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Word jockey @empiremagazine, host of the Empire Podcast, Q&A-hole. Two-time winner of the internet. Also: @ChrisHewittLFC.

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This is a good day for Elliot Carver. @ORachaelO @bigtalk It’s the Empire lunch as well. I can see a hilarious intersection in the offing!🐾LUCKY🐾 needs a home by 14th December. Also RT as much as you can.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @Flying_Inside Noooooooooooo! @pauljchambers Are you ok, Paul? Your tweet finished mid-sentence. I hope you haven’t had a heart att @JUDgY85 Nope. I’m a horrible twat. @swimtwobirds This is my worry. @Harmunt N @Samjuro Literally my first question to Rian. And that’s all the spoiler chat you’ll be getting from me on here.Haha no that was just my little joke. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen that format before? Probably not, because I just invented it.Finally bit the bullet and upgraded to iOS 11. I can see already they’ve solved the iPhone’s battery iss @Samjuro Realised during the rewatch how often I quote that episode. “Ooh, that’s a bit of a nasty nick” and so forth.To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg, intelligent people dealing with idiots is like professional tennis players playing aga…
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@Straffo I've no idea. But since he kept coming back, I'd be surprised."Mr Harrison, you may be the landlord of this property, but I happen to be the mother of God!" Oh, Rik Mayall, you are missed. @stephensaul You've been Hoffed! @stephensaul Would buy. @nickmurftweets They do say it's the last. Right there in the title. @Flying_Inside Why I oughta! Oh, I see. @Scientits THE BEST @TechnicallyRon I just watched a bit with the sound off and still guffawed. GUFFAWED, I TELL YOU. @Andrew_Heaton AND I'M A VIRGINIt feels like time for the greatest Christmas episode of them all. @stephensaul Really? You'd have walked it! Unless your plan was portable euthanasia kits. @Clothesonfilm Don't worry about it, I just haven't had the time to catch up with it. @Clothesonfilm ARGH I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YETI realise this is a ridiculous thing to get worked up about, but my God.Jesus Christ. Is this the worst final two in the history of The Apprentice?If you can, please spare a thought this Christmas for stand-up comedians who don't have their own Netflix special. @leewest82 We'd love to. Maybe one day.I couldn’t even finish reading this it pains me so much. Men who see women as nothing but sexual objects will neve…
Retweeted by Chris HewittTo clarify, the exciting news will be tomorrow. The 300th show will be in February. When (and where), though? That… very exciting news about our 300th show coming your way. Hopefully tomorrow. #EmpirePodcastSomething I've directed has been turned into (part of) a gif! :) To see the full version of my Terminator 2 meets T…
Retweeted by Chris HewittJanuary was alright. Bit cold, though. #ReviewOf2017 @caparsebiscuits I knew you'd see the pic so decided to go super-sexy. @ojhwel No, but that's not due until late Jan.Definitive proof that a) the spoiler special happened and b) I need to go on a fucking diet over at Rian Johnson's… @unklerupert YES MATEHope she plays the hits. I'm not going for deep cuts, Lumley. excited to receive this personalised message from Kylo Ren, you guys! #StarWar #TheLastOfTheJedi #lightsabre’t you hate it when you’ve finished pooping but you sat and scrolled twitter so long your feet have gone numb? T…
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @RichAndStrange It's both. @FilmBuff96 @nevpierce It could have looked bad for Nev, thinking one movie is an entirely different movie. Always happy to help. @nevpierce No, Nev -- Joy is a film starring Jennifer Lawrence flogging a mop. I'm happy to point out your mistake… @ChadLDN @denofgeek @empiremagazine No comment. @kakapojayne Every time. All I see is, why would a shark have room for a dildo? Well, I don't like to judge. @kakapojayne The combination of 'dog' and 'lilo', and the placement of the former directly above the latter, makes… feel a little sorry for Oscar Isaac, having seen me. He won't be able to think of much else for the rest of the day. @dtHeslop No, we won't be recording our bit until early Jan, so plenty of time for questions.Just passed Oscar Isaac as he stepped out of a lift. "Christ, that man is bloody handsome," he thought. @Kirkby007 You'll always have watched the film by the time the spoiler special comes out. We're always behind the r… seriously folks, he was awesome. Now the bad news: you'll have to wait a bit for the special to go up. Jan 15 is the date.Just finished the #TheLastJedi spoiler special interview with @rianjohnson. He was on great form. No question off l… @PaddyConsidine analogy tonight after Journeyman screening. Bowled over by the intimate pain and struggle…
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @Directors_UK @PaddyConsidine A pleasure! @christhebarker They're on your face.Just a couple of days left for this. Please donate if you can. @aj_elliott91 I always say you should never equate death with storytelling weight. But yes, I expect there will be casualties. @CameronYardeJnr Strikes me that maybe the National Film Registry haven't watched The Goonies lately. @LizzieBee2 Weirdly, also the score when Liverpool played Maribor away.Recording our Review Of The Year podcast special tomorrow. Any questions/categories you'd like to see us tackle? Fire away. DMs also open. @DirkyG scenes over at BBC News. "You might also like this one about a bloke falling to his death." "Like it? I… “shock”
Retweeted by Chris HewittRight, off to bed. Up early in the morning to see a man about a spoiler special... @samashurst "Play it cool, Trig, play it cool..."What's your favourite Christmas album? MINE'S THE DIE HARD SCORE BY MICHAEL KAMEN. @jcasegraham @empiremagazine @Terri_White @jamescdyer I'm the one on the right. @samashurst No, that's The Dark Knight Returns. Come on, Sam. @samashurst On the left is Batman. On the right is Begins. @FilmChatPodcast No, you're right, I was only kidding. Yes, even with the really weird ending. I wouldn't change a frame of it.Currently writing about the best film of 2005. @BBW_BFF The INFINITY WAR trailer is my number two film of the year btw. @BBW_BFF Yep. That's how I gauge my top 10. Which is why PADDINGTON 2 is my film of the year. How does it make you… @kumailn @rianjohnson Lovely story. Red carpets are tough, man. I had a brainfart during the Thor Ragnarok one this… I know y'all don't need another reason to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but I'm gonna give you one more. Th…
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The ones on her face are a bit weird too.
Retweeted by Chris HewittHire me for your Q&As and choose from a selection of hard-hitting questions: * How are you? * What is cinema? * Are you still eating that?