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@darth @TDSattler @ABC @dog_rates dog is just like "oh hey it's all good now, what'd I miss?" @needcaffeine I once had hot pot that didn't seem so spicy at the time but the next morning I was fogging up mirrors in spin class w/sweat @AdamSinger Yes! Psyched for Monday! @needcaffeine I actually have problems eating spicy food and have to do it regularly to ensure I don't get a one-off shock @needcaffeine exactly which is why I need to order "spicy" in order for it to have any flavor at all @AdamSinger once - no joke - the morning after dinner at a hot pot restaurant I steamed up the mirror in spin class from sweatingThis guy should follow @UnvirtuousAbbey so that he can learn a thing or two about religious humor that's actually f… @AdamSinger nah I'm too white for thatI got an "are you sure?" from my dad re: a Chinese food order because I requested something listed on the menu as "spicy" #WhitePeopleI guarantee you @jacob is not pretending that he likes it. @chibikonaga no. Margaritaville or bust. @trifster I biked the highway overpass once and my dad FREAKED OUT when he heard. Clearly I should have asked him for Uber money. @trifster from my bro's house a lot of distances are bikeable but involve a dangerous highway crossing. Safer to Uber. @facepaulmrevere me neither!!!!Me, to my suburban brother: "Why do you drive to restaurants to pick up takeout orders?" His response: "Why do you take Ubers everywhere?" @facepaulmrevere you and me both @facepaulmrevere yup.When in doubt, create a story the press can’t resist: themselves.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @needcaffeine I grew up calling it coriander. This guy is definitely a Jersey local.Meanwhile, waiter asks a guy at the bar if it's OK that the sandwich he ordered has cilantro in it. Guy: "What's that?" @skidder it's Jersey(To be clear this town is my hometown and I was just having a meeting here about some local events.)SHE IS LITERALLY ASKING HIM IF HE SINGS BON JOVI AT KARAOKETFW you think you should stick around and have another glass of wine because a Tinder date is just starting in this suburban NJ restaurantTroll level: Master.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThe Onion couldn't have done better than this News is a claim you only hear from people afraid of transparency
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @facepaulmrevere @facepaulmrevere no but did I ever tell you I once had trips in two separate Hello Kitty themed Ubers on the SAME DAYIn an @Uber whose driver is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and has hula bobbleheads on the dashboard. 4 stars bc radio not playing Jimmy BuffettSome of the stuff @JetBlue does is really just so legit. course he has a typewriter ceased being the party of Reagan before Trump showed up. In fact, its abandoning Reaganism is why/how Trump sh…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis is relevant to everyone's interests. learned a new word last night and I'm pretty sure Media Twitter should know about it
OK Cupid and Arbys are throwing a Regret party by the dumpster area of HEB featuring Limp Bizkit and Coldplay! RSVP by wearing cargo shorts!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @joemarchese @yobetts PRIORITÉS!!!! @thegarance omfg are you ok @TheSixSeat My Little Pizzeria or GTFO @mathewbrown @kevin_reiss good one 😉 @TwoBodyProblem I don't see where, actually. I'm visually impaired. That is SO insensitive of you to say. 😉 @yobetts Ummm @joemarchese is our team going to make rosé a priorité with some of this?I am all for inclusivity and respecting differences but so much of this campus activism is going to do more harm than good. @Toni_Airaksinen"A student was reported for saying 'on the other hand,' which was perceived as ableist." Just wow.'t be repeated enough: if you're worried about America's economic interest, focus more on automation/education than trade protectionism
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @thebradking She's a prolific snuggler. Makes it very hard to leave for work in the mornings.Security manuscript snuck out from East Coast Scriptoria show Twisty monks training rabbits to fight! BAD! These gu…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySpicer, 20 mins ago: trans protections are a states rights issue Spicer, 10 mins ago: states with recreational pot will face Fed crackdowns
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @robbysoave @away @phampants AWESOME! @veryjackie more minor example, but in '12 primaries seriousness of Jon Huntsman's Mormonism was questioned (I believe he drinks alcohol)Pope weighs in on engagement metrics
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @veryjackie yeah, the "is this politician Catholic enough?" stuff pops up every few years, though it died down with the rise of Pope Francis @veryjackie Absolutely they did. @veryjackie mainstream (not just Catholic) press definitely made a point of noting where John Kerry didn't adhere to church doctrine @veryjackie actually yes. Catholic politicians deemed not "adequately" pro-life were publicly called out in media, denied communion at Mass @phampants But I think that's going to grow less common (assuming it's true at all) as bags with built-in chargers become more commonplace @phampants The only negative thing I have heard is that because the bags have a charger (and hence wires) in them, the TSA gets search-happy3 cross-country trips (and possibly 1 transatlantic) in the next 6 weeks --> I just ordered my first @away luggage! @newjerseyreader these pants. so great. IS BACK
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @AllysonDowney @Everlane High enough to tuck a shirt into but not crazy high-waisted. They hit the bottom of my belly button.They're these pants from @everlane in case anyone cares: @phampants YES.I finally bought one of those pairs of pants that are made of stretchy cozy material but look tailored, and I feel like I'm in a secret clubThis determination to tell people their concerns are “a prank” is why you’re writing a book on Hillary’s implosion.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIt's like @karlthefog decided to take the red-eye to NYC last night. #brooklynheights @plstepp I'll stop at 6"Stereotyping a huge slice of America as misogynist bigots is unfair and impairs understanding." @HubrisSonic meow AM VINDICATED
@Toni_Airaksinen @CHSommers great profile. campus sexual assault is a real problem that isn't helped by having stats padded with butt grabs. @facepaulmrevere 🙀💊☎️"Drain the swamp." - Will Strunk, 1919. #TheElementsofStyle
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @facepaulmrevere if they don't work lmk and I'll share all my secrets. Didn't even bother with those. Caterpillar would not have been fooled @facepaulmrevere if you have to make him take pills ask me about it bc I am now an expert in shoving pills down cat throats @facepaulmrevere oh nooooooooo @facepaulmrevere oh no is kitty ok? My little one was sick a few weeks ago. Bladder infection. Hearing her cry nonstop was the worst @facepaulmrevere she gets whatever she wants at all times because she hugs me and licks my face when I'm sad