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.@CoachTomHerman hey FYI I think u should take the LSU jobAre u serious what's text r u saying I should write them letters I can do that on brb I'll check no LSU recruits pls call my cellHeld it under 400 yards passing so you know #improvement's gameweek now we have to play undefeated #1 ranked Oklahoma Steak in 7 days & I vow to not sleep until after the game bc I'm preparingHey there guy who talks I have this rule to not ever look at anything Aggie does and be like oh that seems like a g… did you winGet the paint and stencils out Kyle needs an updateChavis doesn't teach pass defense and I don't judge him for thatTrevor knight got fired by bob stoop and now he's the best running back in the secI could be a ref I got the arms for itThat old sumblin always looks like someone just told him a spot opened up in the poker game but he's got a drink coming so he can'tChablis musta had a hotdog in his mouth on that oneWell it means he knows OU is the best at sucking but he's an Aggie so he takes credit for it don't know bc it's obviously LSU do u remember that time you cried all night I do it's right nowI'm Charlie Charlie Strong I'm a coach do u remember that time I lost to duke wait that wasn't me it was you lol laugh at loud get itLes mile looks like he just got told his personal aircraft is on fire in his garageCall me fake again Elizabeth if thats even your real name at all I don't get thick in the pants when other teams win or lose just when we do wait that came out wrong del… and it's sleeveless
Oklahoma steak is playing at that old Baylor toilet bowl stadium I hope they brought pepper spray and tasersDo you remember that time gus malsean was an offensive genius I do it was at Arkansas steakPlaying a deep dime know as I watch auburn vs lsu I think the SEC is probably really good in the upside down.@FloridaGators hey pre congrats on your big win todayPpl say Charlie notra dames so bad they lost to duke theyre terrible & I say nope they started good but swoop just broke that holy spiritPpl say Charlie how do u break down arky vs a & m & I say one has a fat pillow of a man as a coach & the other has a coach that eats pillowsSquat thrusts probably are gonna fire mark richtch if Georgia doesn't improveDo u know how to defend passing offenses 6ish better saturday morning activities the stranger things documentary so glad Snowden released the footage no more #governmentsecretsI did a bicep flex and broke a windowThey're gonna pass all over you there's nothing you can even do have to drink to live im drinking water full of chia seeds u can go price dentists because I'm about to coordinate the removal of your teeth didn't you tell me BEFORE WE LEFT u serious got in a little late but we have finally arrived in stiltwaterI bet that TCU is beating southern minimalist university by like a thousand by now
Oh haha very funny errbody knows you can't wear lapel pins in a game was a private gift for my wife I demand you delete how did you get this it was in my personal VHS cubby are leading by example john are at the birthing center think he might have put something else in it oh oh I have an idea espm how about you stick to being bad at reporting sports can u come by to install them happened are you taking about Perkins well jokes on you HE HAS NARCOLEPSY no no that's terrible they allow kids on that can stop them from scoring over 50 you oh oh okay fine this Georgia Trek game makes me happy that we are only facing triple option teams from here on out I can stop thoseA supervolcano
Are you serious know what type of offense oklahoma steak runsThat makes no sense who would name their son def hello it's me Charlie the coach hey for our next home game pls play pour some sugar on me by Jeff Leopard during tv time outsWe didn't play t cu last year if you think about it they are not suit pants would you think I was a parody in the first place chris my muscles are real my smoothies are real my hopes and… know what they say about rumors they are always true and I agree with them
I heard it this year so it came out this year don't know what they're singing about but pour some sugar on me by Jeff Leopard has got be a top song of 2016No what are u the devil say one thing about cousin marriers and all the cousin marriers come out of the woodwork it is known crush your face position
YOU GET DOWN THERE RIGHT NOW AND GET MY SWOOP OUT OF THERE of course not that makes no wait wait yes yes we are 2-0 mad just full of rage do you even do that intern @ChristineHookEm is bringing a whiteboard and markers to practice I'm gonna draw some stuff some people l… that old gunby