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New Trump campaign manager won't answer whether Trump has reversed on "deportation force" #CNNSOTU
Retweeted by State of the Union.@HFA Campaign Manager Robby Mook to @DanaBashCNN on @ClintonFdn : “No quid pro quo” #CNNSOTU @realDonaldTrump ’s new manager @KellyannePoll: deportation force is now “TBD” @realDonaldTrump won’t release taxes that are not under audit on #CNNSOTU aide @KellyannePolls slams @HillaryClinton over “cheating husband” on #CNNSOTU with @DanaBashCNN Campaign Manager tells @DanaBashCNN on #CNNSOTU there is "no quid pro quo" in the way the @ClintonFdn is runOn #CNNSOTU @realDonaldTrump manager contradicts Roger Ailes report #CNNSOTU @HFA campaign manager tells @DanaBashCNN that @ClintonFdn is waiting to reject foreign money #CNNSOTU @DanaBashCNN talks 2016 with @realDonaldTrump manager @KellyannePolls week on #CNNSOTU Robby Mook tells @DanaBashCNN @HillaryClinton is still looking for Trump debate stand-in #CNNSOTU w/ @DanaBashCNN @HillaryClinton won’t promise email answers before election #CNNSOTU @HillaryClinton campaign manager Robby Mook discusses the state of the race says @rudygiulianiGOP criticism ‘completely wrong’ thanks @realDonaldTrump for flood visit on flood: “we really need help” on #CNNSOTU @JohnBelforLA discusses the devastating floods on #CNNSOTU : will @realDonaldTrump ’s pitch to African American voters work? on #CNNSOTU: @newtgingrich says @HillaryClinton will ‘sink’ in September week on #CNNSOTU @DanaBashCNN takes a look at the presidents' working vacation says Hillary will "drown" in Sept when RNC unloads its oppo. @CLewandowski_ @MartinOMalley @SymoneDSanders & @AndreBauerSC #CNNSotuTrump tells African Americans: "What the hell do you have to lose?" @MartinOMalley @CLewandowski_ @SymoneDSanders & @AndreBauerSC weigh in.Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards responds to Trump adviser Giuliani criticizing him: "I think he was off-base with that comment." #CNNsotuLouisiana Gov says he did not dismiss Trump visit as photo op. He maintains what he said was "we hope it doesn't turn into mere photo-op."Donald Trump's Campaign Manager: A Deportation Force ‘T.B.D.' #CNNsotu Gov. Jon Bel Edwards (D) asks for Red Cross donations while appearing on CNN's State of the Union. #CNNsotuClinton's Mook says Hillary has not yet settled on someone to play Trump in mock debates, says it's hard to mimic his "hateful" instincts.A judge has ordered Clinton to answer Q's on emails. Clinton's Mook will not commit to releasing those answers before the election. #CNNSotuClinton's Mook describes limits put on Foundation in 2009 as "unprecedented," says Foundation is prepared to go "even further" post-election.@DanaBashCNN to Clinton mgr Robby Mook: "If it is not OK to take this [foreign] money as president why was it OK as Secretary of State?"Conway signals to @DanaBashCNN Trump may back off deportation force for illegal immigrants. She has backed CIR bill.
Retweeted by State of the UnionNews: @KellyannePolls just told me on @CNNSotu its "to be determined" if @realDonaldTrump still supports a deportation force
Retweeted by State of the UnionTrump's @KellyannePolls contradicts NYT on Roger Ailes: "He was not in a mtg where I was present," says no role for him- formal or informal.Does Trump's @KellyannePolls think someone who reconciles w/ a cheating spouse is 'weak"? She says "no"-despite 2005 shot at @HillaryClintonTrump mgr @KellyannePolls said in 2005 that Hillary "could not stand up to a cheating husband" & questioned if she could stand up to N KoreaTrump's 2002 through 2008 tax returns are no longer under audit. Will Trump mgr @KellyannePolls release them? "No, I would not." #CNNSotuDoes Trump still back deportation force to remove 11 million undocumented immigrants? Trump's @KellyannePolls tells CNN: "to be determined.".@DanaBashCNN: "The State of Our Union is ... reaching out?" #CNNsotu
Sunday: @SymoneDSanders @CLewandowski_ @MartinOMalley @AndreBauerSC will join #CNNSOTU to talk politics and 2016
.@HillaryClinton's campaign responds to Donald Trump asking African Americans: "What the hell do you have to lose?"
Retweeted by State of the UnionTrump to Af-Americans: "You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, 58% of youth are unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose?"
Retweeted by State of the Union.@HFA Campaign Manager Robby Mook will join #CNNSOTU Sunday to discuss the 2016 race on #CNNSOTU @LouisianaGov John Bel Edwards will discuss flooding in Louisiana and various relief efforts checks some statements from Dems about Mark Zandi, an economist who has praised Clinton's plans campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigns, telling Trump he was becoming a distraction and wanted to end that, @DanaBashCNN reports.
Retweeted by State of the UnionFact Check from @jaketapper & @factcheckdotorg: Clinton-Kaine distort political leanings of economist Mark Zandi.
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New for Trump: he expresses regret for sometimes saying "wrong thing," esp. where it may have caused "personal pain"
Retweeted by State of the UnionSunday on #CNNSOTU @KellyannePolls discusses her new role as @realDonaldTrump 's campaign manager
RIP John McLaughlin
Retweeted by State of the UnionHRC's top aides would like the notes to be released publicly versus "released piecemeal by people with motive."
