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Family,nature,and lots of sunshine ,imperative in Life

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@cookie9965 @Pam72210 @misstrenchbull @brassylady @vraggs @anobid @fanaticabtsoaps @ItsSondra @deetav @24csi thx Sandy.hope everyone is well
@colinodonoghue1 @OnceABC do you ride horses alot? #WickedIsComing @jenmorrisonlive any reference to to fairytales in NY,to look out for by chance?#WickedIsComing .Love the show and all the characters/actors
@brassylady @Soapstar2 @PragmaticDays @TheEricaSweeney @FrauleinKerri @Pam72210 @ysilas @cand2jays @littlemissnonam @LuvRhondaMarie :)Sunday @cookie9965 @Pam72210 @misstrenchbull @brassylady @vraggs @anobid @fanaticabtsoaps @ItsSondra @deetav Thx Sandy.Hope everyones day is great @Pam72210 @Jinzo_2400 @saflynn77 @JessicaClackum @ClaudiaWallace @ginaeleescott @StellaDeleuze @ChrisPetersenTX @davepperlmutter Fun Sun2all
@cookie9965 @pam72210 @c_dee_s @misstrenchbull @brassylady @vraggs @anobid @fanaticabtsoaps @itssondra @deetav Thanks Sandy.Happy Friday All
Hope everyone is doing well.Happy Monday @peterreckell Bright and cheery morning to you Peter. @cookie9965 @pam72210 @c_dee_s @misstrenchbull @brassylady @vraggs @anobid @fanaticabtsoaps @itssondra @deetav Happy Monday ya'll @kpatchfanfic Happy Monday @no_water_Wine @Hiqutipie @That_girl_me @candy_sommers @TerrellLester @gr8benj @LouisPH42 @Finanzas333 Happy Monday
@take2radio bookplate they sent for preorder was all bent up and signed by very few on tour.Gonna post something to them i think on FB. @take2radio Not good,did they just pass the books on down?NC was different.They encouraged you to talk and take pictures.
@saflynn77 Happy Birthday Sabine
@Camille728 Thanks Camille Happy Weekend @cookie9965 Thanks again Sandy.Happy Weekend @alamantra @CarlyAThorne @CarolinaChick82 @CassidyKinsman @CathyHennebury Thanks.Happy Weekend All @history11maker Thank You Deb.Hows your summer rounding up?Not near enough done on my part.Love Fall tho.
@Camille728 YW and thanks @Dit3y Doing ok,thx.Glad its a positive time,always hoping to hear good things for you.Nice picture BTW @saflynn77 Doing ok myself,You as well,i hope. @alamantra @CassidyKinsman @CathyHennebury @celirod21 @chalyrical TYVM :) @raeme67 YW :) @Poet_Carl_Watts @wildhipichld @SindromeRetweet @JAZ14211 @spicy_spice @mpax1 @KYLIEGEORGE1 @talentosprecato @Jan_Marshall TY :) @TamaraSpalletta Thank You @Dit3y TY,Hope you are doing well. @HASDays YVW @Fans4Peter @saflynn77 YVW...Lots of fun to y'all today. @history11maker So far this has been the craziest summer weather.For you as well?
