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Christian Associates @can2009 Tacoma, Washington

Collective Thoughts, Ideas, Teachings, Advice & Prayers from Men & Women of God. Pass Them On & Be a Blessing to Others. IT'S A GOOD THING!

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A person who is focused on his/her ministry, will go that extra mile to perform it in #Christ #Jesus. in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. Pv 3:5Prayer can change things. When you pray - pray with purpose and power!#Jesus deserves your enthusiasm; the world deserves it; and you deserve the experience of sharing it.We are anointed by the Holy Spirit to go through a tough times.Sometimes we think we need so much to live, when in #Christ we can do so much with so little! Word of #God must dominate our thought life.How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (Psalm 119:103)How many people can remember tomorrow? #God can!In the toughest of times I can be comforted with just a thought of my #God. Thank you Lord #Jesus!#God has purpose for your pain, a cause for your struggle and a gift for your faithfulness. Don't give up!When you pray, talk to #God like He's your best friend. Because he is!As we come to #Christ today in prayer, we should do so in a spirit of humble devotion. Clear your mind of all worldly stuff and enjoy Him!Sometimes I wonder, just what I could have ever done, for #God to love me this much. The answer is: NOTHING!This special joy we have is an "Anointing Joy" - given to us by #God Himself.I am going out of this world the same way I came in it. Innocent by the Blood of #Christ #Jesus.Reach out to one another. If we are separated by a different tongues and lands, we will find that #Jesus is the bridge that combines us.I've learned that if you praise #God, the Devil gets mad. REAL mad! PRAISE #God!!!We the followers of #Christ, are the only people who can bring about a worldwide movement for peace. Time to be about our Father's business.When we pray with faith in #Christ - tremendous power & force is available. And power is indeed available.We need a faith - which offers an encounter with the world - and not an escape from the world.#Christians are truly a peculiar people. What binds us by the power of the Holy Spirit is #Jesus #Christ.The world needs you and the purpose for which you were born. #God gave you your purpose. Your life's fulfillment is in your purpose.When we open our hearts to his perfect love, we are touched by the Master's hand, and we are transformed.Let's get the Word out. The Word of #God. IT'S A GOOD THING!Tough times? The reason why #God gave the assignment to you and not to someone else, maybe because HE TRUSTS YOU with the task!Bless the place where the Lord inspired you. Home of Christian Associates Network., #God will deliver you from the fire. Sometimes, #God will make you fireproof. Whatever way is His will, TRUST HIM!#God IS SO AMAZING!!!!See what's coming soon with CAN! is a force that resides on the inside of our spirit. And when it is released, tremendous things can happen in our lives.Whichever way #God turns my feet, I go.Be silent, and wait for #God to speak. Your faith is practiced in waiting.To put on your spiritual armor, you must be prayed up - before you can engage in the battle.What a wonderful and special privilege we have in #Christ #Jesus. A simple message can change a life for all eternity.#God has a great life plan for each of us – if only we will let Him guide us.You are here on purpose and with a purpose.Our edifiers (tweets) are being carried by the wind of the Holy Spirit. You never know when or where someone is being blessed. Praise #God!If you want to know #God, you got to get involved with #God.The enemy will try to make you think there is something better you can do with your life. Living a #Godly life is not a waste of time.There is no "Drive-Thru" breakthrough in #God. This walk is not instant nor a quick fix. It's a lifetime journey!Don't give up! Pursue your dreams.I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day. (EDGAR GUEST)Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning feeling guilty about life. Thank #God for His mercy.Question: If we walk by faith and not by sight, how are we to know where we are going? Answer: Don't worry about it! Let go and let #God!If we are not going to obey #God in little things, we are not going to obey #God in big things.#Jesus is my Lord and Savior because I know he has suffered everything that can ever happen to a believer - and more.By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the breath of His mouth all their host. Psalm 33:6We have made many mistakes in our lives. But when we invited #Jesus into our hearts, we got it right!#Christ #Jesus Is the Good Shepherd Today and throughout EternityIf you're not anchored in the #Christ #Jesus, deception waits to answer any questions you may have about #God's authority.Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another. (Romans 14:19)Worship, fellowship, and serve with other Christians in a church where Christ is preached.#God has already provided answers to problems I have not yet encountered.Practice today on: Love & Joy. Then Pray: Lord #Jesus, send your Spirit into my heart. Amen.Make a decision that you are going to enjoy every day in #Christ #Jesus.Why the smallest meetings in #Church today are prayer meetings. For some none at all. What's wrong with this picture?Sometimes we ask #God for a healing - when He wants to give us a resurrection.This little short video could help someone understand about God. Please RT to all your Christian friends.Joy in #Christ brings strength to overcome all the stuff we have to deal with daily.Lord, as messed up my life was, you saved me. I'm so greatful.Many fail to fulfill their destiny in #Christ because of fear. Our #God is not the #God of fear.In everything give thanks: for this is the will of #God in #Christ #Jesus concerning you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)The discipleship process begins with the believer desiring to be a disciple of #Christ#God wanted to give us His mercy so bad, because of His love for us, that He shed the blood of His Son, so that justice could be paid.When you engage in your purpose in #Christ, your circumstances do not matter. Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of #God: (Romans 8:16)Pray for wisdom. Then believe #God will answer your prayer.#Christ has already won and fought our battle for us. Satan have no dominion over us! We are more than conquerors. Do we all know this?You have to have courage to break free! It takes courage to walk by faith.If you accept His calling - your life will have fulfillment beyond measure.If #God is in a thing, then you don't want to go against it.#God wants you to be happy!Our #God is not just the God of perfect people. He is also the God of imperfect ones. You may have failed but in #Christ, you can't fail.Who are you? You are the child of the most high God! You are created in His image and likeness! You are God's workmanship in Jesus!Practice today on: Goodness. Then Pray: Lord #Jesus, send your Spirit into my heart. Amen.#God don't care about your past. He loves you in spite of your past.When you don't understand anything that is going on in your life, "Trust #God!"We need #Christian warriors with spiritual guts. The kind that don't give up!