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Distinguished Professor and Extension Specialist at Rutgers University. Fighting inumeracy, making food safer. Co-authored that 5 sec rule paper. Normal piper.

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@ZealousActivism When the recall first happened, we thought only chopped lettuce was risky. On Friday we learned th… @ZealousActivism That’s good, but unfortunately on Friday the recall expanded to head romaine lettuce from the Yuma… @ScottIsLoud @sentientmicrobe @siracusa @johnroderick Get out of my head Scott! @ScottIsLoud @benjaminchapman @NoroNerd I think it’s farm level, but that’s my opinion, and not based on any actual… @ScottIsLoud @benjaminchapman @NoroNerd I have not been to @Wegmans to see the signs, but I had a great interaction… @ScottIsLoud @benjaminchapman @NoroNerd Exactly. I’m here to help, but my first message is “it’s complicated, and i… @ScottIsLoud @benjaminchapman @NoroNerd Agreed, there are issues of food literacy, scientific literacy, journalisti… a ‘teaser’ magnet advertising a new book from @ASMicrobiology press called Women in Microbiology! Can’t wait to…
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉ @ZealousActivism You will likely not get sick. Chik-Fil-A is known for their good food safety practices. I’m sure t…
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉ @NoroNerd @benjaminchapman Yup. I agree. I prefer head lettuce that I wash myself. But I eat restaurant lettuce and… @NoroNerd @benjaminchapman Thanks. @NoroNerd @kwarrine According to their website, this is where FDA is with this: I don’t think CDC is… @kwarrine I disagree, but then that is no surprise to you. First, CDC does not deal with recalls, that is FDA. Seco… only does she understand food safety, she understands geography! @sentientmicrobe @siracusa As much as I’d love to have John as a guest on our podcast, I think his mom might even be a better choice. @scottsimpson I sing the body sucralose.In related news I explained to a couple of shoppers today, that if the bagged romaine indicated it wasn’t from Yuma… nothing, I’m sure. Certainly not being subtweeted. @benjaminchapman, @NoroNerd I’d welcome your thoughts on on where I mistepped. Re: This thread…, but probably not too risky? I’ve said is inconsistent with CDC advice. I’m here to educate about risk. I think we are discussing manage… think the additional benefit from longer washing times is minimal. Our own research shows it is complex:… If you really want no risk from fresh produce, then never eat fresh produce again. That also has risk. @el_maletero John: everything is risk free. But if it’s in a bag, it has a location on the bag. Also, very little, if any romaine is coming out of the… lettuce that is not from the Yuma valley is no more risky than normal. male American woodcock has some glide in his stride and some dip in his hip. Here he is performing an early mo…
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉ @siracusa @tuncket Most romaine on the market right now is probably not from the Yuma valley, and so is no more ris… @dick_nixon do you concur? please have some fun filling out your new character sheet
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@eugenegu @GreatDismal Not “may be” it “is” When @jonlovett isn’t available, perhaps @dril will agree to punch up the newsletter.
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉ @blekhman Or this XKCD: E. coli O157:H7 outbreak warning, do NOT eat Romaine lettuce (chopped or whole), CDC says.
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉Flamingos over Albania is both a cool picture taken this week by Gent Shkullaku of AFP and my new shoegaze band.
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉My hobby: continuing to answer when a toddler gets into a “why?” loop. You’d be amazed how often this ends with “b…
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉Edmund Muskie: Will somebody find me a one-handed scientist?! Me: @mbbatz @MCBazacoPhD ♡ ⬆️ ◡◡❓
@johnroderick Also are there 19 other fake Johns? @johnroderick @JohnRoderick20 Blocked and reported.I can't handle it!!! I met @HamillHimself and recorded this because I was so overwhelmed. 🎉🤯🎉 Everything is great!!
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉Did you know that our bodies contain 100,000,000,000,000 microbes?! It may sound scary, but most #microbes living i…
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉ @johnroderick Is it Dick Cheney, trolling you?So excited to learn more!
@sjh_canada WT actual F. Thanks for sharing. @thx1766 Tomorrow. @thx1766 Good news is we might be able save all the work done over the past two years. Either in a few minutes or tomorrow AM. 🤞🏼The biggest issue is CDER #CFP2018
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉ @benjaminchapman @ScottIsLoud Exact opposite for me. I’m down to chow down on MREs any time. I just don’t like old food. @hotdogsladies @darth So is this for use *by* omnivores, or for use *on* omnivores? @ScottIsLoud @benjaminchapman Yuck. Hard pass.
@ScottIsLoud @benjaminchapman No.Method Man and Ghostface Killah are hanging out with James Comey and may be discussing the Wu-Tang album that Marti…
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉ @NoroNerd hey I have a recent hand wash temperature paper. Let me know if you want me to speak to your C-I issue.Me at #CFP2018: it’s all in the game, yo. Chip: hey that's a wire reference! Me: 🛎
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉ @benjaminchapman Seriously it might be when it gets combined with a C-I issue. @benjaminchapman I’ll tell you later. At some indefinite time in the future.So angry. @MaxTemkin I think you are thinking of Giardia.
So good. good. good. @hotdogsladies @AlexCox So tight.Hey it’s @NoroNerd and she brought her norovirus! @gruber Because he’s actually playing 3D chess? @EileenRose92 @benjaminchapman @michiganstateu And here is the link: @EileenRose92 @benjaminchapman @michiganstateu June 21, Podcast at MSU College of Law conference on food safety and food law!
@trouble_north Pod CAST. @trouble_north Also, since it looks like some of these eggs were sold jersey, and I’m not home right now, asked my… @trouble_north Yup. It didn’t make it into e150, but I’ve tagged it for 151.Hey kids, a special Sunday release in case you need something for you trip to CFP… or just your Sunday chillin’ wit… should rebrand itself and run an ad saying "New Tang brand ain't nothing to fuck with"
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉Falcon diapers.
@moiseschiu @KayKayCannon Lol. Thanks Moisés. We don’t go to the movies hardly at all, but will rent when we can watch from our couch! @moiseschiu @KayKayCannon But the name?New Jersey links 7 to Romaine Lettuce E. coli Outbreak
Retweeted by D҉o҉n҉ ҉S҉c҉h҉a҉f҉f҉n҉e҉r҉Outbreak Alert: 35 people sick in 11 states with E.coli infections linked to chopped romaine lettuce. Don’t eat any…
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