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"Okay, so if I'm telling the truth? The nootropics are just Tic Tacs. Peppermint. But it's morally wrong to let mo…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @ComfortablySmug A sorority will do it for bid night.This is an important read. know I don't have the number of followers to make something viral but can we get #ripbitches to trend? Please ret…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyOh HELL no don't thank me but thank @sarahdonner for giving me a firsthand look at the amazing things @trentoncats does! new waterfront restaurant from the @sohohouse team has now opened in Brooklyn and brings… said that windmills were not useful when there was no wind?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyYou might find this interesting @slobotski @Wow_GiantKitty @senatorshoshana She's too lazy to travel that far @facepaulmrevere He's getting dual U.K. citizenship to run on a joint ticket with Lord Buckethead @ecachette I swear the reason why I have a low Uber rating is from all the times I traveled with the catno bobcat? This is rigged @Wow_GiantKitty @senatorshoshana Full disclosure, my cat is a Kremlin spy @senatorshoshana omg what even is happening in that gif @senatorshoshana 😻 @senatorshoshana It's Harambeaster. Be joyful @senatorshoshana He is risenWhat is with all the amazing gorilla pics and videos lately? Is Harambe contacting us from beyond the grave? @salonium_34 Nazi Furries or GTFO35 years of the world economy, visualized as a living organism
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @AlmostMedia Exactly. @AlmostMedia In fairness, I probably do the same @thevetgamer84 Filtered water only, with an ice cube in it. I know her weaknesses.
@LucyFurTweets We love you too! 😻 @LucyFurTweets I KNOWTwitter in a nutshell you just doing donuts on the green in your golf cart yelling this at people
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @TFHeller Don't tell Louise Mensch @thatgirlallison It makes her so much more effective at getting information out of people @katrosenfield Mine considers herself to take more after Princess AnastasiaLook at this Russian spy I caught is what's happens when you give up avocado toast and invest in assets
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @mawkus Either that or all the local swimmers monopolize some other store/chain and REI didn't consider it worthwhile to compete @mawkus Different REI stores seem to prioritize different sports, eliminating some entirely. Their NYC store is SUP… HERE I AM DOING EVERYTHING I CAN HOLDING ON TO WHAT I AM PRETENDING I'M A SUPERMAN
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @facepaulmrevere NOW U KNOW @ajs712 @Trillburne Same. FB people I know say it's considered hilarious internally that outsiders think he'll run. @facepaulmrevere Similarly, Sacramento was raised an entire story so that it would stop flooding so much @woodlandalyssa Mine thankfully doesn't have that problem but she was sneezing so much. Cat sneezes are adorable bu… @woodlandalyssa Good luck! I had to switch my kitty to hypoallergenic litter because the dust was making her sneeze… @BitchestheCat She's awake and still paw-working it work in her sleep. Caterpillar misses her celeb idol @BitchestheCat already @imwhicho @BitchestheCat HI TABBY!!!!! @AlmostMedia snowflake @facepaulmrevere You're also right in that it would not seem so out-of-place in a puffier publication. @facepaulmrevere RIGHT. That'd be relevant. Talking nonstop about her outfits and referring to her as a "princess" seems gendered and catty. @facepaulmrevere Oh I agree on ruthlessly skeptical, etc. but is it really necessary to refer to a young woman dona… @aberoyce Oh I agree on odd. This kind of thing can't possibly NOT be odd. @facepaulmrevere Agree, though when I was a journo I was sometimes senselessly mean and later realized it was of no… @facepaulmrevere I'm all for mocking clueless privileged folk but this seems like the journo had already made up hi… opinion: I feel bad for them. Super clear their PR rep arranged this and the journo was looking to be mean I hear/read one more Foucaultian buzzword/placeholder usage of "space" or "bodies" I'm gonna lose my fucken mind
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThe reason people think the ACA is good is because they can't see how unimaginably cruel and corrupt our health care system actually is.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @BitchestheCat Jersey reppin with @trentoncats. Caterpillar has been tormented by entire litters of kittens from th… case you feel charitable for #caturday... @adrianbowyer @Anthony That's interesting. I wonder to what extent it's a practice primarily in the American media?Genuinely surprised many journalists don't understand you can't go off the record if the receiver never agreed in t…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyMany centuries ago, a cat walked over an Italian manuscript, leaving its paw prints on the document forever, 1445
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @MeAndMyFerrets @20committee @BitchestheCat I'm just a human fan in mourning. Make sure to send condolences to her siblings @LBKiddoShow. @TwinsieBlue07 @20committee @BitchestheCat Not my cat - I'm just one of her human fans. Condolences should go to he… @MicahadairMicah @20committee @BitchestheCat Not my cat, but my favorite one on Twitter. Condolences should go to her siblings @LBKiddoShow @AVestige1 @20committee @BitchestheCat Not my cat overlord! But one that many of us loved from afar @20committee @BitchestheCat Caterpillar is in mourning @20committee My cat and I are so sad. We admired @BitchestheCat from afar. (And MULTIPLE Trumps blocked her!) @20committee Can you send #caturday condolences for @BitchestheCat, who scared Trump so much that he blocked her? S… @ecachette @BitchestheCat Vladimir Putin had Bitches assassinated! Somebody get Louise Mensch on the case @ecachette Considering multiple members of the Trump family blocked @BitchestheCat on Twitter after she trolled them, maybe you're right... @LBKiddoShow @BitchestheCat You poor little furballs! I want to hug you both even though Kiddo would probably slit my throat @BitchestheCat Caterpillar and I send our condolences. We will miss Bitches so much! my god. This is the most heartbreaking news, especially on #caturday. Bitches brought so much joy to the world. are fascinating and sort of terrifying (at least for now) was unaware
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"Drug trade is largely the cause." Ok, so, let's end the War on Drugs already and bring markets that aren't going a…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @thevetgamer84 @kmele Sounds like fun!
When I told her I went to Cannes Lions while I was gone, she got worried that I spent the week…'s an Egyptian goddess now, treat this Queen with some respect.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @KaylaEpstein Uhhhh @darth you need to know about thisCan we all agree to stop saying partner/significant and switch to companion bowler?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy