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@MicaylaZee that's @willam πŸ˜‰ @lockhartfan28 u must not have black friends lolGonna say this one last time... I got Lemonade from a Tidal download... So I didn't buy it in iTunes BYEEEEEE @milkshake_coco @todrick yes, it's thereHave never cried this much about anything lol. @todrick is taking over @iTunes #StraightOuttaOz an honor to be in @todrick's new visual album #StraightOuttaOz Watch:
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTI will never forget this moment. Thank you Thank you Thank you for using your limited money to purchase my album. You have changed my life.
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTLove waking up to see @todrick at number 2. Would love to see it at number 1!
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTJust bought β€œStraight Outta Oz” by @todrick #iTunes
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTMy Album "Straight Outta Oz" is now in the top 10 of all albums in the US, and number 2 pop album. God is good. Thank you guys. #1?
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTSHUT UP RIGHT NOW @TODRICK AT #2 #StraightOuttaOz @kallie_girl thank you my dearMy new favorite song #TheManILove by @chesterlockhart. It's on repeat. Can't get enough of it πŸ’œ.
Texting @chesterlockhart still stunned. God is soooo good! I wish @carlie_craig was here so I can cry with her ❀️
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTI am absolutely deceased. #StraightOuttaOz trending on Twitter, chatting on iTunes... @todrick is QUING @curious_bass @todrick lol I already had a downloaded copy from tidal @kimmieblackhall love u so muchShout Out to you @chesterlockhart, you work so hard, and always give 1000% #StraightOuttaOz
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART @BethaniCulver @todrick @iTunes @billboard @YouTube my fave song from #StraightOuttaOz is PAPI#StraightOuttaOz IS TRENDING ON TWITTER RIGHT NOW COME THRU @todrick @iTunes @billboard @YouTube #straightouttaoz @todrick @iTunes @billboard @YouTube @billboard @todrick TODRICK IS NUMBER 4 ON THE ITUNES POP CHARTSBut will miss @billboard be calling shiz majesty @Todrick???? #StraightOuttaOzI have never cried this much before. @Todrick is the hardest working person I have ever known. He is beyond human. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! "Straight Outta Oz" is in the top 40 on iTunes. I'm crying. Thank…
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTIM FLIPPING OUT BECAUSE @TODRICK IS A STARRRRR @alexis_lov_PTX1 πŸ’–This $H!T'S EXPENSIVE! TY @todrick for having @Alaska5000 @willam @MUG4DAYZ @KimChi_Chic and me in #StraightOuttaOz
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTGet ur life on iTunes & Google Play (Spotify soon) @todrick #StraightOuttaOz done. Blah blah blah blah. Lol. Here we go! Congrats @todrick
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTThank you to @playbill for the #StraightOuttaOz love!
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART.@todrick releases his visual album Straight Outta Oz:
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTSuch a SWEET article from @theinquisitr about #StraightOuttaOz. So grateful for the wonderful feedback. Love u all.
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTYou guys asked for it. Here it is the link to "Straight Outta Oz" on iTunes. Get it. #straightouttaoz
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART"Straight Outta Oz" is now live on iTunes! Go get it Toddlerz. And get your tickets to see it…
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTGET YOUR LIFE ON ITUNES, SPOTIFY, GOOGLE PLAY... ANYWHERE SNATCHED MUSIC IS SOLD #StraightOuttaOz already know @willam is THE one.πŸ’š the sweetest little dew drop
This year has been very rough for me... and I wanted to turn it into art.... Straight Outta Oz
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTHad the most amazing time working with this crazy talented human on #StraightOuttaOz πŸŽπŸ’š Enjoy! xoxo
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTWatch @todrick's incredible visual album! I'm so honored to be a part of this! #straightouttaOz
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTYOU WILL LOVE THIS! Watch #StaightOuttaOz, by my friend @todrick!! Feat myself, @MsAmberPRiley & more!❀️ RT!
