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Largest social media driven CBD product in the world. Hemp syrup infused w/ CBD & 9 highly concentrated herbs. Anxiety, insomnia, pain relief & more. No THC.

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A lesser known benefit of CBD is its ability to treat and prevent acne. Did you know acne vulgaris is the most comm…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™Chopstick loves his Activ8 CBD Pet Drops from Perfect for helping out with his anxiety and…'re looking forward to you placing an order! @aftoN3Nicole Please email about this @aftoN3Nicole One year after openingWhen your homie asks if you wanna smoke properties of CBD have been known to reduce nausea and vomiting, suppress seizures, combat psychosis, infla…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™"I didn't bring my lighter I thought y'all had one" @FFostaX @LelaJamonique @NASA You'll be sipping and relaxing on the clouds 😎 @CloudN9neSyrup you guys are trending under Popular Articles ❤️🤗
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @Rolly137 It's the 9 all-natural herbs found in our Cloud N9ne Syrup but without the CBD @mikelikedimes @cbdoil @BuyLegaIMeds @CloudN9neSyrup Check them out! Will not be disappointed! Call them if you w…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™All you need to Activ8 your days, purchase now on 🙌 @klout_tbh @XXL I support all artists who express themselves through freedom of speech... but "LEAN" is addictive &…
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All CBD oil is not created equal. When purchasing CBD products, make sure you’re doing your homework. For starters,…
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Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @HensonJason We’re looking forward to it! @pbroom09 @tribegirl4 It's our hemp syrup infused with CBD and 9 highly concentrated herbs. Great for anxiety, inso… @CloudN9neSyrup 🤔 Y'all syrup still undefeated 🥇🏆💯
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™We want to know what Cloud N9ne products YOU love! Choose your favorites from the picture and comment below ⬇️ 🔥 like everything i need.
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™And remember: Nobody will know you're high if you're always high bar cleaning my dab pen. Bartender: "is that Marijuana?" "let me smell" *smells* "omg. That is Marijuana"…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™When you're trying to add greens to your diet @SPtheGenius @oo_oov6 Visit the website in our bio and order you some! @Ale6LiS Yes you can find all of this on our website which is listed in our bio, we have hundreds of thousands of h… @Ale6LiS Our products are completely all-natural and safe. CBD has no serious side effects and you can start or stop taking it at any time. @RaiderN8ionSam It'll completely relax you, you'll feel like you're floating on the cloudsAre you struggling with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, fibromyalgia, or nausea? Try adding our 325mg… my cherry wine pre-roll & watermelon syrup 2day 😍🙌 thx to @CloudN9neSyrup @BuyLegaIMeds 😍😍😍
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@Banditsftw "Spacemonkey" for 10% off!When you’re sad so you smoke but now you’re just high and sad @bantryseedfarms You ppl need @CloudN9neSyrup for anxiety, my buddy used to have anxiety attacks to the point of passing out
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™Take care of your body the natural way. Visit and give our Cloud N9ne syrup with 9 all-natu… @JoeVargas @BuyLegaIMeds My dog loves the drops, and it helps him so much! No crusty eyes, not panting or barking a…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™When you find that special someone who loves to blaze as much as you do out of my mailbox, getting set up for a productive afternoon! @JoeVargas @CloudN9neSyrup
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @Dannypicacho18 Our products are completely safe and all-natural 👌When both you and your dog love our Activ8 CBD! Treat yourself, and your pets, visit today! @CloudN9neSyrup fuck, that's delicious. 👐
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @Cali4NiARazD213 Please email about this and she'll get back to you
@CloudN9neSyrup came thru and I got my order today!👐🌱 Loving this cherry wine🔥🍷 just ordered another 1/8 and next…
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Hell yeah! Thanks for the product, can't wait to try it out @CloudN9neSyrup @BuyLegaIMeds
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @JoeVargas 🐒💚🐒and @CloudN9neSyrup, Finally! I got my 420 Sale. Ashley, thanks for your help resending my order to m…
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@Johnnymanee_ Feel free to use discount code "Spacemonkey" for 10% off! @LJak07 Please email about this and she'll get back to youWishing I was in Vegas so I could get syrup right when I need it... haha @CloudN9neSyrup I’m dying right now. @JoeVargas killing the game!
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @TDKMist @JoeVargas That’s so INCREDIBLE. People wanna focus on the $ that Joe makes, but I think it means more to…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @JoeVargas I bought my dad some of the Nighttime Relief, he said it's the first time he's slept through the night in 4 years. Gg bruv 🚀🐵💚
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™We’ve got all the CBD goods on our website We ship worldwide and are legal in all 50 state… @CloudN9neSyrup 💞
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @iddntfndu @Mitchh1017 We ship all of our products to all 50 states, feel free to use discount code "Spacemonkey" f… @Mitchh1017 Get some visit the @CloudN9neSyrup store
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™When your squad is high af and you run into another squad that's high af're looking forward to you trying us 😎'smoking weed is bad for you' Me: @pbroom09 @JoeVargas You need some @CloudN9neSyrup to help with that sleep problem of yours
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™Perfect for both before and after a workout. Our hemp CBD tincture can be found on our website… got a text from @JoeVargas as I'm smoking @CloudN9neSyrup Special Sauce 😂😂😂 #SpaceMonkey
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™List of things I need right now: Snuggles. The @CloudN9neSyrup products that I’m purchasing in the next week or s…
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Also, I hooked her up with some @CloudN9neSyrup because she told me she’s been having trouble sleeping. She’s gunna be feeling guuuuuud
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ @ohmyleslo We're glad you enjoy it, thank you! @lil_Stones Visit our website and place an order, we ship worldwide!Life’s just better with our Cloud N9ne Hemp CBD Syrup 😊 @JoeVargas , the big Versace cheese himself, trolls the life out of you. "I... got.. trolled..... I got troooo…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™Infinity Stones vs Infinitely stoned I wish I had some cloud9 syrup rn 🤤
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™When you randomly smell weed @imonlyjerry A year after opening the bottle! @jem371 Yes you can! @JoeVargas @CloudN9neSyrup Best CBD products Ever! Everyone else can try and copy but they will never have the For…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™ordered a sample(1g) of that cherry whine🍷👌🐻 @CloudN9neSyrup idk if it will get here by Sat. but #fingerscrossed 🌱…
Retweeted by CLOUD N9NE SYRUP™Relax on the clouds with our Cloud N9ne Vape Juice. Order yourself a bottle today at 🔥
@NjayColes You can find plenty of positive reviews all over our website as well as on our timeline and instagram if you're curious! @LettuceSculpter It has under the legal limit of THC which makes it completely legal in all 50 states, all informat… dankest CBD flower you can find on the market. Purchase now through our website We shi… the website listed in our bio and order some 😎 @bigge2511 The only difference in our Cloud N9ne Syrup flavors are the taste, they all help equally as muchGetting stoned with the homies like: