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The things future generations will judge us for will almost certainly not be the things that most people think they’ll judge us for.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @brew_york @49thStateBrew Wow — a brewery that I visited before you did?!?
On the bright side, she's single-handedly vanquishing the stereoype that an inflated opinion of one's worth is a ma…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI led a startup coaching session with a company that does this for corporate email, with the aim of making complian… @anniemal oh my god @anniemal which hedgehog @DalJeanis A diversion from what?!?So this is the sort of thing that gets posted on the Instagram account of the South Korean raccoon cafe known as “R… @globalistgraham Noted! Will add to Kindle reading list @peonpaul Some late-night TV show could get the Bloodhound Gang back together and have them perform a parody song a… are up next. Get in line, fish. @dwiggidy I was thinking The Bad Touch but honestly their entire repertoire worksToday was the day that American political news turned into a Bloodhound Gang song. @KevinNR Not a chance. Keegan-Michael Key is probably already on call for the primary debate parodies. @Chopstyx13 @CathyYoung63 @veraciraptor It’s Bernie’s fault. It’s definitely Bernie’s fault. @veraciraptor @CathyYoung63 I’ll vote for Trump in 2020 if he promises that he will make it legal for gorillas to fight sharks on live TVFile under: sunsets that check out. #sunsetporn #sunset #instamountains #americanwest #parkcity @veraciraptor @CathyYoung63 According to the article Cathy linked, he has a love-hate relationship with sharks. I'm… @CathyYoung63 Maybe instead of another Women's March, the effort could be channeled into digging a moat around the… @Byrnearama Sort of. Capacity could be a concern at smaller airports, and then there's regulatory mayhem -- I'm no… @Byrnearama @joeciarallo "Bald Jeff" Bezos of the Fake News AmazonWashingtonPost will stop at nothing! @Anthony Fake news. It was the Gorilla Channel.Purging your "content team" and then hiring a new one a few months later seems to be a lather-rinse-repeat for soci…, somebody find the cryptocurrency angle @WandrMe @united Interesting. Some of UA's partners will upgrade Star Gold members from economy to premium economy… @senatorshoshana @katiesmithadair We're in a ski house with great views and a chef named Igor so I don't blame you for sneaking in @senatorshoshana Holy shit, we were literally just playing that song on the Sonos when you posted that tweet.… @WandrMe @united As a UA 1K, I wonder how this will be handled in terms of status -- e.g. will you be able to get u… Wonder if you'll be able to get upgraded into this, or if you have to select the seats outright the way you d… @KateGardiner BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND @KateGardiner Also publicizing the idea of "writing for exposure" that has depressed journalists' salaries @KateGardiner This is a really good idea. Platforms full of unregulated, unpaid content have become breeding grounds for payola. @dwiggidy @neontaster bwahahahaha @neontaster Corollary: it's rare that there is a TV show about an openly Catholic family without cliched plot lines… @BitchestheCat What is this unreadable garbage? @neontaster I'm curious to hear Latino perspectives on this. I had a Venezuelan roommate for years and can imagine… @WineCanine Yeah, I link to that in the responses to my original tweet. The timing's curious but there's no way tha… @wantyx737 At a big tech company there are *a lot* of employees who travel multiple times per month who are most ce… @baratunde Maybe political sadomasochism is his thing. @thegarance Tide is used as drug currency!?!?These letters to the editor have been more interesting than most of the "dispatches from Trump Country" stories, wh…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @jlgolson Or it just threw a few randos on the list for the hell of it.Good to hear that no one need identify with the crime against humanity known as Elmo @jlgolson The regulatory and capacity issues haven’t come up, though. Maybe it’s because of the non-US ownership co… @jlgolson Depends on who the people are who are going to have to travel. A once-daily schedule could be a serious p… @jlgolson Google sometimes charters planes when it needs to move a lot of people at once. At a certain point the co… @jlgolson That’s a good question. Some tech companies eschew corporate relationships with the airlines entirely — G… @jlgolson Doesn’t that take a while to set in motion, though? Unless this whole thing is a charade and Amazon has k… @Sevens_2 I’d say “I unplugged him” but that makes me sound like I killed him, which I did not. @nr Bezos underhandedly trashes other billionaires' space projects though, like saying that space colonization is a… @nr A quick Google search indicates Bezos hasn't said much about Hyperloop. Typically he's vocal about crazy stuff… think Hyperloop is way too far off (assuming it's ever viable) for it to be a factor in #AmazonHQ2, unless Bezos… @theroyalDee Interesting. So are they flying on Southwest or Alaska for direct flights to Seattle, or do they prima… @aberoyce IMHO that would be a concern for Miami but not the NYC metro area. Other problem for Miami, climate chang… @theroyalDee Do they travel for work a lot though? If you're on the road more than twice a month, not being near a… @DavidRi40144411 @AlaskaAir Ah, yeah, makes sense that I couldn't find it in an aggregate search because Southwest blocks those. @VRanaviraja Yeah, same with both NYC airports that fly cross-country (LGA does not). There is a really stark diffe… @joeciarallo Oh yeah, now that link makes more sense coming from you because of Salesforce's presence thereFrom @joeciarallo: Delta announced just this week that it would start flying between Indianapolis and Seattle, whic… @joeciarallo I would say I wonder if the timing isn't a coincidence, but I think they would have had to start plann… @StefanHayden @Hoffm PrimeAir! @Hoffm @StefanHayden One would think, but adding a route is really complicated and subject to a ton of different ap… goes for Columbus (no direct flights) and Nashville (Alaska only). Flip side of this is that it would be a hug… wonder if you can rule out the cities on this list that have insufficient flight options to and from Seattle -- t… @tetsujin1979 That's some "just like Black Mirror except it's true!" stuff there @misterich HA HA HA @tetsujin1979 I reported on Second Life a bunch as a journalist and went to a fan convention where a lot of people… tidbit from today's @NowIKnow: Jeff Bezos originally called his company "Cadabra," but his lawyers overheard it a… quote rings very true. In my 20s I dated someone I didn’t really like for months, and then realized I was stil…
@chr1sa @Pebble @NokiaHealth @fitbit I use the existing Nokia Health sleep products (from when they were Withings) and really like them.Our annual #vulpinelodge at Sundance is back: Come for the mountain views, stay for the glowing… aren’t more people panicking about this? I was obsessed with the Gingham filter and now it’s gone. @instagram journalist maligned here as an old ugly has-been - @TVAshleigh - did one of the bravest things any journalist h…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @ischafer According to @PstafarianPrice, you can. The issue apparently isn't the technology itself but the cloud storage of its data. @PstafarianPrice That's probably it. Thanks for the insight!Good question: Chicago peeps, are you guys restricted in how you can unlock your phones? Illinois has extremely strict laws surrounding facial recognition, which means the Google what-paintin… of heli-skiing and drone racing, making cities grovel for Campus #2 is the new trendy sport for top tech exec…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy