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.@BananaRepublic I hear your chinos are quality
I'm considering chinosAre you serious go aggie talking about somebody else embarrassing themselves you got more boy cheerleaders than qbs on the other hand he seems very committed get it committed because nation signing day on you I got a shorter podium on you guy we didn't go to a bowl I am sending you a spreadsheet of all my 2017 targets when do you think you can have their movies finishedIs this real are you alive
It's true you know that real you don't hold Hightower in as high esteem as I do guys see Christmas-Giles yearbook photo am having a XFL vhs watching party during the supra bowl be great if errbody could make itWell you refuse to be seen in the Pontiac grand Am so I mean already got a couple of those can you kick how long do you have 2017 recruits I have updated my grindr recruiting app please hit me upHey so I have tomatoes they don't grow all summer then boom fall a few grow and it freezes talk to me aggie don't like the sunlight shopping
Im all I love you water bottle am using the Catholic advent calendar they have more days than an American calendar 475 days until we get our revenge on notra dame.@CoachSumlin remember that time yesterday when that stuff happened I do.@TexAgs can you get the zika virus from making your own jamI would have to say the most squishy faced DL is that little old Southall train started a year ago long did it take you to make that including the time it took you to think of the idea well thanks for the tip Emily Dickson's like u are shakes pear's the official predator mayor of Austin're relevant enough for you to go telling everybody your feelings about us we are about cake cake filled with cake cakes't it be a t if it meant thousand maybe buy a calculator a cool million followers today all the way up to 21 million during #operation errbodySorry I couldn't hear you over all the rape don't normally like lists but when I do I like this list history pre rape coverup or post rape coverup
My final national signing day haiku Aggy tears Are better than yours Because they are SEC tears We got errbody Err Buh DeeWhat does that even mean that's impossible they run the state me at the slide farm look a and m placed higher than they ever have in the sec which sport please blacked out did we get everybodyJokes on you I had narcolepsy that game real funny guy making fun of narcoleptics @CoachSumlin do you guys remember that time next year when we get even more errbody I doThat's the company car is fake I drive a Pontiac grand am am multitasking really oh well yeah if maybe I show up to go sliding and the slide is closed for maintenance then yes definitely I do not eat pancakes Twelve did they get prosecutorial immunity or something can you build an aqueduct from college station to Austin for tear harvesting purposesFinally got to blog about @ChuckFnStrong, so prob gonna retire now
Retweeted by Chuck F'n StrongThat's aggie talk class was ranked in the 30s a day ago & people said we'd failed now we are top 10 what I'm trying to say is I drive the CHOO CHOO not uWhat sport are you talking about news man sir errbody part🎀 ⬇️ 🎀 ️⬇️ 🎀 ⬇️ 🎀 ⬇️ 🎀 ⬇️ 🎀 ⬇️ 🎀 ⬇️ ERRBODYπŸ”₯Harbaugh wanted to have sleeping times with my recruits but they said no coach we want to learn football not how to do pillow talk.@CoachJim4UM this is what happens harbargh when you make a Texas cake that looks like Africa with lighthouse on it Elliots seventeenth and final commitment is to TEXAS #ERBD #letsslide #suckitharbaughAll the fleek is lit quick we need to dab it outCombination of savvy chill Malik mock tees protein powder chia forearm veins and also not lying or hiding rapists am very sneaky was all Jordan who we going to get and he was all ERRRRRRRRRRBODY say Charlie how did u do it & I point over at my son Malik & he does this cute thing with his predator jaw & growls & shoots a laserSomebody* getting an extra scoop of protein in the old smoothie today *me1939 aggie is in which is good I've been chumming the water around college station for weeks #ERBD #letsslide.@CoachSumlin it happened again sumblin just now it was bad for youMy apologies you sound just like them was like a month ago so that's a long time sure my croots at Louisville put it on you at those pythons gotta keep em strong for snatching up croots
Retweeted by Chuck F'n StrongTwo rows of teeth and a nasty streak for a Scotsman is true It happened in real life that real does not look good I mean I take what I like to call tiger naps where I rest my eyes while my baby tigers do tiger things see a fin in the waterProbably something like Longhorns I walk through the athletics facilities all the doors just close by themselvesI'm at full periscopeChris Brown in and also ERRRRRRRBODYPage 2't you have WRTS t shirts to donate to tsunami relief areasπŸš‚πŸšƒπŸšƒπŸšƒπŸšƒπŸŽ…πŸΏπŸš‹πŸšƒπŸšƒπŸšƒ MERRY ERRRBODYMASKraken knows your soul is being crushed by fear and defeat look at that we already have the #1 class in the big 12 and I haven't even had my second breakfast yet
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