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Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. -- Philip K. Dick The dollar is our currency, but your problem -- John Connally

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Un bateau d'#ONG, la "Iuventa", fut saisi par un juge italien en Aout 2017, suite à une enquete fournissant 3 demon…
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@bornfugly @Charles_Lister @EliotHiggins @BBCtrending You have not heard unprovoked Assad launching missiles agains…
2018'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Emmanuel Todd : Où en sommes-nous ? une esquisse de l'histoire humaine" à l'adresse
Première joute via @EetR_NationalQuand les antifas font annuler un colloque sur la Russie à l'université via @EetR_NationalHRC, the sore loser that never quits whining and an utterly corrupt societal racialist party incapable to dump this… démocrates US portent plainte contre Moscou, l’équipe de campagne de Trump, WikiLeaks: via @sputnik_fr @shoichikaji Hope next module is not White::Helmets 😜
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "EXCLUSIVE, FULL & UNEDITED Interview Of Lavrov To BBC" à l'adresse emails show how the White Helmets tried to recruit Roger Waters with Saudi money and a slick public relat…
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Syrie : Bombardements foireux à la diafoirus, par Richard Labévière via @OBerruyer
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Russia SLAMS US, France, UK at UN and Ambassador Nikki Haley Response 4/14/18" à l'adresseThis won’t be a New York Times front page story today: Syria’s three major churches condemn the US-British-French a…
Retweeted by cognominalArmes chimiques et chambres à gaz : le tweet délirant d'Alain Jakubowicz ! via @EetR_National
2018 via @OBerruyer @_HelenDale I wonder if the snide for popular culture is as manifest in the commonwealth as is in the macronesque F… @thesiriusreport @CraigMurrayOrg Neocons and their allies are putting the military industrial complex in a ridiculo… live in strange times when you wake up in the morning and your first instinct is to check nobody started WW3 without you.
Retweeted by cognominal @_HelenDale Interestingly they identify as outliers the factoids that I find the most relevant 😂 @_HelenDale Does not work well on me, about 60 years literate frog knowledgeable about american culture (but not at…
Kthx @apple to deny me access on my iPhone SE to movies I paid and I could previously watch on the same device be…'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Guerre en Syrie - entretien avec Roland Dumas" à l'adresse flag III, le retour - MAJ via @ @JM_Lafon @HuberFiorentini @AbouDjaffar Et leur budget militaire est de 60M$ contre 600M$ pour les US. Mais ils peu… more for the collection: a lock-free trie (Text Retrieval) data structure implementation for #perl6
Retweeted by cognominalThe #perl6 lock-free stack module I did yesterday reminded me how fun these things are. So today I did a lock-free…
Retweeted by cognominalStrikes against Syria would be illegal. Obvious except if you read msms. @hdagres @jeremyscahill It’s not fading, it is just hard to comprehend based on current news of Jews mistreating an…
Retweeted by cognominal @SunnomaJones @hdagres @jeremyscahill Indeed the presentation of historical facts without context is meaningless ex… @SmedleyBthereal @hdagres @jeremyscahill Like Macron ? 😱 @hdagres @jeremyscahill What the point of teaching the shoah religion if its purpose is not to understand history a… A relevant one would be how many american know that Euromaiden organized by neocons Nuland/Kagan/McCain… the "toxic chemical" identified by @OPCW was A-234 & the chemical formula of A-234 is already published, why wou…
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@JM_Lafon Il y a beaucoup à dire sur la réalité des gouvernements victimes de regime change mais ça mène très vite… @JM_Lafon A la demande de Poutine, la Syrie a détruit ses armes chimiques en 2013. on pourr… journalistes tenus à l'écart, des gendarmes dotés de brassards "Presse", un gouvernement qui met « gracieusemen…
