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Hemley Gonzalez and his group Responsible Charity. Doing so much to help those less fortunate in Kolkata. look inside America's dead shopping malls.
Turn your space in into an ethereal cocoon with the blissful electronica of Stephen Hill's "Hearts of Space." live Ampelmann.
Don't forget to be beautiful today.We're running out of adjectives for Hurricane Maria. Stay strong Puerto Rico. us discourse - with care - —Emily Dickinson
Retweeted by Carl KrusePossibly best ever exploratory space mission? in moderation including moderation.
My favorite coffee table book in the world: Thomas Pakenham's "Remarkable Trees of the World." Audobon Society's guide to North American birds is quite cool. out with your friends and not ever checking your phone is the new standard of cool via @GSElevator
You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. ~Jack London imagine
The owners of this bar in Kreuzberg, #Berlin, are clear in what they want... and don't want. pipe organ is the king of instruments, believed Mozart.
"Get your hands dirty with beautiful deeds." @LovelyFiltersI'll take a romantic day. Thank you.'m sure there are many sides to this story. Many, many sides. Good people on both sides.
Retweeted by Carl KruseGood morning indeed! long Cassini. Probably the most successful single space exploration mission ever. is the ultimate cool.
@wikileaks @xychelsea I'd trade 10,000 Mike Morells for one Chelsea Manning.Added to the watch list. US, 1.2 mill meth addicts. 800,000 Dreamers. Methers take $23 bill from economy. Dreamers give $40B. But conservs rage bout dreamers. Hmm
Retweeted by Carl KruseFYI:@NASA’s Cassini mission cost less than what Americans spent on Lip Balm. @TodayShow archive 2004:…
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @MannheimSteam Have loved "Chocolate Fudge" ever since it came out on Fresh Aire I.As a Serious Person who wants to Get Things Done, I’m worried about how we can possibly afford universal health care
Retweeted by Carl Kruse @JuddLegum That Hannity has any following whatsoever is a moral crisis, something of a national emergency. @HistoryInPix Madness, no?Just because she doesn't want to take up the mantle of leader of the Free World doesn't mean she still isn't Europe… good things come to an end. Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, & the Universe Itself is out Tues! What’s inside & why I wrote it.
Retweeted by Carl KruseMoney still on those who call it as it is. call you naive if you want to change society, but history shows the truely naive are the status quo who think nothing will ever change.
Retweeted by Carl KruseWe will miss you #Cassini
If I should be someone else, who will be me? * Yiddish saying *Out of the destruction in my neighborhood in Coconut Grove following #Irma, a peacock emerges.'s to the #KeyWest roosters. Long may they strut.
Strange times when we constantly need to justify the self-evident. national service as a way of popping bubbles. Not a bad idea. breath is checked, for a second, reading this.
Retweeted by Carl KruseWhen academics take "a few papers" on holiday to read
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Retweeted by Carl KrusePhotographed in downtown Manhattan on 9/17/2001
Retweeted by Carl Kruse“What are the humanities good for?” Quite a lot, it turns out.
Retweeted by Carl KruseSaw the documentary "Mission Control" last night. A wonderful look at the Apollo missions, a beautiful story.
@aigkenham @CreationMuseum If true, this would represent something of moral emergency, a national crisis even.This guys saving dogs!!! #hurricane #storm #miami #irma
Retweeted by Carl KruseWithin the connectivity we aren't connected at all, inhabiting our own echo chambers and bubbles. @Alksandra One of my favorite American artists. Enjoy!
Wind From The Sea, Andrew Wyeth, 1947, temepera on hardboard."Frostbitten" by Andrew Wyeth, 1962, watercolor on paper. Sheeler (1883-1965) River Rouge Plant,1932. Oil and pencil on canvas, 20 3/8 × 24 5/16 in
Retweeted by Carl KrusePaul Gauguin, By the Stream, Autumn, 1885
Retweeted by Carl KruseIslamorada and the Florida Keys on my mind. am so tired of waiting, Aren't you, For the world to become good And beautiful and kind? -Langston Hughes National Weather Service (@NWS) is a branch of @NOAA, home to 5,000 scientists & engineers. They know WTF they'…
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Sharp notes and good vibes. of this could be good. wonderful review of some recent works about Carson McCullers by @JoyceCarolOates in the New York Review Of Books. evacuating Key West in paper burritos so they don't fight each other.
Retweeted by Carl KruseI'd vote for ANYONE with kind eyes and an excellent taste in music. the future will see the development of similar vaccines against cancer.
The wonderful, multi-layered, multi-hued chairs from Färg & Blanche.
Batay-Csorba angles windows of Toronto townhouses, making the buildings fun and whimsical who deny the existence of #dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within Ursula K Le Guin #writing #fantasy
Retweeted by Carl Kruse"Dare to tell the smallest of #stories If you want to generate large emotions." ~ZINSSER #Writing RT .@noveliciouss
Retweeted by Carl KruseIf you're feeling worn down, remember that that's the plan. They are TRYING to wear you down. Drink a can of Fuck Those Guys and keep going.
Retweeted by Carl KruseBeautifully, yet artificially created moths via algorithm. @mothgenerator good photography over at National Geographic's YOUR SHOT. If you stop by, say hi. a great kid because he's brown isn't going to bring your job at the steel mill back.
Retweeted by Carl KruseSend love everywhere. Go away. We've had enough of tempests of all sorts to last a while.
To the good people in Puerto Rico, take care of Irma and mucho good energy to counter the storm. @JoyceCarolOates When it's more about you then about the giving, fanfare is in order.This
Retweeted by Carl KruseThe ending of John Ashbery's "How to Continue." What an enormous loss.
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