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Joining me this morning: @hardball_chris @mitchellreports @HallieJackson @hughhewitt. We’ll discuss tightening GOP race before NH primary.Tune into #MTP for my interview with @realDonaldTrump as we discuss the tightening GOP race between him, Cruz, and Rubio.I talked with @BernieSanders last night about his neck-in-neck race with Clinton, and what it will mean for him in New HampshireWe're live from New Hampshire this morning and we’ve got 3 candidates on the show today. Tune in. #MTP morning, I’ll talk with @HillaryClinton live on #MTP about her historically close win in Iowa and what it means for her in NH.Tune in for back-to-back interviews with @HillaryClinton and @BernieSanders, as the two battle it out for Democratic nomination.Just 2 days ahead of the NH primary and we’ve got 3 candidates on the show: @HillaryClinton @BernieSanders @realDonaldTrump #IfItsSundayWho won Thursday’s Dem debate? Will Rubio have a strong showing again in New Hampshire? Tune in as we discuss these Q’s and more.
What makes Rubio's performance even more perplexing, he seemed unprepared for the attacks even though it was telegraphed all weekChristie, Kasich and Bush are all having their best debate performances tonight. Is it too little too late or just in timeIf an alien came down and simply watched this debate, they'd never believe that Trump, Rubio and Cruz were the top three in the polls @Joe_Baggadonuts helps crate a noise cancellation atmosphere in a loud setting, like a live event with an audienceChristie right now, using Rubio's "Obama knows what he's doing" line, on the VA, was sharp. Still don't get the initial Rubio line anyway"As The New York Times said" is usually a phrase you avoid in a Republican debate @joelengel take a shot. That's fine, but at least quote me correctly.That was a tough first hour for Rubio. Christie was brutal against him. So far, that's the story.Halfway in, who still wants to take the bet that Rubio will surge over Trump and win NH?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThat was Christie's best anti-Rubio hit of the night. Tad more nuanced and yet just as tough. Re: immigrationThis debate is a bit herky jerky. Starts in on some interesting topics but then abruptly changes course.Don't know if Christie was helped with Rubio take down, but clearly Rubio was hurt during that exchange.Every candidate on that stage loving what Christie is doing to Rubio but there's a line between attacking and bullying.Christie is doing exactly what Bush, Trump, Cruz, and Kasich all want him to do to Rubio.The Biden quip was a tad odd.When your explaining.... Cruz is spending way too much time trying to rationalize what happened in Iowa.Carson doesn't duck the critique he has been making of Cruz all weekWhat sunk Tim Pawlenty: Making attacks he couldn't back up in a debate later. Cruz not willing to press the attack now?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCruz ducks chance to take on Trump. And Trump notices.
@MurrayKentucky @NBCNews my current favorite long sleeve tee. Never can have enough long sleeve tee shirts in winter @schuckster I've seen him. That doughy boy of 20 is a distant memoryNext on our special series "Making of a Candidate" I'll look at @JohnKasich's time as House Budget Chair. #MTPDaily't miss a second of #MTPDaily in NH. Both Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson with live interviews. Deep dives, new polls. Fresh analysisSo what really happened in Iowa? @RealBenCarson joins me here in Manchester, New Hampshire, next on @MSNBC. #MTPDailyKasich's SuperPAC has a buy in NV, has hired staff here. Right to Rise is attacking Kasich here. Am I missing Kasichmentum in NV? #wematter
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Watch tonight's @MSNBC #DemDebate with @chucktodd and Rachel @maddow online:
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@WhitlockJason @DanWetzel imagine what social media would have done to my beloved Miami Hurricanes. It was offensive then and it is nowAny day that Miami beats the Domers is a good day in my book! & Sanders will debate at this time tomorrow on @MSNBC Here's how to watch #DemDebate
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust 24 hours from now: the first one on one debate of this primary season. Clinton-Sanders. #MSNBC. Thursday at 9pE. See u then.@HillaryClinton and @BernieSanders face off tomorrow! Don't miss @MSNBC's #DemDebate:
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@RealBenCarson won't say @tedcruz won IA honestly. Carson goes on #MTPDaily demanding accountability. record @ChrisChristie prefers to run on. An #MTPDaily deep dive into Christie's time as USAtty. on #MTPDaily says because she won a delegate in IA, she should be on the NH debate stage."Some of my best friends are moderates"? Your Clinton-Sanders debate preview on #MTPDaily on #MTPDaily from Manchester, NH, @mattkatz00 joins me to examine @ChrisChristie's time as a U.S. Attorney. says he'll "probably" sue over @tedcruz's alleged “total voter fraud” in Iowa. We'll get into that next on #MTPDaily.Get ready for a special edition of #MTPDaily live from JDs Tavern in Manchester. Come on down and say hi if you want. Showtime in 38 mins
@HickmanPolls Jewish roots! @sissenberg @hunterw @StefanRingel you don't count john Kerry? @edatpost he will get one delegate.Iowa Dem official says it's not that they didn't have precinct chairs, it's that they can't get in touch with them. #notsurethatsbetter
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe three campaigns whose results lived up to their spin even in the face of media skepticism: Cruz Rubio and Sanders.Top Sanders grps: 17-29yo (84%) "Honest&trustworthy" (83%) "more liberal policies (76%) income inequality (61%) 1st time attendee (59%)Key Clinton grps: "Can win in Nov" (77%) 65+ (69%) "Cont Obama policies" (68%) Terrorism top issue (65%) Previous attendee (59%) Mod (58%)
Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Joe Biden's living room tonight.
