMass shooters worry me a lot more than MS-13.Michael Cohen is due in Manhattan federal court on Thursday for a fourth hearing related to SDNY's criminal probe.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoEvery gang’s biggest wish granted: validation. Trump is demonstrably dum b pot farmers, rebrand MS-13 as a cannabis strain please.The future is now. Fuck’s a great boogeyman for Trump. It appeals to his base and if the left pushes back too hard, it looks like libera… see a dystopian future where only like 6 shit magazines are available at newsstands 6th but what a champ
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSpoiler: They don’t explain the significance.
American oligarch with significant publishing interests targeted in regime crackdown
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoAll students will also get A’s and be carried on feather pillows, because that’s how real life is. Prepare the kids! his own tribe ain’t doing it — friends and families — others have to pick up the slack. I’m pro public shaming t… this is precisely why Trump is president. This video says more about the populace than any stat, exit poll or p… judge tore into ICE for lying, ordering the government to restore Ramirez's DACA status and barring it from claim…
Retweeted by Bucky Turco @buckyturco That was a ridiculous read. It would of have been better to give advice to public people to avoid readi…
Retweeted by Bucky Turco#EndangeredSpeciesDay'm hoping the cyborg-kid in this Extant series gets deactivated. It's creepy.Weed actually has more in common with green tea and avocados than alcohol and tobacco, since those kill people, lik… exhibit tonight in @AlexBrookLynn’s apartment. dm me for address.’s also the two DOJ cases against the Trump org for not renting to black people in the 1970s. Housing discrimi… scary thing about this story is not that Trump doesn't know the difference between HIV and HPV. It's that he pr…
Retweeted by Bucky Turco @justonlyjohn Good question...Oh fuck off. Now critics shouldn’t be too critical because they may upset some already sensitive artists? If you ca…’s such a scumbag thing to do. Publicly out the barista. Sometimes public shame is the best remedy.… Saturday May 19 #turntablesonthehudson celebrating 20 years #toth20 on @TheLotRadio 6-10pm EST tune in!
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They gave Pizza Rat an ad? 🍕 🐀 SMH! @StormyDaniels Giuliani on his way to give another interview on Fox News.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoDIAL UP AOL