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.@SenSanders on recent Trump controversy: ‘devil is in the details’ #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU @SenSanders tells @jaketapper that he will not give his email list to DNC master of town halls @GovChristie gives advice for GOP members afraid to face their constituents #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper @SenSanders says that Dems need a ‘total transformation’ Trump likes a fight. It energizes him #CNNSOTU asks @GovChristie about WH Chief of Staff Preibus reaching out the FBI about CNN reporting #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU @SenSanders tells @realDonaldTrump: the DNC race not ‘rigged’ tells @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU he trusts the Justice Dept to investigate possible Trump ties to Russia responds to President Trump's Sunday morning tweet calling the DNC Chair race "rigged" on #CNNSOTU tells @jaketapper how he plans to woo back Trump voters to the Democratic Party on #CNNSOTU asks the #CNNSOTU panel to weigh in on Rep. Darrell Issa calling for a special prosecutor talks with @jaketapper about the DNC Chair election and the future of the dem party on #CNNSOTU Jersey @GovChristie sits down with @jaketapper for an exclusive interview only on #CNNSOTU DNC Chair @TomPerez joins @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU to discuss the future of the Democratic Party POTUS be ready tweets a blazing for the Oscars tonight? Its this week's State of the Cartoonion on #CNNSOTU will @realDonaldTrump react to tonight's Oscars? @jaketapper imagines #CNNSOTU says there shouldn't be a "rush to special prosecutor" on Trump-Russia tie investigations #CNNSOTU says "you can't do" repeal and replace" because it's a "broken system" #CNNSOTU's choose a new chair; Boehner says repeal/replace won't happen: @RickSantorum @JenGranholm @RepSanfordSC @RubenGallego weigh in. #CNNsotu.@JenGranholm says that there was no smear campaign against @keithellison #CNNSOTU says that @realDonaldTrump "likes a fight" whether its "@NYT or ISIS" #CNNSOTU "The heat is now on Republicans." #CNNsotuChristie on members of Congress who are afraid to hold town halls: "Welcome to the real world of responsibility." #CNNsotuHow does Christie respond to people who say Trump is focused on personal grievances? "You don't know Donald Trump...he barely sleeps...".@GovChristie says that Trump administration contact with FBI may be due to "learning curve" #CNNSOTU on Priebus-FBI: "I don't think the WH chief of staff will have that kind of conversation w/ the FBI again -- nor should he.".@ChrisChristie on the Trump White House: "These are all people who have never been in government before." #CNNsotu.@GovChristie says he doesn't believe there needs to be a special prosecutor on Trump-Russia ties #CNNSOTU disagrees with Issa on whether a special prosecutor is needed: says DOJ has shown itself w/ an ability to investigate these things.We invited the @WhiteHouse to provide us with a guest to discuss the week's news and the president's agenda; they declined our offer.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@JakeTapper asks @SenSanders if he will share his email list with the Democratic Party #CNNSOTU Sanders give his list to DNC? Won't directly answer -says he will "support those who have the guts to stand up for working families".@SenSanders discusses the election of @TomPerez as DNC chair on #CNNSOTU disagrees w/ Trump's tweet, says: "no, he doesn't have a point -- that's what the system is"; then urges Pe… says Keith Ellison ran an impressive race inside the establishment's house. #CNNsotuOn #CNNSOTU new DNC chair @TomPerez addresses how he will take on Trump responds to Trump by saying US needs an independent investigation into whether the election was "rigged by Tr… elected DNC chair @TomPerez targets Neil Gorsuch as a judge who "wants to eviscerate collective bargaining." #CNNsotu #SCOTUSTrump carried white voters w/out a college degree by 37 % points. Perez says Trump showed himself to be a "fraud" hours into his presidency..@JakeTapper: "The State of Our Union is ... in flux." #CNNsotuThis AM on #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper: @TomPerez @SenSanders @GovChristie @MarkSanford @RepRubenGallego @JenGranholm @RickSantorum
