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One last pic from SUPER #WHOOTY NAT FOXX. Get all her videos at Foxx is always entertaining. And we likes her smile.
Nat Foxx has a lot to play with, who wants some??? @milfhunter_907 Yeah she got that sexy but innocent look.Nat Foxx could be the best #pawg of all time. WATCH HER VIDEO #whooty Nat Foxx has a sweet ass, WATCH HER VIDEO @CLIFFD05 U got any of them old VHS tapes in your crib?? I used to have 100 VHS machines for duplication. LOL.WATCH ALL @1Asia VIDZ @DAngelo136 Just not for me. After all this time it would feel weird.Nona Malone has plentt of #ass to play with, watch her video
@DAngelo136 Nah I have never done any conventions.
#Whooty #Pawg NAT FOXX newest video, watch it now yes I love a #curvy #model in a tight dress!! denying Scarlett will always be NUMBER ONE!! Watch her video can easily miss it but Scarlett has some strong legs.
I've been winning with Scarlett since 98, DAMN! #bigbutt queen AKA SCARLETT is back, watch her video women u can never forget FERRARI is one of those women, now in the OCT 2016 issue! amazing assets of FERRARI, watch her #bigbooty video now last pic from #nude #LATINA dancer JAYLEN, watch her video #Latinas always make your blood boil. CALIENTE! Reminds me of ICE T's first wife. DAMN! every angle NUDE DANCER JAYLEN is WINNING!! that #bigass, watch her new video really does have a #niceass. old stage was a lot of fun to shoot on. nude dancer Jaylen has a wonderful smile. Get her video now in the OCT 2016 issue!
Another sexy fishnet outfit, u can't go wrong with fishnets and the don't cost much. love them #LATINAS with #phasasses like JAYLEN! is looking great in HD. Watch her video now love them #Domincan dancers like GATA. Watch he video now is Gata staring at me like she want it. LOL. 3D effects, just the amazing #booty of NONA MALONE! wants some ice cream???? cake than most men can handle. Sexy #redbone NONA MALONE! Now in the OCT 2016 issue! special effects, just the #bigass of NONA MALONE, watch her video @MzBootyVIPXXX brung a lot of creativity to her latest shoot! @DAngelo136 If u got a day job and this is a hobby it's all good. We all have to eat. @EnuffAss @SexyAssLadies hooked me up with her. Want more check his site
No denying @MzBootyVIPXXX has a HUGE ASS. Watch her video ROCAHOLIX goes totally nude, join our site now for all her videos dancer ROCAHOLIX is a lil #bowlegged, we like that! that ass is all natural, watch her new video now dancer ROCAHOLIX is super curvy on top and on the bottom. has a beautiful ass, get her nude video in the OCT 2016 issue! latest big booty nude dancer is ROCAHOLIX, watch her video last pic from CHELAS WAY, watch her video now it's bedtime u know u wouldn't be late to bed if your girl looked like CHELAS WAY. LOL. new model Chelas Way has a lot to play with. dope angle on sexy #bigbooty model CHELAS WAY! Subscribe now at big booty and a nice smile. Wow. Watch her video now
Chelas Way has the perfect ass!! #bigasses Way has super curves!! Now in the Oct 2016 issue. video from #BigBooty CHELAS WAY, watch it now @DAngelo136 Yeah I liked them too. Outdoors is a different kind of energy but in NYC there are limited places to safely do nude shoots. @DAngelo136 Yeah if do anything just for the $$$$ it just aint the same. @DAngelo136 One of my recruiters shot all that roof top stuff. He lived in that building in Harlem at the time. I neva been up there. Lol. @DAngelo136 That story is way to long for twitter, but essentially I followed my third love, women's curves. @DAngelo136 I've got zero Mac experience. @DAngelo136 I do use a SB400 Nikon flash, just so I don't have to concern myself with pic blur. Since they models like to move a lot. @DAngelo136 Webplus is a WYSIWYG editor, so I love it. @DAngelo136 I started with Frontpage 98 way back LOL. But switched to Webplus 10 years ago @DAngelo136 You can't go wrong with Nikon. Once your white balance is set they capture skin tones better than other brands. @DAngelo136 Which is why my rooms are perfectly lit. So even when I had other people shooting they did not need any lighting knowledge. @DAngelo136 Using 150 w fluorescent bulbs. 5 on each tower bulbs are spaced about 1 feet apart from each other. I use 2 towers. @DAngelo136 I used to use umbrellas but I quickly realized they cause too many unbalanced lighting situations so I built custom light towers @Russell54640669 Yeah Infiniti is one of the baddest.Just shot JADA GEMZ last night, look for her new vids on soon.
@FideProd Exactly, u can't find girls like that, they rare. @soooolonely1990 Yep she was the best. @CreaseBritches Nah NYC @DAngelo136 But normally I use a old Nikon D40 for pics and a Lumix DMC-G3 for video. @DAngelo136 That pic of Danni was done with a lil BS point and shoot Lumix camera I was testing.And the classic shot of the month goes to INFINITI. WATCH HER VIDEO is a good day when u r working with TOP TALENT like @1Asia... SUPPORT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEW VIDEO CLIPS COMING SOON @1Asia is about to get #Naked. Watch her new video now u love #bigasses then @1Asia should be #1 on your list! #ALLNATURAL think we all know who this is @1Asia is killing the game, watch her video now 2016 MODEL VOTE! @MzBootyVIPXXX @scarlett4real