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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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@LoveNServeAll this is a delusional view of the press, sorry; but it's beyond insulting and it actually isn't backed up by facts or logic @TMart2007 always been fair; not all fair coverage is positive. That's Trump's real beef but it's easier to claim bias and fire up loyalists @GatesRandy thanks for watching @RJ_Bond this blanket accusation doesn't fit the facts... who was trying to elect her? I wasn't trying to elect anyone @rcmrcrane @TheFix @jerweber i said factual and fair... you can't balance "facts" -- creating balance where none exists is a form of bias @TheFix @jerweber creative insults deserve some kudos. At least that's one way to make Twitter less sucky these daysFeels good to be back in the #MTPDaily seat. Hope to see you in a few. You won't want to miss our obsession over the Trump-media debateThat moment in the day when you just simply want to "unsubscribe" from email in general
RIP Sean T.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @texan_tough happy to answer any actual questions on specifics. It's the vague "it's just all bias" attacks that have no meaning.We are all witnessing a slow motion train wreck. Sadly, these proverbial wrecks are likely to happen on a weekly basis.In @NBCFirstRead -- Sunday summed up what Trump's White House may well look like: Turmoil, feuds & conspiracies.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd"Investor concern over the threat of new technologies is overstated" —1999 Blockbuster analyst report 📼
Retweeted by Chuck Todd10. The subtle disorientation of gaslighting doesn't get at this at all. He likes to see *who values him more than they value truth.*
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIn a TV series, it doesn't matter if what you say is true, all that matters is if people watch. Trump seems to embo…
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @mitchellvii try using facts and I'll engageTrump presidency in a nutshell? aides go rogue, principle on unhinged/unsubstantiated rant. Both give cover to bigger story (biz conflicts)
1. We are undergoing several nested transformations at once that are causing incredible disruptions of the economic social & political order
Retweeted by Chuck ToddKellyanne Conway joins me on #MTP to discuss Trump's transition and whether he can keep promises he made on the tra… foreign policy and politics panel this morning on #MTP: @helenecooper, @mmurraypolitics, @dpletka & @mattbai #MTPThis morning on #MTP: My interview with newly reelected Sen. Marco Rubio on Pres. Elect Trump's transition and the death of Fidel Castro.This morning on #MTP: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) Fmr. Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway
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I can't get over that game. Had no dog in that fight so I say w/o a fan bias, one of the best games of the last decade. #MICHvsOSUWhat a game. #OSUvsMichiganAs a Miami native, shell shocked by lack of shock and impact of Castro's death. Miami prepared for years for all sorts of fallout from todayThere was a time many Cuban Americans viewed this potential day as a sign of future freedoms for the island nation. Up to Raul now
Happy Thanksgiving, Bette! Can't wait for everyone to see our long, fun, televised lunch on #SundayTODAY.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCan't wait for Uncles Bernie&Donnie &Auntie Hil to debate what constitutes a dry turkey. In all seriousness, just give thanks, love and eat
That is the Michael Jordan of Michael Jordan photos.
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Just experienced one of the great personal thrills of my life: interviewing Vin Scully. You'll see it on @MeetThePress later this weekIn light of the speculation about the Secretary of Education role, I wanted to clarify my position and what's best…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddWhen Comet Pizza is assaulted for harboring Hillary Clinton's child molestation ring, something is wrong in America.
