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8/20 2016
It's a preternaturally beautiful evening in #brooklynheights. @ Brooklyn Heights Promenade @mccanner I'm curious. It says cuisine bounced back after Depression, but I associate horrible casseroles and meatloaf with the 1970s. HmmListening to @Monocle24 on media: "You have to become digital-sustainable before you become print-unsustainable." @CurtFinch I mean, my brain sure FEELS inflamed.I don't think it's possible to not like Brazilian jazz.Morning vibes. That's a mug of homemade @sakaralife/sunpotion turmeric tonic in the coffee mug,…
8/19 2016
@__Neha so I hear! didn't think it could cure a raging 24hr headache though.Aren't we saving ANYTHING for October?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @Moonsea63 right here. It's from @SakaraLife, and the @sunpotionfoods ingredients are great. cringe at "transformational" but this saved me from a day of being in too much pain to look at a computer screen.'ve had a migraine for 24 hours. Against all my sensibilities, the homemade organic anti-inflammatory turmeric tonic is what killed it. @noraborealis I'm someone for whom fitness/health motivation vs demotivation is a dealbreaker in relationships & even I thought this suckedI'm sure other things motivated her, too. @lisaskyehain @BrianFrumberg @liveprimary you too! LOVED the space. Keep up the awesome work!Strange cat stories were a staple of newspapers in the 19th century too
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8/18 2016
@taraflanagan they aren't hard to find!!! 😀There's a party on a helipad under the full moon. Things you don't get to do every night.… They still walk slower than the average New York City resident'm taking my cat to the office again tomorrow. Everybody brace for the cute. @Mottel oh Yale DEFINITELY does! @JordanRVance I think these guys are just old @JordanRVance oh I know you can, but this takes it to a new levelI didn't think it was possible under the laws of physics but this beer tasting is TOO WHITE even for craft beer brosI just earned the 'Visit The Beer Garden' badge on @untappd! there are multiple seersucker suits and madras pants in the room, none worn ironically.At the Harvard Club's beer tasting. I didn't think it was possible for a beer tasting to have no bearded hipsters present. I am proven wrongI've got to be the eleventy millionth person to post this gif. #LochteGate heard about woman-led #coworking space @liveprimary co-founded by @lisaskyehain. Thx @caro for the heads up! #referwomen
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8/17 2016
#WatchTheDebates, about half the #VentureOutEdTech founders giving pitches are female. It doesn't feel like any "diversity push" was involved. Nice job.Nice job @BrianFrumberg: #VentureOutEdTech investor panel is 2 women, 1 dude. So rare, so refreshing. CC @cindygallopThis is par for the course in rowing venues. This year's @HenleyRegatta definitely had a "fast lane." @kenrossi @epc "Demolition day? Huh?"A decade ago startup demo days in NYC were unheard of. Tonight I showed up at a FiDi building for a demo day. Front desk asks, "Which one?"VentureOut #edtech demo night, representing @mouse_org (@ Primary - @liveprimary in New York, NY) @dj @johnpaul the people he wants as his demographic, I'm assuming, do not overlap with those who would buy Trump Tower condosTrump's candidacy makes more sense when you think of it as a launch pad for a new business, like a media company.
