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Overwatch. 2 days till the end of the season. Diamond, final push. Stream incoming.Yer da loves that whatshisname... Billy Dainty. @ewenmacintosh I'll remember that.There but for the grace of God go I.🎶 HA LUCIIIIIIIILE!People who say "Oh my gosh" instead of "Oh my God" should be mutilated.He never learns, this cunt. Pays first, finds out what he's paying for later. This thing here, the Singapore phone,… did I, and that's why I liked him. I read it just a few years ago. a brilliant fucking book, that.I want to read something like The Catcher in the Rye. I liked that.Started reading a book there and I gave up just a few pages in. Cannae be fucked. Nothing wrong with it, just canna… case you were wondering what the engagement with @DaftLimmy 's Get Lucky tweet has been over time
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines TOURSo you should be. I'm wondering if maybe if the reds or yellows have been taken down or if maybe the skin tone has… fucking me. ME NOW! SHOW ME THESE EXTREME REACTIONS? THEY SOUND HILARIOUS. GIFS, AYE? photography or Photoshop people tell me how to achieve this skin tone here. Something about the colour balanc… read she's apologised for taking off the silver medal, fuck that. The right attitude. out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer. @calex1991 That's one big thing I love about it.Heard this in a cafe today and liked it. like curling, it’s less wear and tear on the body. I wrestled, boxed, and studied martial arts. I have nothing el…
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines TOUR🎶 Dontcha know you know that you Know Yer da aaa Yer da needs a miracle Yer da needs a miracleIT'S FRIDAY! #fridayfeeling @itsadepressingo @MaxDamage82 I'm not here for this. @Scroobiuspipyo I liked that in a funny sort of way. The fighting stuff looked like unedited footage, yet to be edi…
Uno Overwatch stream in uno momento por favor senor.Ooh, difficult decisions for yer gamergater Trump supporters. Games or Trump? Widnae like to be in their shoes, tha…'ve been reading toxic masculinity getting the blame for these shootings, and I'm sure that's part of it, but I'd… was watching the fighting with all the whipping about with the camera and the editing, and wondering if anybody f… care about what happened. Fight scenes were the usual fast editing mess. Nae patter. she replied with a rap. Cap back to front, doing that point with the forefinger and pinky. @YasminesURL 👍🏻I don't deserve this. Crying right now. to see Black Panther and didnae like it. Don't want to give it my usual marks out of 10 cos you'll think I'm just being contrary.That's me in the pictures ready to watch Black Panther.Citalopram no longer works for me in the sense that I hivnae taken it for 5 years. But it worked long term in the s…'d prefer to stay off it, even though I feel better on it. Just the way I feel. you're like me and you've got very limited pleasures in life, you can end up going daft when you find something… think me doing that habitually a few years ago was very good for me. I'd start every day with that. I'd meditate… then I was left with a feeling of it being just being me in my head. Nothing else matters. That's usually a kin… kept focusing on my breathing, just observing it, not controlling it. Kept at it. Eventually a woomph feeling in… feeling I had when I was meditating a minute ago was like this... First, my mind was all over the place. Though… is when you're annoyed or bored or fidgety, that's when meditating can be hard, but also when you need it t… was alright, conked out half the time cos I was up late last night, which disnae count as meditating. I've had… now I've got this slightly agitated and fed up way, cos at the back of my mind I know that there are very few…, I'm gonnae meditate. Hivnae done that for a while.Citalopram certainly worked for me (not on antidepressants anymore). Very happy memories of 2013. Felt good, enjoye… @drewnotweird @paulbax94 @CaledonianNews HahaI do have some questions: they have curling Teams in high schools and Colleges? 2. When is…
Retweeted by Limmy's Vines TOUR @sleezsisters @philiplarkin I'm sure it'll turn up on YouTube 👍🏻
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Prison Architect: PlayStation®4 Edition) live at out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Overwatch: Origins Edition) live at Stormzy singing with that mic under the water reminds me of Carrie.Wee bit insensitive of Stormzy to glorify the balaclava.Overwatch time, and the climb to Diamond.London privilege.All that fucking Brit School lot all cheering down the front with their big fucking breaks in the big fucking Londo… @BethellJack On your edSorry about the anti English thing. My account was hacked. Some of my best friends know English people.Any Scots nominated tonight?Ronnie Wood on the #BRITs there saying all the young talent is doing England proud. England. The Brits. Typical English cunt.Ed Sheeran has done so much for the ginger community. Smashed the ginger ceiling.You never see Elton John at the same place and same time as Alex Salmond.Sam Smith reminds me of Julia Fordham and Black. You widnae know who they are.Damon's had a wee drinkypoos. #BRITsCannae see a Welsh person on the telly without me going "Oooh Ivor. Down in the va leeee"There ye go. @marnieofficial Brother Beyond!LONDON, I'll be bringing my Vines Tour to you in June! Tickets available NOW.! we go, the #BRITs, let's watch this utter fucking lot of shite.Here it is at 3:07!!!!! @DriDash I liked that.It's from about 20 years ago, I'd say.I ask for this song every few years, but I forget what it is... I'm looking for this dance song, possibly drum & ba… have not permitted my girlfriend to preview Limmy's Homemade Show, don't want any criticism. She actually isnae… ye go, troops.