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Christian Ward @cjwardart Shrewsbury, England

Artist . Eisner winner. /Black Bolt/ Thor/ ODY-C/ Invisible Kingdom coming soon. Dad to a little girl & hub of @rooneroo

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Best thing about this year’s Thoughtbubble- I came home with a @tulalotay original! on sale Friday! @SiMyers My thought on the place is it’s more about enjoyment and experience than buying. I don’t think people go t… @SiMyers I didn’t make anything there when I went but then I didn’t table I just had two signing slotsThis actually looks like a transformers movie of old. Never thought I’d say this but I’m weirdly down for this of the highlights of the con was meeting an ace little lad whose favourite character was Deaths Head @SiMyers Cheers Si, hope you had a good con @AshcanPress @ThoughtBubbleUK @tulalotay Great to meet you Matt!Best con @Martin_Simmonds good to see you briefly on Sunday sorry I was frazzled and broken at that point. Meant to give you an art bookIt’s that feeling when the morning after Thoughtbubble and you’re scrollling through twitter and you’re like ‘oh I… met @samhumphries - what a legend! My love is real Sam! @StephenByrne86 Just like my work @m_saltel Likewise! Hope you had a great first ThoughtbubbleWas lovely to finally meet and table next to @StephenByrne86 whose everybit as funny and charming as his work @Mister_Walsh @Jock4twenty Mate, it was a pleasure to meet you and Toni. Hope we get to hang again one day. Btw tha…’m so lucky to have this career and even more so amazing fans. If you came and said hello you made my day. Even mo… @arbitrarygenius @Doncates Still not happyPossibly the best Black Bolt tweet review ever gave me a ashcan of his new comic and it was excellent creepy stuff big Tone (@TonyVnrs) and I got lucky enough to commission beautiful painted sketches from @cjwardart and we have…
Retweeted by Christian Ward @csbakercomics You too! Thanks for the drink Friday night. Sorry we didn’t hang more x @Max94Read @BillRosemann @jasonlatour @tozozozo @nick_lowe_ @mstohl @Cpachecoficial @S_Marguerite @MightyBrunstad @Al_Ewing finally, west coast chums needn't feel left out because incredible Bay Area retailer @capecowlcomics have their…
Retweeted by Christian WardThank you to everyone who came to see me at this weekend’s Thoughtbubble. Was great to meet old and new fans! And a…
#Thoughtbubble2018 Day two’s headshots hour of Thoughtbubble: all A3 prints are now buy one get one free. I only have 3 Black Panther prints left . C… @cgrunden413 Thanks but I’m all sorted nowThoughtbubble: is there anyone who could bring me a pizza to my table - will shop for an artbook and a print or two.
More and more I’m getting excited about this weird film and tantalised by What and who batman would be in this univ… @Rooneroo You’re doing great babaHaving a great time at Thoughtbubble but just LOOK at what I’m missing at home right now! ( @Rooneroo is doing a st… like this cover sketch i did today too : headshots done today - 4 more spots available tomorrow @Rooneroo @TinyMaster I do!Heading to the Berger books panel. Be back at my table between 1.30 and 2#thoughtbubble2018 all headshot commission spots sold out for today. Will have 4 more spots open tomorrow morning @Rooneroo Jesus NOSet up and ready! Come see me at ComiXology table 24 @HassanOE @Rooneroo I’ll just pretended I met her too and she told me that. Don’t tell CatherineI’m away with no baby to look after, I don’t have to be awake till 8.30 so why have been awake since 6.30? @HassanOE I wish I had @Rooneroo would have been jealous
Excited to be at the fab #thoughtbubble show! Come join us at the Live at Leeds #BergerBooks panel -Saturday 12:30…
Retweeted by Christian WardWhere’s a good place for a burger in Leeds?I’ll also be on the Berger Book Panel on Saturday which I believe is at 12.30. I’ll be giving a very small peak at…’ll be doing 8 commissions at my table. A4 watercolour headshots will be reserved for first come first served. Il… arrived in Leeds which means it’s Thoughtbubble tomorrow - so here’s a thread of what I have and where I’ll be! for the scary lift and getting us here safe and sound. Hello Leeds! @eoinmarron Should I bring a brolly?
