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.@jaketapper just wrapped with @VP - why he thinks Clinton lost, coming up on @TheLeadCNN
Retweeted by State of the UnionMake sure to watch #CNNSOTU this Sunday with @MarshaBlackburn @JenGranholm @DLoesch and @MARCMORIAL into #CNNSOTU this Sunday for @jaketapper's exclusive interview with Vice President @JoeBiden Trump has picked retired Gen. John Kelly to lead the DHS
Retweeted by State of the UnionSchumer: If Republicans repeal Obamacare, "they will own it"
Retweeted by State of the UnionDem @Sen_JoeManchin embraces Trump's anti-outsourcing 35% tax threat: "If this is what he's going to do save every job ... God bless him."
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Vice President Biden makes his way to the Mansfield Room in the U.S. Capitol following a 2.5 hour Senate tribute.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@realDonaldTrump is TIME's person of the year -- the magazine calls him President of the *Divided* State of Americ…
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Vice President Biden toys with idea of 2020 White House run while speaking with reporters on Capitol Hill -- >>
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.@realDonaldTrump backs off Muslim ban, deportation force. @jaketapper discusses with @KellyannePolls on #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU @KellyannePolls says the ‘undercover @realDonaldTrump voter’ was ‘very real’ #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper @RobbyMook says that @HillaryClinton faced a double standard as a woman running for pres #CNNSOTU @jaketapper presses @KellyannePolls on @realDonaldTrump 's false ‘illegal vote’ claim #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper @KellyannePolls says that women weren’t clamoring for to vote for @HillaryClinton fake news, @RobbyMook tells @jaketapper that 2016 was our first ‘post-factual’ election #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper @RobbyMook says flawed media predictions hurt Clinton's turnout tells @jaketapper that @timkaine was a better VP fit than @BernieSanders on #CNNSOTU says the Comey letter tipped the election to @realDonaldTrump on #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper says @HillaryClinton ran a ‘joyless’ campaign on #CNNSOTU tells @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU that @POTUS did not have to ask @HillaryClinton to concede #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper @RobbyMook says the @HillaryClinton email scandal was ‘over-hyped’ by media says that @HillaryClinton regretted 'deplorables' comment at @HarvardIOP w/ @jaketapper #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU @RobbyMook says that @nbcsnl was wrong on ‘Access Hollywood’ spoof @HillaryClinton would have been better off picking @BernieSanders for VP. #CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionClinton campaign manager @RobbyMook says President Obama did not have to ask @HillaryClinton to concede. #CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionClinton manager @RobbyMook says "basket of deplorables" comment "definitely could have alienated" voters. #CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@KellyannePolls on Election Night: "I looked down at my phone & it said Huma Abedin, I said 'oh my gosh' and I handed it to Donald Trump.".@robbymook says it was @HillaryClinton -- not President Obama -- who made the decision to call Donald Trump and concede. #CNNsotu.@KellyannePolls on Pence: ""We always thought if we were going to bust that Blue Wall," it would be w/ a VP who "allies" w/ working class.After Access Hollywood, SNL depicted Hillary popping champagne. Mook says: "That was ridiculous," they were grappling w/ WikiLeaks. #CNNsotu.@KellyannePolls says Trump would have faced a tougher race if Clinton had tapped @BernieSanders rather than @timkaine for VP. @CNNSotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@KellyannePolls accurately notes that Clinton did not really apologize for "deplorables": "She said she regretted putting a number on it."
