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Janet @confettilife San Luis Obispo, CA

Let's open a bottle of bubbly.

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All I want for Xmas is to not have to put gasoline in my car ever again. I'll totally pay for the gas, I just hate the task itself.
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This thread. should not involve whipped cream or sweet syrups. It should be a black, bitter foretaste of what we must face before the day is over.
Retweeted by Janet @ebj123 50. No joke. Out of control.
Do NOT drive drunk. I will find you. I will arrest you. I will make you listen to One Direction cover bands on the way to jail.
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@TheDallas classic, fruit & nut, and one in the bird!
Is it weird that we're making three kinds of stuffing/dressing? Nah, we're thankful.What goes better with pancakes--beer or wine? #pancakesfordinner #nobodywantstocook
you know shit is bad when millennials start making PHONE CALLS
Retweeted by JanetAmericans don't need to apologize-not even to presidents or vice presidents-for the lawful & proper exercise of the…
Retweeted by Janet. @realDonaldTrump how bout you start with an apology for your divisive, racist, xenophobic rhetoric? #thanksgivingdayclapback
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TRUMP ADMIN: Mike Pence Steve Bannon Reince Priebus Jeff Sessions Mike Flynn Mike Pompeo Mike Huckabee ➞ Mikes: 4 ➞ Women/Minorities: 0
Retweeted by JanetGOP transition: ✔️Appoint white nationalist as WH adviser ✔️Cite Japanese internment to justify Muslim registry ✔️Take all-white GOP selfie
Retweeted by JanetVenn diagram of people who think booing Pence at Hamilton is bad form and people who have said "Lock her up" aloud to another human being
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HOLY FUCK NOW WHAT counsel did you wish to supplement your response? lawyer: no, I'll rely on the reply I filed. court: it's just "lol" lawyer: correct
Retweeted by JanetJingle Jangle Ice Cream from Trader Joe's. Yes.
#worldadoptionday #adoptionislove to inform that I cannot see the Trump tweets you're referring to, as I am blocked by the fucking President of the United States.
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As long as I live, I will never understand how this alone wasn’t the end of it.
Retweeted by JanetHERE. IT. IS. Your first look at this season of #TheBachelor!
Retweeted by JanetIf the election did anything, it uncovered my apparent crush on @JoeBiden. #callme
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Dear Liberals, Stay woke. Trump transition team: 94% white 94% male 94% heterosexual 100% extremist
Retweeted by JanetThe cool thing about Trump learning all our nation's deepest secrets is pretty soon we'll all know our nation's deepest secrets.
Retweeted by Janet"Stop whining and get over it. It's been almost a week!" say the same folks still upset about a war that ended more…
Retweeted by JanetOn my next campaign, when they ask me who I do this work for, my answer will be Hillary Clinton.
Retweeted by JanetBiden: I'm not giving them the wifi password Obama: Joe... Biden: I said what I said
Retweeted by JanetThings Trump has criticized on Twitter post election-- media, protestors Things Trump has not criticized-- racist incidents around country
Retweeted by JanetGood morning! Rise & shine! or Rise & sulk! or Rise & weep! or Rise & roar! but RISE
Retweeted by JanetIt feels really odd to see people returning to life as usual online. Like nothing has happened. Is it just me?
Retweeted by JanetToday, I cried for 1st time since election. Not for me. I have a platform & powerful friends. I cried for the voiceless ppl living in fear.
Retweeted by JanetIt's #WorldKindnessDay and it's right on time. The world could use a bit more. Go spread it.
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So just to be clear, we're putting paper clips in our twitter names but wearing safety pins?
Retweeted by JanetHate should never be considered a difference of opinion
Retweeted by JanetNOT. A. BLIND. TRUST.
Retweeted by JanetThere is no compromise on racism, bigotry, xenophobia and sexism. We will fight it in all its forms, whenever and wherever it re-emerges.
