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Satsangatve Nissangatvam Nissangatve Nirmohatvam Nirmohatve Nisclatattvam Nischalatattve....#MandirWahiBanayenge

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Don't try and explain yourself to idiots. You're not the fuckface whisperer.
Retweeted by ShashankHave tweeted this a few times before, but conversations with friends often turn towards Ramaraya & Talikota remindi…
Retweeted by ShashankNow that we have a BJP govt in MH, is anything being done to hutAtma Tukaram Omble's family? cc @CMOMaharashtraSonia Gandhi loses cool on LK Advani's 'illegitimate' remark on UPA cc: @iMac_too 😁
Retweeted by ShashankHeard from a guy who was traveling economy in same flight, everybody was ridiculing Economist. 😂 #MaiBhiReporter
Retweeted by ShashankInteresting logic heard from some farzis; J&K lynching is epic failure of BJP-PDP Govt. When Akhlaq was lynched, Akhiless was UP Opp leader?
Retweeted by ShashankUS lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard introduces resolution to express support for International Yoga Day…
Retweeted by ShashankI cannot stress enough how important it is you watch this gorilla bathe-dancing to maniac. By @bobhagh
Retweeted by Shashank @ARanganathan72 Latrine
Retweeted by Shashank @ARanganathan72 Also, add 2 new words - 1) Liberandus 2) Intellectutia
Retweeted by ShashankNice strategy. Also the reason for panic in Queen's camp over NDA's Dalit nominee.
Retweeted by ShashankGaruda of India. Karuraten of Japanese Buddhism. Karasutengu of Japanese Shugendo. They are considered to be one an…
Retweeted by ShashankFor d benefit of ppl wanted to see d tweet now deleted by @RazdanNidhi where she implores best bud Shehla to speak…
Retweeted by Shashank @freentglty @UnSubtleDesi @BhagwaanUvacha @shilpitewari @c_aashish @muglikar_ @maratheshail @jogakhichudi @TheSignOfFive Here I have noted down a list of atrocities by #HRCE dept of Tamilnadu on our Temples…
Retweeted by Shashank @UnSubtleDesi @BhagwaanUvacha @freentglty @shilpitewari @c_aashish @muglikar_ @maratheshail @jogakhichudi @BhagwaanUvacha @freentglty @shilpitewari @c_aashish @muglikar_ @maratheshail @jogakhichudi @doubtinggaurav aaj ki 24th?As a Sikh who flies frequently, I'm no stranger to the uncomfortable stares and misguided fears people have of me.
Retweeted by ShashankThis series of snaps should give you a sense of what it's like for anyone who appears to be Muslim to travel by pla…
Retweeted by ShashankMumbai and Delhi maybe. Come to UP, @myogiadityanath is finally fulfulling the dream of safe streets for women in U…
Retweeted by Shashank @pinakasena @Sarvadamana both have loose tongues right? so perfect to clean toiletsLOL. McDonalds or KFC will be the right place. However even they need hardworkers. Maybe that toilet cleaner Nambi…
Retweeted by Shashank.@msisodia gave wrong info on govt schools’ performance in class 12, JEE exams: Education Dept
Retweeted by Shashank#WATCH | A Hindu young girl who escaped from the clutches of caliphate recounts her horror #CaliphateConvertsHindus
Retweeted by Shashank>creates a pill to turn straight people into gays, slips it into Bharata's food secretly, wimmen of the world rejoice & throw flowers on me
Retweeted by ShashankWhoever declared foreign media "courageous" or "objective" pre-2014? Rather, Outlook decided to "avenge" Time calli…
Retweeted by ShashankPlease help identify the man, a Kashmiri Pandit. He still believes he is in Kashmir. The love of home has made him…
Retweeted by ShashankToraṇa of Hinduism and Buddhism in India. Torii of Shintoism in Japan.
Retweeted by ShashankMeira Kumar's father, Jagjivan Ram got away with years of tax evasion by claiming that he 'forgot' to file IT returns for a full decade!
