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Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. -- Philip K. Dick The dollar is our currency, but your problem -- John Connally

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@waisingrin @simongerman600 Google image search led me to the original map of the world of 1360. Re: N/S Vietnam sp…
Retweeted by cognominal @croservices Nice short React description! "has virtual DOM, which rebuilds every time something changes, diffs aga…
Retweeted by cognominal @kaicarver A deux pas de l’hopital st louis. Je vais devoir y retourner dès que le dupixent sera disponible 😀AlphaGo Zero winning 100-0 was against the Lee Sedol version. Against AlphaGo Master, AlphaGo Zero won ‘only’ 89-11.
Retweeted by cognominalThe 20 AlphaGo Zero vs Master games that DeepMind has provided, as a single SGF (for easy import in SmartGo Kifu):
Retweeted by cognominalUn think tank américain veut lancer une guerre contre la Russie pr un remake à de la sardine qui a bouché le port furtif #Etats-Unis #Moyen-Orient #Russie
[PORTRAIT] Tout savoir sur #SophiaAram :
Retweeted by cognominal @TomRoyce @charlesmurray I don’t like Macron but he did good when kicking out previous Belkacem education minister… @TomRoyce @charlesmurray Even if this cultural marxist nonsense started with French deconstructionist intellectuals… @TomRoyce @charlesmurray ... with the instrumentalisation of Islamism. STEM necessary but not enough @TomRoyce @charlesmurray I am ashamed that I skipped greek and latin in school. Also studying… @TomRoyce @charlesmurray Make sure they know about traditional humanities as well. And you can do that by supportin… me of 1960's car industry claiming that providing safety belts in cars would lead to bankrupcy. #nonsense
Retweeted by cognominalJudge shocked to learn NYPD’s evidence database has no backup
Vers de nouvelles révolutions de couleur? Soros verse 18 mds USD à Open Society: via @sputnik_frJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "AlphaGo Zero: Starting from scratch" à l'adresse'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "The #Weinstein Witch Hunt" à l'adresse'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "To see Weinstein’s influence in Hollywood, look no further than the Oscars" à l'adresseJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "David Horowitz - The Second Civil War" à l'adresse @Me2S3M @JonHaidt I belong to a programming community now welcoming such ideology. Unlike most SJWs the infecting p… @Me2S3M @JonHaidt What is interesting is also the other side. What community are susceptible to be infected without…'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Getting Started With Org Mode" à l'adresse @Me2S3M @JonHaidt Where does that text comes from ? ThxCamille Paglia explains why women's and gender studies departments should be defunded
Retweeted by cognominalPart of a standard playbook. In Spring 2016 Evergreen faculty voted to self-inflict a measure like this. I objected…
Retweeted by cognominalMaybe this misbegotten ideological command will die on the vine...
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Postal Service Confirms Photographing All U.S. Mail théorie du ruissellement ?
Retweeted by cognominal @NicolasMeilhan Pour niquer la Russie ? @al3xandru @vambenepe Makes sense, the « er » would be the end of « avenue Kleber »#Rakudo #Perl6 Weekly, hot off the press:
Retweeted by cognominalWooo \o/ It's working!
Retweeted by cognominalDo you use @duckduckgo? It now has #Perl6 modules search !bang!
Retweeted by cognominalJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "An Incredible Example of Leftist Intolerance and Insanity" à l'adresse'aime une vidéo @YouTube : ""High End Unicode in Perl 6" - Samantha McVey" à l'adresse
Remember when Apple defied Big Brother? Now its Diversity VP has to publicly recant for speaking the truth.
