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@looks_last I think she thinks it's a cat costume. She disapproves of all cats other than herself. @dentonmd @donsteele @tobyd @joemarchese @JackK see you there! @looks_last I own a raccoon onesie and it embarrasses my cat a former Virgin America flyer, it's really sad to see the brand go. That and @jetblue were what made me (a total… @looks_last omg I need one @looks_last omg that is my dream in life @facepaulmrevere also, is anyone surprised? @JonStrickland you and @MikeElgan both @looks_last I'm going to just have to adopt a pet raccoon to deal with the lack of emoji. It's come to this. SORRY NEIGHBORSSTILL NO RACCOON WHAT EVEN IS THIS Man used to being the boss doesn't enjoy working for a very bad boss.
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Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyLooks like a natural. Especially considering the circumstances. Just keep practicing!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySasi is learning paw work like a proper American cat. She's not quite there yet. @BitchestheCat can you give her so… @CounterMoonbat @louisgray @AdamSinger ha ha ha haWhat are your favorite examples of a prominent person who repeatedly cites a specific other prominent person as his/her chief influence? @AllysonDowney Crazy! (The refugee cats I'm helping to transport were on that same flight 48 hours ago. They did not need iPads.) @MartinSFP @starsandrobots I had (free!) internet on the JFK-IST flight on Turkish. Or just also give them USB drives.This will totally happen in business class cabins very soon. @bmorrissey yep, and Metro-Northers would likely be people further up the food chain in the corporate org @bmorrissey complaints must have come from Metro-North commuters @whpatterson you need to dress the part for soulcycle @whpatterson zumba pleaseYou must come to me, amidst the glacial abyss, and join my yearning emptiness.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWe’re celebrating 20 years of empowering youth to create #techwithpurpose—Join us! #Mouse20
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @KateGardiner I bought a convincing fake at a thrift store for Halloween in college but then had to throw it away because it got beer on it @joemarchese @donsteele @tobyd @JackK it's ok, I'll take the watercolor portrait that your Twitter avatar came from, and we can talk to it @senatorshoshana oooh ok! @senatorshoshana location? I might know some people.roses are red violets are blue
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyUnpopular opinion time: These headlines were feminist & great the 1st few times. Now they seem like forced & annoy…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @ErinGaetz it's called @CatCafeBK and it's full of cats. @jkaz no, but I live in roughly the same area @donsteele @tobyd @joemarchese @JackK I'm free if you share crash detailsSpies are literally the only thing that could make this neighborhood interesting. Seriously. Our hottest business i… low. other side of the "content bubble" - little-watched channels that show a lot of reruns are disappearing just got another season!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @anildash I found the list of names my folks had for me if I'd been a boy. Among them: Tyrone.
@taraflanagan I can imagine it, but the character would have been totally different.This would have been absolutely nuts. @aberoyce @CounterMoonbat oh yeah true I'm still waiting on thatPoor Mitt! a few budget cuts will make the entire country "weak", "sick" and "stupid" then we need to reexamine why we're so reliant on Washington.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @beccaboo423 hi Tonks!!!! @invadeaustin I brought my kitty from SF to NYC when I adopted her. Scared for 24 hours then nonstop cuddles @invadeaustin they just had to be cleared by the airline way in advance. at least they're cats and not laptopslol snowflake @SaraJChipps I know right? FLUFFERNUTTERS @wokieleaks1 I really wonder how many of these people just consider themselves performance artistsUpdate and cute pic! Sasi and her kitten are snoozing peacefully. I guess jet lag isn't a thing when you sleep 18 h… war on cats continues.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthybest pic of the early 2000s is Ja Rule and Nelly posing with the Sprite website at a launch party for the website
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @UppityWomanBlog @missmarjiec I think she is a Himalayan. Apparently there are rules about Turkish Angoras leaving Turkey (!)I want to start a food blog so I can use the headline “Headless Beer in Tapas Bar”
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHad to one-up the duck-sized horses, I see @sogrady It's what America needs.Well .. we did just declare ourselves a welcoming city. We gotta walk the talk.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @sogrady We should all just keep telling Huckabee how funny he is so that we are treated to him trying to do stand-up. Imagine the videos.This happens in a duopoly. Third-party options get sidelined and become the domain of the crazies. is as bad as Mike Huckabee's jokes. actually happened. @mollytaft @QuilletteM @carriesheffield @CathyYoung63 please let me know if you like my avocado toast recipeThe Brooklyn Porcupine 00: @mollytaft, @QuilletteM, @carriesheffield, @CathyYoung63, and my avocado toast recipe weekly reads are now a newsletter. I'm a yuppie libertarian in Brooklyn so you'll hate it all. Please subscribe. a read. excited that @fredwilson and @thegothamgal are supporting @mouse_org's 20th anniversary celebration on May 9: really need to stop trying to be funny on Twitter, guv
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHere's a video of shy little Sasi coming out from her hiding place under the couch as soon as she hears music 😻 @opplives piece by @carriesheffield about millennials working across political lines to tackle urban poverty it is! The hottest take. you're part of the problem but at least your cat's adorable. #gentrification #catstagram
Welcome to America, Sasi!!! She has landed at IAD, along with her 5-month-old kitten who appears to be JUST AS FLOO…'m only interested in Trojan unicorns, sorry want to say that my cat plays a #VeryLimitedRole in my life and I definitely didn't skip a party tonight to go ho… interrupt Comey/FBI Twitter to present the greatest god damned headline in the history of the world
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"a burrito as big as a human head" -- Amen.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @AdamSinger I knew you'd love it