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Alt-Guac @ohhleary EXACTLY. Me too @ohhleary @instagram wait this is weird, mine was gone and now it's back. For now.Jill Stein is the friend who ruins your wedding but really shows up for you during the divorce.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @ohhleary @instagram mine have been gone for weeks. Has a third-party app taken this over?So someone @TheEconomist rode the Acela
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCan confirm @taulpaul @noraborealis awesome, and @sleepnumber is a client of ours! Unfortunately I'm not in the market for a new mattress/bedUGH DAAAAAAAD
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @jamesproud @edzitron @tweethue oh man all these thingamabobs I need to complete my internet of thingamabobs @edzitron should I invest in a Philips Hue apparatus in order to slowly turn light on in the morning with Sense? @noraborealis I will let you know as soon as I know. Been putting off this purchase for ages but am convinced I really need it!Man I'd be so pissed if I was Ed Snowden right now
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySo @edzitron recommends I try the @hello Sense. I'm a little worried about the fact that they charge extra for updog -- thoughts, anyone? @edzitron amazing. I may be sold. @edzitron oh hmmm I thought it just was a thing you stick under the mattress. I'm concerned about pillow clips bc I thrash around a lot @edzitron did you try the Aura? That's really the only other one I'm strongly considering. Someone else recommended Beddit @edzitron I trust you!!!! @edzitron Oooohhhh good intel (even if biased)One prerequisite is that the alarm have a light built in. Darkness makes it way tougher for me to wake up.Planning to get myself a sleep-track alarm clock. Anyone love/hate @Withings Aura, @beddit, or @hello? Leaning Withings bc I have the scale. @tetsujin1979 my bullshit filter is super fine these daysSaw this going around and assumed it was a hoax. Turns out it isn't! that time @KarlRove did a dorky rap performance as "MC Rove?" Even better than Rick Perry as Vanilla Ice. of martech vendor pitches in my work inbox is through the roof today. Don't they realize I'm even less likely to open it today?I thought there was already an app for finding dive bars? can't stop watching this @mikeyil @taoofgiao oooh perfect @brandonwenerd @kibblesmith we could also let no one with any of their states' driver's licenses out, for our own safety #justkidding
@JMRooker fair point @JenAshleyWright real New Yorkers stay home and eat Chinese takeout on Saturday nightsI want to maim everyone guilty of #3 have a neighbor who is trying to MAKE HOLIDAY WREATHS GREAT AGAIN #trumphair @taoofgiao omg what IS meat floss @owenbrainard love-trolling is acceptable trollingoh this is perfect TWITTER: Recipes for eccentric Thanksgiving side dishes to troll your family that only eats bland White People Food? I need ideas.SANTA ISN'T REAL KIDS have compared Donald Trump to Huey Long, but we should remember that Huey Long, for all his faults, was brutal…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @SaraJBenincasa @CoryBooker I can fully support thisA surprise box of goodies from @noraborealis' @ttfapodcast was exactly what I needed today ❤️“The raccoons often surprise the hordes of Pokémon Go players who have taken to strolling in Central Park at night” Gray Lady Meets With Orange Man
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyBummer. Think about how annoyed he'd be if he showed up and nobody was paying attention to him. don't say! begins
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @danamannarino ahhh wasn't too bad when I got on (uptown from Borough Hall) @danamannarino yiiiiikes, uptown or downtown? (I'm about to hop on that train...)If Trump spends his term doing nothing but lining his pockets and tweeting mean things about the media, we'll have dodged a bullet.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGuys, 2016 is so weird that even Mothman came back to join the party. @jomanos @michaelianblack it's from a troll who was making fake Wikileaks documents.
@TheSixSeat @SolomonAnna #slay @needcaffeine I got such good deals in Morocco @needcaffeine French - useless in the usual places but very helpful in some unexpected ones @WineCanine you've got a WAY better Twitter handle though. 🍷🐶This guy has been tremendous the whole election. Conservatives, he deserves your support.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @needcaffeine yeah. I spend a huge amount of time planning travel, and I'm a bilingual solo traveler with $ flexibility and no health issues @needcaffeine the other factor is that overworked middle-class parents don't have the time to even research affordable options @needcaffeine we did go to CA. MX/Carib affordable/safe options for families who don't speak local language are often basically theme parks. @trempy we did that to a limited extent but even just getting the time is a luxury for many families @needcaffeine are places that are notably cheaper truly accessible to families?Someone once bragged to me that his sub-10yo kids were better traveled than I was (I'm 32). Aw, shucks, I'm sorry I didn't grow up rich.All this int'l travel with kids must be great at turning them into model global citizens! Too bad it's unaffordable… and eradicating the white supremacist movement is a primary duty of our leaders, conservative and liberal alike. Let us do it.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @OutFrontCNN @sallykohn SALLY. Your HAIR. I am obsessed.2016 even broke Kanye 😯
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHave you checked out America it's this country where people protest a coffee chain by buying coffee there and vandalizing their own garbage
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @whpatterson yepSomething tells me a lot of the trash talk about @TulsiGabbard comes from twisted crap concocted by DNC cronies when she endorsed Bernie 🤔 @taraflanagan if her dad is impeached or doesn't make it through his first term, then yeah, I agree"don't think we're alone now: the real story of NSA surveillance in the modern internet era"
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyYES. Tweeple have spoken! What should Tiffany name her book? @TulsiGabbard meeting w/Trump. She's a fearless truth-teller. As combat vet, maybe she suggests he focus on fi…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyYou probably already love at least one of these women filmmakers' movies. (@weinerdoc anyone?)
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyOur role models in business cannot simply be those who focus only on work and success @WSJ read piece by @morraam
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@sarahdonner Sparkle Lick (the girl), Mean Dean Down Under, Chaz Sex Machine @sarahdonner you need to use a stripper name generator for Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Sarah Palin“A Brief Letter To A Worried Writer” by @SaraJBenincasa
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