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@pmccre @TheRickWilson I had rats growing up! I became a cat person later in life.
Took a diversion along the #greatamericaneclipse road trip to visit Devil's Tower at sunset. It… cat looks great in eclipse glasses @LucyFurTweets I've got my eclipse glasses, don't worry! @LucyFurTweets AaaaaaaawwwwwEclipse road trip! Sadly we're in a rented Nissan sedan, not a Westie or some other eccentric… is Imani, from CT. She just escorted Trump supporters through a crowd as a situation escalated. Here's why in…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @harmancipants Probably this @FossilLocator No response from Hertz, but we managed to get one at 2AMDoesn't the economy lose billions a year from employees showing up to work hung over? @XXfounder @AllysonDowney @Hertz Thank you!!! We are pumped for the eclipse. (Also yes, he's a keeper.)They're good dogs, Boris @plitter You win a tweetstorm @AllysonDowney @XXfounder @Hertz Well, props are due to my BF for staking out a car in the airport lot until I arri… @AGStover @EsotericCD @justinamash Totally agree, and I'm a big fan of AmashWhy is Sen. Ben Sasse the only politician in America who even attempts to communicate to voters this way?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @EnlightFundy @clayroutledge I think at this point my foie is gras
@XXfounder @AllysonDowney @Hertz If they don't there will be hell to pay. Was promised calls from DEN rental locati… @XXfounder @AllysonDowney @Hertz NE @XXfounder @AllysonDowney @Hertz We can handle that! @jkirchick HEY NOW @XXfounder @AllysonDowney @Hertz OMG. You might save us. I will know by first thing tomorrow AM. THANK YOU @irockiroll Or bring back photo maps. Which the API could do. @goodole312 @poniewozik @SweatpantsCafe CHARLOTTE THE SPIDER @poniewozik I've always wanted to know if it was possible to build a farting machine! Now I know! @SeanCShank whoop whoop! @kchoudhu I mean, clowns are a little weird. Still.Suggestion: if you want more people to quit the Trump train, the first react to a disembarkation should be “Welcome” not “Why not sooner?"
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @AllysonDowney @Hertz You think? There is NOTHING in Denver. If we lose our rental due to flight delays our whole eclipse trip is screwed. @AllysonDowney @Hertz do you have a car for us to steal for the eclipse? (semi-serious question) @jw Sessions says, "Gee whillakers, I'm still here!" @jw Tillerson says, "God fucking damn all this." @JDel @Hertz Bonus points if it already has Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper stickers @jw Pence says, "I'm so manly, Mother. Look at how manly I am. Look at me, Mother! Look at my shoulders! Are you listening, Mother?" @JDel @Hertz Knowing me, this ends with buying a weird pickup in Boulder as a last straw and then becoming *that* B… @JDel @Hertz Yeah, it's a last straw for me. If we lose this rental we don't get a car. Been planning eclipse trip for months.What did anyone ever have against the Juggalos? @clayroutledge What's French for woke? Can we name a new bubbly brand after it? @JDel I'd be doing great if I weren't at risk of losing a rental car reservation (we need it for eclipse purposes) @JDel Been at EWR for 6 hours. Slightly better than LGA, I guess. @Hertz 12:49AM. We got a room at the hotel adjacent to the airport so we don't have to drive. Have not been able to… @juanmeowmix "We got our start playing at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday nights!"Globalist Goldman Swamp Insiders: 1 Nationalist Populist Gristle McCancersack: 0
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @Hertz All DEN rental cars are booked up w/eclipse travelers. Central customer service can't guarantee mine will be… @Hertz: I am DESPERATELY trying to get a human on the line in your DEN location. My flight is heavily delayed. Plz do not give up my car @clayroutledge My liver is diverse and intersectional (and loves champagne).This, from an interview with autistic author Naoki Higashida in TIME, is really beautiful.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @senatorshoshana Fluffernutter and Caramel Crunch @MickDanahy @Delta Deltoids @FossilLocator Oh wow, that's a good point. I think NE runs less of a risk than WY (seems a *lot* of folks heading… @FossilLocator Awesome! We might head a bit west if Nebraska winds up with clouds (some forecasts say yes, some say no) @EricHolthaus Aw man! Bummer! We'll pour one out for youwhy #Eclipse2017 matters so much: it's a moment of pure awe, a reminder that we are insignificant, yet still capable of observing beauty
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyA+, @SeattlePD @EricHolthaus No! We picked it because we heard skies would be sunny and we found a hotel room that wasn't crazy ex…'s about time we had another adventure. EWR > DEN > Scottsbluff, NE for the… > DEN > Scottsbluff, NE #greatamericaneclipse !!!!!! (@ Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ)"People from Yale told me" is not a good reason to do something, FWIW.
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Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyOnly a matter of time before the eclipse got milkshake-ducked
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @delta8488 HAHAHAHABannon wisely timed his departure to avoid having to explain why he burst into a thousand bats during the eclipse
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFunny how nobody seems to want Bannon to go on Dancing with the Stars the way they did with Spicey and the Mooch
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @neontaster 🤗 @conz @rachsyme DU JOUR omg @rachsyme Not just a highly underrated movie, but holds up so well. You could swear it was made now as a parody of… @ComfortablySmug @juleshyman @NoahCRothman what a good kitty @neontaster Beat you to it (sort of) is so much packed into this -->
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIf you thought we were all going to lose our jobs to automation, don't worry, because here's Chuck E. Cheese to pro… SHIP!Fucking unbelievable that 2017 still has this much gas in the tank
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyOn the bright side, Trump is running out of people to fire and may soon need to fire himself just to keep up the momentum.Whaaaat"Any tactic used now to silence neo-Nazis will soon be used against others, including ppl ...we agree with."
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @AlGeeFungi He might be newly rescued too. @TheRickWilson Sir, that is insulting to rats.