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IPS.Ex DIG Prisons. Now,Commr Road safety & traffic.Recipient-President's Police Medal Meritorious Service,Jan16. I write,sing,shoot.Wife of Munish Moudgil IAS.

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I will be there. All those interested in making policing better and the world a safer place to live in may particip… @aquaguy6 @DCPTrSouth There are cctv at many signals. Blr traffic police get 35 crores every year fr traffic improv… @aquaguy6 @DCPTrSouth Record it in your phone and send if possible
I wish you also raise the issue of equal prize money in Wimbledon & other sports .@UN_Women @swapwaky Report to higher ups . Also there is Narcotics control bureau in bengaluru @Bharat_Deshmuk @3rdEyeDude @WhitefieldTrf K @3rdEyeDude Noted. Writing to PWD.Prezs medal for Roopa who exposed alleged jail irregularities via @indiatodayJaywalking can be dangerous, use crosswalks to prevent damage. #RoadSafety
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSDo not keep your hand and head out of the window. #RoadSafety
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSThe award was presented to Roopa for her meritorious service by Governor Vajubhai Vala at a ceremony at Raj Bhavan
Retweeted by D Roopa IPS#BREAKING: Honest cop D Roopa, awarded for her service by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSRemembering Marshal Arjan Singh: @ShivAroor writes: Courtesy @livefist
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSPresident's medal for Roopa who exposed alleged jail irregularities - Times of India via @timesofindiaOne of the most remarkable aspects of Marshal Arjan Singh's life was his love for IAF family. He set up a Rs 2 crore Trust for their welfare
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DIG Roopa, who exposed VK Sasikala's 'special treatment' in jail, receives President's Medal
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSCongratulations @Pvsindhu1 the first Indian to win the #koreaopen . You have made the entire nation proud #JaiHind
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@mepratap TxThe Marshal takes his final flight. Adieu. #ArjanSingh will remain our greatest air warrior. Salutes! @IAF_MCC
Retweeted by D Roopa IPS @CTRavi_BJP Thanks @JagratiShukla29 ThanksNow you sound prophetic @gauravcsawant Marshal #ArjanSingh ONLY Indian Air Force officer to be given a 5-star rank. WW2 veteran, was COA, Ambassador &…
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSAwards/medals are a humbling experience; a motivation to do better and an added responsibility .#BREAKING: Former DIG, D. Roopa awarded the President's Medal at Raj Bhawan in Bengaluru
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSThanks .@ANI . I'm DIG yet :) @ashokepandit TxOur columnist @D_Roopa_IPS given President 's medal for meritorious service. She is the only lady among the awardees
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSCongratulations to whistleblower cop DIG @D_Roopa_IPS for being awarded President's medal for her meritorious work.…
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Lack of integrity in exercise of responsibilities causes sufferings: Kiran Bedi
Retweeted by D Roopa IPS @PrasannaChitnis @AddlCPTraffic Nearest traffic police station and higher ups| #ICYMI | Watch the firebrand @D_Roopa_IPS exposing the rut in Karnataka Prisons & her convo with @ReachDanish.
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSRemembering Sir M Vishweshwaraiah...
An excellent article on Police Reforms by a former Addl Solicitor General of India:
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSEntertaining piece by @riteshmisra
@SELCOFoundation Can you please give me Harish Hande 's number @Harishhande Harish, what's your number. Pls send a dm
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" -- George Orwell
@Vasista_ @VishwavaniNews Enforcement does not come to me. I'm more looking after research stuff on road safetyಇಂದಿನ ನನ್ನ ಲೇಖನ --
Messages from #SwamiVivekananda inspired the whole world. “Youth call for peace”- one of my SandArts.…
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Create a national sex offenders list. @rajeev_mp seeks a national data base. Quick check before hiring esp near lit…
Retweeted by D Roopa IPS @BHAVARAJUSR @gauravcsawant I as a cop keep myself off any narrative. I asked the journo 'coz generally they have one, for good or bad. @gauravcsawant Which side of the narrative are you? I mean, what's your narrative?
A much needed initiative by .@Uppolice and .@dgpup Congratulations .@upcoprahul
Remembering Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan...Happy teacher's day
Only a person of @PMOIndia kind could have appointed @nsitharaman as India's Defence Minister. She is a woman of impeccable integrity+acumen
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@DEBKANCHAN Now NavratriHumbled to share the screenspace with madam .@thekiranbedi @ndtv along with @sunetrac
A must watch in one's lifetime -- @just_kashyap @gitamehta65 @JMehta65 @TOIOpinion @IPS_Association @IASassociation @thekiranbedi My article is more… @gitamehta65 @JMehta65 @TOIOpinion @IPS_Association @IASassociation @thekiranbedi It's not criticism of govt.'Damned if you do,Damned if you don't' @D_Roopa_IPS spks of occupational hazards as also moral courage needed to...
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSCostly mistakes made by Panchkula administration that cost lives in Dera case, Karnataka cadre IPS officer…
Retweeted by D Roopa IPS.@waglenikhil .@Geeta_Mohan Kindly read on the role of the District Administration /DC --
Whether waiting for political acquiescence led to Haryana mayhem via @TOIOpinion .@IPS_Association .@IASassociation @tejasthe_uav No....neverThanks .@gauravcsawant
@ajayacharya @BloreConnect @MKhajane It's about jail special treatment main theme @Thiyagu0680 Not today. Sept 1 Friday 6pm @PawanDurani :)Do join - I'm excited :) @VishweshwarBhat :)
Wow. This is bananas!
Retweeted by D Roopa IPS @fullontheheel @HinduAmericans Till that time , is he not bound by rules?Unless there are CCTV cameras at nook n corner of jails and monitored by Court, it will go on in most jails for mos…
@HinduAmericans And court has ruled him guilty. Proved and convicted. @HinduAmericans Bcoz this is a serious issue of human rights, heinous crime against women @Tan_Tripathi's applicable to all @ipsmakkar Ha ha
@IASassociation Then who r d people escorting her in video...??
Retweeted by D Roopa IPSTrue that @oiseaulibre3 @IASassociation fail to understand...can someone explain how panchkula was saved?
Retweeted by D Roopa IPS @oiseaulibre3 @IASassociation Who ran away??!!
Retweeted by D Roopa IPS @HinduAmericans @ModiNaama @AdityaRajKaul @amritabhinder @mepratap Applies to all having blind faithSorry,I disagree.DC heads district administration of which police is a part.Either u sink or sail together.Can't sh… @kunalone @IASassociation @IPS_Association But then there are articles floating that DC was abandoned by policemen.… .@IPS_Association