#FF Happy W/E @LeaKThompson @GillesMarini @MarleeMatlin @goconstance @mckenziewestmor @iamjrmartinez @CasperVanDien @catoxenberg#FF Happy W/E @DWMoffett @Adriangrenier @MrGrabeel @hwinkler4real @LizzyWeissSAB @ABCFsab @FrankoSpanko737 @RyanLane1123 @Katieleclerc#FF Happy W/E @C_Shaughnessy @DrakeHogestyn @galengering @ShawnC4real @Ali_Sweeney @Christie__Clark @RealNadiaB @DeidreHall @JreynoldsJames#FF Happy W/E @Mattew_Ashford @IAmJamesScott @SuzanneC_Rogers @TheJudiEvans @WallyKurth @KilttripUSA @DaysHayes @EricMartsolf#FF Happy W/E @KJAlfonso @peterreckell @kellymoneymaker @ThaaoPenghlis @MuldoonPatrick @LienSevi @MelissaGilbert @Faith_Ford @DreamerofSoaps You're Welcome Sara @take2radio You're Welcome and thx so much @ilovelaperla Thx Lissa :) @ClaudiaWallace @Kim100676 @myemily_thebook @LindasTweeties @cazzcubeartglmv @roseothebriar @That_girl_me You're Welcome :) @RHeartRadio You're Welcome @DCE_info You're Welcome @brassylady You're Welcome @history11maker :) @shyone269 YW Jan.Hope no or at least less rain for your weekend. @LuvGalenGering You're Welcome @mariejholloway YW and thanks @Amandamb719 YW and TY as well. @cookie9965 @c_dee_s @misstrenchbull @brassylady @vraggs @anobid @pam72210 @fanaticabtsoaps @itssondra @deetav Thank You Sandy @saflynn77 @24csi @cookie9965 @ShanYvon @ShurnJenkins @Chef_Sharon @history11maker @Fool_4_Twitt_r Thx Sabine @Pam72210 @roseothebriar @CenaGirl113 @DrKidNurse @drawrussell @supr53204 @golfsp @sonicrosey @DonnaDPool @lolo_ishere @ShurnJenkins Thx Pam#FF Happy W/E @DAYLIGHTROBBERS @THEHUSHband @madisonrockband @joeyoskys @lastbreathrock @AspireMusicMgmt @SleepingMasses#FF HappyW/E @BrokenRomeo @BrokenRide @AriBrokenRomeo @Jttsa @1Radio_Ceejay @Colinheppell @JohnnySolinger @CountryPromo @countrymusicson#FF Happy W/E @coralroseradio @danjamessteel @TheJackRollers @Momalda_Radio @RecoveryChild @peteintoorbit @Culver_Music @ZoeAnnMusic#FF Happy W/E @625rooster @riccardolopez @_budrogers @SilvergunSpleen @Jinzo_2400 @TheseWordsRock @TheBeuSisters @SweetDavis888 @gordmoore#FF Happy W/E @LadiesLuvMusic @MelaniePerrett @MenuRecords @PA4AspireMusic @JonathonPharr @VegaswRandolph @MaxiDunn @laurie_biagini#FF Happy W/E @lvdreamer @RockmebabyTV @size3music @mikeleemusic @alhanda @Bmc31 @Sound_WaveRadio @stealingeden @Denuine @petedrums#FF Happy W/E @RadioKC @RedDragonRecord @autumnscannon @40foothole @The_Rubys @DarkActors @shellyfairchild @take2radio @March4thMusic#FF Happy W/E @Wreckroom @dollfacetheband @Nickleback @alamantra @WinchesterRebel @NewDisorderBand @timkatent @Fran_1977 @Silvercreekrock#FF Fun W/E 2 U @gmgst162 @SChristianAngel @FamilyFun @DCE_info @parentsmagazine @fuiTing90#FF Fun W/E 2 U @ls64rogers @kpatchfanfic @OfficialHopeK#FF Fun W/E 2 U @MHarrisCEO @JustSweetAngel @Poet_Carl_Watts @TeamNadia @Barbi_Twins @KenWahl1 @usmcquotes @Trico_Bakery @Chef_Sharon#FF Fun W/E 2 U @shyone269 @history11maker @mama_hooch @carrie_trask @BoAndHope @cancerHAWK @Dit3y @fashionishapp @no_water_Wine @HASDays#FF Fun W/E 2 U @cookie9965 @pam72210 @minamaya13 @ilovelaperla @SilverMoonHerbs @LOL_CCP @24csi @TeamMuldoon @TeamOxenberg @TeamVanDien#FF Fun W/E 2 U @Emjaybee24 @EVLovesBoHope @_Jillseph @LuvGalenGering @Muffit1 @ToshaMichelle1 @garymusicmiller @Annie__Hall @vraggs#FF Fun W/E 2 U @chitchatchicksl @AmyHapka @BobHapka @Swamplady100 @franceswoods6 @landof6and7 @Camille728 @spicyLadies @Fans4Peter#FF Fun W/E 2 U @Sonya_LeanOnUs @kooziehooch @HoBoTrails @ILoveMooseMoore @strengthbyforce @chloebeevenice @born2rock1974 @DreamerofSoaps#FF Fun W/E 