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Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. -- Philip K. Dick

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Histoire de deux voitures à travers le monde : raciste à Charlottesville, folle à la…
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Why it's a bad idea to pick a fight with Buster Keaton (The Goat 1921)
Retweeted by cognominalWarren defends those who "condemn racism and hate" using sticks, bricks, pepper spray, and fists. Trump condemns v…
Retweeted by cognominalHow to Civil War: Push absurd revisions - men in girls' restrooms, topple monuments, deny sex dimorphism. Use pushback to justify radicalism
Retweeted by cognominalPolitical violence is bad. "Hurray!" Whether it's done by the Left or the Right. "You're a neo-NAZI!"
Retweeted by cognominal"Smart way to keep people passive and obedient: strictly limit spectrum of acceptable opinion, allow lively debate…
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Retweeted by cognominalRussiagate conspiracists can't keep their story straight
Retweeted by cognominal @JesseKellyDC @peterleohurst Reducing it to open borders or nativism is foolish. 3/
Retweeted by cognominal @JesseKellyDC @peterleohurst That is the entire point of crafting policy. Many believe immigration should be a bala…
Retweeted by cognominal @politicalelle In the vice video, the supremacists were stating their (very toxic) believes. The other side was jus… @msbehavingbrain @pokeymarley @neontaster Bombing Vietnam and around ? Btw he stopped the draft, so the SJW of the… Unfortunate Fallout of Campus Postmodernism #science
Retweeted by cognominal @sapinker Many of them r antitheist too, or used against religion (femen, pussy riot). @sapinker has not thought o… @TuppenceFervour @WhatNowDoc @OliverCooper @bfleetwoodsmyth And orthodox jews accepts organs from goys but don’t gi… @neontaster @msbehavingbrain Lemma : Not everyone destroying communist powers alliances is good (Kissinger/Nixon)i must go, my planet needs me
Retweeted by cognominalA despot in disguise: one man’s mission to rip up democracy | George Monbiot who argues that sex differences are entirely learned has lot of explaining to do...
Retweeted by cognominalThe Fourier Transform in one color-coded sentence:
Retweeted by cognominal @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo Ur welcome. Or as we say, french pesky negative people : de rien @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo I suppose even the fruit-ful word is a trigger for some sensitive perso… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo With two cooperating persons, the information gets thru even with some difficulties 🙏😅 @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo Twitter is larsen-ic too. Information is easily lost in exchanges betwee… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo Trigger Is the good word here. A SJW temper tantrum caused by a trigger… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo You hear it all the time, when the mic is close to the loud speaker. Lou… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo I just said the Larsen metaphor was similar but more appropriate than th… @msbehavingbrain Unlike sex, we could have a fluid political identity. Like JBP said, choices like borders or no bo… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo In an echo chamber some information is lost or out of sync. The Larsen… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo If you apply the sound metaphor to ideas, the SJW ideology is pure noise… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo Tsarist Russia was not confortable for everyone. No surprise it has been overthrown @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo Pardon my french, literally. i am a frog. I am talking of the Larsen eff… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo On the other hand qualifying of echo chamber the pseudo intellectual sys… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo So not too smart from Damore to sport a Gulag T-shirt if he want to enga… @msbehavingbrain @jordanbpeterson @Gizmodo In USSR, independant thinkers were locked in Gulag w/ violent criminals… ancient Chrome tab trick just blew my mind @contrarivariant Not defending any supremacism, quite the contrary. Just working out the causes and the consequences @contrarivariant Once all hard white working people competing with immigrants will be doxxed, you will have to lear…
@BrainofBrian428 @RationalZone @jordanbpeterson Its cocreator, Choron, who was very politically incorrect has been… @BrainofBrian428 @RationalZone @jordanbpeterson #jesuischarlie is an organised operation to kill free speech. Char… @BrainofBrian428 @RationalZone @jordanbpeterson In France, Dieudonné is presented as an antisemit facist because he… @RationalZone @jordanbpeterson @therealrussellp Today people don’t cling so much to racial identities. Maybe gende…, here's a real conundrum: hoist by your own petard? Facebook’s Hate Speech Policies Censor Marginalized Users
Retweeted by cognominal @jordanbpeterson I'm with Lenny on this, denying words gives them unnecessary power
Retweeted by cognominal @RationalZone @jordanbpeterson Like Lenny Bruce, today Russell Peters does the same work of laughing at differences… and the Second World War Great piece from @Psy_Historian
Retweeted by cognominalFaut-il déboulonner le général Lee ? via @bvoltaireJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "2017 Personality 17: Biology and Traits: Agreeableness" à l'adresse time I go to make a simple CSS change, I look at the clock and 3 hours have passed, I have 4 dozen tabs open, and my wife has left me.
