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Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. -- Philip K. Dick

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Trump is less likely to antagonize Putin. He is also a crude racist demagogue. Inside the Beltway, the former issue arouses more outrage.
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Meilleur que tous les commentaires savants et pédants
@thehill @MaxBlumenthal «suspected terrorism» (sic). A planned massacre is not terrorism if Islam is not involved in the perpetrator side 😜Ça m'épate toujours le mot "négligence" accolé à "400 millions d'euros". #Lagarde #Tapie
Retweeted by cognominalGood rule of thumb for any historical conflict: if one side is destroying books, that's the wrong side.
Retweeted by cognominalThe word 'glamour' comes from 'grammar'.
Retweeted by cognominal @getify the only «ordinary decent» (in the Orwell acceptation) point is that the choice is between pest and cholera @domon_arc tu sauras pas écrire en français de ton vivant non plus 😜Des rebelles syriens “modérés” ont décapité un enfant
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Petit résumé pour les retardataires du concours d'énormités à droite. Mon préféré? Guaino. Il a tué le game d'entrée
Retweeted by cognominalLes camps d'internement en France pendant la guerre d'Algérie -
Retweeted by cognominalGovernment revenue, 2015. Russia: $428 billion India: $426 billion --- Walmart revenue: $482 billion
Retweeted by cognominalWhen language support of functionnal programming is half assed. absence criante de débat public sur la pertinence des interventions militaires extérieures… @mediapart
Retweeted by cognominal @Marie_Peltier La guerre n'est pas décidée par le parlement, mais seulement sa reconduction. Et aucune commission d'enquête sur la Libye...
Retweeted by cognominalAnd hardly anyone is talking about this. no media coverage. heartbreaking #prayforsyria
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J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Emmanuel Todd - Une histoire du monde" à l'adresse
Jon Stewart absolutely skewers Hillary Clinton here. The media quoted him on Trump and left this out. Wow.
Retweeted by cognominal"Menteur; narcissique, sociopathe", c'est commun à Trump et Clinton Mais le @mondefr doit défendre le système'article en question : perle du @mondefr qui pourrait etre titré : "Encore un exemple de journaliste vendu" qui a menti a gogo et qu'il faut encore croire...I liked a @YouTube video CONFRONTING MACKEEPERLa liberté fait peur.
Retweeted by cognominalManifestations… Les masques tomberont avec les casques coup d’État en Turquie a bien réussi, par Djordje Kuzmanovic
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J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Noam Chomsky - Why Does the U.S. Support Israel?" à l'adresse
I liked a @YouTube video Alain Soral en interview avec le collectif musulman AmanahI've recently started using Atom, happy to find this list of handy plugins including plenty I'd not seen before
Retweeted by cognominalA la fin de la journée, on va nous dire que Lee Harvey Oswald avant de tuer Kennedy, s'était radicalisé très rapidement. #Daesh #Cazeneuve
Retweeted by cognominalEt le même honteux Estrosi, il disait quoi après les attentats à #CharlieHebdo ? #Nice06 #NiceAttentat #nice
Retweeted by cognominalOn reconnait @afpfr et @lemondefr à ce qu'ils osent tout : Revue de presse et liens :
In both #Nice & #Orlando perpetrators had a history of #domesticviolence. It can be a precursor to other forms violence. Take it seriously.
Retweeted by cognominal @LizziePhelan with the constant brainwashing, the french don’t realize that this mess is the inevitable result of french foreign politics @LizziePhelan on the other hand fighting an ennemy is exactly what a weak government needs to get back some popularity @HillaryClinton @franckcuny Trump has no plan to mess with the rest of the world with consequences even in France #Nice #NiceFrance
Retweeted by cognominalMore Muslims died fighting Western created terrorism than non-muslims. More muslims civilians were also victims.
Retweeted by cognominalSad but true. #PrayersForFrance #BastilleDay #NiceAttack
Retweeted by cognominal @JPBarlow @voxdotcom If he gets elected the system will eliminate him like JFK and his brother. Will prove quality of opposition dropped @JPBarlow @voxdotcom US media systematic assassination of Trump proves that he is not the problem. He is the solution either.
[CORRECTED] Jewish Surnames Explained via @slate @davewiner & egocentric too, because I (not you) managed to divert the conversation from the benevolent Clinton toward my power seeking ego @davewiner agreed. Facts are boring compared to fancy ideology. @ewolff @dpp new world order is based on spreading chaos or feedingexisting one while computer projects are fighting chaos and ossification @davewiner free world ? Takes some guts to say it. US has one of the highest percentage of people in jail. Sure, you are joking @davewiner «marching order»? Yea, what is the next Gaddafi to be sodomized and killed ? Let’s us have fun. fol bondit dv bois & tente d' arrachez vostre tuniqve. Vos devez combattre ! Jehan-Morc HABILETÉ: 3 ENDVRANCE: 6
Retweeted by cognominal @ElectronicSins @saracohennyc @Snowden while grabbing the peace sign with 2 of our arms, she throwed cocktail molotovs with the 2 others 😜Avant Pokemon Go: "On est inquiet, il reste enfermé H24 devant sa console" Après Pokemon Go: "On est inquiet, il est parti depuis 3 jours"
Retweeted by cognominalWe should condemn violence against the police precisely as we condemn it against citizens, for in a free society, they are equals.
