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Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life Washington, USA

My day job is leading the product team behind & . Outside that I dabble in mobile apps & blogging.

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Huge revenue & profit jump at Google and stock down 4.5%? Stock market continues to make me 🤯 @daniecal This tweet is life changing in its insight.Google's ad revenue grew over 20% year over year. One can expect this to jump even more as the consequences of GDPR… like Apple's Safari ITP change, GDPR simply cements Google & Facebook's dominance of the online ad space. If s…
@RMac18 @WillOremus @CaseyNewton They likely didn’t. The initial source of outrage was idea they somehow swayed the… on listening to customer complaints: "The thing I have noticed is when the anecdotes and the data disagree,…
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo @RMac18 @WillOremus @CaseyNewton #CambridgeAnalytica used an API that thousands of apps had previously used and tha… @WillOremus @CaseyNewton @RMac18 Yup. Majority of the outrage about #CambridgeAnalytica is just misplaced rage beca… @polotek White people in America don’t think about being white the same way other ethnic groups think about their r… @polotek Can’t take any Democrat seriously who talks about black election turnout without mentioning GOP’s aggress… @HobbitsWife User sessions can be identified even without cookies. Also why should I inconvenience my web usage ver… sophistication of this iPhone theft ring is impressive.😯 real GDPR risk for Facebook is that some “move fast & break things” error like showing incorrect privacy messag…
@HobbitsWife Let me know how to opt out of Google Analytics tracking what sites I'm visiting when I'm using Safari on my iPhone. @ParkerMolloy Honest is code for openly bigoted. @polotek The theatrics of hate usually comes from partisan media and Congress critters not the president. That is u…"Code never lies, comments sometimes do." - Ron Jeffries
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoBetween Android’s location tracking, Google Analytics & Chrome tracking your web usage while Gmail analyzes all you…
Watching Snoop Dogg opening for Migos and my life is complete written essay that tries to separate out the various convos about AI; 1. trying to imitate humans (e.g. virtu… you relying on the security of password sync in Google Chrome or Firefox? You should read this then did Kanye get WiFi in the sunken place? @polotek Poor whites don’t see themselves as having privilege since 1. Privilege is invisible to those who have it… @polotek Using the word privilege only makes sense in context since it is not an absolute value. I have privilege i…
@codinghorror @anildash @Pekkanikolaus @mjaeckel @spolsky I think Jeff is trying to say, if Stackoverflow isn’t try… @justkelly_ok Take care. We're all rooting for you and let us know if there's some way to help. @daniecal Mainstreaming the idea that home ownership is the source of generational wealth is really important. We'v… Snapchat From: Instagram
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoReading the Amazon shareholder letter and it's quite amazing how much Amazon has grown in the past few years. 560,0…
I guess Google got tired of everyone making fun of Facebook and decided to change their messaging strategy yet agai… ships a new mobile messaging strategy every year. Allo?Duo? Google Voice? Hangouts? Now Android Messages bec…
Here's a good example of one of the insidious tricks various 3rd party trackers on websites use to figure out your… is another example of an industry wide problem being force fitted into the anti-Facebook narrative. 3rd party… is a great essay on the racial wealth gap. People often confuse wealth with income and this paper does a great… @anildash I’d be more impressed if these articles discussed industry wide practices that are normalized (e.g. Googl… out of UMD’s handbook for TAs: Female TAs should expect to have their authority challenged more than males…
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoExample of my favorite GDPR question thus far; if a customer asks you to delete all their data does that include su… you read only this article you would mistakenly assume GDPR only applies to Facebook and not every website, app… on my next NYT opinion think piece: Is Donald Trump racist or does he just really like immigration laws? 🤔
@ultraTimPrime Would seem obvious I concur with @ramez @deray Are they going to clarify corporate policy on if it’s OK to sit in Starbucks without buying a drink or is th… liberals love #BlackLivesMatters signs in their neighborhoods but hate any policies that would add actu… actual mood every time I hear nice for what
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoYou won't believe what Obama says in this video 😉
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo @Noahpinion Home ownership is a force multiplier in creating generational wealth. If your parents owned their home,… thread example of key challenges when discussing divisive political ads on Facebook. 1. Disclosure of fundin… @brownandbella @surlybassey if we’ll also see a hard hitting exposé from tech press about how Google Analytics allows Google to track…
I guess the Amazon employees crying at their desks have it easy compared to their factory workers 😕 @daniecal I guess some of these kids are just too young to remember MJ @anildash They can’t do this without extending email standards. Fundamentally an email is text you send to another… @Hamilto70150436 @Brandale2221 Eyewitness accounts are readily available on social media and in the news so there’s… @schram @JoshConstine Exactly. The idea that Facebook gets to distribute personably identifiable information about… situation was even more absurd than the Starbucks story. Sharing so people realize events like this are more c…
@JoshConstine How exactly will a competitor know who my Facebook friends are that use their service without pulling… Times explains why Facebook privacy scandal at a dead end after congressional hearings. 1. API that… things show how little the tech press understands Facebook privacy like a TechCrunch article complaining that t… example of how “Internet of Things” is really “Internet of Unpatched Devices & Security Vulnerabilities” @chris_labarthe @MikeIsaac problem with talking about racism in America is that white people have been socialized to believe racism is say…
@manan Why give them money?Ever notice how people who pride themselves on their brutal honesty never say things like "You're an amazing person…
Retweeted by Dare Obasanjo @codinghorror I don't doubt that some white person (employee or customer) was uncomfortable with a group of black m… @Noahpinion The best example of white privilege in this video isn’t black men getting arrested for sitting in Starb… a bullshit response. Your employee called the cops on a group of black men for “loitering” in your store after…, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla all reject W3C's DOM 4.1 spec. So much for being the official body defining w…
@anildash @justkelly_ok @louisgray It’s like a racist guy’s coming of age story and redemption arc in Twitter thread form. @leslie @ArlanWasHere It workedWhy would they? #CambridgeAnalytica scandal and related Trump election hysteria has been a great way to sell the ef… @polotek Obama was a big fan of letting them get away with ish,000 people being scammed out of $660 million in an ICO Ponzi scheme is average of $20K per sucker. Who are all… is at work. Father is deployed in Syria. Kid misses his school bus so he goes to a neighbor's house for hel…
Retweeted by Dare ObasanjoChrome, Maps & Gmail were homegrown but still a great point that the mindset needed to break out in a new space oft… this ever worked out besides Netscape ➡️Firefox rewrite? Even then that only worked because their primary compe… @TechPreacher An autopilot system on an airplane dies not need constant “hands on” interaction from the pilot. Tesl… @TechPreacher Tesla’s Autopilot does not meet that definition being misnamed, the biggest issue with Tesla’s Autopilotis that it’s so good most of the time that drivers…
How a Stanford research project beat Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts on both delay and video quality #salsify - could have predicted that? 🤔