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A note on Untouchable Freedom, on manual scavenging, on @BezwadaWilson & @ravishndtv, End…
Retweeted by CPI (M)10th such death in 35 days. A law is in place and so much PR about 'Swachh Bharat'. But no one is accountable #Crime
Retweeted by CPI (M)Our MP from Raiganj, Bengal - @salimdotcomrade on flood Relief duty while callous State & Central Govts turn a blin…
It is CPIM on the ground whether in Bihar, Bengal or Assam. Photos from Paschim Champaran where Comrades are distri… years since Narendra Dabholkar was killed but Killers, MasterMind still at large! Who is the Govt shielding?… Govt open doors for Corporate Loot by announcing Privatisation of MetroRail despite criticism from E Sreedharan a callous Modi Govt more interested in raking up divisive issues,the economy is plunging into recession Read @: Greatest challenge facing #IndiaAt71 is to save India from the current Govt. Read full report at:…'s #IndependenceDay Speech - propaganda piece remarkable for its disconnect with reality & reeking in hypocrisy.
Condolences to families of the bereaved. We must ensure accountability for these accidents, which are happening wit…
Retweeted by CPI (M)As heavy rush will be witnessed during upcoming Onam-Bakrid festive season, Kerala govt is taking all possible step…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Dalit Atrocities increasing in BJP ruled MP. CPIM condemns attack on Dalit woman in Sagar, demands strict action. will not be silenced by Modi Govt's censorship! The People take to the streets to make their voices heard. they really care for cows, or is it just an excuse for their project of hatriotism and communal violence?
Retweeted by CPI (M)This happens in Bihar the moment BJP is in government. If you had any doubts about who promotes RSS-inspired bigote…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Hard Govt data proves NO increase in number of new tax payers or direct tax collection due to #demonetisation. Govt… who collaborated with the British, refused to accept the tricolour have the audacity to lecture us and other patriots on nationalism.
Retweeted by CPI (M)"Communists were also the first to advocate complete independence and raise it before the National Congress." #1921
Retweeted by CPI (M)Remembering P Krishna Pillai, "Kerala's 1st Communist", on his Death Anniversary! CPIM salutes him & pledges to car…
Death Threats Don't Scare Us! The Fight for a Secular, Democratic and Egalitarian India will Continue ! extremely happy while inaugurating the reopening of Aluminium Industries Limited (Alind) at Kundara - which wa…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Govt. is committed to create a conducive environment for investors & aims to make Kerala the best industrial friend…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Our Comrades organised fund collection drives, relief camps & distributed food & basic commodities in flood affecte… yesterday.Met 2 bereaved familiesOne had lost khushi 5yrs other 4dayold on11thAug.Oxygen stopped 6am.ALL THE CHILDRN IN WARD DIED
Retweeted by CPI (M)Defying administrative orders in Gorakhpur regarding ban on any protest, CPIM Marched on the issue of death of chil… Sellers Dharna against Yogi UP Govt's virtual ban on sale of meat which has denied them their livelihood. of donations without PAN and address details worth Rs 159.59 crores belong to the BJP. So much for transparency…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Manik Sarkar's interview on DD's gag on his #IndependenceDay speech. #UndeclaredEmergency
Left Demands immediate action from State & Central Govt to restore normalcy in Darjeeling & surrounding hill areas. should be provision legally for menstrual leave,employee can decide whether she wants to avail it condemns the failure of the Bihar Govt in ensuring relief operations in the flood affected areas in the… needs no reiteration. PPP has failed globally and private sector cannot run affordable public transport.
