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Dale McGladdery @dale42 Vancouver, BC

Avid film watcher, book reader and podcaster. Web dev and Drupaller by day, CFRO community radio host/producer by night.

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Someone needs to run with the idea @rtanglao has for neighbourhood small grants. @stargazy Indeed :)Culling books and came across this. It brings back memories of a different time. I never want to… @rtanglao in one of his many conversations/holding court at #revolvercoffee
@RobCottingham Are these bigco's more like the borg or the seagulls from Finding Nemo (mine!)? @RobCottingham I laughed until I thought of Flickr, then I was sad. Never the less, well played!Co-op Radio is hiring for part-time Community Engagement Coordinator! Thanks to @fondsradiofund. More info:
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyAnother reason I look forward to self-driving cars: Vic. police ticket driver for rear-ending cruiser while texting
Big thanks to @mojacoffee for selling me a much needed bag of beans 4 minutes after closing!
Books have a gravity well! This explains everything! one true #JavaScript exception handler. ;)
Retweeted by Dale McGladderySupport indigenous shows by submitting your bid to w/ the subject "Mask Auction Fundraiser"
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyCarver Allen Speck gifted us w/ a mask to support cont'd programming honouring First Nations
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyplease fix the "random unfollow" bug before the timeline @twitter :-)
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery.@dale42 an inarticulate fool and his philosophy are soon partying :-)
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyCongratulations and best wishes to @robinpuga and @juliaheather from the EFA team. Two very special people!’m still angry that Twitter retroactively changed the intent of my past actions.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyI think it's the season finale.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyCauses of rape
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyWhy kids need to learn philosophy @rtanglao & I discussed last month! Tho less articulate :) vancouver 2015 dominant colour averaged in 4 minute buckets: each row is 1 day of average dominant colours
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyThese composites are weirdly fascinating, even if they do strangely resemble static on an old TV set. makes me very sad. "Flickr is one of the very few Yahoo services that continue to grow in popularity" @kcdyer It’s definitely soup weather! I hope the wind didn’t cause too much havoc your way.
Just discovered @vancouverSOUP Crowdfunding + gameshow (sort of) + social good + food! #35, in which @rtanglao & I discuss whether we are people not of our time can’t get enough of the Dr Who theme. Hearing it played on a $5 Pi Zero, awesomeness! "black" helicopter leaving the post office. helicopter, no id, landed on the roof on the downtown post office. Either they’re filming or there was a very special delivery.Congratulations to our own @webchick for being named one of the 10 Women in Tech to Watch in 2016!!
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To the next generation of kids: Good luck finding decent usernames.
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery @dale42 Hi there, we have a bug open for this:
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery.@komodoide Good to know, thanks!OMG, auto-indentation is so messed up in @komodoide 9. It totally ignores my settings. Hopefully better turned off. :(
I just heard Ted Cruz's first words on his Iowa caucus win: "To God goes the glory." That's Republican for "Allahu Akbar!"
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyThat moment when you realize your earbuds have a volume control and you don't have to root around your pocket for your cellphone. #dohThe real-time side-by-side testing feature in this tool sounds heavenly.
Periodic Table Battleship Brilliant! The North Shore Meditation Group is free drop-in every Monday @ 7pm @RadResearcher Leader is Shambhala, but people are welcome to practice what ever style they wish. No om's in Shambhala, just breathing. :)
Really liking the North Vancouver drop-in meditation group. Didn’t go for a while, glad to be back.#34 dale & I pontificate :-) on civility rhetoric discourse & technology inspired by @taliesan & @dajbelshaw
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The lineup for @TransLink Compass machine at London Drugs. Like this the 3 times I was in today. So messed up. we owe @paulg thanks for being hugely Wrong On The Internet & provoking good pushback, e.g.
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@sillygwailo I stood in for you at New Town today w/@rtanglao . I think the staff miss you & R. There were comments!
Live wires, blocked intersection, slowed buses; no pressure getting this job done quick & safe! :)
@stargazy I think it’s one of the more popular in its class.
Ug, the Desire to Learn discussion feature is tedious :( And their use of JavaScript detracts instead of enhances.
What's that, you hear? VPL is looking for a resident audio expert – deadline for proposals is Feb 5 #InspirationLab
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@jjdebenedictis Sounds like a great candidate for @sarabynoe’s Say Wha?! 😱Cleaning up and found my Urban Peasant cookbook. I miss this guy, and his food sensibility! #lovedjamesbarber
That moment when you save the failed AJAX form submission it took 15 minutes to compose by using FF Inspect-element to copy the text.
