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Limmy's Vines at the Fringe, tickets at the link below!

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@Firegal_01 Word counts. 📚I now know how to use SUMIF in Google Sheets to do subtotals for things depending on the contents of adjacent cells, IN ANOTHER SHEET! @lokiscottishrap das a paedo hunter
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the Fringe#COL playing like their lives depended upon it. #patterWhy are you proud of your nationality? Sounds a bit nationalist to me. #harmful #slipperyslope when he asks where the remote is, they say "What remote?" When he says "For the telly", they say "What telly?"… they've been hiding the remote.Just off the phone to Tommy, and he is tears because he couldn't watch the game, because THAT LOT kept standing in… me sick that Tommy isn't out to watch that #ENG match in the pub with the lads. RT this if you think the Que…😂 net is cast. Big day of bannings ahead.Look at all the #ENG fans celebrating beating Panama MINNOWS, haha. Wait until you're up against the big boys. Oh,… HA HA, ENGLAND, YE FUCKED IT! BET YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GETTING 10-0. BUT YOU FUCKING BLEW IT. WHAT A WEE FUCKI… wank for you.If England get 10-0, I will tweet a video of me masturbating.I'm Scottish, but I love watching the England game, well done England! Wee lump in my throat hearing the fans singi…'ll be at the Fringe in August with LIMMY'S VINES. Join me as I introduce a screening of my Vines, followed by a Q…'ve been talking a lot about how much I've been writing for my new book. I have a special update. this boy the one who grows up to be the murderer or the murderer's helper? fact, I'll play The Talos Principle DLC.I've got nothing better to do than write. Nothing I want to watch or play or do. Watched an episode of The Staircas… @GlasgowWEToday Welcome!Imagine being that cunt on the left, with that middle cunt patting your leg and taking the piss. You'd take that ta…"Go home, x, you're drunk" patter in 2018.#patterdeath was down the front for Taylor at Wembley last night, and the atmosphere was electric. I've had a tough year, but…
@nickyfreeo Welcome.Germany 2 - Sweden 1
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the FringeEnjoy your winnings.There ye go. One more, and enjoy.Double down on this bet. You'll probably get better odds now. Double down. @DaftLimmy
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the Fringe @DaftLimmy One baw sniffer
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the FringeThat Germany manager has got to be related to Hitler, he's the fucking double.Swedish fans appear to be singing Ooh Ah Up the RA. Must be something you can do, @scotgov @DaftLimmy The scratch n sniff chain effect!
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the Fringe @MartyMcMullan Haha @DanTownsend88 Get in!The bold Scratch N Sniff. 2 - Sweden 1Outdoor ceilidh - Byres Road
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the Fringe a few sick jokes about Tommy in here. It's out of order. I'm up for joking about anything, but not about the wellbeing of Our Tommy.How's Tommy getting on? Please reply with an image that represents how Tommy is getting on. @ryansfletcher Autobiography, memoir type of thing.Telling you, the amount I'm writing cos Overwatch is out of my life. Writing about 2000 words a day, wrote over 300… in bed listening to One Love by Blue, putting my finger in the air for "One love", half asleep. That's the Blue effect.
Watched a bit of that Paul McCartney carpool karaoke. Should have put on the Lennon ones to wind him up. "Strawberr… @DaftLimmy Mind that time a met you at the fringe in 2008. Yer a giid man Tae yet fans
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the FringeHere's my old spreadsheet from that show. trip down memory lane with an advert for my 2008 Fringe show called Limmy's Show (before Limmy's Show was on the… Dee: Mirror via @YouTube wait for Brexit and the destruction of the United Kingdom. @MartyMcMullan 💟Shaqiri, Shaqiri.Been writing and writing and writing since getting myself banned from Overwatch. I recommend it.Cannae fucking wait. out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.Here, lads, imagine if you got married to a woman, you had to change YOUR name. You had to change your second name…'S FRIDAY! #fridayfeeling
Aberdeen at midnight tonight. @lokiscottishrap Empty that snacks trolley every time it passes. Get 20 Diet Cokes doon ye, and 10 apples. @lokiscottishrap First class, fucking GET IN.Should have brought on Maradona.I don't know about Messi, but that was certainly a MESS! Please RT.Just saw that first goal there, that blunder, fucking lovely.Just switched on this Argentina/Croatia game. 3-0 to Croatia? Fuck is this?That's kind of like the summer solstice, maybe. It's actually very clever, when you think about it.I'd like to say this here today on the summer solstice. I've reached a point in my life where there are very few g… it's the World Cup, here's Sven reading Scottish Twitter... #WorldCup
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the FringeIt's the longest day of the year. Me and the lads are heading to Stonehenge dressed as the 118 118 guys. Fucking wrecked. See yous there.“WeeRide” 😬
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines at the FringeA secondary school schoolboy recognised me this morning and said hello. He was off to school himself, smoking a joint. @DaftLimmy something’s definitely gone wrong in waterstones music section
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@danilaundry Naw, I'm in bed in Glasgow, talking shite. But thank you very much for the offer!It's all happening in Glasgow. Glasgow, Kentucky!#Clarksvillerocks I found this at a Burger King in Glasgow Kentucky #ClarksvilleRocks! #RockOn! #Peace
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