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Christian Ward @cjwardart Shrewsbury, England

Artist - Black Bolt. Thor. Co-creator of ODY-C with Matt Fraction, dad to a little girl & hub of @rooneroo

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A weekend spent not working but with the bestest of friends is a weekend not wasted @HaroldLauder4 @Lon_Monster Especially if we could just go wild with it @Lon_Monster I’d love to do a Nightbreed comic
@Nicola_Love Just seen this -hope you’re okThis time next week, Glasgow I shall be here
@theverbalthing Stephanie did the 5 page ‘dream’ sequence in that issue @theverbalthing Thanks but I think the page you’re talking about is by @HansStephanie @doughandoil will pizza be available on Deliveroo tonight? Only seeing bagels at moment @TheBigBang_ @jasonaaron @DeadlyMike Not me guys. I’m back in issue 5 @Robwilliams71 There was parts I was the only person laughing in screening I saw it. It was funny in parts. I loved… @Robwilliams71 Loved it although wish it had ended at ‘Kiss me before I’m sick’I’m not a Foofighters fan but this poster is gorgeous
@jasonlatour I hope you do @jasonlatour you at Thoughtbubble this year?One of the customers cancelled their Artist Proof order. So I have a proof print in hand. If anyone wants it.
@Massawyrm Which book would suggest to someone whose not read any of your books but loved your Strange screenplay? @BBW_BFF Love this film so much. Where do you stand on the Director vs Theatrical cut?Don’t tell my accountant
I've just put a little wink to Big Trouble in Little China in one of my Thor pages, @ScottForbes @JimZub Dude you are a master @davidrubin @DarkHorseComics @mattkindt I love this cover David. So boldStarted watching Cargo on Netflix and nope. Baby in zombie peril is too much anxiety for this baby daddy
@RamonVillalobos no worries dude- next time we're at con together i'll commission you to do me another! @RamonVillalobos i LOVE THIS! Would you sell it? @SScushing @NotTooChaby @NotTooChaby hey I like Stranger Things you know @WillSliney That’s amazing!If hard sci-fi is your thing then You need this book in your life. It’s incredible @ghwalta @AmyChu @WhereWeLive_LV Dude! Gorgeous @TinyMaster Looking great Emma. You still ok walking? At this point Catherine was pretty housebound‘Honey, do we have any bananas?’
@Rooneroo @MattTaylorDraws Best Mac ‘n Cheese in it too! @MattTaylorDraws We’ve been enjoying Rick Stein’s recent Mexican cook book @carlteegerstrom Nothing in the pipeline but maybe one day @erdna11 Jealous. The Surfer is on my list of must do characters. You’ll kill on this
@MarquesoRain @Marvel @jasonaaron I’m just on #5 and #6 continuing the story we started in #1Artist @cjwardart joins writer @JasonAaron for the Asgardian's futuristic journey for "Thor" #5! Read more:
Retweeted by Christian Ward @LeeGarbett dude that’s your work isn’t it? It’s on the side of the Vans shoe box @sanfordgreene I love that Mr Terrific
@thepxd mix of digital and traditional @cavanscott @jasonaaron Thanks dude @ZacBeThompson @jasonaaron @DeadlyMike Cheers budThor #5 textures: ink splats,water and oil are gorgeous prints in the flesh loved doing Heroes a couple years back! such an amazing con that i hope to return to one day! anyone ever used Arteza brush pens?Thanks again to both @ForbiddenPlanet and everyone who came to yesterday’s THOR signing. Next public appearance wil…
@BUNCHofSTEVE @johnhdunning @hellomuller @ForbiddenPlanet Now with added RAY @KnightOfKhonsu @ForbiddenPlanet Sorry dude that’s it I’m afraid. I am at @glasgowcomiccon in two weeks thoThat last scene in @mrmarkmillar Olivier Coipel and @Dragonmnky Magic Order freaked me the fuck out. That last page....gooooosebumps @johnhdunning @ForbiddenPlanet @BUNCHofSTEVE @hellomuller Your head was so hot @heyjenbartel was chatting to the guys at Forbidden Planet before my signing. They’re HUGE fans of yours. They were… asking about Artist Proofs for Thor #1. I’ll be putting them in the shop in a few weeks timeAnd if you think King Thor’s tale was crazy in #1 wait till you see #5!And @DeadlyMike is the most exciting artist ( and I mean that in the truest sense of the word ). What a privilege to share a comic with him.Thanks for all the kind words about my contribution to what is very much @jasonaaron & @DeadlyMike book ( & what a… for everyone that came by @ForbiddenPlanet tonight for the Thor signing! I think that was my craziest, biggest signing yet!That feeling when you get offered a discount at @ForbiddenPlanet for doing a signing and can’t think of a single th… good to see my boys x @gdogsamurai I’ll be selling my comps in a couple of weeks @geekcountrylady If they sell out I’ll be selling my comps in a couple of weeksThese prints are two dollops of lovely to see my work printed so big @ForbiddenPlanet - see you here at 6pm for the signing you reading CODA? You should be! @TheBigBang_ @michaeldoigart @sispurrier @matiasbergara @CampbellLetters @LeeGarbett @MrRiktus @boomstudios I love… Korean for lunch but having not lived in London for two years it’s now a fog to me. Where can I get good ( an… @Emmavieceli @Lunameth Happy birthday! (Warmed to see myself amongst your wall art). Have a great day @Rooneroo I wonder if she’d be old enough for this to be her first film? If there’s a baby and parent screening we should maybe go @Rooneroo did you see this?I’d say I’m not a fan of most of these Disney live action remakes ( I loved Jungle Book ) or Burtons recent output… to London today for this. See you later?’s not Wednesday it’s Thorsday
Thor #1 hits tomorrow! I’ll be at @ForbiddenPlanet 6-7pm tomorrow evening signing copies of Thor alongside vol 1 &…
Retweeted by Christian WardThe design and world of Death Standing look incredible but so far the game looks so dull. Hope there’s more to it t…'t tell the boss but we may have just had a sneaky read of THOR #1 and it is incredible! One for longtime reade…
Retweeted by Christian WardOf course now I want to draw a comic set in the world after the film endsJust watched Carpenter’s In The Mouth of Madness for the first time since seeing when it came out. It’s aged really… @robcomictweets Just come to @glasgowcomiccon and see me there instead!First Thor review!