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Word jockey @empiremagazine, host of the Empire Podcast, Q&A-hole. Two-time winner of the internet. Also: @ChrisHewittLFC.

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@simon3677 @empiremagazine This is what I think of your clear desk policy. @jowrotethis Ha!My heartfelt message to those seeing #avengersinfinitywar tonight. Enjoy the film, but do not… @thewearywriter_ @empiremagazine No comment. @JackFairhurst That's why he's on fire. @stuhgray @empiremagazine Your sarcasm is duly noted. @YeahhhRossPark I wasn't. Hope you didn't follow that person home and kill them!MEGA FEATURE ALERT: All 154 characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranked.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @sebpatrick "Mark, why are you doing air quotes every time you say Shakespeare?" "No reason." "Phew! Can you start Monday?"#JusticeForHawkeye #WhatAMassiveClint @dametokillfor Nope! @robinjava 👀 @DavidOStorm Is he...?Nobody’s spotted the most subtle reference on that chart yet. @IanNathan2 @KatHalstead LONGER IT MUST BE EVEN LONGER @NickyRR @yourturnheather We are not, and he is not.With apologies to Charlie Day. @TheGenesisDD @MarvelUK @empiremagazine @jamescdyer @NickdeSemlyen @HelenLOHara @IGNUK @AlexIGNUK @cymrogav @DapperDan That's it exactly. It looks like Spawn. SPAWN. @valshopaholic I had the Autocorrect Stone. @VoxPopple He hurts it doing a big twist? Figures.In an attempt to avoid Infinity Wars spoilers, I’ve muted every single word on Twitter. Except coccyx, obviously, because it sounds rude. @Nick_Pettigrew I AM LARGELY COMPOSED OF FEAR @Direlogue No screening for old Chris."Cry for Mummy, England and St George," is what Rees Mogg shouts when he's cumming.
Retweeted by Chris HewittDid they already call one of the other ones George? Big mistake. This one’s going to have to be named after the dra…
Retweeted by Chris HewittAnd the other thing too, I guess.Wondering if I should (try to) spend the day away from Twitter, in order to avoid spoilers about the Liverpool-Roma… the other thing too, I guess.Woke up at 4am, haven’t been able to get back to sleep. Combination of burgeoning cold and nerves ahead of tonight.…’SSSS DONUTSSSS IN THE BRRREAK RRRRROOOM
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @Will_satty Adjacent. @awarmann It looks like a movie composed almost entirely of first takes. I can’t wait. @davidclewis What is their endgame? If they got inside the hospital, what is their plan?So, you have Venom, a character whose creation and early existence was based on his enmity towards Spider-Man. Do y…
@BBW_BFF Such a great Noo Yawk movie. @jowrotethis STEVE ROGERS BUCKYSame, but for Coke and Pepsi. do fuck off you mirthless twat.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @sebpatrick No komment. @sebpatrick If the timings are adhered to, I can watch the match. If they're not, then I can't. CROSS ALL FINGERS.But, in glass half full news, it'll be ever such a lovely interview. And it means I can watch the Liverpool-Roma game! THANKS, THANOS!My choice has been (re)made. Thanos has demanded my silence by arranging for a phoner to coincide with the Avengers… the world needs now is … @MeganOMullally and @Nick_Offerman's adorable jigsaw addiction. #puzzlebush.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @yourturnheather @DapperDan Yep. Just been confirmed. Still, can't complain. *goes on to complain, loudly and very swearily, for 75 minutes* @DapperDan @yourturnheather There's a strong chance I'll be working tomorrow, and may have to miss both the match (… someone can sort me with a ticket, I will. @MrKenShabby Is it a Bond 25 script read?I have a head cold and a sore throat. I fear I will be in no condition to thwart Thanos. @lankeymarlon @AdamJSnape What the characters do so well is react to adversity. “We’re having a baby? Well, shit. B… @lankeymarlon @AdamJSnape They might as well just make a whole bunch of noise, in that case, because the human race is cooked. @olly_richards @McKelvie You’re just jealous of the way I sashay through life. Sashay, I say. @lankeymarlon @AdamJSnape Imagine this being the thing people snag on when watching the movie about the creatures that hunt you by sound. @lankeymarlon I have no problem with that whatsoever.*idly doodles Chris Hewitt-Klopp in a notebook* got a hard pass on my A Quiet Place 2 spec script. Apparently, setting it in a bubble wrap factory is ‘stupid’ and ‘unrealistic’. @Christalla But what a kiss. Steve often thinks about that kiss, and then has to listen to Glenn Miller to calm down. @Negativesun @empiremagazine @davemorrissey64 Scripted? Nope. @olly_richards BRING IT ON @Okeating @bingowings14 HELLO PAUL AND OONAGH HOW ARE YOU BOTH ON THIS FINE MORNINGHe must be going to London to scatter Tony’s ashes. It’s what he would have wanted. my word, this is awful. met Sir Anthony Hopkins once in LA for about 15 minutes and as soon as he realised I was British he launched into…
Retweeted by Chris HewittThanos conspicuous by his absence. @RJonesUX Strong disagree.Temporarily, of course. Can’t be too careful out there. Once Thanos gets the Spoiler Stone, nobody is safe.Later today in the US of A, people will start seeing #AvengersInfinityWar. Which means it’s time to mute that hasht… you haven't listened, and fancy doing so, check it out. James' interview with David Morrissey is a belter. @liz_buckley @unklerupert Said it before, but I love that Peter Kay and Reece Shearsmith — comedians you’d think wo…
@KeithSNewman @JoeCunningham14 But it has, in three Raimis and two Webbs. I’m totally ok with this new May, and that ending is a beaut. @JoeCunningham14 I felt that too. @JoeCunningham14 She does work. But she did need more to do. Thought she and Tony were going to flirt for Asgard. @kakapojayne That’s, me! @iamnotwaynegale ALL OF THEM @kakapojayne I put a comma in the wrong place in my last tweet. I don’t want to talk about it. @JoeCunningham14 We do. Goldblum also breaks when Rachel House says ‘burnt toast’ later. @kakapojayne Especially as we haven’t, and probably, won’t get both sides of the story. @FuseBlues Forget about it, Jake. It’s Blocktown. @JoeCunningham14 I drew up provisional plans to do this, but quickly ripped them up. The Bondathon nearly killed me. YOU HERO.