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Come and see me on my autobiography book tour in March 2019! Tickets at the link.

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For the best Overwatch trolling reaction you've ever heard, go to 2:02:30, or click on my first comment below the v… @iamnightwave How did it come to that? Park = fart?You might want to sit down for this. Joaquin Phoenix will play the Joker. A phoenix rises from the ashes. Heath Le… amount of behind the scenes stuff with this Joker film. Usually means one thing.Went and left my washing out in that rain. @WotAPalaver Cheers! @StephiNaners @danilaundry Nothing against Dundee, but Glesga's Glesga. @Lynn_McGoo Deary fucking me.Very hard for my Scottish accent to be understood by Alexa, sometimes impossible. I said "Alexa. Play 'I Just Met Y… @itsDanBull YES! @StephiNaners Haha, see ye then! @MartyMcMullan 👍🏻I'll be on a UK tour next year with my autobiography, which is called Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny. 😀… Limmy tour! Join @DaftLimmy for a night of anecdotes and chit-chat as he introduces his autobiography: Surprisi…
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@ritarepulso @Nerdmotron Name calling? That's when you know you have lost the argument. @ritarepulso @Nerdmotron Rita, please leave me alone. You jumped in to my mentions, I'd like you now to leave.Oh, that's it cauld noo. That is it cauld noo. @NickyWoolf @philiplarkin You need to stop this, Philip.#queerstakeovertwitter by @DonnieChunk. I did the voices. @rclstudio Ten lines of code for a button. @rclstudio Aye.I'm more than just a pretty forehead. in my day, you didnae just code for the sake of coding. Back in my day, you made stuff. It was the appliance of science. @wefail Glory days.The pinnacle of my coding career was when I made I'm Your Biggest Fan, which connected to your Facebook pictures an… of it was Flash, and Steve Jobs killed that off. Before he himself was killed. Yes, killed. Don't want to go i… them under the fucking table.Sometimes upsets me that I'm no longer known for my web dev stuff. I sometimes see young people tweeting about codi… @naebD @ardavey Hahahaha @ardavey @DaftLimmy Mansplaining hacking to one of the original Masters of Flash - good luck with that 🙄
Retweeted by LimmyWatching Homeland. Carrie has just got hacked after opening a jpg.I would like to pay my respects to gay, black Americans for inventing techno. 🎶👍🏻Please don't mansplain my creativity to me, thanks. me want to make a tune right now, but it would just end up sounding like that.Very inspirational, that. Kick, snare/clap and a mono synth. And it sounds brilliant.They played this, which I'd never heard before.'s called Can You Feel It.Watched a techno documentary on the iPlayer last night, I thought it would be a lot of celebs talking about how the… @ritarepulso @Nerdmotron ?????
@Paulsin2 1 million subscribers before our first video. Hype. @sumudutweets All natural. @Rubberbandits @Jaynesharp Ta. @plasmatron Then that's that.Oh, there isn't an 8 yet.New profile pic. @SC87G HahaBrian Limond. Continuity Consultant.'t know why I didnae think of this. @welshevs75 OH AYE! @StephiNaners @danilaundry I liked that, played.In the song 1999, the first three lines are sung by three different people, a line each. Any other songs like that?Please recommend a PS4 story game, along the lines of Firewatch.I honestly cannae fucking believe this moment in the game. @Kerrypurcell HahaHad the pleasure of meeting Chas from Chas & Dave at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.What famous person would you really not like to see in the news for doing something bad? @JGMooreWriter Haha @liamwong Ta! @mark_whitley7 NikeThinking of becoming a beauty and fashion blogger. band or artist do you think has the most comments on YouTube along the lines of "This is REAL music by real mu…, Del Boy. Something else? @ritarepulso ???? @ritarepulso ?? @ritarepulso What? @ritarepulso ?Traitors will be hanged, drawn and permabanned. @ritarepulso @weeclaire Well, you shouldn't. It's one thing to not like the games, but you shouldn't be celebrating… @DaftLimmy Free your Think
Retweeted by Limmy @ritarepulso @weeclaire That's a horrible thing to say.
Nobody comes together like us New Yorkers. @weeclaire Bad bad bad. @iainlee HahaWhy Telltale is going under. @fleadhg1 HahaRetweet if you love seeing the destruction of the United Kingdom.I like the look of the Joaquin Phoenix Joker, it's got a John Wayne Gacy look to it. Sort of shite, like an ordinar… glad Scotland voted No, so we can retain our seat at the top table. HAHAHAHAHA! @firmfisted Ta.Look at that hashtag. @gillacus Unreal. @DaftLimmy "Telltale Games will remember this"
Retweeted by LimmyCan't help feeling partly responsible. @Paulsin2 Get in. @Paulsin2 GOUT? My da had that. Don't know what it is, though. @cakesthebrain Mum, I'm a meme! @coltond72 Where?People who voted Leave have wrecked our United Kingdom. They are traitors, and should be tried for treason.I see @DaftLimmy messages of love have made it to Leith ✊
Retweeted by LimmyClydebank Blitz to the tune of Ballroom Blitz. @thebishonen You're right.Quite a nightmare we've got ourselves into.They could even go for Adjective Your Verb. But I don't think so. Look... Happy Your Living. Happy Your Alive. Lo… know how there are a lot of adverts using the Verb Your Adjective template, eg Find Your Happy, Start Your Impo… So. One more time for the people up the back. 👏 DO 👏 NOT 👏 SOMETHING 👏 SOMETHING 👏NARRATIVE 👏 SOMETHING 👏 SO… more questions.