Newly elected @TheDemocrats chair @TomPerez joins @jaketapper Sunday at 9am! moves to make @keithellison the "deputy chairman" of the Democratic Party. Motion passes. #DNCChairThe results are in --- >>> The next chair of the DNC will be @TomPerez #DNCChair
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This Sunday on #CNNSOTU with @jaketapper: @SenSanders @GovChristie and our panel @MarkSanford @RepRubenGallego us on #CNNSOTU this Sunday for @jaketapper's live interviews with @SenSanders and @GovChristie in this Sunday when @jaketapper will sit down with New Jersey @GovChristie for a live interview only on… in Sunday for thoughts from the best political minds with our #CNNSOTU panel @JenGranholm @MarkSanford
Join us on #CNNSOTU this Sunday for @jaketapper's live interview with @SenSanders
.@SenatorMenendez calls for a 9/11 style commission to probe Russia on #CNNSOTU's fmr. National Security Adviser Gen Jones tells @jimsciutto on #CNNSOTU he made a "colossal mistake" on Syria National Security Adviser Gen. Jim Jones gives advice to the President's potential NSA picks on #CNNSOTU asks @SenatorMenendez on #CNNSOTU about the President's promise to repeal DACA asks @SenatorMenendez on #CNNSOTU if Gen. Flynn should face legal repercussions asks @JohnKasich what he will do about medicaid expansion in his state of Ohio if Obamacare is repealed tells @jimsciutto on #CNNSOTU that he trusts the Intelligence Committees to probe Russia @MunSecConf @JohnKasich tells @jimsciutto on #CNNSOTU that he's concerned by the President's recent statements tells @jimsciutto that world leaders at the @MunSecConf are unsure about President Trump on #CNNSOTU @JohnKasich weighs in on President Trump's recent attacks against the media with @jimsciutto only on #CNNSOTU it comes to the President, some Dems are already invoking the 25th amendment. Our #CNNSOTU panel weighs in #CNNSOTU panel @JasonKander @RickSantorum @ninaturner & @amandacarpenter talk President Trump's rally last night talks with former National Security Adviser ret. Gen Jim Jones only on #CNNSOTU @jimsciutto's full interview with New Jersey @SenatorMenendez onyl on #CNNSOTU @jimsciutto's full interview with Gov @JohnKasich from the @MunSecConf only on #CNNSOTU on "We Will Replace You" PAC calling for across-the-board opposition to Trump: "The everything model d… progressive PACs warn Democrats to oppose Trump — or get primaried - @daveweigel reports. the 25th Amendment, @amandacarpenter says: if the idea is to make Mike Pence president -- "sign me up." #CNNsotu floats idea of declaring Trump incapacitated: "He has got to get a grip & the 25A is there if a president becomes incapacitated".@RickSantorum says @realDonaldTrump is "not an ideologue" and "there is a tremendous opportunity that Democrats are foregoing." #CNNsotuTough words from Gen. Jim Jones about the president he once served as National Security Adviser -- >>
Retweeted by State of the UnionObama's former Nat'l Security Adviser tells @jimsciutto that the failure to enforce "red line" in Syria was a "colossal mistake" #CNNsotuGen. Jim Jones says Trump needs "strategic thinker" as Nat'l Sec Adv who "resists getting involved in tactical operations around the world."Gen. Jim Jones has had no contact with Trump WH but says he would be happy to offer any advice to person who takes NSA job. #CNNsotuSen. Menendez is encouraged by Trump saying "DACA situation is very difficult," says he will work with @POTUS if he wants to resolve issue..@SenatorMenendez blasts Trump on immigration, says his policy amounts to "mass deportation where you indiscriminately pursue any immigrant"Coming up on #CNNSOTU former National Security Adviser retired Gen. Jim Jones will join @jimsciutto live from Munich.@SenatorMenendez calls for 9/11 style commission on Russia: "Russia trying to undermine our democracy...rises to that importance." #CNNsotuComing up after the break @jimsciutto talks with Foreign Relations Committee member @SenatorMenendez only on #CNNSOTU.@JohnKasich on possibility of Trump & GOP cutting Medicaid: "I am not going to sit silent and just allow them to rip that out." #CNNsotu