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Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. -- Philip K. Dick The dollar is our currency, but your problem -- John Connally

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Todd : "On vit un véritable fascisme bancaire avec l’euro. Elle est une monnaie faîte, non pas pour servir, mais po…
Retweeted by cognominal#cblive Every U.S. President, from Bill Clinton to Bush and Obama declared 'Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.'
Retweeted by cognominal @page88 A non Trump supporter says : « Trump is very bad so legit information about his misdeeds is easy to undig.… vraie question : quand jugera-t’on les éditocrates pr propagande mensongère et complicité de promotion de regime… and new colonialism. On left - colonial control 1914. On right - mining companies listed on London Stock Excha…
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Je connais pas le sens de cette fête. Dans le contexte de destruction organisée, forcenée et récompensée des religi… @davidcalmels @BrunoMasure Et ensuite tous les juifs se font attaquer pour des tares qui ne leur sont pas propres,… @davidcalmels @BrunoMasure Et le sentiment d’immunité. Si tu m’attaques, ma communauté me protègera, donc je me per… @BrunoMasure Je déteste ce côté soralien de se moquer du physique des gens. D’autant que @frhaz avec sa mauvaise fo… scientific. Then again, science is a product of white supremacy, patriarchy and ageist unicorns too.
Retweeted by cognominal @philippeboyer1 @etienneliebig Il y a une réelle diversité de films et de reruns dans ces salles et pas seulement… @etienneliebig La machine à merchandising star wars plus que tous les autres cumulés, ça va pas me redonner fois en… to Love McCarthyism (en) (fr) the web and killing innovation – now even lobbyists admit that’s the plan behind the planned extra copyrig…
Retweeted by cognominalMeet Bhumika Goyal, age 22, from India. She has had more 340 patches accepted into the Linux kernel, which helped h…
Retweeted by cognominal @bismatoj @TraduisonsLes Une fois qu’une loi est passée, on ne doit jamais la discuter ? Il y a des lois scélérates… @SciencePresse Oui, mais le cancer du sein n’est qu’un cancer parmi d’autres #cpassimpleIf you’re SAPIOSEXUAL then you’re attracted to intelligence.
Retweeted by cognominalD’anciens cadres de Facebook expriment leurs remords d’avoir contribué à son succès
Les bikers de Saint-Barth rendent hommage à Johnny. (Par Mutio)
Retweeted by cognominalJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Defending Daniel Holtzclaw" à l'adresse'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "La légende noire du Moyen-Âge (Claire Colombi)" à l'adresse
@osfameron Amy: “Week 56: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, s… @Sc2DiaBoLuS @ThomasSowell And not everything that calls itself socialist is. In France, the socialist party has de… @ThomasSowell there is smart in between roads. not every idea socialsm holds isnt realizable within captisalism.
Retweeted by cognominalIf your ideals ignore reason, your instincts will ignore restraint.
