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@BriMarieDee88 Aw I love u
@colleensukulele I directed, Produced, choreographed and styled. @Drubulous Thank u @beyond_euphoria Omg but ur name is hilarious @SimplyMe157 Thank uuuuu @RubenCalvente I LOVE U TOOBeing an independent artist can be very challenging. I directed, produced, wrote, choreographed… @stitchblake Thank uuuu @truxxmisfit all wigs have been permanently confiscated @MsAshleyNatasha Thank u angel
Ahhhhhhh!! Y’all need to check out my boo @chesterlockhart’s new music video!!! Killing the game! 🤗
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART @scheana LOVE U SO MUCH @crybabynix thank u @Cozzzza95 Thank uuuuu @KelliKellyyy HahahahahaTrying to go live but someone just pulled the fire alarm in the hotel 🙄 @todrickmattel @todrick I thought my app was broken @todrickmattel @todrick same @CharityVance @billboard @BillboardPride Thank u so much babegonna go live on insta at like 9:30 or 9:45 my time @Brinson_Janice @todrick Lmaoooo @cocomontrese luv u.@ChesterLockhart is a man of many talents.
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART @Into Omg thank u @angeliqueivette Thank u!!!!I’ve cried like 6 times today because everyone has been so nice about my new song and video. thank u guys. It’s so… @Aniya_Toddler Thank uuuuuu @iamseethrough Thank u angel @irobotyoujane Thank u babe! @inevitablyshyy I remember everyone @TroyLester @AHSFX Thank uuuuu @inevitablyshyy Thank youuuuu @Foreenth Thank u angel @hunninutt Thank u angel @Its_ThurZday Love u @justingrey22 Thanks babe @BaileyCrawly Thank u @teubezheva Thank u babe @KelliKellyyy trying to be in all ur gigs @sistergarrett Lmao ♥️ @Julian_Serrano Thank u babygirl @brandee_marie17 Thank u babe that’s so sweet of u to say @sistergarrett Omg love u too @scottyholiday Thank you so much @Delaurihey Thank u!!! @TaylorOMusic Thank u♥️ @bluefoolstroye Thank YOU @daijhavu Thank u babe that’s so sweet @pccarter95 Yayyyy @adoringolusola thank u! @Kamo_Kody I've been telling y'all for years @naominicoleeeee @YouTube THANK YOUIN LOVING MEMORY Directed by me ♥️⚰️ @derekachadwick thank u angel 🖤 @lockhartfan28 @HcaneHeather I read it and love u @phatmax55 Thank u so much @luisaemelie Love u so muchRIP AVICII 💔 @jessicaann1995_ Thank u angel @luisaemelie @billboard @BillboardPride gay beetlejuicewhy would @todrick make me cry before 10 am @KelliKellyyy @billboard Thank u baby girl!!!! I appreciate you! @JillDS thank u angel @MicaylaZee thank u so much Micayla 💋♥️ @_mystic_toddlr_ THANK YOU SO MUCH @chesterseyebrow I am on the most angry diet of all time and I worked out 3 times a day for the past 2 months @Manderslicious awwww thank u mandy that means a lot @MsAshleyNatasha thank u baby @todrickhelbig love u too @strandedheaven thank u so much @chesterseyebrow jealousy is good if its me @Manderslicious share the billboard article @Manderslicious it's unlisted until 11 am PST @_mystic_toddlr_ Thank you @WVUGuardGirl15 Thank you so much @lockhartfan28 Thank you babe @BillboardPride @todrick ♥️♥️♥️.@ChesterLockhart talks 'gay ghost' aesthetic, friendship with @Todrick Hall & premieres 'In Loving Memory'…
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTThank u to @billboard @BillboardPride for premiering my new music video!! Full interview and vid HERE: