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Mostly nonsense, occasionally stamping out microbiological inumeracy, making food safer, and making podcasts.

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@jkaraian @ftrain Pets? Where are the pets? @michael @ACSHorg Yeah, if only I could get into it.I really don't care about baseball, but this is an amazing graphic. @PatSchloss Infectious Pathogens Daily?I begin every telephone conversation with "are you sitting down?" just out of genuine curiosity.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️ @PatSchloss So what’s “blue collar glam”? Asking for a friend who is not me, who would certainly not want to publish is such a journal.FST podcast referenced Mac the Knife!!! Finally I'm not the weird one humming Bobby Darin in lab #tapdancing #YASS @bugcounter
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@SStirling I think you are thinking of footie training. @hotdogsladies Shut up. No, you’re old. @PlayTypeshift Downloaded the update, got the prompt to leave a review. When I click to leave a review, button chan…
@anamariecox Thank you for doing this. @anamariecox 😝Food Safety Talk 128: It’s the Esters, John @benjaminchapman and I talk raw and cooked meat safety. And more!I commit to doing my part to help elect Democrats and take back the House in 2018. Join me. Take the pledge: @jxpx777 @ttscoff I'm using 10.1.1. Thanks for the heads up Jamie, this may be it. Good news is I've got a TextExpa… @AnneAMadden @PatSchloss This one's about 10 years old, but I loved it when It came out:
Is it just me, or will Safari not install TabLinks - now? @ttscoff, yeah! on the Line: 249: “Blank Knobs” Great discussion on the topic of collaboration. Thanks, @RoderickOn. @bugcounter @benjaminchapman
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@lexfri You are wearing them wrong!
avocado - hot new designer drug
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️ @inthefade 😲 @thelancearthur They are for straight dads too, Lance!At the @BFI tonight with @edgarwright for a screening & Q&A for his astonishing new film #BabyDriver
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️ @TheRealChefTom @foodsafetychick Hot door! @dansturm I think you are thinking of Cars 2. @dansturm Potentially, yup. But I think steak tartare is chopped too. @dansturm They could serve it the same way they serve steak tartare, with a warning on the menu. @joshtpm 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 @benjaminchapman I have follow up (sort of) after email exchange with MT’s niece. They have decided to “change strategy” @dansturm Will also discuss on the podcast with @benjaminchapman. @dansturm Really good question. Mostly just lucky. Freezing has minimal effect, spices too. Not sure on 🐐 vs 🐮 risk… @sentientmicrobe @benjaminchapman 🥂 @sentientmicrobe @benjaminchapman Also, about to get on an airplane today. Wondering if I should read the article first 😝 @sentientmicrobe @benjaminchapman Does it depend? ✔️ Is it complicated? ✔️ More on the next FST? ✔️ @MrsAD1987 @AnneWheaton I think he was trying to be clever.
Realtalk: sex utensil reviewing is like being a food critic- it’s great until you get food poisoning
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️ @rstevens So gross. So domestic.A quality tortilla, fresh and hot, can complement almost any contents. Those cold, tortilla-like things used in wraps are a blight.
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️Retweet if you: -Have a preexisting condition -Love someone with a preexisting condition -Fear your insurance will be taken away #VoteNo
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️ @donmelton @CrucialTK @caseyliss I think you are thinking of the port side of the boat. @marcoarment Depends. My turkey bacon and egg on corn tortilla is pretty damn good. @drunk_casey Sandwich or not? Seems like a podcast idea… vaguely familiar. @hotdogsladies @hawaii @capnmariam @wayne818 @johnroderick Holy crap this podcastsearch seems like magic @_DavidSmith @marcoarment What kind of food is the 10.5 inch iPad Pro? @caseyliss @marcoarment I used to really like Chipotle. Not so much these days. @marcoarment Only those who are sensitive to sodium need to worry about intake. Most of us don’t need to worry. Because science.Good Salmonella prevention advice from Back to Work: 328: Donkey in a Biscuit
In 1988, there were 40 new polio cases an hour. In 2016, there were just 40 cases. Here's how we get to zero:…
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️ @TextExpander Dx expands to - Don. Used for email sign off.4 bizarre zoo signs that probably have a bizarre story behind them.
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Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️ @Moltz That’s why we got another dog.What makes water wet?” he asked, more than once. “I nearly got a master’s in electric chemistry asking that questio…
I used deep learning to cross a book of dinosaurs X a book of flowers
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️So @FoodSafetyMag you should have me on your podcast to talk re: our hand wash water temperature research. kids, Applied and Environmental Microbiology has a Twitter account!
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@ThatEricAlper Can’t wait until he’s done 10,000 hours, so he’s an expert. @benjaminchapman @LetendreDan Damn right I put up a fence. @ScottIsLoud Imagine how much worse they are today! @rstevens @AnneWheaton @wilw They are all good dogs Rich!
@jadegordon 😱😢 @jadegordon @johnroderick @RoderickOn Sheep have been implicated in petting zoo outbreaks. Unanswered research ques… @jadegordon @johnroderick @RoderickOn Probably not. Depends on the process. Low risk because they don't support mic… @jadegordon @johnroderick @RoderickOn We are to food safety guys, and not fat chemists, but we know people. @MCBazacoPhD @benjaminchapman @idahocoug @barfblog Out of my hands, but yes! @benjaminchapman @idahocoug @barfblog We are totally up for an Idaho roadshow!
SPOILER: they're all bottles of poison
Retweeted by Don Schaffner ☣️Roderick on the Line: 247: “George Martin’s Butt” should've been called Jerry Garcia's finger, just saying.
@inthefade I blame the crab crakes. @gruber Everybody Wang Zhijun tonight!
@Jordan_Morris @nickwiger @BDayBoysMitch Nice plaid. @AmyJane @jsnell @Spacekatgal Is it possible I could love him more? Now: yes. @Spacekatgal @GlennF @AmyJane @jsnell #MAFA @KenJennings Shit. Now I’m sad. @andylassner That’s the one with special underware right? How would we know? @hannahaggie2014 @MaggieMeade1 That’s what I thought 😝, literally double blind 😉