Retweeted by State of the UnionDonald Trump proposes values test for would-be immigrants -
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WSJ: Trump must decide by Labor Day if he wants to "behave" like a POTUS -- or "turn the nomination over to Pence."
Retweeted by State of the Union.@PaulManafort accuses media of taking “Clinton campaign narrative” on #CNNSOTU with @jaketapper #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper, @PaulManafort says @realDonaldTrump ’s 2nd Amendment comments not a threat #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper @PaulManafort sidesteps question on @realDonaldTrump ’s taxing the rich reversal on @realDonaldTrump NY co-chair comments: “I don’t know about the quote” campaign chairman @PaulManafort joins @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU, Fmr. Bush Com. Sec. Carlos Gutierrez tells @jaketapper that most CEOs ‘Disgusted’ by @realDonaldTrump #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper Fmr. Bush Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez says Trump a ‘disaster’ for economy #CNNSOTU w/@jaketapper Fmr. Bush Official Carlos Gutierrez endorses @HillaryClinton #cnnsotu with @jaketapper fmr. Bush Commerce Sec. Carlos Gutierrez explaines his endorsment of @HillaryClinton #CNNSOTU @jaketapper discusses with his panel: Trump to take “long vacation” if he loses #CNNSOTU @jaketapper discusses with his panel: congress to get info on Hillary Clinton's FBI interview of the Cartoonion: Olympics Edition. Which field would the presidential candidates dominate? Bush official endorses Clinton and says Trump could be an economic 'disaster.' #CNNSotu to get the FBI's notes on its interview with Hillary Clinton, sources tell @jaketapper. #CNNsotu discussion: Clinton foundation investigation? with @bakarisellers @amandacarpenter and @GovBrewer on CNN's State of the Union -- > Hillary Clinton doesn't tell the truth @jaketapper reports Congress will get info on Clinton's intv w/ the FBI. Not a transcript- but FBI notes on content and impression. #CNNsotuPanel discussion: do voter ID laws disenfranchise minorities? Donald Trump's "2nd Amendment" comments were not a threat. #CNNsotu says if he loses he'll take a "nice, long vacation." @GovBrewer @Bakari_Sellers @amandacarpenter & @RepBecerra weigh in. #CNNsotuFormer GOP Cabinet Sec. Gutierrez endorses Clinton Bush Commerce Secy. Gutierrez says he decided to get behind Clinton when Trump hit Mexican judge & said "my African American" at rally.Fmr Bush Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez says a Trump victory would be a "tactical win for him," a "strategic loss for the GOP" #CNNSotu.@PaulManafort : Media coverage skewed Bush Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez endorses @HillaryClinton: "I'm afraid of what Donald Trump would do to this country." #CNNSotuAsked if he is concerned about Trump's NY chair Paladino attacking gold star parent, Manafort pivots to Orlando killer's father at HRC event.@PaulManafort : Trump's 2nd amendment comment not a threat campaign chair Manafort slams media for covering Trump's aside on 2nd amendment for 3 days overshadowing week's econ speech. #CNNSotuOn #CNN SOTU @PaulManafort: Trump is very plugged in drop man - Darryl Vickers, a Trump supporter - tells CNN: "I was absolutely taken aghast" by Trump's "2nd Amendment people" comments.What does Manafort tell R's who want Trump to stay on message? Manafort says Trump had substantive week-nat'l media took "Clinton narrative".@JakeTapper: "The State of Our Union is ... a bit sweaty." #CNNsotu
Bill Clinton on someone saying Hillary "lied" re her emails: "The Biggest Load of Bull I've Ever Heard" via @mj_lee
Retweeted by State of the UnionSunday on #CNNSOTU @Bakari_Sellers @GovBrewer @amandacarpenter and @RepBecerra join @jaketapper to talk 2016 on #CNNSOTU Frmr GOP Commerce Sec. Carlos Gutierrez will tell @jaketapper why he's endorsing @HillaryClinton fact checks Donald Trump's claim that President Obama is the "founder of ISIS"
Retweeted by State of the UnionSunday on #cnnsotu : @PaulManafort joins @jaketapper in DC to talk @realDonaldTrump 's campaign and the 2016 race Check- @JakeTapper & @factcheckdotorg take a detailed look at Trump's (false) claim that Obama 'founded' ISIS.
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Clinton just said Trump crossed the line when he implored "2nd Am people" to act against her. Clinton calls it "casual inciting of violence"
Retweeted by State of the UnionSec Service has spoken to Trump camp regarding 2nd Am remark-Trump camp told USSS he did not intend to incite violence, per CNN @jimsciutto
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Gen Hayden on Trump comments re 2nd Amendment: "if someone else said that outside of the hall, he'd be in the back of a police wagon now"
Retweeted by State of the UnionTrump says "2nd Amendment people" could deal w/ Clinton - campaign says at ballot box - > how one attendee reacted.
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Trump's son reached out to Kasich aide about possibility of, Kasich won't even commit to voting for Trump
Retweeted by State of the UnionThanks for watching! and thanks for coming on @MayorSRB!
Retweeted by State of the Union.@JohnKasich tells @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU that winning Ohio will be difficult for @realDonaldTrump tells @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU he finds it bizarre for @realDonaldTrump not to endorse top Republicans tells @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU that there was no backchannel effort to get him in to the GOP convention confirms to @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU that @DonaldJTrumpJr wanted him to be V.P.