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10 Reasons Why Buying Concert Tickets is Money Well Spent 🤘🏻 #concertweirdosI don't want clothes, shoes, jewelry, food (and hell, do I love food). I'd rather get concert tickets. #concertweirdos
When someone tells you they've never been to a concert #packyourthingswegoingnow how we can listen to the same song with the same tune and lyrics over and over yet still feel something different. 🎶
100% happening. #concertweirdos @ConcertWeirdos
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The latest Concert Weirdos Weekly! Thanks to @PupFresh @TheGunzShowSo fortunate to have a concert family. ❤️ #concertweirdosFinding people that understand your love for live music is gold. #concertweirdos
@kayliechypyha in days ! DM me your email
Screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs, feeling so free & understood. #concertweirdos
I spend more time at concerts than the beach in the summer. #concertweirdos @ConcertWeirdos need one of those 😂
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Y'all not ready for dis's better than an artist you love announcing a tour? When multiple of your fave artists are all on tour together. #concertweirdosThis popped up and made me happy lol we tell ourselves: I don't gotta pee. #frontrowprobs #concertweirdosI relate to @ConcertWeirdos's tweets so much it ain't even funny.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™ @revibird @kevinspvcey @kyle_mackenzie_ @YELLOWCLAW going to yellowclaw this Thursday!! @ConcertWeirdos if i don't make eye contact with the table I tend to be better off.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Lies we tell ourselves: driving 1500 miles for a show ain't that bad. #concertweirdosLies we tell ourselves: I'm not buying merch this time. #concertweirdosTrying to explain the salesperson that all that camping equipment is actually not used in the woods 😜 #concertweirdosprobs @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Stories For Monday Tour @thesummerset [PHOTOS]
When someone tells you what their fave song is, pay attention to the lyrics. #concertweirdosSometimes all you need is to be alone with your music. #concertweirdosConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! Stories via @PupFreshDriving out of town for a concert then realized the timezone changed so all of a sudden u become an expert speed racer #concertweirdosprobs
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™#concertweirdosprobs watching videos back from the concert and realizing they're only 3 seconds long and facing the ground😩
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™#concertweirdosprobs when someone dumps their drink on you and ypu smell like a bar floor for the rest of the night
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Planning your whole social life around concerts #ConcertWeirdosProbs
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™When you manage to get front row and turn into a watchdog to protect your spot. #concertweirdosprobs
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Being short and watching the whole concert through other peoples phone screens #concertweirdosprobs
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Story of my life #concertweirdosprobs #concertjunkies @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Knowing the names of all the crew members that work for your favorite band. #concertweirdosprobs
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Its raining, cant get groceries now. Severe thunderstorm alert? Its all good Ill just wait here in line for the band. #shitconcertweirdosdoBuying an album you already have... well because this time it's gonna be signed #shitconcertweirdosdoGoing to work sick because you used them all for concerts #concertweirdosprobsLet's get this started again. #shitconcertweirdosdo or #concertweirdosprobs share and I'll RT!Free concerts for life. Can you imagine. 😍 #concertweirdos...Still wishing I was Hannah MontanaThat one super tall kid. #BlessedbytheconcertGods #concertweirdosGuilty of saying "this is my favorite song" for practically every song they play on the setlist. #concertweirdosThose songs that have a personal background story. Whether it makes u mad, angry, sad, jealous, happy. It made u feel. It made u feel human.I live for the adventures, memories, and emotions. #iloveconcerts
That one person we always text first when we find out about a show. #concertweirdosWhen you lose your voice and people ask you: "Are you sick? ...Or did you go to a concert?" @ConcertWeirdos #concertweirdos
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I'm not obsessed. I am just highly educated on the many details of this bands life ok..... #concertweirdosWorking an 8 hr shift and complaining the whole time. Waiting in line for 8 hours and convincing yourself that it's normal. #cwConcert withdrawals are real. #concertweirdosFun stufffff! 😬 #storesoon you clean your entire camera roll out bc it's concert day 😂 @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™How do you describe the feeling of getting a new album you've been waiting years for? #concertweirdos @BecciOVERTONES DM us your email so we can remind you :)Coming soon. #concertweirdosstore #customdesign compares to the feeling of barricade #concertweirdos #frontrowforlife
Exactly. #concertweirdos live for live music ✌️ #concertweirdosMusic makes me so happy 🤗Me: When I meet them, I'm going to be cool, calm and collected. Reality: #cw 101 - pretty sure I could teach that class. #concertweirdos
I couldn't imagine my life without concerts! If I could, I would go every day and to different cities too! @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! Stories via @PupFresh @TheGunzShow
When you're in a bad place in your life, try to remember how you felt the last time the music from a live show took you away. #cwI love Canadians
2016 @ConcertWeirdos I am truly myself at concerts, when there I don't give a fuck about what others think and it's amazing
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Weaknesses: bands, merch table, tacos. #concertweirdos @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Them: "You go to too many c" --- me: "impossible" #concertweirdosanyone else remember that Disney movie stuck in the suburbs? If only that happened to me..... #concertweirdos think I speak for the majority of #concertweirdos around the world.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™When your friend asks you... you have a show coming up? 🎸🎤 #yepsheknowsme #concertweirdos 😜😝
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I think I inherited a concert addiction from my mom, and a front row / pit obsession from my dad. #ConcertWeirdos
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Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Music sets my soul on fire. #concertweirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™If you see me anywhere else than at a concert you can be 100% sure that's where I'd rather be. 😂 #concertweirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™You know when you hear a song & it immediately takes you back to a certain concert & you can't stop smiling bc of it? Yes. #concertweirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™The homeless guy sitting opposite the venue definitely finds me suspicious by now. #kamelot #trondheim #nooneherebutme #concertweirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™& this is what keeps my heart pumping #concertweirdos are my happy place 💫
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Hobby? Concerts. Whatcha doing this weekend? Concerts. Where do u work out? Concerts. What's ur dogs name? Concerts. #answerisalwaysconcertsYou know u & ur friends are #concertweirdos when tour dates have only been up for 1 min & you're already texting each other the dates.would RT every tweet @ConcertWeirdos posts, but then I'd b a weirdo 4 sure, but never mind a weirdo 4 love of music isn't so weird after all
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™ @BryceBarnhart2 😘Concerts keep me sane, even just if for a night. #concertweirdosGive us a shoutout (not reply) and share the love of music, concerts, and this community to everyone❤️ will follow back #CW50K
More first looks! hand designed recycled guitar string bangles. DM ur email 4 updates & discount codes! Ask 4 follow's never a good reason to feel completely alone. Find a song that gets you, an artist who knows your pain. #concertweirdosMy peace and serenity involves loud music, bright lights, and screaming crowds. #concertweirdosTo those people who take time out of their day to pointlessly tell me how bad my fave musicians are. have mercy on my bank account after tour dates are announced. #concertweirdosAnother sneak peek of what's to come to the CW store! DM your email if u want coupons and updates! Ask for follow!
I can remember lyrics extremely easily but nothing else apparently. #concertweirdosWhen you wake up and don't have a concert to go to. Sad day ☹️#normaldayssuck
If ur a photographer & have awesome concert photos of crowds, stage, etc & want your work to be featured & credited tweet @MonicaValentineLooking for photo editors! If online every day & have time, tweet @monicavalentine simple edits like this #happynationalconcertday to all my #concertweirdos out there @ConcertWeirdos
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