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Craig Mazin @clmazin La Cañada Flintridge

Writer-Producer of CHERNOBYL, coming soon from HBO and SKY

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@stevel3000 Balzac @TheMikeSimmons Neither, because “You and I, we're not so different” is out there holding hands with “If you’re lis… @ManMadeMoon You should try mine. Soooo much better. Step 1: Be Jewish Step 2: Have no fucks to give Step 3: Th… don’t know how to love a snippet of an interview more than I love this. Here is a great man saying a great trut…'ll shoot your pussy out!- "A Christmas Story 2018"
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@ColtonWalter @johnaugust Zero thoughts. @tablereadPro I’m not a reliable beta tester... and tbh it’s not something I’m likely to use. You’re better off foc… @emilyzulauf Seek shelter. @tablereadPro Not ready. Interface was confusing, and I literally couldn’t get it to do anything once I linked a pd… the transgender individuals in this picture, @POTUS? They're there. We promise.
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @BMcCarthy32 There does seem to be a situation. @LouiseBagshawe Oh shiiiiiiiiii—Sebum and ambition. I took a step to calm myself by deleting my Facebook account. It felt so good. Chilling. And not even slightly surprising. is hope for the future. @jollywandering @Jesselansner @metabymatt @MatthewPrintz @meganamram @davidkwong 99.99999% sure I got the answer...… @tablereadPro Sexy Craig's busy right now. BizzzaaaaayyyyyThis guy belonged to a religious group called the Righteous Invasion of Truth where he practiced weapons skills. If…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @mhduncan @batemanjason I know. Loved it. @tablereadPro I’ll take a peek
@RhettReese FucksicleFour million people attacked four million and one people. Thankfully, everyone was armed. We're here at the scene w… @AndyRichter Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease
@SusannaFogel @Uncannygirl @johnaugust @davidiserson It's my great pleasure. And sorry for the omission,… @melanielynskey We had our readthrough two days ago in London... it was magical seeing them together. VERY DIFFEREN… home, GOP. You're drunk. US Army Col Ralph Peters, quitting Fox News: "Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-need…
Retweeted by Craig MazinA strong vote in favor. And let me add this in praise of @SusannaFogel -- nothing in Hollywood is harder than makin… pulling is truly a thankless job. Do it perfectly for 100 days straight, and no one remembers. Screwup one s…
Retweeted by Craig MazinWhen it comes to Ted Cruz, I’m happy to entertain you, but always get a second opinion from a real Texan. @Leytonrocks @johnaugust It’s his tone. He licks his lips. And flares at us. @Jetaslion @johnaugust I wish I could answer that reliably for you, but it’s definitely outside my area of expertise. @stevel3000 Research results? Trumpalos get triggered by “Rosie?” @mattselman @johnaugust Is hot Craig holding an apple? Rose? Either way, I’m amazing.MS Gov Phil Bryant signs 15-week abortion ban, wants Mississippi to be "safest place in America for an unborn child…
Retweeted by Craig MazinTed is now just reading off the top two lines of his research buzzword report. OPEN BORDERS! GRABBING GUNS! He has… scumbag, Get your badger nose out of our shitty prez' asshole long enough to ask him to address the multiple bo…
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@AnnaJKlassen @djkevlar @johnaugust That's lovely of both of you to say. Glad we can be of some help or comfort. @The_Batfan No! @DavidLemon777 Thank you, David.
@OtherHalvesFilm @johnaugust Nope. @tftalbott @DEADLINE Episode 4 is gonna take you apart! @tftalbott @DEADLINE Thank you Timberly, from the bottom of the hole where my heart should be. @OtherHalvesFilm @johnaugust I say TITLE. Like: TITLE: SIX MONTHS LATER @ddmulholland @johnaugust I think that's something I'll probably want to discuss more after the show airs. @MarkHarrisNYC Right the fuck on. @HowardMGould @DuttonBooks Niiiiiiice! @thismaya
@chrissyteigen Check out RomCom deity @TheTessMorris and her brilliant Man Up with Lake Bell and Simon Pegg. @bbrighter WELCOMEI’m so old I can remember when the Mueller probe had to be started because you fired the FBI director for ... being…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @TomSchnauz @tftalbott Guys, I told you... it’s going to happen. Be patient. @rexparker @SandyDavenport @AllusionistShow Wait. You made fun of me for Sudoku, but......????? Congrats, Sandy. @rexparker @XWORDS Oooh, not having to clue before approval is nice. Imma make and submit something for sure. @tftalbott Am I on there? Also, am I a woman?Reluctantly I have concluded that President Trump is a serious threat to US national security. He is refusing to pr…
Retweeted by Craig Mazin @minhalbaig @melissahilfers @jaredcowie @Mr_Dymond @iamfrancabrera @HIGHzurrer @johnaugust He can perhaps mediate b… @minhalbaig @melissahilfers @jaredcowie @Mr_Dymond @iamfrancabrera @HIGHzurrer @johnaugust Your member representati… @minhalbaig @melissahilfers @jaredcowie @Mr_Dymond @iamfrancabrera @HIGHzurrer @johnaugust They often come off as u… @minhalbaig @melissahilfers @jaredcowie @Mr_Dymond @iamfrancabrera @HIGHzurrer @johnaugust Here’s where I defend th… @minhalbaig @melissahilfers @jaredcowie @Mr_Dymond @iamfrancabrera @HIGHzurrer @johnaugust Unfortunately we don’t g… @rexparker
@emilyzulauf @thismaya You don't have to hide. Podcasts are silly things. @minhalbaig @melissahilfers @jaredcowie @Mr_Dymond @iamfrancabrera @HIGHzurrer @johnaugust ...the Guild generally m… @minhalbaig @melissahilfers @jaredcowie @Mr_Dymond @iamfrancabrera @HIGHzurrer @johnaugust Minhal, I'm not sure wit… @rexparker 5:40 Saturday. Did I break the Rex?Looks soooooo good. IN IN IN. @CateRodman @NonWhiteHat @johnaugust I can't keep the Popehats straight. @aswinn No. But he remembers. And he knows. @thismaya @corbu106 @johnaugust UPDATE: apparently we are up to ONE major studio expressing interest! THIS COULD BE THE START OF SOMETHING! @rianjohnson @tftalbott You couldn’t have been worse than Tim. @corbu106 @johnaugust It’s not up to us. :) As of today, we are up to zero studios expressing interest! @NonWhiteHat @johnaugust DONT YOU “YOU PEOPLE” ME, KENNETH! I went looking for a Ross Perot gif, and all I got was… judges the accuracy of surgical resident, who thinks this is about “actors and directors getting detai… @TomSchnauz Nothing makes me happier than tweeting under my favorite alias: “Pam West”Opposing a border wall still doesn’t mean “open borders.” Banning AR-15 rifles still doesn’t mean he wants to “take…
@DeannaRusso Beyond the "be accurate, be aware" rule, I try and stick to the reality as it existed. That can mean t…