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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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We reached out to all female U.S. senators, asking if any had #MeToo stories they were comfortable sharing. Those stories are next on #MTP..@SenSchumer calls on @SenateMajLdr to put Alexander/Murray on the floor this week #MTP"Mr. President, go after Russia because they're coming after us," @LindseyGrahamSC's message to @realDonaldTrump #MTP"They were there to defend allies," @LindseyGrahamSC tells me on the ambush in Niger #MTPWe've got a great panel for you on #MTP this morning: @tomfriedman, @dpletka, @helenecooper, & @costareportsBusy morning coming up on @MeetThePress: I'll talk to @LindseyGrahamSC & @SenSchumer live
Cardiac #Canes do it again. That score was closer than the game. Offense needs to finish drives. Too many drops. On to Chapel HillThere's are entire NBC and Fox channels devoted to nothing but this.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @JonahNRO I prefer your special split infinitives editions.What the G-File lacks in excessive jocularity it makes up for in tasteful use of gerunds.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNew film claims to have solved Jim Thompson mystery
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@DougFitzgerald5 I sure hope both teams win out before we play! Sets up a meaningful gameNEVER!!!! @2NinerSavoy I’m tired of being a year away from being a year away. I actually think we have the talent to buck th… @TheStateOfTheU And more importantly, Miami hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt yet. Until Miami wins the ACC o… agree. Miami isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt yet. That’s ok with me, should be good motivating tool…! The guy who broke KFC's Twitter secret is from Sioux Falls.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAnd if not Dusty, who? Setting quite the high bar for next manager. So World Series or fired? Is that the bar? Good luck with thatJust gonna say it: sorry to see Dusty go. I think he was judged based on his track record with other teams, not this one. Deserves better
So great to see an all time franchise finally get back to the World Series. Back where blue belongs. #DodgersTarantino on Weinstein: ‘I Knew Enough to Do More Than I Did’
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhen did Ronald McDonald become an American superhero? Notice him next to bizarro Superman? cool not to retweet>>
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe McCain & Bush 43 speeches this week are a really big deal. Both warn of urgent threats to freedom & democracy
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrump hat is a religious symbol, says man suing bar for discrimination
Retweeted by Chuck ToddKind of striking that an American political figure saying this in a speech is such big news. =>
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTime to compete once again in Hard Rock! Cane Walk 2:30! Kickoff at3:30! For those about Rock, We salute YOU! U Family!
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Part of a fascinating tweet storm over all. Worth your time senator from Colorado (and chair of the party's Senate) campaign arm --->
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This is wild.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFinally, a true outside the Beltway candidate.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddSen. @timkaine tells me he will work to make the Alexander-Murray health bill happen #MTPDailyIf it's the president propping up Obamacare? #MTPDaily starts now
@WillieGeist @Sw0rdf1sh #truth“Almost everything I own is gone. My bed, my bike, my clothes, my flight attendant uniforms.”
Retweeted by Chuck Toddif to kill a mockingbird makes you uncomfortable you should probably be reading to kill a mockingbird.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"War on Christmas" creep. Can't we wait until after the "War on Halloween" is ends before starting a new one?
Joe Maddon pulled a Buck Showalter in Game 2. Can’t have a 1-1 game and lose without using Wade Davis. John Lackey = Ubaldo Jimenez.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGiants leading Broncos 17-3 at half means nobody knows anything about the @NFL anymore. #SNF
Retweeted by Chuck ToddGreat start. @chrisfallica I like it Bear. You're salty today. The 🙌🏻learning how to win the close ones, finally. Each week an adventure though!
Retweeted by Chuck Toddflagging for @jonfavs: Pelosi, asked if Dems would shut govt for CSR payments, said: “well, we're not about closing down government."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOk. For those looking for weird betting trend lines. Nikki Haley on Iran deal: "I think right now you are going to see us stay in"
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWill @JohnKasich run for president in 2020? He tells me he doesn't know what he's doing tomorrow #MTP.@JohnKasich tells me: "I'm optimistic that I can move the party in a direction that will be positive" #MTP"It's a shame on everybody. And who gets hurt? People." -- @JohnKasich tells me on how Washington DC is handling health care #MTPI asked @nikkihaley if Pres. Trump has full confidence in Sec. of State Tillerson: "Yes he does, yes he does." #MTP“The whole reason we’re looking at this Iran agreement is because of North Korea,” Amb. @NikkiHaley on #MTP.@NikkiHaley: “The goal at the end of the day is to hold Iran accountable.” #MTP“The international community acts like it’s too big to fail,” @NikkiHaley tells me on the Iran deal. #MTPMissing Key West sign has been found — 300 miles away
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLooking forward to a great discussion with our #MTP panel: @kasie, @KimStrassel, @hmcghee, & @danbalzBig #MTP coming up this morning. I'll speak to UN Amb. @nikkihaley, as well as Ohio Gov. @JohnKasich. Join us on a busy Sunday morning.
BC with a "And you thought we were the problematic school in ACC expansion?" victory right there
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDoes a person who believes in democracy and the rule of law utter this? @ajjaffe I hope you got that quote on camera.
.@ChuckTodd is obsessed with the idea that sometimes, we can have too much of a good thing... even when it comes to…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis passage in the NCAA report shows you how low UNC was willing to go in its defense strategy. A secretary gradin…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLooking forward to #TwoPaths straight talk when @JohnKasich appears on @MeetThePress with @chucktodd this Sunday. Health care, Iran, etc.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust checked the forecast for tomorrow. Looks like another beautiful day in Paradise!! See you at Hard Rock Stadium! 3:30 kickoff! U Family!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWashington D.C.'s streak without a conference title goes back to 1998, the longest active streak in sports.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAlready seeing Nats-fan BS about "great season". No, you can't do that - can't accept that. You have to be tougher, harder on your teams.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe 1983 Bullets' top off-season priority was acquiring a 50-year-old guy with more bandages on his knees than a go…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOf course, the way the Nats played tonight they might well have found another way to blow it. But this still sucks for them.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCan't believe this adds to the #Nats lore.. 4 seasons 95+ wins in last 6 years. Not one post-season series win.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBtw, the Expos were just as cursed. See 94 and the cancelled season when they had the best team in baseball and the 81 loss to the DodgersSay folks trying to rationalize losing. How much more character do the Nats need? men LOB. Let that sink in. #NatsHey @JohnWall. We're depending on you now. #DCSports #ConferenceFinal
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe Nats were too good this season to blow the deciding game with so many dumb and absent-minded mistakes. Dropped balls, pickoffs, awful.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe 4 largest cities advance to the NL/ALCS
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @JohnFeehery @benpershing Or throwThere is no joy in the swamp as mighty Bryce has struck out.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJust tried to tell my 10yo that losing like this will only make an eventual playoff run feel that much better. Welcome to fandom sonAnd so the DC sports curse continues. I know the country hates Washington but let’s have sports sympathy. What 4-sport town has it worse?This Game 5 could not have gone better for the Dodgers, both Cubs and Nats have spent pitching staffsMLB owes the Nats an apology for the horrendous review decisions. Two highly questionable reviews potentially alter outcome of Game 5.