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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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.@SpeakerRyan invites @POTUS Obama to deliver his final #SOTU on January 12th.
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Quick preview of @meetthepress. For some of you, show starts in 3 minutes. For others, set that DVR now!This week's @meetthepress panel: @mitchellreports, @mollyesque, @hughhewitt, & @Eugene_Robinson. #IfItsSunday #MTPWhat should @POTUS Obama's next move be in the fight against ISIS? Fmr. Defense Secretary Bob Gates joins @meethepress to weigh in. #MTPIt's one of the most important GOP newspaper endorsements in the primary. The NH Union Leader's publisher will explain their choice on #MTP.How will @realDonaldTrump defend his remarks about an NYT reporter & controversial claims about 9/11? I'll ask him this morning. #MTPThe big question for @RealBenCarson this morning on @meetthepress: Will his trip to Jordan assuage concerns about his foreign policy chops?We've got 2 presidential candidates on @meetthepress this Sunday, @RealBenCarson from Jordan & @realDonaldTrump.
Great end of the year run by Miami. They didn't lose dumb games. Yes the UNC game was ugly but overall, I have hope! #GoCanesCoach Larry Scott is making a nice case for a full-time head coaching shot either at Miami or somewhere else. #GoCanesEither 3p or right after the Miami game ends! (Kidding, sort of) kudos to Coach Scott. This Miami team has nothing to "play for" but you wouldn't know it on the field. Such a difference #GoCanes
Thanksgiving, THE great American holiday.'s #WhyImThankful: Share your thanks w/ #WhyImThankful & #ShareKindness. Thanksgiving! Tell us what you are thankful for this year. #WhyImThankful #MTPDaily
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do this long enough and you realize "this changes everything" almost never proves true. "everything" turns out to be pretty resilient.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust got a release asking a question I didn't know existed: what does Willie Nelson think of Donald Trump? I didn't open itFormer Governor Ed Rendell wears bag on his head on TV after Eagles’ loss
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDid I read right that NFL Commish is worried about daily fantasy and integrity of the game? Please. Where would NFL be without point spreads
Hoping to channel our security concerns in the right direction. asking questions hat are counter to a growing CW is not ideological. Your issue may be that I'm NOT partisanPolitifact would rate this tweet True Sec. Johnson and NYPD @CommissBratton join me on #MTP to talk about countering terrorism here in the U.S.. #MTPOn #MTP this morning: Fighting #ISIS. @RichardEngel joins me to talk abt the issues surrounding getting a coalition together to defeat them.After a week of overheated rhetoric on the campaign trail @JohnKasich joins me to talk foreign policy on @meetthepress. #IfItsSunday #MTPWe've got a special edition of @meetthepress this morning: Fighting #ISIS. Joining me is fmr DOD Sec. Leon Panetta. basically the same order and percentages we had for the 10 days pre Paris@insunnyvale @meetthepress a South Park fan I see@Ali_my_champ @DMogahed @Deanofcomedy @meetthepress also today on the show is @TheMuslimGuy Arsalan Iftikhar.@Ali_my_champ @DMogahed @Deanofcomedy @meetthepress you must have missed Friday and my interview with @DMogahedLate add to the @meetthepress lineup: DHS Sec Jeh Johnson will be here to update on how serious to take the latest threats.
Always a good day when Urban Meyer and Ohio State lose. This Canes fan will always hold a grudge.@NPRinskeep I remember that switch as well. TV ads stuck to ACA I thinkThere are now clear signs that @realBenCarson​ is not holding up well under the spotlight.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddClinton campaign referencing "Obamacare" in TV ads. // Did Obama 2012 actually use "Obamacare" in TV ads?Get to know THIS political map of U.S. by @Dchinni. You'll be seeing more of it on @meetthepress Sunday and daily so used to Miami just "mailing it in" for last few games of each season these last few years that today is shocking! Tks Coach ScottWill be curious to hear what ex-DoD Sec/ex-CIA Dir. Panetta has to say about this on @meetthepress tmro. be the most complete half of football Miami has played all year. #GoCanes
This #MTPDaily convo btwn @chucktodd & @DMogahed about the current rhetoric around Islam is a must watch: #MTPDaily
Retweeted by Chuck Todd#IfItsFriday @chucktodd is answering your @facebook questions today at 3:30pm ET.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAccording to Pew, more Mexicans LEFT the U.S. than entered. blames media for spreading the "rabid dog" soundbite. govs blaming GOP Cong. leaders for the inability of GOP Govs to get traction in prez race. court case in January could dog Trump's campaign Nat'l Holocaust Museum decided to put out a statement on the Syrian refugee debate. Post dug up this TV ad for Bill Clinton's '76 AG race in AR, featuring Mr.and Mrs. Clinton They need to be asked on this one?Bush hits Trump for his Muslim database comments:
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI get the sense some campaigns are afraid to denounce Trump on these things anymore for fear it makes him stronger and them weakerSurprised by the silence so far of other candidates regarding Trump's call for a Muslim registry.@OldManRiver1800 @AVD911 @MOVEprofPHD @POTUS @MSNBC um, i didn't dismiss, actually FOCUSED on this issue
