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Ker demographics wont help | Modi government to focus on Bengal, Kerala and Odisha in its 3rd anniversary function
Retweeted by ShashankIndigenisation drive: Cabinet opens up $600 billion market for domestic manufacturing firms
Retweeted by ShashankWilling to pay u more than watevr u r earning right now. Wanna do it for even a week, forget regular affair on each…
Retweeted by ShashankSources: 2 Chinese nationals kidnapped from Jinnah town in Quetta today afternoon. Abductors drove away with hostages in a car
Retweeted by Shashank @kpdhungana Nepal busts scam involving demonetised Indian currency-Nepal internal security journalist @kpdhungana o…
Retweeted by Shashank @Anandacoomara @paynchOm @MissChamataka gains: Prices of flats may drop by up to 5 percent
Retweeted by ShashankThis doesn't make sense. As per law they cannot do it I think ==>
Retweeted by ShashankNo Reservations in admissions? | Modi government is firming up a plan to create India's own Harvard
Retweeted by ShashankKeeping faith in institutions which are by default against Hs.Sad to watch this innocence.
Retweeted by Shashank @mnshzz
Retweeted by ShashankAll united in one supreme cause on that day in June 1576 & making the supreme sacrifice at the highest altar
Retweeted by ShashankIt obviously was trended by Pakis. The guy behind this is Ertugrul Ghazi. This website is 100% fake. No address. No registry details. Zero
Retweeted by ShashankOfficer raped a girl in Dubai. Random photos of a guy and a girl were picked up from internet and story was shared on this stupid cjpost
Retweeted by ShashankCheck this Read this link...
Retweeted by ShashankGuys STOP engaging with such handles. PLS it's Paki propaganda. Read my Opindia article. This is state sponsored shit. Report n stop RT'ng
Retweeted by ShashankDid U know? Jews have lived peacefully in #India 4 1,000 years? Watch this amazing story! ???? #Israel 24May@08:40pm
Retweeted by ShashankRetweeted Jason Wright (@Astro_Wright): My hot takes on two new @tsboyajian's Star papers by Katz and by...
Retweeted by ShashankSomeone tell Trump *not* to talk to anyone about the evidence of collusion with Russia he’s hiding. Best way to rev…
Retweeted by Shashank#NationLovesIndianArmy
Retweeted by Shashank @jenanmoussa same with attacks of 26/11. BBC called them "gunmen". 200 people killed and BBC called them "gunmen". Now? they r terrorists..When fighting Gaddafi, they were called "rebels". After Manchester bombing, same group now described as "terrorist"…
Retweeted by ShashankGujarat ATS nabs Bhatkal's aide and 2008 Ahmedabad serial blast accused from Kozhikode airport in Kerala…
Retweeted by ShashankCBO: 51 million people under age 65 would be uninsured in a decade under GOP plan vs. 28 million under Obamacare
Retweeted by ShashankSaffie Rose's mum is still in coma. No idea her daughter is dead. I can say - honestly - I'd rather never wake up.…
Retweeted by Shashank @Vamsee9002
Retweeted by ShashankThe US carpet bombed Tokyo; killed 3,242 civilians, burned 156,430 on Queen Victoria's Birthday, May 24 (GMT), 1945…
Retweeted by ShashankWhat about the final deliverable. Roy's views on Kashmir are not different from what that 'fake' article claimed. Cut this bullshit.…
Retweeted by ShashankWhat is false propaganda? What is a lie? What is rubbish? Well, here is an example.
Retweeted by ShashankKarnataka: 1 temple - Kukke - gives Govt 90 crores per year. Govt gives 123 crores to 34229 temples in return. Go figure!
Retweeted by ShashankThis old lady seems to have lost her way back home . Seems to be from a well to do family . Video recd thru a Whats…
Retweeted by ShashankHyderabad: V Mohan Abhyas, son of a Samosa seller secures All India Rank 6 in JEE Mains examination, tops AP Engine…
Retweeted by ShashankEveryone has Freedom of Speech* *conditions apply: not applicable for Paresh Rawal,Abhijeet, Sonu Nigam, Anupam, Raveena, Gambhir,Sehwag...
Retweeted by Shashank @JayantBhandari5 @TarekFatah Meanwhile Canada opened its arms to offer citizenship
Retweeted by Shashank#Saudi citizen living in #UK says, any 'liberal' who criticizes #Islam or #Sharia should be killed.
Retweeted by ShashankDo watch this ..