Retweeted by CPI (M)Our comrades organised relief camps, distributed food & basic commodities in flood affected areas of West Bengal. #navakeralam with safe cities and communities for women & girls. Dial 1515; for the Women; by the Women. P…
Retweeted by CPI (M)With cpim leaders Madhu Malti at Zahids home. His daughter Khushi died on 11th aug when oxygen supply ended
Retweeted by CPI (M)No amount of censorship will silence our voices! The peoples' voice will be heard & resoundingly in the upcoming Tr… will not "reshape" into RSS/BJP mould, for all the unconstitutionalism attempted by Delhi. #NoCensorship
Retweeted by CPI (M)Prasar Bharti's kowtowing to RSS/BJP's agenda is ominous. Gag an elected CM first, then spread lies, as denial. Cen…
Retweeted by CPI (M)DD resorts to blatant lies after their Gag on Manik Sarkar's speech results in Massive Backlash! Tripura Govt's Poi…
In 1 yr of operations in 8 cities, Pink Patrol has processed 17,820 calls & has created an atmosphere of security f…
Retweeted by CPI (M).@SitaramYechury addresses Press Conf on Modi Govt's Gag on Tripura CM Manik Sarkar's #IndependenceDay Speech. Full… #TripuraCMSpeaks #OpposeModiBlackout
Retweeted by CPI (M)#NoCensorship #OpposeModiBlackout #TripuraCM
Retweeted by CPI (M)#OpposeModiBlackout #TripuraCMSpeaks
Retweeted by CPI (M)#NoCensorship #TripuraCMSpeaks #OpposeModiBlackout
Retweeted by CPI (M)#NoCensorship #TripuraCMSpeaks #OpposeModiBlackout
Retweeted by CPI (M)We oppose RSS-Modi on two counts. RSS' divisive & hateful ideology, and Modi's record of poor governance. CPI(M) wont be silenced by censors
Retweeted by CPI (M)We would like to see the approval granted to the text of RSS chief's address before its live broadcast. And the amendments suggested to him.
Retweeted by CPI (M)Doordarshan is paid for by taxpayers' money not by RSS pracharaks or the BJP. It belongs to every state govt and to each and every Indian.
Retweeted by CPI (M)This is a brazen attack on the Federal equation between Centre and states. PM and cronies cannot order state CMs on speaking to the citizens
Retweeted by CPI (M)Not just blackouts of Opposition, state TV used for regular live broadcasts of BJP propaganda for hours, its spokespersons attacking CPI(M).
Retweeted by CPI (M)Damning Report on India's fight against poverty: India Rank:132/152 Govt spend on health,education & social woefull… for state govt rules, hypocrisy & double standards - that's what Bhagwat's little outing on I-Day showed. @Sujan_Speak visited severely flood hit Udaynarayanpur in Howrah, West Bengal and assured people of our sup… Member & MP @salimdotcomrade visits severely flood hit areas of North Bengal & assured people that we wil… strongly condemn Modi Govt's attempt to gag the elected CM of Tripura. This is an insult to the people of Tripur… sets an example for freedom.
Retweeted by CPI (M)BJP's model is to remote control Tripura from Delhi. CPI(M) will fight for Tripura's rights and honour against BJP's dictatorial centralism.
Retweeted by CPI (M)
CPIM condemns the refusal by DD & @airnewsalerts to broadcast the customary #IndependenceDay speech of Tripura CM. Letter Censoring Speech of Tripura CM. Who is this Delhi Collective which dares to censor a CMs Speech? of Tripura CM's Speech which AIR & DD had the audacity to censor.This is an insult 2 People of Tripura &Consti…⚡️ #CommunistFreedomFighters: A look back at the glorious contribution of Communists to India's Freedom Struggle! with INA trials,Peasant uprising such of Telengana, Tebhaga, etc.Peoples unity during the Mutiny loosened the last pillars of the Raj.Communist led Telangana Peasant Uprising against the Razzakars & Nizam rule in the princely state of Hyderabad.… parallel government in Maharashtra from 1943 to 1946 against British rule led Kratisinh Nana Patil, who later joined Communist Party.British branded the 1946 Bombay Naval Mutiny as a larger communist conspiracy raging from Middle East to Far East against the British crown.Dealt Mortal Blow to British. Actively supported by Communist Party but condemned by Congress.Bombay Naval Munity: Revolt by 10000 sailors in Naval 66 ships. uprising in1946 against Princely State of Travancore,British India.More than 1000 killed. Sundarayya, CPIM's 1st General Secretary, joined freedom struggle & social reform movement at age of 17.… Singh Surjeet: CPIM General Secretary from 1992-2005. #CommunistFreedomFighters Jaipal Singh:Guerrilla fighter, Baghi of British army. Busted British plot 2 assassinate Indian leaders.Later… Ramamurti, CPIM Politburo Member. Led protests against Simon Commission. Organised Dalits, Factory & Farm workers… Gopalan - one of CPIM’s tallest leaders and 5 time MP. #CommunistFreedomFighters Krishna Pillai: "Kerala's 1st Communist"! #CommunistFreedomFighters Panigrahi,founder of Communist movement in Odisha. Tortured & killed in detention by British in 1943.… Pakrashi arrested in 1929 for the Mechuabazar Bomb case. 6 yrs in Cellular Jail. Total 32 yrs in Jail. CPIM Bengal state comm Member.Shiv Verma tried in Lahore Conspiracy Case along with Bhagat Singh.Spent 17 yrs in Cellular Jail. CPIM UP Leader.…