Retweeted by Chuck Toddonce again, Bernie Sanders is set to have his day ruined by the 1%
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWinner.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@chucktodd @ElectProject correcting the error in Dallas County narrowed Clinton's lead by 6.76 state delegate equivalents
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @JoeLenski @ElectProject an error in Sanders favor?.@ElectProject there was a reporting error in Dallas County - too many state delegates were being reported and that has now been corrected.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSanders may have made the mistake Santorum made in 2012, not seizing the mic sooner to declare "success". Getting very late in the eastA "big sigh of relief" style of thank you to Iowa still means she stopped short of fully declaring victoryClinton has been careful not to actually declare victoryThe West Des Moines Sheraton is 0-3 in recent caucuses. 2008, was Romney's HQ. 2012, Perry's. 2016, Trump. Cc @AdvanceGuyNotes
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe Clintons are en route to their "victory" rally here in Des Moines, per an aide. Still too close to call.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGood night for Steve King, not such a good night for Terry Branstad
Retweeted by Chuck ToddKey groups won by Trump: 1st time caucus (31%) Immigration #1 issue (45%) "Tells it like it is" (67%) Decided before the last month (40%)Key groups won by Rubio: college grads (27%) most worried about jobs (30%) can win in November (43%) Decided in the last few days (29%)Key groups won by Cruz: Previous attendees (31%) Very conserv (43%) Evangelical (33%) Terrorism top worry (33%) "Shares my values" (37%)Wonder why Cruz is waiting so long to declare victory? Missed the east coast local news window (see NH and SC)WOW. #iacaucus
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWouldn't be surprised if there was a flood of endorsements for Rubio in the next week.This may be the closest IA Dem caucus result since 1988 when to this day, Simon campaign vets believe they were robbed by Gephardt.There is nothing in our models that backs up the Clinton campaign confidence that they won. They still might. But it is thiCsLoseTrump didn't say a negative thing about a single GOPer tonight. NotableIowa was must win for Cruz. NH is now must win for Trump.Trump plans to take the stage after Rubio finishes. Big test for him. How does he handle losing.Still, that's a lot of money Team Bush spent for what could be just one delegate in Iowa.Our initial delegate allocation estimates for GOP indicate that even Bush might get one delegate based on IA allocation system.Rubio campaign very savvy to claim the first "victory" speech slot of the nightHow a candidate handles a concession speech on a night like this will tell us about their staying power.Clinton source gloating: Sanders got turnout he needed and yet they believe she won. Too close for us to call just yet.Official. NBC has called it for Cruz.We have 97% of GOP vote in. Cruz up 28-24 over Trump. But Rubio is just 2200 votes behind Trump and is at 23%Only drama left on GOP side is whether Rubio catches Trump for second. Now that's a surprise.Rubio is the new buzz, but 63% of GOP Iowans (right now) still voting for anti-establishment Cruz, Carson and Trump
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMy "I have no idea who's going to win" prediction looking pretty good right now
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @StuPolitics hopefully folks will realize. That they need 40 pound bags of salt with their resultsOn the Dem side, best news Clinton got was that Q poll showing Sanders ahead because if she wins then she survived. Win is a winIf this holds on GOP side, then Cruz shows he could take a punch. Rubio has the spark he needed and Trump now faces a must win in NHMy pollster pals will love this nugget: Cruz winning "very conservatives" Rubio winning "somewhat conservatives" Trump winning "moderates"Rubio and Sanders won the late deciders according to entrance pollsUpdated entrance poll indicates GOP electorate has gotten slightly more conservative. Good news for Cruz @Jamesthesnake the "very conservative" number is down 10 points from 2012As of 8pmET, @NBCNews characterizes Democratic and GOP Iowa caucuses as too early to call. #Decision2016
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSanders wants a more liberal electorate and Trump needs a less conservative electorate. Both getting what they need. So farDem electorate is more than 10 points more liberal than 2008. The GOP electorate is nearly 10 points less on the "very conservative" frontWord of warning on entrance polls, they are useful for finding out who is showing up, first timers etc. But the horse race is not bankable @joek1228 @KatyTurNBC @JasonCalabretta @HallieJackson @kwelkernbc @kasie @mitchellreports we were only missing Paul Linn in center squareHere are 11 counties I'm watching tonight and why
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHow many campaigns know if all their precinct captains have checked in by now?
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