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Christian Associates @can2009 Tacoma, Washington

Collective Thoughts, Ideas, Teachings, Advice & Prayers from Men & Women of God. Pass Them On & Be a Blessing to Others. IT'S A GOOD THING!

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Then #God told these new humans to multiply, which is the only commandment that humans ever fully obeyed.#God may not cause you to get rich, but He can give you a knowledge or an awareness that will propel you to a new height of opportunity.We thank #God for Himself. AmenEvery time you pray, you shine the light of the world on evil - and evil cannot exist in the light of the Son.Every time I talk about #Christ #Jesus, I just can't help myself!Definition of Love: #GodWe keep making up different #Church doctrines that separate us. Thank #God, there is only 1 #Gospel -- And no man can claim it!If #God calls a person to be about a good work for His glory - you don't want to go against that person in any way.We are anointed for hard things and to endure hard things. So don't run from life. Embrace life in #Christ #Jesus!There are no other people on earth who reacts to horrific occurrences and events as #Christians. We are one!We need to say sometimes about tough times - this is not meant to stop me - it is meant to promote me. There is nothing that God cannot do!#God has a plan for your life. And it's going to change your life forever!Whatever your trials, know you are going to get through them - and you will be victorious in #Christ #Jesus.Fighting discrimination should be a concern to all #Christians!#God is love! Love is #God! It is as simple as that!#Christ denied Himself to give his life for the world. Thank you Lord #Jesus.We must spend time with #God - Daily!Listen to the quiet voice of your heavenly Father. He will speak to you, even though the mist of a raging storm. He Is an Awesome #God!Fervent believer in Yeshua [#God/#Jesus] for He is Adonai, the creator of all things!Have you prayed as much about the things and the people you complain about? Take it to #God in prayer and leave it there.Spend time with #God and be amazed at the work only He can do in your life.#God can put thoughts and ideas in your mind, which can be used to bless others and glorify Himself.Too many #Christians walk around doing things that their conscious do not approve of. Listen to your conscious.God doesn't always call the qualified - but God always qualifies the called.#God is love period! And I strive to be an expression of Him.
The undertaking of our journey is to take upon ourselves to move forward in life even when everything else is trying to hold us back.#God's nature and #God's name is Love.As I see the first fledging steps of a newborn baby deer, I am amazed at just how great is our #God.#God can make a way where there is no way!You cannot earn #God's grace. You only need to accept it and receive it. The price has already been paid.Lord thank you for this day.Train up a child in the way they should grow, and when they grow old, they will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) question, Jesus Christ was the best Entrepreneur the world has ever known. Red Sea didn't part until they put their foot in it. Is anybody listening?Granting forgiveness may be hard for you. But it is not impossible. All things are possible through #Jesus #Christ, even forgiveness.Father God is never too far away when we discover our faith. For the Scriptures say... is not the source of your problems. The enemy is the source! But God will be the source of our enemy's problems.#Christian warriors do not select which hill they will defend. That decision belongs to #God. The battle is real. the only way we can learn what we don't want is by having it. Trust #God to know what we need.There are so many things in life that will try to pull you away from God. But we have total control over the force… don't have to understand #God to trust Him.#God has put a hedge of protection around you, a hedge of Mercy, a hedge of favor that the enemy cannot cross.Our edifications (tweets) are design to bless #Christians with a wide range of spiritual needs.There's more to the Word of God than just reading. me just say... If #God says so, you believe so. If #God gave you a passion to do a thing, that thing is your purpose.If you give the devil attention, he will give you direction.When the Devil show up, let #Christ answer the door.Establish your profession or business within the #Christian community. It's a Good Thing!It is such a blessing when other people are blessed just because you are blessed. Glory be to #God Almighty!Don't doubt yourself or your gift. The same hand that pushed the rock from the tomb, can shove away the doubt from your heart.#Christ came into the world to deliver us from desperate, meaningless lives. He came to give us hope and a sense of well-being.Reach out to one another. If we are separated by a different tongues and lands, we will find that #Jesus is the bridge that combines us.I trust #God more than I trust myself.Don't try to compare your gift to someone else's gift. #God's gift to you is fully His purpose.When I think of what #God has done, I know what #God is going to do. Better still than before!This is the Father's will for us that we shall live in faith, not fear.I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (Ps 139:14)Get closer to #God in prayer. Don't look at what you don't have and don't try to be like anyone else. Just be who you are in #Christ.Don't be fooled by the enemy. Same devil. Same tricks. The tricks are just dressed differently than before.#Jesus - Thank You For Saving Me"...Thou art my servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away." (Isaiah 41:9)#God created you with a definite purpose in mind. Here's the good part - He didn't try to keep it a secret from you.It takes a unique kind of unshakeable willpower to sincerely pursue your purpose that #God has given you.Stop asking for and depending on intercessors. The power of #Christ is within you!Spread the #Gospel of #Jesus #Christ! It's MISSION-1When the enemy tries to tell you your mission is impossible - Remember the devil is a liar.No need to fight a battle that #God has already won.Why are we surprised when problems arise? Everything is wrong until #Jesus sets it right.It's a beautiful thing when you find your rhythm and get in sync with #God's plan for your life.Get information on - How To Start, Build and Maintain your own Personal Ministry online on Social Media., we just have to go on a Faith-Walk in life. Thank #God, He is there to walk with us.Those who truly want to follow #Christ, enjoy a drama free experience!Living a #Godly life is not a waste of time.The earth is the LORD'S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. (Psalm 24:1)The power of prayer is REAL! - Why? - Because #God is REAL! division out of your home and your #Church. It's the Devil's trap. Find unity and blessing in #Christ.We are setting up our FaceBook Site at Be the first to like us! We are growing.Every day, more and more people are coming to #Christ over the Internet! It's a truly amazing phenomenon!Start getting Special Updates, Tips & Ideas plus 2,000 (plus) Inspirational Messages FREE for you to share -