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Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. -- Philip K. Dick

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La virulente polarisation entre pro-Trump et anti-Trump n'est pas bon signe. Elle empêche tout débat de fond sur le système US de prédation.
Retweeted by cognominalA Paris, des scientifiques sont interdits de parler de la Syrie. Mais au Kazakhstan, même les pires ennemis syriens ont voix au chapitre.
Retweeted by cognominalDes "gauchistes" (en fait les idiots utiles de l'EI et de Fabius) font annuler un débat sur la Syrie à la Sorbonne.
Retweeted by cognominalMy Myers-Briggs personality test said that I am the kind of person who believes in pseudoscience. Huh.
Retweeted by cognominal#Syrians with sense of humor: "Obama and Trump agree evacuation deal where Obama moves to #Idlib on a Green chopper"
Retweeted by cognominal @MancusoFrank1 @sahouraxo @kvnl756821 @NinaByzantina read "social fabric". Sorry for my frenglish @MancusoFrank1 @sahouraxo @kvnl756821 @NinaByzantina there are books about that I have yet to read by Christopher Lasch and Clouscard @MancusoFrank1 @sahouraxo @kvnl756821 @NinaByzantina that's the point, the societal used to crush the social tissue @sahouraxo @NinaByzantina yea, I didn't mind about the societal "values" but I realized they are pushed at the expanse of social valuesDon't care what these Soros feminists say - dressing up in vagina costumes does not advance women's rights in the slightest. #WomensMarch
Retweeted by cognominalWanna know what does advance women's rights? Female SAA soldiers fighting Al-Qaeda - Brave souls the #WomensMarch protesters NEVER supported
Retweeted by cognominal1- Call people you dislike "nazis" and otherwise treat them as subhuman 2- Feel self-righteous as you brutalize them 3- Profit.
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@caseywest I don't know if I am patronizing but I have seen that a lot recently about the so called #knownothing ☺️ @caseywest agreed but from that I don't reach the same conclusion. The shameless neoccarthysm is strong clue to me @caseywest @JohnKerry read about the neocons and sionists who rule this country since many years. Almost same in France btw 😟 @caseywest @JohnKerry read to understand what you support @caseywest @JohnKerry agreed but why Trump and not the previous legislatures who broke havoc all around the world ? @RoshGnome @caseywest have you listened the media or just @johnkerry joking at Davos being rid of Trump within two years & applauded ? @martre74 si vous êtes anglophone, lire absolument La section sur Gülen permet de comprendre évènements en TurquieAprès la Syrie, Vladimir Poutine se veut "incontournable" en Libye via @FRANCE24Avec un bel exemple d'architecture carcérale panoptique à la Jeremy Bentham @BenedictEvans @boomereng @ryan reading your other twits that's a mistep. Sorry if I appear rude but fed up by sionists using ShoaThe whole point of tolerance is that it’s about people you don’t like - people you hate. Any idiot can tolerate their friends.
Retweeted by cognominalIdle observation: the whole point of a constitution, the rule of law, & human rights is that you don’t get to punch people you disagree with
Retweeted by cognominal @BenedictEvans @boomereng @ryan there is no such thing as race or elected people by some god @BenedictEvans @boomereng @ryan you say that jewishness is a race. No wonder that Israël is the thing is closest to the nazi state @puffnfresh @BrandonBloom prototyping, when you don't know yet what type to expect at a given place. mandatory typing sucks here @puffnfresh @BrandonBloom paucity of type language. In Perl 6 you can type but can't (yet) say "this is a string or array of strings"CBS Reality Check covers Pizzagate. More:
Retweeted by cognominalBest of de Vidéos sur Trump
Retweeted by cognominalPoutine : “Ils tentent de délégitimer Trump ; ils sont prêts pour un Maïdan à Washington”
Retweeted by cognominalComment Trotsky explique la soumission européenne aux USA
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The "Assad Must Go" curse strikes again. Sayonara Barack Obama!
Retweeted by cognominalWhere were the #WomensMarch protesters when Obama and Hillary's terrorists brutalized Syrian and Iraqi women and sold them into sex slavery?
