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BuzzFeed is to tabloids what AAP is to political parties.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoHatters Will Say It's Photoshopped.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @SreenivasanJain Dont you personally owe an appoligy for this?
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoLeader of Apologetic Aadmi Party. This is why he tweets less these days. He has outsourced all fancy allegations to…असम के बाढ़ पीड़ित क्षेत्र में ७०,००० से अधिक लोगों तक आर्ट आफ लिविंग स्वयंसेवकों द्वारा राहत सामग्री पहुंचाई गई।
Retweeted by Keh Ke Pehenoआर्ट आफ लिविंग स्वयंसेवकों ने पश्चिम बंगाल में १ लाख बाढ़ पीड़ितों को राहत सामग्री पहुंचाई।
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoAnnabelle is a brilliant film. This film will scare the hell out of you. Even i haven't scared the Delhiites so much. ~ KejriwalLike rahul gandhi is on a bail?
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBecause you guys voted for Modi
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno😂😂😂 has already started preparation for next election. Groundwork is under process.. Lt Col Purohit was made a terrorist, while terrorist Ishrat Jahan was hailed as a Martyr by UPA Govt Both…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoWorth a read. Even as ambassador, Ansari played foul.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoThere is a reason why #RajivGandhi is considered a Great Prime Minister
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoModi ji failing to generate employment opportunities for youth
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoEnglish media opinion leaders should reflect on the damage they (unintentionally) cause sometimes cos they just don't know ground realities.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoYoung men trouble women across India, become stalkers and rapists. Forget who ordered it. Such a campaign was/is badly needed. #AntiRomeo
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoAmused when people in faraway lands slam the (oddly named) anti-Romeo Campaign. Was popular and needed. Due to the…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoDelhi needs a Govt and a CM. @subhadra_72 well done! :)Compare it with how Modi treated Pranab throughout his tenure. Is it just cultural difference or pettiness of the I…
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @akshatacrazy that was a clever contingency plan.. you must appreciate!I have a fear that Twitter may deactivate my account if i don't tweet about Game Of Thrones.Interns, suck up to us. You'll earn money and respect, even if you are talentless. Like we made career of this liar…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoA tatpoonjiya loafer was teasing a girl, she taught him a good lesson. #WomenEmpowerment
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt Run
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoIdiots. Shah is talking abt 50yrs of BJP rule not Modi as PM. 'Mature' US democracy doesn't forbid 3rd term for a p…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBong Intellectuals! 😂 India's Meharunnisa. #MyKindaMuslim married a paralysed Hindu Dalit. She's now under fire from Muslim community
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoI am glad @free_thinker's mom agrees that her son is a "shameless propaganda peddler" Thank you Dhanyavad aur Pran…
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @ARanganathan72 last 10 words notwithstanding, you are gonna be trolled heavily for this tweet.. brace yourself! @kavsigh @shubhispace @thecyberbully13 @nramind @THexplains @Hindu_Newspaper
@AapGhumaKeLeLo this guy actually does a 60 second comic act in 104.8 FM.. there also he somehow finds reason to bash Arnab.. @_Namrataa @rahulroushan @GappistanRadio @KyaUkhaadLega thanks.. but we are not worth it.. specially, the other three.. @coolfunnytshirt Now can definitely expect "Garlic deodorant" from Fogg & "Garlic flavoured condoms" from Manforce 😁😁
Retweeted by Keh Ke Pehenoaise behuda mazak mat kiya karo! garlic flavored Deo nikaal denge market mein log! 😂 Kya chal rha aajkal? AAPtard friend:Overtime kar rha hu! accidents,floods,hospitals.. kejriwal ne bola aisa mauka baar baar nhi milega!Jab Jaan pe ban aaye tab Bat-ball kuch yaad nhi aata...😂😂 #SLvIND
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @halder101 don't worry about him.. he knows best.. has been at the receiving end for over a decade.. @halder101 of course.. unless they are used as a vicious propaganda tool..So, secular media is now forcefully shoving secularism on our face! Much like what they are doing in the name of multi-culturism in the westHappy Birthday to #RajivGandhi. Son of heartless mother - Father of brainless son.😂
