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Come see @pyhtshow tonight 8PM at @ucbtla. I’m thinking about how closely racial justice is tied to access to birth control & abortion It’s a big reason I’m w/ @PPactOne thing about me is I’m chill Was sick for 10 days & the 1st day I felt better walked 9 MILES across San Francis… @RomiTheWriter @jonathancoulton @paulandstorm @SFSketchfest @BayAreaData @johnroderick @swedishhall This is a very…
🎶 shape as old as water 🎶 I could talk about consent all day, every day for a few yrs & not be annoyed cuz the alternative is the system we’ve hadOh wow. Dolores O’Riordan was a BIG part of my childhood. Helped me give myself permission to be. Scott King, longtime LGBT advocate. Let's continue the work.
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@hallublin @wegotthistweets @RheaButcher Same. U guys are sweeties.College gymnastics is killing me!! Whole team standing off the mat DOING THE ROUTINE W/ HER. works w/ him or them!I have a consent cheat code If ur unsure if she’s into it ASK HER
@swedishhall Oh the show is at 10 Not 930 HOW WILL I STAY AWAKE @teganandsara But CLEARLY can be done. @spiffyscientist Just got a yes to standby tix. I’m sure close to showtime is fine. Good luck!!!Hey SF! Our show is SOLD OUT but there will be standby tix at the door. 930PM at @swedishhall @spiffyscientist I don’t know! Asking the fest. If u show up I will try my best to get u in. @ameliabonow @Schottnyc only the bestSan Francisco! I’m at the bridge! See me + @RheaButcher tonight 930PM at @swedishhall. @elizaskinner You’d be so happy w/ who it wasIn SF for Sketchfest Last time I did the fest an actor I LOVE asked if Rhea & I were wearing matching costumes An… @BirchandMaple I’d fly the plane.I’m the kind of woman who takes the armrest on planes.Wow. This app is accurate af.
Sweet home Chicago. @andizeisler I will pay for the cane* *like a cheap caneWhite dudes really counting on “witch hunt” moving the dial NO SIRS IT DOES NOT shaking my head just typing thisI’d say Tr*mp is a racist pig but I respect animals.Women are doing SO MUCH teaching right now, especially woc Patient, repeated teaching “Yes, he is racist.” “Yes,…
Shithole President..@cameronesposito and @RheaButcher married their comedy soul mates. #LoveStories Totally taken with each other, th…
Retweeted by Cameron EspositoOne nice thing about being married is having someone who really GETS YOU to talk about ur crushes with @ArielDumas Down the hatch! @gerryconway Gerry let’s keep chatting. I like that ur engaged. @AlexBoniello I’ll take it!San Francisco: Wanna see this hair in person?? @swedishhall this Saturday 930PM w/ @rheabutcher.… @gerryconway Women don’t need this commentary in sci-fi/fantasy entertainment. Show me something I don’t LIVEI want more women directing bc I’m tired of watching sexual violence IN EVERYTHING
Sophia the robot coulda been built to look like any dang thing & they went w/ vague white woman PUT THAT INTELLIGE… @outmagazine Sorry follow-up: doesn’t this snap look post-apocalyptic? WE LIVED I GUESS’re in @outmagazine bb. good thing about me is I can’t keep my damn mouth shut @Adaripp Go baby go!! 🧜‍♂️⛸When will we finally get a straight white dude’s perspective on things?Can’t WAIT to watch Adam skate. @MissAlexWhite @ThaliaHallChi @paulcherry69 @RheaButcher Go get em!!Wayne’s World, but with me and @cameronesposito and “schwings” are replaced with “very cool great work, love what you’re doing. Rad.”
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Some of our beautiful crowd for tonight’s 5yr anniversary @pyhtshow I love doing this dang show w/ my wife & my pa… you so much @cameronesposito!!! 💖 It's going to get a lot more difficult for smaller nonprofits like us to ra…
Retweeted by Cameron EspositoHey pals! Goal hit. Little over 3hrs to get to $10k for @TransLifeline. U can still donate!… in & we’ve raised almost $1k! Goal: get to $10k for @TransLifeline @MikeDrucker @TransLifeline 😘👌 (that’s an Italian kiss)I’m fundraising for @TransLifeline. $300 in the first hr. Can u join in? Goal: get to $1… @TransLifeline 2017 saw an uptick in LGBTQ homicides. POC, especially black trans women are our most at risk queer… morning I’m fundraising. Here on Twitter for @TransLifeline. On my Insta for Project Q. Goal: get Translife… is the 4th black lesbian to be killed in the last few weeks. And her 11 year old too. This needs to stop.…
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(i say this & i’m THE BIGGEST Doug Jones fan. I love him. What. An. Actor.)As a lesbian, my review of the fishman movie is that he needs to trim his nails.My wife won’t feel my inflamed sinus Y DO I EVEN HAVE A WIFEIt’s weird that in lesbian porn they never show the lesbians yelling about politics.Hey so anyways in some good news, I’m super happy to be back at @SFSketchfest this year! Co-headlining with…
Retweeted by Cameron EspositoWomen say nothing “Complicit!” Women say something “Not enough!” Dudes* pull the same shit forever, while wearing…“There aren’t female directors to nominate.” Dee Rees. Mudbound & Pariah are on Netflix. Bessie is on HBO Go. WATCH…
@danarel U should change ur last name to “Ariel” like the fishwoman.Nice to see this Natalie tonight. is perfect*
Retweeted by Cameron Esposito“THE ALL MALE NOMINEES” yes. YES!Stable. Genius.’s speech is PERFECT.Women creating. Women directing. Women writing. Women crew. That’s all I ask. Oh wait, female execs. And everyone’s gay!Carol is queen. this iconic film reunion at the #GoldenGlobes
Retweeted by Cameron EspositoThis is me on that stage. mentioning that I’ve hosted TWO award shows in the same room where the Golden Globes is held So like I GET th… w/ the will AND grace. this: @TIMESUPNOW This right here: @ira @TIMESUPNOW Ira! For u, I will.