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@TheNextMartha but the non-racist supporters decided that racism wasn't a deal breakerPocket Constitutions for everyone this Xmas!!! #MerryAmerica #StockingStuffer
Retweeted by JanetA friend just reminded of this: "They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds".
Retweeted by Janet @ebj123 ACLU?
Dear White Friends: Stop Saying Everything Is Going To Be Ok
Retweeted by JanetWill somebody please send this dude a pocket Constitution? #firstamendmentproblems don't say.
Tomorrow, I will redouble my efforts to work 2x as hard & be 2x as qualified. #determinedtoriseToday I felt defeated--what is the point if I have to work 2x as hard & be 2x as qualified because I am a woman (& even then not be equal)? @confettilife @jfreewright I am. #HellHathNoFury
Retweeted by JanetI'm ready. Who's with me?, me either. is saying ALL white people, but when we say "white people," if you say "not all white people," YOU are the white people we meant.
Retweeted by Janetthis election has changed me from a prissy casual activist into a punk bitch ready to fuck shit up. I'll still post pics of my cat though.
Retweeted by JanetPeople are hurting. We need good in the world right now. YOUR GOOD. The same good that feels dead right now. Wake it up. Let's go.
Retweeted by JanetFellow white guys, Donate to planned parenthood. Volunteer to be an abortion escort. Don't tell people it will be fine. Organize.
Retweeted by JanetPeople who love Hillary People who love Bernie People who voted for Jill Stein There's only one way. Together. We fucked up. Let's fix it.
Retweeted by JanetEvery possible thing sexism can do, it has done to break Hillary Clinton. She never broke. She's here. I will always love and admire that.
Retweeted by JanetKindness matters. It matters. It matters most. @eveewing I promise now. I promise.There is one small thing you can do today: change your rhetoric. Have the courage and the honesty to call racism what it is.
Retweeted by JanetHave the courage to call misogyny what it is. To call racism what it is. Making up new names (alt-right?) only legitimizes it.
Retweeted by JanetPromise yourself that when you see someone harassing a Muslim person, you will say something. Promise now, while it's easy.
Retweeted by JanetI'm a fighter. I'm good money. I've been hit harder. So ain't nothing change. We will move forward
Retweeted by JanetDonating dollars to the @ACLU. Right now.Somewhere the first woman president of the USA is watching Hillary Clinton speak, and she is making plans. It will happen.
Retweeted by JanetFor the record, America IS ready for a woman president. Know how I know? A majority of us voted for her. #StillWithHer #AlwaysWithHer
Retweeted by JanetShould President-elect Donald Trump attempt to implement his unconstitutional campaign promises, we'll see him in court.
Retweeted by JanetThank you for not growing weary @HillaryClinton. Thank you for not losing heart.Thank you for being my sister's champion @HillaryClinton, and a champion for her students.Thank you for being my foster child's champion @HillaryClinton.Thank you for being my adopted child's champion @HillaryClinton.Thank you for being my champion @HillaryClinton.“Let us have faith in each other. Let us not grow weary. Let us not lose heart. For there are more seasons to come and...more work to do.”
Retweeted by Janet“We are stronger together and will go forward together. And you should never, ever regret fighting for that.” —Hillary
Retweeted by Janet"To all the little girls watching...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world."
Retweeted by Janet"We have still have not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling. But some day, someone will." —Hillary
Retweeted by Janet"To all the women...who put their faith in this campaign and in me...nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion." —Hillary
Retweeted by JanetYou can send Hillary a thank you card. I am. Hillary Clinton Post Office Box 5256 New York, NY 10185-5256
Retweeted by JanetThis is how the future voted. This is what people 18-25 said in casting their votes. We must keep this flame alight…
Retweeted by JanetOne thing is crystal clear: there is a catastrophic education crisis in America.
Retweeted by JanetDear Muslims, Immigrants, Women, Disabled, and All People of Color, I love you - boldly and proudly. We will endure. We will not break.
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