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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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Best summation of the internal Obama admin Syria/Assad debate. Kerry and Powers want to stay involved v WH/NSC. Brooks makes case that Clinton's TPP flip, while helpful short term, could do long term "trust" damage. like the RGA is now taking the LAGOV race more seriously and realizes Vitter is vulnerable in a runoff. Ryan is revising Groucho Marx: "I do t want to be the leader of any club that wants me to be its leader.'
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At my daughter's middle school for parent-teacher conference and I find this campaign poster for 8th grade prez I use titles or "mr" and "ms" for just about every interview. And if I don't then it is an error
This glorious weirdo—known as a sofa shark, was found off the Scottish coast
Retweeted by Chuck ToddLast night, just one game between Astros-Yankees was enough. No need to see a rematch. But tonight? One game won't do Cubs-Pirates justice@RyanLizza and now every GOP candidate has her book, free of charge, thanks to the campaign's earlier stunt this week.Good grief, the architect of "the pivot to Asia" opposes TPP? In her book she praised the deal!
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@eldond @ctsotsoros I find it amusing that u view the observation as a positive. Truly bizarre@KenInSoo save your rage for someone else. I'm making an observation, period. Don't let someone else try and claim some conspiracy theoryFreedom Caucus goes with a guy who might be drawn into an unwinnable district. Might not even be in the House in '17
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@RyanKoncar @meetthepress I even had a bill belichik reference today@ctsotsoros it is called an observation.@HylianTom there have been a lot of odd variances in their party ID splits this cycle.Clinton tried consistency with Iraq vote in 2008 and that didn't turn out well. So maybe that was among lessons learned for TPP and labor@rolling_2 correct. Easier to be against. There isn't a strong organized pro-trade constituency in either party right nowCan someone state with confidence that TPP can get through this Congress? Seems like both parties have bases singing the anti-trade bluesAt this time I'm opposed to the outcome of the Redskins-Falcons game based on what I know so far but I'm also reserving judgement.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddComing out against TPP has all the trappings of Clinton trying to placate labor and keep them from endorsing SandersForeign policy analysts have called the Asia pivot, with #TPP at center, as H. Clinton's best legacy at State
Retweeted by Chuck ToddClinton stipulated multiple times she's opposing TPP based on what she knows as of now & not having read full deal
Retweeted by Chuck Todd30 minutes to #MTPDaily → @HallieJackson @KatyTurNBC @kwelkernbc @jordanjfrasier in the #pressbox at 5pET on @MSNBC! hour to #MTPDaily → @ChrisMurphyCT @LukeRussert @RepPaulRyan @MargieOmero and @KSoltisAnderson join me at 5pET/4pCT on @MSNBC!Speaker Boehner will be on Jimmy Fallon tmro, same night as Cee Lo Green. Bet Boehner would like a certain Cee Lo song as his walk out musicSome questions about whether Rubio is doing enough in Iowa. From embeds @VaughnHillyard and @DannyEFreeman understand the divide on guns, read this terrific @Dchinni piece. has used "MyFace" "InstaFace" and "YearBook" as social media things he thinks exist. Now "SnapFace." Maybe his best yet.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddMost sane sentence ever uttered.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@jeremyadavis @theskimm Read it every day!California may be the third strongest state for Sanders (at least based on polls I've seen). this is one harsh primary ad. Primary foe to GOP Rep. Ellmers (NC) "Over the top" doesn't begin to describe. done intro spot for the VP by the Draft Biden SuperPAC. Bush in Skimm today: "I’m an introvert. Introverts have a huge advantage over extroverts. We can create a mission and we can act on it."
Just 6 mins until #MTPDaily. Congress v fantasy football. Hillary v Biden. Russia v Turkey. And the POTUS cand you haven't heard of yet.Back in the hospital. Being old sucks.
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Thank you @SteveKornacki for a great Monday kickoff to the MTP Daily week. Welcome to the team. See you Tuesday.@DickieV @JohnetteHoward @espnmikes many great coaches have been fired. It's what you learn from the experience that sets up the great onesIf Biden runs, he won't have a clear path to the nomination—could face a tougher road than Hillary on key issues:
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe likely final four for college football is about as obvious as figuring out who the GOP nominee is going to be in 2016. Changes weekly
Joe Philbin continues to be the best thing going for Al Golden in Miami. The Canes players like their coach. Can same be said for Phins?I sat down for an interview w/ @PPFA Pres. @CecileRichards to talk abt the politics of Planned Parenthood. Watch: @NBCNews @WSJ @maristpoll Polls: #Trump Still Leads in IA and NH, But Loses Ground
Retweeted by Chuck ToddComing Up: Fmr. Nat. Security Advisor Stephen Hadley & fmr. US Amb. to Russia Michael @McFaul join me on #MTP to talk #Russia & #Syria.Joining me this Sunday on the #MTP panel are: @TheBlazeHotList, @RuthMarcus, @RichLowry & @MarkLeibovich. this morning I’ve got NEW @NBCNews, @maristpoll, @WSJ numbers from Iowa & NH. Tune into @meetthepress to see the results.Welcome to Sunday: This morning watch my face-to-face interview with @realDonaldTrump on @meetthepress.
