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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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I hate the use of "street fighter" to describe political people. thats literally the opposite of a goldman sachs investment banker
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe one way @realDonaldTrump's shake-up makes sense via @NBCFirstRead. #MTPDaily
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFor months, many believed "extension" excuse would be how Trump would avoid disclosure. Instead. Sanders Sanders made it through his entire presidential campaign without having to disclose his personal finances.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTo: @POTUS From: @theadvocatebr Subj: Hurting Louisiana needs you, Mr. President Editorial:
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Couple wks ago, Trump aide told me DJT was frustrated w Manafort but wouldn't fire him. Would layer somebody on top of him & see if he quit.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddExclusively pandering to narrow but deep constituencies is: *bad for representative govt & *bad for civil discourse but *a huge money-maker.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFor those asking, I RT @virginianpilot tweet because you rarely see a major paper do that kind of headline editorializing @luriethereal @virginianpilot @kerrydougherty pretty astounding tweet from a major newspaper. Rarely see thatFrom @kerrydougherty: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe throws tantrum over Supreme Court's vote restoration decision
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJudge Wapner is turning 97 in November and has been married for 70 years. Pretty good.
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Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt agree to 100m exhibition race in muddy swamp
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOMG 😱 I just met Al Michaels. His famous line "do you believe in miracles" was a HUGE inspiration to me as a kid!
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"Do you think the FBI notes will leak?" "Yes. Of course they will. They could have just left them on the sidewalk and saved everyone time.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @TheJoyfulMan shoot first, get facts later and assume the worst of everyone! Thanks for making Twitter what it is @DickYoungsGhost @ABC @CNN @FoxNews don't forget Agronsky @chucktodd no question about it; many people have no recollection of that show or the culture of political debate that it created
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @TheJoyfulMan huh? You clearly didn't watch the show or you would have understood the tweet @chucktodd Gotta love his "bye-bye."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddJohn McLaughlin's legacy and influence can be seen on at least five cable channels daily. He changed political TV. Right? or WRONG!!?? RIPEvan McMullin (I) missed the deadline to qualify for CA ballot & Jill Stein (G) bounced from GA ballot for insufficient signatures.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddQuit now. It's never going to get better than this headline and lede.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe point is that when your nominee is at 32 percent in Colorado, this is the appropriate reaction -->
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIf you're a small, rich country, you can buy an Olympic medal:
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Fmr Secy George P. Shultz, editor of a new book offering blueprint for governing America, quips of a Trump Admin: “God help us.” #HooverOTB
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHunter S Thompson's widow has returned a pair of antlers he stole from Hemingway
Retweeted by Chuck ToddEt tu? Then again, this Caesar isn't that surprised is he
THIS should be fun.
@briankoppelman don't use safari. That's step one.
In the control room, listening to Trump on an extended riff about how the media never covers Clinton...
Retweeted by Chuck ToddYet the conservative media acts as if he is a widely hated pariah. Creates huge messaging disconnect w swing voters
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPathetic loser. Doesn't understand sarcasm. Sad!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBiggest drivers of income for Cinton's in '15: Bill speeches: $5.3M HRC speeches: $1.5M HRC book: $3M Bill consulting: $1.7M
Retweeted by Chuck Todd'Applebee's Saved My Life': A Franchise Owner Gives Former Inmates A Second Chance
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFact teams and MLB teams are already doing this. It's annoying for sports fans, it's an unsettling trend for politics
America doesn't win anymore? @Rio2016
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In new @maristpoll @HillaryClinton polling poorly with #millennials: in 4-way, just 36% OH, 39% PA, 23% IA-third there behind Trump/Johnson!
Retweeted by Chuck ToddA man among men. A gracious, bright, funny man who didn't need any of it to be about him. A solid journalist. RIP @espn John Saunders.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrump has left GOP with no place to go.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe dilemma for Republicans on ballot in 16: Anyone who CROSSES Trump sees their support w/in party collapse
Retweeted by Chuck ToddReminder of what "Presidential" look like. George H. Bush letter to Bill Clinton on inauguration in 1993:
Retweeted by Chuck Todd10 years ago: A 9-year-old named Katie Ledecky gets an autograph from Michael Phelps (Credit: Ledecky Family)
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrump, 2016: Make controversial comment --> spark outraged reactions --> refuse to acknowledge words, blame media
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Columbus #walmartmoms focus group of 10 has 3 Trump voters but 6 Portman voters. Most say doesnt matter what Portman thinks about Trump
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis is more surprising re: Lieberman because of how close the Clintons and Lieberman were when at Yale together."What he meant by..." -- a phrase Trump surrogates have gotten used to using.This will likely be worth your time. Smart longtime GOP veteran strategist who does NOT carry the DC stench
#DataDownload: @chucktodd takes a deep dive into the latest NBC/WSJ poll numbers showing Clinton with a 9 point lead
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOn today’s #DataDownload, I take a closer look at the numbers in our NBC/WSJ poll and what is behind Clinton’s 9 pt advantage #MTP.@AlexvWESH & @meetthepress @chucktodd show off their mugs for #MTPMugSwap! #MTP
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis week, our #MTPmugswap is with @WESH, the NBC affil where my mom watches #MTP! @AlexvWESH @WESH2Sunrise on #MTP: My interview with Clinton's running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine. Tune in.