Retweeted by State of the UnionMook on "basket of deplorables": "I think it definitely could have alienated some voters and that's why [Clinton] g…
Retweeted by State of the UnionClinton camp studied undecided voters and found "basket of deplorables" had more impact than Comey letter. #CNNsotu believes Bill Clinton's tarmac meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch inadvertently empowered Comey letter. #CNNsotu.@KellyannePolls to Tapper re: potential Russia involvement: "we're not pro-foreign gov interference if that's what your'e asking." #CNNsotuIs Trump's adviser concerned US intel agencies say Russians hacked into email accounts? Conway: "I just don't know it to be true" #CNNsotuClinton campaign manager @robbymook tells @jaketapper: "Congress has got to investigate what happened with Russia" in 2016 election #CNNsotu.@KellyannePolls says: "I think the biggest piece of fake news in his election was that Donald Trump couldn't win." #CNNsotuClinton campaign manager @robbymook thinks 2016 was the first “post-factual election.” #CNNsotuDid actions by the Clinton old guard make @RobbyMook’s job harder? “Look, Hillary said she regretted that e-mail setup …” #CNNsotuWas illegal vote tweet presidential behavior? Conway: “Well, he’s the president-elect. So, that’s...presidential behavior, yes.” #CNNsotu.@jaketapper presses @KellyannePolls about Trump tweeting w/out evidence that millions of fraudulent votes cost him popular vote. #CNNsotuWill Trump continue to use his Twitter as president? @KellyannePolls says "that's going to be up to him, Secret Service, & others" #CNNsotu.@RobbyMook acknowledges that Dems were more worried about @marcorubio than about @realDonaldTrump early in the process. #CNNsotu.@RobbyMook responds to Conway's jab about women not being excited about Clinton's candidacy: "they were volunteering for the campaign.".@KellyannePolls takes shot at @HillaryClinton: "where are the marches for women saying 'we must have the first female'? I didn't see them."Did Trump express regret in private for shots at disabled reporter or Judge Curiel? @KellyannePolls points to Trump's "regret" speech.Trump backed away from Muslim ban, deportation force during general; @KellyannePolls says it was about putting ideas into "policy" language. @robbymook says biggest "headwind" faced by Clinton was Russian intelligence stealing emails and selectively leaking them out over months..@robbymook suggests that Clinton faced a double standard as a woman candidate, “people talk about the way Hillary spoke during a speech.”.@KellyannePolls: I told Trump: "you're running against one of the most joyless pres. candidates in history"; let's be "the happy warrior.".@RobbyMook applauds "record Hispanic turnout" in a number of communities - says it helped Clinton win in Nevada and Colorado. #CNNsotu.@KellyannePolls: The "undercover Trump voter" was "very real." #CNNsotuTrump manager @KellyannePolls: "Trump turned over 200 counties that went for President Obama in 2012 to Donald Trump in 2016." #CNNsotu.@RobbyMook says Comey letter was "an incredibly powerful force in the race," contributing to drop-off w suburban women, youth vote #CNNsotu.@jaketapper opens by asking @robbymook: "What happened?" #CNNsotuTrump and Clinton campaign managers appear together on CNN's "State of the Union" with @jaketapper right now. #CNNsotu.@jaketapper: "The State of Our Union is ... still quite divided." #CNNsotu
This Sunday on #CNNSOTU: @jaketapper discusses the 2016 campaign with @KellyannePolls and @RobbyMook at @HarvardIOP
The hottest ticket in Cambridge: War Stories with @KellyannePolls & @RobbyMook -- moderated by @jaketapper #CNNsotu
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Donald Trump **falsely** claims 'millions of people who voted illegally' cost him the popular vote for president.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@DanaBashCNN just pressed Trump's Kellyanne Conway on a WP report that Trump is turning away some intel briefings.
Retweeted by State of the Union.@KellyannePolls: @realDonaldTrump is 'gracious' to not prosecute @HillaryClinton #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU: @marcorubio says Obama's condolences to Castro's family were "pathetic" on his previous @realDonaldTrump nuke concerns: 'we had an election” #CNNSOTU Giuliani as @realDonaldTrump 's potential Sec. of State, @marcorubio said he is a "friend and a supporter." #CNNSOTU @DanaBashCNN talks Castro and Trump's transition with @marcorubio tells @DanaBashCNN that the President was right to offer Castro family condolences #CNNSOTU asked about the Wisconsin vote recount, @BernieSanders said, 'nobody cares.' on #CNNSOTU w/ @DanaBashCNN We need to re-examine the Electoral College. #CNNSOTU @keithellison is 'the candidate we need' for DNC #CNNSOTU talks electoral college, WI vote recount, Obama's response to Castro death w/ @danabashCNN #CNNSOTU questions @MittRomney's loyalty to @realDonaldTrump #CNNSOTU by @DanaBashCNN @KellyannePolls refuses to say if @realDonaldTrump is turning down intel briefings #CNNSOTU Trump says not to 'romanticize' Castro. #CNNSOTU @KellyannePolls knows that sometimes the best way to reach Trump is via TV -- > she just took down Mitt on #CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the UnionIs Trump’s tweetstorm changing the narrative? W/ @Bakari_Sellers @RepDebDingell @alicetweet @AndreBauerSC Tower security is causing a 'Big Apple' sized headache in NYC @DanaBashCNN reports on #CNNSOTU