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Amazing amount of work to influence a party he still doesn't even belong to
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis morning on #MTP: New DNC Chair Tom Perez Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO)
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Tomorrow on #MTP: New DNC chair @TomPerez joins me.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTomorrow on #MTP: New DNC chair @TomPerez joins me.Under @CanesCoachL, @CanesHoops is 3-1 vs Duke teams ranked in the Top 10. #MustSeeACC (h/t @ESPNStatsInfo)
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI wouldn't say the DNC race was a Clinton/Sanders proxy... but Clinton won 54.5% of pledged delegates. Perez won 54.0% of vote in DNC race.
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H.R. McMaster tells staff that the term "radical Islamic terrorism" is not useful.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWATCH: Chuck Todd explains why denying reporters White House access is a short-sighted strategy that only plays to…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI addressed the latest WH generated media mess today during my Facebook Q&A.
Is the secretary of state being sidelined? @sbg1 discusses Tillerson's path forward with @chucktodd:
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWatch our full CPAC recap and conversation with @davidfrum on #MTPDaily:
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“There is no place in America for hatred or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-Semitism,” Pence says at vandaliz…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMarriage license in hand! No turning back now. Thanks Philadelphia City Hall for making this…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIn the latest 1947 Podcast @tombrokaw tells @chucktodd the story behind Nixon's offer to be White House Press Secy.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrying to make state legislative sessions cool again? FL is trying. (apologies in advance for annoying 30sec ad rollHey, little one, you're not the *only* good reason to wake up early!! 💕I'm headed back to @TODAYshow March 3! Excit…
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Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe price of being a "provocateur" is provoking people.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFrom #MTPDaily: @mashagessen on "Whataboutism"
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @jpodhoretz @mckaycoppins it's time for a president who decides Camp David would be the perfect place for a weekend paintball tournamentWhat's So Scary About This Swedish City?
From trade to the jobless numbers, the Trump administration is weighing measurement changes to bolster its case.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddVideo: #CPAC keynote speaker Milo disparaging Jews, calling himself "alt-right" and endorsing for the legalization…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPrevious tweet was from an 1899 letter from Mr. Jefferson to William Green Munford (1799).
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPrevious tweet was in an 1804 letter from Jefferson to John Tyler. It was abridged here.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"The most effectual [avenue to truth] is freedom of the press. It is...the first shut up by those who fear investigation of their actions."
Retweeted by Chuck Todd1/ Wonderful to see so many quoting Mr. Jefferson on freedom of the press. But I also like a couple of relevant TJ citations not being used.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAs Sunday afternoon arrives, think about this. It's the last Sunday without a baseball...
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGoodbye CPAC. You’re Now Dead To Me @josh_hammer
Retweeted by Chuck Todd'That's how dictators get started': @SenJohnMcCain defends the free press in exclusive @MeetThePress interview
Retweeted by Chuck Todd'That's How Dictators Get Started': @SenJohnMcCain McCain Defends the Free Press on tomorrow's @MeetThePress
Retweeted by Chuck ToddToday at the #PostGame bar: @amyewalter & @hughhewitt talk fake news and national security with our @jordanjfrasier
Retweeted by Chuck Todd.@SalenaZito with such an important point just now on @ReliableSources: decline of local news has broken bond between reporters and the ppl
Retweeted by Chuck ToddRocking the @MeetthePress mug this morn part of the #mtpmugswap. @chucktodd should have the News5 mug later today
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis morning we swapped mugs with @KOAA, our NBC friends in the Rocky Mountain west Good morning, Colorado Springs!…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis morning on #MTP: @SenJohnMcCain, @Reince & Leon Panetta
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This continues to be the most clear-eyed thing written on Trump vs. the media, and the media's bewildered response
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Not our proudest moment.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAmerican Presidents don't brand any fellow Americans as enemies of the state. This includes journalists. Unacceptable and un American.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @lrozen @tomricks1 a Johnny paycheck reference. Some serious old school countryThis is a great time to be a reporter. Seriously. Maybe the best time of all.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrump now at 38% in Gallup. Not even a month in. That's unreal....
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI love that part of the 1st Amendment that declares the press the enemy of the American people. #TrumpsAmerica
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPutin's first target was the free press, after he was criticized over Kursk submarine disaster. Called press traitors, persecuted owners.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIt's not just inappropriate for President Trump to call the US media "the enemy of the American people," it's unAmerican.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHere's @chucktodd's full interview with the leader of the AFL-CIO: #MTPDaily
Retweeted by Chuck ToddUm would hope that our leaders would never believe that any American desires to make another American an enemy. Let's dial it back.That was an F draft for the Dodgers, not 1 pick worked out, in very strong draft year. Reed picked right ahead of C…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHere's our #FirstRead review of Trump's first month from @chucktodd, @CarrieNBCNews & @mmurraypolitics.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSpring. Has. Sprung.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAfter the election, I took an 80-day break from Twitter. Try it for two weeks. It helps.
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Chuck Todd to Trump: "Make it clear that not only are you not anti-Semitic, but that you reject people who are, eve…
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @Buck then again, that's a daily deal these days in DCHey @Buck, I keep hearing you dad's famous radio call of The Gibson World Series homer in my head today. "I don't believe what I just saw"Press bashing may feel good to folks but when it's done by people in power, it's corrosive. Take off your partisan hats for a second @JoeConchaTV this is about people in power using a bully pulpit to do this. There's a HUGE difference. You know that I'm sure.Who on the WH staff has the guts to tell him this may not be the presser that will calm the waters on Cap Hill with nervous GOPers?On paper, considering nervousness spreading among Cap Hill GOPers, WH needed a command and control moment. But as… is among the most circularly odd explanations on Russia right now that he's come up with yet. @jpodhoretz as @jmartNYT is fond of saying, Trump is culturally stuck in 1985+1
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis not a laughing matter. I'm sorry, delegitimizing the press is unAmericanNew Jersey judge: Bridge case against Chris Christie can proceed
Retweeted by Chuck ToddREPORTER: "Can you say nobody on your team was dealing with the Russians?" TRUMP: "Well, I had nothing to do with it."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAm always surprised at how long @realDonaldTrump stays on Russia as a story while trying to debunk it. Over explaining is an understatementIs it Festivus already? A lot of grievances are being airedGoing to be a long day for @PolitiFact and @GlennKesslerWPEvery time I think I've seen it all...They've decided to dig the bunker deeper rather than try and climb out. It's a strategy, but one that may only divide more.
Watch the full #MTPDaily interview with @ChrisCoons here:
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIn which the American president accuses his own intelligence services of conspiring against him:
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"Sir, people are increasingly nervous about our competency." "Tweetstorm?" "No, we have to..." "Tweetstorm?" "No sir..." "Tweeting now."
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Congrats to new @NBCNews Int'l pres @deborahturness & to @NoahOppenheim, new network pres. Always exciting when a news division EXPANDS!Reporters covering the White House who fail to ask the president about the most pressing news of the day should be ashamed of themselves.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddImagine falling asleep in 2005, walking up today, and seeing this story.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe House Intel Chair appears more troubled by the process than the substance @MeetThePress with @ChuckTodd is the #1 most-watched Sunday show across the board for the 4th straight wee…
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