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Next stop Jersey Shore. Hello weekend. #flyblade #helicopter #roséallday #makeroséapriorité #LBI @RonWechsler @kevincarey1 omg that would be worse than eggingOMG this is such a great prank idea, but yeah, who has both Alexa and an old answering machine? to take @flybladenow to #LBI with a sippy cup full of rosé #hashtagblessedobviously WHAT, there we go... haven't yet seen any Donald Trump jokes made about the corpse flower currently blooming at @NYBG. Get on it, Twitter.Remember, if you don't pay your freelancers for arbitrary reasons, you're basically Donald Trump.
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#tbt to what I can't believe was only a month ago. We had an incredible time in a strange little…"If you have a taste for rustic modernism, Eevee should be the next Pokémon on your 'gotta-catch' list." @PredictiveOps @BillMurray @WuTangClan Aw, man, spoiling all my fun :(
@TheSixSeat I'd be an HR department's worst nightmare @TheSixSeat going to work with '70s Harrison Ford every day @oscarvahidov Ugh, we don't want him either :(Weak. @barbigerosus @MadamUnderwood we do need Bill Murray...I instantly liked the Clintons less when I read they got rid of Socks. Poor little guy must have been traumatized. @Camcopgh1 @joelegge100 That's a great idea!Yes! Russia, if you're listening, please decode 4 8 15 16 23 42 once and for all. Thanks @Jdrocksface @mc_frontalot my cat is from Russia, actually. so Russia can give you cats, too. @Jdrocksface @mc_frontalot actually I hear you can get those from Russia too @DarkKnight8814 no prob! have a good one :) @sbagchee How do I explain this victory to my cat? It means so much to me to make her proud. Also she is Russian. @MartinShkreli except the milk and cookies get a side of vodka @DarkKnight8814 the (boring) serious answer is because I used to be a journalisti ask myself the same thing when i look in the bathroom mirror every morning tbh @MartinShkreli 🐲🎉🐲🎉🐲🎉🐲🎉 @NoahNoahjacob7 😻Russia, if you're listening, can you finally tell us why you wanted to catch that cartoon moose and squirrel so badly? ThanksRussia, if you're listening, can you tell us how we can find Mewtwo in #PokemonGO? ThanksRussia, if you're listening, can you get that Wu-Tang Clan album from that weird hedge fund guy? ThanksDonald Trump apparently did not know the difference between Tim Kaine and Tom Kean. honestly think Trump is saying all these psycho things this morning because the Democratic convention took attention away from him.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHere's a preview of all the fun things you can do if you come visit our office. made something fun at work. Come to our office and play with us. #weworkinadvertising to help inspirational members like @Caro change the world 🌎 #WednesdayWisdom
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@noraborealis Good! Wild was the most overrated book I've ever read. @mbaratz @ohhleary come on back soon now, y'hear? (planning on figuring something out with yurts)"I finally understand rosé. You need it in New York in the summer to survive." -visiting co-worker from the LA officeVenue walkthrough. Hello, very bright colors. #interiordesign #interiorporn #prlife @ MEET are apparently a few people on earth who can tolerate me in small doses @AdamSinger @louisgray I've never felt so lovedNew seasonal crab salad from @sweetgreen is called the "Chesapeake Bae." I can't dislike this. @joemarchese Should've sent that poop emojiMayer in 2012: "I don't think that I would consider myself a feminist." @joemarchese Send the poop emoji and they will dispatch a private jet for you. #eastereggs
@ChiefRead Very true. I picked 1812 in particular because of some of the catastrophic natural disasters (also, Napoleon).Mondelez struck a deal with Fox, which includes substantial commitment to @trueX, to help innovate ad model.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWoman-led bank robberies are up 25% in ten years. Progress!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGuys I hate to break it to you but being #verified on Twitter does NOT get you faster service at the DMVour financial markets rest upon this level of intelligence and stability
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHey @slate, Imma let you finish but 1812 was the worst year in history
This is solid. @AdamSinger might not be what they ask for but it might be what works @AdamSinger Did you mention that when you asked for verification? (You probably should have.) @AdamSinger I got accepted after pointing out how I've had both impersonators and MANY attempts to steal my usernameThis was the fabbest! Outdoor Supply in #brooklynheights offers a #PokemonGO discount
Last week in NYC @Place_Invaders made us "frosé" rosé slushies by mixing a nice dry rosé with…
Wait, Hillary picked Kanye as VP?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis can't be real. when Twitter was like an extended SXSWi geek party and didn’t drive you to Xanax? I do. It was fun.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGuys how insane would it be if we all woke up tomorrow morning and every cat on earth had developed a prehensile tail overnightMost Maine thing ever? @Lindseymgreen I love him @cdipietr0 it's new! I have rosé! @cdipietr0 Welcome to EVERY MORNING IN MY LIFE @dearsarah he might do that tooChecking out @wiesenthal's "secret helicopter speakeasy under the FDR" that serves rosé in sippy… @phampants Probably her. She had just been fed.As I'm now #verified I think I should tweet important things with global relevance, so here I am spooning w/my cat
Regina George would NOT approve of these skirts. @MrDPAQ AWESOME PLAN @CaliforniaKara I am the only person on earth who hates peanut butter so I shouldn't understand the emotion behind this, but I do.Today is not Friday today is not Friday today is not Friday today is not Friday today is not Friday today is not Friday 😖Anyone who's had an alcoholic partner would say BIG diff btw drink together (what study says) & "get drunk together" @wesleyverhoeve That's gorgeous.#MakeAmericaSaneAgain
This is the real Jerry Springer's Twitter account., Cruz is setting himself up for 2020 after the Trumpster Fire burns out in a landslide. is making me proud of Ted Cruz. I feel so dirty. @inafried don't waste your time on cp10 Zubat, it's for your own good"The Great Mouse Detective" wants its royalties is drinking frose on a Soho penthouse roof terrace with @caro and @williamtheliar #placeinvaders
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyAin't no party like a @Place_Invaders secret dinner party (with gold pineapples and a crazy… @faris @gt looks like you work at FB. Some conferences won't offer this upfront if they think an employer might pay travel. Did you ask?They should've played "Never Gonna Give You Up." (Or did they?) @ibookery I don't know. @mottel do you approve of this hipster cargo shorts argument?At least they aren't cargo shorts
@notsalome @plitter I don't know, does he like cats? @ajt the coffee shop in the pilot episode is one on 4th between 13 and 14, so that's fitting😻 obviously she needs one right meow the nominee of the Repawblican Purrty for President of the USA #RNCinCLE @ajt what street is that? @Thessaly HA. That is great.It would've been really ballsy if Melania's disgruntled speechwriter had put the next line of "Never Gonna Give You Up" in there too.
@plitter lots of clefairy in this hood thoHey here's a kitten named Sputnik who just fell asleep in his food because maybe your feed needs that right now.
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