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Salman Abedi's dad ➡️LIFG (Al Qaeda) Jihadi ➡️kicked out of Libya by Gaddafi ➡️given asylum in Britain ➡️then got…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBrilliant by Mayuresh. Communalising Jharkhand Lynchings: Wrong Qs, Wrong Time, Wrong Intentions via @swarajyamag
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoIndia Today quotes my RTI on terrorist Bitta Karate filed at MHA in 2007 but very conveniently strikes off my name.…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoMatlab, samjhe daya? Inke L Lag gaye! Aur puri duniya ko bhi bata diya! 😂 the rock this dude has been hiding under since 1980s
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoOnly an akal se paidal dhakkan will say it was never about Islamism.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoLLG. am shocked that this man gets to be here while Sonu Nigam has been bullied into quitting twitter. It's clearly re…
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt In Past, Sadji has got special treatment in such public meeting..
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBut why @HuffPostIndia has forgotten to revels the caste identity of victims & perpetrators here @DilliDurAst ? Cur…
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt chappal (worn & torn)
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt Paragon ke slippers bhi bhai.. uske bina toh CM waali look hi nahin aati 😆😆😆
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoDJ facility will also be there. Samosa worth lakhs of rupees! Dress code - xxl trousers, xxl shirts (untucked), muf… children of Manchester are pulling pieces of other humans' flesh out of their hair and people are worried about 'Islamophobia'
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt Ronaldo after messi sentence..
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoMessi ready to take one more penalty kick.. Kejri 😂😂😂😂 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 @coolfunnytshirt @Atheist_Krishna
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @arnabmit byapok lojja!How liberal-secular media use Army as per their convenience and agenda. @bdutt @sardesairajdeep @RanaAyyub
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBrace yourself @vivekagnihotri .. just saw some hyenas going towards your place! 😂, Congress PM in Nepal. Kudos to Rahul Gandhi for continuously pressurizing the Govt on the issue. Hope for…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoShocking story of a national level shooter Tara Shahdeo. "Aavarana" by SL Byrappa should be made a compulsory read
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno• Sonu Nigam is out of work. • Raveena is a poster girl. • Gautam Gambhir is a failed cricketer. The only able person is Shirish Kunder.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoRahul Gandhi is taking Congress to places.. time to elevate him again.. @coolfunnytshirt I am nasty.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt Sadly she's originally Maharashtrian... Or to be precise Goan. 😷 I'm ashamed to be a half Goan.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @divya_16_ @coolfunnytshirt really! she's not a bong by birth? thats a huge relief.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Pehenoshe should specify, all journos except barkha, rajdeep, shekhar, ravish, sagarika, rana.. terrible feelings! only comical feelings! of Intellectual bongs! _/\_ @coolfunnytshirt it's high time to direct the film "my name is Mukherjee.."., that's the only way to counter this biased narrative. :(
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @seemantinibose me as a bong liberal is antidote to the hindu hating hindu liberals! "wherever you are, i'll find u… blatant generalization! not all bongs are retard.. err.. intellectuals.. most of them are!😂😂😂 @indiantweeter kar diya! 10k RT ho jaaye to bolna kam se kam 1 mahine ka supply de de..I need this guys, get this done. RT
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoYes iSIS is new Apple product.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Pehenoapne guru farziwal ki raah pe chalna kya gunaah hai??? @coolfunnytshirt Captaincy, Vice captaincy sab moh maya hai. Talent reigns supreme. And Rohit has that in abundance.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoRohit's strong point is his captaincy.. make him the captain please.. even if it is non-playing captain.. unfortunate that the peaceful man died while killing others.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @DesolateCranium even SRK made a movie for Salman fans.. it was called Fan @ajayprakash1000 Byvthe grace of God, I've eaten enough of everything to last me 10 life times!!😂
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @DesolateCranium i think it will take some time for the movie to grow on to people.. hence the name Tubelight..Intern @masalabai gets promotion and becomes a senor intern from today
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @DesolateCranium you will not watch tubelight because of radio? what sort of intellectualism is this?If this talk by @HuffPost journo is sign of being classy, intellectual, educated, feminist & modern, hum toh bhaiya…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoI neither like nor endorse these kind of jokes.. but, is this true? are the kind of sick ppl @HuffPostIndia hires.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoPlease don't generalize.. just because intellectual sounds like anti-national.. does a commie spell Human Right? Human Tied. @TwitterIndia that you suspended Abhijeet's account. Now can you do the same with these too?
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno*Opens Twitter*
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoWhen you died in a bomb blast but realized that you forgot to tweet Terrorism Has No Religion.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @dashhtweets ugly shituation..When you pick up arms (or stones), you are essentially a "soldier" fighting for a cause. That moment on, you lose the privilege to whine.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoGetting tied to a jeep is neither fatal nor potentially very injurious. Soldiers endure and survive much worse. So suck up and deal.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Pehenobecause.. 1. She's a woman 2. She's a 'liberal' 3. She's an 'intellectual' 4. She writes for huffpo 5. Mudi s… why RCB lost all those matches.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoYou got to have certain level of intellect to be Intellectual enough to write for publications like huffpo.. @sanjukta jumps on @TandonRaveena TL, trolls her & when she calls trolling ugly, this is how #Presstitutes twis…
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @kuchbhi_kumar @Nesenag stop whining against random twitter handles here! deactivate your account! :D @kuchbhi_kumar @MithGupta @Cosmopolitan bas kar pagle! people with too many generalizations don't have a life, is also a generalization!Let me show you how presstitutes like @Cosmopolitan work. See three pictures. Notice date and time. True Islam apol…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoIngenious way for leftists to avoid talking about Islam. Just blame all men.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoTerrorists are the biggest victims of terrorism.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoIs using the term "suicide bomber" politically incorrect now?
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt सर!! * Mentalectual
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What about gau rakshaks?
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @vishasuchde lulz.. have to go to the parallel universe to see maybe.. only aliens can buy.. @vishasuchde in this universe, i give.. in parallel universe, i forgive.. #wah #wah @vishasuchde email? sms? @ChrisP2bG @PrisonPlanet This shud summarise Left Jihadi Liberal process flow.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @i_theindian aapni ekhon aalada level'e _/\_AAPtard friend: Modi ji, kuch din to guzaro India mein.. Me: ye India mein hi hai.. AF: Ok, joke cancel! BC wha… aur BBC america aur europe ko le doobenge.. guy in the picture is Sikh, not Muslim. You can't even get your lame virtue signalling right.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @Cosmopolitan You need to change this ASAP. This man is Sikh. You are misinforming MILLIONS.
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