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Here I am with national treasure @clmazin. Thank you for speaking at @CloisterInn! #PrincetonReunions you drank 5 beers a night at #PrincetonReunions, & a beer is $5, you'd need 557 years of free off-year reunions to make back your tuition
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIn @CloisterInn listening to Craig Mazin (Princeton 92) share his story about his career as a film-writer!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyPACKED HOUSE for the @clmazin talk at @CloisterInn #PrincetonReunions Permanent damage.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @caro @FaublesFables You've been quoted in my #Storify story "#PrincetonReunions"
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
Reunited preppy rap act P-Unit just name-dropped @foursquare in their performance at #princetonreunions CC @densBravo @nicknotned.'s the most wonderful time of the year. #princetonreunions #madten
Being rich and backing a lawsuit because you agree with the plaintiff fine. Doing it to destroy a news org is not.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy“I’m not the kind of person who shows up with a gun…” — @espiers comes to New York City. @ Hotel Americano Rooftop @alykeves a guy I used to date ran out of his regular shampoo and just started using the cat's shampoo instead
ROI, KPIs, synergy @noraborealis Congratulations!!!
There's something beyond magical about seeing a breathtaking NYC interior for the first time… @dosomething awards! (@ Cipriani in New York, NY) have carved out a spot for a small piece of this amazing weekend (and @bradgulick's design…
I was so disappointed when I learned Air Margaritaville is an airport food chain, not an airline that caters to drunk retirees in straw hats @AdamSinger @cdipietr0 ADULTING WIN!!!!!Home! (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in Newark, NJ) body of Christ, dipped in guacamole for you!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI'm having a taco bowl at the Air Margaritaville at the Cancun airport. Have I made America great again yet?
@joemarchese 😫I can't wait to go home tomorrow, because this place blows and no one should ever come here.…
no one will ever RT that.Moonrise kingdom. #tulum @ Tulum Beach if you have ever used the Kelvin filter
Current situation. #tulum @ Hotel Casa Malca'm at Cancún International Airport - @cancunairport in Cancún, QR the wake of the TV upfronts, @joemarchese takes to @FortuneMagazine to remind us that "views" don't always add up @chibikonaga one of my fave things is to check Twitter en route to the airport for an early flight and see drunk tweets from out west 😜On my way to #tulum in extreme #businessclass high style. The elderly couple two rows ahead of…
New one for the "how darn adorable is my cat when she sleeps?" collection #russianblue
"and they all lived happily ever after!"
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWe had a lot of fun at the @NatGeoChannel #CountdownToMars photobooth last night. @AdamSinger @cdipietr0 Yeah, it was a big step up when I got a dishwasher. A clothes dryer? Hell no!
21st century, folks. @ Fox Upfront Party NYC is the worst thing about adulthood. You have to clean your cleaning appliances?!?!!? #FOXUpfronts and I am so freaking proud to work for this company 🍾🍾🍾SO excited for @Lavernecox as Dr. Frank
@aberoyce I get it all the time @bradaus yep, I get that a fair amountsMy profile pic everywhere should probably be this @Thessaly from what I hear, a lot of them are fakeEvery single @TigerLights boat medaled at #EasternSprints...nice job boys, please don't break too many @CloisterInn windows tonight @thisismariat omg the bow tie outfitFancypants pigeons of #brooklynheights get to casually snack on red velvet cakes in the street. #gentrification gold medal for @TigerLights! The 3V's first victory in this event since 2001, apparently. #EasternSprintsOnly in #rowing does the announcer correct himself for incorrectly saying "between" when the proper syntax is "among." #EasternSprints @triphenningson @TigerLights I'll be at @PrincetonClubNY with Frazier watching the live stream on our phones at the bar! @AlekaGurel phew it's back now @AlekaGurel is it just me or did the audio cut out?4VL storms to an open water victory over Cornell and Navy. Sprints champs. Well done tigers!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCongrats to @TigerLights 4V (and @CloisterInn's foremost pink wine enthusiast in 7-seat) on your #EasternSprints gold medals! @AlekaGurel apparently the wind is pretty nuts, right? @AlekaGurel FALSE START IN THE 4V!!! This is so dramatic!Live stream of #EasternSprints...go @TigerLights! I BELIEVE IN YOU, TRIPMUNK @kylemce Nah. That's not me. I don't need the plates - passing drivers can see Caterpillar looking out the window from the passenger seat
There's some weird stuff on the #uppereastside if you look hard enough. #taxidermy @ Creel and Gow Twitter is hands-down the weirdest Twitter, especially when you are scrolling through your feed and have no idea of the context.The great thing about New York City is that you can go literally anywhere in a ball gown in…
In some crazy loft in Flatiron for a @Place_Invaders dinner that promises #ramps at every… @arielwaldman Ooooh, good idea. Know whether there is a way to search for particular craters? @jpgrace @csalmastrelli definitely. It's the print that's turning out to be tough to obtain.Hey Twitter: If I'm looking to buy a high-quality print of a crater on Mars (and frame it), who do I get in touch with? cc @arielwaldman
ELIGIBLE is worth reading if only because it reimagines the younger Bennet sisters' obsession with military officers as one w/CrossFit bros @MeganMOConnor @ceonyc @shyp I have @HelloAlfred pick up my outgoing mail (cards etc.) for me. And buy me stamps! @PRCog ok this idea might win @originalgriz Or I could maybe throw the laptop into the crowd at a Trump rally?OK time to think about how funny the video of this could be, @megvandervort
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySolid idea. Any of you live near an active volcano so I can crash w/you when I come visit to hurl my laptop into it? was instructed to "destroy" my corporate laptop that keeps threatening to catch fire. HELP ME WITH A CREATIVE WAY TO DO SO, TWITTERBRAIN @PRCog I had multiple people recommending "Chrome Panda" for the free space in the center @mosheroperandi @skimbrel I think any of the above would be fine!!
I guess we're going to learn the truth about where Ted Cruz came from. am doing #bananaleaf pillows this season because Instagram told me so. Also a cat, but that's… use the pasty white ones because I'm so pale I probably get sunburned from my phone screen @macfixer @toomuchnick That was actually one I almost added. That, or "Google buys the competition, CEO calls it 'validation'" @vgiglotti Thank you! :) @vgiglotti a lot of people have suggested way better ones to me since I posted that too. Like additional regulatory bodies to piss off. @vgiglotti That one was TOO easy."That was unkind. Not *unfair*, but unkind."—Charleton Heston
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy😍, it's never too early (or too late) to talk about how manipulative your cat is. baby for only $150? My cat's adoption fee was a rip-off! @FrankCatalano @techwithintent HAHA. I'm on the board of @mouse_org and I bet they will find this hilarious @FrankCatalano I have gotten multiple requests for additional potential violations to add to that squaresomeday we'll be smart enough that we stop tanking economies over things that have Bingo cards.
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@simrob @amynw I tip my hate back and forth @tmclaughbos godspeed @mobile_reach @AdamSinger @sree only if it's hyperglocal @AdamSinger @sree like good fire, or like flaming dumpster fire?it also might be bacterial video planning"If you are ever invited to a 'viral video planning' meeting do not go to that meeting. It will not result in a viral video" @sree #sreetipsHere to see @sree give a talk 👍🏻 (@ The Princeton Club of New York - @princetonclubny in New York, NY) @The_SergeMG yeah that'd be too #millennial and it would hurtI won’t get a better pitch today than this one
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @MichelleRafter so many egregious violations, so little space on a bingo board