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Welp. Julian Assange turned down a large cache of documents related to the Russian government last summer
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRyan Madson going on DL with a sprained finger. Shawn Kelley activated. The hits keep on coming.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMore criminal charges for Debbie Wasserman Schultz's former IT staffer --including counts against his wife
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @svdate @BrentBozell Serious conservatives know he makes stuff up about some of us for his cheap low grade fundraising appeals. #sad @svdate @BrentBozell Yeah. probably shouldn't have taken bait since it probably will be used for fundraising. But h…"Study what Robb Stark did at the Battle of Whispering Wood! We didn't hear from the Lannisters for 35 years!"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDonald Trump today asked people to study the stories of Gen. Pershing. We did.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @BrentBozell Get your facts straight. You try so hard to invent controversies and the facts never back it up. Troll somewhere else @NoahCRothman It's our second topic on #MTPDaily. How do we get beyond this without his cooperation?Watch the reaction from never and skeptical Trumpers when she returns next month with her book. This tweet from Kat… died doing what he loved - muddling through umpteen-factor verification
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrump "is slip-sliding toward a crisis of legitimacy"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddKirchik against the call for resignations from Trump admin
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMe when I first joined twitter vs. me now
Retweeted by Chuck ToddYeah. I can understand the potential feel-good aspect of mass resignations, but c'mon.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis is going to setup quite the epic clash behind the scenes between McConnell and Trump over Senate GOP resources.
Bannon speaks
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhat's the chance this happens by accident with two people in this administration within weeks of each other?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJUST IN: Phoenix mayor calls for Pres. Trump to delay his plan to hold a rally in the city next week.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFirst dominant tackle at Miami at the start of the 80s domination knew you fell asleep with the TV on when you heard the National Anthem being played to officially mark the end… @pattijshea @Nationals @Dodgers I am struggling with this. Lifelong Dodger fan, but I worry the Nats window is soo… @adamvanho @Indians I will confess that if either NL team has to lose, let it be to the Indians. Love watching Tito and his boys.Roy Moore is the front runner to be the next us senator from Alabama and it's like the 10th most important political story of the day #trumpThank you #Nats and #Dodgers, of all years, to provide me the greatest baseball escape regular season in my lifetime. Now go get a ring!So what you're saying is that Monday's eclipse is group therapy for the nation? question my mother posed to me rhetorically today: why do you think we always implore folks to "never forget"Another evening of difficult parent-child conversations in my house last night. Been quite a few of these in the last year.Fun times for fellow Republicans @JeffFlake and @SenJohnMcCain !
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCurtis, on last year's presidential election: "I didn't vote for any of the candidates ... because none of them ha…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrump will "have to find a way to stitch the country back together again… I don’t know if he’s capable of that,”…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe Army doesn't tolerate racism, extremism, or hatred in our ranks. It's against our Values and everything we've stood for since 1775.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd
Strange down 9.7 pts, largest primary deficit an incumbent has overcome in runoff was 8.0 pts by Charles Culberson (D-TX) in 1922. #ALSen
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"What the hell is Brett Favre doing here?"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIt's Strange v Moore in #ALSen -- a six-week runoff as Dems ponder whether to help nominee Doug Jones.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLet us not repeat history with ambiguity when it matters the most.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSure, the cancer was aggressive. But the chemotherapy was also very aggressive. There was aggression on both sides
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThese are the talking points the White House sent out to Republicans in Congress tonight: "The President was entire…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe head of the NRCC. is a point that was very popular for decades in Soviet agit-prop attacks on America.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFrom the commandant of the Marine Corps:
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"What Trump did today is a moral disgrace" - Charles Krautammer on Fox News just now
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis isn't or shouldn't be a story about staff losing control. A POTUS shouldn't need to be micromanaged on what t… apolitical guy on Twitter. Never touches politics much. question for GOP today is "now what?"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe #WhiteSupremacy groups will see being assigned only 50% of blame as a win.We can not allow this old evil to be resurrected 6/6
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe organizers of events which inspired & led to #charlottesvilleterroristattack are 100% to blame for a number of reasons. 1/6
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @PaulBegala Call me Polly annish, but I always want to believe that folks will eventually do the right thing esp wh… it's Tuesday...President Trump doubles down on "many sides" Watch #MTPDaily next on @MSNBCThis is an important point. POTUS echoed talk radio sentiment though Rush et al were a tad more articulate. He thi… again, POTUS may be the most transparent president. For better or worse, we always know what he’s thinking.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWe go live to Mitch McConnell and congressional Republicans...
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWho knew condemning neo-Nazis could be so complicated
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMy initial reaction was simply: he didn't just say that that, did he? Today? Again? Seriously?Removing the Charlottesville Robert E. Lee Statue Is the Right Decision via @RichLowry
Retweeted by Chuck Todd
Whoa. These Nunberg threats against @DRUDGE over his coverage of Bannon
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe President of the United States attacks the CEO of a major American company for quitting a council in protest of…
Retweeted by Chuck Todd
NR’s editorial on Charlottesville. “Condemn the White Supremacists, Mr. President”
Retweeted by Chuck Todd“You can have the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, or you can have your ridiculous race cult.”
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSo, conservatives who say nothing, are guilty of assenting w/their silence. And conservatives who speak out are playing politics. #hackery
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis bit of history seems relevant today. It may also b the only time I agree with Jimmy Cater (read the full story)
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhen u are hurt HUSTLING in "meaningless game" in drizzle after 3-hr delay, maybe u deserve to catch a break. Harper/Nats/MLB/fans sure did.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd1947 anti-fascist video made by US military to teach citizens how to avoid falling for people like Trump is relevan…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI may be just a small-town political scientist, but you can't call for unity and then release this ad the next day.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe Targaryen Snow 2020 ticket is taking shape in #NewOrleans. #GOT
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhole thread from @Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle. Drive them out.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNice piece. Really well done Bill. senator on Trump: 'This is a time to lay blame' - CNNPolitics
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis seems like a highly significant exchange.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddA favorite JFK quote: "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.'
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTo say this is "tone deaf" timing is a vast understatement. to really lose the culture war? Unleash all of your "Yes, but" and "What about..." hot takes.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThank goodness!! Rest up Harper, we need you for THE RUN!! Nats GM Rizzo: No Ligament, Tendon Damage for Harper
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"The president doesn't draw red lines," McMaster on North Korea. #MTP
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAdm. Mike Mullen on North Korea: “I'm really concerned because I don’t know where this goes in terms of a peaceful solution." #MTP
Retweeted by Chuck ToddH.R. McMaster: When POTUS condemned hatred and bigory on all sides, that includes neo Nazis #MTPWhat can Pres. Trump do tomorrow? @RichLowry tells me: Give a 10 min speech that's written appropriately, says the right things #MTPMayor Signer: "This movement jumped the shark, and it happened yesterday." #MTPCharlottesville Mayor Signer tells me: "The healing has just begun here" #MTP