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Forever young.
Charlie Murphry father of kyler murphry died today rip
Haha get some maybe you should just stick to Menses
.@Official_MalikJ happy birthday my son
.@TexAgs is this marijuana April fool I know it's marijuana know if you think about it tim Herman looks good in that goatee April fool he looks like a nutria
April fool an hour I'm gonna be all OU does not suck April fool but until then ou sucks
.@TexAgs are mosquito hawks actually a type of bird hawk
I would be made of all forearms if I was god put in a requisition to have the undertaker at practice TWO YEARS AGO so I guess they got around to it great DMX F- think u have a good job
"The burner area" haha funny guy if there was a fire the plane would explode go to college propeller engines just like jet engines without clothes onThe Texas part the legal limit is
I continue to not eat burgers thanks I live on earth😳'm like Jesus only with a better clean and jerk easy alligators are nocturnal so I'd wait til he was asleep the hell is jenga it a spyder think the question is have I not choke slammed anyone in Florida yet Yes Jason I will ride in your fararri wouldn't say I like it bob want to come back seriously they are paying me in croakies and salt life stickers down hereNo they're all water "slides" I want notifications that light up is it an app where d u miss u too jordan Florida part of it ask me hey charlie how is Florida and I say it's just like Texas only worseSay that to this BOOM CHOKESLAM poetry day entry #3 The wins didn't come So Tom Herman you hired Maliks my son I still can't be firedMore poetry Bc I love poetry Riddle me this riddle me that Ou sucksIt's world poetry day guys Violets are blue Roses are thorny You fired me And got coach horny
I think everyone should know that Tom Herman stole the core values but even worse it looks like he's a pillow thief…
.@CoachTomHerman I may not have had the wins but I was undefeated in never hiring Art Brile defenders Texas is better than this Tim
HEY ERRBODY READ THIS I'm an angel I can do anything I can throw lightning loved that song by Eric claptons promise I will never die Bc I'm an angel it's like I'm the wizard of ods WALK ALONG THE LONELY STREEEEEEET OF DREEEAMSAND I KNOW WHAT IT MEANSLIKE A DRIFTER I WAS BORN TO WALK ALONEWALKIN DOWN THE ONLY ROAD IVE EVER KNOWNHERE I GO AGAIN ON MY OWNI don't know I'm kind of panicked it's why I'm crying in a sauna right now fully clothed it's very hot there are no tests in heaven unless you love tests then there are millions up to even thousands of them do you have a cd that teaches cubanese need to know asap.@USFFootball do you guys pick me up on the beach in a dingy and do we drive to Cuba from thereHow did u already get a picture of me in that turtleneck are u from the future many times do I have to say it have some advice for you I love turtlenecks's true I am afraid of the power of his cheek kisses tho don't recall that ever happening the coach of all of Cuba I look forward to learning cubanDon't remember is a lie I have never been to florida'm going to be honest with you I have no idea how this happened I don't even know where south Florida is is it in Cuba 🇨🇺Wait south Florida is the longhorns too are u serious did this happen I don't want to go I am guardian of slides I refuse to leave Florida is a terrible place I want to stay in heavenNo what told them I would only come if I was coach of all of Florida't you mean slides closing in on a 5 year contract've already seen it we get all the best shows up in heaven way before they come out it is so good SO GOOD.
I'm not so much in Austin but over it would I change my name'm at 50 slides they're at one slide so probably not happening definitely
Wow hong kong is just like heaven