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Christian Ward @cjwardart Shrewsbury, England

Currently drawing/colouring BlackBolt for Marvel Co-creator of ODY-C with Matt Fraction, dad to a little girl & hub of @rooneroo

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Big fan of what Hassan does and I'm thrilled Black Bolt is the feature book in the next PXP. Going to be jam packed… @DeadlyMike @MARVELspank @And_Sorrentino @mikedeodato Right back at you Mike @declanshalvey @pauljholden @dearbhlala @SimonBowland dUDE @Doncates I want to draw a Cosmic Ghost Rider ongoing with you! @Doncates i LOVED it dude!When Thor's not done with his walk but I have work to do @Casparnova @sispurrier @TinyMaster @CampbellLetters That Squid Splash!
@CianTormey It's a killer issue too. Full of action and possible the best cliffhanger of the series yet @CianTormey Too kind Cian @Casparnova Awww thanks mate. Really hoping these Bolt covers lead to more cover work.Black Bolt #10 cover
Retweeted by Christian Ward @McKelvie Thanks man, I'm ok the fact that i have to take Thor for his walks and help out with Olive at least mean… sharp pain in my shoulder is my body telling me to quit it for the night. Pro tip: listen to your body. @MARVELspank @SiMyers Don't worry man - the sentiment of the tweet more than makes up for it @SiMyers Oh ha! Didn't notice thatNew book from some of the Dreggs team so this jumps straight into one of my most anticipated books of 2018 @Lon_Monster @ZacBeThompson @IamNikoGuardia @ryanwriter @blackmaskstudio Very excited to see what you guys cook upMy Vote would be for Mike Del Mundo Bolt #10 cover I would legitimately read ( and colour ) the shit out of this @PictishTrail Five years back me and Pictish even made a video together folk. My good pal ( and sporter of cjward album art ) @PictishTrail is coming to Shrewsbury on the 4th o… @PictishTrail Argh! Got the inlaws visiting from Canada that week but will do my absolute damdest. Plus I can walk there in 10 mins!
@PictishTrail @EatYourOwnEars @firerecordings @ATCLive @PleasePleaseYou @MeltingVinyl @Daylight_Music @SJMConcerts to announce that this years submissions are now open for Creators for Creators. Go Create! For full details f…
Retweeted by Christian WardSelling some original water colour bits and bobs (some were used for covers)
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“Black Bolt” writer @saladinahmed sits down for a chat on the Midnight King returning to his throne! Read more:
Retweeted by Christian WardI have two books coming out in December! STAR WARS: CANTO BIGHT BLACK BOLT: HARD TIME…
Retweeted by Christian Ward @kellysue Good luck guys!
@JeffLemire @TheBigBang_ @CadenceComicArt @davidrubin @DeanOrmston @DarkHorseComics YES! Do you have my email? @TheBigBang_ @CadenceComicArt @JeffLemire @davidrubin @DeanOrmston @DarkHorseComics I keep meaning to dive into the Black Hammer universe @saladinahmed Isn't it great! I want to draw a comic that looks like that. A Big neon pop rock and roll sci-fi comic @MrRiktus @DaveMarquez Did you notice what Dave does with the panel count as the fight progresses. So so smart @saladinahmed @McKelvie @RachaelAtWork @McKelvie I'D LOVE THAT @RachaelAtWork Yeah - totally this - I was looking back at all old issues of Black Bolt and cringing despite being… @McKelvie I wish OGNs were more of a viable optionAs a monthly comic artist, are you ever happy with your work?
@CBCebulski You were my very first contact at Marvel ( I imagine you were lots of people's first contact ) and I ca… I'm on the real comic talk: I didn't think I could enjoy Dr Strange more than when Jason Aaron worries him.… comic talk: That fight between Electra and Iron First from @DaveMarquez in the lasted issue of Defenders was t… of my favourite films of recent memory is Arrival but since the birth of Olive I just can't watch it. Parents d… Steamboy on Netflix. It's a different league to Akira but damn I love this movie. Disappointed Netflix do… @javiercaster @Al_Ewing @graphicpolicy @whoajordie @BakadoriSan @ClaytonCowles You're the best dude @LeftForDeadshop hey Andy /do you have the latest Agnes Obel album in stock? @Doncates nice sure if you saw my DM but dude I LOVED Dr Strange. Might fine comicing @Doncates @TheBigBang_ @nickspencer @RodReis Niiiiice @doughandoil hi guys are you dog friendly? We were wondering if one lunch we could bring our pug Thor in?
@IvanBrandon So yummy! Can't wait @ales_kot @lucacasalanguid This sounds amazing dude. Shout if you're doing variants @saladinahmed @SChakrabs That sounds great!
Turns out this guy is fun to draw #blackbolt #9 tease @TheBigBang_ he's so so awfulDo I need another massive art book. YES I do! @ivanneto You're a Master of Karate @TheBigBang_ Season 6 I think. They just went to Jersey shoreAlso I love that at times DeVito is basically just playing the Penguin without all nose and black mouth gooWorst thing about Always Sunny in Philadelphia is I forever have Nightman in my head now. FOREVER
Back on earth and drawing Flowers #blackbolt #9 tease @AshcanPress @AlannaWrites @_atowers @TomBrevoort @Marvel Man - you know if you guys want someone to look over any… @AlannaWrites @AshcanPress @_atowers @TomBrevoort @Marvel Man I love Travel's work SO MUCH! @heyjenbartel @saladinahmed aww thanks Jen!Posted up the remaining Other World's pieces Each piece was a one giclee print made especially for the show. All…
Retweeted by Christian WardThe Midnight King returns to Earth in @cjwardart’s “Black Bolt” sketchbook:
Retweeted by Christian Wardthe cover for BLACK BOLT #8, by @cjwardart 👀🔥 out next month!
Retweeted by Christian Ward @mymonsterischic This could easily be about my work. Feel better soonThe Midnight King returns to Earth in @cjwardart’s “Black Bolt” sketchbook:
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Interesting @ronxo congratulations on the new job Ron!Grab an earlier sneak peak of Black Bolt #8 out next month a letterer for your comic? I'm lovely (ish), good (probs), and fast (no life). Drop me an email hass[at]…
Retweeted by Christian WardSpent the day drawing Captain America. High five from 14 year old me
Whenever I have to work late, Thor comes into my studio and sleeps loudly behind me just to mock me @therightram Amazing!
Have a late night ahead so treated myself to a share bag of M&M's to keep me going and it took exactly 5 minutes to eat the whole bag. @DaveMarquez @CadenceComicArt @BRIANMBENDIS @JPonsor Too kind sir. I'm always really impressive don't how much work…
@DaveMarquez @CadenceComicArt @BRIANMBENDIS @JPonsor Hot damn David. That's intense. You're one of the best artists… made it @jeremyhachat OF COURSE