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoJust realised.. Congress Leader Kapil Sibal sahab follow only 7 Twitter account.. and all are Congressi handle.. al…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBobby Ghosh's propaganda tool is a relentless machine.Will spare no tragedy,no death,no injury to push through Hind…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoRohit Sharma cud hv scored big & won the match for us!But he sacrificed his wicket so that we win convincingly!Legends do things differentlyLegend 🙏😂😂😂
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @2witsofwisdom epic scene! one of my fav too! :)Whenever @coolfunnytshirt tweets abt Rohit Sharma, I m reminded of this scene from Gambler E.g- Prabhu aapke run o…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoInterns, distinction is only for Islamists. Else dishonor Hindu artists, from Savarkar the poet to Anupam the actor
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoYesterday, Temple opened langar (free kitchen) for survivors of train accident #Muzaffarnagar. Name of temple: Mahadev Mandir😊 Jai Bholenath
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt Talent, that is so ahead of his times.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoExcitedly looking forward to Tharoor inaugurating an exhibition on Hitler's best paintings.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoHarvard Univ to include Ramayana & Mahabharat in its curriculum. While in India, it is against the Idea Of India i…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoThis is not Run Out. This is Fun Out. This is why Rohit Sharma is a legend! @coolfunnytshirt Most bizarre and unfortunate run out for Rohit Sharma ! !!
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoJust look at the consistency! have exposed the lies and fakery of @altnews_in in this post of mine
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @nramind @THexplains @Hindu_Newspaper Part 5 of historical blunders by Rajiv Gandhi. Kashmir insurgency and Kashmir…
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @nramind @THexplains @Hindu_Newspaper Part 4 of historical blunders (criminal) by Rajiv Gandhi. Bhopal Gas Tragedy…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoPart 3 of historical blunders by Rajiv Gandhi. Bofors scandal featuring @nramind @THexplains @Hindu_Newspaper
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoPart 2 of historical blunders by Rajiv Gandhi. #HappyBirthdayRajiv
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoToday is Rajiv Gandhi's birthday. In a 5 part comic series, I'll tell you 5 historical blunders he did. Here is Par…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoMedia explained
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt Kejriwal kaisa aadmi he? Utpal Dutt: Neeeeeeeeech beta
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoQ: Who is your best super hero?? Utpal Dutt: Kriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish Betaa
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @oldschoolmonk @Humourcasm @FarziCricketer Asahishnuta is at 2nd position.. rohit sharma at peak @iamamitsr @Humourcasm @FarziCricketer @oldschoolmonk Ye hai kaun aaj tak samajh nahi aaya.. jab ki ye dikhne mein… for Steve Waugh!
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @Humourcasm @FarziCricketer @oldschoolmonk Tum logo mein se sabse pahle kaun block hona chahta hai? @coolfunnytshirt Ilisssssssssssssssssssh betaaaa
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoWhat would be Utpal Dutt's reply, had somebody asked him about his fav food? "Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh Betaaa"कपिल मिश्रा ने इतना बड़ा डंडा कर रखा है।
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @oldschoolmonk Lagta hai tumne mera barso purana tweet chep diya @coolfunnytshirt Remembering Utpal Dutt on 24th death anniversary थोडा सा हसाके थोडा स रुलाके पल ये भी जानेवाला है
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoGareeb logon ki GOA 😂😂
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt It's a surname bro. So even the women of the family will be Ms/Mrs. Dickwella :)
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoDickwella is too gender specific a name.Salary day : xx amount is credited to your account. Bills : @coolfunnytshirt
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno#RajivGandhi Ko Agar Bharat Ratna Mil Sakta Hai Toh....
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno