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VP @truex | TED Resident S'18 | Board @mouse_org | Ex-@google @cnet @princeton | @forbes #30under30 | I like raccoons, annoying political centrism, and my cat.

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Sometimes you find yourself at the right time and place to reconcile with a big transition in…
@bestofnextdoor I bet this one is fakeI just earned the 'I Believe in IPA! (Level 70)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Brew Traveler (Level 11)' badge on @untappd! I have to hustle on a bunch of script edits on a Saturday morning because we’re coming in at…
He was protecting his friend. Don’t be offended! your depression hits and your friends check in on you
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@BanjoGo Similar look but much younger guy. @MVLibertas Thank you so much! I try to be nice. Sometimes 😉The park will now be home to a herd of 200 alpacas! Best news ever! @mikkipedia I mean she must have a really seductive slither @JillianKozyra I’m more of a rum drink tbh @weirdnj Congratulations, and thank you for writing about my dad once. Our whole family was *so* proud. @mikkipedia ugh the media needs to stop slut-shaming snakes @fredericg Too old for that, I *think*. But I think I’ve seen him on a series I’ve watched online recently. @JulianLeuthold OMFG @fredericg Nope. Young guy. Very skinny, pale. tall, prominent nose, extremely upright posture. @JulianLeuthold A guy asked me what time it was once at a party and I was like “oh, it’s 8:30” and then I made eye… @chad_kemp nope -- pretty young guy, like max 35 @JulianLeuthold Whenever I see someone I recognize-but-not-quite I assume it's someone I met in a work context at s… in the darkness I lost my name, but found something different.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @cognitivicta LOL, I don't think so -- because I've never seen that and I know I've seen him play an alien in somet… Yorker problems: I sat next to a guy on the subway this morning who was almost definitely a recognizable actor,… @PstafarianPrice @rudzki @jeremyhead Oh man. I hope he never has to see what Park Slope and Carroll Gardens have turned into.I will get to Tulum eventually. (@ Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ) @rudzki @jeremyhead Never @jeremyhead But I got up again.As a New Yorker, I am a whiskey drink. I am a vodka drink. I am a lager drink. I am a cider drink. I am the songs t… @EnlightFundy @chick_in_kiev is very sweet. we will. #FreeSpeech is a single, indivisible value, the bedrock of all other freedoms. The minute you start st…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @chick_in_kiev This tweet is appropriative and offensive to those of us who really are subway rats.As a New Yorker, I am a bodega sandwich. I am a subway rat. I am a goat cheese wheel from Murray's. I am a saw mill…
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy95% of the responses to this are sweet, heartwarming, and inspiring. The other 5% are about Blake Farenthold and th… @karol Matcha nachos exist...sort of. @hegemily @conniemmorgan I ALMOST MENTIONED YOU @conniemmorgan #andashlynnes @conniemmorgan Me neither! #toomanymackenzies @JRRmackinnon @sentientist Apologies -- I should've said "become a physician," which was my intention. @conniemmorgan Perhaps unsurprisingly, old female names are back in a huge way in Brooklyn. I know two women who ha… @Kantrowitz @RMac18 (I'm looking into this, as well as related stuff about bad practices in advertising, in the TED… @RMac18 @Kantrowitz I think the real question is what happens when the product starts to differ beyond simply ads v… isn't a scientific poll, but the ratio is similar to those from companies like Hulu that have disclosed how ma… @jtLOL @JonahNRO I saw a talk last week by a man who admitted to being physically abusive as part of a lifelong alc… think Lindz likes getting ratioed @MJ_Caruso @sentientist Some of them still seemed to think it did when I worked with them, to be honest. @sentientist (For another example: when I worked in a newsroom, nearly all the male reporters who had been born pre… @sentientist So like — yeah, maybe girls who liked X-Files also liked science in the first place, but maybe having… @sentientist Somebody else replied that there’s a clear correlation between CSI going on the air and a glut of peop… @sentientist And with girls specifically, everything we know about how they learn differently from boys indicates t… @sentientist So, with the disclaimer that I work for a different division of 21CF, I see validity in it. Especially…
@ellenchisa LOVE IT @UofAHOGS501 You too! 😺 @UofAHOGS501 You realize my original tweet was joking, right? @UofAHOGS501 Because everyone can’t be a unicorn @DivingDancer Tørst for a combo of both — but it’s not super affordable. I’d recommend checking out Threes Brewing… everyone! We’ve made America great again. “Irish Democrat” is once again an insult. It’s like it’s 1896 all ove… @mccarter @donsteele @thedinkybar Really good nachos! @jason_pontin @clairlemon I think what Claire is pointing to with regard to “occurrence is exaggerated” implicates… @donsteele @mccarter The bar in the old train station right by the theater is very good @jason_pontin @clairlemon Other thing is that, when it comes to media moral panics (“OMG! My daughter will get rape… @jason_pontin @clairlemon I don’t think there’s a moral panic over false rape accusations but I also don’t buy into… @jason_pontin @clairlemon Like, how many parents got more protective of their kids because of JonBenet Ramsey? No o… is even better than my neighborhood’s “MAN THROWS STAPLER AT CO-WORKER” @jason_pontin @clairlemon I think there’s a big jump between believing individuals and media-fueled conflation of i… really can’t wait for @bestofnextdoor to launch @bestofcitizen @wesleybarrow Totally. Is it housebroken? @zzzzaaaacccchhh @thecajunboy I mean, hello, he works for a brewery. @deprimer I have never seen anyone properly articulate just how much financial security you need to pull off that k… @jperlow @sfwriter @Kona_Luseni @Google @YouTube Yeah, we needed it in marketing -- we had too many external contex… @jperlow @sfwriter @Kona_Luseni @Google @YouTube It's encouraged (and is definitely used in all internal presentati… @jperlow @sfwriter @Kona_Luseni @Google @YouTube I worked there. In many contexts, yes, they do. Executives frequen… @Kona_Luseni @sfwriter @Google @YouTube Totally. It's actually pretty empowering at Google -- the amount of hands-o… @Kona_Luseni @sfwriter @Google @YouTube Unfortunately that's not considered kosher at Google -- you often don't hav… @sentientist There should be no shame in being someone who works hard and wants a partner who works hard. I deleted… @trifster tell that to a million-miler @ColinBrauns That is awesome!Major props to @starburst for putting out this announcement on a Wednesday. @nichcarlson We all make mistakes! He left office at 53, I believe.