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@JeffreyGuterman This is frightening."Hold my beer." Best trendy idiom ever. Lady In Blue @StephenKing chat. To form story, connect 2 unrelated ideas, say teen cruelty and telekinesis = Carrie. former Berlin Wall. never looked so good.
Still remember seeing it in the theater when it first came out. And I still forgive the endless trailers that follo… the 40th Be With You.
A breath of fresh air. up. It's someday.#Iceland #buonaserata
Retweeted by Carl KruseColor is a power which directly influences the soul. Wassily Kandinsky
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @JoyceCarolOates Move over Ambrose Bierce. There is a new dictionary in town."Loser"= crude, careless word tossed out by 12-year-olds to hurt one another. In life most of us "lose" much/most of the time. We prevail.
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @JoyceCarolOates More importantly, will Confederate memorials elevate the black descendants of slaves, and if not, will they elevate anyone? @GLechini :-DWeaving the urban and aquatic landscapes into one. #Miami pic sums it up what a city #Manchester
Retweeted by Carl KruseWrite what disturbs you, what you fear, what u have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open. N…
Retweeted by Carl KruseA cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat d…
Retweeted by Carl KruseISIS: A rogue cult that has substituted superstition and murder for spirituality. Every bombing hastens the day when they will be no more.
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The glorious Parkes radio telescope in Australia intersects the Milky Way in this time-delayed exposure. this interview with Icelandic poet Sjón and look forward to checking out his work. photo single handily saved selfie sticks.
Retweeted by Carl KruseIn an interview on this date May 22 in 1968, John Lennon said: "I think all of our society is run by insane people…
Retweeted by Carl KruseI can remember when people used to take a break from life to experience the internet, as opposed to the other way around.
Retweeted by Carl KruseKeep smiling. guess we can look at our profits once all the nature is gone. never opens hearts. Terrorism never builds bridges. Sending all my love to Manchester tonight.
Retweeted by Carl KruseJust in case you need a hare today. By Albrecht Durer in 1502, a leftover from his birthday, which was yesterday.
Retweeted by Carl KrusePeople asking what they can do to help. We're trying to get a proper answer but here's where to give blood
Retweeted by Carl KruseMy heart is broken seeing the tweets of friends and family of those still missing in the Manchester attack. #ManchesterBombingI PHOTOSHOPPED SARUMAN INTO TRUMP'S ORB PICTURE AND IT'S NOT EVEN WEIRD
Retweeted by Carl KruseThe great @brainpicker's glorious article on growing up with The Beatles tune 'Yellow Submarine'
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More on the flooding at Svalbard Seed Vault @noveliciouss
Retweeted by Carl KruseCelebrate #Kruseville Pre-Birthday Frank Lloyd Wright have this vague hope that the #elves will come in the night and finish any stories. #NeilGaiman #writing
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Retweeted by Carl KruseHere's hoping the design flaw at the seed depository can be fixed.
Enjoyed some of these hacks from Ms. Sakugawa!Perhaps some of the best work. the mail, don't read it, don't read anything except what destroys the insulation between yourself & your experience -Louise Erdrich
Retweeted by Carl KruseRod Serling in "The Twilight Zone":
Retweeted by Carl KrusePrefab never looked so good.
"The twin concepts of 'modernity' and 'anti-modernity' are not mutually exclusive." On MODERNITY & ITS DISCONTENTS:…
Retweeted by Carl Krusebaby we gotta stop meeting like this
Retweeted by Carl KruseA Wounded Deer--Leaps Highest: @joycecaroloates defends empathy and witness at the Amer. Academy of Arts & Letters
Retweeted by Carl KruseI've taken to sharing some of my photos over at National Geographic's Your Shot.
99% of the battle won. scoop of ice cream it is. Twombly - Leda and the Swan - 1962 - Just Sold for $52,887,000
Retweeted by Carl KruseT***p who so viciously slandered Obama, Clinton, & rivals for GOP nomination, whines that no politician in history has been so mistreated.
Retweeted by Carl Krusei have so many questions for the universe after 11pm
Retweeted by Carl KruseAt play with strobe lights.
Also over at the Richard Dawkins Foundation. @YahooeyKablooey Thanks!Hear the Lionfish roar. write it and take my chances. - John Steinbeck
"Inspiration is for amateurs. The res of us just show up and get to work." - Chuck CloseFueling hope for all of us would-be creatives. You don't have to be creative to create. for him.'t be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value. ARTHUR MILLER #amwriting
Retweeted by Carl KruseLiftoff!
Retweeted by Carl KruseLives remaining: Zero.Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. Robert Bresson else over at TED?"There's no escaping plastic pollution even in the most distant parts of our oceans," says an author of new research
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RT @noveliciouss Since everything is a reflection of our minds, Everything can be changed by our minds. #Buddha
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Retweeted by Carl KruseAt Play with Shadows in Kakadu National Park, Australia Burning Man horizon. connection to God in the desert. @JohnFugelsang May the rapture, anything, take me now. Please. @JoyceCarolOates Joyce Carol Oates as Alice in Wonderland. (I love it that you have your pen and book in hand.)
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @angelique1z @JoyceCarolOates A fantastic image, and so appropriate for a writer who has taken us all down a rabbit hole or two.Real-Life "Recursion" or Loop: Harry Potter, reading Harry Potter, on the set of Harry Potter.
Retweeted by Carl KruseHorse images on the Cave of Forgotten Dreams in France. 30,000 years old. Info:
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