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Craig Mazin @clmazin La Cañada Flintridge

Writer-Producer of CHERNOBYL, coming soon from HBO and SKY

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@rexparker Tuesday ... my god...Solved this week's BRUTAL and AMAZING @metabymatt puzzle with the great @meganamram, @davidkwong, @xworddoug, Jeff… @meganamram @shannonwoodward I DID NOT KNOW EITHER @SyliaGray @johnaugust We probably disagree on this. I think many of the fears are overblown, and in some ways, it… need to re-introduce John Stuart Mill's 1859 On Liberty. From my PPT lecture on Freedom of Speech and…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @handysalmon It’s the photo he took that I found reprehensible.
@johnaugust I don't like sirens. NO SIRENS! @BiekerJosh @johnaugust You're writing too fast. Take time. Think. Plan. Consider. @Boopa1219 @johnaugust I don't read them anymore. Same reasons John gave, although I don't even find the good ones… @johnaugust Fuck 'em. @kemathys @johnaugust We sure have. It's one of my favorites... and I love allll M&W. @BrentwoodHippy The Kids Are Alright
@rexparker I will do you proud. @rexparker Yup. A fine example of peccable fill. @rexparker Next time you have a guest slot, you know I’m down. @silverlynx35 Thanks, Richard! I'm very glad you and your wife enjoyed it! @metabymatt Well... it appears everyone is crashing and burning on this one. Not just me, for once! @alinebmckenna @LibraryJournal @theramonperez @kniivila Meets the means tests for review retweet exception. APPROVED.Scholars Clash during Debate on Arab Youth Engagement with ISIS; Dashti: Time to Remove Religion from Public Life
Retweeted by Craig MazinHey Twitter friends, just so you know, my name isn’t Fiona Dourif & I’m not Roy Moore’s second accuser. Not working…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @kevawakuni Generally, they don’t help. I mean... going by statistics. They are offered in good faith, though.
@AndyRichter Raising my container of Wellbutrin in salute to you. @kevawakuni I couldn't possibly say. There are things I know, and I things I would be crazy to guess about. @johnaugust @le_canuck I do not speak negatively of TV shows. @brithume I’d like to think I could trust you to have lunch with my wife, and vice-versa. Is that not the simplest… Scriptnotes Holiday Live Show is back! On Dec. 7, ring in the season with @johnaugust @clmazin and their specia…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @TheWritersGuild @squireknottyash @johnaugust Have Kate email us at if she’s interested in some sort of thing like this. @thomfell Vapid alt-right robot. @jollywandering @thetweetofmatt @Zmangames_ @johnaugust We never finished season 1. Too much traveling. We suck. Everyone died.Honestly at this point I guess we should be grateful that Trump didn't spell it (((Frankenstien))).
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @jenniferweiner YES.Feminism has come so far that even the ladies are allowed to use douchey harassment-apologia tropes now
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @squireknottyash @johnaugust @TheWritersGuild I’d do that. Sure. I’m back in late-ish January... probably for a week or two... @davidkwong @MarcW @shannonwoodward @alinebmckenna @rianjohnson @steveasbell @zoeinthecities @adityasood @MusicNegrito I feel like I would solve everything. It would be incredible. @Bonn2Tweet @johnaugust Love the old-school design. Thanks for buying a shirt, and thanks for listening!Literally everyone I personally know thinks Trump should resign. Everyone. Trump should have resigned on day one.
Song of the year. you for your wisdom, secret genius.'s like a 200-million-person group text you have to keep replying to if you don't want a penis cake at the bachelorette party.
Retweeted by Craig MazinI am fascinated by the way Putin and Co. relish humiliating Trump. years ago today, Sergei Magnitsky was murdered at the hands of Vladimir Putin. We must draw strength from his exa…
Retweeted by Craig MazinAnd so, no one was ever held accountable again. @MarkHarrisNYC I find both to be distressing. @reneritchie @johnaugust We do what we can, Mr. R!Can’t say enough good things about @DrJenGunter ... hero of rationality. days ago. @bethshax I’m jet lagged... not sure what you’re saying here, but I generally presume to agree with you. @djmlaw1 GMTAWhataboutists to the left of me, whataboutists to the right. Here I am, stuck in hell... how ‘bout you? @darenchapin @caro @Princeton @privacymama You can really see when the club transitioned from dork to jock. :) @dottiehudson FINALLY! #makewibberleysgrandparentsnow #MWGN @davidkwong @shannonwoodward @alinebmckenna @rianjohnson @steveasbell @zoeinthecities @adityasood @chrizmillr Franken should quit.
I'll give it to Republicans: Enthusiastically endorsing the slaughter of the animal that symbolizes their party is very on-brand.
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @jp_in_nj @johnaugust Presumably? Yes. @Lemuel54455341 No. If it’s great, it’s great. @c_d_ford Gross and amusing all at once. @AdamHunault @johnaugust Yes, because of the differing lengths, the longest term (i.e. the U.S.) tends to be the determining one. @ScottSthlm @johnaugust Carefully.Get to the plate, lick fingertips a la Reggie Jackson. Proceed to hit dribbler to short, completely not a la Regge… @SipsAndFoam Thank you! @LA_Munck These lists are horseshit. They've always been horseshit. They will always be horseshit. Not the fault of… @danducas @johnaugust I honestly don't know. Probably not much is my guess.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh boy. @ulmont @johnaugust @Popehat If I want to ask Ken something, it's going to be "why the fuck aren't we still playing… @adityasood @zoeinthecities @davidkwong @shannonwoodward @alinebmckenna @rianjohnson @meganamram @steveasbell I'm i… @jormataccone I think you owe me a script, bitch. If it's what I think it is.
@ChristFinnegan That is perfection, sir."Look into your heart...and vote for Roy Moore!" -- Bernie Bernstein
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @SassyBFPodcast That's waaaay more Scandinavian than I am. :) Thanks. Hope you dig it. @SassyBFPodcast Never hurts to ask! Alas, we are a UK production with a UK/Scandinavian cast. No Americans. Well, e… @resonant_city Thank you! @johnaugust @thomanthony That’s right. It comes down often to how much footage you’re using. If it’s a quick snippe… have gone with the original pitch, Jewy Jewjewwitz.
Retweeted by Craig MazinToday’s Scriptnotes is about naming (not numbering) minor characters, passive heroes and the upper limits of montag…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @ORachaelO I’m posh. I eat posh pies.Profiles In Courage