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8/16 2016
@LMokaba don’t have to accept or excuse Gawker’s worst excesses to stand up against Thiel’s dangerous war on institutions of civil society.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI don't think I would ever be comfortable working for a company where it isn't acceptable at any time to put a gif into an email.My cat was such a hit at #TakeYourCatToWorkDay that she was invited to come back this Friday just to hang out #misspopularity #soproud 😻 @HelloAlfred Caterpillar is your biggest fan btw. She comes out for pets and cuddles whenever my Alfred manager arrives :) @brilldisruptive @HelloAlfred oh I have a code for a free week! CAROLINEM69Plants on plants on plants last night at thealchemistskitchen, also known as my new favorite… bummed that I forgot to turn the dishwasher on this AM but got home to find @HelloAlfred did it for me and now all my dishes are clean 😻
8/15 2016
@cdipietr0 that is totally unnecessary. Say hi to the dog first! @kellyslarkin 1) your husband is hilarious, 2) you are not short, 3) CONGRATULATIONS
8/14 2016
This is the cutest thing I have seen all day. MY. GOD.'m also pretty sure that they have been hamming it up to fit into literally every stereotype anyone has of the Irish, FWIW.)Why has no one made the comparison between the O'Donovan brothers and Dougal from "Father Ted?" #rowing #rio2016 @dherman76 @accompany it's so goodSaturday Interview: @MaheDrysdale Takes It By Bowball in closest final in Olympic history:
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8/13 2016
We need a new metaphor for how disgusting it is outside, because calling it "Satan's armpit" feels like a compliment at this point.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @AdamSinger and with rosé ugh I am so jealous @taraflanagan @kessler more like "small piece of outdoor real estate behind a gate"I broke a sweat picking up a package off my porch. U.S. women’s rowing 8 is one of the greatest sports team dynasties in the history of the world via @sbnation
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @JDel yeah I kind of cringed @whpatterson LOL. When I was 18 I got to sub into boats with some women who were trying to make it to the LW2x. That's as close as I'll get @whpatterson gold in the women's 8+ and silver in the 1xOlympic rowers will literally jump out of their boats and swim to their competitors to shake hands. That's sportsmanship. #rio2016 @whpatterson our women are!It's not even a good man-bun @SAPaleAle that's what I thoughtThere's a man-bun in the British men's 8. DO NOT LET THEM WIN, TEAM USA. #rowing #rio2016“Congratulations to Maine's Ellie Logan and Team USA for winning the gold!" #Rio2016 #Rowing
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIs Australia's national anthem a drinking song? #rowing #rio2016GOOOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyAnother #gold for the USA women's 8!!! #rowing #rio2016WHAT A RACE!!! @Gevgevs rows a brilliant final and brings @Princeton and @Tigerwcrew a SILVER MEDAL!!!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySilver medal for @gevgevs!!!!! Holy crap what a race! #rowing #rio2016This was nuts. Half a bowball; times recorded as identical. WAS INSANE @scottperezfox Blehhhhh. @SeanFinnegan wait. I'm confused.APPLAUSE."Pre-fall" is not a season.
8/12 2016
Friendly reminder! You can watch all the highlights from today's Take Your Cat To Work Day on my @instagram Story: has really settled into our office and I'm pretty sure she has no plans to stop… works in advertising now so we got her drunk on her lunch break. @thepinotmeow #takeyourcattoworkday aim to please! (So does Caterpillar.) meeting right meow! It's #takeyourcattoworkday at our office and Caterpillar has… Elizabeth Hoping She Dies Before Having To Knight Any DJs
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy @NormalMode leash cats impress me so muchIMPORTANT NEWS: My Instagram story will feature highlights from "Take Your Cat To Work Day" at our office ALL DAY.
8/11 2016
Yep my Amazon recommendations are now FUBAR (ok fine I was legitimately searching for the Ghostbusters costume) @chelsa Here ya go!!! @Mottel GOOD. :) @Mottel To express my solidarity I will never order bacon on a bagel 💪🏻 @Mottel It is neither Irish nor nachos, I can tell you that. @Mottel I will support you in this campaign if you agree that "Irish Nachos" should be shunned from bar menus.I'm looking up raincoats for cats. Top Amazon result was kid raincoat with cat ears. Accidentally clicked. My recommendations are ruined. @conz I just had to cancel Caterpillar's vet appointment because she's crying under the bed due to the storm and I can't get her out.Most people think you're a wuss if you cancel last-minute due to a thunderstorm. Your cat's vet is not one of them. #howlingkittyunderbedShopping for tomorrow's Bring Your Cat To Work Day! (at @Petco in New York, NY) @ajt I believe he already said it in one of the debates, albeit not verbatim
8/10 2016
What if Chaucer pulled a Tupac and just dropped a brand new Canterbury Tale on us next week
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThis looks like Wes Andersons new movie
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