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J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Étienne Chouard - Les ultra-riches sont des malades mentaux" à l'adresse @cognominal @jklinger410 @lessig and probably once in the emergency room her self entitled behavior got in the way of real emergencies. @jklinger410 @lessig agreed, and I comment on his temper tantrum caused by his powerlessness when tooled by a manipulative woman @lessig @Pekkanikolaus and by filming she tried to extort that service. The whole thing is biased. @lessig @Pekkanikolaus Apparently, once at the given address, she asked for further service to someone who operates at tight margin @lessig @Pekkanikolaus if that was a real emergency, she called the wrong service. Abuse went both sides here. @lessig @jklinger410 nope, nor that woman who was manipulative. Contract was to give her a ride to a specified address. And he did it.version israelienne des femmes de confort pour "l'armée la plus morale au monde" de l'ultrasioniste @Meyer_Habib @Pekkanikolaus @lessig his answer to her tentative blackmail is excellent. «you are facing…» «I am facing a f… moron» @Pekkanikolaus @lessig she acted more like a self entitled person in a motel asking for a palace service and menacing to call the managerQue #Barroso devienne salarié officiel de Goldman Sachs à Londres, c'est plutôt un progrès, ça met fin à des années de travail au noir ...
Retweeted by cognominal @lessig @Uber and the brand thing is nasty leverage. People should act correctly. The brand should have nothing with it. @lessig what kind of mob justice is that ? 1 upsets some1 then posts a video & the guy is lynched. He dropped her at the right address
You couldn't write funnier or more ridiculous satire about US secrecy obsessions than this:
Retweeted by cognominalBarroso, un scandale révélateur – RussEurope Le départ de Barroso pour Goldman Sachs et la véritable nature de l'#UE
Retweeted by cognominalBarroso, un scandale révélateur – Une haine farouche, hystérique, de la démocratie @russeurope
Retweeted by cognominal"On mesure l'intelligence d'un individu à la quantité d'incertitudes qu'il est capable de supporter" Emmanuel Kant
Retweeted by cognominal @davorg you mean the lesson of Barosso going to Goldman Sachs ?
@Tedworthy_ @SAP @getify if you see that from a hotline perspective, that avoids problems with caps lock 😀 The password concept is broken @manjusrii Nope, security risk of non evoting is too great. See brexit. Well designed evoting eliminates all risk of Bernaysian «democracy»😜#OnThisDay in 1955, The Russell-Einstein Manifesto is released by Bertrand Russell in London.
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Le bouffon @fhollande à «l’ouest de l’ouest» pour la Syrie déclare que «Poutine n’est pas un ennemi» à…l’OTAN (!!!) et s’écrase aussitôt. 😟Are snipers killing policemen in #Dallas "rebels" & "freedom fighters"? This is what US called those who slaughtered Syrian soldiers in 2011
Retweeted by cognominalRocard chargé de “décrire ces camps où croupissait 10% des paysans algériens, ne l’oublions jamais!” — Pierre Joxe
Retweeted by cognominalLa Société Générale doit rendre 2,2Mds€ d'argent public reçus dans l'affaire Kerviel #NosImpots via @ChangeFrance
@Lesquen2017 @hlesquen le grand remplacement arrive en effet. Les opportunistes politiques comme vous seront laissés de côté. Has been. @JLMelenchon 1 concept proche de l'être, l’identitaire a le même rôle, diviser la communauté humaine, présent dans tout le spectre politiqueJ'ai fait un billet de blog pour retracer ma quête : "À la recherche d'un livre électronique : épuisé !"
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L'hommage de Pierre Joxe à Michel Rocard : comme une réponse cinglante aux discours de Hollande et Valls @mediapart
Retweeted by cognominalPetit cours de politique élémentaire :)
Retweeted by cognominal"Fin du travail : le temps des gourous" - Michel Husson sur #alencontre :
Retweeted by cognominal"Pantouflage en Europe : le capitalisme de connivence" - via @PantoufleW :
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Great interview with Kevin Kelly: "Yeah, I have totally drunk the Kool-Aid."
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@MerriamWebster @smarick The singular "they" was chosen as Word of the Year by @americandialect: 😉
Retweeted by cognominal @smarick then you're talking to the wrong dictionary—we're descriptivists. We follow language, language doesn't follow us 😁
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"glad the colonel who called in this drone strike that killed my family was trans", the Iraqi said as he pulled shrapnel out of his chest.
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Moment magique sur @BFMTV : "des images très choquantes", "des animaux qui souffrent", et là... Balkany 😂😂😂
Retweeted by cognominal"L’Ass. adopte un amendement pénalisant la contestation des crimes contre l’humanité". Vu la propagande sur Syrie et Lybie, fallait oser.
Elizabeth Warren’s speech was way more subtle than "big bad Google", worth reading -
Retweeted by cognominalL'ahurissant montage vidéo des "tribunaux médiatiques "contre les syndicats réalisé par @acrimed_info .#democrature
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J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Le processus de l'innovation peut-il respecter la règle ?" à l'adresse
The founding fathers of laissez-faire economics saw the slave trade as an example of liberty
Retweeted by cognominalA lire, passionnante réflexion de @CoralieFebvre journaliste à l'AFP Berlin - L'étrangeté des derniers procès nazis
Retweeted by cognominalI liked a @YouTube video from @yapcna 2016 - A Million Billion Squiggly Characters - Ricardo Signes
La Trahison de la politique arabe de la France par Bassam Taham - Agoravox TV via @AgoraVox
Pourris sans vergogne... [La vergogne est l'importance qu'un citoyen digne de ce nom donne au jugement des autres.]
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@jattali votre conception de la démocratie est celle de Seyiès et de Bernays, la liberté de choisir son maître en votant "correctement" @jattali plus de démocratie; si c'est toujours l'irréversibilité de l'Europe; ça n'est pas la démocratie mais de la démagogie.Et il n'aura pas fallu deux jours pour que les anglais démentent Attali à propos de l'irréversibilité de l'Europe au nom du progrès.Répétez après moi. IL N'Y PAS DE COMPLOT. Sauf dans les lapsus d'Attali.