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CBO: Senate health bill would increase the number of people who are uninsured by 22 million in 2026 relative to the number under current law
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Dem. Senator @ChrisMurphyCT says that GOP health care dissent is ‘pre-scripted theater’ #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU @RepAdamSchiff says he got a ‘queasy feeling’ about Obama’s AG asking to call Clinton probe a "matter" #CNNSOTU @SecPriceMD refuses to take @WarrenBuffett 's tax test on health care bill an interview on #CNNSOTU @SecPriceMD vows premiums will come down under Trump Health plan on #CNNSOTU says that Obama made a mistake with his handling of Russian election meddling Trump/Pence super PAC is targeting @SenDeanHeller for opposing health care bill #CNNSOTU on GOP health care bill: “unless it gets fixed, I'm against it” #CNNSOTU is many things: President, billionaire and... wedding crasher? #CNNSOTU joined @DanaBashCNN to discuss the latest developments in the Russia probe #CNNSOTUIn an interview on #CNNSOTU w/ @DanaBashCNN @JohnKasich criticized the Senate GOP health bill #CNNSOTU @JohnKasich downplayed GOP special election wins, saying it's a ‘long way’ to 2018 joined @DanaBashCNN to discusses the Senate GOP health care plan #CNNSOTU @SecPriceMD says that the Medicaid cut in the GOP Health bill is not a cut McConnell would not have brought health fwd if he did not have votes. Thinks GOP loses Heller, another moderate but bill passes.Schiff would like Loretta Lynch to testify to Judiciary Cmte or speak publicly about her role in the Clinton email probe post-Comey #CNNsotuSchiff agrees with Feinstein about Loretta Lynch's handling of Clinton email probe: "it does give me a queasy feeling as well." #CNNsotu @RepAdamSchiff says Obama should have spoken to American people about Russia, worked with Europe, and imposed stronger sanctions on Russia.Congressman Adam Schiff says the Obama administration's handling of Russia was "a very serious mistake." #CNNsotuCongressman Schiff says Trump is in no place to criticize Obama re: Russia given his handling of the issue. #CNNsotuCongressman Adam Schiff on Russia: "I think the Obama administration should have done a lot more..." #CNNsotu.@JohnKasich on Trump winning 4 special elections: "2018 is a long way away." Says wins thus far have come in GOP districts. #CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@JohnKasich: "I'm not a Never Trumper - I'm for the president of the United States." Says he will sometimes praise, sometimes criticize..@JohnKasich on Trump allied Super PAC hitting Heller with a negative ad: "This is the crazies time I've ever seen in politics." #CNNsotuKasich comes out against Senate GOP bill as written: "I don't think the bill is adequate now ... I'm against it." Urges fixes. #CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@DanaBashCNN poses Buffett Q to Sec Price - He refuses to answer. (& questions whether Buffett cares about peopl… urges Americans to ask members of Congress-"Is your adjusted gross income above $250,000? And, if so, how m… investor Warren Buffett says the House Republican health-care bill would reduce his tax bill this year by $680,000. #CNNsotuWhy is Trump breaking his promise not to cut Medicaid? Sec. Price disagrees w/ premise of Q: "all depends what yo… says the House bill reduces federal outlays for Medicaid by $834 billion.Nevada GOP Gov. Sandoval is worried that people who make as little as $16,000 will lose Medicaid and not be able to afford private insuranceHHS Secretary Tom Price responds to Sen. Heller comments re: premiums by telling @DanaBashCNN - that is not what He… Sen. Dean Heller on the GOP Senate health-care bill: "There isn't anything in this legislation that would lower premiums."Speaker Ryan on Trump calling health bill "mean": "a misinterpretation" (6/20/17) Trump to Fox: "Mean -- that was my term." (6/25/17)
Retweeted by State of the Union.@DanaBashCNN: "The State of Our Union is ... 'mean'?" #CNNsotuThis AM: @DanaBashCNN, @SecPriceMD, @JohnKasich, @RepAdamSchiff, @RepAndreCarson, @RickSantorum, @amandacarpenter, @RepRubenGallego #CNNSOTU
Sunday on #CNNSOTU: @SecPriceMD, @JohnKasich, @RepAdamSchiff, @RepAndreCarson, @RickSantorum, @amandacarpenter &… #CNNSOTU this Sunday to hear from @SecPriceMD. You won't want to miss it! into #CNNSOTU this Sunday for the best political minds with our panel @amandacarpenter @RepRubenGallego Sunday #CNNSOTU breaks down the health care debate. Tune in! exclusive interview with @JohnKasich this Sunday! Make sure you tune in! @RepAdamSchiff joins #CNNSOTU this Sunday. Make sure to watch! and @factcheckdotorg examine if @realDonaldTrump has actually brought back thousands of coal jobs
Schumer: "The Senate version of Trumpcare is even meaner."
