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Residents of famed Kathputhli Colony in Capital say the Red Flag is ours as they struggle against demolition of thi… strongly condemns the murderous attacks on dalits in Saharanpur by the Hindu Yuva Vahini. Years of Modi: Assault on Education Continues Unabated! march in Agartala, Tripura against the police brutality during Nabanna Avijan in West Bengal. is regressing on public health indicators because of low govt spending. Left Front govts in Kerala have shown…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Kerala's left government celebrates one year in office. My report,
Retweeted by CPI (M)LDF government is fast transforming #Kerala by focussing on a growth path that creates jobs.…
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Protest Rallies in various parts of Bengal today against the barbaric Police attack on Nabanna Avijan yesterday. strongly condemns the police brutality on the peaceful March led by several kisan orgs in Kolkata yesterday.… Years of the Govt: Foreign Policy in Shambles! Years of Modi: Dalit Suffering has Increased! is a Leading Light of RSS Front Hindu Aikya Vedi and gives lectures at RSS gatherings. Such criminals are the true face of RSS.Close Associate of BJP Kerala State President Kumannam had raped a minor multiple times who cut of his penis when h… Raj in almost all BJP-ruled states. Who is accountable? And who is safe once mobs are allowed to kill?…
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@Sujan_Speak @salimdotcomrade Left front has called for protest rallies all over Bengal tomorrow against barbaric a…, @salimdotcomrade & many other comrades who were arrested today during Nabanna Avijan released uncond… strongly condemns the unprecedented police atrocities by Bengal Police on a peaceful demonstration at Nabanna. Police Brutality, sea of people March in Nabanna Abhijan against Mamata's misrule in Bengal! @salimdotcomrade in Police Lockup, as @MamataOfficial murders democracy to stop the Peaceful March of People aga… As left workers clashed with police, cops fired tear gas to disperse crowd, many injured in stone pelting
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna Bystanders including kids beaten up by @MamataOfficial's barbaric Police #JungleRaj
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna @MamataOfficial 's police damaging private buses carrying left supporters
Retweeted by CPI (M)Lathicharged our camp & meeting. Arrested me with Com Samik Lahiri, Com Ram Ch Dome. #BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna @salimdotcomrade MP, critically injured and arrested by @MamataOfficial s barbaric police #JungleRaj
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna Septuagenarian Ex Minister mercilessly beaten up by @MamataOfficial barbaric police
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna Women marchers are manhandled & beaten up by @MamataOfficial s Male barbaric Police
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna Septuagenarian Ex Minister Kanti Ganguly critically injured by @MamataOfficials barbar…
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna @MamataOfficial police's barbaric attack on demonstrators #Policeraj in West Bengal -…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Bengal Police brutally assaults peaceful protesters. #NabannaAbhijan #ChaloNabanna #DRSKMishra speaking
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna Lakhs of People have descended on the roads of Kolkata demanding their legitimate dem…
Retweeted by CPI (M)WB police arrested 24 Left MLAs including Com Sujan chakraborthy for protesting agnst corrupt Trinamool govt.…
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna 24 left MLAs arrested in State Secretariat "Nabanna"
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna About 4 lakh people are waiting to start their march towards the State Secretariat "Nabanna"
Retweeted by CPI (M)#BanglaBiponna #ChaloNabanna Sujan Chakraborty , Ashok Bhattacharya, Anisur Rahman,Tanmay Bhattacharya & all other MLAs arrested
Retweeted by CPI (M)Lefts in WB on street. Red waves. Fight on people's issues. Prepared for march to Nabanna.Madam CM Fleed away from…
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Protest in Bhangar, West Bengal demanding release of 21 comrades arrested for leading a movement against forcible l… Karat: Since Modi took over, India witnessing ‘goondagardi’ under the patronage of BJP govt.
