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The Origins of Hunter S. Thompson’s Loathing and Fear @Maree71439592 Here's hoping Relish found home!if the world is not a kinder place because you are in it then what the fuck are you doing here
Retweeted by Carl KruseI've taken to sharing photos over at National Geographic's Your Shot.
I could use some deactivation of my deepest anxieties, thank you. Bacon in the new Dark Age.
Retweeted by Carl KruseGood to know. @JoyceCarolOates Lonely Planet online is also chock-a-block with good info and helpful folks. If Charlie stops by… I have faith, it is of this sort.’s a wonder we can see these trees and not wonder more. - Emerson referring to Sequoias.
I or you pocketless of a dime may purchase the pick of the Earth. - Walt Whitman
Food for thought. she whispered a song along the keyboard —Frank O'Hara #BillieHoliday
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @JoyceCarolOates The irony of it all. @ianbremmer @Delta @AnnCoulter Is there anything Ann Coulter won't do or say for ratings or attention? The ultimate troll.Not with an antagonist such as Russia, which stands so far from us in what we think is important in a society. could all use more kindness, especially to ourselves. is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. ANTOINE de SAINT-EXUPERY
Retweeted by Carl KruseCongratulations to the winners of the 2017 Audubon Photography Awards! Take a look:
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @jk_rowling @chefjoseandres Mind-numbing figures. Thanks for helping bring light to this horror.Dress for the job indeed.'s amazing how many people think the flesh-eating zombie is some centuries-old folklore figure. Nope. Invented by Romero/Russo in 1968.
Retweeted by Carl KruseRe-reading Steve Martin's (@SteveMartinToGo) "Born Standing Up." Much goodness,excellent writing. with insight into… @vicequeenmaria @henryrollins @LAWeeklyMusic A sobering read.Encoding a moving image into the DNA of bacteria.
Like the Oracle at Delphi supposedly said. up for the Daily Stoic email. Actionable philosophy. I like it (not associtated with it) goodness here, from the design, use of materials, vibe and purpose.“The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” Neil deGrasse Tyson ( @neiltyson ) beautiful imagery from NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter. Closest close-ups of the giant planet.
The universe is wider than our views of it. – Henry David Thoreau
Retweeted by Carl KruseOne love. has never been the case for me. for Fox Encounters Increase in Summer Months:
Retweeted by Carl KruseWalking along the banks of a river holding hands. This man has it right.'t let the fuckers get you down.
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @JoyceCarolOates "Everytime I read 'Pride and Prejudice' I want to dig her up and beat her over the skull with her own shin-bone." - Twain“You have to think of the character as escaping into life rather than from it.” —Jim Harrison
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @JoyceCarolOates That we could even think of asking the question, independent of its answer, should be viewed as so… last night. After 30 years they still have it - using their celebrity to try to make the world a better place. for yourself one of the Top 15 Best Eggs Benedict in Miami! Our Cubano Benedict made Eaters list. Does it...
Retweeted by Carl KruseWhether it's the Cuban Egg Benedict or most else on the menu, the restaurant at the Sense Hotel in Miami Beach is t…
Would love to feel this way when writing. For me though it's usually an exercise in pulling teeth. message. Astoria , Queens - right now #fearless #streetart #queens #astoria #nyc
Retweeted by Carl KruseSaving this screenshot for when my grandkids ask me what 2017 was like.
Retweeted by Carl KruseRats. else over on Lonely Planet? glorious Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia intersects the Milky Way in this long-exposure shot. the sail, an act always imbued with the excitement of what is to come. is the only major where you leave school knowing fewer things than when you entered.
Retweeted by Carl Kruse“It’s all in the ear.” —William Carlos Williams
Retweeted by Carl Krusesociety: find love me: escape apathy
Retweeted by Carl Kruse“Writing is only one word at a time.” —Jane Smiley
Retweeted by Carl KruseGrand Staircase Escalante is just 1 nat'l monument @POTUS wants reviewed. Get a tour & see the irreplaceable habita…
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Is there a scarier looking fish than the monkfish?
Always good, actionable information from Tim Ferriss, even 10 years later., Germany. of the former cells at the Old Prison in Wittenburg, Germany has been given over to an artist to do what they… near Wittenburg, Germany the exhibition "Luther & the Avant Garde" is worth a look. It's at the old prison, con… robotic arm beautifully writes a German-language Bible in the old jail in Wittenburg, which has been converted in… @businessinsider $48,000?May it find me quickly, please., i got your back and your hair and your neck and your wrists and your thighs and your laugh lines and your tiny feet and your heart
Retweeted by Carl KruseRead Stephen Crane's poem "In the Desert."
Retweeted by Carl KruseTwitter is the cure for the assuaging of loneliness exacerbated by Twitter.
Retweeted by Carl Krusedon't be so 2017
Retweeted by Carl KruseThe Rewe supermarket gets looted last night in Hamburg during the #G20 protests. #G20Summit
@GuyKawasaki A lesson for all of us who think, "yeah, I can do that!" @Elizasoul80 I like this tweet.I’m convinced that fear is at the root of most bad writing. STEPHEN KING #amwriting #writing
Retweeted by Carl KruseThat triumphant conviction of strength...
@JoyceCarolOates Love the energy of this shot.Sunset on Planet Mars.
Retweeted by Carl KruseStaying low-key and beautiful sounds delightful. strange is it to see one's own words on a wall (Frist Student Center, Princeton) & to shudder at their meaning.
Retweeted by Carl KruseAh. Trees. Above all kindness.What remains of the #Berlin Wall these days. news
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