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Writer-Producer of CHERNOBYL, coming soon from HBO and SKY

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@mangiotto Come on in. The water’s fine. @rianjohnson @_Bananakin Almost done with L22per: Back 2 The Start. @stuwillis @bethshax @johnaugust We don't have up and downstage in film/tv. We have eyelines and angles.Soldiers don’t defend cloth. They defend principles and freedoms, which your President is attacking. And no surprise... this woman-beater is a donor to Ted Cruz. can't find "Kyle Becker" anywhere in the Constitution. In fact, the name "Becker" sure sounds German to me. Beat… all goes back to him losing out on the Buffalo Bills in fall 2014. He’s been attacking the NFL ever since. Low r…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @steveasbell @rianjohnson Games don’t improve your GPA, according to my parents.Holy shit Kaepernick’s mom rocks
Retweeted by Craig MazinStatement from the Golden State Warriors:
Retweeted by Craig MazinGetting paid market value by free enterprise for your labor is not a right, but a privilege. Brought to you by a Co… @rianjohnson @steveasbell I lasted four minutes on that one.An entire island full of Americans in Puerto Rico are without power right now, and @POTUS is cursing out NFL players at his campaign rally.
Retweeted by Craig Mazinyou a ho
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @alinebmckenna @johnaugust If we had ads, John would just steal all the money anyway. He's a miser! I think "Miser"… @newsfromduarte I STILL FOLLOW YOU. NOW AND FOREVER.
This is not normal maintenance. This is sabotage. Cold blooded. Clear. Out in the open.
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @RhettReese @adityasood RIP RHETT REESE HE LOVED BRAIN DAMAGE AND ALSO DID SOME OTHER THINGS I gotta get into the gravestone biz. @geoffreymoore Fair point. I'll delete.GOP: Vote for our bill. Sen.: No. GOP: How about if you do, it won't apply to you? Sen.: So you're admitting it suc…, this Russian hoax is working overtime to convince us it's not a hoax. @Busyphilipps25 Daddy, please hear the song that I sing...Send some love to @Newsweek for its current cover:A conservative speaks about how the GOP abandoned its principles…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @TerenceJCarter I get it. But there has to be another option. Those same kids are suffering later in life. The dama… @TerenceJCarter I understand why football is popular. But what does that have to do with the fact that it's causing… @TerenceJCarter If you have room for a football field, you have room for a baseball field. Baseball players get pai… @RhettReese @adityasood You have effectively slipperied. :) @TerenceJCarter Especially concerning when you examine the role football plays as a conduit for black kids and athl… @TerenceJCarter Sad that racial unity is so rare, we're willing to risk brain damage to have it. Football-related C… N' Roses did codas better than anyone. Rocket Queen, Patience, November Rain, Locomotive-- the codas could be their own songs.We still need one more NO vote to kill this killer bill. But how can any Republican senator vote AYE after this STA…
Retweeted by Craig MazinNo no no no. The choice was between finishing bipartisan health care talks or ramming this dumpster fire through. N…
Retweeted by Craig MazinFox News: Jimmy Kimmel isn't qualified to talk politics Also Fox News:
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @adityasood @RhettReese Agreed. The problem is proof. You can’t diagnose CTE until death. Hard to show a 17-year old has CTE symptoms. @RhettReese @adityasood I’m generally dim on “slippery slope” worries. We have strong evidence that football is ser…
@stuwillis @bethshax @johnaugust Whoa, whoa, I use crosses all the time. Mostly because it's faster than "walks over". @RhettReese However, if kids can't smoke (to prevent them from injurious behavior), then I think that can extend to… @RhettReese Generally, I'm in favor of personal freedoms, presuming we're not talking about privileges, like driving (ergo, seatbelt laws). @RhettReese I think in certain cases, legislation makes sense. We don't let kids smoke. Not sure we should let them play football.His bodyguards beat the crap out of protesters *on the streets of DC*
Retweeted by Craig MazinIf you vote to reorder one-sixth of the US economy without a CBO score, never call yourself conservative again. You are a dangerous radical.
