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@TVLois Yeah, they've all been multifaceted. But the team who has struggled most on the physical parts has lost. #400lbsnakeThe challenges so far have been very physical. Brad is going to have to carry the team on his shoulders. Bad move, imho. #survivorFirst fantasy casualty and the tribe is going to have trouble in challenges moving forward. Sorry for @CalebReynolds day 9 exit. #survivorEveryone celebrating. Nobody realizes Troyzan's celebration is for a completely different reason. #survivorThat idol placement tho. Wow. #survivorComfort choice is not a choice. One actually helps you survive while the other just a #FirstWorldProblem #survivorSandra seems to be ostracizing herself from the rest of the tribe with the goat is food push. #survivorLove Malcolm's take: "...the goat version of Bambi right now." #survivorThis clue to the hidden immunity idol is brought to you by The Police. @JeffProbst #survivor"I'm sure he feels like he's on the outs...because he is." @zekerchief #survivorOh my goodness! Tai and @CalebReynolds back together. Auto-alliance in effect. #survivorWednesday is #SurvivorGameChangers day!
Crazy that we have seen almost no idol hunting so far. For a season of #GameChangers that seems odd. Too many eyes right now? #survivor500Always excited to see @OzzyLusth with the pigtails. You know he means business. #survivor500 @ATRIPLETT20 well, it can't be unanimous. The person going home can't vote for themselves.As a guy who loves steampunk, I really dig the snuffer, @JeffProbst #survivor500Why is @CalebReynolds getting shade so early?! #survivor500 @thejoshlive bring it! @CalebReynolds is already flipping out, you can't keep up with the #BMC!Legacy advantage redux! Great game changing thing, but painful to watch and wait for it to become active. #survivor500 @lmpeiffer only 3 previous winners.Amen, @JeffProbst. You must be prepared to do whatever it takes to move yourself forward. #survivor500use this tonight #survivor500 #survivor trend this baby
Retweeted by Chris Parrish#SurvivorGameChangers! So excited for a new season. @JeffProbst @survivorcbs #pleaseletmyfantasypicksbegood
It's Monday, but I REALLY want it to be Wednesday of this week. #survivor34 @JeffProbst @survivorcbs
@Ebigness stupid white men...
@Ask_Spectrum but it tends to give a lot of startup errors when relaunching the app. Can take a few minutes before it will work again. @Ask_Spectrum there's a spectrum commercial which plays. It locks up the app every time it comes on, both devices. Have to restart the app. @Ask_Spectrum we have internet and the streaming service. Using the app on both a Roku 3 and Roku streaming stick.
There's a commercial for @GetSpectrum which comes on our Spectrum streaming service. Locks up the app every time. What gives @Ask_Spectrum?
@thejoshlive @brettlive Wow...that sounds nice.
#GoPackGo @Ebigness @seanlyons
Really enjoyed this season of #survivor even though some of the decisions were wacko. I am waiting (im)patiently for my turn! @shelby_lefferts it's another second chances season. Cast was leaked a while ago. It's a good mix.Jury didn't seem to value Ken's game. I like @AdamScottKlein, but think Ken deserved more credit. #survivorfinaleWow...unanimous vote?! Well played @AdamScottKlein #survivorfinaleWhere can I buy the shirt @zekerchief was wearing at final tribal?! #survivorfinaleim really scared adam's mom will have passed away before this finale. please please let her be watching. #survivorfinale
Retweeted by Chris ParrishI don't like Hannah's game and can't get behind her terrible social game. However, she has made a strong case for herself. #survivorfinaleLet the questions roll!! #survivorfinaleLove Ken's take on GenX with Hannah's incessant talking in the background. #onpoint #survivorfinaleMy final four take: Hannah has no argument. Ken has trust, challenges, and social game. Adam amd David have gameplay. #survivorfinaleBret gave that evil eye on the way in to tribal #survivorfinaleJay plays fake idol for the fire gods. Everyone else who played an idol this season *should* have just tossed it in fire. #survivorfinaleADSFLKAJDSL;KRJE;LAJV;LKNM ;KLVNAESJKNRKJAKDFJA HANNAH HADLKFA;LK JA;LDKFJ LA;DFJL;AJKDF #survivorfinale
Retweeted by Chris Parrish @eefinch @TOPolk Nicole and I wonder this same thing. IL and SC for me, she was military, but she has southern roots.
Excited for @survivorcbs finale tomorrow night! I can't wait to see how it all shakes out. Wonder what @JeffProbst has in store...Good job @SundanceHead!! You were one of my faves early on. #TheVoice
Oh. My. Goodness. #thegamehasspoken #survivorThis episode is incredible!! #survivorSome day we'll find it / The rainbow connection / The survivors, of Brett, and Zeke! #survivorHaving a three way reward split is a crazy gameplay mixup. Losers have more numbers to scheme. Winners could be in trouble. #survivor
@thejoshlive I would love the opportunity! I did put in a vid this summer and a casting call audition. Watch for me, @JeffProbst !
Love @benboulware7, but that suplex was deserving of the flag. Keep it cool #Tigers.
@Ebigness woohoo! That's one lucky kid! Maybe our kids will go to the same college just a few years apart?
@thejoshlive yup, got rid of her before jury spots, so no poisoning of the jury either @thejoshlive very much so...and with a player like that.. would have had individual immunity often @thejoshlive oh. my. gosh. #whatHahaha. Michaela drops the "Bye, Felicia" re:@hashtagfiggy going home. #survivor @thenapony
Boulware you sweet angel... sweet pure heavenly angel.
Retweeted by Chris ParrishWhere did our secondary go? #CLEMVSFSUTell our boys not to let up. Can't sleep on FSU. @ClemsonFB
Adam had a chance to take out a big threat in Ken. better chance against #Figtails. Just not sure if was the right move for now. #survivorNoooooo...@hashtagfiggy sorry to see you go so early. #survivorTribal marriage counsel #survivorMichaela better keep up the challenge domination, because she's not winning the social game right now. #survivorDammit #figtails keep that ish under wraps for as LONG AS YOU CAN! #survivor
@k8iedid @TOPolk @Alexandrialeigh @amanda_nan not local, but a good article:
Trump wants women to face punishment for having an abortion. Pence has tried to codify that into law. They're a terrible team for women
Retweeted by Chris Parrish"Tell us about your economic plan, Mr. Trump." "I would prefer to take Hillary's bait on nuclear weapons from 5 minutes ago, thanks."
Retweeted by Chris ParrishDavid got on board! Crazy things lie ahead. #survivorDavid's new name will be Santa Claus if he gives another idol away. #Survivor
Retweeted by Chris ParrishDavid getting paranoid. Not good for his game. #survivorOh no..CeCe thinks she is safe? That's a shame. #survivorNo Zeke, David isn't throwing it. He's just that uncoordinated. #survivorDouble the totems. Double the immunity fun. #survivor @JediJanie_ I like them better away from Jay and on the DL. The cool kids had a target. Adam gonna blow it up if it helps his game though.Glad @hashtagfiggy is smart enough to keep Tails in check. #survivor#figtails stays in tact. Not sure if that's a good thing. #survivor