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I have a fun idea… Let's all retweet this tweet! If we can get to 100K retweets worldwide, we'll give everyone 20 L…
Retweeted by Chris ParrishIf I haven't said this enough, I'll say it again. Donald Trump will do in and everything to destroy the legacy of…
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@JeffProbst lords over the sacrificial fire at Tribal Council, where many an advantage has fruitlessly burned this…
Retweeted by Chris ParrishBought 1,500 bitcoin in 2011 for $2.87 each. I will pick 5 random people who retweet this and give one to each of y…
Retweeted by Chris Parrish @ErikReichenb4ch @JeffProbst @stephenfishbach @people Hahaha, love it. Knew you'd have a good take on it.
Can't wait to see @ErikReichenb4ch 's cartoon take on this episode. Lots of great material. #survivor @survivorcbs @ErikReichenb4ch Precisely what I was saying and tweeting. They can't be mad at him for that. They blew up their ow… @ErikReichenb4ch So, I was right. Never give up your idol!A 1 vote tribal?! Amazing play @DriebergenBen #SurvivorI love how everyone is mad at @DriebergenBen, when he busted everyone for talking him. He did what he needed to, in… goes the dynamite!! Wow @MikeZahalsky. Great move. #SurvivorOh no. Bad move Lauren. Danger of getting @ErikReichenb4ch -ed. #SurvivorMan, @DriebergenBen is just getting all sorts of cold shoulders. Play smart! #Survivor @2TurntOctavia Eh, that's part of the point of his talking. Adds distraction and more challenge.Lol, love it @MikeZahalsky! "Nevah!" #SurvivorNice psychological twist to this. You want to hear the chiming, but it can also distract you. #SurvivorChrissy goofed by not leaving someone in camp loyal to her. Can't let a group just be alone without someone there t… the hidden in challenge idols! Best change in the game this far. #SurvivorChrissy lets her emotions run wild. Too easy to manipulate because she gets blinded by rage and her hatred. Worked… luck challenge? Been doing a great job with challenges this season, but this was a misstep. @survivorcbs @JeffProbst #SurvivorDon't understand all the shade on the family ep. I miss my family when I'm at work for 9 hours. 30 days would be a… @HannahLilNessen We awkward people can find our matches too! I did and I know you will.Loved ones episode always makes me a little emotional. Great moments of vulnerability and personal insight. Can com… @DriebergenBen! Way to shut Chrissy down. #SurvivorPoor @MikeZahalsky completely on the outside. #Survivor
Day 5/20 of the Renegade Giveaway! #20DaysofRenegade I just registered for a chance to win a copy of Flatline from…'s Survivor family reunion time, So let's get into the spirit. Make a date with your TV for Wednesday, You will c…
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You know who just made my naughty list? @WheelofFortune needs to brush up on their 80s character trivia. "Gizmo the…
BREAKING: My D.C. team is going to make hand deliveries of your letters tomorrow to Senators Collins, Corker, Daine…
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Love these challenges this season. #SurvivorWay to call his bull @MikeZahalsky #Survivor#Survivor I can't win a veggie wrap......
Retweeted by Chris ParrishWow, nice twist on recovering puzzle pieces. Another great adaptation by @JeffProbst and @survivorcbs #SurvivorKey lime pie for me please. You all can have your pecan pie. #Survivor @cfoxx_90 This. So much.Ouch Ryan. Trying to CYA with another lie isn't the way to repair things with Devon. #SurvivorChrissy is so salty. I love it. #Survivor blindsid. Bad targeting. Missed your shot at the power couple. Needed to bounce either Chrissy or Ryan there! #SurvivorLol, coco-joe gets my vote too #SurvivorLauren says there are only 3 seats at the end, but that math doesn't hold. Need an odd jury number. Seems like we w… @MikeZahalsky, I love your Merlin analogy. #SurvivorThis tribal is about to be epic. Devon is playing a dangerous game though. #Survivor @NoahPonders It's been used a lot. One of my faves. Wait...are we both talking about immunity challenge? :o)Worst part of taking the temptation is that you risk showing your alliance. Ashley played it smart and stayed in to… @NoahPonders Not this season, but it's been around in many seasons. Last two have even been known to add an extra l… @PurpleRockMark 🎥 Survivor Happy Dance - YouTubeBen finding an idol would helpy fantasy game so much... #SurvivorThanks for the reminder @JeffProbst! Time for me to submit another vid and start stalking the live casting calls page. #SurvivorOh man. The reactions to those letters. Totally something that will bring that group of 4 together. #SurvivorLauren playing a super strong game all of a suddenly. #SurvivorChrissy and Ryan getting too comfy in the alliance of 7. NEVER get comfy in #Survivor
Can't wait! Can't wait! @TOPolk He was asked about rumors recently and said he was perfectly happy at CU and wasn't going anywhere. That wa…
@shnickyy1 @stephenfishbach Pretty much this. There is no logic in these situations. Just preconceived/spoon fed id…
He scored a 61-yd touchdown AND won at rock, paper, scissors... Hunter Renfrow, ladies and gentlemen.
Retweeted by Chris ParrishThis thread.
Retweeted by Chris ParrishTomorrow's Google results for "gullible" should really show SCar's special/punt team's picture. #CLEMvsUSC
@DriebergenBen didn't know your Twitter handle at the time of this tweetRT if you’re looking forward to double the #Survivor next week!
Retweeted by Chris ParrishThis tribal vote..: #Survivor Mike trying to throw Joe under the bus to save him with the idol. Good try, if people don't sniff it out. #SurvivorOh Ben...don't do this to me. You are my only hope in my fantasy game! #SurvivorAshley is right. Joe is too dangerous to keep around. Cole is a physical threat, but his gameplay isn't as strong a…, tough break Cole. #SurvivorWow, this challenge is brutal. Well done @survivorcbs and @JeffProbst #SurvivorWell played Devon, good decisions and reasoning. Ryan needed to keep his mouth shut. #SurvivorYeah, Joe is trying for that Queen route to victory. Don't think he has the social ability of @SandraDTwine to pull it off. #Survivor @robstaboobuzzer @robspodcastmug @joebenji83 @DriebergenBen Eh, fwiw, studies have shown granny shots are more effe… @johndensford A couple of times. But usually because the people left at camp decided to change the lines that had been drawn. @ScooterMcGavin9 I thought he said, "old school. Big miss." I'd have to listen back.Lol, love the coconut sound effect for Dr Mike's shoulder punch to Cole. #Survivor
@TOPolk What took them so long. Yeesh. @TOPolk Makes sense to me. I mean, that's the only poll that really matters now.
If integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is looking, then what is it called when you continuously do the w…
@TOPolk @KendrickLamario Play keep away at that part. Don't hit the bells and just Cappy the fuzzies to death. Care…
@TOPolk @KendrickLamario Lots of little learning curves, I found. Got to a point where I was skipping the goombas a…
Desi needed to flip on Joe. He wasn't doing her any favors. #SurvivorBad vote. I understand being worried about Desi, but Joe is just outright dangerous. Unless people are counting on… everybody goes: "wait?! Where is the 10th vote?!" The faces just now: priceless. #Survivor