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Jagga Jasoos releasing July 14th

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RIP. Name is James....Roger Moore ....Bond.
Best of luck to Dharmendra ji's grandson and Sunny Deol's son Karan Deol on his first day of his debut film "Pal Pa… birthday Utkarsh and best of luck for your debut in "Genius"
My Span of work! "Mera Naam Joker"to "102 Not Out"'t miss the pictures of The Beatles in my wardrobe. This is sometime 1967/8. They were taken to be published bef… review of #RishiKapoor's #KhullamKhulla in today's Lokmat Times @MiLOKMAT @chintskap @Meena_Iyer...
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@HarperCollinsIN @chintskap Im here at #Crosswords 😚😚😚😚
Retweeted by Rishi Kapoor#BookstoreTour Mumbai! Meet superstar Rishi Kapoor @chintskap, and get your copy of #KhullamKhulla signed.
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Gorgeous couple
Retweeted by Rishi Kapoor @SirPareshRawal Thank you Paresh. And this has happened largely due to Paresh.Jimit Trivedi. An actor to watch out for. Confidence,looks and talent, rare combo! to work again with the Legendary Amitabh Bachchan. Thank you Amitji, it never felt the 26 years old hiatu… Salve and Justice prevail. World Court rules in favour of India. Bravo🙏RIP. Worked in quite a few films. Reema Lagoo. Good friend. Heartfelt condolences "Main kya karoon Ram mujhe Buddha mil gaya"!!!!
Thank you! With two lovely people-Anu Agarwal and the late Divya Bharti. It was to be for a film which didn't happen
@UzmaRS Thank you Uzma a million times over. Got into a fray sorting it out with trolls lol @RazdanNidhi @SandipGhose May I ask you what better? I humorously put it and you have taken it so seriously?Surely… @RAIMERU What phew?#NewProfilePic @svaradarajan Just meant it humorously that now paint waits for you. Last time he was inked for his act.Would never… @svaradarajan Didn't actually mean it as you can read my second tweet.I just meant he participated against Indias w…
I just said paint arrives for him on his arrival . Like flower garlands etc ...What made you think physical assault… Kulkarni! Not Ink but all Paint manufactures await you arrival from Beijing. Await your arrival! fears Kulbhushan Jadhav could be executed before ICJ trial ends
Retweeted by Rishi KapoorPakistan gets it wrong again. They say clemency was discussed. The key point is was consular access discussed too? Dolts.
Retweeted by Rishi KapoorThe problem with the Pakistan lawyer is the wig isn't allowing his brain to breathe hence the shallowness of his arguments.😂😂😂
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Everyday is and should be Mothers Day! God Bless them all!
@chintskap He would've said the same to Ranbir ,if he was alive today
Retweeted by Rishi KapoorDev Sahab told me after the release of Bobby-We "Youngsters"should work together. What confidence and style-he was… Announcement of Mughal-E-Azam with Nargis, Veena & Chandramohan in lead roles in 1945. Except director K A…
Retweeted by Rishi Kapoor @chintskap my favourite stars in one frame ..
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2017 "On 12th May at Rewa, Raj Kapoor, our budding artiste, called Krishna his wife and a thousand people said OK…
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"BAHU"t"BALI"yaan chadengi filmon ki to match this film's triumph and business. An Indian Celebration.Glad am part… Bahubali 2 now. Interval. Chat later about the film. I want to know where has this film been shot? I want a 2 BHK there! Any agent?
@sabirnazar1 So you printed all this in your text books before it happened now ? Not funny Mr. Cartoon. I Seriously… back Arni . India wants to know where the hell were you for such a long time. Let's give it to 'um! Looking…
Always a pleasure and an honour to work with him. Started reading the script with the team. For further details ,st… verdict.Justice prevails.Being in a civil society,in this case,"Public Hanging" was needed to set an example for an everyday menaceSolution for arthritic knee problems.
@UzmaRS GM. Ok I forgot you get up early! @UzmaRS NOT SLEEPING AGAINNNNNNWalsingham High School, Mumbai @chintskap ur twt brot al celebrities fr vinod khanna's prayer meet.pen is mighter than sword.respct sir
Retweeted by Rishi KapoorLooks like @chintskap's powerful tweet did have an impact on the industry.Great to see Bollywood coming together fo…
Retweeted by Rishi KapoorWhat a tweet from @chintskap can do.
Retweeted by Rishi Kapoor. @chintskap 's tweets have awakened the dead conscience of Bollywood. Well, atleast for now.
Retweeted by Rishi KapoorSir I guess ur tweet was an eye opener for the Industry people, especially 'this generation'. @chintskap
Retweeted by Rishi Kapoor👍 you my film brethren for your solidarity shown towards the Khanna family. Hum mein ab bhi insaniyat baaki hai. Love you all
Must see this short film "Khoon Aali Chithi"produced by @RichaChadha_ Effective! Suhel. This is a cracker🤠
Thank you Rishi sb for sending me such an interesting book. A khullam khulla present from a very khullam khulla per…
Retweeted by Rishi KapoorThis is embarrassing. Don't miss the symbolic "flower pe bee mundaraing" lol. Those days this was the way of filmi… Information. Normally I do not retweet when requested coz I would only be doing that,but sometimes something… a Happy Maharashtra Day!
Restaurant called "Hemant Oberois". BKC Mumbai. Spectacular restaurant with great cuisine.
In fun times. When VK played AB, I played VK and Juhi played RK. Only David Dhawan could think this! @chintskap In our family, it is said that you may go or not go in someone's khushi, but you have to be with him or his in gham.
Retweeted by Rishi KapoorWhat does this woman mean by this tweet? Never heard of this word "faut" Met so many chamcha people last night at Priyanka Chopra's do last night. Few at Vinod's. So fuckn transparent. So angry with them.Yes it has been expressed earlier on social media my wife and Ranbir are out of the country. Would never had been reason not to be thereWhy this? Including mine and thereafter.When I die, I must be prepared.None will shoulder me. Very very angry with today's so called stars.
Shameful. Not ONE actor of this generation attended Vinod Khanna's funeral. And that too he has worked with them. Must learn to respect.Last of the actors born in 1946,Peshawar,then British India,leaves us-Vinod Khanna.Strange coincidence. Friends Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan die the same day 27th April. Khan sahab passed away 27th April 2009 Bangalore.Remembering the good times with you,Vinod. Thank you for being my friend. miss you Amar. RIP.
Yes,this is a good idea. Please tweet this picture for a good cause. you Sonia you. The translation is being done in Hindi,Gujarati,Urdu and as you said,in Marathi too. All the very best! had forgotten that I had done this. Think it was picturised at Rotterdam,The Hague airport bar,Netherlands.
A preventable and curable disease such as Malaria claims thousands of lives each year. India must unite to #EndMalaria by 2030
@sachin_rt Happiest Birthday, God Bless! Much love xxx