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This thread is important. Not just for law students, for everyone. Hat tip: @kmlarkinwong
Do an email audit to see how many messages actually matter
Retweeted by JanetTired of #manels? @GenderAvenger has a new #GATally App to count how many men, women, and women of color participat…
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“One hundred percent of firms reported that its highest paid partner is male.”
Retweeted by JanetFound my tribe at @msjdorg.
@confettilife @kmlarkinwong I've been practicing law for 20 years and have been a mom for almost 17 of those years.…
Retweeted by Janet @confettilife It's so hard! #easiersaidthandone I have a massive filing system by case, by issue (e.g. client corre…
Retweeted by JanetHell yes. @LadyLawyerDiaries is doing important work here., @kmlarkinwong, your recent interview says to control e-mail! What are your top tips for keeping email under c… inspirational discussion between @babysharklaw and my dear friend @kmlarkinwong about how Katie is rocking life… honored to share my advice and experiences as a woman of color in @HarvardBiz today. Read the awesome wri…
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the net is marble i said the net is marble i said the motherflipping net is made out of fricking marble how isn’t…
Retweeted by Janetmen should be glad women want equality not revenge
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So proud to be part of the @lathamwatkins team representing @ABAesq #probono on this amicus brief
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I found a VHS tape at the junk store that just had the label "A surprise!" I thought I'd check it out, since I have…
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#goodtrouble have absolutely no words... Thank you not only for your service but for standing with us as we #MarchForOurLives
Retweeted by JanetHere’s @WillWallaceEdu #throwingsmoke. ⚾️🔥 #sfgiants #cactusleague
They don't want to call Austin's white terrorist a terrorist. Do you remember how the media, right wing media esp…
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We're so proud that Ms. JD Fellow, Irene Mo, was name one of 18 Millennials Changing the Face of Legal Tech!…
Retweeted by JanetWhen you don’t even have to click through to figure out that the domestic terrorist was a white dude...“There may be setbacks; you may sometimes feel like progress is too slow in coming. But we have no doubt you are go…
Retweeted by JanetSomeday when this period of US history is studied, when they ask “Were there any signs that the civilization was in…
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Two Dans, Zero women.
Sipping green @tjcellars #dreamweaver this #stpatricksday. #Sláinte!
My husband #throwsheat. #bringtheheat #smoker #zipontheball #mustardonit #tabasco #flamethrower RBG!Everything — literally every thing, every single thing, absolutely every damn thing — that you can do to make the w…
Retweeted by JanetSheila is a wicked-smart babe. I'm so happy we found her together, Twitter.
Retweeted by Janet✨ Mystery Woman is in fact Sheila. *Sparkles! Confetti!* 🌈 And I verified that because I’ve been in touch with her…
Retweeted by JanetHero. Icon. Dissenter. You know her accomplishments, but you haven’t heard her story. Witness #RBGMovie in select t…
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@yoyoha 🎉🍾😂#goodtrouble @JustinIBlackman I stand with you, Justin. You are not alone.Sometimes you have to get in trouble--good trouble, necessary trouble--to make a way out of no way.
Retweeted by JanetAs soon as you think “I’ll just wake up early and do it tomorrow” you’ve already lost
Retweeted by JanetI commend you for quickly introducing legislation to avoid same horrible tragedy, after a dog died on an airline. I…
Retweeted by JanetToday is national pi day and I still have to work that’s pretty messed up
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“White men are much less likely to be asked to do the office housework.”
Retweeted by JanetWhat’s the term for un-erasing (as in what @mycandacejean @smithsonian are doing to women’s history right now)? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼📢 Okay, okay.. SO, some lovely ladies with @smithsonian are *on top of things,* and Deborah in Archives ordered a b…
Retweeted by JanetGuess who else Smithsonian ladies found a receipt for from Skyland Lodge at the time of the conference..? Ahem. A…
Retweeted by JanetIdk, belligerent on champagne is one of my best habits. they still making Slim Jims? I feel like whatever amount they’ve already made is enough
Retweeted by JanetSometimes I just lie awake thinking about all the guys who told me, "you know, it doesn't really matter who's Presi…
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"I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming."
Super simple recipe that we love: Spaghetti with Fried Eggs. #ImNotAFoodPhotographer @messily ohmygoodness, thank goodness they are okay. Terrifying.Hey Twitter I'm on a mission: The woman in this photo was an attendee at a 1971 International Conference on Biolog…
Retweeted by Janet @confettilife My husband and I have been discussing adopting within our community and that will mean a child with a…
Retweeted by JanetI loved my kid for TWO YEARS during which time he could have been removed from me on a moment's notice. My kid call… justice system did its job. There were minimum 6 lawyers involved in my kid's case. My kid had a lawyer. You kn…'s the thing: let's have a discussion about ICWA. I'll bet we'd find a lot of common ground. But to even sugges…, a ruling by a justice is insufficient and I'm a bad mom for not ordering a #23andme kit or something. S…, she further proceeds to suggest that I am causing harm by assimilating my child. She pressed and pressed. And e… note: I wrote the book on the importance of keeping kids with their parents/families. Okay, not the book, but…, the Court ruled on this very topic. My kid is not Native American. But when I tell her this, she gets furt… a hostile and accusatory manner, she wants to know what I am doing to preserve my child's Native American cultur… person across from me is (apparently, I've only just met her) an advocate for the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICW… here's what happened. I'm at a fun, trendy restaurant celebrating an amazing conference with friends and some ne…, I’ve got the goddamn best intentions of anyone you know, so ask around before you judge.IDK how to make tweets appear in thread, but point is: I’m offended that someone would question my intentions as a foster/adoptive mom.Also! This question about my motives occurred while I was just trying to have a cocktail with friends. #wrongplacewrongtimeI’m just loving children who need love. #noulteriormotiveFor the record, I’ve always supported the law and the justice system in the process.
Sometimes people would rather make enemies than allies.Tonight: first time ever my status as a foster parent has been called into question.How I Ms. JD. @msjdorg @tjcellars some @tjcellars #dreamweaver at @UCLA in celebration of the @msjdorg conference, #msjdherstory. it better to be loved or feared? “Prioritizing warmth helps you connect immediately with those around you, demon…
Retweeted by Janet @yasmineimani So excited and grateful that you have joined us! @msjdorgSo you wanna be a General Counsel: #msjdherstory @msjdorg
Retweeted by JanetGet comfortable with saying, “I don’t know.” & then add, “but I’ll get you the answer.” #msjdherstory"I was tired of doing the office housework - being on the paperclips committee" @confettilife #msjdherstory @msjdorg
Retweeted by JanetTremendous energy from @PaulaEdgar #CoachPaula opening speaker at #MsJDHerStory this morning @UCLA_Law "Tell Your S…
Retweeted by Janet“Content is King!” —@PaulaEdgar on social media. #CoachPaula #msjdherstory“You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready.” —@PaulaEdgar #CoachPaula #msjdherstory“Your network is your net worth.” @PaulaEdgar speaking truth at #msjdherstory. @msjdorg