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.@CoachSumlin I wear aire jordains who has the swag now I'll tell you it's me I also have a bluetooth
.@CoachSumlin what time are tonight's decommitments.@yovng_netherly hey.@CoachSumlin I wrote you a song the ______ at night are big and brightthe national anthem before a&m games will now just be called the Spangled BannerDon't know who he's talking about but if I find the fake me BOOM choke slam shut down all the bed baths and beyond in a 50 mile radius of college station so one store I guess like that old coach traylor bc he's always taking pictures of high schools & thanking them he is so polite not like that aggie MooreheadWhat is a sub tweet does it have to do with periscopingYou know if u rearrange the letters in sumblins name it spells ALL OF THIS AGGIE MISERY SHOULDNT KEEP US FROM IGNORING BAYLORS RAPE PROBLEMSee I think Sumblin is just very smart bc when a guy decommits then they know for sure he wasn't sec goodIt's doing really well thanks for asking is cinco de mayo when we reflect upon the many five star recruits that have fled a and mMy coaches don't have to be on lockdown bc they are not idiots about to be #gigemcoupleofguys17I meant aggie I think it was both for sumblin OF a sudden as in "all of a sudden the wr coach at aggie went crazy on Twitter and they lost all their recruits" is like a piñata of stars I'm the stick.@CoachSumlin well at least you still have Mannie netherlyThanks you old texags but shouldn't #2 be Still punched wife u going for a infinity-peat of saying the same thing over and over hey sumblin look I wrote you this poem You lose all your qbs why.@CoachSumlin Twinkle twinkle littleIs this real on cue you old aggie of a & m Founded 1800 something 1939 Fake army of boys Added few girls 80s Cheating RC SEC Manzuel WRTS- present: TearsIt's a good thing you are just a fan and not an aggie coach this would look real bad for the program station looks like a sparkler w so many stars shooting out of it.@TexAgs can u update me on this just curious anyway hope ur good QBs transferring before they enrollThe forth what
He's my son you can't have him is that real hope you ordered the quinoa chicken protein broccoli delight's vacation we have to play Iowa steak every year
Whoa I'm like the mountain of charlie I guess you could say she Iowa Steaked the opposition ALL WE NEEDED LAST YEAR WE WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOCK are on fleek to the point of being lit Anthony
If anyone can make a crappier a and m it's a and m are talking like you want me to kill you like they just building a smaller crappier a and m across the street so they can feel superior to somebody do u know call my cell can a book be a movie are u talking about is this some type of food have no clue what you're even talking about foxes living in Leicestershire and whatnot don't know what RT love is I'm assuming it stands for Random Tramp love so no thanks I'm married old Holtron Hill came up to me today and was all hey coach I'm excited for this season and I was all how do you send a fax from twitterDo I tie it to the toothpick and the other end to an arrow and have an archer shoot it out there a type of tool you can use if you have a toothpick stuck in your teeth a toothpick pickHis name is Rico how good could he be
Whoever they are I am happy for them know he has a thick exoskeleton but Malik should really wear a helmet who wants to see a tennis stadium anyways is there to do in Chicago anyway I guess I could go see fenwayWhat have finally made it to the draft when does it start today love the late round actionYes're welcome Daje billie you are correct see its bc I recruited the Louisville ones and not the Mack brown country club ones
The football team didn't have any more unindicted players to draft most of the players are not well known I think it's safe to say the later rounds are more exclusive.@CoachSumlin how many of your Hassan ridgeways got drafted today yeah none.@DrOz I have been on a water cracker diet now for two weeks and am gaining so much weight why is this how is it possibleHave I moved to Canada and taken up curling and harvesting maple syrup no u sure he's yours Matt brown qualified not to go to a bowl so jokes on you lost count like a hundred bleed hushpuppies one bowl game we didn't make all oh look how many Alabama players are being drafted oooo so great yeah but hello they're all second rounders lol laugh at loudShould be called A to Z-ShawnNobody knows this is pretty fleek the category is rapes and cover ups I agree the intern I love you but you are a terrible intern
.@CoachSumlin do you have eyebrow stripes do you have a bluetooths no and noThis is great but then I will need two phones correct and also I don't even know how to work one you for my new professional profile picture. someone add a bluetooths in my ear on this profile photo make it look good remember recruits see this this is great I'm headed to radio shaq to get a bluetooths Charleston I am going to start wearing a bluetooths in my ear at all times you are my coolness advisor is this coolGoing to start wearing a bluetooths thing in my ear all the time that is a good lookThats basketball andy cheating getting away with stuffIt's tough to say baylor hid their dumpster but in bitcoins whatever those are do you remember that time you cheated I do it is all the time oh look it just happened again while I was typing this.@BUFootball how many of your rapists urr "football" "players" have been drafted just wondering anyway hope you're goodYes thank you bell biv and devoe's just your perception don't you special relativity blue see that there is your classic dimensional rift triple wormhole heart swallower slide that what u tell them