From Saving Private Ryan to Interstellar to The Martian, America has spent a ridiculous amount of money to retrieve Matt Damon.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAt least he draws the line on goats.
@AlexDonno @560WQAM @CanesFootball don't want to hurt recruiting. So trying to cut back the whining. But. Ugh@560WQAM @AlexDonno @CanesFootball I need to hear the pain. Listening on app@AlCardenasFL_DC @Manny_Navarro @BillyCorben Miami has more players on NFL rosters than any other school. And yet? Answer is obvious@pentastich @JamilSmith I was surprised by the answer. She implied smaller departments would have hard time complying.@capitalweather @erinruberry good to know.@amychozick all about Biden@briankoppelman whether Henley or walsh solos or Eagles, I somehow know all the lyrics. And I can't explain. Not a desert island band for me@briankoppelman I have this theory that we are all born knowing the words to most Eagles songs whether we like them or notEvolution of cone #Joaquin
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@erinruberry @capitalweather this is a dumb stat for so many reasons, the biggest: they hurricane center ONLY used female names for yearsAs #UM heads to #FSU keep this in mind: Canes are 4-7 vs. ranked teams under Golden (when game is played), 0-12 vs. teams who finish ranked
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Manny_Navarro @BillyCorben this is exactly how I feel now. I'm tired of complaining. Tired of caring as much as I do. Wish UM cared as muchSecret Service director revises account of his role in leak case
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@carldemaio @FlashReport Allan was one of the great gentlemen in California politics. Was always a joy to work and talk with him.Very sad. RT @FlashReport: Allan Hoffenblum noted CA political analyst who started CA Target Book passed away in his sleep last event. RIP.
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What's left to say about how Miami consistently stays inconsistent. #GoCanesMiami is THIS unprepared after a bye week? Wow.WATCH LIVE: @chucktodd interviews @LorettaLynch at @Atlantic_LIVE #ideasforum
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She is right #DMB
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOn the campaign 2016 front: we have Martin O'Malley on the show plus the latest on $$$ and Cruz v Paul. @meetthepress Daily starts nowWe are minutes away from MTP Daily. What is Russia up to? Reports from across the field. And reaction from Rhodes, Powell and CorkerCFO @JeffAtwater says friends constantly asking him about US Senate. "We won’t rule that out."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhen is a status quo result interesting? SC Gov Haley overall job rating unchanged even support from GOPers falls. Donna Shalala, head of Clinton foundation, suffers stroke
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@FHQ somebody has to go first and it should be a small stateBoth nomination reform plans were killed at the natl convention by nominees who won under the current system. Food for thought.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JoshuaOehler @mattyglesias clarified this on yesterday's show, noted rhetoric vs reality with him3 mins to our first MTPDaily from our DC HQs. Breaking news out of Afghanistan. Planned Parenthood fight. New 2016 ad spending & a lot more@RichardEngel two Emmys yesterday and the award of a lifetime today Mazel Tov. Enjoy fatherhood, the greatest title you'll ever havecouldn't be happier to welcome our baby boy. mom and baby both well. so excited for his, and our, adventure.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@nickconfessore fwiw, tossing out your financial requirement, virginia is the closest match right now to nation I think.@RalstonReports @nickconfessore um, both states have legalized some great vices.@RalstonReports @nickconfessore colorado's demos more reflective than Nevada imo@nickconfessore colorado perhaps?WTOP tops DC radio ratings for month of SEPT. More DCRTV
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNot me! Don't start rumor!
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@whitecollarstl Boehner is more likely to choke Cruz before Pelosi@DavidMDrucker so Dan Snyder is to blame for all of this? Dysfunctional patient zero?Viable argument that it's actually Redskins dysfunction has spread to govt & other sports franchises.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhy has the disease of Washington dysfunction infected every Washington sports franchise? Can we blame this on Congress and the WH too?One thing I'm watching in next three months: is there a large number of GOP retirements from the Boehner ally caucus11-term @RepEdWhitfield will not seek re-election. See who else is leaving Congress on our Casualty List:
Retweeted by Chuck Toddif you had to choose: a leader with integrity whose policies you opposed, or a leader without integrity whose policies you were for?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis latest weather forecast talked about a "tropical infusion" for the N.E.... I bet a "tropical infusion" would also be a great cocktailPossibility of debt limit, highway fund, export-import in Oct comes down to how much McConnell can do & how much Boehner wil push colleagues
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNBC/WSJ Poll: GOP is in a different place on abortion, gay rights, race than Dems/indies/rest of country
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Legendary Dog at Packers Games: Foot long hot dog w/smoked brisket, pulled pork, cheese sauce & fried onions
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@EBJunkies @chasehughesCSN not a good save. Ugh.whew... nice save
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPerhaps it isn't surprising but the strongest candidate for the WH is not in the race. More on @NBCNightlyNews and our new NBC/WSJ poll
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