Retweeted by cognominalTony Blair : «J’ai commis l’irréparable en cédant aux pressions d’Israël» in science makes scientists more productive, and less creative – but there’s a price for the unorthodox:…
Retweeted by cognominal @IndyVoices This article supporting a war criminal taking money from Weinstein is sickening. Ur a presstituteThe bonobo matriarchal paradise may not be all it's cracked up to be:
Retweeted by cognominalJFK, CIA, Mafia & Castro - #Trump can finally allow the truth to emerge from the shadows (Op-Ed by @leeofthemail)…
Retweeted by cognominalJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Body Language: Harvey Weinstein" à l'adresse DELAMARCHE : L'ETAT VEND SES BIJOUX DE FAMILLE
Retweeted by cognominalYou take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame. ~ Erica Jong
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True feminists want to have a positive impact, they do STEM, they don’t waste their time in whatever minority studi…'année 2017, l'année qui fait mal, restera dans les annales: 1/ création des travailleurs pauvres par Macron, 2/… @TheLordCalvert @carly_w22 @ratracecycles @kevinthestrange @covstarlite @NRA Statistics rely on the nomothetic. You…
Retweeted by cognominalI review the problems with sex "addiction": no science, no RCT treatments, just profits for therapists. @LiveScience
Retweeted by cognominalWhen science clashes with ideology in today's world, ideology tends to triumph. It's easier than thinking....
Retweeted by cognominalLes vraies raisons du dépeçage d’Alstom, par Leslie Varenne via @OBerruyerA few years ago, I made a deliberate decision to follow people I disagree with -- and today, I'm a better person for it.
Retweeted by cognominal @JillianKeenan @sentientist Difficult to find the right people. 1 is quickly insulted & banned when trying to engag… sionisme n'est pas seulement un mal qui ronge la communauté juive, il est aussi un mal planétaire. A l'image du takfirisme.
Retweeted by cognominalElle a raison : le schéma d'aujourd'hui c'est d'avoir une voiture de fonction et un chauffeur payé par les contribu…
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Trying out #emacs with the Doom config. Seems pretty nifty so far! Healthy competition for #Spacemacs
Retweeted by cognominalThis isn't really what I was going for, but dang does it look cool.
Retweeted by cognominalMy thoughts and prayers go out to the Schulz family and all the family’s that have lost their homes in the Californ…
Retweeted by cognominal#Syrie com US, les jihadistes étrangers #EI sont bien exclus de l'accord entre clans/kurdes qui prévoit des départs…
Retweeted by cognominal @thiswishistaken @nntaleb So after the famous “our currency, your problem”, the world will get “our justice: your problem” 😱 @thiswishistaken @nntaleb The interesting point is that the american justice has become an economical one where sil… @GadSaad @HarveyWeinstein Clinton will not give money her fund received 2 a fund 2 help victims prosecuting Weinste… @thiswishistaken @nntaleb Taleb statement ackwardely stated. Salient point not that prostitutes r willingful or for… @nntaleb Justice is tied to the propaganda/censorship system. Also the system can afford 2 throw overboard some Wei… @nntaleb This is the very key part of the mondialist system: export the american justice system where justice is su… financial transaction of the sort is just prostitution.
Retweeted by cognominal @jordanbpeterson Arendt, born 111 years ago today, on fighting the normalization of evil – wisdom timelier by the minute…
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@IbrahimSapien__ @paulkrugman The devil biggest trick is to make believe he does not exist. Trump’s one is to make… @IbrahimSapien__ @paulkrugman Maybe more like a three cards monte player. While the attention is on North Korea, th…😂😂😂😂 crying !!!
Retweeted by cognominalWomen 30+ In Stable Marriage by Age of 1st Intercourse 12 & Under: 18.5% 13-14: 27.7% 15-16: 40.8% 17-18: 46.9% 23…
Retweeted by cognominalJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Top 5 ‘Hate Crime’ Hoaxes | Louder With Crowder" à l'adresse'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Spacemacs ABC (7)" à l'adresse différence est que les guerres se font aussi par proxy (Arabie Saoudite, terroristes de ts poils en Syrie) tjs a… les guerres secrètes au Laos et au Cambodge, chacun d’eux bombardé plus que l’Europe de WWII. Aujourd’hui m…'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Les Brigandes - Le rock des Brigandes" à l'adresse cette chutzpah cumulée avec le pouvoir qui est derrière tous les crimes de Weinstein, si loin de la common decenc…,@OBerruyer a trop peur de se faire diffamer par le chien de garde @RReichstadt et censure le fait que Weinstein et…