@PatrickRuffini @EsotericCD correct. IVR is a joke due to cell phone issue and well the fact that everyone hangs up on robotic voices!@PatrickRuffini @EsotericCD don't mix ivr and online. Deep dives via online panels can be very good. IVR, though, seems outdated#ISIS remains one of the wealthiest terrorist groups in the world. @AnaSwanson and I take a look at how the money flows, next on #MTPDaily.The House passes legislation that essentially halts #SyrianRefugees coming to America. @MacTXPress joins me next on @MSNBC. #MTPDaily1 hour to #MTPDaily: Malcolm Nance @MacTXPress @AnaSwanson fmr. Sen. George Mitchell @kasie join @chucktodd at 5pET on @MSNBC. #ParisAttacks
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@briankoppelman do u know how many times your tweet has been said about various Trump quotesNot quite sure what point @RealBenCarson trying make here with his analogy between refugees and rabid dogs.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@HooverMoose @NBCNewsPR @meetthepress That's the goal... mix it up; thank youHouse Dem leader Steve Israel hits WH for what's been bungled communication on refugee issue. Clinton surrogate trying to emphasize the one differentiator with POTUS agrees with Obama that U.S. shouldn't have sizable troop footprint in Syria/Iraq: "That is just not the smart move here"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSomeone heard Martin O'Malley's retort at her from last weekend's debate The Chuck! Tough talk from @chucktodd about proliferation of bad polls on latest @ThePollsters. Listen here:
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@BillyCorben @IndyStarSports @indystar what it really means is that a top notch coach makes a programMy biggest fear re next major terrorist attack in US: We fall apart as a nation. Divisive behavior of our "leaders" this week is foreboding
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@shawnmurry we waited before others so that we could put it in context with two real experts. Rather than hype it@chucktodd that was an awesomely informative segment with Leiter and Kohlmann. Good stuff, thanks
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe counterterrorism piece @chucktodd just did with Mike Leiter was one of the best pieces of journalism I've seen all week @meetthepress
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@peterscavo Evan and Leiter are pros' prosIf you were still governor right now, would you ask for a halt of #SyrianRefugees? That's what I'll ask Sen. @MarkWarner, next on #MTPDailyWH counter terrorism aide essentially argues that 90% of Syrian refugees are rejected entry into US. #MTPDaily.WH chief counter terrorism adviser Lisa Monaco reiterates that there is "no credible threat" to DC specifically nor anywhere in US #MTPDailyCIA Director John Brennan compares #ISIS to al Qaeda. White House counterterrorism advisor Lisa Monaco joins me next on @MSNBC. #MTPDailyPacked #MTPDaily on tap: exclusive first look at post-Paris public opinion on the battle against ISIS and terrorism. Tune in now #MSNBCDoug Flutie loses both parents on same day within an hour "They say you can die of a broken heart and I believe it""I'd Like to Add you to My Professional Network on LinkedIn"
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I'm no UNC water carrier, but they are getting hosed by CFB playoff poll. They are being given less benefit of doubt than other 1 loss tmsMore governors attempt to block #Syrianrefugees in the wake of #ParisAttacks. @GovMikeHuckabee joins me next on @MSNBC. #MTPDaily.@SenJohnMcCain says the #ParisAttacks should be a "wake up call" for America and @POTUS. I'll interview him next on #MTPDaily.10 minutes to #MTPDaily → @ianbremmer @SenJohnMcCain @GovMikeHuckabee @Sen_JoeManchin join @chucktodd at 5pET on @MSNBC. #ParisAttacks
Retweeted by Chuck ToddKasich would create a new gov't agency to promote Judeo-Christian values around the world. @McFaul 100%@McFaul Apparently, some of the oil ISIS has sold has ended up in Assad's hands...Has a Syrian plane ever bombed Raqqa? If not, why not?
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Raise high! Huge win for #GW. Hope that this isn't only storm the court worthy win this year.O'Malley campaign "reallocating" resources. Translation: cutting costs and some staff threatens to strike the U.S. I'll ask NYPD Chief of Counterterrorism James Waters how his city's stepping up security, next. #MTPDailyPresident Obama takes on detractors of his #ISIS strategy. @jiminhofe, a member of the Armed Services Committee, joins me next on #MTPDaily.@JohnJHarwood @YossiGestetner @BuzzFeedAndrew @matthewjdowd exactly. Remember. You get what you pay for. Good polls are costlyCondi Rice was with AL Gov. Bentley today talking about the refugee issue. She hopes we accept them, but pushing for a more hawkish response to ISIS. Feinstein is among the leading foreign policy voices in the Dem Party right nowThe CIA director says he thinks more Islamic State attacks are in the pipeline
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThat press conference was everything Obama's critics hate about him, and then, at the end, why his supporters are so loyal to him.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThere's no doubt POTUS is paying attention to his critics. That was a long riff about them"If I were more bellicose" -- POTUS just identified what may be his biggest perception problem in moments like this. But he isn't changing.This speech isn't going to inspire, but a lot of this is what you hear when you talk to career natsec folks.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAnonymous declares war on ISIS after Paris attacks in chilling video
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBut good chunk of Americans don't want an under reaction either. This is fine line POTUS is trying to walk politically and diplomatically
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