CPIM Condemns gruesome attack on SFI leaders by frustrated ABVP criminals in Himachal Pradesh University. Years of the Modi Govt: How has it been for the women of this country? In one word: devastating! : Immiserising the Peasantry to Fill Corporate Coffers! demand 3 electoral reforms: Ban on corporate funding, limiting expenditure of parties, not just candidates & proportional representation
Retweeted by CPI (M)Our stand on electoral bonds is very clear. They encourage political corruption and are detrimental to a healthy de…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Another of Modi's achievements. India falls 11 places, 154th in Global Burden of Disease. Govt's priority is neithe…
Retweeted by CPI (M)#3FailedYears: Chance of newborn survival:Somalia better off than India -Shameful but not in Modi Govt's priorities…
Ground campaign in West Bengal to mobilize support for 22nd May Nabanna Avijan. What happened to promise of 2 crore jobs? years of Modi: Rising threat of communal forces. addressed a public meeting at Jalpaiguri, Bengal as part of ground level campaign for upcoming Naba…'s #ShePad scheme to provide all Higher Secondary Schools in Kerala with sanitary napkins & incinerators for disposal. #KeralaLeads 2/2
Retweeted by CPI (M)Menstrual Hygiene is every Girl’s health right. #KeralaLeads in creating awareness on #MenstrualHygiene & providing sanitary napkins. 1/2
Retweeted by CPI (M)We're all proud of Shimla Mayor, Dy Mayor's performance. They ensured an alternative model of local urban governance
Retweeted by CPI (M)Promise Vs Performance. Modi promised 10 crore new jobs, added only 2.3 lakh jobs last year. Plus 35% underemployme…
Retweeted by CPI (M)BJP-ruled Jharkhand a fit case of Jungle Raj. Latehar hangings of young Muslim boys, now this. Govt totally silent.
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CPIM demands 150 days of work under the rural job scheme. #3FailedYears of Modi govt, NPAs of the banks have tripled - from Rs. 2.3 lakh crores to Rs. 6.8 lakh crores. by Delhi State CPIM on the issue of distribution of ration and strengthening of PDS. promised 10 crore new jobs. Here is the truth (despite creating a new data series). Instead of naukri, we have…
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Govt must ensure that the assurance given on the floor of the house is abided by in letter and in spirit #Rules
Retweeted by CPI (M)Brinda Karat & Subhashini Ali met the President with the Violence affected Dalit families from Saharanpur, UP & han… @Mint_Opinion Do remember that Agri loans form 14% of bank loans while loans to corporates are 37% of bank loans. T…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Only 6% of agricultural loans turned toxic but companies defaulted on 14% of their bank loans. Govt wants to bail…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Jungle Raj! These are the "Achhe Din" promised by Modi to the people of Uttar Pradesh.
Retweeted by CPI (M)New IIP Shows Demonetisation Slowed Down Indian Manufacturing Growth Big Time!
#3FailedYears of Modi government: Country for Sale! goes another (appended as an after-thought) aim of demonetisation: digital money and cashless payments.
Retweeted by CPI (M)Brinda Karat: Modi promised 2 crore new jobs annually but at present pace it will take 77 years to create that numb… march in searing heat of Bengal to mobilize support for 22nd May Nabanna Avijan with demands of crop MSP,… of the future or darkness of the past? India's youth must win this battle. Today in #Belonia #Tripura #SFI
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Police Attacks Left Activists in Hyderabad! Brutally Injures Many! CPIM Condemns the Attack! Balakrishnan accused the BJP/RSS of resorting to devious methods to destabilise the LDF govt in Kerala. Marketing Illegal Mumbo Jumbo as Science for Making Super Babies. lost as prices rise. How will the average Indian survive? Spin can be alluring but truth is what is experience…
Retweeted by CPI (M)Demonetisation didn't end black money/terror/corruption. It instead hurt the honest and poor the most by shutting their means of livelihood.
Retweeted by CPI (M)This is the damage to the organised sector, as per govt's own data. Imagine state of workers in informal/unorganise…
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Democracy in Bengal: TMC style. mars municipal elections in West Bengal. Reject TMC Hooliganism! Front withdrew its candidates from Raiganj & gheraoed State EC office in Kolkata after officers refused to mee… goons marched with arms & they threw bombs at several polling booths. Common people denied right to cast their own vote.