Re my art book International fans, all remaining copies will go on sale online late SeptemberMixed fables Vol 2 is debuting at the show. ( I sold out of Vol 1 when it come out in 2016 ) edition of 200 - signe… weekend’s Thoughtbubble I’ll be at table 24 in the ComiXology tent ( sitting by @Jock4twenty and @Mister_Walsh @DJChongWizard At this weekends Thoughtbubble comic convention in Leeds @LiamRMcGuire Maybe but it’ll be expensive to ship internationally- it’s hugeThoughtbubble: will be selling my Artist Proofs of the officially licensed Thor and Cosmic Ghost Rider A2 giclee pr… @nicterhorst @Mister_Walsh Thanks guys that means what I have in mind is about right @gasgard_dupuis Both of those are £20 and both go for more on eBay. Only have 2 of those Cosmic Ghost riders @gasgard_dupuis They’ll range from £10 to £20Fellow artists what do you charge for headshot commissions at cons?Thoughtbubble: Bringing a bunch of rare variants to sell on my table you guess the character I’m doing a cover for today? @DRUM_FU @Doncates i'd draw the fuck out of every issue#bond25 having ever decreasing interest in Bond ( Casino Royale was legitimately great and those that followed less a… is universally true to all of us
Out this #NCBD! THOR #5 By @jasonaaron, @cjwardart and @JoeSabino This looks so gorgeous!
Retweeted by Christian WardThor #5. My first full issue of Thor is out today! King Thor vs Phoenix Wolverine in SPACE
Retweeted by Christian Ward @MrRiktus cheers Chris! See you this weekend? @TomTaylorMade thanks dudeSome Marvel covers you just don’t say no to. This upcoming Dr Strange one shot cover is proof@that if Marvel offere…
Retweeted by Christian Ward @sispurrier @matiasbergara You going to have any this weekend?Thor #5. My first full issue of Thor is out today! King Thor vs Phoenix Wolverine in SPACE @JimZub Yes!
Some Marvel covers you just don’t say no to. This upcoming Dr Strange one shot cover is proof@that if Marvel offere… @OrlandoSendon I certainly have no problem with superhero comics dealing with racism. Superhero’s should always cha… know what i find one of the most stressful parts of comic making. Issue 1s. @GWillowWilson ha you say just i dive into a deep DM convo ;) @GWillowWilson Where’s the best place to send you character designs / layouts etc while your on sick leave here or your email? @OrlandoSendon You can’t critique a book that’s not out yet. So either it’s a personal attack or you’ve read and no… @OrlandoSendon You get that I worked with and am friends with Saladin so without wanting to sound aggressive don’t… @jasonlatour @ThoughtBubbleUK @RoguePrintCo WANT @OrlandoSendon you know Spider-Man a SJW right?I don't often talk or tweet about politics on here - but @Femi_Sorry here makes such a clear concise and understand… @saladinahmed NYCC next year man, be there because you're going to be getting the biggest hug from me @thingsbydan I ain’t selling NO JUNK. HOW VERY DARE YOUSo @thingsbydan is giving me a lift to Leeds for Thoughtbubble this weekend - which means swopping worrying about h… keep falling down Comicgate ( auto correct tried to turn that into Comic Hate - weird that ) and keep seeing them… @thingsbydan @ThoughtBubbleUK Swoppies?
@Dan5Hunt Yes. Any remaining copies will go on sale late September @sudipdg85 £40 @philhester Ha! @GWillowWilson Yes! Excited! Hope you’re feeling better.Would any ODYC fans coming to Thoughtbubble this weekend be interested in one of these A2 ODYC One off giclee print… @Rooneroo thats Halloween night sorted got my printing bill for this so hope lots of you pick one up this weekend! @CrisDCasa @ChrisSamnee I was so close to getting one this time around. Missed out right at the last secondToday I start work on Invisible KingdomWhat IS this film??!
This, along with the proceeding set piece is one the best parts of any superhero movie