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Boy say something about Gary Patternson and every pregnant guy in Texas gets all huffy coach is ultra pregnant can you have pat Hudson call my cellI can't figure out how to watch it I don't understand YouTube is it a tv or a brass instrument do u need a remote bc Malik only fishes for people it's officially an #errbodyalert are u talking about we won I wonder if you and your friend have ever even been on a slide go down one together report back we played them already at two a day that's 200 slides I could ride on I thought we had more time than that know what they say the taller they are the more not a difference it makes in their ability to be choke slammed let's see I don't believe he coaches there any more met a bee that can spell are u serious @NCAA you can now do something about Baylor
Why would they fire me after winning the first five games that seems harsh wonder who hodor for brile on the way outExactly the Middle East or latvia maybe to self brile is a victim won the last one jo-ell knew it of the good non rapey ones oatman what happened you may return to being police nowBaylor gonna need a bigger tarp.@Baylor the good news is that you can still use your toilet stadium for Waco flea market and suchPeople say Charlie now that Baylor fired that old brile will u talk more about Texas & I say yes as long as aggy doesn't do anything dumb.@Baylor okay let's talk Ken StarrGary Pattersons babies brile erased himself From existence over here so I can choke slap you old art brile deleting his Twitter for one last cover upMore than he ever gave the rape victims art brile remember that time you said truth don't lie well guess what it doesn't.@CoachArtBriles I wrote you a poem: U got fired U deserve worse SayonaraI'm all like bye do u remember that time you got fired from Baylor I do it was todayAttention world art brile has been fired you're welcome.@CoachArtBriles wha happenedOnly 297 days till footballHe's got a strong top button
.@TexAgs can algae coordinate efforts to attack.@CoachArtBriles how many of your players are going to be on preseason neighborhood watch listsIts like that documentary w ice-t the most dangerous game but in the Baylor version they're chasing women of course I will tweet about Texas: Texas doesn't hide rape like Baylor to self Briles is two syllables Baylor fans really do respect women I was wrong all along I am sorry is this Kendall brile u tried yoga
What chad what time are u being named president of baylorAnd so do art brileses for example when he selected oakman and ukuachuckuw to come do rape It is now self serving to tell people we don't hide rape if they ask us Ppl: do you hide rape me: no everyone ever worked 4 art brile is a rape hider I guess that means everyone that's worked 4 u eats their boogers and art brile have been accused of some pretty bad things but in their defense let me saI'm sorry for offending u ms brile Jesus knows who you really are.@CoachArtBriles do you remember that time you got that other guy fired when it it was you that brought in all the rapers I doBaylor already treats him like a god why would he take a demotion should be a magic school with all that misdirection already have a voice I don't need Gary stefani to tell me that Quandre I don't know what that means but I will try like you Quandre bc your meanness is adorable can try but then I would have to kill him nothing personal's what you put in your hair to keep it up I have girls I think I know without having to watch t v Charles is my advisor of cool things he says my birken-socks are fleek & my bluetooth is lit so anyways
You'll know when you see his biceps but what about after the industrial revolution definitely Texas fans are some of the most understanding in cfb aggie'm going to be honest Raheel the intern it is a beautiful photo u look so happy like you just got butterfly kisses was all look how long these fingers are I mean look at them dog juggernaut is scared of thunder my dog Quincy is afraid of anything made of cotton have never heard of texas university is it located near all of a and m's national championship trophies you guys really put Tulane in its place
I'm assuming the back flip came after the camera turned off a and m softball on beating a fictional team that doesn't exist that's why it's fictional and m run by third graders that's all't hate I think she'll be great exam Baylor football players are takin is a lie detector test doesn't go out he looks inward's free verse is commencing covered up rapes and should be banned from america is great but I'm not sure what it does get an underachiever who shouldn't be unsupervised around women
I think I understand u are saying ESPN planted brile at Baylor bc they knew he'd recruit rapers & bring program down hello & happy Saturday art brile could you pls ask your o Line coach @clemo53 to unblock me I need to tell him what u did.@clemo53 hey randy clement coach of Baylor o line what did I do to you except tell the truth about the rape park with water is no park add tackling or baby tigers to the game so soft after all since when do you ride the swings have to say that old paterno bc he took it to the grave
Is this real I want to know where a recruit is going I ask Taylor Hamm and then just pick the school most opposite of what he says.@TaylorHamm247 do u remember that time you told everybody that little old Montreal hook was gonna be an aggie but he wasn't I do it was nowNot any more