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Satsangatve Nissangatvam Nissangatve Nirmohatvam Nirmohatve Nisclatattvam Nischalatattve....#MandirWahiBanayenge

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@Rajilavak @fluffpuffs @sureshaputra he is talking about the prophecy just after Krishna Deva Raya's rule.There is a reason why #RajivGandhi is considered a Great Prime Minister
Retweeted by ShashankThose swooning over #Sufis , here's Sayyid Ali Hamadani in action for u👇🏻 @dimple_kaul i bow to ur ancestors for p…
Retweeted by ShashankThis is a must read ... biased or ignorance of @AltNews stands exposed
Retweeted by ShashankRetd IAS officer PVRK Prasad garu no more! Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam is what it is, because of his relentless…
Retweeted by ShashankIs P Chidambaram the biggest corrupt man India ever saw, you will be shocked to know the amount looted! via
Retweeted by ShashankNCP leader watch how he is talking with CEO Capt Amirapu of JNPT Nhava sheva 😡
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@realitycheckind today sir a great loss to core PVRKPrasad passed awaythe man whomade TTD what it istoday please RT
Retweeted by ShashankHow people change alliances without any shame @muglikar_
Retweeted by Shashank1985 In the heart of the capital. The premier medical institution of the country.
Retweeted by Shashank32. But neither did I refuse the bed for my brother. The poorest of the poor were in that ward. They begged, cried, asked questions
Retweeted by ShashankBJP nominated Vice President says Hindi is national language: SPARTA! Congi nominated VP says Urdu is language of entire country: OMERTA…
Retweeted by ShashankThe eminent editor conveniently skips that most of them are passport to spouses after marriage. Neither new, nor ra…
Retweeted by ShashankAfter all threats frm China indian army not moved an inch frm Doklam. Blow to commies
Retweeted by Shashank"Our forefathers built this, u say?" "Yep." "What happened to us?" "😭"
Retweeted by ShashankComing home: Sri Devi, Bahubali and other antiques brought back by Modi government via @economictimes
Retweeted by Shashankbig blow to @SudheenKulkarni & @BDUTT if happens
Retweeted by ShashankRead the thread. What 40 years of Nehruvian-Indira socialism had done to the country. Shocking to youngsters today.…
Retweeted by ShashankDenotification scam: KAS officer claims he was forced to lie about BSY's involvement
Retweeted by ShashankEverybody can settle in Kashmir. Pakistanis, Uighurs, Bangladeshis, Rohingyas Everyone except the original inhabitants, the Kashmiri Hindus
Retweeted by ShashankThe very first pradhAna mantrin of bhArata was a cultural misfit & an alien who despised bhAratiya heritage...
Retweeted by ShashankUnder NDA Sensex mostly Tanks, Plummets, Nosedives. Under UPA Sensex mostly Dropped, Ended down, Closed lower, Even…
Retweeted by ShashankHernia ops to Shree Vishvesha teertha swamyji was successful & he's doing well could discharged 2moro Cc @madrasmami23 @crazydiode @GolPuri
Retweeted by ShashankColaba Bombay
Retweeted by Shashank @AgentSaffron @zeneraalstuff @ShriramanaS Will search and give.. maybe @ArmchairPseph knows it off hand...This is cool #DoklamStandoff @UnSubtleDesi
Retweeted by ShashankManyu sukta homa @pranasutra
Retweeted by ShashankIndia's battle strength if unfortunately war breaks btw india & China
Retweeted by ShashankParel cha Mumbai Pic : FB
Retweeted by ShashankJustice VP Vaish's son Magistrate Nitesh Gupta caught & sacked for interest free loans Rs.5.73cr. Father's actions to be checked
Retweeted by ShashankThis thread is a good example of what I call the #DonigerSyndrome. When Hindus wrote scholarly critiques of Donige…
Retweeted by Shashank👍Megha! @Aish17aer (PhD, RW Writer) has built 5 BioToilets in 2 schls, ongoing projects in 30 schls via her Udvat E…
Retweeted by Shashank @_NAN_DINI Reminded me of those" Meri Yaddasht Chali Gayi", scenes from the movies. Finally when I insisted upon so…
Retweeted by ShashankThis is the famous "ped girta hai" speech in which he justified mob lynching of sikhs after indiras death. Happy Bi…
Retweeted by Shashank @crazydiode At koppala Karnataka
Retweeted by Shashank @BhagwaanUvacha @bhushangorey more than us the 2004 hurts NM and AmSha more. they were vilified by bjp veterans tha… don't know if u remember a SENIOR bjp leader in 2003 when asked abt poll strategy had said "Accha khayenge, accha…
Retweeted by ShashankHe takes all 82 vidyarthis & 3+ teachers2Varanasi by train 2 per4m Atirudra mahAyajna 4m 1st-11th Nov17.He seeks financial assistance 4m us
Retweeted by ShashankBrahmasri Sivaraja Sastrigal, founder trustee of Sri Vedavyasa Gurukulam, chennai, host patasala of our event deserves all kinds of support
Retweeted by Shashank @Rajesh_Agni27 @RofliGandhi_ @thecyberbully13 @RanaAyyub @svaradarajan The ORIGINAL Vespa 🛵 😂
Retweeted by Shashank @thecyberbully13 @RanaAyyub @svaradarajan 1962 Vespa with Airbags 👹👹
Retweeted by Shashank @RanaAyyub He didn't say "if I allow" He said "if I can't stop" 1st statement is authoritarian 2nd is helplessness…
Retweeted by ShashankFor the FIRST time in her miserable career as a 'journalist' Ms Ayyub has actually spoken the truth! Applause!