Retweeted by cognominal @osfameron @Clarissa10027 Also because, from my mother, I happen to be of the family of Louise Weiss, I should be a… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 For the very same reason, I discuss with you because I know your intent is honest. I woul… @Clarissa10027 @osfameron @_ElizabethMay …and used very selectively at that (regime change). Regime allied to imper… @Clarissa10027 @osfameron @_ElizabethMay I welcome that discussion about the social role of a company but that not… @Clarissa10027 @osfameron @_ElizabethMay Indeed that is his very point. If you use criteria to hire other than requ… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay About Assange, as I showed you, there is no more rape case against him. Ra… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay Do you think that pussy riots and other femen behavior is acceptable ? I a… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay I have shown you so many ways SJW are despicable or plain nuts and I have… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay You did not comment the Alice Paquet videos. Do you find acceptable that a…
@osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay Respect is owned. I don’t lie. may be mistaken but the more I study SJW an… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay Gendered pronouns are just plain fascist. If every single self declared op… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay I have listen to the kangaroo court against Lindsay Sheperd. She committed… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay I probably don’t understand it well. I grant you that. But all I get is vi… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay Ruth knows pretty well how to work a crowd just like swindlers and dictato… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay Sorry, Ruth arguments him being a flat earther, and that has been science… @osfameron @Clarissa10027 @_ElizabethMay I ask people to give me specific sentences he wrote and said that was *pr… fun thing i think about all the time is how the concept of "jaywalking" was invented by the automotive industry t…
Retweeted by cognominal @Clarissa10027 @SH2F088 @julestw9 @JamesADamore Many people are willing to discuss with SJW. Most of the time they… @Clarissa10027 @osfameron @_ElizabethMay Commen decency starts by not making strawman arguments btw. @Clarissa10027 @osfameron @_ElizabethMay I have no problem with trans. In the Perl commnity, some of the nicest peo… @Clarissa10027 @osfameron @_ElizabethMay Where did he say that ? Give me the specific sentence. I care about common…ël #Jérusalem #Capitale du #Sionisme mondial. Excellente #Nouvelle. Elle mettra fin au #Mythe de #2Etats vivan…
Retweeted by cognominal«Se dégager du marché mondial unique» Entretien avec Renaud Beauchard par @RevueBallast Comment la «sanctuarisati…
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Hysterical contagion of this sort was well documented by Henri Ellenberger in The Discovery of the Unconscious: a t…
Retweeted by cognominal @osfameron You are talking of the work of a previous generation that is destroyed by the current one who is a ok wi… @osfameron Trump is isolationist (as much neocons allow him) and Hitler was expansionist (lebensraum). Sorry you tr… @osfameron And who got US in that mess to begin with ?I don’t want to defend Trump. Just read about history to get… @osfameron If he was a nazi, there would be no press to criticize and lie about him.🤦‍♂️ Wake up. And unlike Clinto… @osfameron Also read about nazi. You can charge Trump of every, sin real or imaginary. He can prove even worse than… @osfameron Apparently you don’t know anything about history, economy and political institutions. Hopefully SJ are a… @osfameron Again facts trump (sic) ideology. Clinton has worked for neocons and destroyed Libya and Syria. 100ks de… @osfameron In fact, it took five centuries to get there and nazism or communism show it can be unravel pretty fast.… @osfameron These SJ have asked for empeachment of legally elected president the day after his inauguration (not I l… @osfameron I am against organised confusion to destroy nations states. All these susmentionned things has been used… @osfameron The case of Nafitassou Dialo highlights my distinction between social and societal. Societal people are… @osfameron Agreed 100% with s/trial/fair trial/. This should go for raped people of lower condition like Nafitassou… @osfameron if you have a precise less admittedly loaded term, I have no problem with it. My purpose is not to insul… @osfameron And the J stands for the tendancy to bypass normal Justice system. Diversity “political commissars” in u… @osfameron * should stop calling people who dissent nazis or racists. I don’t mean SJW as an insult but as a charac… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay Note that unlike SJWs I was cautious enough not to force on you any ideologie. I gave you… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay My public comment on her youtube video was censored. I am bored too. What is the use to g… est dingue cette manif contre les exilés fiscaux ! #Madeleine
Retweeted by cognominalAprès les accusations de viol, la défense de Tariq Ramadan organise sa riposte #Société via @LePointWaiting to hear the power grabbing #SJW on that one. Not holding my breath though. We don’t have heard them much ab… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay Btw do you think Ruth censoring my polite answer (not like her disgraceful talk) acceptab… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay And I can tell you where I come from. Secular buddhism, not the yuppie strand. A conseque… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay Btw. Damore document was about gender gap not racial gap. Facts are always tough for SJWs… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay Study closely antifascists too. Like the facepalm case of #ericclanton or yvette fellarca… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay Also diversity “ethics” has become a way to whitewash very unethical companies @osfameron @_ElizabethMay You read things that are not in the document. Toxicity of affirmative action for the very… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay I don’t ask you to agree with Damore memo. But I have yet to see a refutation. It is diff… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay No more due process ? This is not social justice quite the opposite. Societal discourse h… @osfameron @_ElizabethMay And that is precisely what SJWs lies undermines. Study the Alice Paquet case, a nutcase…