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Word jockey @empiremagazine, host of the Empire Podcast, Q&A-hole. Dear God, my DMs are open. Footy tweets @ChrisHewittLFC.

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Email autocorrects manflu to manful, which is altogether ruder. "Sorry I haven't replied, I came down with a load of manful."Just a few tickets left now for our 250th podcast, which we're recording LIVE next Wednesday @ThePCCLondon. A must!
Retweeted by Chris HewittAnd away we go... #CurbYourEnthusiam
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @BobWeide @emilynussbaum This is excellent. Good luck, Bob, we're all counting on you.Ridiculous. Everyone knows The Joker is #1 in terror. @BBCFilm2017 @dannytheleigh @claraamfo BURN THE SOFA! BUUUUUURN IIIIIIIIIT! @katbrown @immmy Yikes. I've worked with some people at Empire for a decade and I'm still not sure of their names.The nominees are in! Voting is now open for the 2017 Three Empire Awards:
Retweeted by Chris HewittApologies in advance to Clara and @dannytheleigh for the hideous infection I'm about to unleash upon them.… Marriage Week? Finally! A chance to mention my wife on the podcast!Who knew it was International Marriage Week? It's come around so fast! I'm not even NEARLY prepared! I need a cake! A best man! A wife!
Retweeted by Chris HewittNote 1. The guy pointing at the Oscar statue 2. The guy holding up three fingers 3. Lonergan's 'I'm at the back, I'… day. One day... *finishes second draft of TOUCHING CLOTH II: TROUBLE AT TURTLEHEAD BAY* @davidclewis oh no what a shameJust amazing. Imagine being in trouble because Trump didn’t like how you were portrayed on SNL.…
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt
Trump: "And the very dishonest media said nothing when a masked maniac butchered all those young ladies in Haddonfield, Illinois. SAD!"If this list doesn't include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I'll be disappointed. Monday is drinking so much Bud that I need to call Lyft to take me to Nordstrom where I corner a salesman and demand 84 Lumber products.
Retweeted by Chris HewittWow. Spicer: "we'll provide a list [of unreported attacks] later." He means, "we'll need some time to pick names ou… you accidentally open Internet Explorer
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @HelenLOHara @the_cultureking @empiremagazine We wouldn't get a word in! #perfectSo who is going to hold these dishonest monsters to it? Make this motherfucker prove the garbage he spouts.
Retweeted by Chris HewittHave a listen to me, @ChrisHewitt & @4hundredblows discussing The Untouchables @AIMovieNight :…
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @olly_richards @yourturnheather Me too usually, but I love that episode. @ellardent Thank you, sir. @OhBee08 Oi. You stow that shit. @RunTucana no thanks! @kakapojayne I am very ill. @BMLRobins Thanks, sir.Around 30 minutes elapse between the end of Friends s6 and the start of s7. Enough time for Chandler to have a haircut and lose about 20lbs.No, *you* have tears in your eyes when Monica and Chandler propose to each other even though you've seen this one literally dozens of times. @SirClownfoot Nothing is a better sequel than Evil Dead II.He almost managed to make it through this tweet without Steve Bannon's lips moving. So close! @soapysmith82 Selleck! You bastard! @Moosedog23 Danke. @OwenWeston85 It won't spoil your enjoyment, I believe. @kakapojayne Thanks!Oh, here it is: my Empire review of the most excellent JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2. Read it now, before John Wick drives a… am reliably informed that my JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 review will soon be one of the many JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 reviews flooding the internet. @iamnotwaynegale I must have it. I MUST.Christ, Selleck's just told Monica he still loves her. He did exactly the same just before I proposed to my wife. Dude's got a problem. @iamnotwaynegale HOLY SHITever notice how Trump seems to use words in quotations when he really wants to say a racist slur?
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @sebpatrick You can't help yourself, can you? Spoiler Seb strikes again! When do the Daleks show up, eh? EH??? @davidclewis It's great here. Donald Trump is just an arsehole, and not an arsehole with the power to wipe out the human race. @hayleycampbell @MrJonathanKing Who doesn't?Christ almighty, I'm going to have to burn my flat cap now. Fucking UKIP ruin everything. GOD, SELLECK'S SHOWN UPMATE: I keep feeling a little horse ME: You're disgusti– MATE: I mean my throat hurts ME: Oh right ok MATE:…from kissing so many sexy horses
Retweeted by Chris HewittYou guys, Chandler's going to ask Monica to marry him. Reckon it's going to work out for those two, as long as Tom Selleck doesn't show up! @RemysGambit Hurrah! Guess we have to do it now. @film_quiz Yeah, the remake. I have a lot of fondness for that movie.Man, this makes me want to revisit The Blob. So does the stuff that's been coming out of my nose the past couple of… my duvet office, I'm watching last year's most pointed documentary, THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR.mike huckabee was just a regular man until he was bitten by a radioactive sack of shit
Retweeted by Chris HewittThat Time cover really got to him, huh.
Retweeted by Chris HewittPresuming this bout of manflu doesn’t finish me off, the podteam and I will be doing this next week. Come join us. guested on this lovely podcast with two very excellent people, talking about one of my favourite movies. What are… @quizmasterpw75 @empiremagazine Ha! Will see what I can do.Hahahahahahahahahaha favourite part of WANTED DOWN UNDER is when the couple's friends and family try to emotionally blackmail them into staying in the UK.A friend screengrabbed this. I am merely the messenger.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @Mikekelly88 @AliPlumb Sir Ali, you mean? That guy has some serious Audacity. Or is it Audition? I still have no idea. @Mikekelly88 Not at all. Those fuckers can do what they want. Fuckers.Hey guys, ignore that tweet I sent a short while ago. Just a silly little draft that I accidentally sent when I got hacked or something.Chris Hewitt would like to recall the tweet, 'Youse Are All Idiots And Can Suck My Balls' @HelenLOHara You're right. I bring equal commitment and genius to everything I write. Thank you for noticing. @KermodeMovie @BFI Be careful when doing the Peeping Tom one.Just saw DVR'd Super Bowl Shut off early, but who cares! Congrats Falcons! With $ I won can finally get my 3 yr old new lungs. Thank u God.
Retweeted by Chris HewittRep. @mattgaetz , who is actively trying to shut down the EPA, couldn't be more pleased with himself.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @DanielaPhillips OH MY GOD @DanielaPhillips Nooooooooooo! @filmvsbook No, that means you're properly sick. See a doctor!If my mum were alive she'd say something like 'if you're well enough to tweet, you're well enough to go to work'. THEY'RE NOT THE SAME, MUM.My office for today. #Manflu @Waanzinema *sigh* See subsequent tweets.#Manflu permitting, of course. Or I might be wrapped on the sofa in a duvet, rasping my last. @LTFCRobbo I KNOW THAT. Now.The ace new #Guardians2 poster. Fans of credit blocks will note something, then realise they're wrong so they'll av…