2 U @Kim100676 @myemily_thebook @LindasTweeties @ClaudiaWallace @cazzcubeartglmv @roseothebriar @cijetweets @That_girl_me#FF Fun W/E 2 U @DaysFan28 @SamiLowe28 @RachelDena @Ozbil_B @tamaraSpalletta @Kirstenann2009 @raeme67 @Christy12004 @sarahdeline @Nisey_bee#FF Fun W/E 2 U @Annie__Hall @stjrussell @RHeartRadio @MrsHondamatic @ritasattic @Marietinis @DOG_CHIEFLOVER @barrett_mary @@alycat04#FF Fun W/E 2 U @saflynn77 @Amandamb719 @brassylady @HarleeMarie @DexyDerek @mariejholloway @tweetiekate@TerrellLester @melknepp @AnnPoplin
@Fans4Peter Happy 4th of JulyHappy 4th of July @peterreckell @kellymoneymaker Happy 4th of July
@Greatdaysfan Have a great night Fredrik.another Monday :) and another early wakeup.Sweet Dreams to you.Talk2 you tomorrow. @DexyDerek Nice to meet you as well Derek. @Greatdaysfan i remember you live in apartment,they are nice to have inside as well.Some that needs little care,maybe 1 day @Greatdaysfan Finally cut the grass.Looked quite like a Jungle.Weeded some and got muddy.Do you have flowers? @Greatdaysfan co co wheats are good too.Its a warm breakfast cereal.Ever heard of? @Greatdaysfan when you make the rice,just put a little milk in it,it stays nice and warm.Great anytime of day. @Greatdaysfan Iv had them before,i like my pizza with alot of bread,not alot of sauce.But they're good. @Greatdaysfan is it the same as buttermilk?Dont like that so much.You should try warm rice sometime.Yumm @Greatdaysfan cooked would do.Iv not eaten the best today.I'll probably snack again also. @Greatdaysfan Lowes is a major chain store yes.Reckon its all over,but i reall never checked how many and where. @Greatdaysfan our pet store is separate.Do you steam rice?Just add milk and suger.Its like eating warm cereal. @Greatdaysfan never heard of that store,but sounds like ours.Ever try rice w/suger and milk.Just had it for dinner.2 hot 2eat heavy. @Greatdaysfan Home improvement i guess.Have you heard of Home Depot?Lots of plants,and tools,everything you would need for home & garden. @Greatdaysfan Lowes.Its a store.Do you have one there? @Greatdaysfan im ready for a long sit down tho,so hopefully i will be on soon longer. @Greatdaysfan trimming and mowing,but the mower wont start.Need to get another battery i think.Going to lowes. @Greatdaysfan i will be on,back and forth today.Its going to rain later.After last week,need a bit of quiet 2. @Greatdaysfan Good morning Fredrik.Yardwork is on the agenda today.What are you up to today? @no_water_Wine @XanaDeux @LaurenArren @JustSweetAngel @Shesn_NY @HarrisWebsites @nanakastrife Thank You.Happy Sunday
@Greatdaysfan not yet,alot of things happening.I'll try to soon.Hope you have a great afternoon.Leaving soon.TTYL @Amandamb719 Thanks Amanda.Hows the summer kicking off for you so far?Good i hope. @Greatdaysfan Hi Fredik.How are you today?Getting ready to go fishing soon myself with my son. @Camille728 @celebwatcher2 @RockinCanegirl @theLandofKoz @DaysCafe @TeamThaao @carrie_trask @gmgst16 @ddkattar Happy Weekend everyone :) @Camille728 @celebwatcher2 @LaurenKoslow @Amandamb719 @brassyLady @GreyEmpires @theLandofKoz @DaysCafe @TeamThaao @carrie_trask @gmgst16 Thx @Pam72210 @cookie9965 @c_dee_s @misstrenchbull @brassylady @vraggs @itssondra @deetav Happy W/E Pam @cookie9965 @c_dee_s @misstrenchbull @brassylady @vraggs @anobid @pam72210 @fanaticabtsoaps @itssondra @deetav Thanks bunches.Happy W/E All @saflynn77 @24csi @cookie9965 @ShanYvon @ShurnJenkins @Chef_Sharon @history11maker @Fool_4_Twitt_r Thank You Sabine.Have a fun w/e everyone