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standup comic. host of @pyhtshow & @queerycast. New album here: 🏳️‍🌈

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Andrea Constand is a hero. so much public exposure. so many others assaulted outside the statute of limitations… here’s the last ‘graph i have been working on an hr about sexual assault. A writer for @thedailybeast saw it this week. my tee on to 🎉🎉🎉🎉 the way: JANELLE MONÁE!! 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍🙌🙌i hid myself for 22yrs - not that this full on Garfield is any indication. Happy #lesbiandayofvisibility kid. Ur go…
i feel sick to my stomach that Carol Aird moved on. But i do like her four new girlfriends & it’s always nice to se… @Allison_Tolman Let’s just give him to France!PERSONAL CONTROVERSIAL TAKE: i don’t like that the president bragged about sexual assaultAre u listening to @queerycast?? @Shoelessdrummer I DO NOT HAVE THE SAME HAIRCUT AS UR MOM ill end u for saying so ur. a sex joke ive been wanting to make for days but y’all get stressed when i talk sex cuz im ur gay mom WELL UR MOM HAS SEX TOOsure kim’s molding ONE perfume bottle to her body But i - a rectangular torso’d sweetie - got all the other bott…
@kumailn will never not be baffled @yetregressing YES I LIKE THAT ITS ABOUT TRANS FOLKS🗣THE MATRIX IS A QUEER MOVIE every few months i gotta scream that @kateberlant if I could go back I’d give u all the 16 yr old boys who kissed me (2) @Reductress i am going to suedon’t like venom’s teeth don’t like pennywise’s teeth And i don’t like the presidentWhat I read. What I’m reading. What I’m rereading. what’s on ur pin? Oh. NICE.
handmaid’s tale season 2 is gnarly discovered w/ assist from @RheaButcher & @emilyvgordonim the happiest ive ever been - AND - i feel like a total failure Yes! simultaneously!Today on the podcast: actor/writer/director Clea DuVall (@cleaduvall)!
Retweeted by Cameron Esposito @Philip_Ellis @oureric @queerycast @bryansafi this is a cool convoStoked for u to hear this fantastic ep with guest @cleaduvall. young women: Ur father doesn’t own ur sexuality But ur daddy can if that’s something ur into @albinokid @RheaButcher agreed.
tiger beat centerfold for yer locker @NicoleBHSW To the UCB Theatre on Franklin!Bless This Butch *but cross-stitched*Style vibe: exhausted son of Tim the tool man Taylor. @moredena yesssssssssabstinence only sex ed put ur boi Cammy in a bad spot; i didn’t realize i had agency over my own bod taking a brea… gender is dude ballet dancer.
@callmegplease @RheaButcher very good date idea. @gabydunn @salonfolklore @RheaButcher we’re just normal bois what?“The L! Word.” - me when a train arrives in Chicagoesbianook i didn’t realize i was tweetingHaircut day. Thanks @salonfolklore @IanKarmel @RheaButcher Karms we are in solidarity w/ ur vibe @Gabrus @RheaButcher hahaha Gabrus cosplay fer sureRhea & i need haircuts so bad we look like guys who wore shorts during cold weather in college
holy shit phantom thread Why did I wait so long? Also: very relatable problem w/ loud food noise but really - ho… @SmartAssJen i like ur smart words. @swindler_josh @ucbtla @pyhtshow gah! It’s the only PYHT we’re not going to release as a podcast. but maybe u’ll see it another way...follow-up: see? I learned who she is been working real hard on a new hr & you’ve got one shot to see it @bridgetmcmanus what’s up @collins3779? Thanks for the drink, friend! @hannahpaasch tru @Amanda_Kerri hi can i come to that? @JamilSmith what an incredibly stressful set of opinions that dude has. ITS TOO MUCHmessage from the road: queer ppl live every kind of life, everywhere Not just major cities Not just the north And we’ve been here ✌️😎Need queerness for ur wknd? Catch up on our last 4 guests!!
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sidebar: i love being gayJust have to say, while basically sobbing w/ joy after getting a standing ovation playing a small show in Alabama,… going 2 @lipstick_lounge around 10 tonight after my show in Huntsville. Come hang w/ me! just a filthy green room couch doing my best to challenge ur comfort @ElaineAtwell but what about donation can be whatever u can afford. I did $25 & dedicated it to my wife BC IM A CUTE DORK is #GiveOUTDay. If u have $s to give, donate to @itgetsbetter and support LGBTQ+ youth. I did. laughing loving breathing fighting f*cking crying drinking riding winning losing cheating kissing thinking…! If u dig this shirt, u can buy it here and support women’s sports night a wonderful human gave me their shirt bc i said i liked it during my show. Y’all are too much.
The President’s Approval Ratings: White People - some Immigrants - Negative Million Black People - Elevendy Hund…
Retweeted by Cameron Espositotonight a bar full of Nashville lesbians taught me about Kacey Musgraves A VERY SUCCESFUL EVENINGNashville: I’m at the @lipstick_lounge Come join me! Let’s support queer business.True! Dug @BCov1’s stuff & booked him right up. Stoked to see him live. found ur stressful tourist area. What are the chill spots?? you tonight, Nashville!! NY w/ a blessing. tuff & tender Cammy Espo & @queerycast will be at this yr’s @vulture fest 5/19!!
Hey congrats kid. U made it. @themollyrocket @ASwartwood bring Sammy!psssst tix at