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Sure, it's Bill Walton, but don't sleep on Construction Hat Guy & his bro Russian Hat Guy. It's certain they grew u…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddVA certifies its results: Clinton 1,981,473 (49.8%), Trump 1,769,443 (44.4%), Others 231,836 (5.8%). It's not a swing state anymore, guys.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTold step-father Trump restricts media. He said press follows him everywhere-he was "ambushed at a restaurant." WE'…
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @KFILE yes @RepRepublic I'm sorry you are choosing to stay as uninformed as you are. Folks are manipulating you. Hope you realize some day @Orlien actually. All the time when they tried this gambit.This was smart as was nyt in Milwaukee w ppl who didn't vote
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHe's busy spending taxpayer money so the taxpayers deserve some insight into how he's spending it @ptrockit you do realize that the professional press corps isn't for him or against him, just simply trying to get answers for the public @JohnFeehery I'm not a fan of some of the dumb questions that get asked but a presser ensures a x section of questions. Just like America @JohnFeehery that is such a cop out.Pres.-elect Trump has yet to hold a post election presser. 12 days and counting. Clinton had waited longest in recent years at 9 days.Not sure any president should take a Harding comparison as a compliment. #teapotdome lot of "greatness" proclaimed at Bedminster. Trump said “great” at least 23 times on camera this w/e. Per @VaughnHillyard who counted
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WATCH: Chuck traveled to Macomb County, an Obama county in '12 that went for Trump this time around, to ask voters…
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @NickKristof That reminds me ... I should also work out more. ;-)
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThank you, Gwen Ifill.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHow honest was this chat? Would love to get a recording of this one FBS college football could be outtakes from @chucktodd's interviews with voters in Macomb County -- which voted Obama in '12 and Trump in '1…
Retweeted by Chuck ToddThis morning, @KathleenParker, @CostaReports, @NeeraTanden and @TomFriedman join me on the #MTP panel.@SenSanders joins me to discuss his role in the future of the Democratic party. #MTPOn Nov 10 #MTPDaily @Reince said serving as Trump's chief of staff was "crazy." Incoming chief of staff joins #MTP:
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTune in to see my interviews with Macomb County voters this morning on MTP.
.@Reince Priebus: the Miami years. (Come for the story, stay for the @MiamiLawSchool yearbook pics.)
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Headline doesn't do this story justice. @wrhjr5619 every voter has their own reason. I know plenty of folks who believe showing up does matter to their voting decision.Huckabee says he's not Ambassador to Israel -->
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @KatyTurNBC @MTPDaily nice work and thank you!That feeling when you get anchor a great hour of tv with a great team and also get to meet news legend Connie Chung…
Retweeted by Chuck Todd @TimAlberta don't disagree. The NAFTA connection to the Clinton name was no small thing and maybe impossible to overcome w/someRepubs netted 46 state legislative seats last week. They’ll hold more seats (4170) than ever before in party history
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFearing closer Trump ties with Putin, Latvia prepares for the worst
Retweeted by Chuck ToddI'd say this will cost him support in NYC if he keeps this up then again, NYC isn't exactly his political base did she come to Dayton / Montgomery County, OH, where the Dem candidate lost for the first time since 1988.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddBottom line, folks at Wico are optimistic about the local job market but they need some different skill sets in the labor poolJust toured a factory floor at Wico Metal Products here in Macomb. Management laments lack of non-computer skilled labor. I.e. The tradesThe other thing you hear A LOT is NAFTA and there is one political brand name these folks associate with it: ClintonSpending much the day in Macomb County, MI, talking to Obama-Trump voters. One consistent critique: Trump came, Clinton didn'tDebate topic: did encouraging and showcasing opinion over news lead to perceived credibility problem all over media?
Interesting: @WSJopinion calls on Prez-Elect Trump to liquidate the family business & avoid conflicts of interest
Retweeted by Chuck ToddDC is so weird right now. On the surface everything seems normal, just under there's this "what the hell is going to happen" vibe?
Retweeted by Chuck ToddTrump, ever the master of misdirection and spectacle, is going to keep floating these unserious cabinet contenders for weeks.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddIt seems like everyone wants to be Secretary of State. I took a look at some of the perks of thejob: #MTPDaily Richard Haass says every presidential transition is messy: #MTPDaily
Retweeted by Chuck ToddFrom #MTPDaily: @SenStabenow tells me her constituents would be "punished" if she doesn't work with Donald Trump give the dems credit for getting on message on infrastructure and childcare in a way that will make it very awk for trump NOT to do
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