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTI've never seen a piece of art made for @YouTube on this scale or done SO WELL! So epic!!! #StraightOuttaOz @todrick
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTYES #StraightOuttaOz !!!!!! @todrick we're watching and LOVING IT CONGRATS BOO !!!! So beautiful. πŸ’•πŸ’•
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTI'm quite literally in tears watching this.....such a beautiful work of art, Toddy. I'm so proud x
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTCrying my eyes out. I can't remember the last time I felt this inspired. So proud of you @todrick. You are a STAR ❀️
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTOverwhelmed by the love my visual album #StraightOuttaOz has gotten today. Love y'all from the bottom of my heart.
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART @tweeetVirginia loveARE U HOES GAGGED BY THE MOVIE @TODRICK JUST DROPPED ON U???? I AM STILL IN AWE @Todrick just released a MASTERPIECE!!! This is what artistry and hard work look like!!! can't describe how much love I have for @toddyrockstar. He has poired every ounce of…
Don't talk about me onlineβ›©πŸ‰
2016 world is such a mess right now.... Still trying to figure it all out
.@todrick hits us baby one more time with another Disneypop mashup.
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTlove
@elilieb so worth it#tbt 2013 the most random gig: U can see me looking v casual in the Apple employee training manual @jennithebeast πŸ’– @chester_slays congratulations!!!!!
I LOVE this 😍
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTThanks for all the love on my new video "Britney and the Beast" Check it out
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTOops, @todrick did it again! Listen to his @BritneySpears and #BeautyandtheBeast mash-up:
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTDisney, hot guys and Britney Spears? It must be another brilliant @todrick video!
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART.@britneyspears meets Disney in this amazing mashup by @todrick! Nice work! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
NEW VIDEO BY @toddyrockstar Britney & the Beast is LIT πŸ”₯ it is @BrittanieBrant @VonzellSolomon @chesterlockhart @carlie_craig @StevenDehler @MurraySwanby
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTHere it is Toddlerz, my newest creation for all you @britneyspears fans "Britney & the Beast!" πŸ’πŸ»πŸŒΉπŸ—
#mcm @AlexandreBar77 @toryydean I always look for new artists and my advice it o do everything yourself ❀️
@JayVlgsOfficial that's how I know it's badIf u laugh at ur own jokes it was u r 200% not funny I kno from experiencePro tip: if u laugh at ur own jokes don't @agarnettscherer lol I was making a joke about how your area codes are different... I do understand I just don't like it πŸ’• @chesterlockhart I LOVE THIS LP
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTI understood 0% of that what does that even mean star @chesterlockhart takes you inside his new ep. listen in:
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART @lid_b22 πŸ’•Korean and Danish have had #MarlonBrando on repeat all day and night @chesterlockhart you are a just perfect ! #ROSES 😍🌹🌹🌹
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTI love to give you a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley parted lip when posing for pic
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART"15 Ways You Can’t Get HIV!" by Todrick Hall for #HIVBEATS: via @YouTube
Todrick Hall talks Summer Vibes, a music festival you don't need a wristband for
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTSO EXCITED to share @Macys #summervibes festival w/ @ajrafael, @gardinersistersofficial, @macykatemusic πŸ’–
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHART1 MILLION VIEWS ON "4 @ArianaGrande" Thank you guys! RT
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTSURPRISE! New video featuring @maddieziegler and the music of my LOVE @taylorswift13 !! TAYLOR IN WONDERLAND
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTNew video by @toddyrockstar ! ✨ Taylor In Wonderland ✨ out @toddyrockstar new video w/ maddieziegler ✨Taylor In Wonderland ✨
I need to know what influenced this decision πŸ’•πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTBritney Spears had a fun holiday weekend
Retweeted by CHESTER LOCKHARTI'm so late! Everybody if you haven't already go support @chesterlockhart <3
@IsidoreMadison @ashiebeth4 duhhhhhh 😏 I was a nerd and went to special events to get deoxygenated and cresceliaPlaying Pokemon sapphire on gameboy advance was goals gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance, DS lite @ashiebeth4 everything after diamond and pearl is trashTrash @ashiebeth4 kind of shocked that u even asked me that but I guess I don't really post about itPokemon was and still kind of is my whole existence