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Disgusting! How can people stoop so low in the name of dark humor!!! humor.
RT if you remember one more guy who said this thing and is now a Chief minister.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoThere is some hope for him.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoFriend: how i wish, raat ke andhere mein koi teri g***d maar le.. Standup comic: ye kya mazak hai be? Friend: ye dark humor hai be! @shounakray @wezdatruth @vivekagnihotri ok ~ faceless troll @coolfunnytshirt Standup bakchod: *cracks a joke* Audience: hasi nahi aayi SB: BC poori audience hi RW hai..
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @i_theindian _/\_ @coolfunnytshirt Ye old age ki pension he lega ab sidha..
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoNo one can doubt the qualifications & caliber of #MeiraKumar. We support her for the post of Congress President 👍
Retweeted by Keh Ke Pehenojis speed se phd kar raha hai.. seedhe old age home hi jayega.. dejected.. nobody supported him for president's post.. media should be banned
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoHaven't known a more profound Hindi satirist and writer on social media than @mishrashiv bhaiya.. follow him for the love of hindi.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoFor Mohammad Ayub Where are award Wapsi jerks n liberal louts n the whole termite clan ?
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoNo wonder this guy thinks like the AIB folks.. next potential hiring! did this😂😂😂😆
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @Vishj05 @Mr_ascetic boond boond se saagar.. aur RT RT se raaita phailta hai..Series of events.😂
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno*Arey MADARJAAT tu yahan kya kar rahe hai* 😂
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoWhenever you read or hear any news which begins with "Live on NDTV...", just remember 'v' is silent in 'Live'.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoMechanical engineering ka ladka girls hostel mein jhankta hua @coolfunnytshirt
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoRohit, aaja bahar. @coolfunnytshirt offline hai.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBhoooooot....
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno#LISTENIN | Whistleblower account blows the lid off ISIS terror hub – India’s Gaza - in Kerala…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoTIMES NOW accesses Conversion rate card Sikh (Punjabi girl)=7L Punjabi Hindu girl=6L Christian (Roman Catholic)=4L #CaliphateConvertsHindus
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoTIMES NOW accesses Conversion rate card Jain girl = 3L Gujrati (Brahmin girl) = 6L Gujrati (Katchi girl) = 3L #CaliphateConvertsHindus
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno‘They asked me if I knew Syrian language,’ says a survivor who managed to escape from Gaza Street…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoTIMES NOW accesses Conversion rate card Hindu (Brahmin girl)=5L Hindu (Kshatriya girl)=4.5L Hindu (OBC, SC,ST)=2L #CaliphateConvertsHindus
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @AllIndiaBakchod continued... Me: Momma ruko! Mai wapas aa rahi hoon! Tanmay khula ghoom raha hai. 😸
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoThere is actually a rate card? Wow! Some business model this!😊
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoOye sab jaldi aao re! Rohit apna talent dikha raha hai.. @coolfunnytshirt Son: Dad I want to see red color Dad: slits a throat of standup comedian lo dekh lo beta #Dark humour
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @Being_Humor @coolfunnytshirt ससुराल सिमर का स्टार्ट हो गया क्या !!! 😂🤓
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @Being_Humor don't try to be Kumble Defence League.. everybody knows you are Murga Defence LeagueNow that Sanjay Jha has supported #Tubelight , Bhai ke @dangertoon happy birthday! :)Kumble gaya kya? @coolfunnytshirt Standup bakchod: *cracks a joke* Audience: hasi nahi aayi SB: Tatti kha le....BC MC MKL. Audience: LOL!
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoSyama Prasad Mookerjee died captive in Kashmir on this day, 1953. Told about allergy, doctor still forced injection. Nehru refused inquiry
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @padhalikha @coolfunnytshirt JK Rowling should come out of her fantasy it's been long since the Harry Potter series ended
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoSmart. Just don't go to Kerala, else they'll slaughter you in public to save secularism
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoStandup bakchod: *cracks a joke* Audience: hasi nahi aayi SB: hasi aa rahi thi tumhare paas.. RW ne beech mein rok liya Audience: LOL!Inspirational.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt Boom Pic1: Boom Pic2💥
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoYe sone ka nahi hagne ka h
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno2 Nigerians involved in drug peddling arrested, seized 5.25 gms of Cocaine, a 2-wheeler, 2 laptops, 6 mobiles all w…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoPolice officer lynched in downtown Srinagar. 6 cops killed recently. JKP being systematically targeted by Pakistani…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoVoldemort's supporters suffered their fate because they believed in Voldemort and followed him without questioning.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBoom. Tweet three., surprising is that you found it surprising that a communist is supporting a destructive, divisive force. itne confused kyu hain? Aakhir kyu ladd rahe hain ye?
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt For example.. 😂
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoFunny thing about Bakchod type angrez standups is that when they crack jokes they bore u and when they do serious tweets they crack u up! 😂
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno#Congress govt writes off #MeiraKumar house rent of ₹ 1.98 cr in 2013. #BJP cand. for Pres el #RamNathKovind ji liv…
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno😂😂😂 @vivekagnihotri leave it.. you are now fighting with commie'dians and not comedians.. so, it's useless.. @rahulroushan at least, you are not pretending that you don't work for congressRT if you think that my sources in Congress are more reliable NDTV sources
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @muglikar_ @coolfunnytshirt From July 1st, any death in any Q is because of inconvenience caused by GST
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoMeira Kumar is so responsible that she forgot to pay 1.98 cr rent of bungalow occupied by her since 1986 after demi…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoNEW: How NDTV tried to whitewash lynching of Kashmiri policeman outside Mosque -
Retweeted by Keh Ke Pehenoarre bhia.. maine to pahle hi bola tha.. ye Fan aur Tubelight na chalega.. Syska LED hi lagao.. ~ Irrfan @muglikar_ #intellectutias @coolfunnytshirt GST, Software development, project management expert says it shud go with few sectors 1st. Guy wor…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoThe lynching that happened in Kashmir shows you what could've happened if the quick witted army officer didn't think of human shield idea.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoGST is the end of the world... . . . . . . for the next few months. #Liberandus #Intelectutias @mishrashiv ye intellectualism ki bimari ab poore desh mein phail rahi hai.. pahle ye sirf bangal ka kaala jaadu hua karti thi..Tweets from the same thread.
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoHave safe sex. Use c̶o̶n̶d̶o̶m̶ 'tokri'. 😂 #IssuedInPublicInterest ever blame Islam. Blame Twitter. - the Holy Book of NDTV, Chapter No. 4, Verse No. 20.
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno😂😂😂 @coolfunnytshirt @Being_Humor
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoBeaten to death by a murderous mob. A mob on which no pellets must be fired. Of whom, no person can be taken as hum…
Retweeted by Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt 😹😹
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoThe Lutyens folks gang up and lynch Arnab left, right and center. And he is not even on twitter. So, yeah.. nice ir… @ravibhadoria How the Veil Conquered Cairo University 1919 - Feminist Movement 1958 - No Hijab 2017 - Hijab use wi…
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoHIJAB 1958 Muslim Brotherhood asks 2nd President of Egypt to make Hijab compulsory. Gamal Abdel Nasser laughs it off
Retweeted by Keh Ke PehenoAAPtard (to a Congressi) :