Retweeted by ShashankThis is a hindu structure not many seem to know or talk about, its in the heart of Delhi. Victim of islamic atrocit…
Retweeted by Shashank @paynchOm u still have time..Abdul could convince Meenakshi to kill her husband and entire family. Pencho I can't even get a wimmens to go to…
Retweeted by Shashank @IndiTrades @harsh_dv @b1s2e3s4 @Leopard212 Strategy.. only positive is their control over potus sil. @IndiTrades @harsh_dv @b1s2e3s4 @Leopard212 Honestly I don't think china will survive this way for 40 yrs. Their us… @monishadikshit Haha. Oh. with ur intolerance i thought you were an adarsh lib too... @harsh_dv @IndiTrades @b1s2e3s4 @Leopard212 In which countries? True for amrika, china and pak. @monishadikshit u a sanghi? which by definition makes u fascit.. @IndiTrades @harsh_dv @b1s2e3s4 @Leopard212 in india? hehehehe @harsh_dv @IndiTrades @b1s2e3s4 @Leopard212 they aint gonna do jackshit. maybe bomb the shit in Tibet as usual.. bo… @harsh_dv @IndiTrades @b1s2e3s4 @Leopard212 that is what i am saying. PLA is a super duper paper tiger. and they kn… routine
Retweeted by ShashankKishkinda after all....
Retweeted by Shashankmoksha is a setu away, rama setu away
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Retweeted by Shashankcrossing the ocean of life
Retweeted by Shashankview from Laughing Buddha, where we stopped before crossing the river back to Hampi
Retweeted by Shashankso you think she deserves at least a free dinner? (which they did treat me to! not many city-bred Indians do that n…
Retweeted by Shashankwaiting watching
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Retweeted by ShashankAnegundi is the where most travelers base themselves while the tourists flock Hampi
Retweeted by Shashankwe wait out the rain
Retweeted by Shashankwhile sh(R)ee watches lovingly
Retweeted by Shashankand he sways ever so comfortably on sheshasaayi on paalasamudram
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Retweeted by Shashankfabulous paintings of devi devataas on the walls of this ancient guDi, closed maybe for public but open always for…
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Retweeted by Shashankranganathaswamy aalayam in Anegundi, closed by the time we landed walking leisurely at 4pm ish...
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Retweeted by Shashanksaahore re krishnadevaraaya! johaarulu!
Retweeted by Shashankhere we are!
Retweeted by Shashankon the way to Durga mandiram....must be rest stops for weary travelers...stone mandapams protected by ASI with a si…
Retweeted by Shashankback from Parthasarathy Kovil + Ratna Cafe, Chennai drunk on devotion n sambar ready to finish? #WalkToTemple Day 2 #Hampi #Yatra2017
Retweeted by Shashank @coolfunnytshirt Boom Pic1: Boom Pic2💥
Retweeted by Shashank @monishadikshit you looks beautiful. and did you got coffee today?16-As we speak, every single official regardless of rank is currently in total shock. in mere 72 hours, #Assad delivered on his warning
Retweeted by Shashank15-Nearly every single observer who claimed to be have been knowledgable about #Assad's lack of control over the country has been dead wrong
Retweeted by Shashank14-Over past 6 years, countless nonsense stories have been written about how #Assad was losing his grip power over security, NDF & the like
Retweeted by Shashank13-Most interesting & telling part of the story is that it was traffic Police which was making those arrests on direct authority by #Assad
Retweeted by Shashank12-Later today,Police stopped the son of the Prime Minister & son of Head of Intelligence just as #Assad warned about family members earlier
Retweeted by Shashank11- All 10 cars belonged to Army officers. The orders by #Assad was to make arrests regardless of seniority or positions
Retweeted by Shashank10-First order of business was to stop 10 cars traveling with no license plates & darkened windows and to arrest all the drivers
Retweeted by Shashank9-Late last night & this morning, #Assad's warning to the ministers was enforced on the streets of #Damascus sending the capital in shock
Retweeted by Shashank8-For a generally calm man, #Assad seemed to be visibly irritated by what he has been seeing. He seemed to give final warning this WILL stop
Retweeted by Shashank7-#Assad directly attacked use of bodyguards, traveling in convoys, not stopping at checkpoints and even having family members do the same
Retweeted by Shashank6-#Assad reminded everyone that while war resulted in many officials going overboard w way they conducted themselves,this has to stop & will
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