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Retweeted by cognominalDerrière les écrans de fumée humanitaires et les postures victimaires, le « shoot to cripple », valeur défendue imp…'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Sam Harris Vs. Abby Martin (Iraq Body Count)" à l'adresse
Slides from my 8 ways to do Concurrency and Parallelism in Perl 6 talk at the German @perlworkshop are at…
Retweeted by cognominalThese Judiciary Committee senators, now questioning Zuckerberg about privacy, voted to extend NSA spying: -Chuck Gr…
Retweeted by cognominal21st-Century Gunboat Diplomacy
Retweeted by cognominalIn addition to losing #Syria the West has also lost #Crimea, a coveted target @NATO desired as its own. In addition…
Retweeted by cognominalEh @gerardcollomb , je t'ai trouvé une autre construction illégale : les 2 villas corses de P. Ferracci, grand ami…
Retweeted by cognominalThere has never been a time when western elites have so morally & ethically degraded themselves as in #Syria. They…
Retweeted by cognominalFalse flag III, le retour - MAJ via @
2018'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Ambassade de Russie, Espions, Guerre Froide sans filtre [EN DIRECT]" à l'adresse @libe @PasseurSciences Si vous voulez lutter contre l’antisémitisme, parlez des guerres sionistes catalysées par le… noticed how every time Assad advances in terrorist-held areas and pushes them out, he immediately goes insane…
Retweeted by cognominalThe blue lines in this image are parallel. A fine metaphor for the fact that so much of what we perceive is not the…
Retweeted by cognominal @zoezatara @NewWorldHominin @TrevorPanFry @ThatsMrNeil You say you are fact driven. Time for a little experiment 😀 @zoezatara @NewWorldHominin @TrevorPanFry @ThatsMrNeil Lame rethorical device. By the same token U should be concer… flag III, le retour via @
Like so many Russian matryoshki or nesting dolls, the president has been removing one war hawk after another, only…
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Le prince héritier saoudien révèle que le wahhabisme a été exporté à la demande des Occidentaux @ashleyfeinberg @_whitneywebb Correct url @ashleyfeinberg @_whitneywebb I have no doubt this is happening today (Israeli watching it as an entertainment), bu…
Retweeted by cognominal @ashleyfeinberg @_whitneywebb I have no doubt this is happening today (Israeli watching it as an entertainment), bu… don’t seem too worried
Retweeted by cognominal'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "DGSE, Espions, Secrets des Affaires, Crises mondiales [EN DIRECT]" à l'adresseAlmost 80% of males born in the Soviet Union in 1923 (16 years old when WWII started) did not survive World War II
Retweeted by cognominal9 Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli snipers yesterday — and the international community, American Jewis…
Retweeted by cognominalLa privatisation du rail allemand est aujourd’hui en accusation via @letempsUS only Security Council member to block UN inquiry into Gaza violence
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Bo Winegard's @EPoe187 brilliant defense of evolutionary psychology is way more -- it is tour de force overview of…
Retweeted by cognominalKnobs and Knockers: - via:@CraigMurrayOrg @bohmbawerk1 @GrayConnolly No, I know that. That was my point. I reviewed the book for the Speccie:
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@eugenehwang If I have a writer’s motto, it’s this: ‘the past is a foreign country, they do things differently ther…
Retweeted by cognominalKingdom of the Wicked by @_HelenDale easily one of the best works of speculative fiction I've read in some time. In…
Retweeted by cognominal @eugenehwang @_HelenDale @HBO @netflix That would eventually lead to a cross over with @WestworldHBO which also rea… if the Romans had an industrial revolution? And then this Jesus bloke turned up? Me in @QuilletteM on ‘Kingdom…
Retweeted by cognominalAlain Soral porte plainte contre Frédéric Haziza via @EetR_NationalIs France at War with Turkey? via @grtvnews
Retweeted by cognominal'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Thierry Meyssan / Jean Loup Izambert / Gearoid O'Colmain sur les attentats de Paris / Meta TV 1/2" à