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Christian Associates @can2009 Tacoma, Washington

Collective Thoughts, Ideas, Teachings, Advice & Prayers from Men & Women of God. Pass Them On & Be a Blessing to Others. IT'S A GOOD THING!

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We have thousands of Christians following us on Twitter. We would love to have you also to join the family. RT to your friends.We have the favor of Almighty #God. And in His favor is LifeAlso follow C.A.N. on FaceBook at Be one of the first to like us! We are growing.He who keeps me neither slumbers nor sleeps. Father #God is my shelter from the storms. How can I ever know fear? He's an awesome #God!Water the seeds given to you by the Word of #God.If #God is in a thing, then you don't want to go against it.You will never be satisfied until you begin your journey in the Lord to fulfill your destiny.Often, we may seek #God for what He can do for us rather than seeking #God for who He is.LORD, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your possessions Psalm 104:24We are ushered to #Christ #Jesus before we take our last breath. We cannot die. "O'Death, where is thy sting?"Draft a "Daily Proclamation List" for you to review each morning. Consider adding: I will not let anyone take away my joy today!Life's number one purpose is to please #God, - because nothing else matters in life if you don't please #God.#God has objective for your pain, a cause for your struggle and a gift for your faithfulness. Don't give up!I have seen changes in some people's lives and know, it was no one else but #God, that did it.Trust #God and explore your life without fear. You will be amazed of the possibilities that awaits you.When you put your faith in #God's basket, start counting your blessings before they hatch.It's a beautiful thing when one become in sync with #God's purpose through #Christ #Jesus. There is nothing like it.Our #God is AWESOME!We know #God can do what medical science cannot do. We know #God made our bodies. Doctors can treat us, but only #God can heal us.I believe in one #God who exists eternally in three persons are coequal, each fully possessing the divine nature.#God can use you in ways you didn't think was possible!Let the glory of the Lord rise among you.Learn how to agree with #God. Start saying what #God says and stop saying what the devil says."He who comes to me, I will not cast out." (Jn. 6:37)We thank #God for Himself. AmenEven when our hopes are dimmed, #God's light still shines brightly!Every time you pray, you shine the light of the world on evil - and evil cannot exist in the light of the Son.Every time I talk about #Christ #Jesus, I just can't help myself!Who the world would throw away - #God will pick up and use for His Glory.If #God calls a person to be about a good work for His glory - you don't want to go against that person in any way.Let #God's perfect peace begin with you in prayer and in your home.There are no other people on earth who reacts to horrific occurrences and events as #Christians. We are one!We need to say sometimes about tough times - this is not meant to stop me - it is meant to promote me. There is nothing that God cannot do!Whatever your trials, know you are going to get through them - and you will be victorious in #Christ #Jesus.Fighting discrimination should be a concern to all #Christians!Whatever your business or profession is, it's needed in the #Christian community. Time we channel our resources. Together we stand!#Christ denied Himself to give his life for the world. Thank you Lord #Jesus.We must spend time with #God - Daily!When we develop the gifts #God gave us and began to activate our gifts according to His will – it's like making music.Listen to the quiet voice of your heavenly Father. He will speak to you, even though the mist of a raging storm. He Is an Awesome #God!Fervent believer in Yeshua [#God/#Jesus] for He is Adonai, the creator of all things!#God has purpose for your pain, a cause for your struggle and a compensation for your faithfulness. Don't give up!Spend time with #God and be amazed at the work only He can do in your life.As children of #God, we have the ability to find joy wherever we are - in #Christ #Jesus - through the power of the Holy Spirit#God is love period! And I strive to be an expression of Him.#God's nature and #God's name is Love.As I see the first fledging steps of a newborn baby deer, I am amazed at just how great is our #God.Hear me my friends, nothing is impossible for the sons and daughters of #God.You cannot earn #God's grace. You only need to accept it and receive it. The price has already been paid.Lord thank you for this day.We have set up a new Facebook Site at Be sure to join us and like us! Don't forget to leave a comment.Without question, Jesus Christ was the best Entrepreneur the world has ever known. Red Sea didn't part until they put their foot in it. Is anybody listening?
With #God, you matter! That is awesome! is not the source of your problems. The enemy is the source! But God will be the source of our enemy's problems.#Christian warriors do not select which hill they will defend. That decision belongs to #God. The battle is real.'t become comfortable with what you have become if it is not what #God created you to be.We don't have to understand #God to trust Him.#God has put a hedge of protection around you, a hedge of Mercy, a hedge of favor that the enemy cannot cross.Bless the place where the Lord inspired you. Home of Christian Associates Network. me just say... If #God says so, you believe so. If #God gave you a passion to do a thing, that thing is your purpose.If you give the devil attention, he will give you direction.#Christ sacrificed his life on the cross so that we might have eternal life. This gift, freely given is priceless beyond the imagination.Establish your profession or business within the #Christian community. It's a Good Thing!See what's coming soon with CAN! has objective for your pain, a cause for your struggle and a compensation for your faithfulness. Don't give up!Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have #God's Son does not have life. 1 Jn 5:12I trust #God more than I trust myself.Don't try to compare your gift to someone else's gift. #God's gift to you is fully His purpose.Don't worry about tomorrow, #God is already there!This is the Father's will for us that we shall live in faith, not fear.I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (Ps 139:14)Don't be fooled by the enemy. Same devil. Same tricks. The tricks are just dressed differently than before.#Jesus - Thank You For Saving MeKnow this my friends, our destiny fulfillment is not at the end of the journey, but it is in the journey.#God created you with a definite purpose in mind. Here's the good part - He didn't try to keep it a secret from you.It takes a unique kind of unshakeable willpower to sincerely pursue your purpose that #God has given you.Our #God is an amazing #God! And that is not a cliché'.Stop asking for and depending on intercessors. The power of #Christ is within you!