Retweeted by ShashankThis made my day Japanese Senior executive of Toyota singing my favorite Kannada song
Retweeted by Shashank @Hiranyareta @davidfrawleyved devdutt is the epitome of greatness sir. The most prolific writer since ChanakyaGiven what drugs and liquor does to one's mind this guy has gall to tweet this. And he wants to be taken seriously.
Retweeted by ShashankThanks to kcr for diluted #DRUGS
Retweeted by ShashankI wonder if she realises that Shrauta sects are still alive even to this day?
Retweeted by ShashankThe parameters are all within the action orbits of local govts and hence good indicator of efficacy of their efforts
Retweeted by ShashankThe laughter of these monsters when Hindus talk about their concerns is the proof of their hate. 2019 is going to be a question of survival
Retweeted by ShashankDear bastards at wire, charity begins at home, your american boss SidV should accommodate these pests at one of his…
Retweeted by ShashankThis wouldn't have been possible without @priyankac19 going to Israel & posting selfies from there. Thank you Priyu
Retweeted by ShashankThey should teach this interview in journalism schools to show how you stop someone from lying on live TV.
Retweeted by ShashankToday is Rajiv Gandhi's birthday. In a 5 part comic series, I'll tell you 5 historical blunders he did. Here is Par…
Retweeted by ShashankYes owaisi father was a advocate of sex tourism in hyderabad mutah nikah is prime business of so many people in hy…
Retweeted by Shashank @bhakt4ever Modi, Prez and VP shud resijn @GitaSKapoor @bhakt4ever @republic @SitaramYechury @ReallySwara @BDUTT kutte ki poonch pe ummeed rakhne se kya hoga gitaji..This is why I love Twitter 😍😍😍😂😂
Retweeted by ShashankGumla (Jharkhand): 3-year old died in his mother's lap while being taken home 40 kms away on foot after hospital al…
Retweeted by ShashankOnly Hindus should attend Hindu festivals; appeal Collector to make Aadhar mandatory at Garba events-Kailash Begwan…
Retweeted by ShashankSome families complained that girls who come for Garba face problems as ppl from other castes take entry by changin…
Retweeted by Shashank😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by ShashankIndira canteens were inaugurated in hurry without building kitchen they were inaugurated
Retweeted by ShashankExcellent ! Der aaye par durust aaye 👍
Retweeted by Shashank @bhakt4ever tbf he's realized futility of wooing Xs. Now he needs to understand Ms wont vote for him either.. he's… @bhakt4ever @kailashkaushik8 Nandyal has quite a few RoP voters. Yellow is the colour of TDP. So......
Retweeted by ShashankGorakhpur not a picnic spot: Yogi Adityanath tells Rahul Gandhi - Times of India via @timesofindia
Retweeted by ShashankThis sounds like 'Today in the morning when I got up at night ' !
Retweeted by ShashankKuch bhi
Retweeted by ShashankDoklam effect? How India plans to make going tough for Chinese firms via @economictimes
Retweeted by Shashank#BREAKING: JDU passes resolution to join the NDA #NitishJoinsModi
Retweeted by ShashankTIL venktesh prasad madhwa anta
Retweeted by Shashankif BJP takes Rane into party i will say go F************ faddu
Retweeted by ShashankExclusive picture of @RegaJha gorging on her special keto breakfast in order to lose weight!
Retweeted by ShashankCan anyone. And a few NHRC boss ?? Are they on twitter?
Retweeted by ShashankHaha more details on Indira canteen Spl commissioner BBMP himself clarifies Indira canteen will not kitchen food w…
Retweeted by ShashankHow a Bihar NGO siphoned off crores in govt funds under govt nose — with some help – The Indian Express
Retweeted by ShashankThis Telangana town sings the national anthem every morning, cop says it will prevent crime via @IndianExpress
Retweeted by ShashankDelhi: President Ram Nath Kovind paid tribute to former president Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma on his birth anniversary
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