Retweeted by cognominal @coco1er @RafikSmati Oui @coco1er @RafikSmati Non, beaucoup de suicidaires entraînent des gens avec eux, mais ok, c’est plutôt leur famille… @coco1er @RafikSmati S’agit pas de leur trouver d’excuse mais de comprendre les causes du problème de notre côté (s… @coco1er @RafikSmati Et d’autre part, ces terroristes sont des suicidaires qui n’ont pas su ou pu trouver une place… @coco1er @RafikSmati Ok, my bad. Et ce que je critiquais, c’était l’attitude inverse des journaux qui ont au début…
40% de l’humanité sera africaine en 2100. Un danger ? Possible. Une opportunité, aussi : le français sera la langue…
Retweeted by cognominal @RafikSmati C’est le rôle du citoyen de dénoncer la mise en cases préétablies de la réalité complexe par les msm. P… @RafikSmati Ne pas répéter les titres des msm qui sont pur mensonge et/ou click baits. Semble être non d’une attaqu… n'y a pas à dire, la "presse" française, on ne s'en lasse pas... 🙄
Retweeted by cognominal,@google. Tu le fais exprès ou quoi ? Le lien :'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "L'audience surréaliste de l'avocat de Dieudonné au Barreau de Paris" à l'adresse @jordanbpeterson Videos censured by Google may be controversial, some may be hate speech, but they must be discusse… disagree with infowars, its business model (selling fake health products), most of the time with Paul Watson, bu… @Klunst @_Remes_ @rouloubac On doit commencer à notre niveau en étant courtois sur twitter, faute de pouvoir se res… @Klunst @_Remes_ @rouloubac Les antifas, généralement des étudiants, ne font qu’aggraver les choses en augmentant… @Klunst @_Remes_ @rouloubac ... et qui essaient de reprendre la main de la manière la plus dangereuse possible. Causes. Conséquences... @Klunst @_Remes_ @rouloubac Les torches et cie, ce sont des gens qui ont été méprisés par Washington DC depuis des… @Klunst @_Remes_ @rouloubac Donc il faut arrêter avec les je suis plus moral que toi et lire pr comprendre le monde… @Klunst @_Remes_ @rouloubac Donc casser les nations est dangereux car les nations ne sont pas homogènes et doivent… @Klunst @_Remes_ @rouloubac ... doit échanger avec l’extérieur, ni trop, ni trop peux. Un système complexe doit avo… @Klunst @_Remes_ @rouloubac J’aime pas les positions identitaires de qq bord que ce soit. En théorie des système on… @kek_zanorg @Bouletcorp En aout j’enlève tous les prospectus qui dépassent des boites aux lettres. Boite aux lettre… @kek_zanorg @Bouletcorp Chez moi, ils ont été arrachésJ'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Dieudonné - Le Brigadier Chef" à l'adresse Things You Need To Know About The Charlottesville Violence And White Supremacist Terror Attack
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Equity wins: Kurt Vonnegut:
Retweeted by cognominal @hippievet1983 @stevekovach @jordanbpeterson Many other reasons possible : laziness, cowardness, gregariousness...… @stevekovach Read the book of @jordanbpeterson & watch his videos. And then talk about him.He spent his life educating people. U peddle shitDear @Google, Stop teaching my girl that her path to financial freedom lies not in coding but in complaining to HR. Thx in advance, A dad
Retweeted by cognominal"I cannot remember the last time so many outlets mischaracterized so many aspects of a text everyone possesses"
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