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@needcaffeine aw, thanks! @PRCog HAHAHAHAH thank you :)Happy to. This poor little sweetheart 😿 My Valentine's Day fangirl tribute to @LindseyGrahamSC, patron saint of the cranky single life, on @TueNight @owenbrainard YOU are an interesting human, for the record.I've always known @caro was an interesting human. This piece she wrote seals it.
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During my last breakup, my North Star of singledom was not @taylorswift13, not @amyschumer, but... @LindseyGrahamSC. @andyellwood @schlaf #ILikeMike FTW!You're okay, San Francisco. #sunsetporn @ The Battery just earned the 'Mardi Gras (2016)' badge on @untappd! #fattuesday #mardigras“You cannot tell the consumer one thing, and deliver somethings completely different” - @scottmeyer #adblocking #mediafuturesf
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis panel is SICK.“As our industry is evolving, we will have less ads that are not intrusive.” - @gandc #adblocking #mediafuture
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGearing up for our #mediafuture event. @dakami of @WhiteOps, @JackK of @Pandora & Thom Campbell of Doremus up first talking accountability.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @trueX kicks off the San Francisco #mediafuture event .. Proud to be a part of it
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyJust to be clear: this was not me. @needcaffeine oh gosh I hope so. I dropped to Gold and it sucks!Too bad about the awful weather for our inaugural San Francisco #mediafuture event. @ The Battery comes to SF today! (@ The Battery in San Francisco, CA) Leave cats out of this. cat's litter box #SavedYouAClick which Trump is the alligator, and #Election2016 is the drive-thru window. #cheapandeasymetaphors
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @ErinGaetz good luck to your whole team today!
Perhaps the worst news for Marco is that "RoboRubio" has such a ring to it that it'll stick. he's like the carnival grabby game where you try to get teddy bears @Everlane :) @sbz @Everlane this is important to me too plz report back thxxxxxxxPlease, @MikeBloomberg.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy*Insert Bill Hader popcorn gif here* @aberoyce I work damned hard :) But the sector I work in was able to thrive in the way that it did because of him.I am not the 1%. But I thrived in Bloomberg's NYC and credit in large part his stewardship of our economy. He's got my vote if he runs.#ILikeMike is this magical place?“[My campaign] ran out of money. If you want to get money out of politics, you should have joined my campaign.”
@noneck VQS @noneck super super quick trip for work. couldn't stay longWhat football game? @ Brooklyn Heights Historic District to NYC now. Ugh. #vieques @ W RETREAT & SPA - VIEQUES ISLAND
When you check into a Caribbean resort on @swarm and the mayor is someone you went to HS with and haven't spoken to since. #smallworldI just earned the 'Lager Jack (Level 4)' badge on @untappd! going into what should be one of its biggest days of the year, #SB50, with #RIPTwitter trending is awful. Get damage control going.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWeather changing. #vieques #cloudporn @ Playa Sun Bay, Isla Nena, Vieques has been such a fun gathering full of brilliant people - I am learning tons.
View from my conference calls this evening... #vieques #cantcomplain @ W RETREAT & SPA - VIEQUES… excited about plans tonight! 1pm: excited about plans tonight! 3pm: excited about plans tonight! 5:30pm: can I legally marry my couch
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyPoor kitties :( on "Punctuation for Journalists", we tackle the proper use and significance of our friend Mr Space Bar.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyRobots finally stealing jobs from rich white guys
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @fluorescentinca ahahahahaha YES. (So true. Spats has doubled in size.) @nickgiglia I hope so too!Did somebody say it's snowing in New York right now? #sorrynotsorry #vieques @ W RETREAT & SPA -… your only reason for advertising during Super Bowl is "that's the only time people look for ads", it may be time to change strategies. 🔑
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis was not in Florida, but it was in Australia, which is basically the Florida of the eastern hemisphere
Oh my goodness @corybooker respects the cardinal law of the Quiet Car #truejersey Wins Presidential Election are some #firepit #goals if I ever saw any. #vieques @ W RETREAT & SPA - VIEQUES ISLAND seat of a #cessna about to land at a tiny tropical airport...and I'm here for work. Can't… (@ Vieques Airport (VQS)) @Deanofcomedy I guess in that case, @benparr will get to keep his Trump smut bounty money...
The conclusion of this trip to LA means I'm a third of the way through 3 round trips in 10 days… @RurikBradbury Then the mayor dropped the groundhog he was holding. @RurikBradbury He's on an honesty kick.This thing will smell permanently like puke after about 3 Saturday nights of traveling to and from Williamsburg symbolism., now you know who my friends are favorite concept that a friend just used in a message: "the Follow-Your-Dream Industrial Complex"This is not an endorsement, but I do feel a tip of the hat is in order to the Cruz camp for coining #Trumpertantrum ;-)
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyNo big surprise here. More fuel to the #adblocking debate. Google Boots Ad Blockers From Google Play via @techcrunch
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyYou are a national treasure @fromedome we all know that the health of the media industry is measured in the health of our tacky headlinesWhere are all the innuendo-laden headlines about Santorum pulling out? I'm disappointed, internet.Cherry Garcia"As Americans, we have to stay true to our core values, that includes freedom of religion—for all faiths." —@POTUS #MosqueVisit
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySad that Paul has dropped out. We need distinctive voices.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"Honestly, this really isn’t even the thing that worries me most about getting pregnant."
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Palm trees in the foreground, snow-capped mountains in the background. @ Chateau Marmont #1 question I get as @CloisterInn board chair is, "Why do you keep asking us for money?" #2 is, "Will @clmazin be at Reunions?"I have now had #avocadotoast for two meals in a row. Must be time to leave Los Angeles. @ The… time I mention the Garfield special on PBS, people think I'm talking about the cat. This is why James is the most tragic American pres
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Full day of corporate event venue walkthroughs, also known as peak #prlife, also known as the…'A butler app at your service' @HelloAlfred on @CNNMoney + check out the @Human_Ventures office in the background!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @MeganMOConnor Aaaaaaawww <3Don't. Go.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyWhen interiors are designed with Instagram in mind, exhibit A. @ Alfred {Coffee & Kitchen} @espiers me neither.
@AVonGauss actually not that many. I turn 32 this year. Getting close! @scottperezfox I do not, sadly. I have to go to a laundromat.The Wet Hot American Summer prequel series expertly merged the two with "Electric City," for the record.'m hoping he picks @LindseyGrahamSC for that, but yes, I admit I would be whole-hog for Bloomberg if he runs.'m shocked at how many people expect me to support Hillary because I'm a woman, think I'm a hypocrite if I don't'm not a Bernie supporter either, for the record.)This nails the reaction women who do not support HRC (e.g. me) are getting from other women. few minutes of neighborhood calm to combat the #sundayscaries before I head out on some pretty… @scottperezfox nope. I am weird about laundry because I hang-dry my workout clothes. So I do it myself.No.
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@veryjackie @CarsonSieving seen Ferris but have always been very meh on it. Never seen either of the others. I'm a bad person. @CarsonSieving Some Like It Hot is probably my no. 1. Caddyshack, Blazing Saddles, The Producers are way up there. @CarsonSieving I never had much tolerance for either. I think I must just be awful.
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