It indeed was the old NBAonNBC theme song that #NBCSports is using. Here's the proof that the old NBAonNBC theme song for the start of TeamUSA hoops opener?Ya know, it's table tennis. And I think foosball is a better game to add to the winter games. Call it "table hockey" @MattMackowiak @briankoppelman @MarkHalperin @CountingCrows brian is a terrific interviewer. Not a bad filmmaker and show creator eitherThis year is so bizarre that the lead story in NYT today is: the GOP prez candidate endorses the Speaker and Sen. McCain. And that's news.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDue to #RioOlympics2016, #MTP may air at different times! Check local listings or go to
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThere's that Olympic spirit: Lebanese Olympians 'refuse to ride in bus with Israelis'
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPresident Nixon at swimming pool, San Clemente, Calif.: #Atkins
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThe Problem Isn't Trump's Message, It's the Messenger
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Quite a read endorsing Ryan is worthy of sending breaking news alerts? Seriously?Are we really supposed to be on pins and needles over whether the GOP's WH nominee plans to endorse the GOP's House leader? Seriously?A good call since Clinton hasn't held a formal press conference for 244 days according to @albamonica
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @BillyCorben @WIOD billy, the fact you didn't say anything to get the FCC involved is huge. That's discipline!really going to make governing in 2016 nearly impossible if 30-40 percent of electorate doesn't accept result was a dream team of Dunkers
"We are gathered here today to remember Irony, dead at 6000 years old."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWow are always harder to get over than generals but it does feel like, everything is just nastier now't tell Clint Eastwood about this @ForecasterEnten if he wasn't there would be a slew of leaked NRSC polls telling us so in order to reassure donors. The silence says a lotSplit ticket: Trump trails Clinton by 6 in FL but @marcorubio leads @patrickmurphyFL by 13 for Senate. @Suffolk_U
Retweeted by Chuck ToddClassic legacy program top 10. Willing to bet half this list will be 3 loss teams by end of season. My deleted emails vs. Trump not releasing tax returns is "apples and oranges."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThere are two "only in Florida" gems at end of Caputo's must read. One will anger, the other, a head shake
Fox News poll indicates a big Dem bump. Clinton +9 in 3-way. Obama with highest job rating in 3+ years. @BretBaier @matthewjdowd so is Tin Cup equivalent for Trump, carrying Pennsylvania while losing every other swing state and the elex? @TomBevanRCP the "Secret state strategy" exchange actually made me laugh out loud to myself. It read like parodyAt time when US is newly concerned about terrorist attacks, we can't afford such unprincipled & out-of-touch leadership on world stage
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis helps explain why this year is so terrible for Sen. John McCain
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIf you pass a guy in the senate subway today with what appears to be a self satisfied grin on his face, be sure to say hi to Sen. Cruz24 hours ago, we used the word "unraveling" to describe Trump and his campaign. And then came the last 24 hours @matthewjdowd @TheFix says a lot about ClintonDon't set bars, you'll only have to reset them'There's a NeverTrump camp, and then there's the exhausted Trump camp,' said GOPer @mercedesschlapp.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrump using same words as Ryan used when he held back Trump endorsement, "just not there yet". Coincidence? Or Trump's version of payback?From Clinton advisor, pre-Philly: 'The way we win is to make this a referendum on Trump...question is whether he's dumb enough to cooperate'
Retweeted by Chuck ToddYour morning diversion.
A Trump campaign source, in reax to this, tells me "it's all true" and "way worse than people realize."
Retweeted by Chuck ToddAn amazing transcript. Includes this gem: "So you’ll win with the secret state strategy?" that leading GOP women make up most of first wave to endorse Hillary -- M Whitman, S Bradshaw, M Comella.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd2016 marks the 50th anniversary of my career as a professional photographer. To celebrate that extraordinary...
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @ScottJenningsKY National Treasure 3 being filmed in bourbon country? Plot: founding fathers hid every single malt recipe somewhere in kyNot sure folks realize how extraordinary it is for a sitting POTUS to call a potential successor "unfit" It's a new threshold Q for electedsThe idea and his message have recently tested better with focus groups than when he himself speaks. @briankoppelman so you say yourself! @HotlineJosh the only folks who thought Trump would pivot were the GOP elites in DC. Trump, himself, never promised. Said he COULD but...