She has a wonderful radio voice!
@EricaHargreave Now you have me thinking about a story series: Barista, career path to ….If a movie actress breaks 4th wall w/audience containing women, does that count for Bechdel-Wallace test? Probably not, but made you think!UpperCamelCase/PascalCase vs lowerCamelCase vs underscore_case! Wars have been waged :)
Randomly thinking of all the nice baristas I’ve known over the years. Hope they’re doing well, where ever they’ve wound up.Hooray, using the singular ‘they’ is gaining accept! \0/ #oldisnewagainStar Wars VIII spoiler: the next Death Star is just BB-8 with a giant laser duct-taped to it
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@EricaHargreave Well look at that, BCST 1193 made it this term! :) See you online.
Very cool to see @SiWCtweets @KathyKenzie_ is the guest on this week’s Writing Excuses podcast #thisdaywewriteThis would be wonderful
Tonight @ 8pm @coopradio, learn about the #ParisAgreement from sustainability worker co-op @SSG_news #coops #COP21
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyI just got a minion as a late Christmas present. I'm grinning like a 8 year old. :) #innerchild
Happy birthday, Karen!
@TransLink Yes, it says that, but in my case w/a new blank card from London Drugs, I had new compass card. Buy Compass card unambiguous. @stargazy Something like that :) @TransLink Button on vending machine should say “Buy New Card”, not “New”. It’s ambiguous. Using a blank card for 1st time also “new”.First experience with @TransLink Compass card is awful and I haven’t even ridden a bus, yet. @LondonDrugs staffer not helpful, either.Fog at night in the comfort of a warm living room is cool
@StacieBee I did click on the link but didn’t see it in the picture! Dale Instagram fail. Thanks for the info, looks yummy. @StacieBee You didn’t give us the name! (Or are you keeping it a secret?) @counti8 Ha! Nice :) Strikes me as more of a licence plate style problem, though ….Sad, @moleskine has cheaped out on paper quality. My Pilot V Pen now bleeds through :( Guess I’m checking out @Leuchtturm1917 #BulletJournalI love the theme from Futurama, maybe it’s the chimes. Some fun remixes, too.Foggy, cold, but not unpleasant Fun Hosting A #NewYearsDay Show On The #Radio With @dale42 & @coopradio
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Just a reminder to prep for your Roy Batty Incept Day party!
Retweeted by Dale McGladdery @ReneeStephen The same thing we do every year Pinky, try to take over the world! off the balcony. Vancouverites can actually say it's freezing outside without hyperbole. ;), free is maybe a bit of a misnomer, it’s in the taxes somewhere :) No direct fee in any event.Hey City of North Vancouverites, ur @NorthVanCityLib card now gets you free online training
Star Wars: The Force Awakens blue Rey edition.
Retweeted by Dale McGladderyLots of food/shopping places close early tonight. If you need groceries do it early! #firstworldproblems @koodo Ah, the secret page :) Thanks. Pls also let them know I like this layout better than login page. Not as pretty but more functional. @koodo I do not see that option on the self serve home page or pages it links to? Where does this option live?
@Khaled_ca In case you’re curious: @soundjam69 @themarina @Adrian_CharlieWowsers, the Koodo client site is abysmal. Navigation utterly broken w/no links to important pages, no direct client support contact option. @koodo How do I get my monthly bill and/or reminder emailed to me?Cartoonist @davekellett sums Facebook pages up perfectly: @ReneeStephen It’s the thrill of molding something old into someone new, I think. Maybe that’s just me.Drupal 6 -> 8 content came over great. Had 2 known issues easy to fix b/c known. Redoing my custom gallery will be a pain, expected this :( @themarina I marathoned Session 5 of Haven on Sunday & Monday. It was good for the soul! :)Guys, it’s the eve of the eve, the penultimate, the day for before last 24 hours. Who left the barn door open so the 2015 days could escape? @themarina @Khaled_ca I’m good. Was just going to bed. Felt like being stopped on a long bridge that’s moves only more so. Gentle but weird.
Public radio stars read longest sentence ever: Memories of @KarenTankard’s media writing class:No dependant clauses!I’m sure I’ll find more annoying things at time goes on :) 2/2So far my biggest complaint about Drupal 8 is craptastic admin menu. Sad that some folks worked hard on it. I miss Admin Menu module. 1/2Just tried out my first #Drupal 6 -> Drupal 8 migration test using the defaults. Initial results promising, but definitely some work to do.
@604ninja @604geenen Gods damn it, I misspelt Geenen in that last tweet! :(
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