Retweeted by Craig MazinPlease @JimmyKimmel - stay out of politics. Leave the important stuff to reality TV stars with a knack for bankrupting casinos.
Retweeted by Craig Mazin#GrahamCassidy: New name, same dangerous policies, & same message from pediatricians: #KeepKidsCovered (thread ⬇️)
Retweeted by Craig MazinPlease make #PuertoRico trend. They’re 100% without power and can’t tweet it themselves. Unprecedented levels of as…
Retweeted by Craig MazinJUST IN: Blue Cross: GOP's ObamaCare repeal bill "undermines" protections for pre-existing conditions…
Retweeted by Craig Mazintl;dr they haaaaaaate it @bethshax @johnaugust My idea is that writers should quit it with that. I mean, "notices" or "catches" or "spots" a… @mbconnband I'm not jumping on this bandwagon just yet. Waiting to see how the rest of the grammar nerd world responds. @TerenceJCarter Including children? Do they get to decide? @RhettReese Voluntary high risk activity that affects others via violence, high health costs, suicide, etc. And wha… has to stop. We're damaging human beings for fun and profit, and then throwing them away.This list is amaaaaaaazing. (Also, it should be "Whom do you trust?") @8igblue @GBrennanSC @gingerthejester Fuck off, Dmitri.OH THANK GOD. of conservative intellectualism doesn't cite a single fact that Kimmel got wrong. Goes with "celebs shouldn…
Retweeted by Craig MazinThis is such a bad comedy
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @mrproenza @johnaugust If you don’t think your show would be chopped up by commercials, don’t put the breaks in.
"Unfortunately, the Graham-Cassidy Amendment ... violates the precept of 'first do no harm.'" @DiracDeltaForce @KingTuttski @WALK0730 @scfeek @joshuadelung @Socratic1 @jeffcannata You are really, really, really bad at arguing. @DiracDeltaForce @KingTuttski @WALK0730 @scfeek @joshuadelung @Socratic1 @jeffcannata No, it's not. You don't under… @davidkwong @meganamram @Attakid117Rob @shannonwoodward @zoeinthecities @chrizmillr @rianjohnson @alinebmckenna… blocks woman with stage 4 cancer on Twitter after she criticized his latest health care plan…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @emilyzulauf problem, right here, in just a few tweets. "I don't need expensive insurance, so fuck people who do." "Wait. No… it's true, more proof @POTUS has abandoned promotion of human rights at home and abroad, and relinquished role o…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @susanorlean I very much want this to be a euphemism. @DiracDeltaForce @KingTuttski @WALK0730 @scfeek @joshuadelung @Socratic1 @jeffcannata That's demonstrably incorrect… @Attakid117Rob @meganamram @davidkwong @shannonwoodward @zoeinthecities @chrizmillr @rianjohnson @alinebmckenna… @dgreenmusic @johnaugust I still have the whipmarks. @DiracDeltaForce @KingTuttski @WALK0730 @scfeek @joshuadelung @Socratic1 @jeffcannata Yes, feel free to do that to… @meganamram @davidkwong @shannonwoodward @zoeinthecities @chrizmillr @rianjohnson @alinebmckenna @steveasbell… do not think that word means what you think it means.'s useful. @DiracDeltaForce @KingTuttski @WALK0730 @scfeek @joshuadelung @Socratic1 @jeffcannata Yeah, actually it fucking doe…🚨 @BillCassidy is all over TV grossly misrepresenting impacts of #GrahamCassidy We made a myth/fact table debunki…
Retweeted by Craig MazinBill Cassidy is a friend. But this is not true (CBO will confirm it) and it's so disappointing proponents are now j…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin🔥Fire up the phones, folks🔥 •Capito 202-224-6472 •Murkowski 202-224-6665 •Collins 202-224-2523 •Gardner 202-224-5941 •Flake 202-224-4521
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@thethomasdowler HYSTERICAL. And nauseating. This is what religion sounds like. "I want to believe it, so I believe…