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Word jockey @empiremagazine, host of the Empire Podcast, Q&A-hole. Dear God, my DMs are open. Footy tweets @ChrisHewittLFC.

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@MarvelUK @Cakes_Comics Hey guys, if a fellow wanted to put this on his wall, how might he go about procuring one?Susanna Reid dies a little inside every time @piersmorgan opens his mouth...
Retweeted by Chris HewittOut of office autotweet. @McKelvie Great concept. Wonder if it could work? @McKelvie But there's also something about that poster. It's not intense, it's got a lovely warm feeling to it. Spi… @McKelvie ALRIGHT FINE I'LL DO IT @McKelvie That's a rare floating head one that works.Now this is more like it. @NickdeSemlyen @Terri_White @empiremagazine Bah. You part-time Fooer. You know nothing of the struggles those of us… @Terri_White @empiremagazine @NickdeSemlyen I put on Foo Fighters in the office once and was ROUNDLY LAMBASTED.… @Terri_White @empiremagazine @NickdeSemlyen WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN I AM FLYING BACK20 years, and I'm still annoyed when Harry Potter says, "We have something Voldemort will never have", he doesn't follow up with "Noses!"
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @Okeating So never, then.Guys, I woke up with 'a billion quid pro quo' in my head. I fear I've missed the deadline.Weird. Couldn't find anything about this story when I googled it. Now, Danny, you know what to do - Sex Lives Of The Potato Men to be given instant cultural landmark statu… the score for Shape of Water... Desplat conducting.
Retweeted by Chris HewittYESSSSSSSS wait, what? But mainly YESSSSSSSS"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" is really good advice, but hard to do without going at least a little human centipede. @jowrotethis Pissed as a newt....
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @jowrotethis I admire your abstinence and wish I could go back and have my time again. @jowrotethis The only person to escape Transformers 5 unscathed, I reckon.Oh my God, you guys, this song just randomly came on my iPhone as I'm in the security line! (Not after skipping a f…'t know why anyone would hire an acting coach anyway. Ubers are way cheaper. Look, I'm just off a plane, this is the best I could do. @ConorWalshy Well, that's always a concern, isn't it? @_markdwight @HelenLOHara You think the Amazons speak to each other in English?
Right, see you whenever I land in [SECRET PLACE THAT I'LL PROBABLY ACCIDENTALLY REVEAL WITHIN SECONDS OF LANDING]. Byeeeee!An excellent film. An original film. A go see film. @MrKenShabby Same. I try to recreate it by having policemen stand outside my bedroom but to no avail.Fancy an in-flight movie. I wonder what the Classics section has in store forDEAR SWEET CHRIST HOW DID THAT GET IN… @GavinCurnow I might just do that.An editor fired, an acting coach hired, & ...3 set-ups a day? @kimmasters digs deep on how HAN SOLO veered off track
Retweeted by Chris HewittAt Heathrow. Forgot my neck pillow. Had to buy a new neck pillow, that I'll forget next time I'm here so I'll have to buy another. And loop. @iamnotwaynegale BRUCE! STOP MAKING THIS SHIT! @BradleyMell @SMERSHPOD You should never have said 'I'll never see Never Say Never Again again' again. @Daniel_Shack @JamesHunt Thanks, but so can I. And nobody but me is listening to my interviews. @JamesHunt @hayleycampbell It almost never happens to me. @keeler1973 I'm gutted I didn't think of that. @JamesHunt It's the absolute worst. Not just the time it takes, but the torture of having to listen to the terrible… May has just spent £1billion of your money because it suits her to do so.
Retweeted by Chris HewittI hate this government.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @felicitykate @HelenLOHara @Terri_White Hot Quizz? @jeremydrysdale Don't tell me you wouldn't like to see that. Who wouldn't? As for Corbyn at Glasto... I have no ide… rich people struggle with the concept of the less well-off actually saving up for stuff, it seems. @elbows_selbo All two of 'em! @marziepanic At last! Join my club. @boydhilton and I were getting ever so lonely."Mr. Hammond, after careful consideration, I've decided not to endorse your Brexit." your opinion of Ed Sheeran's music, you have to admit, he has a guitar.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @gray Haven't even started. I've got The Fear. @minhnieme Apparently it's not.
@MarkStuttard It is. They start filming this year. @monkey1138 Nope. @chrisblohm I will accept this.Any more for any more? @TheTessMorris Forget Maui.I keep a big glass of water by my bed in case I get thirsty in the middle of the night and want to spill water all over the fucking place
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @ianernie I'd quibble with recent there... @danw_1986 This is true. @jordan_milnes Remind me. It's all real, right? Is that batshit insane? @JamesHunt A belter. @ALawler007 #satire @JamesHunt Good call. You mean the end twist? The big sequel-setting reveal? Or something earlier? @Soz_abar_me I uttered the words, "I have no idea what's happening", on several occasions. Scarier because I was alone.FLASH POLL: Which recent horror film has the most batshit insane twist? Vote and RT. @gordon_mckay Very easily. @Soz_abar_me Yep. @DanielaPhillips It's often hard to get grips with a Woody. Definitely an acquired taste. @NickMotown @mrnickharvey @MittenDAmour I am not in charge of the remote tonight. @MrKenShabby @anaIdirgeprat Tobe or not Tobe?Oh, I like this one dear Christ I've turned into my grandmother @twinklemegstar I don't know what it was. It terrified me on a primal level. @mrnickharvey @MittenDAmour @NickMotown I'm also trying to be nice and impartial. But he's rapping now and I don't…'s rapping. I didn't know he rapped. To be fair, he also seems somewhat taken aback by this development.What. Is. Happening.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt @Scientits Oh, tons. The humourless twats. @WjBridges They called Walk a slow dance track. Jesus wept.Still, three stars is a recommendation, I guess.