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Retweeted by cognominalSays the war criminal whose best friend and campaign patron is the woman-hating, backwards, terrorist-supporting "k…
Retweeted by cognominalThe new book “How to Play Go: A Concise Introduction” by Bozulich and Davies is free for a limited time.…
Retweeted by cognominalMore #Facebook censorship: leading independent war journalist @EvaKBartlett blocked and banned. Read Eva here:…
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Retweeted by cognominal @martre74 ici il s'agit d'une intellectuelle qui fait de l'appel à délation contre des travailleurs... qu'elle ne défendra jamais @martre74 se méfier de l'indignation sélective. Où étaient les gens aujourd'hui dans la rue contre Trump lors des guerres de Clinton/Obama? @martre74 Est-ce que les journalistes dénoncent les conditions des routiers rendues difficiles par le mondialisme et les migrants @martre74 @ArianeChemin @fouteau et bcp lire pr comprendre les manips des media qui ont menti sur Biafra, Kosovo, Irak, Lybie, Syrie... @martre74 @ArianeChemin @fouteau Il faut se battre contre Fabius, Soros, les néocons. Les chauffeurs de camions et migrants sont victimes @martre74 il y a une organisation du chaos dans le monde et elle joue sur nos bon sentiments. Lisez Naomie Klein par exemple. @dhh More practically if Trump acts as he says (dubious), the world will be relieved from America waged wars @dhh also a country making wars abroad to spread "democracy" and openly talking of overthrowing or killing a regularly elected president 😜 @StephaneBlet pour vos amis anglophones, ce livre a une excellente section sur Gülen et la CIA @martre74 @ArianeChemin @fouteau "nos momes". pr faire comme vous, manipulons vos propos. Et les momes d'Ethiopie et de Syrie ? @martre74 @ArianeChemin @fouteau et je plains les migrants. Mais ils sont utilisés à des fins idéologiques. Victimes de nos guerres @martre74 @ArianeChemin @fouteau où est-je dis ça ? Qd l'appel à témoin via un grand (arf) reporter est si sélectif, C de la manipulationDynamics of popular tweets are NOT viral spread is caused by large 'broadcast' accounts, not many individuals
Retweeted by cognominal#Russia's sappers have cleared 25,000 mines in #Aleppo alone. One of history's largest de-mining operations and MS…
Retweeted by cognominal @FullFrontalSamB @jllord Deluded. Read about the wars HRC waged over the world. America kills for "democracy" and contests it @ home. SickIdea: ranking the articles of a website by how long they are viewed (not by how often they are viewed).
Retweeted by cognominal @caseywest a good reading about what is america. As a european seing the mess getting closer everyday, I fear @caseywest btw I am very confused too. Path to (self) knowledge not easy @caseywest Also the feminists in the street are tooled the same way than for the so called torches of liberty almost a century ago @caseywest I am trying to find recent book to see how neocons conduced rhe left to abandon the social for the societal @caseywest I have seen the same people mostly silent about death spread over the world by neocons. Yes. Also under Obama/Clinton @caseywest I see people who want to overthrow a legally elected president. That is fascism. Not an endorsement of Trump @ArianeChemin @fouteau "grand reporter". Arf @ArianeChemin @fouteau la preuve de compassion pr cet éthiopien, ce serait de dénoncer les causes premières de cet accident... @ArianeChemin @fouteau Bravo, on va arrêter des gens qu'on empêche de faire leur travail. C'est Soros /Fabius qu'il faudrait arrêter. @jimmy_wales @caseywest UR ripe to join the #antifas Trump unanticipated by the neocons. But his violent overthrow is the chaos they seekEvidemment pr le monde, c'était seulement un prétexte pour le traiter de crétin. Cacher son intelligence est bien l… ce papier qui analyse le fond du discours de Trump avec @lemondefr qui s'intéresse surtout à la forme… @SpencerPunchRT @davidgraeber rule number 1 of the non fight club. Beware of the ennemy of my ennemy, he may be as bad @SpencerPunchRT @davidgraeber so that is the proposed alternative, a degenerate culture with explicite reference to gangs ?Donald Trump est-il protectionniste ? via @sputnik_fr @davidgraeber @jstaplesbutler again 4 Clement Maric, note the capitalist, societal angle, they pinned their identity on wearing Fred Perry @davidgraeber @jstaplesbutler since its creation that is the very business of CIA to organize violent opposition against legit governments @davidgraeber @jstaplesbutler what better occasion when everyone in the system want to overthrow Trump dems/neocons/Soros/various agencies @davidgraeber @jstaplesbutler these useful idiots are violent, illiterate politically. Clearly used to discredit the left when necessary @davidgraeber @jstaplesbutler see the affair Clement Maric in France. @davidgraeber @jstaplesbutler Over the world rise of #antifas that think they are leftist and presented by msm as such, act as facists
@ornikkar comme Zemmour, une opération ronces est la solution ? 😜 @EHSANI22 Kerry is credible, the last guys in the white house who wanted to "splinter the CIA in pieces" did not last long @EHSANI22 scroll to the video.