Retweeted by ShashankBounty has been placed on Maj.Gogoi by #JihadiRats Confirmed that Hurriyat & Kashmiri Politicians are helping to lo…
Retweeted by ShashankNeed to hang out with super fun gaumata like this
Retweeted by ShashankNEW: Surrendered Maoist denies police pressure, villagers protest against ‘urban naxals’ -
Retweeted by ShashankDick specialist
Retweeted by ShashankTo all my friends. TODAY, George Soros, & Hillary Clinton supported Mediamatters is targeting all of my advertisers to try and get me fired
Retweeted by ShashankSpoke to many advertisers. They are being inundated with Emails to stop advertising on my show. This is Soros/Clint…
Retweeted by ShashankI-T department unearths 400 benami deals, attaches properties worth Rs 600 crore - The Times of India on Mobile
Retweeted by ShashankPlease vote. RT for Major Gogoi & fav for @DeShobhaa.
Retweeted by ShashankYes it's about land. Our land.
Retweeted by ShashankHar koi aata hai veda and shastron ka ghanta bajana shuru kar deta hai, chahe related ho na ho.. Kuchh Bhi
Retweeted by ShashankTraffic rule todte ho? Tumhare vedon ki aisi taisi Brush nai karte? Vedas ki maa ki aankh Bukhar hota hai? Veda..
Retweeted by Shashank#Indonesia - Several people have been injured in multiple explosions at Kampung Melayu bus station in East #Jakarta
Retweeted by ShashankLemurians must be jumping in joy.
Retweeted by Shashank @pburavalli @myindmakers We make baahubali and Pakistan makes this :) Clips from so called destruction of Indian po…
Retweeted by ShashankLol BJP spokespersons. (This party has *the* worst spokespeople)
Retweeted by Shashank70 lakh Indian army can't defeat azadi gang of Kashmir - Arundhati Roy .Her birth certi in fact is a regret letter from maternity ward .
Retweeted by ShashankWhaaaa 😂😂😂 What kind of deranged individuals does twitter attract
Retweeted by ShashankYou ask any random 10 ppl on the streets of India, did Major Gogoi do the right thing? ALL 10 ppl will say yes. Twitter is not real India
Retweeted by Shashank#GauRakshaks rescued these cows stuffed like toys & transported.😿
Retweeted by ShashankThis is famous documentary showing what goes on in madrasas in UK. But if no action is taken,attacks like the one i…
Retweeted by Shashank @stup123 @LachitBorpukan No. Should be on temple to temple basis. Some temples not under govt control... put in hundi. @crazydiode @LachitBorpukan I never connected the dots too. From now on, nothing in Hundi
Retweeted by ShashankStay away from him for three days lest you end up murdering him.
Retweeted by Shashank @GabbarSanghi @Raghav_Bahl oh i thought it was hinduvta all this time in kashmir
Retweeted by ShashankOh really I thought it was Methodist Baptist so far, my bad 😏😏
Retweeted by Shashank @abhishekifmr @neha_aks That is why I said go to old temples who people don't visit . Such temples don't even get o…
Retweeted by Shashank @Barkhakidriver @neha_aks Good idea sir..infact I called priest from my village (125 km) for house warming Nd my child birth Pooja 1/2
Retweeted by Shashank @rdx_ravindra I did, I'd rather give to a deserving poor employee than the corrupt govt that steals Hindu donation…
Retweeted by Shashank @rdx_ravindra We're talking about people who donate to temples, so please keep your whataboutery to yourself
Retweeted by ShashankDear Hindus on my TL, request you to start donating to the pujaris instead of Hundis so tht govt can't steals donat…
Retweeted by ShashankIn Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple, temple admin folk abuse pujaris who accept cash from devotees. Saw this happen f…
Retweeted by ShashankSecularism 101 Remind Hindus EVERYDAY Ramayana is a myth NEVER ever ask if the hair/relics of prophets all over the…
Retweeted by Shashank @FrustIndian @crazydiode I feel a deep sense of exhilaration
Retweeted by Shashank @crazydiode I am aware of this and hence followed it (what u have decided to do now) more regularly.
Retweeted by ShashankWhat a story. RIP #RogerMoore
Retweeted by ShashankA chronological list of a long tradition of Sanskrit literature which deal with the various aspects of Dharma of Hi…
Retweeted by Shashank"If Kashmir turns Islamist" "If Naxalism turns communist" "If media turns Presstitute" "If Cong turns corrupt" "I…
Retweeted by ShashankOur #LeftLib prigs say a nation-wide poll would show Major Leetul Gogoi is *not* a National Hero. What would a Twitter-wide poll show?
Retweeted by ShashankMatlab, samjhe daya? Inke L Lag gaye! Aur puri duniya ko bhi bata diya! 😂
Retweeted by ShashankPublic policy has to step in and provide the wherewithal for human capability across the board.
Retweeted by Shashank @crazydiode I do it everytime :) and if donation is more I use it for annadana
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