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I get my whey delivered by drones don't know what you mean by beer is that a type of tiny bear all the bed baths and beyonces are closed down have an Air Force do they have f 16 tomcats
Go around it is the next one available for winning say Charlie can u believe that aggie is so sexist toward woman & I say yes obviously I can believe it very funny I can walk to radio shack right now and get a brand new sanyo u know it I just about wore out my xfl vhs tape you drink toilet water too we do and I'm glad you asked its just the word kill over and over like summer workouts compleats am I right bc pleats Lol laugh at loud I like pleats🍀 🚂⚒ðŸ’Ģ🛠🔧ðŸ”Ļ⛏🔊⛏🛠⚰⚔
Well Ryan it's not kyle murphys jersey see Josh's is people-sized and murphys was tiny lemur sized ðŸ’ūAAAAAHHHHHHHHH PREDATORS CANNOT SWIM WHAT ARE U DOING
Not in this country I am sorry I had to flip that little josh tompson from u but u still have ur two beautiful unborn babies & no ones taking thoseStill looking apparently football is on Saturday but u are just trolling me whatever that means you are funny April fool is ready for the first satuday in september when we take down the mighty notra dame money goblins 🏓Burg n socks🍔 n ðŸąs
Turn up for what ðŸ‘ĻðŸŧ #notradamechokeslam 🍀🐚Ready right now no of course not is this trivial pursuit am I the southern oracle wearing birkensocks can save you I do it's the same as the man version wins cannot see it bc that old stoop blocked me like a big baby
Yes Blake of course but I must warn you once she is trained in the ways of Malik she may begin to kill for sport will sound terrible bc I'm always flipping errbody when I talk on it also it's a nokia it weighs four pounds Josh I have turned my cell on please tell me if there are birkensocks with cleats that a real sabretooths like being chokemon slammed'm coming over where do you live
.@birkenstockusa do you sell birkensocks for your hands what about underwearI don't remember anything from last year don't get it got a kicker his name is trent dominsomething okay so moving onErrbody is in effect'm all okay sam over there is the pleat station where u can get extra pleats put on your clothes #UTL I don't know what an ipod is is it a type of green bean patterns birkensocks
Where do u want them all to go I think they should go back to where they came from Tarth did I do what tell me the suspense is unbearable did not know a and m had a radio telescope you serious is that seriously what is that did you turn me into a hologram red mccomb I heard what you said come over here so I can choke slam you right outa that golf cartWhen is under the lights also which lights are we using are they Christmas lights I hope so but only old school big bulbs not LEDsYes but only on Oregon related issues like the Oregon trail or edible seeds and I had a great time that day on you I don't sleep during the night that because it will have been 24 hours since your aggie lost to lower east Florida technical college
Until what can you eat chickweedSo you're one of the guys on your phone at the gym put it down and do a push-up for heavens sakes hear the coop tried that once will call you Tormund Giantsbane they are all dress like cerci lannisters u seen the bbq they serve at a and m it's like a possum got caught in a lawn mower got me so pumped i ran a block and a half just to go down the nearest slide
Probably I don't know most of their names I just say hey you 8 or hey stinky or boo-fay, dingdong , carmex or slappy don't do it they will send you to the vaticanz and make you try to decode ancient puzzles with tom hankins like you davate because you're all like gimme the ball oh no I killed a guy sorry lil wr but you had to die rip at that funny old stoop back there lookin for Kyler Murphy's like the saddest poem
This proves that my shoe painted birk n socks plan has worked up your scarf hip-stre so I know where to choke slam you
Does ou suck media is the downfall of society which is why I only tweet alone and periscope in my one man tubBetter not be my son koolaids is full of sugar am very coy whatever that means Strong on himself, @ChuckFnStrong
Retweeted by Chuck F'n StrongI noticed brile was not at media dayIf they do they'll be playing benchemon explode sometimes when I see a pokemons look that headset fits know right I am so Netflix n chill didn't even get patted down she an anthropologist to be near one when its talking
That was maliks fourth grade class photo he even has a cowlick if their band beat themselves no one has a .500 or better record during the summer so you're right guy 14 bigger than 6 i don't remember one am I not going to choke slam do not concern myself with other men's personal regions's it type of pokemons is Johnny manzuelI am sorry to report he got food poisoning he ate a cookie I warned him is big twelve media day where is it what time what is the dress codeSo it's all just a lie yes maybe no maybe errbody