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CNN projects Republican Karen Handle wins the spec. election in Georgia 6, beating Democrat Jon Ossoff in the most expensive House race ever
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#SCOTUS just announced it will take up a key partisan gerrymandering case: lines in WI challengers say were unlawfully drawn to benefit GOP.
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On #CNNSOTU @marcorubio says executive order on Dreamers must be replaced and believes it is "unconstitutional." #CNNSOTU @marcorubio tells @jaketapper that he is 'fine' with closed meetings on new health care bill.'s @jaketapper to Trump's lawyer: "So the president said 'I am under investigation' even though he isn’t under i…
Retweeted by State of the UnionOn #CNNSOTU w/ @jaketapper @JaySekulow says that @realDonaldTrump has the power to fire the FBI director tells @jaketapper he supports Trump's Cuba policy of stability in the Western Hemisphere. #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU with @jaketapper @BernieSanders says he thinks Dems should play hardball on GOP health legislation an interview with @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU @marcorubio discussed the Russia investigation, Cuba policy, and more tells @jaketapper that Jon @ossoff's views are better than his Republican opponent's #CNNSOTU says Trump talked Russia probe in private but "nothing that he hasn't already said in public." #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU @BernieSanders tells @jaketapper that he has not been contacted by the authorities about Scalise shooter an interview on #CNNSOTU @BernieSanders tells @jaketapper that some Dem rhetoric ‘not acceptable’ President Trump fire Mueller & Rosenstein? @marcorubio tells @jaketapper it's "not going to happen." #CNNSOTU #CNNSOTU w/@jaketapper @realDonaldTrump lawyer @JaySekulow says that President Trump not under investigation defends his clash with the nominee for Deputy OMB Director during his hearing last week #CNNSOTU @BernieSanders joined @jaketapper for a live interview on #CNNSOTU. Watch the full thing here #CNNSOTU with @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump lawyer @JaySekulow discusses if the President is under investigation tells @jaketapper Trump agrees with me on 'mean' health care bill #CNNSOTU did @realDonaldTrump 's 71st birthday stack up to other presidential bashes? It's the State of the Cartoonion @RepCharlieDent says he agrees with Trump's description of the House health care bill as "mean" #CNNSOTU
Retweeted by State of the UnionRepublican @RepCharlieDent agrees with Democrat @Bakari_Sellers and urges President Trump to "stop tweeting" about Russia probe. #CNNsotuGOP @RepCharlieDent - who opposed health bill - on Trump calling the legislation "mean": "I didn't realize he agree…
Retweeted by State of the UnionPresident Trump calls House Republican health care bill 'mean' #CNNSotu Sen. @clairecmc: "We'd love your support? For what?...We have no idea what's being proposed. There's a group of guys in a back room...".@JaySekulow says "the president is not under investigation," POTUS tweet "was in response to Washington Post" story #SOTU
Retweeted by State of the Union.@marcorubio says he believes in the integrity of the investigation "because I believe in Bob Mueller’s record of serving our country."
Retweeted by State of the Union.@marcorubio says in meeting on Friday @POTUS talked about Russia investigation -- "the same stuff you've seen him say on twitter."
Retweeted by State of the UnionTrump atty Jay Sekulow tries to distinguish Trump v. Clinton by telling @jaketapper: "This is not a situation of witness tampering" #CNNsotu
Retweeted by State of the Union.@JakeTapper on #CNNSOTU to @JaySekulow : "no one did more to confirm" the WAPO story than the @realDonaldTrump to @JaySekulow : "so the President said he was under investigation, even though he isn't?" #CNNSOTU legal team member @JaySekulow says @realDonaldTrump is not under investigation despite Trump tweet say he was atty. Sekulow seems to agree w/ Gingrich: "this is Constitution 101: POTUS has the make those… lawyer Jay Sekulow says Trump's tweet was simply "in response to "Washington Post" -- not a confirmation he w… says on #CNNSOTU that his supporters should "absolutely" vote for @ossoff in the GA-06