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Limmy @DaftLimmy Glasgow

Maker of LIMMY'S SHOW (Netflix), and author of THAT'S YOUR LOT and DAFT WEE STORIES.

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Twitter app isnae crashing since the update today.It's Kim."JFK's reaction". That's one way of putting it. @DaftLimmy he's back
Retweeted by LimmyLadies and gents, I'm about to stream OVERWATCH. @colinmccredie No, unfortunately.So sad to hear about #DavidCassidy Met him at a gig about 10 years ago and he was incredibly warm and gracious. RIP
Retweeted by LimmyHad the pleasure of meeting David Cassidy at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.#FansFirst4EVA
@IAMSMBEE 👍👍👍What the fuck has happened to the news? used to work with dogs. They should never have their legs pulled this far apart, it would be agonising. My worry… @ewanMckenna Alright...Ha fucking ha. to watch the latest Curb Your Enthusiasm. Watching this series feels like having a shower. I suppose I should but I cannae be arsed.Pink dick You make me sick You make me want to kick your prick Your prick looks like a Blackpool stick A stick of r…
Retweeted by LimmyOutrageous have now reached Closure.I wrote a song about what you said to me. @aliyahhinton1Pink dick You make me sick You make me want to kick your prick Your prick looks like a Blackpool stick A stick of r…'m back, and I'd like to write a song now to try and exorcise some of these negative feelings that have been build… @RKMacleod I already have.Absolutely none of her business what colour my cock is, none at all. Stepping away from my socials for a while."Pink dick". hope they told him there's an oxygen tank at the bottom, and there wasn't. I hope they then dropped weights into… @DaftLimmy quoted in the @washingtonpost mate. You've broke america
Retweeted by LimmyIn, sorry. In my possession.Last night on Dark Souls 3 I had ONE MILLION SOULS on my possession. @philiplarkin He's fucking right, mate. Should not have been stabbed. @wefail @RKMacleod I read that you can just dangle from the door handle, slowly running out of oxygen. It's meant to feel good. @wefail @RKMacleod Aye, I've got one. Ugly looking thing. Not as ugly as a smashed screen, mind you, not as ugly as… to yer da there. Good brexit boy.
Honestly cannot wait until you die, and I hope it fucking hurts. Physically. Emotionally. Hope it hurts. And I'll b… Rowling: "Theres actually a goat with Harry Potter the entire time, its just never mentioned or does anything."
Retweeted by LimmyNo bites. please leave me alone it was just a joke. I don't deserve this.I am very sorry about any offence this caused. It was just a joke.I should reply to this, saying that I'm sorry and didn't mean to cause offence. They love that. Like sharks smellin… @wisemanstrap Nice.Yes, charles manson was problematic but now is not the right time to talk about it. the man has just died for pete's sake have some decency!
Retweeted by Limmy @ZachForrest @RKMacleod HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA @RKMacleod That sort of language will get you banned, mate, and deservedly so. @bratchy1 Loved that one. "Modern".The replies. some cold where my head's sore, and my ears are sore. Ears are ringing and any loud sound does my fucking nut i… @vonny_bravo I've heard bad stories about citalopram, but I liked them. Wrote my Christmas special on them as well.… the pleasure of meeting Charles Manson at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.Finished playing What Remains of Edith Finch. Good laugh. @vonny_bravo I did most of my Vines while on citalopram. Helped me not worry as much and just make them.
I'll be streaming What Remains of Edith Finch in a minute. @Lynn_McGoo He told me this morning that he loved me. Or it was yesterday.That seaside place in #ImACeleb is Surfers Paradise, and I've actually been there.Where's Kezia? #ImACelebWake up after nighttime It's the right time To do it all again Turn to you Look at you You know we know when Part… This is the one. up a song name and I'll come up with chart topping lyrics. No jokey lyrics, I'm talking respectable lyrics. No… to my son telling @Lynn_McGoo how much he loves her. Elaborating. Me? I'm invisible. #InternationalMensDayGet in, lad! #InternationalMensDay nights in Glasgow producing yet again😂👏🏻
Retweeted by Limmy#EatABurgerForMorrisseyEspecially for you. @officialmoz @RKMacleod You getting them plastered?Honestly considering becoming a ticket tout. Small time tout. Might check out the actual success rate of punting on… all my fellow men on #InternationalMensDay shout out to all the men here on #InternationalMensDay @jonronson The talk of NYC, baybee.To all the men proud of male achievements, remember that you yourself haven't made those achievements, you have don… @plasmatron Lovely. @DaftLimmy Don’t know about this guy but with music a lot of the bands are in on this and take a cut of the bumped…
Retweeted by LimmyMight get in on it myself, seeing as Ticketmaster are into it. Snap up a couple of front row tickets for anycunt on… making a killing with GetMeIn, looking at the Peter Kay tour. Sold out in minutes, and in that time,… #bodyproud on #InternationalMensDayDownloading What Remains of Edith Finch, which I'll stream me playing tonight, hopefully. @RKMacleod Tough enuss."I don't..." like he's about to say something like "I don't know" @de_Paor Thanks.#InternationalMensDay's #InternationalMensDay, and all I see are tweets advising men on how to be better. Just a big list of things we…